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Jin's Boys

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The first time it happened, Seokjin thought that it was just an accident. He'd left the bag of groceries and snacks for the kids on the door of his house so that he could carry Hoseok inside, the 5year old boy had fallen asleep on their way back home. When he reached home it was their eldest who opened the door and the boy offered to carry his bags inside but as expected, the task proved to be to difficult for the 6 year old Yoongi.
“Thanks for trying baby. Can you please go get your Appa? I can't call because Hobi might wake up."
The boy nodded and Seokjin proceeded to ruffle his hair. Yoongi scrunched his nose adorably before rushing inside to do the task. Seokjin walked in smiling at the thought of both his beautiful boys before carefully setting Hobi down on the couch. The boy was becoming a little difficult to carry around, specially when he liked to kick in his sleep. He turned around to the sight of his husband walking towards him. He wrapped his arms around Seokjin's waist and smiled, “Hobi fell asleep?" He asked even when the answer was obvious. Seokjin hummed in answer.
“Namjoon-ah? Can you go get the bags from the door? I couldn't carry everything and Hobi all at once." Seokjin smiled a little, thinking about the little trip from the store to the door when he'd avoided tripping at least thrice and already bumped into five strangers till a friendly soul offered to help him. Namjoon was quick to nod a little and then he went to fetch the bags. He came in already rummaging through the contents.
“Jinnie Hyung, there are only two boxes of cookies, what about mine?" His husband pouted and it made him look ridiculous. Seokjin giggled a little before dropping down on the couch beside Hobi, “Look properly Joon, its there. I bought three."
“No Hyung, there's only two. Really! Look for yourself."
Seokjin sighed before grabbing the bag and looking through it carefully.
“Hmm. That's strange. I did buy three you know. Maybe I forgot it on the counter? I could go get it back?" He asked but he didn't really mean it though. Accompanying a five year old who was as bouncy as Hoseok had drained his energy for now. Namjoon seemed to get that as he smiled a little. He bent down to kiss Seokjin's forehead and said, “its okay, you can rest."
They forgot about it soon afterwards.

The second time it happened, it was a tiny box of fruit flavoured cereals that Hoseok had wanted. He didn't even like having cereals, but the colours on the box had made him jump up and down in the middle of aisle four and he refused to leave without it. Needless to say it wasn't nearly as easily forgotten as the cookies were. Hoseok whined the whole day and only shut up when Yoongi threatened to not share the bed with him. Hoseok was always scared of the dark and it comforted him to sleep with someone and so they made Yoongi and him sleep together. Seokjin and Namjoon had thought Yoongi would say no because, “ I'm a big boy and big boys sleep alone." But he was always happy to help his baby brother even if they were just a year apart. It made him proud that he could take care of his brother and of course it made his parents proud too.
“Why do I keep forgetting these things? I swear Namjoon I really bought it."
“Maybe you re getting old Hyung." His husband said with a cheeky smile that immediately disappeared when Seokjin narrowed his eyes and glared at him. Namjoon gulped.
“I think someone stole it."
A quiet voice interrupted them and both of them turned to look at Yoongi.
“What, a box of cookies and cereals? I don't think anybody would steal that. Maybe Hyung dropped it."
“Kim Namjoon."
“Okay okay."
Yoongi shrugged with too much swag for a six-year old and said, "Maybe. But you did see those kids? There were two boys." Yoongi proudly held up two fingers and nodded sagely. Yoongi's slight lisp made it a little funny but Seokjin was too confused.
His brows furrowed. Two boys?

The third time he went to the grocery shop, he made sure each and every one of the things he had taken were with him. He was walking to the counter when he noticed the faces of two little boys squished against the glass doors of the store through the corner of his eyes. As soon as he turned around to get a good look, the boys' eyes' widened comically and they scrambled out of sight as quickly as they could. Seokjin raised his eyebrows. So they were the ones? His six year old proved to be more observant than he was.
He paid the cashier and grabbed the bags and Hobi's hand and started to leave, determined to catch those boys and have a word with their parents. Their children should not steal.
He was fully aware of the boys following him home and Seokjin was careful not to look behind him or else they would surely run away. He got home and opened the door with his spare keys.
He bent down to the child's height and kissed him on his cheek “Hobi honey go inside okay?" The boy gave him a big smile and nodded before running inside. Now he would put his plan into action, Seokjin thought gravely. He left the bags at the door before walking inside and shutting it halfway, putting on a casual act of forgetting about the bags. He then walked over to the window that overlooked the front door and settled there to look at what the kids would do.
“Jin Hyung what-"
“Shhhh" he grabbed his startled husband by his wrist and made him sit beside him. He could hear the boys if they kept quiet.
“Jiminie, he kissed that boy. Why no one kiss us?" The two boys were holding hands as they walked upto the door.
“Taetae I kiss you." The child with chubby cheeks and dark brown hair said to the other whose hair was a lighter shade of brown. He smiled a small smile and then carefully put his hands into his pocket.
"Look Joon, he's going to steal now." Seokjin whispered to his husband who let out an “oh" of realisation.
But instead, the boy took out a note, currency note, and placed it carefully on the bag and patted it with his chubby small hands and backed away. The other boy shrieked, “Jiminie no!"
“Tae!" The slightly shorter clasped a hand over the other boys mouth.
“We should pay. We took food." The boy explained quietly and Seokjin's jaw dropped. What was going on?
The taller one, Tae, removed the hand from his mouth to reveal trembling lips,“But Jiminie that's all we had." His voice cracked and it broke Seokjin's heart. They couldn't be? They surely couldn't right?
The shorter one shook his head and turned the boy around, “Come on Tae, let's find a place."
“Jimin I'm tired. Can't we sleep here?"
“No Tae. The pretty man might see us" The boy rubbed his eyes, removing the unshed tears no doubt.
Seokjin couldn't take it anymore he rushed to the front door, Namjoon in a tow. He jerked open the door and startled the boys. Their hands clasped together quickly, tightly as their eyes widened and tears pooled in their eyes. Seokjin took a step forward and they backed off slightly. His gaze dropped to the note on the bag, a 1000 won note.
that's all we had.
Tears were beginning to form in his eyes too but he blinked it back and put on a small smile.
“Hi." He said. The boys looked terrified but the one called Jimin gulped and took a step forward as his companion whispered a desperate no.
At this point the boy burst into tears and repeatedly apologized between his sobs and hiccups. The boy behind him was silently crying too.
Jimin rubbed his eyes with fisted hands and Seokjin's heart ached to wrap his arms around the boys. “I'm sorr-ry. I-I took the food. S-sorry. Won't d-do it again. Prom-mise. Sorry. W-we'll pay b-back."
Seokjin shook his head and smiled at them as best he could,“Were you hungry?" The boy stopped rubbing his eyes and stared at Seokjin with his mouth agape, sniffling now and then. The taller boy took a little step forward and came to stand beside the other. Hesitantly, Jimin nodded.
Seokjin nodded and sat right there, on the steps to his home.
“What about your mom? Or dad?"
The boys vulnerable expressions suddenly turned into something hurt and confused. Tae's lips pressed into a straight line as Jimin's formed a perfect pout, eyes glassy with unshed tears.
“We don't have mom and dad. W-we're sorry. We'll go. We'll pay you. It-t was my fault." It was Tae who spoke this time, curling his tiny hands into fists by his side.
Something inside Seokjin broke when he heard that. They looked so small and soft but no doubt they were in pain. Hungry enough to steal food when they knew it was wrong. So innocent and pure, that they had wanted to pay back.
“Where will you go?"
“To sleep."
Seokjin smiled at the answer but asked again, “sleep where?"
“Anywhere." His husband gasped from behind him and for the first time, Seokjin noticed his presence.
“Do you want to eat something?" Namjoon asked suddenly and the boys looked just as startled.
“E-eat?" Tae spoke up but Jimin quickly shushed him and shook his head.
“we should go. It-ts late. We won't find a place. S-sorry."
“But its so cold." Seokjin didn't even realise he had spoken this time and the boys stared at him with wide eyes.
“Why do you care?" Tae spoke with such genuine curiousity that Seokjin would've broken down into tears right there if Namjoon hadn't kept a hand on his shoulder. It was the first sentence they had spoken without stuttering.
“We just want to help you."
“Hel-help us?" Jimin asked quietly. Seokjin nodded.
“How old are you?"
“10" Tae said and Jimin gasped beside him, “Tae don't lie." Of course they weren't ten, they barely reached up to Seokjin's thighs.
They spoke in hushed tones, “what if they kill us?" A visible shudder went through Jimin's body and he kept quiet.
“oh my god no. We will never hurt you."
The boys looked at him with big innocent eyes, no doubt trying to ponder if he meant what he said.
"You can eat and sleep inside, if you want?" Seokjin spoke again, hoping and praying to god they'd say yes, “we've got a nice bed and its not cold inside. We have food too."
Both the kids eyes had a faraway look in them and Tae bit his lip to keep the smile from spreading any more. “Really?" Jimin asked and once again Seokjin nodded, hurried to assure them of it. He stepped forward a little and then bowed, “Thank you. M-my name is Jimin." Seokjin broke into a grin at that and the boy pulled his little companion forward too, “This is my brother Taehyung."
“Hello Jimin, TaeHyung. I'm Seokjin. This is Namjoon." Namjoon bowed formally to them as Jin stood up.
Seokjin let out a breath he didn't even know he was holding when Jimin started to smile at the gesture. It was the prettiest thing in the world, his eyes disappeared into crescents and his mouth spread as wide as it could, cheeks bunching up cutely. Seokjin couldn't help himself anymore. He cooed at the boy and pulled him into a hug. The boy stiffened but relaxed soon after. His brother's eyes were so wide that they could've popped out. When he let Jimin go, he quickly pulled Taehyung in for a hug too. The boys arms slowly wrapped around his neck and when he let go, both of them were staring at him in awe. Namjoon chuckled quietly and said, "come inside kids."
“why are you helping us? Nobody helps us." Jimin just whispered the last part like it was a fact and Seokjin pouted unconsciously.
“Because you're just like Hobi and Yoongi" Seokjin said with a tiny smile.
“H-Hobi? That boy?"
“Yes they're our sons." Namjoon said with a smile and the idea of being someone's son made Taehyung's eyes water, “we're like Hobi to you?" He asked disbelievingly
“of course." Namjoon spoke up again.
And this time it was Taehyung's smile that blew away Seokjin. He grinned so wide, revealing two missing teeth, and looked at Jimin in pure shock. Jimin nodded back excitedly.
“we can stay?"
“yes baby come inside." The boys excitedly climbed up the stairs, taking one step at a time or they would fall. Seokjin went back to the time Hobi would do so and it made him giddy. The boys let out an audible gasp as they entered and Namjoon made them sit on the couch.
“So how old are you?"
Taehyung broke into a sheepish grin as he replied, “4"
Jimin said at the same time,“3 and half."
Taehyung stuck his tongue out at his brother who pouted.
“Twins? Aw" Seokjin muttered to himself when Hobi came flying down the stairs, Yoongi right behind him. The boy shrieked when he saw the kids sitting on the couch and ran upto them.
“WOW NEW FRIENDS! I'M HOBI." Jimin blinked in surprise and Tae kept staring before Jimin finally said, “hello." That was enough of an invitation for Hoseok who jumped up on the couch beside them and started excitedly telling them about stuff five year olds can talk about. Yoongi was slow to follow but he sat beside Hobi anyway. After half an hour of chatter, Seokjin asked Hobi to show them his toys while he prepared dinner. They went to Hobi and Yoongi's room. Namjoon got up and walked over to Seokjin who was already in the kitchen.
“Joon they don't have a home."
“I know I know, they can stay, of course they can. But what about the legal things? We can't just keep them with us even though we want to."
“we'll have to find out where they came from, about their family."
Namjoon nodded and sighed. “Tomorrow."
The looks on the boys faces were priceless as Seokjin set the table and they watched from a distance. When they finally saw Hobi and Yoongi sit at the table and they looked at each other with confused looks before Namjoon beckoned them over and asked them to sit as well. They sat carefully. When Seokjin asked them to eat, they stared at him dumbfounded. He gave them an encouraging smile as he started to feed Hobi when he realised what they were waiting for. They didn't know how to use the chopsticks. Seokjin nodded to Namjoon who started to feed them at once. The boys were beyond shocked but they ate gratefully and didn't forget to thank him again and again. Yoongi watched everything with a frown, and Seokjin knew he'd have to talk to him soon.
He called Yoongi over to him after dinner when the boy said, “Eomma, they keep asking us if you were going to stay here forever and never leave. It was scaring Hobi. Are you going somewhere?"
“No, Yoongi, no. They're just...sad because they don't have anyone to take care of them. They think we'll leave them alone too."
“No Eomma Appa?" Seokjin nodded and Yoongi's eyes widened in understanding.
“Yoongi you wouldn't mind if they stayed with us right?"
The boy thought for a minute before he muttered a quiet no and left. He treated them like a big brother for the rest of the night, asked them to call him Hyung.
He made arrangements for the twins to shower, which they did together, and then dried them with a towel as Namjoon put Hobi and Yoongi to bed. Their faces scrunched up cutely and Seokjin couldn't help but coo at them, “such beautiful babies."
Matching red blushes showed up on their cheeks as they smiled shyly. He dressed them in Yoongi's old pyjamas. Seokjin made arrangements for them to sleep in their spare room and asked them to settle down, promising to be back in a bit. He'd just gone to give his sons their goodnight kisses and once he was back, he stood at the door to hear what the boys were talking about.
“Jiminie they're so nice, I want to stay here forever!" The excitement in his voice made Seokjin proud but the next words out of Jimin's mouth made him sad again.
“But you know we can't Tae."
“But Jiminie why not?"
“Tae they don't want to keep us forever. They have their sons." Seokjin wanted to barge in and tell them they could stay forever but even he knew that was not true. Unless they could do something about it.
“So we'll go in the morning?" No, no, please no.
“We'll go." There was a pause. And then a sniffle.
“I don't want to go. I wish we could all stay here. You and me and Kookie." The tremble in Taehyung's voice was enough for the tears to start pooling in Seokjin's eyes.
“I miss Kookie. Do you think he's okay?" Seokjin didn't know who they were talking about.
“He's a strong baby. I miss him too."
There was another long pause in their conversation as Seokjin thought of what to say to them when he entered. He couldn't give them false hopes, but he wanted to keep them. So much.
“The bed is so soft Tae."
“and warm."
“I wish we could stay too."
“Jiminie, I'm tired. Goodnight kiss?" There was shuffling sound as the elder of the twins gave the younger a kiss on his forehead before settling down and muttering, “mine?" Taehyung proceeded to do the same.
“Goodnight Tae. Sleep well Kookie."
“Goodnight Jimin. Sleep well Kookie."
Seokjin walked in then, unable to control himself, and the boys sat up startled, “sorry, were we loud?We'll go away tomorrow, promise"
Seokjin shook his head as he sat beside them. “Boys, do you want to stay here? " They looked at each other with wide eyes before facing him again, nodding slowly.
“Then you can stay. But you have to answer my questions honestly, okay? We'll try our best to keep you here."
They nodded quickly and Seokjin ruffled their hair. “Okay first, who is Kookie?"
Jimin immediately looked down at his hands which lay on the blanket, “He's our brother."
Seokjin stared dumbly till Taehyung continued, “He's our baby brother. He's so small, only one year old."
Seokjin was panicking as he grabbed their hands, wondering if they'd left a one year old out on the street, “where is he?"
“with the mean lady at the fo-sta home." Foster home.
“Is that where you were? Before we met?" Seokjin willed himself to keep his voice calm
“We ran away... ten days ago." Jimin had been counting how many days it had been.
“Your parents?"
“They died in the car. And left us with the mean lady at the fo-sta home," Jimin spoke with a pout, “ not a home." Tae whispered from beside him.
“So Kookie is still there?" Seokjin finally asked, and the looks on the boys face screamed guilt.
“W-we, mom told u-us to stay together. B-but everyone w-wanted to take away k-kookie be-because he's so small. N-no one wanted a-all three of u-us. So w-we s-scared away those pe-people who would t-take him a-away." Jimin broke down then and Tae patted the boy's back, blinking back tears of his own.
“the mean lady then hit us. S-She told us Kookie would n-never be happy if we did that. Look, it still hurts!" Tae shoved his arm in Seokjin's direction and truly enough, there was a dark mark on the boys arms, Seokjin gripped his arm and stroked lightly before stroking the boys cheeks, “So we w-went away. Kookie w-will be happ-py now?" Jimin asked him with his eyes glistening with tears. He ruffled his hair and nodded a little.
“We can go see Kookie tomorrow?" Seokjin asked to which the boys looked up startled, “You're taking u-us back-k?"
“No Tae, I'll just bring Kookie too."
“Y-you will?" Seokjin nodded and the boys broke into watery smiles. He kissed them each on the forehead and tucked them in. The boys looked like they would cry again but Seokjin smiled at them and all their doubts went away. He walked out of the room, shutting the door behind him.
“Taetae? I don't miss home now."
“me too. Just Kookie."

