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The next morning found Allen with a practically numb left arm. Kanda was massaging it using some of the leftover lotion, trying to get some life back into the limb, and for once wasn't berating Allen for overdoing it. It looked like they weren't going to be leaving for home today. Allen would need to rest up first. Maybe a few more days would do it and Kanda could use the extra time, also. Allen had worked him up into such a state last night he was aching all over. They both had a tendency to go overboard when it came to wanting to please their partner.

A slight twinge shot up Allen's arm, making him wince.

Kanda stopped momentarily. "Am I hurting you?"

"It got some feeling back just then. That's a good thing, right?"

Kanda shook his head and resumed rubbing the arm. "We're such idiots. All we do is wreck ourselves."

"Yeah, we're a real mess, but I kinda have a hard time controlling myself," resigned to the fix he was in, yet again.

Kanda concurred with Allen's statement, nodding his head with a smirk on his lips. "I like to fuck you senseless, too," which brought a big smile to Allen's face. "Maybe we should try meditating together."

"Oh, now that'd be interesting," Allen chuckled, "but I wouldn't wanna intrude on your space."

"Well, I'll just have to come harass you in your study to make up for it," Kanda said with a sly smile.

Allen laughed lightly. "I really don't think that'd be the same thing," and they fell silent as Kanda went on working the arm. After a while Allen could move it in small circles and was able to make a fist. This was encouraging, but Kanda still insisted he stay in and went out to bring back food for the both of them, stopping by the front desk to tell the manager that Allen was feeling poorly and that they'd need a few more days.

He was told that they were welcome to stay as long as they liked, and if there was anything they needed they had but to ask. They spent the rest of the day in their room, with Allen mostly lying in bed and Kanda practicing his meditation in a space he'd cleared away in the corner.

The next day they went out. Allen had his arm in a makeshift sling to remind him to take it easy on it, and between that and Kanda's ever present limp, they looked like a couple of old soldiers just back from the war which, in fact, they were, but none of these people would ever be the wiser to just how many sacrifices had been made on their behalf.

They walked along the streets, a light breeze lifting Kanda's hair, making it dance around his face. Allen glanced over from time to time. It never ceased to amaze him that after all these years this beautiful man still loved him as much as Allen did him. When the wind picked up Kanda took shelter in an alleyway, retrieving a tie from his coat, and pulled his hair back, a few errant strands falling out of the ponytail. Allen reached over and tucked them behind Kanda's ears, and since they were out of the public's sight he leaned in to place a light kiss on Kanda's cheek which was returned with a more firm one planted on Allen's lips. Then they continued on with their stroll to hunt down a suitable place that could fill Allen's now growling stomach.

Since they were feeling well rested by the following day, they decided to check out. The manager thanked them for their custom, and they told him that should any of their friends need a recommendation for a peaceful getaway they'd be sure to let them know about this place. A cab was arranged to pick them up and take them to the station, and once they were settled into a comfortable compartment in the rear of the train car they let out a sigh, glad to finally be on their way. Allen had his arm back in the sling and Kanda said, "Glad to see you're being sensible, for once."

"I'm always sensible." Sitting across the compartment Allen grinned at him, and prodded Kanda's foot with his.

"Since when?" One eyebrow raised.

"Since forever, Mr. Reckless." Prod, prod.

"You're the reckless one." The other eyebrow raised, foot prodding him back.

"Heh, maybe Lenalee was right."

"About what?"

"That we're both still immature." Allen chuckled.

"Hmph. Speak for yourself. Maybe it's true what they say about opposites attract." A smirk starting to form.

"That's not what Marie told me." Allen grinned away.

"Tch. He's got a big mouth." Kanda moved across the compartment to sit next to Allen who laid his head on Kanda's shoulder. "It's gonna be a long ride."

"But at least we're going home," Allen murmured.

"Yeah," and leaning against one another they soon dozed off to the steady clack-clack-clack rhythm of the train.


