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Some Things Are Meant To Be

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"You're Still The One"


(When I first saw you, I saw love.
And the first time you touched me, I felt love.
And after all this time, you're still the one I love.)

Looks like we made it
Look how far we've come, my baby
We mighta took the long way
We knew we'd get there someday

They said, "I bet they'll never make it."
But just look at us holding on
We're still together, still going strong

(you're still the one)
You're still the one I run to
The one that I belong to
You're still the one I want for life
(you're still the one)
You're still the one that I love
The only one I dream of
You're still the one I kiss good night

Ain't nothing better
We beat the odds together
I'm glad we didn't listen
Look at what we would be missing

They said, "I bet they'll never make it."
But just look at us holding on
We're still together still going strong

(you're still the one)
You're still the one I run to
The one that I belong to
You're still the one I want for life
(you're still the one)
You're still the one that I love
The only one I dream of
You're still the one I kiss good night

You're still the one

(you're still the one)
You're still the one I run to
The one that I belong to
You're still the one I want for life
(you're still the one)
You're still the one that I love
The only one I dream of
You're still the one I kiss good night

I'm so glad we made it
Look how far we've come, my baby




Felicity sighed as she dropped her handbag on the floor, her jacket and heels joining it almost immediately. Pickle arrived to welcome her, tail wiggling and ears flat on his head, small whimpers of delight escaping him as if he hadn’t seen her in weeks.

“Hi there, buddy… where’s your little brother? Already asleep?” she murmured as she kneeled down to hug him properly, hiding her face in the thick fur of his neck.

The house was mostly silent, which wasn’t surprising seeing as it was already past eight in the evening. She had been held back at work longer than she would have prefered, and even though she always tried to make sure to be home early enough for dinner, sometimes there was little she could do.

With bare feet, she quietly made her way upstairs, smiling when she passed the pictures hanging on the wall.

The first one was of their wedding day. It wasn’t an official one, not like the one currently over the fireplace of their living room. No, this one had been taken by Victoria, their friend from Ivy Town. It was late at night, and Oliver was sprawled on a chair, the jacket of his tux long gone, his sleeves rolled up and his bowtie hanging loosely from his neck, the first button open. He was giving her a foot rub while she was sitting on a chair next to him, both their sides against the table where the glasses and empty bottles mixed with half-empty plates of food were a testimony to the long night they had had. She was smiling, her hair hanging much more loosely than it had a few hours earlier, her elbow resting on the table and her hand supporting her head as she was watching her husband with something close to adoration, the two of them gazing at each other like the world around them didn’t even exist. And, Felicity could still remember clear as day, that was exactly how she had felt.

The second one was the two of them standing up in front of this very house, Pickle by their side. She was heavily pregnant then and Oliver was behind her, his arms around her, one hand on her hip, another cradling her belly and he probably had the brightest smile she had ever seen on his face… until the next picture had been taken, two months later.

It was Oliver, sporting a black eyepatch and holding their newborn against his naked chest, a few hours after the delivery that had made her curse his ass to hell and back.

Another was her, laughing as she was lying on her back on a white blanket in their garden, holding up their child on straight arms while Pickle was keeping close guard on them, his entire body posture showing he was ready to step in the moment the baby slipped from her hands and that he was not approving of this foolery with the precious bundle of joy.

She had made it to the middle of the staircase when the sound of Oliver’s deep voice reached her. It brought little butterflies to her stomach, like it had been doing for thirteen years, and she tiptoed to the slightly open door leading to their son’s bedroom.

Discreetly, she cast a glance and saw Oliver in the small bed with their youngest while Lili, their daughter, was lying down on the floor and drawing something in her coloring book.

Smiling, she rested back against the wall, drinking them in.

Her family.

Jamie, named after Oliver’s grandfather James, was already in his pajamas, his hair obviously neatly washed with the way it was still mostly flat on his skull.

“I want a story,” he said as he snuggled underneath his duvet, Oliver arranging it around his small frame.

“Which one?”

