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50 Shades of Allie Novak

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"Where the hell have you been, Bea?!"' Harry, practically, yells in the quiet house. I don't even make it through the front door before Harry pounces on me with a barrage of questions. I shush him, pointing upstairs, reminding him of Debbies presence in the house. I contemplate, telling him the truth, calling him out on his own affairs.

I shut the front door, answering his questions, not raising my voice above a whisper,

"I couldn't sleep, I went out for a drive", I've never lied to Harry before, he has no reason to not believe me. He looks at me, tilting his head slightly, studying me, I don't budge an inch.

"Ok, no problem", he turns to go back upstairs, looking over his shoulder, as I don't move an inch.

"Coming to bed anytime soon?", he throws my way, pausing in his ascent.

"Yeah, minds still racing. Don't wanna keep you up? ", I force a small smile, which he returns, before continuing upstairs.

My smile drops at his retreating form. I walk over to the couch, dropping down onto it, kicking off my shoes and lifting my legs. I stare up at the open ceiling, replaying the events of tonight over and over, mind racing. I raise my arms, interlacing my fingers behind my head, closing my eyes, drifting.

'Her body was so soft, her touch so...', I couldn't even find the words for it, a smile pulling at my lips. My eyes tighten, in embarassment, as I recall the things that where coming out of my mouth. I was a complete puddle, begging and demanding Allie, shamelessly, for her fingers inside of me. She slowly savored every inch of my body, getting under my skin and making her mark.

I sit up, removing my jacket and placing my phone onto the table. I look at it, wanting to talk to her but instead I check for the time.


'Jesus', surprised at the elapse of time.

'She took her time indeed', I stand to make my way upstairs, opting out, finally noticing the soreness and fatigue in my muscles. I lie back down, turning onto my side, thinking about our parting,

"Time, time out, I need to go, I have to -", I pull her in for one last kiss, relaying my regret having to end this night, through it. I pull away,

"I'm so sorry, but I have to go", I look into her eyes sadly, dropping my hands from her neck, reluctant to leave her in this state,

"It's ok, trust me, it was as good for me as it was for you", she winks, seductively, making me drop my head, a blush rushing to my face.

I feel her hand under my chin lifting my face up, eyes meeting mine,

"You are, truly, beautiful, Bea", she whispers, leaning in, kissing me softly, running my fingers across my jaw and down my neck. She pulls away and I take a second before turning around, opening the front door, walking out.

I hear Allie calling my name, before I enter my car, causing me to turn at her attention. She leaning against the door frame, a huge smile on her face,

"Call me?", I look at her beautiful smile and nod, yes. Hopping into my car, I look at her one last time, before driving off.

I start to drift off, the feeling of Allie tracing patterns on my stomach, pushing me into a deep sleep.



I wake the next morning, feeling completely relaxed, stretching my muscles as I rise to my feet. I start walking up the stairs, to shower, when I feel a soreness in places I haven't felt in ages. A smile, which I notice is being constant, appears on my face. I shake my head at my, almost, teenage behavior before heading into the bathroom.



I arrive at work earlier than usual, my body feels like it's had a dose of adrenaline, unable to rest. I walk through the door of the salon, greeting everyone, before I feel a buzz in my pocket. I set my bag down on my station and reach into my pocket,

'Good morning, you little minx, sleep well, last night?', I smile at the message, she is relentless to the core, enjoying the feeling I get from it.

I lean against my station, back to the mirror, quickly typing out a reply,

'Best I've had in ages', I hit send, and look up and see Maxine, squinting her eyes at me, trying to read me. I feel my phone vibrate in my hand, I look back down scoffing out loud,

'Sex or the sleep? ;)'

I decide honestly is policy, blushing as I spoke my mind, reeling at the side Allie was pulling out of me,

'Both. I woke up, this morning, sore in places, that made me wet all over thinking about why.'

I practically fumble my phone, when I'm startled by a client approaching me, unnoticed. I apologize, placing my phone down as she takes a seat.

