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50 Shades of Allie Novak

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'Mom, I'm staying at Megans tonight'

'Bea, I'm going out for a drink with the mates, afterwork'

Those were the last two messages I receive, shortly before, walking into my quiet home. I smile at Debbies text, knowing she's excited, since she will be rooming with her bestfriend, in college. Harrys, text, however puzzled me, he hasn't had a drink in three years, as far as I know. A part of me suspects he's doing more than just drinking, more than just hanging with his mates.

I drop my bag to the floor, kicking my shoes off, replying to each mesage while heading up to the bedroom. I lie down and open my phone, going to Allies name. I bite my bottom lip, leg twitching,

'For fucks sake, it's not as if I don't miss her', then it hits me, full force, that I'm falling for her. Allie has been a constant thought on my mind since she reappeared in my life, grabbing me by the hand and taking me through the motions.

I think back to Maxines earlier question,

"Are you going to see her again?" I answered her, not believing my own response. I did want to see her again. I wanted to see all of her, fully, underneath me. I want to be able to give her the same pleasure, she gave me, but I need guidance and the fear of failing, scares me.

Allie makes me feel at ease, never pushing, ever patient.

'I wonder what she taste like?' I groan, before rolling over, grabbing my phone.


"Why, hello beautiful!", she's says, joy in her voice. I smile, slowly closing my eyes, anxieties washing away.

"I was just thinking about you. Wanted to hear your voice, are you busy?", I ask, hearing low voices in the background.

"I'm still at work, closing up some loose ends on the case", I cringe, thinking I've thrown off her concentration,

"Oh, I'm sorry. I can call you later," I offer, not wanting to throw her away from her work.

"Don't you dare! I've been thinking about you too. Especially after that text you sent me, this morning", I can hear the playfulness in her voice and blush at the reminder of what I wrote to her.

"Where are you?", she continues, not in a rush to return to work, focused on us.

"I'm at home", I answer, moving onto my back, looking at the ceiling.

"No, I know that, but where are you?", she emphasizes, wanting to know, exactly, where I was in the house.

"In my bedroom, lying down on the bed", I say, having a feeling I know where this is going.

"You're obviously alone", I can hear the smirk in her voice and I roll my eyes, chuckling.

"Yes, I am", playing along with her game.

"Good. I wanna know something", she says, waiting for my consent, before asking.

"Go ahead", I give consent, nervously.

"How sore were you? And where?", my eyes close and my legs clench together, this is going exactly where I thought it would.

"Allieeeee, you're at work. There are people around", I say, opening my eyes, shocked at her boldness, but then again, it's what attracted me to her. Her bold nature, to say what's on her mind and to go after what she wants.

"I don't mind the distraction and I'll close my office door", she says, there's no way out of this, I take a deep breath, remembering this is the woman I gave myself too.

I no longer hear extra voices over the line, Allies seductive voice filling my ear,

"So, tell me, Bea. Talk to me", I close my eyes, taking another deep breath, hesitating.

She must have sensed my reluctance because she continues on,

"Want to know what I did today, thinking about you?", I inhale, sharply, the muscles in my legs, tightening, eyes painting a perfect picture of Allie.

"Yes", I answer, shyly and full of interest.

"After I saw you today, I couldn't stop thinking about you. I came back here and couldn't help but touch myself", she says, I feel a flood of wetness, between my legs.

"Really? Tell me, I want to know", my voice dropping a level, wanting her to continue, feeling my skin start to warm up.

"I couldn't get you out of my mind. I couldn't get the feel of your skin against mine, to go away", she growls out, that tone, sending a wave of arousal through my body. My eyes still closed, I drift back, still feeling her hot body against mine, too. My hand moves to my stomach, over my shirt, where her fingers touched me, lightly.

"You were kissing the back of my neck, naked behind me…your hand was moving down my stomach…", she whispered, letting my own hand slide down, under my shirt. I gasp out loud, touching my skin lightly, picturing Allies skilled fingers.

"Christ, Allie", I say, breathlessly. She groans, knowing exactly what it is I'm doing.

"And I was so wet", she taunts me and I play right into her hand,

"What did I do next?", I moan out, she groans deeply on the other end, my body shudders at the sound, craving to hear it again.

"You slid your hand down, teasing my opening", I bite my lip, my hand moving down to the waistband of my jeans, opening the button before sliding my hand in. I gasp at how wet I am, moving my fingers slowly, navigating on pure instinct and arousal.

"You're not being a very good girl, Allie", I take a deep breath, my fingers teasing, playing in my wetness.