The next morning they ate breakfast in silence, in anticipation of the upcoming visit to the foster home. After Seokjin had found out the whole story, he'd gone to his room and broken down into sobs while Namjoon consoled him. Together, they'd worked all night to narrow down the foster homes Jimin and Taehyung could've run away from and there were only two in the area so they had decided to visit it the next morning.
Breakfast went by smoothly until Jimin knocked something off the table and then broke down into hysterical sobs and strings of apologies till Seokjin hugged him and reassured him they would not leave them at the foster home again. Whatever that place was, the boys saw it as hell and Seokjin made a mental note to have a word with the mean lady.
When they reached the first one, all of the boys seated at the back of the car, Seokjin looked back and found Taehyung and Jimin staring out of the window in concentration with furrowed eyebrows.
“Is this it boys?" Namjoon asked and Jimin nodded quietly. They stepped out of the car and grabbed the hands of the boys before walking in. Seokjin was holding Jimin's, who held Taehyung's hand in turn. Taehyung's other hand was in Namjoon's hand. Hobi clung to Seokjin's side while Yoongi walked next to Namjoon.Seokjin noticed Jimin gripping his hand harder and he smiled at the boy a little before walking in.
“Hello. I believe these boys are from here?"
The receptionist looked at Jimin and Taehyung with narrowed eyes and the boys whimpered slightly before shuffling uncomfortably.
“Yes I believe they are."
“Good. Because now they are going to be living with me."
The receptionist's eyes widened before she nodded, “I'll prepare the papers. Their names please?"
“uhh Jimin and Taehyung."
Seokjin looked back at the boys who stared at him before Tae said, “oh. Park." He smiled widely.
“And your names sir?"
“Kim Seokjin and Kim Namjoon. We've adopted before, you should check into your database."
The women nodded, “oh and while you're at it, I want to enquire about another child."
She raised an eyebrow and Seokjin continued, “Their younger brother, Kookie?"
He looked at the boys again who looked up cluelessly and nodded.
“Is his name Kookie?"
“Oh um no. Jungkook." Jimin spoke shyly and Seokjin smiled too, pleased. Beautiful names. Their beautiful boys.
Soon a woman holding a baby in her arms appeared. The boy was dressed in a bright yellow T-shirt and blue shorts, hair poking our from odd directions. He squirmed and thrashed as he cried in the woman's arms. Jimin tugged his hand free and he ran to her, Tae right behind him before stopping short as the woman stopped to glare at them.
“You dare run away?" She spoke in sickly sweet voice and the boys whimpered as they took a few steps backward. The woman was about to bend down when Namjoon stepped forward, beating Seokjin to it, “if you touch them, just see what I do to you." He spoke in a calm voice that had shivers running down Seokjin's spine. If the woman didn't get the message than he wasn't sure what would get it through to her. The receptionist cleared her throat and gestured for her to leave. The woman held up the squirming baby and Namjoon took him into his arms. Thankfully, she went away then. Namjoon held the child close, whispered thing so that he would quiet down but Jimin and Taehyung were tugging at his pants. He bent down to their level then, “Kookie look who's here." He said and Seokjin smiled at his husband.
“Kookie Kookie Kookie!" Jimin spoke in his high pitched voice and the boy looked up. He had big, black doe-shaped eyes, and the jet black hair framing his face made him look like an angel. The crying stopped as the boy reached out with his tiny arms, swatting Jimin's head and when he had made sure he was actually there, he broke into a grin revealing the only two teeth he had in his mouth. They happened to be the upper jaw incisors, making him look like a perfect bunny.
Taehyung giggled from beside Jimin and this caught Jungkook's attention who jerked his head in the boys direction and let out an odd sound accompanied by, “Te!" The boys giggled more and a big smile had appeared on the rest of their faces too. Namjoon shook with laughter, which in turn shook Jungkook who giggled even more. Hoseok had walked over to the bunch and poked Jungkook's cheek softly, the baby let out a high pitched sound and laughed.
“Appa he's so cute. Can we keep him?" Namjoon nodded.
“He's like a puppy!"
“Hoseok, don't compare children to puppies."
“No, he's a bunny." Yoongi was the one to speak this time around and Seokjin laughed at the fact that he had made a similar observation in his head.
“I thought so too." He said to him and Yoongi smiled his signature gummy smile. The boy wordlessly walked over to Seokjin and looked up in his eyes seriously, “Eomma was I that old when you brought me home?"
Seokjin froze, before getting down on his knees to face the child properly, “you were younger." He said softly and ran a hand through his hair. The action had always calmed the boy, even when he was a baby.
“Yoongi baby, how-"
“Its okay. You're Eomma. And he's Appa. That's all." Yoongi smiled againand Seokjin tried not to laugh at the way the boy had vaguely gestured behind his shoulder to point at Namjoon.
Seokjin hugged him, “Yes, yes you are my son. And that's all. My baby. So grown up, so big, he understands eomma so well. He understands everything so well. Promise me baby, you'll take care of all your dongsengs, just like Hobi, okay?" The boy nodded sincerely before pressing his lips to Seokjin's cheek and running away to the rest of the boys. To say that Seokjin was proud would be an understatement.

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Most children, especially infants, had their own set of words that they used to communicate, like an alien baby language. Jungkooks language was named as the Poopoo language; Hoseok and Taehyung had come up with the name after two hours of brainstorming. It was quite an apt name, Yoongi had to agree, because unlike other children, Jungkook used the same word to signal everything-the difference lied in the way he said it. Jimin and Taehyung were already familiar with it, and his parents were slowly starting to learn too. But Yoongi prided himself on being the best at it. Hoseok barely got it, but then again he didnt need to because a simple funny face was enough to distract Jungkook from whatever it was that he wanted and focus completely on Hobi.


Yoongi had also made a little book for his youngest brother, a Poopoo manual.



When Jungkook was hungry. If Jungkook wanted food, he would shout out at the top of his lungs, poopooooooooooooo!


