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Captain America And The Winter Soldier Still Together Despite Everything

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Baseball   |   METS 3, DODGERS 7

Mets Look to Captain America as They Cope With Loss

By HANNAH GRANT   Oct. 22, 2017


LOS ANGELES — Although he preferred the anonymity and seclusion of the top deck at Dodger Stadium, Captain Steve Rogers made an exception for tonight's elimination game.

"I made a deal with Bucky," Rogers said. "If the series reached six, we would sit behind home plate. It's a very important game."

And if the series went to seven?

"We would've sat behind home plate again," Rogers said, laughing. "I hate it. That goes without saying. I don't like broadcasters calling our every move when there's an exciting matchup on the field. But Buck's been real understanding. It was high time I paid him back."

Rogers sounded wistful while talking to curious reporters, a lightness not often associated with Captain America. He gained notoriety four years ago after pledging allegiance to the New York Mets.

"I rediscovered baseball at Citi Field. It felt like a betrayal when I learned what happened," Rogers said. "I grew up listening to games on the radio. When times were good, my ma and I joined Bucky's family at Ebbets Field. This is the next best thing."

The Mets went 10-25 to open the season as injuries mounted and sidelined much of its celebrated pitching staff. After Ace Noah Syndergaard and Jacob deGrom returned, the Mets finished the season 90-72, robbing the Colorado Rockies of the second Wild Card spot.

"The Mets played hard this season. They should be proud of what they accomplished," Rogers said before parting ways. "There's always next year."