By the time they disembarked they were travel weary. Allen's arm had started to pain him from disuse and Kanda was just one big ball of ache. The train station was located in the town one over from theirs so they had some ways to go yet. Picking up their luggage they went to look for a cab. When they pulled up in front of the handyman's house to get Sumi they were more than ready to just get the cat and go. Hearing the sounds of children laughing and giggling, Allen knocked on the door. With no immediate answer he knocked once again and this time they were greeted by the man's wife, a big smile on her face at seeing them. Her mouth quickly dropped open in surprise, though, when she took a closer look at Kanda.

"What…did you do?!"

Behind her, seated around the kitchen table, were a few of her friends. They'd come to visit and had been having a card party it seemed, but after hearing the shock in their friend's voice they all rose as one and flocked to the door, gasping as they took in the state of Kanda's hair.

"Oh, dear!"
"Whatever possessed you to do such a thing?!"
"This is what comes from going on holiday!"
"You are going to grow it back, right?!"

Kanda was inching away as they quickly closed in on him, trying to touch his hair. Allen was quietly chuckling at their fussing as he interjected, "Ladies, ladies, please," trying to be helpful until he heard loud meows coming from within.

Kanda gave him a look of 'Don't you dare leave me' and growled, "Moyashi…" but Allen was already gently pushing past the throng at the door. Sumi jumped up into his arms, rubbing her face affectionately against his, madly purring away.

"Did you miss us, girl?" cradling her next to him and stroking her fur as he walked back to the door. Kanda managed to extricate himself from the gaggling horde as Allen politely said, "Sorry to break up your fun," Kanda shot him a deadly look, "but we're really tired and just want to get home."

"Of course you do, dear. Let me get you your keys," and the woman took but a moment before she was back, handing the spare keys over and shooing her friends back to the table.

"Thanks once again for everything. We'll be back once we've rested up," Allen called out and waved as they walked back to their waiting cab. Once inside Kanda slouched against the seat, his arms crossed over his chest, glaring out the window. Allen just smiled and played with Sumi, leaving Kanda to fume silently. When they reached home Sumi leapt down and ran towards the door, and as they walked after her Kanda muttered something unintelligible.

"Hmm? What was that?" Allen asked.

"I'm never leaving the house."

"Heh. Looks like the situation just got worse."

"Never. Leaving. The house."

Allen unlocked the front door, letting Sumi run in ahead. Dropping their bags in the entryway they removed their shoes and hung their coats on the pegs on the wall. Allen took a deep breath and let it out slowly.

"It's good to be home."

"Hmm…it's cold in here. I'm gonna light the fire."

"And I'll fix us some tea." They set off in opposite directions to their self-appointed tasks, and when the tea was ready Allen brought it into the living room. Kanda had just sat down when Allen handed him his cup. "Thanks," he said, leaning back and taking a sip.

Allen placed a small plate of treats for Sumi on the floor for her to munch on and sat next to Kanda on the sofa. With their legs stretched out to the fireplace they warmed their feet and drank their tea in silence. They got so comfortable neither of them wanted to move until Kanda's head fell against Allen's, shaking them out of their torpor.

Allen got up to return their dishes to the kitchen but stopped before he got out the door, clucking his tongue in dismay. They'd been gone for close to two weeks now and the dust was beginning to show on the furniture. Kanda glanced at Allen, wondering what he was looking at, but when he realized why Allen was making a face he said, "Don't even think about it."


"It can wait. I'll help you clean later. Let's just sleep, okay?"

Allen sighed. "If you say so, but I'm holding you to it." Allen took the dishes to the kitchen and let Sumi out to play for a while. After they'd changed the sheets on the bed Allen went to collect her and locked up. She bunked down in front of the hearth and he crawled into bed, rolling over to wrap himself around Kanda. They were so wiped out from the long trip back they sank into a deep sleep for the rest of that day and didn't wake until it was well into the next. When Sumi began making demands for food they got up, but as soon as they were done taking care of her and ate something themselves they climbed right back into bed.


From the sleep of the dead they blinked themselves back to consciousness the next morning. Kanda went to fill the tub and Allen fed Sumi before letting her outside again while they bathed. They lay in the tub for what felt like an eternity, letting the hot water soak all their aches away until their skin started to wrinkle. As they were drying each other off, Kanda wrapped his towel around Allen, pulling his warm body up against his still damp one. Allen pushed him gently up against the sink.