When Jungkook was alone and scared, like when he woke up at night and did not have anyone around him, his voice would take a timid quality, unlike his usually loud self, and he would unsurely call out Poopoo? Needless to say if his call went unanswered more than thrice, he would start crying. (This happened a lot on the first few nights, and Jimin and Taehyung would wake up and rush to him. They still hated that they had left Kookie alone and kept saying sorry).


The third poopoo was when Jungkook was in a mood to play, which was most of the time. He would keep saying Poopoo! Poopoo! Poopoo! Loudly and squealing now and then as he jumped up and down. Yoongi noticed that the boy usually fell because of not being able to balance well but Jungkooks enthusiasm would only increase everytime he fell, because soon, the boy would turn restless and his screams would become louder POOPOO!POOPOO!POOOOOPOOOOO!


The whole house feared number 4, because this was usually when the baby was throwing a tantrum. When Jungkook didnt get to touch the pretty flowers in the shiny, glass thing on the table, Jungkook started throwing punches at Appa, who was holding him while angrily accusing them; POO.POO! Yoongi tried to explain to the little kid that even when he was a big boy, he was not allowed to touch it! And Appa tried too, but appa is not really good at it so Jungkook wouldnt stop. Instead, Jungkook just stared at him with wide eyes and gave him a PooPoo number 5 that Yoongi simply couldnt say no to and he promptly climbed up the chair near the table to give Kookie his flower. (Appa didnt stop him and got in trouble with Eomma later)

Which brings us to,


Yoongi learnt to never underestimate the manipulation skills of a baby because as small as he was, Jungkook was clever. Very, very clever. He gave them PooPoo 5 along with wide eyes on the brink of tears and he would pitifully pout and mutter a small poooopoo? Nobody could ever say no to it.


The sixth and final poopoo was feared even more than number 4 and 5 combined, because this was uttered only when Kookie was extremely sad or hurt. Everyone hated it when the youngest got hurt. He usually spoke this poopoo when he woke up from a nightmare screaming or when there was a loud sound that startled him; the big doctor with the beard had said it was because Kookie remembered a little of the accident, which was why he was still scared of loud sounds. Jungkook would cling to the nearest family member, usually Jimin, and cry silently while he repeatedly said poopoo. (Kookie was never silent!).It was the worst, because Jimin would start crying soon too, and then Tae and then Hobi and everything would scare Yoongi so he would cry a little too. Eomma cried sometimes as well.

We hate poopoo 6! (yoongi quickly wrote in his little notebook)

Much to his parents disappointment, Kookies poopoos never gave them any warning of his needs for the toilet. At first theyd thought poopoo meant poopoo but of course it didnt mean that, because his baby brother is unique!

Yoongi was carefully going over each of the poopoos hed written about in his notebook because Appa had taken everyone else out to the park and of course Yoongi is a big boy now so he stayed in to work on his little notebook with Eomma and Kookie. But Eomma had fallen asleep and now it was upto Yoongi to take care of Jungkook. He could do it!

He heard Jungkook call out from Eommas room, “Poopoo?"

And Yoongi rushed to the room as he recognized it as a number 2 and if he didnt reach quickly, Kookie would cry. He scrambled up to the corner of the bed and found eomma asleep and Kookie trying to chew on the covers. As soon as the baby saw Yoongi, his eyes shone with excitement and he squealed, followed by “ Poopoo!Poopoo!Poopoo!"

Aha! A number 3! Kookie wanted to play.

Yoongi grabbed the babys hand and said, “Kookie, let eomma sleep okay?We'll play "

Jungkook nodded quickly, “ pway!"

Yoongi carefully held up the baby in his arms, he could surely make it too his room without dropping him. Yoongi is way stronger than Hobi! And Jimin and Tae too!

His excitement was short lived as he had never tried carrying Jungkook all the way to his room before, specially while Jungkook kept kicking and happily screaming “Poopoo!"

Yoongi took a quick break, but then successfully carried Kookie to his and Hobis bed. Its okay, he was still stronger than most of them! He put Kookie on his bed and sat beside him, Poopoo! the boy jumped and hit the bed with his fisted arms.

“Okay Kookie, lets play. "

"Pway! Woongi! "

Yoongi smiled and Jungkook giggled in return. He quickly brought over his favourite bunny stuffed toy and gave it Jungkook, he was too old to play with it anyway. Besides, it suited Kookie, his personal bunny. Jungkook let out an excited squeal and started grabbing at the bunnys ears.

The boy made it for fifteen minutes before one of the bunnys ears came off. Jungkook looked up at Yoongi with big, scared eyes. “Poopoo?"

It was the fifth one, Jungkook was testing the waters to see just how mad Yoongi was. But of course Yoongi wasnt that mad! Hed already decided to give Jungkook the bunny.

Yoongi smiled at his dongseng, “Its okay Kookie! Im not mad. "

The boy broke into a bunny-like smile and giggled. Slowly, he scooted over closer to Yoongi, grabbed onto his shoulders to reach him better as he stood up, and planted a sloppy kiss on Yoongis cheek. Jungkook pulled away and said, “Woongipoopoo. "

And that day, a poopoo number 7 was added to the list and it was added in red glittery writing with a smiley face as it was special because it was only for Yoongi.

Chapter Text

Hoseok was busy running around the playground with his classmates when he noticed Jimin sitting behind a big tree in the middle of the field. It was their play ground at school, Jimin and Taehyung had joined soon after they had started living with them. Hoseok absolutely adored his new brothers but he could tell they still had a little doubt about belonging to their family. Nevertheless, Hoseok tried his best to make them feel nice, he used to share his toys, make funny faces and dance around with them. Taehyung happily joined him most of the time, but Jimin usually sat back with a big smile on his face and watched them. If Hoseok did a good job, Jimin would join too! Those days were Hoseok's favourite, when he got Jimin to laugh loudly like his twin.

But now his eyebrows scrunched together in worry as he noticed that his shy brother was quietly sniffling in the middle of the field. Hoseok quickly ran to the big tree and just like he thought, he found Jimin clutching his sketching book and sniffling. There was another kid there, Hoseok recognized her as Heejoo, she was in his class.

“Yah! What are you doing?!" Hoseok screamed at the girl, who crossed her arms and yelled back, “This boy is stupid! And ugly!" Jimin cried harder and whimpered when he noticed Hoseok run towards the girl, “You're ugly! You re so ugly that you look like a pig!"

The girl huffed out in frustration and stomped off.

Hoseok walked over to Jimin who was rubbing his eyes furiously. “Jiminie! Don't cry! She was stupid."

But Jimin only sniffed and looked away. “Okay Hyung. Sorry."

“Don't say sorry! We should play!"

“No Hyung, I'll sit here."

Hoseok was really worried because Jimin didn't say a word even after going home. Taehyung and Yoongi hyung had also gone to school but nobody knew about it. Appa had come to pick them up after school and Taehyung happily talked the entire way home. Hoseok kept quiet because he didnt want to talk in front of Jimin. As soon as Jimin had left to go to his room, Hoseok had told them about what happened. Yoongi gave him a high five when he told him how he'd screamed at the girl and Taehyung glared at everything in sight, declaring he would kill the girl! but they were still worried about Jimin. He wouldn't talk even when Kookie tried to call him to play.

Together, all of them decided to go to Eomma because he was so good at talking to them when they were sad, but Eomma wasn't home today. So they went to Appa.

Namjoon was about to take a long nap when three heads poked out from behind the door to his room, calling out to him, “Appa?"

He still couldn't get used to the feeling of being a father to not two but five children. It made him giddy. He'd taken the day off from work to stay at home with his kids and that alone had been a dreadful task. He'd dropped them off and brought them back from school while taking care of Jungkook the whole time. Seokjin was needed at his work place again. The two of them were struggling to constantly take care of their children while also managing work but they were doing it, and they were also happier than ever before. Seokjin had managed to get the night shift for his job as a doctor while Namjoon worked during the days at his recording studio, where he worked as a producer/songwriter. So Seokjin stayed at home with the kids during the day and worked during the nights. Namjoon realised they'd have to come up with a better solution because Seokjin needed to sleep too. He'd usually come home and find Hoseok complainting about eomma sleeping all the time.

He was usually better at working during the nights than Seokjin, but that would mean staying at home during the days, which included the task of feeding his children and Seokjin didn't trust him with anything food-related. He still reminded him of the one time he'd fed pizza and only pizza for a week to a three year old Yoongi when Seokjin had had to go visit his mother and sister ( a story for another time ). So he worked and worked all day long, and also tried to keep working while at home, but you can only imagine how that went with five children below the age of ten at home.

“Hey kids. Did Jungkook wake up? Oh god I just put him to sleep. Why?" He groaned but his children were quick to shut him up, “No No No!"

“Appa, its Jimin. Hobi said he's sad."

Namjoon immediately turned to look at Hoseok who explained what happened at school to him. He got more and more worried as the story finished, he really was hopeless like this. He needed Jin to tell him what to do. Taehyung grabbed on to his neck and quietly said to him, “Please make him happy appa! I don't like it when Jiminie is sad."

The fact that Taehyung was quiet was enough of a warning that something was terribly wrong. He nodded at the boy and gave him a small smile as he started to walk to Jimin's room, Tae in his arms and the elder kids following him hurriedly. He gently put Taehyung down right outside the door as he went inside, “Jimin?"

The boy had been crying. He quickly rubbed his face and turned away from him, “yes?" he asked quietly. The lack of ‘appa' didn't go unnoticed by Namjoon because Jimin had always insisted in calling him that again and again because he liked it so much.
“Hey Jimin, how was school?" Namjoon slowly made his way around the bed the twins shared to sit on his knees in front of Jimin.

Jimin gave him a small smile, “okay."

Namjoon scooped him up in his arms, ignoring the startled little whine of protest and sat on the bed, “is this your sketching book Jimin? Can I see it?"

Jimin seemed to hesitate before he nodded and softly said, “you got it for me."

Namjoon hated it. He hated that Jimin was suddenly starting to treat him like a stranger again, like he was just a burden.

He willed himself to keep calm as he opened the book. A colourful sight met his eyes with every page he turned. If Namjoon wasn't so damn philosophical he would've thought it looked like any other four year old's sketching book but to him, it looked ambitious. It was bright and hopeful, the shapes a little better defined, the lines a little straighter than anyone else's. Namjoon really liked that. He was proud.

“Wow Jimin, everything is so pretty. Will my son be an artist when he grows up?" much to his relief, Jimin blushed at the compliment, but it was gone too soon, “no"

“but why not? You re so good. Here, I'll show you how I draw. Can I draw in this?"

Jimin nodded. Namjoon proceeded to choose the pink crayon and made an oddly bent circle in one of the clean pages, “Look Jimin, its the sun."

Jimin quietly shook his head with a small smile and grabbed the crayon from him. He took out the yellow one and slowly, carefully drew a better circle, “The sun is yellow. You have to draw the rays, like this," and the boy went on to add lines around the circle, his tongue poking out in concentration as he tried to make them straight. He proudly looked up when he was done, “like this." He showed it to Namjoon who nodded his head and said, “Yes Jimin you're right. Appa's silly. You should keep drawing like this."

Jimin's eyebrows scrunched together, lips forming a perfect pout, just like they did right before he was about to cry. He took the book from him and flicked through the pages till he reached one with a half completed drawing of the stick figure of a girl, “i made this but she said it was bad! She c-called me st-stupid and u-ugly." And the boy broke down in his arms.

