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Choromatsu's clues

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He began to pant as his body kept thrusting and sucking, sucking and thrusting. Like a dancing caterpillar. Disgusting sweat draped his body that kept clinging to that silly crying warm that was Choromatsu, wrist tied, glassy eyes, ruined flash under his fingertips. The epitome of his desires displayed before him.
Osomatsu has always been a simple creature. Prouder and more egoistical than the six of them. He was left off of this awful part of his character because of the leading sense that made him a 'big brother'.

And Choromatsu knew it.
And how stupid had he been thinking that that big brother of his wouldn't dare to challenge morals in order to get what he wanted.
Now, while his mind was dizzy, his throat dry after crying and whimpering and begging so much, his bones and hips sore, his wrists numb and his fucked asshole burning, he knew: extremely stupid.

But that was his fault wasn't it? Leading his big brother to think of him as a beta half their life so to slip away from his fate.
The fate of an omega soulmated by the universe to his fucking alpha twin.
And as the knot swollen inside, and the biting mark was bitten onto his flesh between his neck and right shoulder, has his tears mixed with the blood flowing from the mark he could fell the tying of their life , their genes already so alike, now completely bounded. What an awful taboo they committed.
Choromatsu had knew since the first time he saw his name tattooed on his big brother's arm that this would have ended badly.

Osomatsu finally stopped licking his wound, more instinctual act that apologetic, to lace once again to one of his nipples like the last fucking forty minutes of nipples tasting hadn't been enough. But Choro too was too far gone to retaliate. His omega nature relishing in the afterglow of the best orgasm of his life while the sweet cum that had showered away his virginity made home in his womb to abide to nature.
That will make a new beautiful Matsuo that was for sure.

Osomatsu chuckled while motherly pheromones where giving off from his mate, knowing exactly what Choro had been thinking and regretting none of it.
It'll be so hard. After the haze of his induced heat left Choro, then he will have to face the consequences.
Negotiate his forgiveness.
From the not really consensual bonding to the pregnancy. But till then, he still got a few round to make, a rut to satisfy and a mate, a brother, an omega to love.

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Feeling bad first thing in the morning was not something he was unused of. Being a fake beta brought a heavy tool on your body after all. Especially if you have to hide it constantly from your own family, less your understanding mother and little little brother who discovered you just when you presented.
Bless Todomatsu for being such a good little brother. Yes, still a fucking black mailer little shit but it could have been worse.
Osomatsu could have caught you.
And that reminds you of your strange painful situation.

The first time you woke up you were so out of it you thought you were in hell. Everything was hot and hitching your skin but it all lasted less than a minute since you were dead tired.

The second time it lasted more. Enough to feel the soreness. You almost fear you had a heat remembering the hellish hotness from before. But you discard that thought faster than ever since you're Choromatsu. The most organised of the six. The one who knows and his prepared for anything anytime, so to say...

The third time you woke up is the last. The lazyness as left you. As well as that blessed ignorance.
You are totally sure you were right that first time. You are in hell. But hell as frozen.

You're actually in your room. Only is not. Is different. The atmosphere is strange. Strained. Strangely cool. And the scent in the air is yours. Not Only yours. Whit something more. Protective. Addicted. Safe. Possessive. The scent of an alpha.
Your alpha.
And then you panic.
Because you know.
The sigle fouton you all use when someone is sick you're in smells of him too. Is so mixed with yourself you barely reacted. Your instincts are overjoyed. Your omega satisfied and glorious.
You want to cry.
Because you know.
Its bad. So bad.
Its osomatsu.
You had the chance. Only one time, so many years ago to smell what Osomatsu's alpha tasted like. When he presented that very first time and you knew you were fucked. But then he started on suppressant, like you did. Like everyone did...
Slowly you're able to feel your legs again, and you regret it. A lot. You sure you're killing him first thing once you're up. Yet you're crying. Over the rage, over the finality. You're crying.
You lie there for what feels like hours. Alone. And listen.
There are voices under you. They know.
With inhuman will you get up a d reach a folded dressing gown, you wear it and go to the bathroom. You meet no one and know is intended.
There you look at the damage. Is ugly. A puzzle is what your skin looks. Your torso is pink blue and yellow and your nipples are swollen. Tooth's signs are there and there. That guy is a fucking cannibal. You swear even your dick's wears some of those.
The bath is frustrating. You can't really move. It was your first time thank you very much! Every omega is expected to be assisted in these aftercare-rituals by is lovely alpha. Not alone, like that coward left you. And those kiss marks all overt your tights don't really help.
You miss him. Says a voice in your head. You want him here. Doing his job. And you cry. Because it's true and you're miserable since it's true. You thought he would at least cared after doing such a thing to you. But he's not. He left. He's probably at pachinko right now. And you know you should hate him. And you're trying. You used seventeen years of your life trying to learn how to.

