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You're So Beautiful That I'm Scared

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Jungkook knew he was fucked.

The moment he slammed his room door shut with unnecessary force and leaned against the wood, throat still raw from the yelling and angry tears prickling painfully at the corners of his eyes, he knew he wasn't just fucked. He was royally fucked and there was a 0.0001% chance of seeing the next morning.

He knocked his head back till it rested on the door and listened intently for any approaching steps, scared out of his wits but as Jungkook just heard dead silence, he began to think back on the situation that had just happened.


"Jungkook, you can't talk to your hyungs like this." A stern and calm voice filled the maknae's ears but it fell short due to his stubborn exterior. Jungkook was not in the mood to listen to anyone, especially his eldest hyung Seokjin.

He mindlessly ignored the demand from Jin and continued to tap away at something useless on his phone, huffing after processing the words.
"I'll do whatever I want to do," he started, voice not faltering at all to Jungkook's surprise and he didn't bother to even look the blonde male in the eyes as he continued, "I'm 18, I'm not a child. I don't need to listen to you guys like you're my parents or something."

Seokjin on the other hand was more taken aback than angry at first, he had barely ever experienced the youngest being so disobedient towards anyone, especially him. Usually Jungkook knew his place and listened to the 24 year old male, understanding the role and the age difference between them but here he was, mouthing Jin off as if they were the same and not separated by 5 years.

"We don't act like your parents, it's called looking out for you. You're our youngest, our maknae. I don't give two shits if you're close to adulthood and want to start being more mature, go right ahead," Jin paused for a moment, eyes wandering to Jungkook's still figure on the couch, having not looked up once from his screen, causing the eldest's blood to boil more, "but as long as I've been on this earth 5 years longer than you, you will respect me."

The assertive and rather dark tone to Jin's voice had Jungkook faltering ever so slightly, already rather wide eyes growing as they stayed glued to the screen he had long forgotten about. Though it didn't put the angry fire out in the pit of Jungkook's being and he stood up from the living room couch, closing the distance between him and Seokjin in 3 swift glides of his legs and narrowed his eyes, trying his oh so hardest to seem intimidating.

"What if I don't want to?" He simply spat, and he quickly regretted the simple sentence as the last sign of Jin's patience seemed to disappear, his eyes darkening and glaring daggers into Jungkook's soul.

"What the hell is going on with you, Kookie? I swear if you don't tell me now, there will be consequences."

Jungkook knew he was in for it, knew the grave he had dug himself the moment he opened his damned mouth 15 minutes ago was ready and he knew if he opened his mouth once more, Seokjin would be preparing a funeral in 0.5 seconds. But oh of course, the forever stubborn Jeon Jungkook couldn't make it easy for himself.

"Oh fuck off," he muttered under his breath, noticing Jin straining to hear the whisper so he spoke louder, "just fucking fuck off, okay? You're not my mom, I don't have to tell you shit!"

And with that and one more look at Seokjin's fuming expression, he stormed passed his hyung and stomped down the hall, almost running Jimin and Namjoon over in his quest for his room.

The two members had been coaxed out of their rooms due to all the screaming coming from the oldest and youngest, or at least they assumed it was those two. Namjoon ventured down the hall first, eyebrows furrowing together as he examined Jin's still figure, trying to assess the situation from where he was standing.

"What happened, Jin hyung?" Namjoon glanced to his side where a slightly annoyed looking Yoongi stood, Jimin, Hoseok, and Taehyung right behind him to listen in.

Jin stayed frozen for a couple more heartbeats, not wanting to explode on the other members, them just being simple and innocent bystanders. When he felt a bit calmer, he turned on his heels and stared right at Yoongi, gaze hard and unwavering. It almost scared the younger members, even Namjoon.

"Yoongi, do you mind gathering the rest and leaving for a little while?"

All the members just blinked in unison, attention turning to the next eldest hyung who had a blank expression on his face, silence falling over the boys before he simply shrugged.

"Sure, why not. Come on guys, we're going out to eat." Yoongi announced, leaving no room for arguments as he grabbed whichever members were closest to him (which happened to be Hoseok and Namjoon) and dragged them towards the door, already wearing his shoes. He waited patiently for the other boys to get their shoes and other things they may need, taking this opportunity to saunter over the still fussing Seokjin.

