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Be Careful of What You Wish For

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"Granger, I find you an annoying ulotrichous with kakorrhaphiophobia. You are less than any tittynope I have brushed away." Nicolae gave up trying to eat breakfast. He stood up and left the Great Hall. He didn't rush but just calmly walked away. Nicolae was burying his anger at Granger, Scarlet Weasley, Molly Weasley, and Dumbledore. Their plans were driving him crazy.

"Did you hear what he just called me?" Granger was angry and she couldn't believe she just be insulted.

"He called you a curl hair woman who is has a fear of failure. Where was he wrong?" Filius stared at Granger who was finally speechless. "Perhaps you should make sure you were insulted before acting on something. There are also these things called pocket dictionaries, I would recommend one if you aren't sure of words being used to describe you." Filius returned to his meal.

Severus wanted to laugh. Filius just insulted Granger and she was still stumped by Nicolae's description of her. "I must say he does have a great vocabulary. I haven't heard those words used in ages." Irma Pince didn't bother to look at Granger. "Granger, perhaps you shouldn't have attempted to separate Nicolae and Severus. They are getting bonded and I am sure they would have enjoyed having their meal together before the start of the day. However, these jentacular conversations are always bad for the stomach."

"Yes, they are." Minerva glared at Dumbledore and leaned closer to him. "You need to stop this before Granger gets herself killed. You know the laws regarding vampires and their mates being separated."

Pomona sent a piece of parchment down to Granger. "I spelled out the words for you, dear, to go and look up after breakfast. I am sure you didn't know how to spell them."

Severus realized the staff was sick of the games by Dumbledore and wanted Granger gone. He wasn't surprised given the stunts that Dumbledore had been playing. He got up. "I am going to join my mate for breakfast." Severus didn't give Dumbledore time to object before he left the Great Hall. Nicolae was waiting for him on the halfpace by the dungeons. They didn't speak until they were back in his quarters. "When do you have a class?"

"I don't. I am needed at the club. I have some business I need to take care of there before meeting with Fenrir. After that, I am heading to Gringotts. I want to make sure Dumbledore hasn't done anything stupid. I have been thinking about this marriage idea he has."

"You mean his strong desire to have me married to Granger?"

"Yes. I believe there is more to it than just getting them to marry us. Something that he wants. I need to figure out what it is." Nicolae looked at his mate. "Nothing is stopping our bonding."

"I am aware. You missed the staff defending you and they want Granger gone too." Severus provided the details of what happened after Nicolae left the Great Hall. "I also noticed the students are tired of her antics. They also didn't miss Scarlet Weasley."

Nicolae brow's furrowed for a second. "Perhaps it's time to have Dumbledore doubt them as well? She is in a nuthouse, Molly going to the papers seems to have stirred up a beehive of trouble for him. Perhaps we add more issues to it. I believe he is going to use a form of hypothecation to get a barrister for the nutcase since we know the Weasleys can not provide the funds."

Severus smiled. "He is counting on you locating Harry Potter and gaining access to those vaults so he would. He would feel he wasn't in danger of losing any funds and at the same time being able to help clear the Weasley name. He can't use Hogwarts' vaults but the Potter ones, he would drain dry."

"Do you need or want anything while I'm out? I should be back in time for the evening meal."

"No, I am going to bar Granger from my potion lab area as well as my quarters. I don't want her to get any ideas of showing up here and deciding I need her assistance. I only have three classes today and my office hours. I will work on getting the essays corrected before I start on any potions."

"You mean take a headache potion after reading them so you can relax and brew afterward." Nicolae smiled at his mate before claiming his lips. "Tonight just some us time." Severus let out a moan at the contact and the idea of just being themselves tonight. "I better go or I will take you with me."

Severus felt elation at the idea of going with his mate but knew Dumbledore would be capricious if Severus did so. "Go, I will see you tonight." Nicolae growled lowly. Severus leaned in closer and nuzzled into Nicolae's neck. Nicolae gave him another soulsearing kiss before guiding Severus to his favorite chair and departng.


Fenrir was waiting for Nicolae at the club. After greeting those present for the meeting, Nicolae got directly to business. "Club?"

"Profits are up by 2.5% and we have had a few Order and Death Eaters floating around at night but they seem to be treating the area as neutral ground for some reason." The floor manager, Wilton, put the ledgers on Nicolae's desk.

Fenrir grunted. "They each believe it's a vampire club and are hoping to recruit us for their side. Voldemort believes he has a better position but ordered the Death Eaters not to attack anyone."

"The Order members haven't come inside but we have been destroying the film in their cameras. They keep attempting to take pictures of anyone coming and going. It's been an interesting game since they can't see us doing it."

"Wil, arrange for Gringotts to come and upgrade the wards to protect our clients. I don't want any type of recording device permitted."

"They were here this morning. The bill is in the ledger."

"Excellent." Nicolae. "How are we are getting people into place?"

"We have at least two people in each department. There are five in the Auror Department. Kingsley Shacklebolt has already approached them to feel them out regarding joining the Order. Do you wish for them to join?"

Fenrir did a quick nod of agreement at his adopted son. "Yes, and anyone else they can. If they join the Order. Fenrir has some already willing to take the mark, so we have plenty of people in Voldemort's camp."

"Yes, Voldemort believes that since I am in an alliance with him that the vampires will be willing to join. He wanted to have me approach you regarding meeting him and officially forming an alliance."


"This was nudiustertian. He is going to send the request to Severus via Lucius to keep the old fart from wondering what is going on. He doesn't want to summon Severus given the attention that Dumbledore is giving the you and your mate."

"I swear my vocabulary has increased dramatically since I started here." Marcus pointed to a stack of letters. "On the top is the letter from Voldemort. He sent it here instead."

"He will send one to Severus too." Nicolae wondered how an alliance could be used against each of idiots who thought they were in charge. "Ideas on how to use this?"

Fenrir gave a feral smile. "I have one and I think you will love it."

"I have always loved your ideas. Let me just get one more detail done before we start plotting. Thomas, Michael, and Rachel are still employed at the nuthouse Scarlet Weasley is in?"

"Yes, and the people on the tribunal are all ours. Wendy arranged the paperwork when it was submitted." Topak, Fenrir's second, explained. "Most of the werewolves have gotten jobs now thanks to the employment records for the different business we were able to provide." Wendy was the clerk at the court house.

"Great, let's get more people into positions of power where we can change things as we need." Nicolae didn't mean those at the top of their fields. There were a ton of positions that enabled them to control things without their people being in the top of the field. "Now, dear father, what do you have in mind?"

"It's simple. We have a few samples of Dumbledore's handwriting. Forge the note, drop it in Diagon Alley, making sure that a certain reporter sees you doing so. We just add a few details to make him appear just as crazy as he is."

"Simple, easy to do. It would pass if we used our own language or I did it in parseltongue. I like it. Let's get it done."