Bathed and done, literally. You can at least laugh that you're a virgin no more... Until you see it. Reflected in your mirror, the scar in plain sight.
The fucker had to bond you to him. The humiliation is harsh. He bonded you and he's not here for you.
You crash.
Your whine is so high people rush up the stairs and you're encircled by a tight embrace. Not his. Still.
Someone is crooning to you and you cry harder. While your hips, your back, your breast, hurts more now awoken by your sobs in their soreness. Ichimatsu is doing is best. Completely out of character of him. You know. You must appreciate this more but can not right now. Todomatsu is covering you with new sheets. You're hugged like a baby bear from each side and it's finally enough. You're calming down. Your rationality is coming back and your body is going down. You feel being put into bed.Into your six place's futon. Your omegas brothers are lying with you. Murmuring soft lies. And commanding to sleep. And you do just that. You sleep.

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Osomatsu woke up at the sound of his stomach grumbling. Hungry. Well that was natural. 5 days of sex would do that. He had after all only spent energy to procure his mate's food, didn't really think to eat for himself. Couldn't. The guilt was to great. Choro needs where all he could think about. It was a strange mood to be put in. At least to oso. After all he was an overbearing selfish alpha. He didn't really fit the role of the caring one. Not like karamatsu would... if only he wasn't a dumbass. But he did his best. Refusing to eat to be sure his heat-drugged omega could and did. His omega had been so pliant during those times. When they where blessed in the afterglow and free to cuddle to their hearts content. Oso would miss those. The cuddles. He knew Choro was too of a shy virgin ( even after all they did) to let himself go to more embarrassingly cuddling session. And for sure his chances were really thin after their not really programmed coupling.

Scenting the air told him the heat was over. Now choro wold be likely sleeping for another day or two. And was his job to protect his rest, their nest, and be sure to pamper the beauty once he woke up, irritated, pained, and probably extremely angry at him. Nonetheless he'll take care of him. And find a way to earn his trust all over again. Not as a brother. He knew words wouldn't be through at all. Not this time. Never this time.
Sighing (his muscle's legs were a little strained ) he left the room after scenting Choromatsu and their sheet with calm inducing pheromones and left the room. The house was unusually quiet. The family must have left during their time together to give their mating some privacy. He thought to thanks all of them for that. His parents had been luckly the least troubled since they where out on a trip. But his siblings...

They knew about him bearing Choromatsu's mark. They all knew. Even Choro. Even when he thought he hid it well enough. He tried to stifle his rage at that thought but then Choro had been the one to lie about his being an omega.
Because fact was Osomatsu could accept a platonic mark with a beta. Being side by side bounded by friendship and brotherhoods, but then their dynamics told him they Can be together! And so why not? Why denying him such a thing? Why deny his alpha ? His desires? They'll have a long talk about that matter. That was a sure thing.
Reaching the fridge he started sorting out foods and water until harsh pain knocked him in the face. He fell backwards and brute force collected him from the ground by the neck. He snarled. Ready to react. Ready to kill. His mate just upstair and vulnerable while danger was facing him. His instinct kicked in and Karamatsu took the punch straight in the face. But the alpha was more fresher, less weaker than the older who wore the tiredness of a spent rut. He found himself pinned and kicked then words were yelled at him but he couldn't really make them out. Someone else yelled too. He recognized Ichimatsu's low rumbling and..crooning? Whatever, karamatsu's retracted and left him laying on his side, fully aware of his humiliated alpha's state. The one Of whose failed his dear omega... But Oso knew better. At least so he hoped. The danger wasn't really fatal. And Choro was safe. His brothers wouldn't think of interfering. Maybe Karamatsu had just lost it? Envious of him. Yes that would be rational. After all Karamatsu was all so much more selfless and noble to fight against those primitive instinct that always told him to bugger his little stupid neko fated omega. Tsk.

Someone got him up. A calming scent but kind of frightened reached him. A beta's. Juyichimatsu. They where all here. So much to leave them privacy. Did Todomatsu's want to enjoy the party too? Where was he? Then he clicked. Choromatsu! He snapped. Scaring the beta out of his way he tried to outrun Karamatsu to the stairs, but the latter was faster. He trapped him to the wall punching him in the meantime. His face would be a fucked puzzle tomorrow. He spit a little blood and tried to steady his fast breathing. 'Leave my mate alone! Tell Todo to get down here! NOW!' That earned him another punch 'you don't fucking tell me what to do! Rapist!'
The word stung. But Osomatsu kept his glaring high. Karamatsu was basically stronger than him and Juyichimatsu behind him, even as a beta's was the athletic type. He wouldn't be able to force his way to Choro. Not in one piece. He was going to risk it.
'Choro is OK.. Kind of... He's sleeping now but he's not hurt... Just tired.' Todomatsu's blushing face told them pecking in the kitchenette near Ichimatsu who was now relaxing gradually. His alpha was in shock. They were worried. Worried he had hurt Choromatsu. His mate. His soulmate! They were ridiculous.

Karamatsu was now, after nodding at Todo's reports ,who had the galls to get near his mate, inside his nest! The bastard! He would remember this, even if he was an omega, even if he was his little brother. Karamtsu must have noticed his way of thinking since he took him by the arms and starts forcing him out the house. His instinct where too raw to understand so Osomatsu reacted badly. He struggled, being manhandled right now was not on his list but he couldn't Really hurt them. They were still family. And worried over Choromatsu. Some lucidity left of his being tried to cooperate but his alpha was having none of that. Karamatsu must have noticed too.