"What're you planning on doing to the kid, hyung? You know shouting at him some more won't suddenly change his ways." Yoongi spoke, voice quiet as he carefully said his thoughts.

Seokjin hummed at the information, he knew that for sure. Having just experienced what screaming like a mad man would do, he had different ways of handling the stubborn teen.

"I have my ways, maybe some punishment will help him." There wasn't a doubt in Yoongi's mind as to what Seokjin was suggesting so with no further words, he just nodded at his hyung and shuffled back to the ready crowd of males and guided them out of the dorm, leaving Seokjin alone with his problem locked away in his room for the moment.


Jungkook didn't know how much time passed, face pressed against the door to listen intently, confused as to why it suddenly got silent. He assumed the other members had headed off somewhere, a little hurt that they'd leave him out of it. He brushed that feeling off rather quick as he heard footsteps approaching his closed door, fear pooling in his stomach fast because he knew who it was and he knew what he was in for.

"Jeon Jungkook," a calm and smooth voice started from the other side of the door and Jungkook knew it was Jin, sucking in a breath, "open this door. Now."

The calmness in Seokjin's voice had almost completely disappeared, replaced with a deeper and more demanding tone to it. It had the maknae shuddering a little, this fear he had of what Jin was going to do to him strangely... excited him.

"I said. Open. The. Door."

That had Jungkook fumbling for the doorknob, swinging it open to reveal the older man, blonde hair slightly out of place and face sullen as he stared at Jungkook, gaze never leaving the boy as if he was Seokjin's prey and he was getting ready to attack.

Jungkook's eyes fell onto a black bag that Jin was holding, about to ask what it was but the moment he lifted his head back up to ask his hyung carefully, there was a hand pressed around his neck and pushing him backwards with extreme force he didn't know the taller had.

"No speaking, I don't want to hear your fucking voice. You speak when I don't ask, you make it worse for yourself. Understand?" Seokjin's voice was booming and his face was so close to Jungkook's, he could smell the peppermint toothpaste and aftershave coming from the other man.

When Jungkook didn't respond, Jin proceeded to pin him against the closest wall, hand never leaving its spot on Jungkook's soft and perfect neck, squeezing a little harder.

"Understand?" Seokjin repeated himself and he could sense the fear radiating off the younger from his tone, filling Jin with a sense of pride and fueling his dominance adventure further.

"Y-yes." Jungkook croaked out as best as he could, gasping for air when Jin's hand loosened up a bit yet just as he was catching his breath again the finger around his throat tightened up again.

But only for a split moment, the digits quickly removing themselves from the maknae's throat and coming up to gently caress his cheek with a startling amount of care.

"Give me a word, Kookie." Seokjin whispered out, eyes scanning the slightly shorter boy's facial features with proper interest, taking in the sheer beauty of him and just how delicate and innocent he looked like this, cheeks flushed bright pink and eyes half lidded and it almost made Jin laugh as he noticed why. Jungkook was extremely turned on by Jin's rough treatment yet he was just getting started.

"A word f-for what?"

"Safeword. I don't want to hurt you, Kookie.. So give me a word so that if you ever say it, I'll stop immediately." Seokjin calmly explained, hand trailing down to trace along the angry red handprint on Jungkook's throat and it had his arousal heating up even more knowing it would leave a bruise for everyone to see.

"Uh... Red." Jungkook looked to the seemingly more calm Seokjin in anticipation, wondering if the word was okay. If they needed a safeword, he could only imagine the things Jin was going to do to him.

"Good, okay. Remember that word, baby. If you ever feel like I'm going too far or if I'm hurting you, say red and I'll stop quick." Seokjin spoke slow and quiet, as if he had whisper it like there were 10 other people in the room and he wanted only Jungkook to hear.

Said boy nodded firmly, cheeks and ears heating up as the petname rolled off his hyung's lips.


"Strip down naked and get on the bed, Kook."

Jungkook blinked at Jin for a moment but as he noticed the man opening his mouth with a hard glare, he quickly lifted himself off the wall and moved to stand in front of the bed. He began to shed himself of the constricting clothes before noticing Jin's scrutinising eyes following his every movement, examining any new expanse of skin that was revealed as Jungkook threw his shirt and pants to some part of his room he really didn't care for.

When he was bare and in all his naked glory, he shuffled till his knees hit the wooden frame, falling back and laying down comfortably.