Namjoon also hated the stuttering. Jimin did it when he was scared and nervous. He quickly wrapped his arms around the boy, rocking him back and forth as he tried to reassure him that he was the best, the prettiest, the kindest,sweetest Jimin.

“I'll g-go. I w-will st-stay away. I'm ug-gly I should g-go?"

“No Jimin, you should stay! You have to stay, we'll miss our baby boy so much! How will Eomma and Appa feel if he goes?"

Namjoon was losing the fight. He kept trying to tell Jimin but the boy sobbed harder and shook his head, refusing to listen to him, trying to get out of his arms. He kissed Jimin's forehead and tried to wipe off his tears, but new ones replaced them just as soon. A creaking sound followed by multiple footsteps stopped them. Hoseok ran up to Jimin and held his face in his hands, “Jiminie you can't go! That girl was stupid! I called her a pig!"

Namjoon cracked a smile as Jimin's sobbing quieted down and he looked at Hoseok with wide eyes. Hoseok went on, “Jimin is so cute! He has pretty eyes!" He said quickly. Soon, Taehyung had come up beside Hoseok too, “Jiminie's smile is the prettiest!" He grinned up at his twin.

Jimin had a small smile on his face now and slowly, Yoongi came forward too.

“Come on Hyung! Say something, our plan!" Taehyung whisper shouted not-so-discreetly at Yoongi who thought for a minute before saying, “His hair is soft."

Both younger boys facepalmed and groaned but that was okay because Jimin was laughing now. Namjoon grinned at the boys too before ruffling Jimin's hair and saying, “Our Jiminie is the best!"


“Namjoon why is Kookie drooling and chewing on the couch? Didn't you put him to sleep already?" Seokjin's distant voice was now getting nearer as Namjoon belatedly thought, shit-Kookie.

“What-" “Poopoo!" Whatever Seokjin had wanted to say was loudly interrupted by Kookie who squirmed in his hands to be let down. As soon as Seokjin set him on the floor the boy half-crawled-half-walked up to the bed and uselessly tried climbing up until Seokjin gave him a boost. He was quick to crawl up to Jimin, “Dimin!"

Jimin snorted a little and grinned widely at his little brother. Jungkook then proceeded to give Jimin a big smooooooooch on his cheek and then lost his balance and fell on his butt. He then quickly backed away and lay sideways on the bed, beckoning Jimin to him with a little “Poopoo?"

Taehyung giggled from beside Jimin, “He wants a kiss." Everyone laughed a little at that and Jimin bent down from his place on Namjoon's lap to give Kookie his kiss. Jungkook blinked twice and then grinned and his expression matched everyone else's. Jimin then went on to give each of his brothers and Namjoon a kiss too.

“What about me?" Seokjin pouted comically and Jimin rushed to him to give him his kiss as well.


Fourteen years later.

Yoongi was furiously clicking away on his laptop and cursing every once in a while when something went wrong.

“It's fine Hyung! Stop worrying too much."

“You don't get it Tae, it's a really big opportunity, like really really important. I want this to be perfect." Yoongi's eyes never left the screen.

“But Hyung! You made me listen to the song, it was perfect! Come spend some time with me!!" Taehyung's hands wrapped around Yoongi's shoulders who finally looked up and quirked an eyebrow at his brother. Taehyung's pout instantly turned into a full-fledged boxy grin. Yoongi rolled his eyes but ruffled his hair in fondness anyway, “Let me just get this done Tae"

“But Hyung~"

Taehyung's whining was interrupted by a loud yelp from Hoseok and the sound of Jungkook chuckling. Both boys looked up from their stance on the couch to watch their brothers, “Aish this kid." Hoseok was currently clutching his chest in horror and Jungkook was still busy rolling around on the floor laughing,

“What?", Hoseok said defensively when he noticed them watching him, “He watches scary things!" Taehyung snorted at the revelation and Yoongi grinned too. Hoseok's eyes were now shut close as he hit his chest with his fisted hand, “calm down calm down." The boy repeated like a mantra encouraging the fifteen year old Jungkook to laugh louder. Hoseok shot him a withering glare before his eyes locked onto something on his phone, “You guys, shouldn't Jimin have come home an hour ago?"

“Maybe he's still practicing?" Taehyung spoke from beside Yoongi, head resting on the latter's shoulder.

“Nobody should be practicing that much." Hoseok muttered to himself.

As if on cue, the door burst open revealing a sweaty and tired-looking Jimin, “Hey guys." He mumbled before dropping his backpack on the floor, sitting down on the couch behind Jungkook (who had decided to sit right there on the spot on the floor where he'd fallen off the couch laughing). Yoongi frowned as he clearly noticed something was off about Jimin's behaviour. The boy was always happy, always, even if you woke him up at 3am with a bucket of ice-cold water (perks of living in the same house as a certain Kim Taehyung). Everyone always looked forward to Jimin's bright greetings and the boy's smile was one of Yoongi's favourite things in the world. Jimin would usually leap into his lap right after getting home from his dance practice, regardless of Yoongi's complaints of him being sweaty and disgusting, claiming that he missed him. Saying things like “Hyung you should drop out of college, I miss you too much." effectively bringing out his rare-gummy smile.

Everyone noticed the sudden change in behaviour and Jungkook shut whatever video he was watching on his phone to turn around and look at his brother, “Hey Jimin, what's up with you?" He teased the boy, dropping the honorific ‘Hyung' and was ready to bolt before Jimin could react like he usually did (smacking him upside the head) but Jimin simply looked up at him and shook his head, gaze falling back to his lap.

Jungkook's smile faltered but the boy apparently thought teasing was a comforting thing to do as he cluelessly went on, “What, dance wasn't good? Accept it Jimin, you're pretty useless."

The look of pure shock and hurt that crossed Jimin's features in that one short moment when that sentence was uttered sent Yoongi's heart plummeting down to his stomach. Time seemed to have frozen as Jimin wordlessly got up and muttered a little, “I'll be in my room" and just like that, he was gone. The three of them took turns shooting Jungkook murderous glares before Yoongi spoke up, “Jungkook-ah, what did you think you were doing?"

The boy visibly gulped before replying with a,“Uhh I think, I , umm, went too far?" Hoseok hissed and threw a cushion at Jungkook, “You think?" Regardless of the fact that Jungkook had easily dodged the cushion(and the fact that it couldn't have hurt him anyway) Yoongi flinched at the action. He could never hurt a hair on Jungkook's head because every time he was tempted to do so, which was quite often- that cheeky brat, Yoongi was always reminded of the tiny one year old who went crawling around the house screaming for Woongipoopoo. Yoongi shook the image out of his head.

“Yah Jungkook-ah, what are you supposed to do now?" Taehyung leaned forward, glaring at Jungkook, who looked back with wide, scared eyes, “Apologize?" ("Pooopoo?" A number 5, Yoongi's mind uselessly provided)

“Well, what are you waiting for." Hoseok crossed his arms as he stood looming over Jungkook. The boy whined as he got up slowly, “I didn't mean it! I just say stupid things ugh!"

Yoongi simply stood up and pushed the boy towards the staircase that would lead to Jimin,s room upstairs. Of course they knew he didn't mean it, Jungkook was going through that awkward teenager phase where he would blurt out anything that came to his mind. Everyone knew how much Jungkook adored and looked up to Jimin, even when the boy spent all of his time convincing them otherwise. They watched him make his way upstairs with a nervous expression and teeth bothering his lower lip, a habit. As soon as Jungkook went into the room, tha three of them ran behind him to watch at the door.


“Jiminie Hyung?" Jungkook said poking his head into the room as he noticed Jimin sitting on the farther end of the bed.

“What do you want Jungkook?" Jimin muttered harshly, not looking at the boy. Jungkook winced at not being called Kookie like he usually was called by this particular hyung of his. He kept claiming he was a manly man and refused to answer to anyone calling him Kookie but not Jimin. Jimin wouldn't listen anyway, he told himself, but really, he knew that he liked it when Jimin referred to him fondly.

“I am umm sorry?"

“You don't have to say sorry Jungkook." Jimin was pinching the bridge of his nose with his fingers, lips forming a pout unconsciously, (just like they did when he was about to cry!)

“I uhh no. Um Hyung? I really am sorry. I just, I," Jungkook licked his lip, “ I didn't mean it! I was, uhhh being stupid I guess." Jungkook was scratching the back of his neck as he slowly made his way around the bed to sit beside Jimin.

“Really sorry Hyung."

“The Hyungs sent you didn't they?"

“I would've come anyway Hyung." Jungkook muttered ashamed.

Jimin let out a sigh and mumbled an ‘it s okay'. They sat there, the silence between them heavy before a shaky breath from Jimin broke it, Jungkook looked up startled and he found that he was right, Jimin was crying, “Kookie, I had a bad day. Now I can't even dance properly? I c-couldnt d-do anything p-properly ugh I," Jimin sniffled loudly and then raised his voice as spoke, “Are you gonna keep pretending that you're not at the door listening in?! Hyungs, Tae come in!" A creaking sound followed by loud footsteps, Hoseok was the first to reach them.

He had a sheepish smile on his face as he suddenly grabbed onto Jimin's face, who looked up at him with wide eyes. Slowly, Hoseok said, “Our Jimin is so cute, he has pretty eyes!" Jungkook didn't really get what was going on but Jimin's eyes widened even more. Suddenly, Taehyung was crouching in front of Jimin, hanging onto both his legs, “Jiminie's smile is the prettiest!"

Jimin let out a funny snort and smiled a little, “You guys remember?"

“Of course we do, we don't like it when our Jiminie is sad." Taehyung said happily, before turning around to look at Yoongi, “Hyung!"
“Right, of course," Yoongi stepped closer to Jimin looking like ke was about to fall over laughing before he said, “his hair is soft." and then he went on to do exactly that, the rest of them following suit. Well, everyone except Jungkook who still didn't get it.

“Yah yah! Just think about it, Yoongi Hyung couldn't even compliment anyone all those years ago!" Taehyung's gleeful cackle turned into an excited squeak as he dodged Yoongi's arm that was reaching out to hit him, promptly climbing on the bed to hide behind Jimin,s back. Thankfully, Jimin looked happy now.
“Yah, do you think I should call Jungkook a pig?" Everyone cackled.

“What?" Jungkook grunted and they turned, looking at him, “Oh Kookie you were young. Jimin was sad and we said the exact same things!" Taehyung explained loudly and Jungkook, finally understanding the situation muttered an “Oh" before stopping and snorting loudly, “wait, Yoongi Hyung said that?" Everyone laughed yet again and this time Yoongi did swat Jungkook's arm playfully before smirking and adding, “You don't remember what you did, did you?"

Jungkook's laughing stopped abruptly as he was met with matching mischevious gazes from three out of four of his brothers, Jimin was just looking at him and grinning like he knew what was about to happen. Of course he did.

“What did I do?" Jungkook half-wished they wouldn't tell him. But of course they would!

Hoseok grinned, “You kissed Jiminie!" And then went on to make weird kissy noises while pouting simultaneously. The tips of Jungkook's ears went red and he muttered to himself, “i was an embarrassing baby." Yoongi then shoved him into Jimin's side and shouted, “Kiss him Kookie!"

Jimin was laughing hard at Jungkook's expression but he quieted down enough to whisper, “You don't have to Kookie."

“Oh come on! We did a perfect reenactment! Kookie can't ruin it!" Taehyung shouted noisily from behind Jimin and Hoseok cheered him on. Jungkook shook his head in defeat but then quick as lightening he kissed Jimin's cheek and Jimin's happily surprised smile was enough for Jungkook to take on the teasing. Probably for the rest of his life, he thought gravely, they would never let him live this down.