"Bea", I turn towards Maxine, mouthing her next words to me,

'We have to talk later', her eyebrows raising, smiling at me, sensing a new air about me.

I nod yes, turning back, starting off the day.



Lunch time approaches, when I see Maxine walking towards me in the mirror,

"Going on lunch?", she asks eagerly, I roll my eyes playfully at her, nodding a yes.

"Good, me too", she links her arm in mine, pulling me towards the door, my feet barely able to keep up.



We opt to sit outside, eating our lunch, feeling the need for privacy as I confide in Maxine. I take bites out of my lunch, as we sit in silence, my eyes flicking back and forth between Maxine and the ground. She breaks the silence,

"So you gonna tell me what's got you smiling all morning, or do I have to read your mind?", I, nearly, choke on my food at her playful bluntness,

"Fuckkk! Not very subtle are you?", I laugh out, between coughs. She joins in, no longer pushing the topic, not wanting to make me uncomfortable. The truth is, I'm starting to feel, those inhibitions disappearing.

After a few more minutes, I finally open up, refusing to meet Maxine eyes,

"I went to Allies, last night.", I see her head turn towards me, out of the corner of my eye, waiting, before saying a word,

"Anddd?...", she drags out, head dropping to my eye level.

I look over to her, unable to say the words, letting my wide smile speak for itself. I hear her gasp, hand reaching out, touching my shoulder, bracing herself,

"Mindblowing", I confess, smiling madly.

"Go on, Bea", Maxine, softly encourages.

I'm unable to wipe the widening smile from my face, I bring my hands up to my face, covering my mouth,

"She just.....God Maxine! She had me saying and doing things I never thought I would", I express my own shock and surprise,

"She was so attentive, taking her time, enjoying my body. I never felt so desirable in my life", her smile widens as I continue,

"She had me begging for her, Maxi." I blush intensly at my last words.

Maxine shakes her head in disbelief,

"Wait! I thought you were suppose to see her this weekend?", a slightly confused undertone in her voice.

"I was suppose too but..... I couldn't wait", I look at her wickedly, feeling her playful shove at my smile,

"Harry kept calling me, I had to leave, I couldn't just ignore him. I felt horrible leaving her that way...", I trail off, looking down at my hands.

"Oh?....oh! Oh, Bea", her voice lowers, realization hitting her, understanding my words.

"Will you be seeing her again? Or was that it?", I look up from my hands, locking eyes with her, scrambling to order my thoughts,

"I'm not sure. She left the ball in my court, told me to call her. I'm not planning on it. If it happens, it happens, I still have a responsibility to my family", Maxine frowns slightly, understanding my dilemma.

I look out into the world in front of me, continuing my lunch, thinking intently.

"Bea?!" I hear my name being called, Maxine and I turn in the direction it's coming from, seeing Allie walking towards us, Franky in tow. I hold my breath, watching as a beautiful smile appears on her face, obviously thinking about last night too.

I'm absolutely taken with seeing her so soon, I forget how to speak,

"Hey Red, you look different, glowing actually! Hey Maxi, ladies enjoying lunch?", I'm still looking at Allie, watching her head drop at Frankys comment, blushing lightly.

"Yeah, finished here, have to head back now", Maxine answers, looking back and forth between myself and Allie, noticing our never ending stare.

We stand, ready to leave, saying our farewells. Allie grabs my arms lightly, stopping me before I walk away,

"I got your message this morning....mind sharing later?", she says seductively, walking away to join Franky, leaving me with my mouth on the floor.

"Bea? Bea? Bea!", it takes Maxine a couple tries to snap me out of my daze. I look over to her, closing my mouth, starting to walk ahead of her. She follows next to me, her eyes boring holes into me, I look over and see her grin,

"That was her wasn't it? Allie?", Maxine says matter of factly, I look away, face burning.

"Yeah, that was Allie", I smile at the mention of her name.