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When Kanda woke in the morning he felt something warm and wet in his nether regions so he lifted the blanket only to see Allen, with smiling eyes and mouth full, but not with food.

"…the hell?"

"Mornin'," Allen managed to mumble around the cock still in his mouth.

"What are you doing?" Kanda asked with a glint in his eyes.

Allen sat up a little, letting go of Kanda's cock causing the man to grunt with displeasure. "I'd thought that was obvious, unless you want me to stop."

Kanda took only a split second before answering, "Don't you dare," and he gasped as Allen went down on him for a second time.

"Ah, fuck, watch the teeth!"

Allen ignored him and took his time licking away at the hardened shaft like it was a favorite piece of candy, running his tongue up to the top, paying particular attention to the slit before circling the head with his tongue, slowly increasing the pressure as he started to suck on the tip, making little humming sounds as he did so. Kanda uttered a hiss as he grabbed at Allen's hair, tugging on it and pushed his head back down.

Allen was still hungry for this man, even after last night, and morning sex was always so nice when they first woke, being all warm and cozy and wrapped around each other. It had a hazy, lazy feel to it, even when they were seriously getting into it.

Listening once again to Kanda's low, sexy voice, as he groaned from Allen's ministrations, made his own erection grow and throb, mirroring the way Kanda's cock was responding to his persistent sucking.

When Kanda spread his legs wider Allen added his fingers to the mix, sliding them inside, brushing against his prostate teasingly as his other hand groped Kanda's ass. Kanda clenched his teeth, his grip on Allen's hair tightening, his toes curling at the touch. His breath was coming hard now. That Allen had brought him this close to coming so soon was a testament to his lover's skill, something they'd both perfected over many intimate sessions.

Allen had taken Kanda in deep enough to avoid the gag reflex, so when Kanda moaned, "Allen…I'm…," Allen was prepared for the warm liquid rush as it burst into his mouth, swallowing it all down. He lifted his head up, wiping away the excess as Kanda sank into the bed, but Allen was still hard and Kanda definitely wouldn't say no to more so he murmured, "You gonna finish?"

Allen grinned and said, "Thought you'd never ask," and after he lifted Kanda's legs he proceeded to do just that.

When Kanda woke the next time there was a pressure on his chest. "Unh…move it, Allen. You're head's heavy."

"Hmm? What'd you say," Allen mumbled, the sound coming from next to Kanda.

Kanda opened his eyes to stare straight into Sumi's eyes as she lay curled up on top of him. She gave a big yawn before rolling off to the side and stretched out her limbs, but this was too close to the edge for her liking so she climbed back over Kanda, "Oof," and Allen, "Ouch! Watch the claws," to claim a bigger portion of the bed all to herself.

Now that they were both awake, no thanks to the cat, they got up, shivering a bit in the cool air. Allen went to start the bathwater, for they were in dire need of washing up, while Kanda removed the cat from the bed, which was met with a mild protest, so he could change the sheets.

He walked briskly to the living room with Sumi on his heels and started the fire once more in the fireplace. The cat waited until he had a good blaze going and then took up her customary place on the rug in front of the hearth, deeming this an acceptable substitute for the warmth of the bed.

Kanda hurried back to the bath to find it ready and waiting with Allen already immersed in their clawfoot tub which had ample space for both of them. He lowered himself with a sigh into the warm water, Allen moving over to make room for him, and then beckoned for Allen who leaned up against him at one end of the tub.

After soaking for a while they took turns soaping and rinsing each other off, giving special attention to certain areas, which ended up in another round of kissing and roaming hands, massaging and leisurely pleasuring each other. They reluctantly left their watery haven when Allen's stomach began to complain, and after drying off and dressing they went to make breakfast, but by this time it was more like lunch. Sumi joined them when the smells from the kitchen enticed her away from the warmth of the fire. All in all, it turned out to be a very enjoyable way to start their day.