Yoongi made a disgusted sound and Taehyung and Hoseok laughed and aww'ed at Jungkook, who turned even more red. Jimin kissed him on his cheek then and Jungkook was startled yet again, “What, I kissed everyone that day too." He said before turning towards the others, a mischevious glint in his eyes, “Do you want kisses too?"

“WHO'S HUNGRY?!" Hoseok bellowed and ran out of the room, a giggling Taehyung behind him with a still embarrassed Jungkook following them. Yoongi and Jimin were laughing so hard that their jaws hurt but then finally Jimin got out of bed and wrapped his arms around Yoongi, smiling at him brightly, and Yoongi smiled back, “Come on Jiminie, I think I'm actually hungry now."

He ruffled Jimin's hair but then stopped suddenly, staring intently at Jimin's head.

“ you know, " he said slowly, “your hair really is soft."

Jimin snorted and they fell apart, laughing yet again.

Chapter Text

Namjoon dragged himself out of bed to go downstairs for breakfast. His eyes were barely open when an exceptionally loud crash and bang forced them open.

“Sorry Eomma!" Another bang, yelp, “Sorry eomma!"

“Kim Taehyung. Sit down on the couch and don't move! Don't move till I clean up, okay? Jimin just make sure he doesn't move."


“Eomma teacher Min wants me to water a plant everyday! Eomma why can't I feed the plants too? Do plants only want water? Why don't they eat? Eomma~"

“Hobi plants have different food."


“Eomma Tae's running away."

“Am not!"

“Are too!"


Namjoon stumbled down the last few steps almost tripping on the last one, muttering a quiet sorry that he was sure nobody heard. He could see that Jin was busy with the kids. He was about to go help him when he saw Jungkook reaching out for a glass bowl from where he was sitting on his baby chair on the dinner table. He rushed forward and picked him up in his arms, breathing a sigh of relief. He really didn't know what Kookie' s deal with all shiny things was, Yoongi never did that. But Hobi was another story, that boy wanted to touch everything!

Jungkook happily pulled at Namjoon's hair.“Boo!" Before Namjoon could respond, Seokjin was rushing forward and taking Kookie in his arms. He cooed loudly, “Yes oh my, yes Kookie Appa's hair is blue! That's blue! Look Namjoon he can already tell apart colours!"

Namjoon didn't bother to point out that it was probably one of Kookie's new words but he happily nodded and pecked both of them on their cheeks, making his way over to the couch where it looked like Jimin and Yoongi were holding Taehyung back.

He sat between them, grabbing Tae and setting him down on his lap. He tickled till Taehyung was no longer whining in protest but instead laughing loudly. “What did you do this time?"

“Crashed into the table, dropped the vase, knocked over the whole table when he was trying to say sorry." Came Jin's voice from the kitchen table. Tae simply grinned his boxy grin. Namjoon nuzzled into his hair and it made the boy giggle.

“Kids just fold your legs, okay? Don't step on anything, it'll hurt."

Namjoon mentally cooed as all three of them instantly followed what he said. Jimin scooted over so he was sitting next to Namjoon, leaning on his arm as he played with his action figures. The twins had a thing for superheroes, they had figured when they went shopping for them. Yoongi was sitting on his other side, quietly watching Tae with a small smile. Within a minute Hoseok was running over to them before Seokjin scooped him up, “Wait up Hobi, let me clean."

“Eomma but I wanna go to Appa! Why don't plants eat?"

“Plants eat...soil." Seokjin scrunched his eyebrows cutely as he thought of the answer while he cleaned up the mess and straightened the table with one arm as he held up Hobi in another, Jungkook sucking on his sippy cup seriously as he sat in his chair.

“But Eomma! I thought so too! But the soil stays where it is! Its the same! Its not less! Wait, does this mean plants poop too?"

“Yes Hobi, they poop."

“Ew. So they eat and poop soil? Ew ew."

“Its not like that Hobi."


Seokjin sighed as Namjoon chuckled at his discomfort, before playfully glaring at him, “Why don't you ask Appa?" He then set him down to go the kitchen again, and Hoseok ran over to Namjoon, holding on to his knees as he jumped up and down. “Appa Appa Appa, why don't plants eat?"

“Plants do eat Hobi, they eat the sunlight. And stuff from the soil. And they poop air."

“Ooh. Wait so we breathe plant poop?"


“ewwwwww" and just like that Hoseok was gone again, running over to the kitchen. A minute later, Seokjin was back, hands resting on his hips, “Kim Namjoon what did you say to him? Now he doesn't wanna breathe."


They were at the dining table, trying to eat Jin's perfect chocolate pancakes while the kids filled the silence with their nonsensical banter. Yoongi pulled at his shirt midway, causing Namjoon to look at him with his mouth full of deliciousness.

“Appa its flower day tomorrow."

Namjoon gulped, glancing over at the calendar and then back at Jin, who looked oblivious because of course he hadn't heard Yoongi over the noise of Jimin and Tae's banging cutlery( they were having a sword fight with forks, of course.)

Namjoon's mind wandered off to the events of the same day, three years ago as he glanced at his five-year old son Hobi, with a look of concentration on his face as he ate his food. The day they officially met Kim Hoseok. Or, Jung Hoseok, which was what his name was before he was a part of their dysfunctional life.

That had been a pretty boring, normal day; Namjoon working in his studio while Yoongi, who had been 3 years old back then was at work with Seokjin. There were some nice nurses willing to take care of him while Jin worked. Namjoon stretched his arms and let out a tired sigh before getting his fingers back on his keyboard, what do I do with this track?

He'd been stuck on one of the tracks pretty bad. It just wasn't....right. Namjoon wracked his brains, thinking of ways to correct the song when he felt an urgent tap on his shoulders. Startled, he looked up while his hands automatically reached up to take off his headphones, and his eyes met the sight of his husband with his son in his arms. Namjoon placed the headphones on his desk, “Jin?"

His husband looked worried, if the scrunch in his eyebrows was anything to go by and Yoongi looked like he had been sleeping. “Joon-ah. I'm sorry I just came in like that. My mom called." Namjoon stood up as he spoke, straightened his jacket and then reached out for Yoongi. His son was quickly settled in his arms, head resting on his shoulder. Just the mention of Seokjin'a parents was enough to get him worried; they hadn't taken their relationship so well. That was, of course until Yoongi joined their family, and then Mrs. Kim couldn't bare to stay away from her grandchild. Nevertheless, they still didn't stay in contact as much as they should have, Mr. Kim still strictly against it.

“Its noona. I think something's happened. Mom wants me to visit as soon as I can. She was saying something about a hospital and oh god I don't know. I guess I should go."

Namjoon nodded understandingly. While Seokjin's parents were estranged, his elder sister had been a different story altogether. She had congratulated them with genuine happiness and her entire family had always stayed in touch through calls and video chats; they would've liked to visit but they couldnt because Mr. Kim had prevented her from doing so. Seokjin was always upset about it, especially after the birth of his nephew, 'Hobi', two years ago.

“I-I um I have to pack then. Um, I think noona's sick? I'm not sure. I t-think mom wants me there and uhh I should pack. Wait, but, what about you? And Y-yoongi? I-"

“Shhh Jin Hyung its okay. I got this. Don't worry about us, I'll take care of everything here. Do you need help packing?"

Jin was shaking his head before Namjoon could complete his offer to help, “I'll do it. Um, I'll tell you where everything is, and Yoongi's stuff- ohmygod Joon food. What will you eat-uh"

“Jin Hyung, Hyung relax. Calm down. I'll manage everything. You don't worry, okay? I can book your tickets?" Seokjin nodded, pressing his lips into a thin line; a nervous habit. Namjoon smiled at his husband and pecked him lightly on his lip, “Don't worry."

Seokjin smiled a little and then raised his hand to caress Yoongi's hair, smoothening out the strands poking out. Yoongi turned his head at the gesture, “Eomma?"

“Be good Yoongi, okay? Eomma will be gone for a little while. But I'll be back soon. I promise."

Yoongi'a brows scrunched, “Eomma going?" Namjoon's heart did a little back flip thing. He was familiar with every abnormality in Yoongi's voice and right now, the uncertainty hinted at a possible crying session. Yoongi had somehow found out that he was adopted, and as much as they tried, he still thought his parents had left him alone. Abandoned him. Just the idea of any of them leaving had Yoongi in tears. Namjoon kissed him on his cheek quickly.

“No no Yoongi. Eomma will come back soon. Eomma's eomma misses him. So he needs to meet her."

“I wanna go too."

“No Yoongi, who will take care of Appa? Appa will be lonely." Seokjin chimed in.

“Take Appa too?"

“We can't Yoongi. Its okay, eomma can talk on the phone. Eomma will come back soooooon." And Seokjin kissed him on the forehead, and that was settled.

“Come on then." Namjoon grabbed Jin's hand.

They went home in silence, Jin driving while Namjoon held a sleeping Yoongi in his arms protectively. There was an unsettling silence around them but Namjoon was too afraid to break it, knowing that it was a sensitive subject for his husband. Kim Seokjin had grown up with such warmth and love; he had had everything he asked for and things that he didn't as well. Yet, he was still humble and grateful for everything. Jin had grown up to be an amazing human being who was always ready to share. Jin was accepting and kind and always understanding, someone you can rely on. He had a lot of regard for his parents and he was happy. Or at least, that's what he thought.

But Kim Namjoon came by and ruined everything.

Not really, it was just that the perfect son of the Kims had fallen in love with another boy. A boy who had great grades, but insisted on pursuing music as his career. A boy whose smile reminded him of home more than his own family did. A boy who showed him a different way of looking at life. A boy who reassured him whenever he was insecure just by the single touch of his hand. A boy who confessed that he liked him and without even thinking about it, Seokjin was happily wrapping his arms around him. It was now that he really realized what true happiness was. But everything went to hell when he told his parents.

They screamed at him, called him disgusting. For the first time in his life of 23 years, his father slapped him. His mother remained silent and unforgiving. His sister silently supported him but didn't have the courage to say anything. Seokjin left.

Years passed without any kind of communication between them. Seokjin was separately invited the day after his sister's wedding to avoid running into his parents. Years passed and all his parents hopes of Seokjin and Namjoon breaking apart remained fruitless. At the age of 26, Seokjin got married. His parents didn't come to the wedding.

It was finally a year later when Seokjin's mom called him. She'd heard from Sohyun noona that Jin had adopted a baby boy, and his mother just couldn't stay away anymore. She only partially forgave him, so that she could be with her grandchild. His father remained indifferent. Yet she still didn't accept him completely, tried to haul him off to church and convince him that he should leave Namjoon and get married with a girl to take care of his son. Seokjin was furious, but he still allowed her to talk to Yoongi on the phone and video chat so she could see how he was growing up, and even though he sat beside Yoongi and listened to the whole conversation with a pained look on his face, he never said anything.

Seokjin pulled into the parking lot with a 'we're here' that finally pulled Namjoon out of his little flashback. They carefully carried Yoongi back to his bed and tucked him in for the night-it was already quite late. Namjoon looked through flight tickets as Jin packed his clothes and toiletries. Namjoon booked a ticket for the morning flight the next day.

"I don't even know how long I'm staying for Joonie. What do I take?"

"Just take comfortable clothes hyung. Couple of jeans-a couple of more t-shirts. Sweaters?"

