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Mark of Hades

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Severus was instructed, forced too, by Dumbledore to do some research in the Black library. When he arrived, no one welcomed him. Not a surprise. The grim townhouse was very quiet, informing him that the house was either empty or very close too it. So instead of announcing himself and suffering through the façade that he was a welcome member, he went straight for the Black library. He was not surprised per say when he spotted the curly mane of Granger. Severus was expecting her to be with the dunderheaded friends of hers instead of here. He chose to disregard the curly haired Gryffindor, whom didn't remove her nose from her book when he walked in.

Severus had worked in a comfortable silence. For once Miss Granger did not have her hand stuck in the air, and answering questions without being called on. It was a peaceful forty minutes. Of course nothing lasts forever. Though now he would have preferred it if it had been Miss Granger that distracted him, instead of that damned mutt. All these years of being a spy always had Severus on the alert, he has never truly relaxed-not since she died. Severus noticed the strong magical core coming closer and closer toward the library. Severus had time to close his book just as Sirius Black appeared in the doorway.

"Hermione, do you-Snivellus."

Inky colored eyes narrowed at the immature man. Severus' lips pulled into his signature sneer, the one that haunts Longbottom's nightmares. He hated that nickname, almost as much as the man that said it. Severus wasn't there in the Department of Mysteries, but if he had he had no doubt he would have 'accidentally' sent the shaggy mutt through the Veil. Bellatrix's aim was once renown and feared. Azkaban and insanity has made her sloppy.


Ebony abyss of darkness met electric blue flames. The tension in the Black library was suffocating and sharp as a whip. Both men were heedless about Hermione still being in the library. She had placed her book down and watched the tension morph and thicken. She was the only other person in headquarters, Harry and Ron had returned to the Burrow to play a few games of quiddich. She had stayed behind to have some of her own company. 

"Why are you slithering around my library, Snivellus?"

"None of your bloody concern, mutt."

"Oh, but it is Snape. This is my property, and everything in it is mine from books to blades of grass. Now what are you doing in my library, with my books?"

Severus felt his right forefinger twitch in irritation, "You are just as stupid as you were in Hogwarts, Black. Leave me be I have something of value to do. I know how much you love being leashed, maybe I should muzzle you too."

A vicious snarl contorted his face. His ink colored orbs were narrowed and cold as the ninth circle of hell. Severus gripped his long ebony wand tightly in his right hand, and fought every instinct telling him to raise it. His blood was boiling with violent rage. Standing across from him, looking smug and equally cold, was Sirius pointing his own elegantly carved dark wood wand at Severus. Severus wanted nothing more than to severely injure the mutt. 

"Put it away Black, I know you wish to play fetch, but I am not interested with playing with a flea ridden mangy mutt."


Severus simply stepped out of the way of the spell and snarled out, "Reducto."

Sirius shielded himself and the duel began. Hexes, Jinxes, Spells, and finally curses were being exchanged between the two dark wizards. The two wizards kept getting more and more severe in their casting. Hermione stood from her crouched position and opened her full lips to scream at both men, when two strong curses crashed into each other. All three went flying. Hermione and Severus crashed into the same bookcase and Sirius through the wall behind him.

Severus felt a sharp burn in his bicep. Opening his eyes he shut them again quickly. The world spun and he felt sick. He raised his uninjured arm and felt the back of his head with his hand. He pulled it back and scowled at the sight of blood. Then his dark orbs moved down and saw his robes had been singed and torn in various places. The pain in his bicep made him grind his teeth together in annoyance. His ebony glare went straight to the sprawled out and unconscious Sirius Black. That fucking mutt, he mumbled to himself. Then he heard a soft sob. He forcefully tore his eyes away from the satisfyingly still body of his childhood bully and widened in concern at the sight of Granger. She was on her stomach her long wild curls hiding her face and most of her upper body.

He felt sick. He had forgotten she was even in the room with them, putting the soon to be sixth year in danger. Severus shuffled closer to her and turned her over onto her back. Her large honey hazel orbs were filled up pain and tearing up. Severus ignored the tear streaks already down her angular cheek bones. He quickly scanned his eyes over her. He felt fury when he spotted her injuries. There was a cut, not deep but long, across the side of her face. Her bottom lip was split and blood trickled down her chin slowly. There was a large knot on the back of her head. The worst was the large piece of wood protruding from her thigh. She bled all over her muggle pants and the books surrounding them. Ignoring his own injuries, he started to push books away and accidentally mixing their blood together. Severus let his eyes franticly look for his wand, before he accio the thing to him.

He was so busy trying to stop the bleeding he never noticed how one half opened book trembled slightly at it soaked up blood from both professor and student. Severus did feel a dull burn over his rib cage, but thought nothing of it. He also took Hermione's whimper of pain from her other injuries, not the sudden burn on her own rib cage.


Severus healed her minor cuts and bruises with little need of concentration. It was the wound on her thigh that gave him trouble. He had to remove her pants completely, and be gentle about it. Severus used a cutting hex on the tough dark blue fabric making the fabric around the stake lose and less likely to get stuck on it and tear her skin even more. He ignored the sounds of Black shuffling into a sitting position. Severus spelled her pants off and took a better look at the stab wound. He felt fury at the angry bloody wound. He should have controlled himself better! He should have fucking remembered she was in the room with them.

"Snape is that Hermione?!"

Severus, in a fury, snapped his head towards the other man and snarled in a way that was inhuman. Sirius tensed an took a step back. Wide blue eyes stared in shock at the dark wizard. Sirius took notice that Severus was injured, but to the dark wizard the only thing that mattered was the girl. Sirius then turned his eyes on his godson's best friend and what he saw made him want to vomit. She had dried blood and the coloring of a rapidly fading bruise on her soft face. Blue eyes took in the rumpled and burnt fabric of her long sleeved sweater. It had ridden up slightly to reveal her naval. Sirius balked at the sight of her pant less. Her left thigh was stained red and a thick piece of wood was stuck in her tan flesh.

Severus turned his attention back to her injured thigh after snarling at the mutt. He had to stop the bleeding. He had to remove the stake. He had to repair the muscle damage. He had to stitch her up again as well. Severus decided on first cleaning around the wound. He slowly and gently cast cleansing charms that removed her dried and dry blood. The trim of her pear pink underwear was stained. Severus then decided to remove the stake. He knew that once he did this she'd awaken with a scream. He didn't want to hear her pain filled screech, so before he wrapped his large pale hand around the hilt of the stake he cast a silencio over her body. He didn't do it to be cruel, but hearing her sobs made him quiver with self-loathing and he needed to be focused on her not blaming himself.

He counted to three in his head. Before he got to three he pulled the stake straight up and quickly. He watched, almost frozen, as her eyes snapped open and her mouth formed a silent wail. Tears flooded out of her distressed orbs. Severus felt more anger at the sight of her in pain again. He wanted to turn his wand on the panicking wizard behind him, and make the man unable to move ever again. Severus shook his head and focused back on her bleeding wound. He waved his wand in curved elegant movements over the laceration and in his deep baritone he spoke a spell for repairing the muscle. He had broken a sweat at the complicated spell he was preforming on her vastus lateralis thigh muscle. Severus felt his vision fading. He was then remembered of his own wounds as he fought with the darkness of slumber.

Severus fell unconscious just before seeing Dumbledore float into the library with a look of surprise on his ancient face.