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Savage Heart

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Savage Heart Summary:

A love story between a pirate and his savior. An innocent, beautiful, selfless woman meets a man with no manners, no formal education and not even a last name. Will Emma fall in love with Killian once she discovers that beneath his tough exterior lies a heart-wild, but a heart of gold? This is a Captain Swan AU

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the love and crazy obsession for A&E's creation.

A/N: This is the first story I have written. Normally I am the one reading fanfiction so I am extremely nervous but my need to tell this story is stronger than my anxiety. This story has been a labor of love for me. It's inspired by another story as well, the first story I ever encountered with a pirate in love.

In my culture, there are stories (soaps) but their air time is only for a couple of months only and then on to the next one. It was a period piece I saw back in 1993. I know a lot of you were not around yet, but trust me it was good. The original characters include a pirate with dark hair and green eyes, a dark haired woman with blue eyes that breaks his heart and a blonde with blue eyes that mends his heart.

I could not help but remember this story picturing Captain "Killian Jones" Hook, Emma Swan, and Milah. I believe this story works perfectly with our lovely Captain Swan. But I do need to provide just a bit of a warning: There will be some differences in attitudes or character traits and some names have been changed a bit and locations… This is an Alternate Universe fic and as such, I have twisted the characters to meet my needs.

Please keep in mind that I could not "cast" different people in the main roles. My vision would not allow it.

Just to make it clear I do not hate Milah but she will be one of the villains in the story. I chose her because she was Killian's first love and no one else would do. If you are a fan of Milah's this might not be the story for you.