"Arms up, baby boy." Seokjin demanded, stalking closer and closer to his prey. God, he was even more beautiful naked. He knew the maknae liked working out but the toned and defined lines of his torso and chest, his strong and huge thighs that were such a milky white they were practically asking for Seokjin to paint them the colour of red wine with his lips.

Jungkook obeyed quickly, shifting back a little so his head was resting on the pillow and his arms were high up in the air. Before he could even glance to the elder of the two, his arms were being yanked back till his wrists hit the headboard. Jungkook was about to groan and mention how that hurt a little but was cut off by the sound of two clicks and a cold metallic feeling pressing into the skin of his wrists.

"Wha-" The male started, looking to see his hands were handcuffed to the bed, leaving his body more exposed than he'd like. Jungkook may have been built like a modern day goddess but he was still the shyest 18 year old you'll probably ever meet when it came to showing himself off.

"Shh, don't worry. Are they too tight?" Seokjin's tone was soft once again and it had Jungkook reeling a little. How could he be in such a dominating position, hovering over the exposed maknae with a hungry and predatory look as his eyes dragged themselves up and down the wide expanse of skin, yet still be the caring eldest hyung? God he was confusing Jungkook but that only turned the younger on more, strangely.

"No no, they're not that tight."

He kept his head tilted back to stare up at his restrained hands, having never been in such a submissive position before. Seokjin took this opportunity to lean down over Jungkook and nose along the slightly paler than usual collarbones. He began placing butterfly kisses to anywhere he could reach and those kisses quickly escalated to open mouthed sucking, Jin being quite determined to leave his mark as much as he could on their previously untainted maknae. A sense of pride swelled in his chest for a moment, knowing he was the only one who gets to experience this:

Jungkook sprawled out on his back, squirming around under Jin's body while the elder sucked lovebites and deep purple marks onto the expanse of his neck and shoulders even. Soft, barely audible whimpers escaped the maknae, silently asking for more.

Seokjin would have easily given him everything Jungkook wanted and more, he was always a sucker for the boy's doe eyes and pouty lips. But he remembered this was a punishment and he couldn't let his youngest get off so easily. With that, he continued to suck angry marks down Jungkook's neck till his chest, peppering it with the same treatment he gave his now abused neck.

"Hyung please." Jungkook drawled out, body twitching with the spiked arousal he got from Jin's skilled mouth working its way down his toned chest, leaving cherry and wine coloured welts in their trail. He squeaked out as he felt a wet muscle flick against his nipple, two fingers pressing and twirling the other bud between them and Jungkook could've lost it just then.

Seokjin noticed the excessive amount of whines and mewls leaving the already fucked out boy underneath him yet he didn't lighten up at all, tongue and fingers working the overstimulated and rock hard nubs even faster. He wanted Jungkook keening, wanted him to be a begging mess before he even so touched him in other places.

"H-hyung please, it hurts. I want you t-to.." Jungkook trailed off, hearing how desperate he was sounding already yet he didn't want the older man to stop. He just wanted more.

Seokjin let go of the nipple he had been nibbling at with a lewd 'pop' and he brought his head up to level with Jungkook's, a moan almost escaping the blonde as he saw just how blissed out and tortured Jungkook looked already. There were tears coating his hooded eyes, threatening to spill and trail down his flushed face, lips parted to reveal his cute little bunny teeth.

Jungkook looked so pretty like this, Seokjin thought to himself. He so wanted to kiss the boy breathless but he wasn't sure if that'd be too intimate of a thing to do, he was aware that the boy was young and inexperienced and the last thing Jin wanted to do was scare him away or have him regret anything other than disrespecting him. So he leaned up a little more, placing a few gentle kisses to Jungkook's forehead, running his hands through the matted bangs.

"What do you want me to do, Kookie? I only listen to good boys and you've been the exact opposite." Seokjin didn't want to edge the boy for much longer, knowing the others would be back eventually yet he was having too much fun. He let his hand drag down Jungkook's body, dipping around the defined abs the boy was sporting till he felt his fingertips brush the head of his cock.

Jungkook jolted at the sudden contact, a long and almost relieved sounding moan falling off his lips when Jin finally wrapped those slender fingers of his around the neglected and already weeping member. The youngest bucked up into the warm hand immediately, wanting, no, needing more but Jin wasn't going to give it to him he knew that.