Between light kisses over Kanda's face and neck, Allen murmured, "This is how we end up making a mess of ourselves."

"Mmhm…" kissing the top of Allen's head, pushing it further down his chest.

Allen's hands glided across Kanda's back. "But not here." He grabbed a bottle of lotion from the medicine cabinet and pulled Kanda with him to the bedroom, lowering him onto the bed. While Kanda scooted to the edge, Allen spread some lotion over his fingers and kneeled down, lifting Kanda's legs to hang over his shoulders. "Comfy?" he asked, with a twinkle in his eye.

"Heh…yeah…mmm," as Allen went down on him, his mouth working languidly over the hardening shaft before taking it in. Kanda gazed down at him, propping himself up on his elbows, watching as Allen's head moved slowly from top to bottom.

Allen's fingers slipped inside and Kanda adjusted himself so Allen could reach deeper, fingertips stimulating the gland, making Kanda's breath come faster. His head rolled back as Allen's bobbed up and down, taking more of Kanda in each time, teeth barely grazing the sensitive skin, fingers rubbing with more force. Kanda dug his heels into Allen's back, coming closer, Allen sucking harder on the cock, drawing it deeper, feeling it thicken as Kanda gasped, "Ah…ah…fuck!" and warm liquid flowed down his throat as Kanda's whole body shuddered.

Allen continued to suck slowly as the cock softened, his tongue playing over it until his lover was fully sated, and he stood, letting Kanda's legs drop down as he leaned over him, kissing him softly. Kanda licked the leftover from Allen's lips, feeling the hard erection against his leg. Allen coated his cock with lotion, moving in when he was ready and pushed Kanda's legs up. "Not hurting your knees, am I?"

"They're fine." Kanda wrapped his legs around Allen and reached for him, pulling him down as Allen easily slid inside him, the muscles surrounding the opening already quite pliant. They rocked back and forth, Kanda arching himself up to meet Allen's thrusts as he went deeper and deeper inside, goosebumps covering their damp skin exposed to the cool air. Kanda dug his heels in again as Allen grasped his hips, thrusting harder, faster, kissing Kanda messily on the mouth, trailing his tongue over his ear. Kanda buried his face in Allen's hair, his arms wrapped around his lover as Allen breathed harder next to his ear, his climax coming on fast and he moved his hands up behind Kanda's head, pulling him into a deep kiss as he spilled inside him, moaning into his mouth with the sheer bliss of it all.

Moving up the bed Allen flopped down on top of Kanda, still kissing him lazily. Kanda opened his eyes and gazed up into silver, chuckling softly. "It's good to be home."

"Yes, it certainly is," Allen admitted with a smile, and they just laid there, catching their breath before moving once again.

When they heard Sumi calling them they reluctantly got up. It was getting chilly anyway, what with being naked on top of the covers, and the only way they were going to get any warmer was to crawl back under, but that didn't seem likely to happen anytime soon. Allen pulled on some pants and threw on a shirt and went to let her in while Kanda cleaned himself up in the bathroom, joining them in the kitchen while Allen put together some breakfast. Afterwards, as Kanda was standing at the sink, staring out the window as he washed the dishes, his gaze turned to the garden. He wiped his hands off on the dish towel and started to walk out of the kitchen, but Allen had been watching him closely this whole time and was hot on his heels.

"Where do you think you're going?"

"Out, to have a closer look at the gardens."

"Nope. You're gonna help me clean, like you said."

"We haven't even been here. What's there to clean?"

"There's dust everywhere, and I even saw some cobwebs," grabbing Kanda by the arm and dragging him to where they kept their cleaning supplies. Allen dumped a few into Kanda's arms, and as he walked away he called back over his shoulder, "You can start with the bathroom."

Kanda just stood in the hall for a minute, staring as Allen disappeared around the corner, contemplating having stir-fried sprout for dinner, before he stalked off to the bath to begin scrubbing out the tub.