“The one with you and mommy,” the little boy asked as he reached for his plush penguin and rubbed it against his cheek. He was a little over two and a half, and was an almost perfect mix of his parents. He had her natural brown hair, with Oliver’s deep blue eyes, his father’s jaw and his mother’s nose. Lili, who would be six years old in a few days, was much more of a carbon copy of her, but with her father’s eyes. She had also inherited Donna’s natural blonde hair, but the curls were clearly from Felicity.

“Ugh, Jamie,” Lili sighed. “You already know that story.”

“But I want to hear it again!”

Lili shook her head, glancing at her little brother before going back to her coloring book.

“If you know it so well, why don’t you tell him?” Oliver asked softly.

Lili looked up at him, apparently pondering his suggestion for a few seconds before nodding seriously and putting her pencil down. “Once upon a time, daddy worked in a big building and he needed someone to help him with the phone and stuff. One beautiful day, he met mommy and because she was so smart, he asked her to be his Girl Wednesday.”

Oliver chuckled. “It’s Friday, sweetheart.”

Lili looked at her father with a frown, and Felicity had to bite back a laugh at the way she almost glared at him for daring questioning her judgment.

Oliver cleared his throat, the ghost of a smile playing on his lips. “We say a Girl Friday, honey. Not a Girl Wednesday.” 

Lili narrowed her eyes. “Daddy… who’s telling the story?” 

“You are, honey.” 

“My story, my rules. And in my story, we say a Girl Wednesday because Wednesday is my favorite day of the week.” 

“That’s because Wednesday is Lili-Daddy day and you always get a chocolate chip cookie,” Jamie chimed in. “My day is Tuesday and I can have a peanut butter cup if I make sure to brush my teeth after because it could make mommy very sick.” 

Oliver shook his head, a small tender smile stretching his lips. “That’s all very true Jamie, but we should let Lili continue her story. With her rules.”

“Thank you,” Lili said, returning her attention to her drawing. “So, Mommy was working for daddy and they fought a lot because daddy didn’t know how to use a… a tax…”

“A fax machine,” Oliver offered. “We don’t really use that a lot anymore, but it is a bit like a printer.”

“Yes, a fax machine and then one day mommy got mad so she broke his coffee maker.” Lili paused, her eyes glancing up at her father before adding, “Violently.”

“Did you ground her, daddy?”

“Hum… no,” Oliver said as he muffled a chuckle. “Mommy had a good reason to break the coffee maker, even if it’s a bad thing to do.”

“And then daddy fell in love with her because she had pretty hair that shone in the sun.”

“Not… not just because of that.”

“Because she is really smart too!” Jamie intervened.

“That’s correct,” Oliver grinned as he rubbed his son’s hair.

“And because she is a really good friend and it’s more important to be a really good friend than to have nice hair,” Lili added. “Aunt Sara told me.”

“That’s right.”

Apparently satisfied that she had developed her mother’s assets to their fullest, Lili continued. “Then daddy and mommy went to play the mini golf and they sang a song and daddy realized he wanted to marry her and have a lot of babies with her.”

“Well, it didn’t exactly… but yes, it’s the general idea,” Oliver said, losing the battle with his smile.

“Because she plays well?”

“No, duh. Because of her hair, I told you!” Lili paused, then scrunched up her nose. “Also because of her butt but I don’t understand why you want to marry someone because of their butt.”

The smile slipped from Oliver’s face. “What?”

“I heard you tell mommy this morning. But you didn’t use a pretty word,” their daughter scolded him. “And you didn’t put a dollar in the bad words jar!”

Felicity leaned back against the wall, muffling her chuckle behind her hand as she remembered the way Oliver had all but groped her when she was making coffee, mumbling about her ass and how big of a part it had played in his decision to marry her. She hadn’t even noticed their daughter had been close enough to hear.

“I… I’ll do it,” Oliver replied sheepishly.

“Good. So daddy fell in love, mommy fell in love, and then they kissed, on the mouth, at Uncle Tommy’s party.”


“Grownups kiss on the mouth a lot when they’re in love, Jamie. Aunt Dani told me.”