"Yes, yes you're right-its cold out there-I should-hmm"

Namjoon walked over sit on the edge of the bed, watching Jin panic silently. The elder suddenly stopped and pulled at his hair, mouth twitching just like it did right before he cried, "What if something happened to her Namjoon?"

Namjoon rose and slowly wrapped his arms around him, and Jin dropped the pair of skinny jeans he was holding to hold onto his waist. He pulled him close and Jin buried his face in his chest, "It'll be alright hyung. Noona's fine."

"She never t-talks to me. Mom. And s-suddenly she wants me to come over? I don't like this Joon I-"

"I can come with you."

"No, no Namjoon you know you can't,"

"But you need me-i want to be there for you."

"I'll call okay? Of course I'll call. B-but you can't come, I don't know how father would take that-" a shudder ran through his body and Namjoon hurried to rub his back in a soothing manner, "It'll be okay don't worry. Here- I'll help you."

They packed and finally went to bed, Namjoon holding his hyung close.

Soekjin was gone the next day, and that is when the gravity of the situation hit him completely. He was alone to take care of a three-year old. It'll be alright, he told himself and hurried to the kitchen, pulling out the box of cereals for Yoongi's breakfast.

"Appa?" Yoongi rubbed his eyes and Namjoon quickly held him up. Brush-Jin had said. You've got help Yoongi brush.

"Let's brush Yoongi." As it turned out, the three year old was well aware of how to do it himself so Namjoon didn't have much to do except help him apply the toothpaste and watch him do it. When they came back, the cereals were soggy as Namjoon had stupidly poured in the milk while trying to be early. Yoongi refused to eat it. So Namjoon got him another bowl and ate soggy cereals for breakfast. He dressed Yoongi up in whatever the younger liked-so Yoongi ended up wearing bright red pants and a bright yellow shirt. Ooh. And a bright green cap. He would have to talk about Yoongi's choice of clothes with Seokjin.

Studio was another story. Namjoon was already worrying about the lack of attention Yoongi was going to get at the place because Namjoon got like that when he worked on his music. But surprisingly, their experience turned out t be rather good. Yoongi looked at everything with excitement and wonder and unlike other kids his age, he didn't even try to press any shiny cool buttons. Namjoon pulled him on his lap and showed him how things work- Yoongi probably didn't get anything but nevertheless he listened intently. And anyway Namjoon didn't want to go back to the track he was stuck on. Later that day, he played it for Yoongi- putting on his headphones for the boy's tiny ears and much to his delight, Yoongi loved listening to it. He then asked Yoongi what he should do.

"Press that one." Yoongi said and Namjoon did- the beat turned out to be hilariously odd. Both of them laughed because Yoongi thought it sounded like the moo of a cow.

"That one." He said and Namjoon did, and just like that they spent the entire day testing out every button Yoongi liked. At the end, one of those buttons turned out to be the key to the success of his fifth album.

Chapter Text

Seokjin was nervous as he stepped out of the bus. Just like he was nervous getting on the plane, then the entire bus ride that would take him to the place he had once called home. He kept playing with his wedding band, bag thrown over his shoulder, as he looked around. Nothing had changed yet everything had. With shaking fingers, he took out his phone from his jeans pocket and called Namjoon.

"Joon-ah. I'm here. I mean, I gotta walk home but I just got off the bus."

"Oh good okay Hyung. You'll be fine, don't worry too much, yeah? Keep telling me everything."

Seokjin nodded before remembering he would have to talk to be understood and muttered a small 'okay'. He hated being so far apart.

"Joonie. Distract me. Tell me something. What did you guys do?"

Namjoon chuckled quietly-a good sign. "Hyung, did you know that Yoongi doesn't eat his cereals until he's turned them all on the convex-side up?"

Seokjin laughed a little, he did know but it was nice to have Namjoon know everything too. He knew that his husband always tried his best to spend time with his family. Seokjin heard him talk as he walked on, "Hyung why does Yoongi have so many bright clothes?"

A small smile spread over Jin's face too, "Namjoon-ah, he's three. He can wear whatever he likes."

"But hyuuuung, its hurting my eyes."

"Shh Joonie you'll hurt his feelings."

"Ah no, he fell asleep."

"Again? What-its just 11. He'll give you trouble at night."

"Yeah but we were in the car so I let him. I can't just wake him up right? Look at him, he looks so-so peaceful hyung. Its like the sunset, the look on his face-its just so warm and comforting."

Seokjin laughed to himself but obviously Namjoon heard. "Hyung!"

"Yah quiet down. He'll wake up."

"But Hyung you can't just laugh! Its true!" His voice had dropped down to a whisper. That got another snort out of Jin.

"I know Joon-ah, but nobody would ever believe how much of a sap you are when it comes to Yoongi." It was true; anyone who looked at their couple would never be able to guess that Namjoon was the one with a soft spot when it came to his son. It was another one of those things Jin found adorable.

Namjoon huffed and muttered a 'you like it' that was obviously not meant to be heard. Seokjin laughed out loud and he was sure that Namjoon was pouting and probably looking ridiculous while doing so.
"Are you at the studio yet?"

"Yeah, I'm here. Its better he's sleeping, you know how I get."

Seokjin hummed thoughtfully but his feet stilled as his gaze landed on the all too familiar house. He'd been so preoccupied with everything Namjoon was saying that he didnt notice he had reached his destination. There was a sharp intake of breath- Seokjin closed his eyes and willed himself to calm down.

"Are you there?" Namjoon's voice broke through his internal anguish, even he sounded worried.

"Yeah, yeah I'm here. I-"

"It'll be okay Hyung. I promise. I...I love you so much."

There were tears in Seokjin's eyes and a choking feeling in his throat but he pushed it all back because he knew their love could and always had won against the world.

"I love you too Namjoonie."




Seokjin looked at the figure of the old woman; grey hair tied in a messy bun, crinkles by her eyes that could easily be mistaken for smile lines, lips slightly upturned in way of courtesy- no matter how much he tried to find the woman who loved him, she was not there anymore. Her eyes colder, her posture almost business-like, her smile plastic.

"Come on in son, you didn't bring my grandchild with you?"

"No. He's with Namjoon."

At the mention of his husband, her expression gave way to a disgusted sneer, "So you're still with that-"

"Stop. You know what I'm going to say-lets not go there." Seokjin paused half to just place his bag on the couch, and half so he could gather his thoughts and feelings again. He decided to speak up, fingers finding his wedding band again, "Where is noona?"

"Come see your father first-"

"Please. Please tell me what's going on. Why am I here?"

His mother sighed, "Sohyun-she, she was in an accident."

Seokjin's heart felt like it stopped before beating twice as hard as it normally does. He could feel the roar in his ears, head thumping and throwing his thoughts into frenzy, "What-what do you mean-"

"There was a car accident. Her husband was declared dead on the spot."

"No." At this point, Jin's knees gave way and he sat back on the couch, hand gripping the armrest like his life depended on it. His mother continued, " Sohyun was in the ICU- the doctors said she probably won't make it."

Seokjin covered his mouth with his hand, he didn't trust himself-his thoughts, his actions.

"She wanted to see you but she, she went the next day."

Seokjin shut his eyes, a few tears escaping in doing so. He couldn't believe it, he just couldn't.

His mother's wavering voice continued,"she wanted you to-to have Hobi. Your father thinks he'll be better off with us."

"How can you even say that right now?!" Jin pulled at his hair as more and more tears rolled down his cheeks. For a while she stayed there but soon he heard his father's approaching footsteps and then his mother wordlessly disappeared down the hallway with him. He had once associated this very house to happiness and beautiful memories-but now he was sure it had brought him nothing but pure misery. He didn't know how long he sat there, but at some point he left the room when his mother had received visitors that had come to offer their condolences.

He went to his old room only to find that it had been remodelled into a study for his father. Of course, he thought bitterly, as he dumped his bag unceremoniously in one of the guest rooms. He sat there on the bed, emotionally and physically drained of all his capacity to function properly. He wanted to call Namjoon but he didn't have the strength to do so. God knows how much he had wanted to lose himself in the comfort of the warmth of his husband's arms in that moment but life was cruel and he was alone.

He sat there thinking, tears occasionally rolling down his face but he was too tired to wipe them off. Right when he was happy in life, the fates above had decided to pull this on him.

"Eomma?" A voice interrupted and for a second he thought it was Yoongi, but he knew better. He whipped his head to the side to be greeted by the sight of small boy hiding behind the curtains. He had the same big, innocent eyes and dark hair. Just like noona.

Hobi backed off when he got a good look at his face but stepped forward again with an unsure call of "taptop?"

Jin rubbed his face and tried for a small smile, "Hey Hobi." His voice was cracked but soft nonetheless. Hobi stepped forward then, a little more sure as he quickly settled on the bed beside Jin. The boy reached out hold Jin's face in his tiny hands, "Jjin." He said, "Taptop" and smiled brightly, proudly showcasing a variety of missing teeth.

Laptop. Right. Seokjin thought back to all the times he'd seen his nephew through a laptop screen, Hoseok had remembered him. Seokjin quickly wrapped his arms around the boy and sat him on his lap, the child's head nestled comfortably on Seokjin's shoulders.

"Yes Hobi. Its Jin." There were more tears in his eyes but he simple held onto Hoseok even more tightly.

"Jjin, Eomma where?"

"I don't know, I don't know." And Seokjin had cried.

A few hours later, Hoseok was tucked in comfortably on the bed and Seokjin lay beside him-thinking. Namjoon called-Seokjin had let him talk about his day before telling him the news and breaking down yet again. His husband tried his best to comfort him but there was only so much he could do while they were far apart. "I'm gonna be there Hyung. I'm coming."

"Joon, I-they..I don't-"

"Shh Hyung its okay. I'm coming and that's it."

"The funeral's day after tomorrow. Namjoon?"


"Hobi-I'm going to take him with us," Jin ran a hand through the boy's hair,"that's okay...right?"

"Of course Hyung. He's our son now." There they were, tears pooling in his eyes again, this time out of love and warmth.

"Thank you"

"Shh Hyung, don't say thanks."

"Namjoon-ah, distract me."

He had stayed up for a little over an hour, listening to Namjoon talk about how much fun he had with Yoongi in the studio before the events of the day finally caught up to him and he fell asleep. The next morning, he had woken upto Hoseok sitting on stomach and bouncing happily and Jin had tackled him by tickling his sides till he fell over. He'd helped the boy brush and shower, making his breakfast as well as feeding him-and Hobi had kissed his cheek and smiled as bright as the sun after every single thing. He'd done his best to forget and help the younger forget their loss and as odd as it may sound, two-year old Hobi and 27-year old Jin had been helping each other move on. When he looked at his phone, there were pictures from his husband; of Namjoon in the studio, with Yoongi in his lap-big headphones covering his ears, hands raised up in v signs, his signature gummy smile on his face, one of the two of them eating pizza (which Jin had frowned on-thinking about the fact that that's what they had had for dinner) and constant messages from Namjoon-one of them notifying that he'd be there the next day.

Seokjin knew he'd make it out of this too. Because this time, he had his sons with him.

The funeral happened on 23rd of July.They took their boys to give flowers to his noona and her husband every year after that. They called it 'flower day'.

Once Hobi started living with them, he eventually started calling him Eomma too.

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Chapter Text

Namjoon saw Yoongi fidgeting with his little backpack as he unbuckled both his and his son's seatbelts. The voice of their pilot cackled through the speakers as he wished them a comfortable stay in Ilsan and thanked the passengers for flying with them.

