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50 Shades of Allie Novak

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"Hey, Bea-", Harry calls my name, from the kitchen table, finishing his coffee. I look over my shoulder, seeing Harry rise, walking to stand in front of me. He places his hands on my arms, below my shoulder, rubbing up and down. I nearly pull away from his touch, folding my arms across my chest,

"I was talking with the work mates last night, going over some contracts with them, potentials maybe. I'll be needing to leave for the weekend, could mean big things".

I'm staring at his chest, jumping internally, this means I could spend more time with Allie. I look up at Harry, his hands drop and he's looking at me expectantly.

"You don't have to crack a smile, or anything!", he smiles, warmly, at me.

"That's good news Harry, congratulations.", I force a smile and feel his arms pull me in, for an embrace. I know how important this is to him and I truly am happy, I wish him all the luck. I pull back, making my way over to the counter, grabbing my bag and walking towards the door.

"Thought you'd be happier", I hear Harrys voice drop. I stop short of the door, drop my hand, turning around.

"I am Harry. Trust me", I say in an even tone, turning and leaving the house. I open the car door, sit down and pull out my phone. I look back at the house, before unlocking it and going to Debbies name, typing furiously,

'Are you coming home this weekend? Or will you be staying at Megans again?'

I toss the phone back into my bag, start the engine and back out of the driveway. Stealing one last glance at the house, I see Harry looking through the curtains, confusion etched on his face.



Walking into the salon, I can't help the smile that is on my face nor can I remove it. I'm seeing Allie tonight and potentially the entire weekend the following day. Walking through the door, my phone goes off and I reach in my bag, pulling it out.

'Do you know me, or what? Yeah I'm staying over'

My smile widens, Debbie confirming what I already knew. I drop my phone back into my bag and continue walking to my station, lost in my own world. Lost in thoughts of Allie. Lost in what's to come. So lost, in fact, I almost collide into someone head on,

"Oy Red, gotta get in line for full body contact", I look up and see Frankys sly grin. Instead of my normal reaction towards her flirtatious remarks, I respond in kind, feeling closer to Franky, thankful for her bringing Allie back into my life.

"Sorry, you've got to get in line", her jaw drops on the floor. I walk by, hearing her scoff,

"Oh, we've got a feisty one today ladies."
I settle my bag down and turn towards Franky, who's eyeing me up and down, observing my body language. She walks closer, looking around the shop, stopping within an inch of me. She stood there for one second too long before breaking into a huge smile,

"Tell me what's up Red? I've been sensing something different about you", I take a small step back, rolling my eyes at Franky and smiling wildly. She looks at me with raised eyebrows and a wicked smile,

"What do you want, Franky?", I lean back against my station, arms crossed.

"Oh come on, Red, you're no fun", she huffs, trying once again, for information. I rebuff her with one look,

"Ok ok, can't blame a married girl for trying to live", Franky jokes, but those words hit home, hard. Before I could react to them, my phone was going off once again, behind me.

"I have an appointment with you, thinking a couple inches off this time?", Franky tells me before taking a seat, at my station.

"Ok, sounds good", I tell her,

I reach into my bag, seeing Allies name on the screen. I turn towards Franky, hiding the phone from her view, back facing the mirror.

'Good Morning gorgeous, want me to pick you up this evening, after work?'

I smile, madly, into my phone. I look at Franky and she's studying me, intensly, but my smile stays. I look back down and type out quickly, sure of my answer,

'Sounds good, I'll be waiting beautiful girl'

 I look back at Franky and see her looking into the mirror behind me, I turn around and see her clear view of my phone. I drop my arm, locking my phone, placing it on the counter. I turn back to Franky, who's wearing a neutral mask, before breaking out into a laugh.

"Don't worry Red, just checking you out from the back", I laugh at her comment, unsure of its validaty. I look at her one last time before starting up on her hair.



"You should come out with the girls some time Red, we have a good time!" Franky swoons, checking out her newly done cut.

"Maybe... I'll think about it", I say, giving her a light smile.

We walk over to the counter, Franky paying and tipping me, throwing an invitation over her shoulder on the way out,

"How about tomorrow night? Bridget, Allie and I are heading out to the Karaoke bar, relax a little from work, join us?"

My ears perk up at the mention of Allies name, putting me back into an eager mood.

"Like I said, maybe", I grin at her smile, I had plans for Allie this weekend,

"Ohhh, I like this side of you, Red", Franky says slyly before walking out of the door.



The salon emptying leaving Maxine and myself, shutting the lights off and leaving the salon.

"Okay hun, you have a good night", she leans in and pulls me into a hug.

"You too lo-", I'm interrupted by a car pulling up in front of us, Allie jumping out, a huge smile on her face.

"Why, hello ladies", she says, greeting both of us but her eyes only focused on me.