Felicity leaned in again, just in time to catch Oliver’s face as he tried to move the conversation away from kisses and being in love - something she had noted he would do more and more often ever since Lili had come back home a few months ago announcing proudly that she had a boyfriend and that she needed Felicity’s wedding dress because they were getting married the next day. Oliver had looked at Felicity in absolute panic, his face pale, murmuring that he thought he would have more time before pouring a glass of whisky and locking himself in his office for two hours. “So, what happened next, Lili?” he said, shifting on the bed until Jamie was more comfortably snuggled against him.

Lili paused in her drawing, obviously gathering her thoughts. “Then mommy had another job and you were a big dummy and mommy was mad at you.” Glaring at him, she added, “Again!”

“Was she mad like when I colored the walls in the kitchen?”

“More,” Oliver answered with a grin.

“More?” Jamie gasped. “Mommy was very, very, very mad then!”

Lili nodded. “Yes. But then Uncle Tommy talked to mommy to make sure she still loved you.”

“Did she still love you, daddy?”

“Yes, Jamie,” Oliver grinned. “And she forgave me because I apologized.”

“And also because you got a plant for her.”

“Mommy always smiles when you bring her flowers. She says you’re a general.”

“Not a general, a gentleman!”

“Yes, a gender man,” Jamie repeated with a small yawn. “What happened after?”

“Well… I think daddy kissed mommy.”


“But then you went on a boat and on an island for a looooong time. Like Robinson Crusoe. And mommy thought you were gone forever. And she was very sad and she cried a lot and her heart was broken in… thousands and thousands of pieces.”

Felicity heard her son’s sniffle and his small voice broke her heart when he said, “I don’t like that part.”

“But he came back,” Lili said gently.

“Yes, Jamie. I came back and all was well.”

“And mommy still loved you and you still loved mommy. But you had your head in your butt.”

Oliver’s head snapped from his son to his daughter. “Wait, what?! Who told you that??”

Lili shrugged. “Uncle Tommy. He said you had your head in your butt. How did you do that, daddy?”

“Daddy can do everything,” Jamie chirped, his voice full of pride and admiration.

“Thank you, son,” Oliver said as he dropped a kiss on his forehead. “So, Lili… I still loved mommy and mommy still loved me.”

“Yup,” Lili nodded before sitting up and stretching her arms as wide as she could. “Thiiiiiiiis much.”

Oliver smiled softly, gazing down at her. “That’s about right.”

“So you made up. And you kissed. A lot. Aunt Thea told me.”

“We did, yes.”

“They still do!” Jamie added.

“We still do, yes.”

“And you decided to live together. You got Pickle. Mommy became the big boss. Daddy became the mayor. That means you sign a lot of papers and you cut ribbons, Uncle John told me. And also… that you do a lot of things for our neighbours, and not just help Mrs Fritz when her hip hurts.”

“And what does being a big boss mean?”

“Mommy tells you what to do. She has meetings and then she creates stuff that people build and then other people buy because they need them. And she has her old name on a biiiiiig building. Oh and she also signs papers too. But I don’t think she cuts ribbons. Only the mayor cuts ribbons, aunt Lyla told me,” Lili said as she climbed up on the bed, snuggling in her father’s arms as well. Felicity watched as Oliver’s face softened even more when he pressed a kiss on her head. “Also, one day, you asked her to marry you and mommy wore the beautiful dress she said I would have when I’m older and you had a big cake. And then you moved into a big house, this one, because mommy had ordered me on bee-day and I really needed a playroom.”

Felicity frowned, lost in her daughter’s story for the first time. Judging by Oliver’s confused face, she wasn’t the only one. “Bee-day?”

“Yes, with her computer.”

“Her compu...  do you mean ebay? Who told you that mommy ordered you on ebay?”

“Uncle Tommy.”

Oliver rolled his eyes, lightly shaking his head and Felicity knew there would be hell to pay during Sunday brunch seeing the amount of silly Tommy had apparently been feeding their children behind their backs.

“So, I arrived one day and you loved mommy even more although her hair was very messy. Oh… and you and mommy cried. But they were good tears, like when you took us to Disneyworld and I met Belle.”

“Hum… well yes,” Oliver chuckled, his eyes softening in the same way they always did whenever he would remember the days their children were born.