'Listen you little prick' his tone was low and menacing , probably in full alpha mode. The one you get when one of your pack's omega needs vegance. The mode Osomatsu 's too would've been caught if Karamatsu had tried anything on Ichimatsu ... Fated or not you don't ever mate an omega without his alphas pack's components consent. At least that was the norm. But they were twins. What norms did they have? The universe had shitted their morality the day their marking showed. Sparing only Todo and Juyichimatsu. Daring them to live their life shamelessly behind closed door. Scared of what people would think. Of their disgust...
'I'm going to take you away. And you're coming along. You're leaving choro inIichi and Todo's care but you're leaving. With. Me. Are we clear? '
...and that clearly scared Karamtsu.

'You shithead! If you think I will leave my mate...!'

'He is not! He's not your mate! You're not worth him! He's your brother and you hurt him taking advantage of his dynamic! Of his heat! You fucking rapist ! You didn't wait for consent! you could've at least courted him! For how sick our situation is we're still humans!'

He was breathing hard and spitting at me while yelling things I already knew and debated about. He was right. Yet he couldn't know my pain. My hurt when I discovered Choro's true dynamic and his betrayal, the rejection he didn't had the gall to give me ! What could a coward know? Someone who didn't even tell anyone the name he showed! Their characters were too different. He was greedy and egoist. Karamatsu the opposite ... And right now he was right. And disgustingly full of rights, he could only nod and follow him and juychimatsu
' take care of him' he told his omegas brother. Ichimatsu just tsked at me but Todo was more understanding. Things like -tell him I love him - wanted to get out of my mouth but I kept it shut. I would be the first to tell him those words.
Like a criminal (what I probably was ) a I was escorted out the house. Bloody and still sticky of sex they took me to Juiychimatsu's new house. His cute wife's out, knowing the situation. I was closed inside the guest's room to cool down.
Karamatsu's mutterig curse all the way there had let me think: I would have to work a lot to earn back my right place. Besides Choromatsu and between the six. A lot more than what I though I would have to. And I was nothing to start with. I was a loser. Not worths of Choromatsu. A disgusting alpha who didn't even court his destined one. The one he should have treasured more than anyone.
That night I really hated myself and I swore it would be the last time.

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Funny how things can change in a blink of an eye. Here I am, previously uncaring and free. Now aggravated by this bunch if idiots who wear the same face as me, and from whom seems I can't leave alone no matter what. Because simply they do. They matter.
Choro wears is gloomy face while drinking green tea and that's it. We're waiting for something. Anything literally.
Because it's still to early to say things as: what will you do? What will we do? What now?
It's no wonder everyone is on edge. Karamatsu hasn't said anything. He tried to scent Choro to sate his protectiveness but he refused, saying he didn't feel like touching so he just scented Ichimatsu's cat because he wouldn't dare get near Ichimatsu.

I'm in the middle of the silent quiet before a storm right now. A scary, powerful storm. I'm gonna drown.
Choro's distress is clear in the wave of scent that reach me so I approach him and he basks into my arms. I'm happy. My older brother is relying on me.

'Is he asleep?' Asks Kara.
'I think'
He sighs. 'Maybe I should take him to bed...'
'Don't. He doesn't want to be touched' says Ichi.
'But he's touching Totty'

Ichi's eyes narrow 'he's an omega, alpha'

Here. Thought Totty. Here it starts the storm.

'I'm his alpha Brother' tries to explain... 'Yeah. As well as Osomatsu. And look what we have '
A low growl sounds from kara. 'I'm different. I could never...'
'We didn't think he could too. but he kept things bottled up for so long he couldn't help it in the end. What makes you different, brother?'

O fuck it Ichi. You're scary.

The air permeated with calming pheromones ' you don't need to fear me.'
Todo watched how ichimatsu's checks got rosy from that. And I tightened my hold onto sleeping Choro.
'Obviously' muttered the omega. 'Your just here, sparkling and perfect and utterly useless while Osomatsu with all his flaws in the and is the leader and now a committed one..'
'What are you trying to say? That what big brother Osomatsu did is a good thing?' One of those handsome eyebrows arched theatrically.
'Of course Not!'
Tension. Tension. I can feel the tension. God why are my brothers so stupid?

' but now is gonna go forward, right? Trying to be cool like always. Because is not a coward. Not really. He didn't know!'
'Ichimatsu!' I reprimanded when he raised his voice. I didn't want Choro to get startled by their oh, so not "official" fight.
' but if he did... ' Ichi continued, looking away from us 'wouldn't he have reacted differently? Look as cool as he is, he would have courted him like he would a princess'
I sighed. 'Yet we all avoided the elephant in the room' I murmured. It was true. They all suspected. While I knew. And I just felt more responsible for that. I kissed Choro's temple in some sort of motherly way.