"I w-want more, please please." The words tumbled out of Jungkook and he doesn't even remember thinking about them. He was on the verge of either tears or orgasm, he wasn't sure but could feel himself being thrown over the metaphoric cliff that was his peak.

Seokjin all but grinned at the pretty sound of Jungkook begging for something more but the giddy feeling soon dissipated when he could easily tell Jungkook was close. With a few more languid strokes of his hand, he let it fall away from the male's cock, chuckling deeply when a few beaten out whimpers sounded from Jungkook.

"I asked you what exactly, if you don't tell me how am I supposed to consider it?" There was a wicked looking smile gracing Seokjin's features and it would've freaked Jungkook out slightly if he could even think straight. His orgasm was settling down and he felt as though his limbs were set on fire.

"I don't know.." Jungkook was surprised that he didn't stutter but he really didn't know what he wanted exactly, everything was so new and different to him.

'If I asked for sex would he give it to me?' Jungkook cautiously thought to himself, teeth bringing his bottom lip between them to chew on nervously.

"I-I want you to fuck me, Seokjin hyung."

It came out as more of a whisper than either of them wanted, yet Jin heard him loud and clear. He didn't think his innocent little maknae would ever want him to do that, to touch him and feel him in ways the other members would never get to experience.

Did Seokjin want to do it? Hell yes, seeing the younger spread out like this, his expressions and body language were practically begging for Jin to destroy and break him down but then fix him again was enough to send him over the edge.

But he had to remember, Jungkook was only 18. This was probably be his first time and to have it be a punishment? He'd surely regret it down the line.

"Are you sure, baby? You know- you know that this is a punishment, right? Do you want me to?" Seokjin knew he wasn't making much sense, his thoughts jumping around like crazy.

Jungkook peeled his gaze away from Seokjin's, glancing up at the handcuffs once more and then back to his current partner. He wasn't all too familiar with how sex worked but the way Seokjin was treating him, so tender and gentle as if he was a butterfly with a broken wing had him sure of his words.

"Yes, I know you'll t-take care of me. I promise I'll be good, I'll be nicer to you and the others- I won't be an arrogant brat, I promise just.. please fuck me, hyung."

It was the pleading sort of tone to Jungkook's voice and the way he looked at Seokjin with such soft eyes and the eldest knew he was being genuine. He placed both his hands on the maknae's beautiful and milky thighs and kneaded the muscles slowly, calming his nerves.

"Know that I will not go easy on you, baby. You don't deserve that." Seokjin teased him playfully, shifting back on his knees to grab the black bag he had brought earlier, digging around inside for a moment before pulling out a bottle of lube and something else that Jungkook wasn't all too sure was.


"You remember the safeword, right?" Seokjin asked, picking up the unidentified object and inching towards Jungkook.


"Say it for me, please."

"Red." Jungkook muttered out, he was getting slightly impatient and he didn't want to talk too much, knowing it would only make his arousal go down in spite of really actually wanting this.

"Good boy, say red if anything hurts or is too much for you, okay?" And with that, Seokjin proceeded to unhook the cock ring he had and clip it around the base of Jungkook's erect cock.

The younger blinked a few times, the sudden pressure on his base startling him and he looked down at himself, almost crying out at the sight of the cock ring. He knew what it was, and he knew what it did.

Seokjin noticed the confliction on Jungkook's face and he couldn't stop the grin from taking over his features. "Feels weird, I know," Seokjin once again wrapped his hands around Jungkook shaft and stroked a few times, "But when I finally let you come you'll feel great."

Jungkook felt physically conflicted, the attention on his straining erection had him squirming for release but the fact he couldn't even if he wanted to had him deflating slightly.

But he knew Seokjin would crack eventually, no matter how hard he was going to be on Jungkook. The maknae knew how much the eldest hyung cared for him, he wouldn't leave him like this for long... hopefully.

Seokjin didn't think he could be so sadistic, just lazily using one hand to jerk Jungkook off and the other working to warm the cold lube he had poured on his fingers a moment ago. He found pleasure watching Jungkook's bottom lip quiver as if about to sob but the lewd moans that continuously spilled from his plump lips said otherwise.

"You're doing so well, keep it up and hyung might just reward you," Seokjin praised him highly, it benefited him knowing how much Jungkook liked his ego being stroked, "it's going to feel a little uncomfortable, but it'll feel good eventually."