“Then we got Skype because you thought Pickle deserved a buddy. And then you started to make Jamie’s room and I helped you with the paint, daddy. I don’t remember it but I know because there is a picture of us on the wall. Oh and you also got a new car before Jamie was here because babies need a lot of stuff. They poop a lot but it’s not their fault. I know because Uncle Roy told me.”

“... they do, yes,” Oliver answered, hiding his laugh with a small cough.

“I don’t poop a lot!”

“It’s because you’re not a baby anymore,” Lili explained patiently. “Then mommy got reaaaally big and one day poof! Jamie was here and mommy wasn’t so big anymore. And you cried and mommy loved you even more.” Lili raised her head from Oliver’s chest, her eyes serious. “She told me.”

“And?” Oliver prompted her to continue, catching Felicity’s eyes as she discreetly walked closer to the door.

“And then we went to Disneyworld.”

“And after that?”

Lili frowned, obviously in deep reflexion. “I think she told you to take the garbage out.”

“Did mommy order me on bee-day too?”

Felicity couldn’t help but laugh out loud, earning gasps and loud squeals from her children as they finally saw her.


She finally walked into the room, catching Jamie who had stood up and was reaching for her with his arms straight. She pressed loud, wet kisses on his chubby cheeks before taking a deep breath, his scent washing over her like a calming balm.

“You should already be asleep, young man,” she said as she put him down.

“Lili was telling me a story,” he said just as he was about to slip back underneath the duvet.

“I heard that,” Felicity chuckled before hugging her daughter and pressing a hard kiss on her head while Oliver stood up from the bed.

“Hey,” he whispered, quickly leaning in for a small kiss.


“Jamie,” they both said, their lips still brushing.

“You tuck him in while I take care of Lili?” Oliver said as she sat down on the bed.

“Yes. I’ll come read you a story in a few minutes, sweetheart.”

Oliver brushed a small kiss on Jamie’s forehead then picked up Lili, carrying her on his shoulder in a firefighter carry, which was her favorite ever since she had been a toddler. “Come on, young lady. Time to brush your teeth.”

The little girl’s giggles could be heard until they walked into the bathroom down the hall.

“So, young man. How was your day?” Felicity said in a soft voice as she started to lace her fingers through his hair.

“Granny tried to make cookies again,” he sighed.

Felicity winced, knowing she had inherited her disastrous skills in the kitchen from her mother. She had stopped trying to bake after Oliver’s birthday cake, almost a decade ago, and even though it wasn’t what he prefered to do in a kitchen, ever since Lili had turned two, he had learned recipes to make for her - and with her. Jamie wasn’t interested in the preparing part but more often than not she would walk in the kitchen and find Oliver and Lili making cookie dough, the little girl at first sitting on the counter, then standing on a small stool as she had grown up.

Jamie and she, on the other hand, were mostly happy to consume the finished product.

She listened as her son told her about his busy day, which involved watching his favorite cartoon in the morning, then a walk to the nearby park, as well as finger painting.

Donna had moved to Starling a few months after Lili’s birth. Felicity had bought her a house in Vegas at first, setting up an account for her but Donna loved to work and hadn’t wanted to stop. When she had become a grandmother though, the idea that Lili would grow and she would only get to see her a few times a year had caused her to change her mind. It had been a relief for Oliver and Felicity to have two grandmothers to take care of their daughter, and once she had started pre-school, Jamie had arrived and they had done the same with him.

Oliver and Felicity had moved into their house when Felicity was seven months pregnant. It was in a quiet, suburban area and had, as promised, a giant ass garden. They had adopted another dog two years later, a rescue of unknown breed, and Jamie and Lili had started to campaign for a cat as well a few weeks ago.

Knowing her husband, he would probably cave in before the kids went back to school.

She noticed Jamie’s voice started to slow down and she stood up, making sure he was properly covered and his plush penguin - his favorite - was near him, then left the room after turning on the small bed lamp on the night stand.

She quickly made her way to her daughter’s room next, who was reading her favorite book.

“Where’s dad?” Felicity asked as she sat down on the bed, getting comfortable against the headboard.