'The way you say it. You would have wanted such a thing.'
'Its the universe's choice, idiot. You don't question it. You just enjoy the show' oh wow Ichimatsu that's so straightforward coming from you. I'm proud.
'is a relationship between brothers '
'its fate'
'Its sick'
Ichimatsu scowled 'now your just being silly.'
' how come?'
'There's worsts'
'oh, so mature of you Ichimatsu'
'you don't mean that, you're just angry because this happened, because your little world crumpled, because you feel like with Osomatsu's mistake now your good intentions got defeted. Because since big-bro did it first now ther's no use to your self control!'
Karamatsu was shocked. It couldn't be that what Ichimatsu tried to say had that meaning.
' and now that the thing happened you're at a loss. Unable to make your own decision, you're useless. Stupid, with your stupid sunglasses trying to pick up fucking karamatsu's girls. It's already disgusting seeing you parade in that queer disguise for those bitches, but now you got the guts to say what's happening to Choro and Oso is sick. That if in the end they get happy and toghether it wouldn't be g-good enough' Ichimatsu's voice was stuttering, his eyes glossy and his stare thrown at the wall.

'You really think what you say? ' Karamatsu stands. His body heavy. His actions slow.
' what if it had happened differently. All lovey dovey from the start. '
'Weren't they?'
'That's not how I mean'
' I would have ignored them like I ignore bright people and happy crowds'
'So..' Now Karamatsu was strangely near to Ichi. When had that happened ? And Ichi had his back pressed to the wall.
'..if that had happened to you... You would have ignored me ? Thinking me disgusting? Hating me?'
'Are you asking me now?'
'Ichimatsu.' Karamatsu's tone was deadley serious.
Wait what's happening ? I saw Karamatsu take Ichimatsu's hand in his without being kicked to death, an the latter flushed. Blushed!
'Will you let me court ya my brothaar 'he sayd with that creepy accent of his, and he kissed his hand. He. kissed. his. hand!
'Disgusting idiot!'.
Yes! that's right Ichimatsu!
'You better give it your all'
Wait. What?
I'm lost.
'They are fated' said a whispers from below me. I stared with wide eyes.
My brothers looked booked in their little world, even after Ichimatsu had slapped Karamatsu away from him, and trotted out his corner.
Choro was smiling.
Oh, well...
'fuck my life' I guess.

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Many thinks life is easy. Birth to death its only a matter of will.
If you want to do well you do. If you don't give a fuck about it you survive or die. There are those who are helped and those who become trash.
Since I'm stinking like shit and shit I'd bet my philosophy I got the wrong route.
I'm osomatsu. I'm meant to be great!
Luckily I got home (my brother's) before I could smell myself more and swallow in self pity more than necessary. Good start of a first day of work. Good end.

The afternoon was quiet and boring. TV and media were stupid and worthless. Not even his maidchan and divachan could help his depressive state. It had been a week. A week of waiting of healing. A week of crying. Todomatsu and Ichimatsu had lost their powers. They're always around but the hugs,the scruffs, the cuddles now went uneffective. Now his omega felt like a used shell. Clearly rejected after the first try. There were no guarantee that he would survive such a thing. His bond mark was now a scar vivid and as big a reminder and choro was just waiting the moment it would start to hitch. To tell him Osomatsu was cutting the binding. That he was finally bored of keeping his stupid little brother on edge and so on. A week had went so like that, between a nightmare and and a panic attack. A fit of rage and a paralyzing numbness. Now Choro was lulled in and out of sleep as a comatose old man would. And that was already bad enough. But rather peaceful than previous states. Ichimatsu was in charge that afternoon. Him and todo had kept turn to veil over him as if he was a danger, for himself? For osomatsu? This wasn't really clear. No one had dared propose the topic yet. It was like the red big brother had become a taboo. Now 5 twins were careful and longed the past.

Obviously the reached quiet had to be broken awfully when Todomatsu burst in the little playroom with red cheeks and a panting breath " O...Oso-Osomatsu! Niichan! He...he... It's Apocalypse-time! He's been employed! He's working! We're dying! Probably the end of what we know is here!"
Dramatic silence.
Something was wrong here :" sorry, what?"
"I swear I saw big brother tending the Jushimatsu's company construction with fucking huge older alpha men ! Working!"

"Jushimatsu's COMPANY?"
"Constructions? He'll kill himself!"

Both brothers turned to Choromatsu " I mean, not that he doesn't deserve it ...right!"

Karamatsu broke into the room as well scaring the poor omegas with his hilarious fit " what have you done to my brother? Is this an omega thing? Is this contagious? Does sex brainwashes that much??"


The time has come osomatsu matsuo. I straighten my jacket , take the flowers and presents and look the ensemble over to the mirror to get it to perfection. Perfection. Because choro is a fucking perfectionist and usually he would love to see osomatsu take such care of any little detail. Maybe if the circumstances had been different he would have really appreciated him for it. Maybe even praise him... But since he was going to prostrate on his knees to ask forgiveness he doubted he would give a double damn about it. But not to say, trying could still help.

