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Breathe In Now

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21st June 2017

Kurt gazed at his reflection in the mirror and straightened his white tie as he hummed Come What May underneath his breath. He knew it was silly to practice, he knew the song like the back of his hand. He and Blaine had been singing it together for more than a year now; it was as natural as breathing to him.

There was a knock on his door and he called out for whoever it was to come in.

“Oh, you look so amazing.”

Kurt turned to see Rachel entering the hotel room, a beaming smile on her face and looking absolutely spectacular in the dress Kurt had designed for her. Luckily, he looked better than she did. It wouldn’t be becoming of someone to look better than one of the grooms.

“Thank you,” Kurt replied, beaming. “You look great too.”

Rachel smiled at him and threw her arms around him in a hug. “Are you ready?” she asked.

Kurt nodded. “I’ve been ready for this moment for longer than anyone could possibly imagine.”

“Good,” Rachel said. “Because your dad wants to see you before you go down there.”

“Okay,” Kurt replied. “Can you send him in?”

Rachel nodded and kissed Kurt’s cheek lightly before leaving the room. A moment later, Burt entered and Kurt welled up at the sight of his father in a tuxedo. He looked so handsome, Kurt thought.

“Hey,” Burt said, pulling Kurt into a hug. “Are you ready for your big day?”

Kurt nodded eagerly. “Yes,” he replied. “I just want to get it all over with so we’re married already.”

Burt chuckled. “Don’t wish away time, kiddo,” he said. “Or before you know it, you’ll have wished away twenty years.”

“I know, Dad,” Kurt replied. “Have you seen Blaine?” he asked.

Burt nodded. “He’s just as eager for this to happen as you are.”

Kurt grinned. “Good,” he said.

“It’s time, kiddo,” Burt said. “Well, I guess I shouldn’t be calling you that any more, since you’re about to become a married man.”

Kurt hugged his dad tightly. “I am,” he said. “I’m about to marry the love of my life.”

Kurt couldn’t have been more excited if he had tried.


“Squirt, you look amazing.”

Blaine grinned over at Cooper who had just barged into his hotel room. “Thanks,” he said, looking back to his reflection in the mirror, making sure that his hair was perfect.

“You nervous?”

Blaine shook his head. “Not a bit.”

Cooper smiled at him and joined him in front of the mirror, checking himself out as he did. Blaine bumped him with his shoulder and told him to get out of the way. Cooper beamed at him once more.

“I’ll see you downstairs, Bee,” he said.

“Okay,” Blaine replied. He fixed his tie and took a deep breath.

The door to his hotel room opened once again and in stepped Audrey, looking positively stunning in the dress that Kurt had designed for the females in the wedding party.

“Wow,” they said in unison, both letting out soft huffs of laughter.

“I can’t believe I’m about to watch my favourite uncle get married,” Audrey said.

“I’m your only uncle,” Blaine pointed out.

“Technicality,” Audrey said with a wave of her hand. She gave him a quick hug and dusted off his suit jacket. Blaine let her straighten his outfit and then kissed her cheek softly. “It’s time.”

Blaine nodded and smiled at her. He left the hotel room where he had been getting ready in and followed her downstairs.

Blaine straightened his outfit one last time and when he looked up, he saw Kurt at the other end of the short hall. Blaine’s heart skipped a beat in his chest and he smiled, looking at his future, the man with whom he was going to spend eternity.