"Hello", I say with a smile on my face, looking down, trying to hide my blush. I look over at Maxine and see her trying to hide her small smile, only to see it grow.

"Hello again, Allie, nice to see you again", Maxine turns back to me, announcing her exit,

"Alright I'm off, Bea. You two have a goodnight".

She walks away and I turn back to Allie, seeing an amused grin reaching her eyes,

"Is it OK if I kiss you?", she whispers, looking at me desperatly and I can't deny her anything. I look around the area, spotting a few faces, none looking familiar, I look back at her,

"Yes", I say breathlessy, she takes a step forward, wrapping her arms around my neck, pulling me in gently. She kisses me softly, I can barely feel her lips before she pulls away. I catch myself leaning forward, searching for her but finding nothing. I open my eyes to see her moving around to the passenger side, playful smile on her face,

"So?... Telling people about me already?". She opens the door and I blush heavily before making my way to her,

"Wha- What makes you say that?", I know my face is readable, I can't hide anything from her. I stand in front of her, invading her personal space, unable to remain an appropriate distance from her.

"Maxi, was it? That's her name right? Franky said it yesterday, but she never said mine and I never got a proper introduction. You were too busy picking your mouth up from the floor."

Before I can respond, she leans in and gives me a proper kiss. Her hands going around my waist, pulling me in against her, her fingers tightening their grip. I pull away first, still fully aware of where we are, not wanting to be seen by unwanted eyes. Her hands drop to mine and plays with them, I watch the delicate dance her fingers do with mine,

"Let's go, beautiful. You promised me some things.....", I look up at her and gasp, seeing her fully blush and for the first time, shy.

"Let's go then", I respond, lightly, biting my bottom lip. I get into the car and Allie shuts the door before going around to the drivers side, hopping in. I look at her, feeling elated internally, feeling this wave of intense emotion come over me.

'She is so beautiful, that it breaks my heart'



We both get out of the car, Allie extending her hand, which I grab, linking our fingers. She leads me towards her house and opens the door, closing the door gently behind us. My eyes close at the sound of the lock clicking into place, it's sound of finality, my full commitment and focus now on Allie.

She starts to walk us to the kitchen, when I tug her into the opposite direction, towards her bedroom. Whatever she wanted, will have to wait because I can't. She turns around at my pull, knowing exactly where I'm leading her, pushing my back into the wall behind me. She bites down roughly on my neck, sucking lightly, surely leaving a small mark. I let out a sound, somewhere between a gasp and a moan, before switching our postions, kissing her hard.

I pull away, holding her hands against the wall above her head, watching her submit to my grip.

"I believe you have some begging to do", I say in a low voice, her head falling back onto the wall and a deep moan falls from her lips.


"Lie down", I tell Allie, in a demanding tone. She's stripped down to nothing, crawling onto the bed, lying on her back. I feel my heart rate pick up as I look down at her beautiful body, her legs closed, hiding herself from me.

I strip the last of my clothing, my hands going to her knees, opening them slowly. She's biting her lip, her eyes never leaving mine, even as I drop my gaze, taking her in. She's so wet and swollen, my mouth starts to water and I let my right hand slowly drift from her knee, down her thigh.

I feel the muscles beneath my fingers start to tense, as I move, slowly. I look up at her face and see her eyes, shut tight, anticipating my fingers inside of her. I smile at her reaction beneath me and stop my fingers before they could end their journey. She opens her eyes and I move to settle myself between her legs, kissing her hard. I can feel her wetness on my thigh and it sends a rush through me. I push my thigh against her, swallowing the deep moan she let's out.

"Oh, Bea", she says, breathlessy, after pulling away from our kiss, her hands coming up to scratch lightly, down my back. I pull away from her body, her hands falling to her sides,

"Uh uh, babe. We spoke about this", I say seductively, grabbing her hands and placing them out, at her sides. I smile wickedly at her,

"What can I use to restrain you with?", her pupils dilate and she nods, biting her lip. She nods over to her bedside drawer and I move, pulling out two, medium length scarves. I look back at Allie, no hesitation in her eyes, only anticipation. I move, tying Allies wrists, to each corner of her bed frame. I look down at her, so open, vulnerable and ready. Her legs have dropped open again and I lick my lips, getting an idea,

"There's something else I want to try, too... If you're up for it", I ask, shyly, running my index finger across her jaw. She opens her mouth and sucks my finger into it, slowly running her tongue, up and down, before releasing it. I feel myself get soaking wet at the visual alone, my mouth dropping open.

"Whatever you want babe, I just want to finally feel you inside of me", she practically begs, agreeing with my plans. I lean over her, grabbing one more scarf, stretching it between my hands,

"I want to blindfold you, as well", I hide my smile behind the scarf, taking in her aroused reaction.

"Do you trust me, Allie?", I continue, needing to know this was ok.

"Intimately", she whispers and my heart swells, at the confession.