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A Collection of Reader Insert's for The Hobbit Characters

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You were on a mission. Not quite a mission from God, but a mission from the King.

Being tasked with the delivery of the Arkenstone at Thorin’s coronation was a big responsibility, despite the only witnesses being the company members. The battle had ended and all the dwarves that were to move to Erebor had gone home to help with the migration, leaving only you, Bilbo and the company to enjoy the ceremony.

You were speeding through the stone passage ways, your short legs on steroids as you powerwalked. The Arkenstone was cupped in your hands in front of you, bouncing slightly at every straight stride.

“BOO!” You were turning a corner, eyes pinned to the stone not what was in front of you. Which at this current time was Kili.

You had never been good with surprises like this, and the young dwarf found constant excuses to make you jump and this was no exception. You leapt into the air, bringing one knee to your chest in defence, a hand shot the Arkenstone at a wall whilst the other slammed into Kili’s chest from reflex. After the adrenaline died down and you took note of the situation you were in it became apparent that not only was your attacker not an attacker, but the one thing you were tasked with now lay shattered on the floor.

“What the hell were you thinking!” You shouted trying to be stern and angry but failing miserably.

Both of your eyes glanced at the broken King’s Jewel, it’s swirling light fading.

“I’m blaming you.” You blurted out with a laugh.

“You were the one that chucked it!” He retorted also with a smile.

“Well if you hadn’t jumped out at me we would be fine!” You giggled, forgetting your responsibilities. “I ain’t gonna be the one to break the news though.”

“What news?”

“That one of Thorin’s heirs has no brain.”

Holy hell I actually wrote a lot. I think the time pressure gave my fingers super speed or something and I typed really fast.