It was a sunny, but cold afternoon, and after going outside for a while to check on the plants that were still thriving and taking Sumi with them for a walk in the brisk air, Allen and Kanda opted to spend the rest of the day indoors. The slow pace with which their day had begun informed everything they did. It was one of those quiet, peaceful, uneventful days that allowed the mind and body to rest.

Allen was at one end of the sofa with his legs stretched out, Kanda at the other end doing likewise, their entangled legs meeting in the middle. Sumi roamed back and forth between the two of them, gracing one with her presence before climbing on top of the other.

Presently she was sprawled on Kanda's chest once again but he wasn't bothering to move her. He figured she'd grow tired of him and move on to Allen eventually, anyway.

"I don't mind the cold all that much when it's a day like this, but sometimes I wonder if we should've bought a house in a warmer climate," Allen said.

"Like where?" Kanda was presently dangling a cat tail toy over Sumi's head, amusing himself by teasing her a little.

"Hmm…what about the Caribbean?"

"We'd just sweat a lot."

"Yeah, I guess living in a warmer place all the time would have its drawbacks. How about we go on holiday, then? A lot of people go to the seaside for a break."

"In the winter? You've got to be joking."

"Not now, of course, but maybe later on. We could spend some time together some place different. We don't have to go very far."

Kanda made a face. "Haven't we already done enough traveling for at least 10 lifetimes?"

"That was our job. We had to, and I don't recall any of that being very pleasant. This would be because we want to. There's a big difference."

"We can't leave just like that. Who's gonna take care of the house? And the gardens will still need tending. And now we've got this one." Kanda gently rubbed Sumi's belly. "Seems more trouble than it's worth."

Allen waved his hand dismissively. "We can make arrangements for all of that. There's plenty of people we've become friends with in town that I'm sure would be happy to help. We could go visit Lenalee and Lavi, since they're always the ones to come see us."

"Not my idea of a holiday."

"Honestly, Kanda, you've become quite the homebody."

"I'll think about it. I just don't want to be in some unfamiliar place if something should happen to us," he murmured, staring at the bright blaze in their fireplace.

"I don't think we have to worry about that anytime soon," Allen said softly.

Kanda looked back at Allen. "You don't know that."

"Well…there are some things I do know," Allen said, as he shifted from his position and moved towards Kanda across the sofa.

"Yeah? Like what?" Kanda smirked, catching Allen's drift.

Sumi jumped down to the floor, and after taking a look at the two of them decided to head off to the kitchen to look for leftovers. Really…these humans of hers could be so incomprehensible at times.

Allen climbed on top of Kanda and nuzzled his face into the crook of his neck. "Like the fact that we're both still alive."


"And that we're still relatively healthy." Allen nudged closer to Kanda's ear.


"And that I love you." It came out in a low whisper and Kanda turned to gaze at Allen, who was so close now Kanda's pulse quickened from the look in his eyes.

Allen touched their lips together in a soft, slow kiss, with Kanda muttering around it, "Not in front of the cat."

"I don't see any cat. She seems to sense when we need our space," Allen said before starting to lick Kanda's neck.

"She probably has more sense than you and me combined." Kanda said, his breath quickening. "Mmm… want to do it here?"

"Why not? We've done it here before," Allen said as he unbuttoned Kanda's shirt and licked his way down his chest.

"Not exactly the most comfortable place, but I'll take what I can get," he chuckled as he wrapped his arms around Allen, pulling him back up for an even slower, deeper kiss.

By now Sumi had made her way to the bedroom and taken up residence on the bed, which had long since been forgotten by her humans. They could scrunch up on the sofa and play their little games for all she cared. Didn't make much sense but at least they seemed to be in a good mood. And she liked it when they were in a good mood. Meant more attention and food for her, after all.

As long as she had a warm bed, good food and all of their undying affections that's all she asked for. She gave a big yawn and settled herself down for a long nap as the sounds of their play gradually escalated. She wished they'd be a little more quiet about it, but who was she to complain? She thought she'd done pretty well in getting them to take her in. They were much better than any of the others she'd lived with. Yes, she'd done very well, indeed.