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50 Shades of Allie Novak

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"Slow day eh, ladies?" I turn and see Franky, for the first time since her wedding, strolling into the shop. Her eyes still carrying so much joy in them, at marrying her love. I hear the ladies greet Franky before watching her walk over to my station.

"Hiya Red! Ready for me?", she innocently flirts but it drags my mind back to the first meeting, with her best mate, Allie. I hadn't heard that name or seen those intense eyes in a month, but it sends a shiver down my spine at the memory.

The way she looked at me, as if she were looking into me, it was all too intense a feeling in that moment, especially from someone I didn't even know.

"Of course Mrs. Doyle-Westfall", I say smiling and walking over to the sink as Franky follows, bellowing out a laugh.

"Still sounds so new and different!", she says taking a seat and leaning backwards, head over the sink. I place a towel over her front and turn the knobs to start the water, adjusting the temperature.

"How's that?" I ask, while running the water through her hair.

"Perfect", she confirms and I begin to let my mind wander as I washed Frankys hair.

I'm tempted to ask her about Allie, my interests renewed, but not knowing how to find the right words. I didn't know anything about the tall blonde, except she's Franky friend and a flirt just like her but there was something else lurking below the surface, and it peeked my curiousity. I close my eyes and forget my surroundings, I can still feel and see the intensity of her gaze on me as if she were still in the room, as if I were the only person in the room.

Harry has never looked at me like that, I dont think anyone ever has. In mere hours she managed to evoke some type of want from me, a feeling I've pushed deep inside of myself, never having felt it before. I get lost in memory, the feel of her soft hair and beautiful smile, that I let out an embarrassingly low moan in my throat.

I snap open my eyes and look down, my eyes meet Frankys who's wearing a full blown grin. I drop my hands from her hair and turn the water off. Franky sits up as I turn my back to her and grab another towel. I'm sure my face has a horrified look when I turn around because Franky rises and says in a cocky tone,

"Thinking about someone special, Red? I'm not complaining, it was good for me."

I blush beet red and toss the towel at her. She catches it mid air and we walk back to my station, where she takes in a seat in front of the mirror and continues to dry her hair. I grab my shears and comb when she is done and begin trimming her ends.

It's not long before conversation starts but the topic throws me for a loop.

"Allie, asked about you a couple days ago", she says nonchalantly. I look around before answering and see that the shop was indeed running slow today.

"Ladies, go home early, I'll close up. Frankys my last for the day anyway," I turn back to Franky after hearing a crowd of okays, and drop back into the conversation.

"She did? What about?", I ask, this being the perfect opportunity, to possibly, know more about her. I continue to trim her hair as if this topic was nothing but small talk but still showing interests in what Allie could've asked about me.

"She wants to know when she can come to you for a touch up. She's ok'd, that I can pass on her number to you if you want to confirm with her a good day." I nearly drop my shears to the floor when I hear that Allie wants to come back here for a cut. I'll once again, be under the intensity of those blue eyes and beautiful smile.

"Umm, yeah. Yeah, that works Franky. I'll text her, find out when's good for her and pencil her in", I choke out, absolutely nervous at the fact that I'm forced to make the first move on this. I shake my head, this is ridiculous, I'm just scheduling an appointment with a new, potential client. I push it to the back of my mind and quickly change topic for the remainder of the time.


"Ah Red, no one does it like you do", I mock bow at Frankys compliment on her hair.

We walk over to the register and she pays as well as stuffs a generous tip into my front pocket.

"Franky...", I warn and she quickly shuts me down.

"You know how it goes already, Red. I'm always a satisfied customer", she turns to leave but stops short before turning back around. She grabs one of the shops business cards off of the table and the pen I was holding, scribbling down numbers.

"I almost forgot. Here's Allies number", she places the pen down and leaves the card on the table before bolting out of the door, yelling a goodbye as she goes.

I stare at the card for a moment before grabbing it and stuffing it into my front pocket. I open my appointment book and see I have one availability this week, right before closing, I'm booked after that for days. I shut the book and instead focus on cleaning and closing up shop, my mind racing today, much like it did a month ago.


I open the front door to the house to find it empty.

"Harry? Debbie?" I call out while making my way to the kitchen. I turn the light on and place my bag on the table, when I spot a note on the edge. I lift it up and recognize the handwriting right away.

'Staying at Megans house for the weekend, mom. Love Debbie.'

I sigh out loud and wonder where Harry might be as well. I'll text him when I get out the shower, not desperate for his company anytime soon.

I shed my pants first when a card comes tumbling out of it. I pick it up and turn it over, Allies name and number written on the back. My eyes open wide, I forgot to call her and schedule her appointment, I scramble to grab my phone and look at the time.

'Still early', I think to myself, opting to send her text message instead of calling.

'Hey, it's Bea, Franky told me you wanted to come by for a touch up?' I throw my phone down on the bed, not expecting a response back immediately. As I turn my back to continue undressing, I hear my phone jingle. I turn around and see a number but no name flashing on the screen, I pick up hesitantly, not sure who to expect on the other end.

"Hello?", I ask slowly.

"Bea? Hey it's Allie, just got your text, just figured it would be easier and faster to call." Upon hearing her voice, I close my eyes, I can remember every detail of her face and it brings a smile to mine.

"Bea? Am I interrupting something right now?", I hear her call my name and I am snapped back to this moment, opening my eyes immediately.

"Yeah? I mean no! I's probably short notice but this weekend I have one spot open, but it's at closing. After that, I'm off and booked for days", I say almost apologetically. I hear the wheels churning in her head before she finally responds,

"Ok. What time and what day?", I take a seat, on the bed, as I feel anticipation course through my body.

"Tomorrow at 4:30, good?", I try to keep the anxiousness out of my voice.

"That's perfect actually, I get out at 4. I'll be seeing you then beautiful", she hangs up right after, leaving me stunned.

I look down at my phone and close my eyes and lie down fully on the bed. No one has left me speechless like this Allie has twice already. No one has made my body fight on its own accord for more.

My mind starts wandering to less innocent places as I start to think about her full lips and long fingers. Invading my personal space and pressing her body against mine. I move my hand across my bare thigh and hear myself let out a desperate whimper. I shoot up at the touch and blink a couple of times as I try to rationalize what I was about to do, thinking about Allie, while doing it. I didn't even know her and for the first time my body craved another. Craved another woman, named Allie....

I laugh out loud and fall back onto the bed, "Christ! I don't even know her last name!", I say out loud to the empty room before laughing again at the insanity of the situation.

"Whose last name?" I, suddenly, hear a voice in the room and I rise up off of the bed.


"Harry.", I look at him wide-eyed.