With a brave face he approached Matsuo's doom ( so happy his parents weren't actually home, I mean, think of all the actual drama if they were there. Matsuo's mom would have killed him ) and right like on cue with sunglasses so black they were probably made on dirty plastic, karamatsu made his way to stop him. The two alpha hadn't seen each other since the day Oso had been thrown out. And little had him trying to contact the little brother. News about Choromatsu status had been passed between Todomatsu to Jushimatsu to him, so...
Osomatsu sighed. Eloquent as ever, how can this idiot be actually an alpha?
"So, who are you oh working man, and what did you do to my brother? "
Shit. Osomatsu knew this moment would come. Shame took him. The betrayal of all of his principles shared between the new outfit and the gifts in his hands. The nEET style he missed so much, shattered in order to conquer his omega.
"Ugh..." Was all he could muster.
"I think Choro will like your trying" chuckled the alpha.
"After killing you"
"Well dude. Thank you. At least I'm trying"
"Don't be such a sweetass, asshole. I'm gonna do things with much more style than yours. "
You mean...? Really? This development was unexpected. "How could Ichi fall so low?" A growl made him gulp. He wasn't here to challenge noone he remembered. He couldn't take the risk. " at least now we'll have to know where your mark actually is?" The embarassment distracted the alpha enough and Oso made another step toward the house. "I'm going to end up in my knees"
"I would walk in in them if I was you"
"And I'm gonna hurt a lot after"
"might I help with that"
"But I am gonna win this."
"You must."
After the strange exchange Osomatsu left just after "we're not talking about this to anyone"
" Too bad. It's recorded in my heart brotherzz" with a wink.

Being in the wrong sucked. Choromatsu's name was displayed in the open in order to protect himself from any vengeance.
He had been kneeling and showing his mark for half an hour now. When he had entered the playroom Choro was actually startled in seeing him, and Ichimatsu had shushed him nothings in order to keep him calm but then Choro had given him his back and ignored him.
Now he was kind of sweating the stress and frustration off. His omega was there. In the same room as him. So near and oh so far away and fuck it it hurt, acting like he didn't actually exist. He wanted so much to growl and claim his attention. To run gentle hands over that body he craved like air. To scent him and smell the residual of their mating obviously still there within the scar of their bonding. To lick that same spot and shiver at the sensation it would cause. He blinked is eyes hard enough to hurt. Now it wasn't the moment to fantasize about his mate. The situation was critical. He was in the middle of a ritual, a godforsaken ritual he hoped would give him a chance of forgiveness. In the mindset of their ancestor alphas who won other territories over war had to also conquer their omegas. More times than not forcefully. It was more of an animal act but anyone know how those alphas had then redeem themselves with much care. It was what Oso was trying out now. Choro was a nerd over little details. Surely he had noticed by now what Osomatsu's intentions were. And was being a diva about it, too. But who could blame him ?

"What time is it? "
"Its been going on for two hours now" whispered back Todomatsu. " it could take days."
"Oh I hope so." Said Karamatsu with a grin. Oso frowned. Weren't they in good terms now? Shouldn't he cheer for him? Like, alphas solidarity? Uh. Whatever.

It was after another three hours that Oso finally picked something. It was faint and he almost didn't hear it. "I'm hungry" had said Choro. I'm hungry. It sounded like bells from heaven. His chance.
Swiftly he put a box of sweets and goods in front of him and uncovered it. The fragrance invaded the room like Osomatsu's wish of progress. It was damn daring and he knew it. But his knees were actually bruising and he was kind of desperate.
"For me?" Asked Choro without really looking at him.
"Everything" he said. And his alpha swelled with proudness at the act. He showed - kind of- how he could get everything for his omega. How he was willing. Baby steps chanted Oso in his head. Can't be that easy. He probably won't even eat them -!
The thought hadn't even finished itself that the box was smashed onto his face. Sweet and candies adorned his still lightly bruised face ( thanks again Karamatsu) and scented him of chocolate and vanilla. Well duh. It could have been worse. He could have brought him some sushi or hamburgers.
"I'm not really fond of sweets right now" pouted the omega. "What do you feel fond then ? "
"Right now some ramen from Chibita would be good, but before you came back I could have changed my mind"
"Is that a challenge?" He was smirking now.
"No. I'm never challenging you ever again. You don't fare well with losing. "
Osomatsu almost swallowed his tongue. What a pun.

