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Junior Editor in the City

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(At a popular club located in the UWS)…

“You can leave if you’re dead bored,” she says sympathetically, smiling a little as Jareth winces at the loud music playing in the club.

“How can I feel bored when I’m hearing this most interesting song about a man not being able to…feel his face, Sarah?”

She laughs. “Seriously. You should leave—you’re too old to enjoy this scene.”

An indignant huff. “I came here as your escort, and I shall stay.”

(Later that night, in the Goblin King’s chambers)…

Jareth massages his temples, his head pounding. He should have listened to Sarah and left earlier.


(At a mid-scale restaurant, Suburbia, CT)…

“Hello, sir, welcome to Vesuvius’s. Hope you’ve had a great day so far. Would you like to know our specials for the day?”

A raised brow and a cold smile. “Hello Travis,” the Goblin King reads the waiter’s name tag, his voice icy, “I am at your establishment to converse with my lovely companion who’s sitting across the table, and not to converse with…you.”

Sarah gapes at him in horror. “Jareth, you can’t talk to people like that,” she whispers furiously.

Jareth, for his part, looks confused, “Why would I have a conversation about my day with the waiter?”

She rolls her eyes, getting up to leave. “Get up, we’re leaving.”

“Whatever for?” Poor Jareth looks even more confused.

“He’s going to spit in our food, or worse.”

Jareth furrows his brows in an elegant frown. “But isn’t the waiter’s job to serve me without being a nuisance? Shouldn’t he strive to serve my every need while blending in with the background so I hardly know he’s there?”

“Good fucking God, no,” she says, dragging him out, “That’s only in very expensive places. Or if you’re the Queen of England.”

“Precious Sarah,” he hisses, “Perhaps it’s slipped your mind that I am, indeed, a King.”

“Believe me, it hasn’t,” she mutters.


(A year later)…

“Uh, no.”




“No. Way. In. Hell,” she enunciates every word adamantly.

“I don’t understand why you cannot work from my castle.” The Goblin King crosses his arms and glares at the infuriating woman in front of him.

She sighs, this conversation had caused way too many fights, and she doesn’t want to start another one. “I just bought my own apartment, Jareth—I don’t want to move in with you.”

Jareth’s lips curl in distaste. “Yes, your apartment—it’s smaller than a torture cell at my dungeon.”

She gapes at him, “Mentioning dungeons and torture cells probably isn’t the best way to get me to stay with you, Jareth.”

“Sarah…” he sounds defeated.

Her eyes soften as she looks at him pout—why does the bastard have to look so damn cute, anyway? It’s just not fair! “I’m sure we can work something out,” she says, smiling as his frown disappears.


Sarah publishes a profound (at least in her opinion) book, using her own name. It gathers some buzz and sells some copies—doesn’t remotely compare to the sales figures of Gracie Lou’s trilogy. But that doesn’t bother her too much.


Jareth takes a sabbatical from being the Goblin King for a few months—he joins Sarah as she travels across the world.


Sanjay and Michael get married in the Bahamas. Sanjay’s mother makes him have a reception in London. With 1000+ guests. Michael is traumatized.


Marc abandons his plans of getting an MBA as he’s too afraid of graduating during a recession. Instead—he takes an interest-free business loan and buys liquor stores (stocked with cheap alcohol) across small cities and rural areas.

He makes a ton of money.


Elle opens a wedding planning firm in San Diego—she starts with planning her own wedding. She and Marc have a perfect wedding by the beach. All guests have to down two Café Patron shots.


A popular young Hollywood actor with blue eyes and black hair goes sailing one day—his yacht is found three days later with no signs of the young man. The world wonders how someone, a popular public figure no-less, can just disappear like that.


(Meanwhile, @ J’s Castle—once he’s back from his much needed sabbatical)…

“You’re saying she pulled him into the ocean?” Sarah asks, incredulous.

Jareth gives a nonchalant shrug, “She is a marine nymph, my love, that’s what they do to humans.”

She shudders. “So much for Ariel and Prince Eric.”


The end.