"I love the way you felt, your fingers pushing into me, hard", I she whispers, reminding me that she's just out of reach, making me crave her more.

I hear the slight whimper in her voice, I smile knowing, I'm not alone.

"How wet are you, right now?", my voice betraying the fact I had moved my fingers, teasing my clit lightly, to keep from going insane.

She panted a little rougher, I knew she was arching her back, her head thrown back as she moaned her words. Her voice was so sexy in that delicate whisper,

"So wet Bea…soaking wet for you, I need you inside of me, soon", but I didn't stop at her groan, I just kept going, knowing it was making her dizzy, with lust. I quicken my touch, fingers moving faster over my clit,

"You really want it don't you…enough to let me fuck you fast and hard?" I say, my inhibitions once again, buried away.

"Oh god, God yes", I push two fingers into myself, hearing her soft moans,

"How many fingers do I have inside of you?, I ask, slowly moving in and out of myself,

"Two", she groans and I twist my fingers, needing her, desperatly.

"Harder", I whisper. Not a question, but an order, I pick up the speed, as I hear her mew softly in my ear.

"Oh god…god yes", she whimpered and I pull my fingers out of myself, slamming back in.

I smile to myself, she is so obedient,

"You want it enough to let me tie you down and make you beg for it?"

"Yes Bea…" She breathed, "I want it so bad, I want you to fuck me till I beg you to stop", my deep groan reaches her ears, her moaning sending shivers down my spine.

"Add another finger. Faster.", I tell her.

Rubbing, stroking, feeling and pushing deeper, sending layers of sensation moving quickly through my body, faster and faster in successive waves.

Hearing her, increasing my speed, sent swirling pleasure up my spine. I feel my hips, rocking into my hand, willing it faster.

"Harder", I choke out.

I push my fingers, so deep, that my palm roughly crushed my clit to my pelvic bone with every strong thrust. My body begging to explode.

"More." I could feel myself trembling, shaking with the need to come for her. I could hear the sounds from her, far gone from normalcy. Her entire body, surely, quivering for me. I loved the thought of that, the sound of my name on her lips, when she could form no other words.

She was driven down to nothing but quivering moans, listening to my voice in her ear and for a moment, I felt her underneath me, driving into her with enough force to make her squirm on the bed, her cries filling the room and my ears as her groans shivered down my spine.

I thrust into myself faster and harder, imagining her hot body around me, muscles squeezing and pulling at me as she moaned, her legs wrapping around me as I push inside her, fucking her harder and harder and harder.

The most erotic part was the sounds she made for me. The little cries and every nuance of sound, amplified, in my ear. She knew where to touch herself, knew how to make herself wiggle and whimper.

The sounds started building and growing, changing into what I knew would end it. I hear her scream, the sound of her pleasure erupting so powerfully. I come to the sound of her voice, body shaking with the sensation as every muscle contracted and released at the sudden rush of ecstasy.

We both go silent, breathing and panting, listening to one another. I look around when I realize I no longer heard her as well as I should. My weak muscles grab the phone with my clean hand and pulling it back to my ear.

"Allie?", I ask, needing to know she was still there. Still with me.

"Hm?", she whispered, still in post orgasmic bliss,

We stayed silent, breathing, enjoying the moment, even if it had to be so far apart. It was better than nothing. Neither of us wanted to hang up yet.

"Thank you…" I whisper, my smile evident.

"My pleasure and thank you", came her deep delicious tone, a little hint of mirth in her voice,

"But you know next time I'm there, I'm are not leaving until you make every one of those sounds directly in my ear. I wanna see your face when you make them."

"Promise?", she ask, her mischievous little smile audible in her voice.

"Oh you can bet on it." I hear her giggle, both amused and satisfied.

"I'll see you soon", she whispered, not wanting to hang up but having to finish her work.

"Of course" I whisper in return, waiting a few long moments before moving to hang up the phone. I was right from the beginning, I missed her more, I wanted her here with me. I lay for a few more seconds, enjoying yet another experience I will never forget. I jump up, stripping down to my underwear, removing the soaked material.


After a quick shower to clean my body and calm my buzzing arousal, I see my phone light up,

'Tomorrow, 7pm?', I smile wide, I thought I was the eager one. I'm about to reply when I see headlights, shining across my bedroom wall. I move over to the window, peeking outside, seeing Harry getting out of his car. I look back to my phone, typing a quick but promising message,

'Yes. I want to finally feel and taste you', I place my phone into my back pocket, exiting my bedroom, desending the stairs.