"Hey big guy, enough of that. We gotta go now." Namjoon quickly took Yoongi's dinosaur backpack, zipping it up. The boy crossed his arms and huffed, "I was just going to do that!"

Despite the obvious age and size difference, Namjoon apologized to his three year old before taking him in his arms and started walking off towards the flight exit. The boy kept kicking his feet, anxiously waiting to get to his Eomma as quickly as possible. In the next fifteen minutes, he'd collected their bags and was now just as ready and excited to see Jin as his son. Seokjin must have needed him so much, he thought bitterly, and yet he wasn't there-he'd missed the funeral. And it was all because of the stupid weather that his flight got cancelled, but yet again, he couldnt be there. Just like he couldn't be there all those times his son had needed him too. Seokjin told him otherwise but Namjoon couldn't help but feel like he wasn't doing enough for his family.

With a deep sigh, he pushed up his glasses and smiled at his son, "let's go see Eomma Yoongi!" And to his relief, his son cracked a grin and nodded. Even Yoongi was starting to get annoyed with him after a while, there was only so much of his clumsiness that his three year old could tolerate apparently. After a while of misplacing pots and pans and almost burning the kitchen down, Namjoon had settled for pizza on the first day and then everyday after too-Yoongi had simply shook his head and walked off. Feeling bad, Namjoon had sincerely told Yoongi that he was sad he couldn't cook like Eomma but Yoongi had smiled and patted his head like he was forgiven. Really, their son was one of a kind.

Walking out of the Airport, it hadn't taken him too long to find his husband's warm brown orbs searching for his own. Seeing the familiar face, if only after a little while, was just so overwhelming that Namjoon almost shouted out loud. His mind flooded with emotions; relief, of course. And love. And guilt.

"Jin Hyung!" And soon enough, his warm eyes were focused at him. He saw Jin breathe out shakily and smile while waving at them as he made his way over to the waiting man. It was only on getting closer that he noticed a smaller figure holding onto his husband's legs with tiny hands.

"Eomma!" Yoongi reached out from his place in Namjoon's arms and Seokjin gladly reached out and held the squirming boy, "My baby, eomma missed you so much!" And just like that Jin was breaking down a little and Yoongi was smiling the widest he had in the whole week and god knows how hard Namjoon had to try to not break down into tears himself. He settled for softly pushing his husband's hair back from his face and Jin closed his eyes and leaned into his touch. The moment was gone once Namjoon felt a tug on his pants and Namjoon looked down to find a small boy looking at him with all the wonder in his eyes, "Who?"

Namjoon got down on his knees and grinned at the staring boy, ruffling his hair a bit, "Hey Hobi!" The little boy's eyes widened and he scrambled to get behind Jin as quickly as possible. Jin let out an amused snort and passed Yoongi back to Namjoon so he could hold up the little boy, "Hey Hobi, its okay! This is uncle Namjoon. Can you say that? Uncle Joon?"


"Fair enough. And this here, is Yoongi Hyung. Yoongi, this is Hobi, your dongsaeng~"

The reactions from both boys were almost comically contradicting. Almost. Because it really wasn't funny when Yoongi's eyes widened and then settled on something hurt and angry. On the other hand, Hoseok was grinning so big, his eyes almost disappeared as he called out a loud "Hyung!"

The drive back to the Kim's House made both adults feel like they were drowning in deafening silence as both of them couldn't bring themselves to talk, not when Yoongi wouldn't say a word to anyone while Hobi tried his best to talk to him in the backseat. The younger settled on smiling at his 'Hyung',the concept extremely exciting to him while Yoongi glared at the back of Namjoon's seat. Jin turned back to look at them a couple of times while driving, shooting Namjoon worried looks every time, and he didnt have to look back to know what was going on. They screwed up.

They'd always known how sensitive Yoongi could be, of course they should've been more careful...but how could they do anything that would hurt the younger boy, specially when he needed them so much. They needed to figure out a way to take care of both boys...and Namjoon was already having a migraine thinking about it.

When they got back to the Kim's place, Namjoon waited outside while Jin went in to get his bags, knowing fully well that he wasn't welcome in the house. They wouldnt have come at all if not for the fact that Yoongi needed his grandparents in his life too-they always wanted all the best things for their son. He tried for a polite smile when Mrs. Kim walked out to greet her grandson but on being coldly neglected, he let the smile fall off his face and settled for watching the woman drown his son in hugs and kisses. At least Yoongi looked a little happier now, but it was gone soon as the woman then proceeded to hug Hobi. Yoongi scowled and rushed to sit inside the car once again. Namjoon knew he needed to talk to the boy but he really didn't know how to handle it. Jin was back soon and his dishevelled appearance sent his mind reeling.

His husbands eyes were red and puffy, hair in a mess and his hands were shaking badly as he unceremoniously dumped his bags in the backseat of the car, startling Yoongi who was already sitting there. "...Jin?" He ignored Namjoon and simply grabbed Hobi's hand and brought him well to sit in the car as well before going around the back of the car to sit shotgun as well. Namjoon took the hint and slipped into the driver's seat, strapping his seatbelt while occasionally glancing at Jin who had his eyes tightly shut. Namjoon's brows furrowed on their own and he simply reached to hold his husband's hand. Jin intertwined his shaking fingers with Namjoon's steady ones, willing himself to calm down, Namjoon figured, as they drove off and the figure of Jin's mother became smaller and smaller in the rearview mirror. He kissed his fingers and kept holding on to his hand even if it made driving a little difficult. They would talk once they were alone.

They drove to the hotel in silence, they were to stay for a while as their flight back to Seoul was well past midnight. As soon as they got there, Yoongi rushed to hang on to Jin's hand before Hobi could. Namjoon scooped up the younger in his arms, earning a glare and angry pout from his elder son.

"Eomma, I'm hungry."
"Taptop Hobi hungry too!"

Jin was too preoccupied with his thoughts to notice what was going on, but Namjoon saw it alright. Yoongi was doing everything in his power to keep Jin and himself away from the youngest. So it was only expected when everything fell apart when it was finally time for dinner. Jin was about to feed Yoongi when Hoseok hopped over to the duo, waiting with expecting eyes for the man to feed him as well- Seokjin had smiled and started to scoop up a bite of his rice with chopsticks when Yoongi held his hand, restraining him.

"Eomma no."

Hoseok was already biting his lips in nervousness and hurt but by the time Namjoon could get to them, Yoongi screamed, "NO! My Eomma, my Appa, don't feed him!"

"Yoongi-baby listen,"

Hoseok's big eyes were shining with unshed tears as he looked at both the adults with a heartbroken look in his eyes, " Eomma where?" Yoongi was now physically holding onto one of Jin's legs and Namjoon's hand, pulling them away from the younger, " My Appa! Not yours. My Eomma. My!"

Hoseok slowly turned around, ignoring Jin's calls that had Yoongi screaming and crying again. The parents made eye contact and Namjoon could see his husband falling apart-he was too emotionally spent to have to do deal with this. It was all Namjoon's fault anyway, he could've said something to Yoongi earlier, or fed Hoseok by himself, or-

"Eomma?" Hoseok called out timidly and the both of them knew who he was calling out for.

"Eomma where? Eomma? Eom-ma, H-hobi miss y-you." The boy was sobbing now and Namjoon's heart clenched painfully at the sight. He slowly untangled himself from Yoongi, whose eyes were wide in shock too. He knew his son didn't wouldn't hurt anyone intentionally. He walked over to Hoseok and tried to hug him but the boy flinched away from his touch and cried harder.

"Eomma! Appa! Where, w-where...H-hobi will b-be nice! H-hobi sor-sorry. Eomma! Don't go!"

"Hey, hey Hoseokie~ listen to me. Come here, come here." Namjoon held onto the crying boy, caressing his hair and wiping his tears as best as he could, "Hobi's a very good boy,he doesn't have to say sorry, come on. Uncle Joon will get you something. Does Hoseokie like Tteokbokki? Hmm?" The boy wailed and cried for his mother but eventually calmed down enough to listen to Namjoon's soothing voice and ate a bit before going back to crying silently and falling asleep like that. Namjoon's heart broke once again as he tucked in the sleeping boy and dimmed the lights for him. He then went to look for his husband and Yoongi. He found Jin on the couch with Yoongi staring at his lap beside him. Seokjin was crying too and by the quivering of his lips, he could tell Yoongi wasn't that far from it either. Namjoon kissed his husband on the forehead before gathering Yoongi in his arms and settling down beside them.

"I'm sowwy appa." The boy muttered and a tear trickled down his cheek. Seokjin quickly reached out to wipe it away. Yoongi whimpered at the touch and looked at Jin with big, guilty eyes.

"Shh no, its okay Yoongi, you didn't know better."

"Appa...that boy were-will you leave me?" Yoongi kept shaking and they rushed to reassure him that they would never leave him. Ever.

"Yoongi-ah, Hobi misses his eomma. We should take care of him okay?"

The boy nodded quickly and apologized yet again, his tiny frame shaking with the effort to stop crying. "No Yoongi, dont cry, shh, its fine." Seokjin pulled him into his lap and kissed away the tears. Finally, after a lot of coaxing and soothing words, Yoongi had fallen asleep with his head lying on Seokjin's lap and legs splayed across Namjoon's.

There was a moment of silence where Seokjin ran his fingers through Yoongi's hair and Namjoon silently debated how to approach the subject while he watched Jin's fingers card through the boy's dark locks. Before he could say anything, Jin spoke up," Joonie..."

Namjoon couldn't take how Jin wouldn't look him in the eye when he spoke, watching his shaky fingers instead.

"Joonie, he wouldn't let me take Hobi. Mother said...she'd said it was n-noona's last wish and he didn't want-to let me, b-because I w-would ruin h-his life just l-like I ruined mine. B-because I w-wouldnt r-raise him right, j-just like I was p-probably ruining Yoongi's life t-too-"

"Hyung, Hyung shh, no. Come here," Namjoon wrapped his arms around his husband's shaking frame as Jin buried his crying face in the crook of his neck. Namjoon willed himself to push down all the anger and resentment he was feeling and tried to focus on the more important issue; Jin.

"Hyung you and I both know that this is not true. You're the best parent Yoongi could have," Namjoon rubbed his husband's shoulder gently as Seokjin's sobs died down, "Noona wanted you to have Hobi right? Mm? Its because of course you'd be able to raise him well--I, I know, your father doesn't think so, but there's not much we can do about that right? He-he has...old views, I'm sorry, but don't cry, no." At the mention of his father, Jin let out a particularly loud sob but then he slowly started to calm down, "You shouldn't think too much about this, okay? Yeah? We'll be awesome to Hobi, we'd be the uncles or we can be his parents, I dunno, we'll be whatever he needs us to be. We'll be the best fucking guardians in the entire universe-lets prove your father wrong-not that we have to, because Yoongi's enough proof. We're capable of raising beautiful humans." And Namjoon ended his little speech with a kiss to Jin's forehead. Much to his relief, there was a small smile blossoming on his lover's face as his crying slowed down to occasional sniffles.

"Joon-ah, " Jin called out in a soft mumble, "Yoongi's right here. Watch your language."

Namjoon chuckled and muttered a little 'see? awesome parenting' and kissed his cheek and Jin smiled a little more.

"Yoongi's going to hurt his neck, let's get him on the bed." And Namjoon stood up, holding his son in his arms as carefully as he could and took him to a room inside their suite, and laid him down on the bed next to Hoseok's tiny sleeping form. He shut the lights and closed the door on his way out, ignoring a faint shuffling sound from inside.