Hours later, after much sweeping, mopping, scrubbing and dusting, they were going around closing the windows and doors they'd left open to air out the house while they were cleaning. Allen was wondering out loud if maybe they should've washed the windows while they were at it when Kanda came up behind him and clamped a hand over his mouth.

"That's enough. You keep this up you're gonna wreck your arm again." He pulled a chair out from the kitchen table. "Sit," and plunked Allen down on it. "Stay," pointing a threatening finger at him. "I'm gonna make some tea."

"We have biscuits, too," Allen offered, humming happily to himself at the prospects of food.


Sumi, who had done another mysterious disappearing act while they were cleaning, jumped up into Allen's lap, placing her paws on the table, also anticipating being fed.

Kanda turned around, only to see Sumi, too. "I'm surrounded by gluttons," he sighed, placing the biscuit tin on the table. He made her a plate and she leapt to the floor as he put it down. With no hesitation she began to eat away.

As they were finishing their tea Kanda noticed Allen rubbing his left arm.

"Your arm hurting?"

"Yeah, it was fine while we were working but it's starting to spasm now."

"You should go soak in the tub. The warm water would probably help. I'll clean up here, so go on," waving him away.

Allen got up and walked around the table. "Thanks," he said, kissing the top of Kanda's head before leaving the kitchen. By the time he left the bath his arm was feeling a lot better. Looking down the hall he smiled at the gently flickering firelight coming from the living room, so he dressed in some loose night clothes and went to join Kanda on the sofa, sitting against the arm on one end. Sumi was in Kanda's lap and he was scratching her behind the ears, looking like he was deep in thought.

Allen usually left him alone when he was like this, but his curiosity got the better of him. "Penny for your thoughts," he said, as he poked Kanda's leg with his toes.

Coming out of his musing Kanda turned towards Allen, bringing his legs up on the sofa, dislodging Sumi's resting place, but she landed gracefully on the floor and went to lie down near the fire.

"Only a penny?" a slight smirk playing on his lips.

"How much more would you want?" grinning back.

"We can discuss that later," smirk widening, "but I was just thinking about how much to plant this year. We had a lot of surplus from the last harvest. It's good to have something to trade in town, but I don't want it to become unmanageable."

"It wouldn't if you'd let me help."

"And mess up your arm even more?"

"I do have two arms, you know."

"You'd just overuse your good one and end up with two bad ones…and stop pouting at me."

"I'm not pouting," pouting anyway.

Kanda chuckled and moved over to lie down in Allen's lap, looking up at him. "I was also thinking about a greenhouse. Maybe. It'd be a different way of gardening, though, and I'd have to find out more about it first. I don't know how involved it'd be to build one."

"You could ask Johnny or Reever. Give 'em something to do with all the free time they have now. They'd probably be more than happy to help." Allen chuckled when he thought about the enthusiastic response they'd have to something like this.

"Oh, I'm sure they would, but I don't know if I could take all the insanity that'd come with it," sighing quietly. So much had been going on lately. Sometimes, he wished things could be like they used to be; nice and simple.

But some changes weren't that bad, he thought, as he watched Sumi curled around herself, sound asleep on the hearth rug. He turned over and Allen slid down next to him, one arm under Kanda's head. Allen combed his fingers through Kanda's hair, twirling the ends of a lock around one finger, bringing it to his lips. "I'm starting to get used to your hair like this."

"Mmm…at least I can still tie it back when I need to."

"But I like it better when you leave it down," kissing Kanda's cheek.

"So you can play with it," one hand running down Allen's side, coming to rest on his hip.

"Of course," pushing the hair off Kanda's forehead, kissing it lightly.

"You're hopeless…and why do I even bother listening to you?" moving his hand to Allen's back, working his way under his shirt.

"Well, I could stop coming up with any more bright ideas," hand moving through Kanda's hair to the nape of his neck, pulling him in for a ghost of a kiss.

"But you wouldn't be you if you didn't," he murmured, making the kiss firm and real.

"Then I guess things are fine just the way they are," whispering as he slid his hand down, pressing it into the small of Kanda's back.

"...whatever," chuckling and snuggling closer, slipping his tongue between Allen's lips, and they melted together. As long as they could stay like this they could handle anything that came their way.