Choromatsu was going to kill him. With his scariest weapon: bitching.
And this time he would not be able to feign hearing it.
"I love you" he said instead.
Yes, go with a surprise attack. This would be destabilize him and gave you the time to came up with a strategy.
" then way you did that?"
Fuck it. He's using logic! This is cheating. There must be rules there saying something about how much of a victim was osomatsu and how wrong was bullying him.
"Because I love you to much?"
"Are you asking me?"
" I am not?"
"Osoma -" "I AM SORRY!! " he yelled. Yes. So smooth. Oh so smooth brain, I'm going to praise you so much when I'm buried deep underground.
"I am sorry so much I .." "SHUT UP. "
"shut. up. " he breathed.
"You realize, I don't actually give a damn of how sorry you can be."
He nodded even thought it wasn't a question but Choromatsu still take it for that.
"Well ..." He started turning around but Osomatsu was faster and started crooning and chanting startling the poor omega and submitting him to his attention. He then started the Words. Those that he had ready since the first time the name had showed onto his skin and had then concealed in his heart the day Choro announced being a beta, and then repeated a hundred times more the night he had held him and scruffed him into oblivion and then sleep. He was so glad to finally can chant them aloud. The words also known as vows, alphas usually should offer their intended during courting. The theme of a promising future. The devotion of a leveled pair. He was finally able to vomit them all out at Choromatsu's feet. Still and shocked, and maybe clearly impressed , other than speechless. And that was an achievement, talking about Choromatsu...
The chant was long and complex. Long at least 30 minutes. It was like everyone had kept their breath. The vows were actually a very intimate thing and alphas DID NOT performed them in public. But this was again his family. Their family. And what he vowed now was meant as a reminder for his brothers as well.
The instant he stopped was like the tension had left the room. Todomatsu looked actually some kind of blue after keeping his breath so much. Karamatsu was definitely blue. While ichimatsu's cheeks were pink. How cute.
But was Choromatsu's expression what was drawing all of him. So beautiful. You would say that a twin loving his brother face would be only a trash narcissist. But when you learn that you are what you are because of who you are and not the face you wear, and you give all that identity shit some serious thoughts, you can See : Choromatsu' s beauty. His eyes were wide and amazed. A little glassy but in a good way and his nose and ears pink, his lips glossy with a little pout that wrote his expression in a ' I'm so impressed while I should be so angry but yet I can't be, and this is making me more angry but I still want to bask in the feeling of what you just did before making a marmalade out of you, shit'. True bliss.
That would have been one of the most treasured moment of his life if only the kick right after hadn't been hard enough to give him momentary memory loss.
It was hard and cold at the same time as hot and sweet since the two mates hadn't been so close since their mating. Shut your thoughts brain! Getting a boner right now is the Last thing you have to let happen. That was while Choromatsu kept hitting him. With all his forces. It hurt a little. But less than usual. And that worried Osomatsu a little. Is he going light because he doesn't want to hurt me? Impossible. Is it the bond? Probably. He just hoped Choromatsu wasn't actually that weak. Guilt and shame hit him at the thought, and anew 'how could I?' Was killing his mind.
Choromatsu must have noticed his change of demeanour. He hadn't tried to protect himself. And that was a given. But he noticed the few tears dropping out of those closed eyes while he was kicking him relentlessly in the stomach. He stopped trying to figure out the alpha and when he looked at him he finally sobbed " god. How sorry I am. Please just keep hitting me. " and then more tears flew out and the show became kind if pathetic. While Choro was lost, their brothers just kept watching. With pity, waiting and hoping all the same for the better outcome.
"I'm not forgiving you" he said. With a high pitched voice that startled osomatsu more that that kick to his croatch still pained.
" but... I really do want... To eat that ramen. Maybe..."
Choromatsu nodded. Sitting beside him " should I bring some to you, then? "
Choromatsu nodded again.
He didn't promise to eat it. Or to don't bitch about it. Or to not throw it to his face still piping hot and all when he had it. But still he had asked Osomatsu to bring it to him. To buy it for him. If you asks for accomplishments in baby steps, after such a big grade A fucked up situation like that, Choromatsu had actually made a giant step to start with.
Smiling he stood up. Vigorous like after a win to pachinko.
No, better.
And run out, after looking eyes with Choromatsu and seeing a blink of serenity and acceptance in those big and round lovely eyes. He raced. Eager to bring back the food and claim another step further. No matter how hard it'll be. How much it'll hurt. He was on for the long run now.


The room was awfully quiet after all that semicahos. Todo and Ichi were now occupied with their new favourite hobby known as 'spoil-usually-proud-and-irritable-ex-faked-beta-brother' and karamatsu somehow enjoying the view. Weirdo. When a yellow rush came jumping from the door " I'm here! I came! I'm late damn! I'm late! How is it? Is he dead? Where's the corpse? Damn I brought my camera but I was held back! Redo it redo it! I wanna see it too! Hey how do you spell five-tuples? Is that what we are now? Hey ! Come on! Give me some clue! " and that was the end of a long week and the start of a long life.

Chapter Text

He gripped his anchor tightly trying to find a way out this crisis. The subject of those misteryus emotions that had always tormented him was looking his way with way to much smugness and security.
Their eyebrows perfectly put in that "I know you're feeling feeling, let them out. I'll catch you" and a certain "please I've got faith you won't kill me" either written along those lines.
His best friend mewed, encouraging within his arms ,he petted him on the head not ready to face what was right in front of him, greedily expecting for whatever the outcome of it will be.
Someone on his far right cried aloud "for fucks sake! Just go out with him!"
An increased hatred toward the wrong sibling started to grow in Ichimatsu who regretted ever being gentle towards his fellow omega brother while his alpha beamed at him from the threshold... Sweating too. "Don't you wanna see the world with me ? Brothaaar? " 
"call me that again and I'm back to sleep" ,Karamatsu visibly paled and added subsequently "it's just a date..." 
Then lowering his stare " court you properly."
That. M.
He felt heat rising over his checks and his best friend writhing out his embrace.
Abandoning him.
That traitor.
Having no more means to protect his standing figure Ichimatsu deflated.
Insecurities and anxiety making his way and letting him feel little and pathetic in front of that overgrown sack of poorly managed skill and potential.
A strong scent drafted front his nostrils bringing much needed love and care, a feel of belonging and bemused liking, kind and uncaring also.
Ichi pouted. "You're trying to bribe me with your smelly alpha drug... Thats so low I guess I get to give you a hard time..." He said and got to retrieve his face mask and belongings. 
The entry hall stilled while the older brother pronounced breached by three outraged gasps as Karamatsu said "never as hard as I hope regrettably "