Jungkook wasn't all too sure what his hyung meant by that but the moment he felt a warm sensation circling the rim of his entrance he was shuddering at the new feeling. It's not as if he's never played with himself there, he's a teenager, he's curious about everything and anything.

Though every time he tried it, he never went past 1 finger before reaching orgasm way too quick. Jungkook sometimes hates how sensitive he is.

He's lost in his thoughts when Seokjin's finger finally breaches him and it doesn't hurt, Jungkook just grunts quietly and gives one curt nod at the older to signal he could take more. So Seokjin adds a second finger slowly.

Okay, that one felt uncomfortable for Jungkook, but he inhaled and exhaled steady breaths and focused on the endpoint to all of this. It'll feel good, Seokjin assured him of that. But it still hurt when Seokjin's slender and curved fingers dragged along his inner walls, digging in deeper till the knuckles and then slowly pulling out.

He repeated this action till the squeeze around his fingers wasn't as intense, taking this moment to just lazily scissor his fingers in the younger and glancing up to meet his eyes. Seokjin could have came just at the sight of Jungkook panting like a dog after running laps, eyes screwed shut and teeth nipping at any part they could find of his already bruised lips.

Now he really looked kissable, Seokjin thought to himself. He wanted to kiss him senseless, dominate that beautiful mouth and abuse it in every way possible.

And that's just he did. He gave up on caring and the moment he pressed his third finger into Jungkook's tight heat, he quickly moved up to hover over him and tug his lower lip away from those precious teeth, finally claiming Jungkook's lips in a sweet kiss.

It didn't stay sweet for long though, teeth clashing and tongues attacking each other in their fight for dominance, Seokjin of course winning the so-called battle and his tongue immediately went on to explore the sweet sweet cavern.

Jungkook felt like he was going to pass out from all the stimulation, the fingers in his hole never letting up the neck-breaking pace and Seokjin's tongue was keen on showing just how experienced the man was and how easy it'd be to dominate the youngest. He felt his cock merely twitch where it lay heavy on his stomach, sad little beads of precum creating a little pool near his navel and it just wasn't fair.

"H-hyung.." Jungkook stammered out when they finally detached from the literally breathtaking kiss to wheeze in oxygen, "Please-"

"Please what?" Seokjin responded, sitting up and speeding up the pace of his fingers, curling them upwards in search of the prize. He didn't even try to hide the victorious grin on his face when Jungkook gasped out, confirming that he had succeeded in his quest for his prostate.

"Fuck me, for fucks sake." Jungkook didn't care for his volume or for the fact that he swore so much, he just wanted more. And as Seokjin was milking his prostate with no mercy whatsoever, it was almost painful to not feel release yet. He was so close, Jungkook was so fucking close.

"Now now, where are you manners, Jungkookie? Ask me nicely, or I won't let you come. I know that's what you want now." Seokjin himself was getting impatient and all he wanted to do was bury himself to the hilt on Jungkook's warm heat, but what good would that do his reasoning for all of this?

Jungkook felt tears pool at the corners of his eyes, the thought of being brought so damn close to release but never getting it honestly scared the maknae, so he obeyed the elder's request.

"Please, Seokjin hyung. I-I want you to fuck me, as hard as you want. Just please let me come, I've been a good boy.."

Even the way Jungkook begged was beautiful, Seokjin felt as if he could listen to that on repeat for the rest of his life. But pushing that thought aside, he pulled his fingers out slowly and Jungkook whined at that, his pretty little hole clenching and unclenching for anything.

"Shh, baby. You've been such a good boy for hyung, hopefully this will continue." Seokjin kept his response short, too busy on shedding his clothes and grabbing his neglected cock, coating it generously with lube and tossing the bottle away.

"Are you ready, baby?" Seokjin mumbled out, moving to lean over the already lost Jungkook, guiding his member to his ready hole and nudging it with his head.

Jungkook intakes a sharp breath before nodding frantically, fingers curling around the metal of the handcuffs to brace himself for what he assumed will be a painful few moments.

And god, was he right. It took every nerve in Jungkook's body to not pass out from the excessive burn he felt while Seokjin pushed his cock in. That was much bigger than his fingers, much bigger. The tears that had been threatening to spill over and out of his eyes this whole time finally did just that, exhaling a breath he hadn't noticed he was holding when Seokjin was finally fully in, it coming out as more of a shaky sob.