Namjoon settled down on the couch again, immediately pulling Seokjin in with him and wrapped his arms around him yet again. Jin sighed in contentment, kissing Namjoon's jaw softly before letting his eyes close and head rest against his husband's shoulder. "Namjoonie, do you think Yoongi'll get mad when he wakes up?"

"I don't think so Hyung. He's a nice kid, I bet he didn't want to hurt Hoseok on purpose--he's just sensitive with the whole concept of, you know, having to share his parents with someone."

"Hmm, I know. We could've handled it better." Seokjin let out a sigh but suddenly tensed up soon after, "Did you hear that? Are the boys awake?"

"No Jin I just switched off the lights."

"Oh well, Hoseok's afraid of the dark so--I, umm, let's just check okay?"

Reluctantly, Namjoon let go and the both of them stood up, making their way to the room the boys were sharing,in the middle of which another sound was heard and Jin shot Namjoon a 'told ya' look.

They opened the door, slowly switching the lights back on, the sight surprising them so much that Namjoon almost stumbled back a few steps. There on the bed, Yoongi and Hoseok were lying looking startled with their eyes wide open--hugging.

"Boys, is everything okay?" Jin asked softly, so as to not scare away Yoongi, who already looked so embarrassed that he could've simply run away, or to startle Hobi, who looked positively sleepy now that he had gotten over the surprise of them entering the room.

It was Yoongi who spoke first, in a voice so small that Namjoon thought he'd imagined it, but there was no way he could've imagined the words that tumbled out of his son's mouth, "H-Hobi was scared but I couldn't sleep. With lights. So I promised to protect him."

"You what." Namjoon couldn't help but blurt out for which Seokjin smacked his arm.

Yoongi repeated the sentence anyway, "to protect Hobi."

The younger boy was already close to falling asleep again and mumbled a little 'night-night hyungie' before clutching onto Yoongi's waist and closing his eyes. Yoongi's face was bright red but he didn't make any moves to shift from his position.

"Okay. Okay. Thanks Yoongi. Thanks for taking care of your dongsaeng baby, you're the best hyung. Good night." And a proud beaming Seokjin switched off the lights and left the room, pulling his frozen husband behind him, before shutting the door.

Namjoon was so surprised that Jin couldn't help but snort, "Looks like we won't have to fix anything. The babies are getting along!" Jin was grinning and a crooked smile replaced Namjoon's awestruck expression--Seokjin looked just so happy despite the messy hair and red puffed eyes that he couldnt help but lean in to kiss his husband. Slowly pulling him away, he threw his arm around the other's waist and started leading them to their bedroom, " I don't believe this."

Seokjin chuckled quietly, "Hoseok's a very charming child. I bet they'll be an adorable duo when Yoongi opens up to him completely."

"I'm sure he will hyung, now let's go sleep, gotta wake up early tomorrow for the flight. Gonna set the alarm..." Namjoon let go to grab his phone from his jeans pocket.

"You probably won't have to though, Hoseokie wakes up at around 5 everyday and won't stop screaming and jumping till everyone's up." Jin let out a fond chuckle.

Namjoon shot his husband an incredulous look, "You're kidding right?--looks like they aren't going to get along that well then. Do you know how Yoongi looks when you wake him up a minute before he's supposed to wake up?" His husband proceeded to make the most ridiculous face he could, flopping down on the bed with a loud oomph.

Seokjin laughed that squeaky laugh that Namjoon adored before shutting the door of their room behind him, ready to join his husband in bed and finally, finally sleep peacefully after such a long time.

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Seokjin and Namjoon realised that they're sons would grow up soon--and them growing up would add considerably to their list of responsibilities. They'd have to see their kids through high school, help them out with college and maybe along the way, they would find someone they loved just like they'd found each other. But these things would happen once their kids grew up and the couple was counting on the fact that they had more than enough time to prepare for the day when Yoongi would bring a girl home or Hoseok would have his first crush.

But they did not expect it be so soon and definitely not for it to be their youngest son.

Kindergarten. It happened on Jungkook's first day of school.

As soon as Jungkook had walked in through the gates, his permanently wide eyes widened even more as the boy took in his surroundings. The three year old was fascinated with everything he saw, head whipping around so fast that Seokjin was afraid of whiplash, and the boy slowly started tugging his hand away from Seokjin, the action making the latter's chest ache because his baby boy was growing up too. Jungkook had grown up surrounded by loving parents and Hyungs and even grandparents (Namjoon's mom adored him) but the boy had little to no experience with strangers, which made him slightly nervous around them. Jungkook would shy away from new people.

Seokjin wanted to meet the teacher that would be taking care of his son for the whole year, so that he knew his boy was in good hands and maybe, maybe that would set his heart at ease. Said boy was now looking at things and then smiling up at Jin with such wonder in his eyes that Jin was mentally cooing at the cuteness. He particularly loved the walls of the classrooms, which had all been painted with animated people and animals and Jungkook would peek in through each of the windows that they would pass before they got to his classroom.

"Hello. My name is Yoon Min Ji. Nice to meet you." The teacher greeted as soon as Seokjin entered the classroom he had been told of. She was a pretty looking young woman with short dark hair and a smile that could be considered charming and attractive, even to Jin, who by now was well aware of the fact that he wasn't interested in women at all.

"Oh hello. I'm Kim Seok Jin, Jungkook's dad. One of them, I mean, he has two."

The teacher's smile faltered but she quickly regained her composure, "Oh okay. Hey Jungkookie!"

Seokjin smiled to himself, because this was a test to see if the teacher would be okay with Jungkook having two fathers and would still treat the boy the same and she had definitely passed with how she was on her knees, smiling encouragingly at Jungkook to say hi.

That was when Jin realised that Jungkook had been still throughout the whole meeting and even if Jungkook was silent a lot of times, thinking more than talking, he was almost never still. Jin looked at the boy, and there it was, Jungkook was in love. The boy's round eyes positively resembled Namjoon's favourite heart-eye emojis and the boy was blushing and smiling nervously at his teacher. "Hello" he mumbled. But when his teacher's expression changed to a wider grin, Jungkook smiled bigger too. Without hesitation, Jungkook's grip on Jin's hand loosened and he walked towards Min Ji as if in a trance; if Jin wasn't busy being overwhelmed by emotions of his baby walking away and growing up so soon, he would've snorted at the scene so hard that his nostrils would've hurt forever.

The teacher ruffled his hair--an action Jungkook absolutely hated from strangers, and cooed about how obedient he was and Jungkook lowered his head bashfully, only to look up and poke his teacher's cheek "pretty."

The girl was taken aback, blushing profusely on being called pretty by a toddler but thanked Jungkook quickly and then stood up to face Seokjin again, "You have a wonderful boy Mr. Kim. Don't worry, I will take good care of him." She bowed and smiled sincerely but all Seokjin could really look at was the fact that Jungkook was still looking at Min Ji with adoration in his eyes and a small, dreamy smile that Jin only thought toddlers could have if they had been promised ice cream.

He shakily returned her gesture and made to leave. The only response he got from his son was a hasty wave before he got back to staring at Min Ji.


"Namjoon-ah. I lost my son to a woman."

His husband got startled and sat up from where he'd been lazily lying on the couch, "What, you lost Jungkook? On the first day? I shouldve come with you, fuck my job, fuck everything, where is he? Which woman? Did someone steal him? Or did he run off?"

"No Namjoon-ah, you don't get it. And shh dont curse so much."Jin settled down the couch beside Namjoon before letting out a deep sigh and muttering, "Jungkook fell in love."

His husband's panicked eyes settled on something confused.

"Hyung, our son is three. Are we talking about the same Jungkook?"

"Yes Namjoon. Our son. Our three year old Jungkookie. In love. With a woman more than double his age-I can't believe this."

"Hyung stop with the drama, what happened?"

"His teacher!" Seokjin whined and laid his head on his husband's shoulder, "He likes his teacher!"

Namjoon finally relaxed and muttered a tiny 'had me worried' before speaking up, "Isn't that a good thing? That he likes his teacher? Considering how Jungkook is a socially anxious toddler, I'm just glad he didn't throw a fit."

Seokjin let out a pained whine at the word 'glad' and shut his husband's mouth with a look, "No Joonie. No. My boy didn't even say goodbye properly, he was looking at her with heart eyes. Yes I used that term you love. Heart eyes Joonie and he called her pretty. I didn't know Jungkook knew that word! I would never have taught him how to speak if this was going to happen!"

His husband, look at the nerve of him, laughed, "Melodramatic much?"

And Jin sent him the infamous death glare causing him to raise up his hands in surrender.

"Seriously though Hyung, did Kookie really call her pretty?"

And Jin retold the whole story but this time it ended with both of them laughing. Five kids and they were still surprised at the things they would do.


Namjoon thought Seokjin was exaggerating about Jungkook's condition because of his mama-hen genes but he definitely did not expect it to be so true.

The day he was supposed to collect Jungkook from kindergarten, Jin kept muterring 'you'll see. That woman has my son in a trap.' He left with a kiss to Jin's cheek, deciding to not dwell on the fact if Jin was joking or not. But when he got to Jungkook's classroom, the scene that was unfolding before him made him stop and turn back to watch through the window.

Jungkook walked up to his teacher in that clumsy way only three year olds can and pulled on her sweater sleeve to get her attention from where she was crouching and talking to another kid. When she finally looked at him, Jungkook gave her the piece of paper he'd been clutching--which looked like a drawing, and then got on his tippy-toes to kiss her cheek. The woman was blushing again and thanked the boy after which she went back to her desk to keep the piece of paper somewhere. She looked so flustered that Namjoon was feeling bad for her. His son was a flirt. And he was only three.

Later in the car, Namjoon decided to ask Jungkook about his day and about his teacher.



"Can I marry teacher Min Ji?"

Namjoon choked on thin air and had to stop the car so he could breathe properly again.

('Namjoon-ah! Who taught him that word?!" Came Jin's whiny voice for the hundredth time that day)


On the final day of Kindergarten, it was a normal thing for there to be a group picture, complete with all the kids and the teacher in the center. By now, both Namjoon and Seokjin had resigned to the fact that Jungkook loved his teacher but they were still shocked when the woman handed him two pictures in stead of one because "Jungkookie refused to get off my lap and that would be unfair to the other kids so they had to take two pictures."

Seokjin was shocked but he still thanked the woman for her pains and for taking care of Jungkook so well and she brushed it off with a laugh and a 'not-at-all, its fine.' Jungkook really was sitting on her lap in one of the two pictures, triumphant smile on his face while the teacher looked slightly uneasy but fond nonetheless. The other kids looked like they wanted to throw a fit, some were even beginning to cry, and a boy was clutching on to Jungkook's arm, most likely trying to pull him off.

Jungkook wanted to stick the picture to his bed post. Seokjin wanted to cry.


Jungkook experienced his first heartbreak when he was four and had to be shifted to a class with a different teacher. The boy huffed and cried and even went as far as pulling his new teacher's hair because 'Eomma! He's not pretty!'

Teacher Yook Sung Hyun was more than confused and had had to call Jin and Namjoon in the middle of the day because he couldn't deal with the whiny crying toddler.

"Well, at least my parents would be proud," Namjoon shot his husband an incredulous look from tha driver's seat, watching Jin console a puffy-eyed Jungkook in the passenger's seat while driving back home.

"What do you mean?" To have Jin so casually bring up his parents sent alarm bells ringing in his head.

"Oh this one's most definitely not gay."

Namjoon sputtered and choked and had to pull over to breathe once again.

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