A little while later…
“so, exactly, what is this? “
“ a DATE!”
Ichimatsu's eyebrow raised.
" so you say... You're strutting around like a pervert! I'm NOT some karamtsu's girl!" Cried the poor omega almost stomping his foot down but keeping face, feigning his usual emo brooding self. 
They had been around all day, picking an ice cream that didn't get eaten, finding his right place into Katamatsu's face... The older boy had tried to grab his hand at that time. Sending him into a confusional state where he reacted as any cat would have. Then they had tried to walk around park but then some giggling girls catched their attention. Ichimatsu should not have been scared of competition. He wouldn't lose is 'fated mate' his 'brother' to them, for crying out loud. But then there were some alluring omegas among them, showing off long legs and delicious neck while he was wearing his usual boring attire, appearing like a homeless fuck. The girls never tried anything with his alpha, and never he had been more grateful to that idiot taste on fashion. But he knew. If along the way anyone would ever discover Karamatsu's gentleness, his inner fairness... patient and generous self. They would steal him. Without a doubt, since he was also quite handsome, and clean... His clothes always scented so so good, damn it... 
Because of these bimbos he was left standing alone while Karamatsu turned to him with a glistening crêpe in hand, offering it to him, but also someone else scent (the cashier , later he descovered) around, he all but growled and hissed scaring the girls, some granny and a dog. 
The dog was at fault.
He growled at him sensing his feline vibe, while Karamtsu picked up the granny who shooed him away. Then the dog barked rising that proctetive alpha shit in Karamatsu who put himself between their staring contest.

The dog eyed the crêpe.

Karamatsu wanted to protect the crêpe.

Stupid crêpe.

Ichimatsu didn't even want a crêpe.

The big round bite hole in Karamatsu's jacket was showed around as a fake prize since the dog got the crêpe but at least Ichimatsu still got a boyfriend and Karamatsu got attention from those around them.
"Ichimatsu " said Kara looking serious removing his stupid sun glasses "we're going to ride swans"
What ? No! Was what Ichimatsu wanted to answer , instead he turned around and tried to flee.

He found himself on board one of those stupid things anyway, hissing lowly. The water was scary near and so were those tasty fat fish swimming under them provoking him into a chase: stupid cat feelings... Meanwhile Karamatsu was all focused in tuning his guitar. The waves took them around still in range of other paired couples. Their smooching and gasps were heard from there. Ichimatsu kind of envied them. They were happily exchanging body fluids without the blood related stigma. Ichimatsu hadn't even succedeed to hold hands with his alpha, not without bolting up and almost killing him. If Karamatsu wasn't a fucking M then he was a fucking priest, since no alpha could have ever proved himself strong enough to resist of such a way of his omega's inviting them. He had tried to charm him with any means. Even if those ended up with his alpha beated up, due to his fast flustering.
Bad enough had been that time he tried using his pheromones, inducing Choromatsu into an almost heat. Suppressant were great and all, but with them in the way no one could learn how to control his own pheromones. Osomatsu at least gained an hand job out of that...

Yet Karamatsu never tried to initiate anything strictly physical between them...
The plastic swan rocked slightly bringing his attention from the fish to his macho loser. What a joy.
Karamatsu tried his most charming grin playing some nice notes. What was clearly a lullaby played out marryng the wave's sounds. Bringing pace. Glittered pace. The sun reflected those damn glittered pants showing his ray into a nice atmosphere, Ichimatsu was almost touched.
And to touch Karamatsu too he wanted.
Reaching for him. Unbalancing the fucking bird. It was fast. A shock, a silent cry, and his brother was sinking.
His only memento... His guitar.
I will remember you... That's what you get to for choosing those damn sappy things!
Karamatsu emerged. 
That's it. Thought the little brother. This is the moment he will leave me, to court some stupid Karamatsu's girl and leave the sin that I am alone.
He swallowed. 
"Now you're a real Karamatsu's boy... I'm so wet for you <3" 
Ichimatsu pedaled away.
"Ichimatsu? Ichimatsu!"


The date had been a huge mess till there. But now Ichimatsu awaited what his alpha would come up with next. He was fussing over a lot of dirty ideas since they had gone all the way to a hotel, of course it was in order to get Karamatsu dry... Yet the omega couldn't help yearning for what was about to come. I mean, at the end of a date (even if a huge disaster of one), after an almost full dinner (even if lost in the crisis Ichimatsu got when Karamatsu had tried to fed him)... Inside a room's hotel... Whit his fated mate...
Ichimatsu groaned as his pants felt suddenly tight and the smell of slick permeated the air. He heard the shower stop from the other room and he cringed embarrassed. It would suck to let Karamatsu see that kind of reaction over such superficial fantasies. As he opens the window his brother came out wearing only a towel, showing off broad shoulders typical of an alpha. He swallowed, keeping track with his eyes of those remaining droplets going down, down, down... TOO MUCH DOWN!
The chances provoked another gush of slick and he made eye contact with Karamatsu who was slightly flustered and overall embarrassed, also now holding firmly his towel with two hands.