"I'm sorry, Jungkook. So so sorry, it's going to get better. Don't forget the safeword, if this is too much we can stop."

Seokjin spoke softly into his ear though Jungkook could tell it was strained, he probably had to refrain himself from moving his hips as the maknae adjusted to his size slowly.

His tone along with the gentle kisses Jin was pressing to his tear stained cheeks had Jungkook calmng down, the pain soon almost all gone and replaced with a more unfamiliar yet pleasurable experience. He's never felt so filled but he liked it, craved for it more.

Jungkook didn't trust his voice enough to speak, feeling as though he'd injure his pride even more if he begged for Jin to move so all he did was rock his hips back and forth a few times, even shifting to securely wrap his legs around Seokjin's waist.

The hyung quickly understood the hints given to him, placing both of his hands on Jungkook's slim hips to still him as he pulled out almost all the way, only the head of his cock remaining before snapping his hips forward, groaning rather loud at the tight heat engulfing his shaft and he could swear on his life that Jungkook fit around him like he was made for it, made to take Seokjin so fucking well.

He set a quick and fast pace from the start and Jungkook wasn't complaining one bit, strangled out mewls and whimpers filling the room along with the sound of sweaty skin meeting each other. Jungkook didn't even mind when Seokjin would thrust particularly hard and his restrained hands would roughly rub against the metal, surely to leave marks but that was just fine to him with the gorgeous feeling he felt every time his prostate was slammed into.

Seokjin focused his gaze on the thrashing boy underneath him and if he wasn't a sight before he surely was now, head knocked back and buried against the pillow while his back arched off the bed in a way Jin knew would ache later on.

It was easy to see that said boy was close to his breaking point and so was Seokjin, orgasm bubbling up in his core and he hastily brought a hand away from Jungkook's hip, taking little note on the redness that was left due to his death grip, and he easily unclipped the cock ring and pulled it away from Jungkook's weeping member, an aggressive shade of red and leaking precum like no tomorrow.

"C-come untouched for me, baby. Show me how good my cock makes you feel." Seokjin growled out, hips thrusting erratically and he knew he wasn't going to last any longer.

The relief that washed over Jungkook was almost as strong as the wave of pleasure that crashed into him like a tsunami, the abusive stimulation to his prostate thanks to Jin's sizable cock and the fact his cock was finally free had Jungkook stuttering out incoherent words and clenching every muscle in his body in anticipation.

Finally, fucking finally, his orgasm pushed him off that beautiful cliff and as he came on his torso ( some even reaching his chest with the intensity), he not so subtly clenched around Seokjin's throbbing member, sending his hyung right off that cliff with him and the both groaned in unison.

Seokjin from the insane amount of pleasure rocking him through his orgasm and Jungkook from the strange yet amazing feeling of being filled so warmly by his hyung. God, it was addictive and he never wanted to live without it.

After Seokjin had finally pulled out of the spent maknae and found the strength to grab the keys to the handcuffs, he freed the boy from his confines happily.

"Are you okay, Jungkook? Did I go to hard on you?" And there was the concerned and oh so motherly Jin again, yet Jungkook couldn't do more than send the other a lazy smile and drop his arms to his side because fuck they were sore.

"I'm... okay. I think - but that was maybe the best feeling I've felt. Ever." His voice was hoarse and he knew he was going to be scolded for almost losing his voice before their concert tomorrow but Jungkook could care less. All he wanted to do was sleep, honestly.

Seokjin picked up on how tired Jungkook looked and chuckled softly, hoping off the bed and jogging out of the room.

Jungkook tipped his head to look at the door in confusion, wondering if Seokjin was just going to leave him like this, covered in sweat and other bodily fluids. He was just about to call out for his hyung but stopped himself when said male ventured back in with a damp washcloth.

"Tell me baby, did you like it?" Seokjin asked when he reached Jungkook, immediately wiping him down with the cloth, cleaning his abdomen and spent cock and even gently dragging the material over Jungkook's used hole to get rid of the excess lube and his own come that dribbled out a little bit. It filled Seokjin with butterflies knowing that was his come, feeling as though he'd achieved something from that.

