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New Beginnings, New Horizons

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New beginning, New Horizons – Chapter Three

Chicago Med Fanfiction

Rheese (Rhodes / Reese)

Declaimer: I do not own any of the characters and I’m not raising any profit from this story.


The party to celebrate Dr Downey life was in full swing and Connor was sitting up at the bar was watching Sarah dance with the nurses from the ED on the dance floor. Sarah was mesmerising, they had been together for a week and he didn’t quite believe how much in love with her he was. Yes Love. He had never felt this way about any of his girlfriends before, when he was at school he thought he would never find someone to love.


“Dr Rhodes.” Sharon Goodwin greeted him as she approached the bar to get a refill. “You have done Dr Downey justice by carrying out his wishes to the letter. Some people may have ignored him and give him a funeral deserved of his position and reputation.” Connor turned to Sharon and smiled. “Because of position and reputation, he deserved the funeral he wanted. To celebrate a life is better the mourn one. We will all grieve later and if need be together or alone.”  “Well said.” Connor raised his glass and Sharon copied him and tap their glasses together. Connor turned back towards look at Sarah and couldn’t help and smile at look. Sharon followed his glance and smiled as wills ‘it looks the rumours are true’ she thought. She turned towards Connor and asked him an important question “What would you do if Sarah had to get a job in a different hospital, city or state?”


Connor turned towards Sharon and contemplated her question, he looked back to Sarah and thought of the situation’s Sharon suggested. Before a week ago he wouldn’t have a problem with Sarah moving, he was a career motivated person that was what fulfilled him, but that was a week ago.  He hadn’t realised until loving Sarah that he could be any happier, he had heard before that people could fall in love quickly, he didn’t realise he would be one of them. She completed him and was she wanted fulfilled his life now, not his career.


He turned back to Sharon “Let me be candour with you. If she still was in the city, but at another hospital, I wouldn’t have a problem with it as she would still be coming home to me each night. However, if she had to leave and city or state I would follow her without hesitated and regret.” She nodded slighted and narrowed her glare at him. “Even if it would damage your career for giving up a fellowship.” “Sharon, I would follow her without hesitated and regret. Also, if giving up a fellowship would damage my prospects I not care, because she means more to me than my career.”


He grabbed his drinks and down the rest of the contains and continued speaking “Sarah informed me last week that the match system is problematic, because what happens if the 1st choice you picked is what your matched too and you realised it’s not what you want to do, you have no other choice. She learnt from you, after all it’s a contract. Last time I checked she hasn’t signed a contract yet. It’s screwed up, you should have an option to change your mind.”


Sharon closed her eyes remembering the day she had that conversion with Sarah. “It was not a good day for me when she asked the question. I only wanted to know what you would do, because I don’t want to lose you from the hospital or her. She was the top student in her class and I don’t want to lose that talent to another hospital, so I give you and her a deal. I will look to see which residency are still open and which ones have been refused in the hospital. Because do refuse to continue or start residencies like Sarah did with pathology.”


“You would do that?” Connor asked. “Of course. I do care for you and her and I want you both in the hospital. How about you let Sarah know and that I meet her next week.” He smiled to her. “Thanks, but she not there next week, me and her are going to Hawaii for two weeks, partly to scatter Dr Downey’s ashes, but we both need a vacation.” She nodded “Of course you both do, enjoy yourselves. Now go and tell your girlfriend.” “Girlfriend, seems so juvenile. She my partner in everything.” He grinned the widest he had all night. She laughed and commented “Just go to her.” “Yes, madam.” He cheekily replied.


Connor hopped off the bar stool towards Sarah, as he neared he grabbed her around the waist from behind and laughed as he danced her round in a circle. Sharon looked on she he whispered in her ear and when Sarah glanced towards her, she realised he was telling her about the offer she made. Sarah turned in his arms to face him and smiled and wrapped her arms round his neck and pulled him down into a deep, heated kiss, Sharon chuckled when the wolf whistles started around them. Sarah then shyly buried her head in his chest and he hugged her and place he head on top of her. Sharon and all the other girls sighed and the cuteness of the moment.


“Damn those two are too damn cute.” Maggie muttered as she approached Sharon. “That they are” she replied. “Well I never thought I see the day that Connor would be that happy” Maggie commented. Sharon nodded her head to agree. Next thing Sharon knew she was in a bear hug and her vision was concealed behind a mass of curls “Thank you” she heard and realised Sarah was hugger her. Sarah realised her “you’re welcome. I hope you enjoy your vacation.” “Oh, I intend to.” Sarah answered suggestively. Both Sharon and Maggie laughed. “You’re going to Hawaii, surely you will want to see the island not just the hotel suite.” Maggie commented, “Umm, not so sure, have you see Connor.” Maggie chuckled “I’ve never seen you so assertive or confident Sarah.” “Well what can I say Connor brings out the best in me. I also came over to say goodnight, me and Connor are flying out tomorrow.” “But it’s barely 9pm.” Maggie stated. “Did I say we were going home to sleep!” “Sarah!” Maggie replied slightly surprised. Sarah never spoke so openly before regarding a relationship. “Well that my cue to go.” Sharon muttered, “Goodnight Sarah.” “Goodnight Mrs Goodwin.” Sarah turned back to Maggie and quickly clarify what she meant “We have to pack.” “Um, mm, I believe you. Anyway, enjoy yourselves.” “we will” Connor answered for them both as he approached from behind Sarah, he hugged her from behind and she in returned placed her hands over his and rubbed him and sighed contently. All Maggie could do was smile at them.


To be continued…