“He went to walk the dogs out.”

“Oh. That was a nice story you told Jamie.”

“Did you like it?”

“Yes. But… do you want to know a secret?” Felicity asked in a whisper, leaning closer to her daughter.

“Yes,” Lili murmured back with wide eyes.

“You didn’t finish the story.”


Oliver locked the doors then made his way upstairs. Passing Lili’s bedroom, he heard her giggling with Felicity and he smiled, not lingering and letting them enjoy their little mommy-daughter time. After stopping to make sure Jamie was sleeping, he quickly brushed his teeth, stripped down to his boxers then got into bed with a book.

Felicity had been pulling long days lately, and she was on the edge of signing a huge contract with Johnson and Johnson, one of the biggest medical companies in the world. It was only a matter of time before things finally slowed down. He had put the kids to bed three times this week already, and he knew it was weighing on her. The two of them always made sure their children, and in general their family, would remain a priority. But they were also both aware they had very demanding jobs and sometimes, one of them would get swamped. Oliver had been working from home a little more than usual to counterbalance Felicity’s absences and even though he didn’t like not seeing his wife as often as usual, he couldn’t deny that having his two children just to himself was also special - especially since he could spoil them rotten more freely. Felicity was the stern parent, to absolutely nobody’s surprise. He had a harder time but always make sure to follow her lead and not contradict her in front of them. When she wasn’t around though, it was much harder to stick to the rules, especially when Lili would look at him with puppy eyes or when Jamie would flatter him with words like “the best daddy in the world”.

Which was exactly how they had all ended up at the ice cream parlor after dinner tonight.

Not that he felt the need to share that bit of information with his wife, who was still side-eyeing him about the birthday cake he had allowed them to have for breakfast two months ago.

Although he was pretty sure it had more to do with the fact that she was planning to sneak it to the office and have it for her own breakfast than anything else.

The sound of Felicity’s soft steps reached him a few seconds before she appeared on the threshold of their bedroom and he smiled peacefully at the idea of having his wife just for himself for a little while.

“They’re both asleep,” Felicity said quietly as she closed the door behind her.

“Now, that’s what a husband likes to hear,” Oliver grinned as he put down his book.

Felicity huffed out a laugh, shaking her head. “I need a shower. Keep reading.”

He watched as she retreated to the bathroom, half-tempted to join her. Only the dark circles underneath her eyes stopped him and he forced himself to remain in bed. Tonight would be for cuddling, not a hot, steamy quickie in the shower.

Ever since Felicity had gotten pregnant with Lili, their sex-life had changed. At first, for the worst, when she had been hit with morning sickness that lasted all day and made her about as horny as a panda - which, he had found out the hard way, was not at all - but the blissful happiness he was literally swimming in ever since that night when she had told him the news had him perfectly content to look after her every other need instead.

That being said, he had missed her, terribly. Especially since it had literally happened all of a sudden. One night they had had some great, hot sex that had involved her bending over the couch then riding him in their bed, and the next morning he had woken up to the sound of her being sick in the bathroom.

Which had also been how he had ended up with the first of the infamous “Oliver’s injuries throughout Felicity’s pregnancy”.

But then the second trimester had hit. And… woah. He still got borderline giddy every time he would remember that stage, and he had lost count of the number of shirts Felicity had ruined because she didn’t have the patience to undo the buttons.

Once Lili had been born though… between the sleepless nights and their jobs, sex had taken the backseat, their bed representing blissful sleep more than anything else.

Then, juggling with a kid had meant no more getting freaky on the kitchen counter any time of the day. They still managed their hot, steamy sex session every now and then - sometimes at his office during lunch break or in the shower - but they had had to find a balance, which meant more slow, quiet love-making in their bed. And, somehow, it fitted them now. They were still very active in that aspect, the two of them still needing that connection, but it was different now.

And just as good.

Barely ten minutes later, she was back, wearing a pair of small shorts and a tank top. She climbed on the bed next to him with a little smile as she leaned in to drop a small kiss on his lips.

“We kissed for the first time thirteen years ago today,” she said softly, stroking his cheek.

“I know,” he murmured as he gazed down at her.

