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You Can Be My Wingman Any Time

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Placing first in their class came with some privileges. Sebastian and Tristan had been asked to return to Top Gun as instructors which Sebastian felt was a huge compliment to his flying. After settling back at Miramar, and spending the day trying to find himself a place to live that hopefully didn’t include staying on base, Sebastian found himself at a small bar.

Blaine had settled in on his return to Miramar with a minimal amount of fuss. He'd decided to continue staying at Cooper’s until he found himself a place similar to Hunter’s prior Oceanside residence. He'd been out looking when he decided to pull into the local neighborhood bar and walked in.

Sebastian was sitting at a small table just off of the window tables when he heard a motorcycle engine and then it cut out as it was parked. On instinct, he looked up, a smile spreading across his face as he saw the man getting off the bike and walking in. He stayed where he was, trying not to draw attention to himself, and waited for Blaine to come in and order a drink.

Blaine stepped up the bar with a smile and looked around. He ordered his usual shot of jack Daniels with a coke and sat down and looked up at the tv behind the bar.

He waited until Blaine sat down and had a drink in front of him before he stood up and approached the bar. “Well, well, well, hello, Blaine Anderson. I heard the best of the best are going to be back here…”

Blaine turned and smiled, “Crab… You know this could be complicated.. The uh first time I crashed and burned.” He sipped his drink, “unless I'm being presumptuous.”

Sebastian moved so he was leaning back against the bar and shook his head. “No, I don’t think you are. So tell me, what happened the second time Killer?”

Blaine looked at the other, “if this is what you want it's looking good so far.”

Sebastian smiled, “Are you going to run away in the middle of the night again? Just so I’m prepared, mind you…”

“Doubtful,” Blaine said softly, “I shouldn't have run the first time.”

“Coulda, shoulda, woulda’s…. I don’t live for them,” Sebastian nodded. “Live for the moment, I guess. And leave the past where it belongs. Is that okay?”

Blaine nodded, “sounds good to me.”

“I guess you don’t have any qualms about being involved with a coworker,” Sebastian said. He sat down next to Blaine. “I’ve been looking for somewhere to call home while I’m here in Miramar but with very little success. What brings you here to this bar?”

Blaine shook his head, “no reason to have qualms.” He licked over his lips, “just trying to find a place on the beach that’s not in Cooper’s spare bedroom.” He sighed, “I have high standards, and everywhere I’ve looked is either unavailable or terrible.”

“The beach would be nice,” Sebastian mused. “Not Cooper’s spare bedroom would be even nicer.” He tilted his head. “I’m just trying to stay off the base and out of military housing to be honest.”

Blaine chuckled, “I know the feeling.” He smiled at the other, “I’ve missed your smile.”

Sebastian smiled wide at that. “I think I’ve just missed you in general.” He finished off his beer and put the empty bottle on the bar. “I had no idea what would happen to you, what you’d get offered as an assignment after what happened. Getting to come back here, I won’t say that part of me hoped I’d at least run into you if you were in town to visit your family.”

Blaine smiled, “well what do they say about Top Gun instructors, only the best of the best?” He brought his beer to his lips before setting the bottle down, “would you be interested in going for a ride?”

“I guess we’ll never know for sure, which one of us is the best of the best,” Sebastian smirked. He laughed. “With you? I thought you’d never ask, Killer.”

“Mm well over the Indian ocean I think it was pretty clear who was the best,” Blaine said as he looked at his drink, “but can we just say we’re equal and you go get on the back of that bike and we head somewhere more private.”

“I’m down for that idea,” Sebastian said, getting off his stool and heading for the door. “Coming Killer?”

Blaine smiled at the other and stood up and nodded. He walked out of the bar and walked over to the bike, “Sure about this?”

“Do I seem like the kind of guy that would do anything he wasn’t sure about?” Sebastian asked, an eyebrow raised at Blaine.

Blaine shook his head with a grin, “not at all.” He took the key out of his pocket and straddled the bike before starting it and motioning for Sebastian to get on.

Sebastian climbed onto the back of the bike, sliding his body forward and wrapping around Blaine’s. He leaned down, resting his cheek against the spot between Blaine’s shoulder blades. His arms wrapped tightly around his chest, just under the others’ arms. His legs bracketing Blaine’s. “Take me somewhere we can be alone,” he whispered against the other’s ear.

Blaine squeezed the others thigh in reply before putting both hands on the handlebars and revving the engine up. He turned and sped towards Cooper’s with urgency. Once there he pulled into the drive, parked, and slid off the bike. “Hope this is okay.”

Sebastian nodded as he got off the bike. “That was hot as hell, Killer.” He reached for Blaine’s cheek and cupped it before pressing their lips together in the middle of the driveway. “This is just fine Blaine,” he murmured. “Inside. Now.”

Blaine laughed and kissed him back before standing up off the bike as well, “hey Bas you big stud. Take me to bed or lose me forever.”

Sebastian laughed, “show me the way home.”