"Uhm.. I, uuh, think its okay for you to take a bath.. If you want! Only if you want! Not because you need to! There's no need to"

"I got it" was what he meant to say. But actually bolted out the room in silence and closed the bathroom door behind him. Harshly. Ouch.
He smelt that, he thought, he smelt me, my... My arousal.. And he sent me over to take a bath. He didn't like it. He didn't like me. He's rethinking it, he doesn't want it. Alpha doesn't want me... Sinking to his knees he stared out to nothing without crying or sobbing, only feeling his own distress quell the soap flavor that Karamatsu was wearing. His alpha. His brother who was now entering the bathroom looking feral, while murmuring 'shits' under his breath.

"Shit. Shit. Shit. Ichimatsu. Ichimatsu, no. Ichimatsu please, please forgive me..." He pleaded, kneeling within his reach. He wasn't so far gone yet. He didn't need Karamatsu gentle caresses to feel reality yet again. To feel how much it hurt rejection. His brother was to the point of crooning him when he left a small whimper. Karamatsu was still asking forgiveness but for what? It was not like karamatsu had chose this. Had chose being tied to him by some far away fucker or who knows what kind of menace out there...
Yet Karamatsu was so kind, smiling encouragingly, taking him out to a date, paying his food again and again. But even kindness couldn't reach so far...

 Far enough to take what that lousy alpha was being served with!

 Who did he think he was ?
Feeling as if he could play whit his omega and desires and ...

"...and that's why I'm imploring you to forgive me Ichimatsu, since I brought you here, letting you misunderstand, because I would never do anything that could jeopardize our relationship even when I'd really like to, but it’s your call and I'm not interfering with it. "

Such a fucking stupid alpha that's what.

"Are you real right now?"


Ignoring the other shocked face he got up.

"what do you mean jeopardize  you selfish maggot. " planting his feet between his legs and trapping the towel with it to the floor “you think you're the only one working with a libido here? If you are impotent then don't leave me with expectations!" He yelled and reached the main room before being lifted by strong arms.

 "what are you saying Ichimatsu! I thought you were scared!"

"Scared , that's what you'll be after I beat you up shittymatsu! Let me go!"

He trashed and fought his grip weakly, more disappointed than more...

"I'm sorry"


"I'm sorry Ichimatsu. I won't let you go. I won't let you leave me. I can't let you. You got no idea of how much I can't."
Between these words Ichimatsu's world crumpled. His breath taken away and tears growing.
"Even when you'll really hate me. I'll keep you close. Even if you already hate me ..." Karamatsu's hands took hold of his hips "you're already mine." Said with finality, breathing the words in his hear, keeping him within the mattress. Ichimatsu chooses to not answer. To actually let it go (don't you dare sing here, you sinner)
Ichimatsu's clothes were peeled off him while he kept his words inside, resisting the urge to even cry out of happiness. All in order to not deter his mate into his new objective...
He fitted him all in one hand. Brushing easily with his fingers the head and base, strocking, caressing, modelling under his form.
Ichi didn't dare make a sound. Keeping them all inside, crying while trying, yet not daring. Karamatsu's eyes focused in what he was doing. The air was hot around them, charged with to many feelings, the mattress slightly creaking  under them, those hands inside his pants, who were soaking from his slick. And God, had he ever slicked so much in all is life?
Thinking that, apparead to be enough of a distraction for his alpha who abruptly grabbed his thighs, taking off even his boxes, he growled "eyes on me, omega".
Ichimatsu was done for.
Ichimatsu's virginity too.

Inside his head he knew, after all, this moment was one he was waiting all his life. Alpha finally trying to dominate him, touching him, craving for his touch in return and demanding it.

A jolt of pleasure made him moan finally. Betraying what had been his intent...Karamatsu looked pleased too, the damn bastard. He was still touching him, smearing his cum all over his shaft macking it gleam "cute" were the alphas whispered words. 

Ichimatsu had never once thought that provoking his older brother would turn into such a turn on. Now their daily life dynamic would have to change, because fuck if the repercussion of this night will become public.

Debating if he should try to react somehow or leave Karamatsu in care, he didn't notice the digits nearing his entrance, neither his soon-to-be mate sniffing said digits full of slick like drug. Yet he sure did notice when his alpha started mouthing his neck and then let the wandering hands finally resting on his buttchecks, gropping them harshly only to release them later then repeat. Ichimatsu's breathing was now left in little puffs of air while his butt was being kneaded and his dick forgotten. His limits were challenged yet he was a little scared of what was to come. Chest heaving with sweat and rough sheets rubbing  his nipples it was the most sexual experience he had ever lived and now he was ready to  trespass.
He turned slightly, trying to lock eyes with Karamatsu but was roughly put back in position. His hips now in the air, firm hands holding his ankles. A breeze and then humid sensation were the first clues after e completely lost his mind as Karamatsu eat him out. Drooling, dribbling. A soft tongue firstly licked along his butt crack then sucked his hole before breaching the ring of muscles. All in few minutes while Ichimatsu's gasped hard, forced to stay still, his body trembling and hips protesting, needing to move. The hot muscle was all around him inside. He could feel it hit the skin, sliding in every way. Conveying heat, burning.
His stomach was now flat with the mattress. His cum dirtied the sheets.

Karamatsu still back there. Doing his own business. Making his new mission drying him only with his mouth on his ass. He tried to move. To catch the alpha's attention but was shut with a bite.


There goes a long way before their next kiss.