Jungkook freely allowed Seokjin to clean him up and tried his best to shift over to one side of the bed without triggering any more pain. Jin smiled at the nonverbal communication and tossed the towel away and laid down next to Jungkook, gathering him up in his arms gently and throwing the bed covers over them as he awaited an answer.

"Yes, I liked it a lot, hyung."

"And did you learn your lesson, hm?"

Jungkook would have snapped a sassy comeback to Jin but his eyelids were fluttering shut and he barely had the energy to nod his head before burying it into the crook of the eldest's neck.

He reminded himself that he needed to apologise to all the hyungs, realising that it wasn't right to treat them with such little respect. Jungkook proceeded to fall asleep to the feeling of being wrapped up in Seokjin's strong and safe arms and knew he could change, for his favourite hyung.


"You sure did a number on the kid, hyung."

Seokjin glanced up from the breakfast he was preparing for the other 6 boys in the dorm and stared at Yoongi, who obviously had just woken up from the level of disheveled he was.

The eldest male raised an eyebrow in confusion and Yoongi just merely pointed to where the kid in question was dragging himself into the living space, a slight limp to his walk and he was dressed in basketball shorts and a white T-shirt too big for him.

Jungkook must not have noticed how bad he looked but when he finished rubbing the sleep away from his eyes and finally opened them properly, 6 pairs of eyes were on him intently.

"What's wrong, hyungs?" Jungkook grumbled out, half surprised with how rough his own voice sounded, it barely sounded like him.

Seokjin was trying so hard not to smirk widely while going back to cooking as Yoongi and Namjoon shuddered in slight disgust at the thought of what the oldest and youngest got up to last night. Taehyung, Hoseok, and Jimin on the other hand were laughing their asses off from where they sat on the couch.

Jungkook stared at his hyungs once more before storming off to the hall bathroom to look in the mirror.



Jungkook gaped at his reflection and his cheeks flushed a deep shade of pink. His neck was scattered with purple and dark red spots with the slightly red imprint of fingers at the side of his throat and due to his large shirt falling off his shoulder he could see the hickeys continued downwards.

He was so embarrassed he felt like he could die on the bathroom floor right then and there. "Oh my god, they're never going to let this go."

"Yeah, but at least you look pretty."

Jungkook jolted at the voice behind him, looking up in the mirror to meet Seokjin's eyes and god he looked tired and beyond spent yet so so damn beautiful to Jungkook.

"Y-you're only saying that because you made these damn things, hyung."

Seokjin laughed lowly and closed the distance between the two as he wrapped his arms around Jungkook's middle from behind, pulling him close till his chest was pressed to the other's back.

"I bet the members thought you looked pretty as well, I know some of them had drifting thoughts just now. Seeing how ruined the precious maknae looked after a night of some roughing fucking. But.."

Seokjin trailed off, linking his hands together and resting them on Jungkook's stomach, pressing a sweet kiss to his nape. "You're mine, I'm not sharing."

His hyung's words startled Jungkook, the already bright flush on his cheeks only deepening in colour and all he wanted to do was melt into a puddle.

"Yours in what way?"

"In every way."

Jungkook scoffed and wanted to play around with Jin but if he was reading this correctly, he wasn't joking around. And eh, Jungkook was alright with that.

"Okay, fine."

Seokjin beamed a goofy grin and squeezed the boy in his arms, getting a groan and an exasperated sounding "I'm still sore, hyung, fuck". Seokjin mentally took note of his maknae swearing for later.

But neither really cared about that at the moment, silently enjoying the other's warmth and even if Jungkook was still confused at the terms of Seokjin's claims he'll worry about that at another time.

Seokjin was the first to break the silence, practically speaking into Jungkook's soft hair, "So will you be a good boy for hyung, now?"

Jungkook playfully hummed as if he were thinking, hands coming up to rest on top and fidget with Seokjin's. 

"I dunno, if me not being good results in a good fucking, maybe I'll just continue to be bad." He was obviously kidding, already thinking of how he'd apologise to the other hyungs for his antics yet was pulled out of his thoughts when a set of teeth sunk into to the already blemished skin of his neck.

"You think that but you haven't even seen half of what I can do, Jungkookie." Seokjin's voice was almost a growl and his lips and teeth continued to attack the wide expanse of skin they hadn't explored yet. God the cordi-noona were gonna be so pissed off, not like he cared really.

Because Jungkook knew he was fucked but now for a completely different reason.