“I have loved you ever since.”

“I know.”

“Do you sometimes stop and think-”

“How far we’ve come?” he finished for her.


Oliver turned them so they were both on their sides, face to face, his hand reaching to push back a strand of hair behind her ear. “Every day. I look at Lili or Jamie and… I remember the day I met you. I remember watching you through the glass in my office. Your little smile whenever you would catch me red handed. I see us in your old apartment, making that puzzle,” he said, nodding with his chin towards the puzzle that was hanging on their wall - one piece still missing since they hadn’t wanted to replace it. “I remember how I once thought I’d never see you again. How you fought for us and for me and stood by my side every single day. I think of all these people who snickered after the merger, saying either the company would crash or we would break up and it would be a disaster… the same people saying the exact same thing when I decided to run for mayor and then when I got elected. Then I see your name on the top of the building, I see the day I was re elected. I see our wedding day.”

Felicity smiled, nuzzling her face in his hand. “It wasn’t a smooth ride for sure.”

“No it wasn’t,” he chuckled. “I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world.”

“Really? Even when you think about the sleepless nights when you had to prepare a speech and I was in the middle of my yearly budgets and one of the kids was teething?”

“Not a thing,” he repeated in a breath, touching his lips to hers.

“Good,” Felicity murmured, gazing at him. “How do you feel about starting over again?”

Oliver paused, leaning back to look at the little grin she was offering him and he couldn’t help but smile back. “Already tired of the whole CEO gig and wanna be my secretary again?”

“Executive assistant,” she corrected sternly. “And I was thinking about the sleepless nights bit, actually.”

Oliver’s breath caught in his throat. “You…”

“Mmhmh,” she nodded shyly. “Turns out it wasn’t just the stress. Seven weeks. I took a test this morning.”

He looked at her, feeling his jaw go slack with the surprise. They hadn’t been trying. Actually they had agreed to wait until Jamie’s third birthday so hopefully, he would already be going to preschool when Baby Number Three would join them.

And just like for Lili and James, Oliver felt the exact same wave of warmth spreading in his chest at the knowledge that he was going to be a father - again.

“Damn it, Felicity,” he eventually laughed as he pulled her against him, then rolled on his back so she was sprawled on top of him. “Are you ever gonna let me knock you up on purpose?”

“It happened with Jamie.”

“Baby, you told me you were stopping the pill, we tried like once and bam, pregnant! I barely had any fun!”

“It’s not my fault if your sperm is so efficient and my eggs so receptive!”

“OK, I’ll let that one go but now we have to consider having a fourth one. And this time, I don’t care how you do it, but I want the whole process to take more than one try.”

Felicity giggled. “What the hell?! We said we’d have three children, Oliver!”

“That was before I knew you’d keep on getting knocked up in the blink of an eye, Felicity! I want to have the time to really enjoy it, coach my guys and put pillows underneath your hips… the whole thing!”

“Oliver, we said three.”

He looked at her, seeing the little smile stretching her lips. “I think we need to reevaluate our initial contract. I am also willing to include a clause to specify the number of orgasms you are allowed to request for each try. And the position.”

He didn’t mention what they had talked about after Jamie was born. How Oliver had already told her he probably wouldn’t run for another term if their family grew. Their children were surrounded by love and family and despite their parents’ heavy jobs, never lacked for attention but Oliver knew that he would need more. Lili was growing up, a bit too fast to his liking, and he still wanted to make sure to have time just for her. And just for her little brother. And just for the little one who would soon be there. Starling City was now in a much, much better place than before. Things were not perfect, but corruption was no longer destroying the city, people had good, decent jobs, and it was becoming a place where everyone wanted to live. He had spent more than six years fixing the mistakes of the past generation and he had loved it. But as he watched Felicity, he knew that his next mission would be much, much more personal. Mayor Queen would become full-time dad in a year and a half.

Felicity bit her lips, her eyes shining full of laughter as she held his gaze, probably sensing where his thoughts had traveled. She eventually cleared her throat and looked at him seriously. “… we’ll negotiate the terms.”

Oooh… I can assure you we will, Mrs Queen.