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under stars chilled by winter

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“I’m sorry?” Bucky asked, just trying to clarify.  “If it’s terrible, why are we doing it?”  He looked back and forth between Jane and Darcy, the latter of whom had suggested the “terrible” idea of just flipping the switches in reverse.  

“Do you have a better idea, Mr. Freeze?” Darcy asked as she helped Jane pull the necessary levers, crank the necessary cranks, some of which made alarming noises like they weren’t made to go in reverse.  

“It’s either this or nothing…” Jane leaned over to kiss his lips.  “Relax, we’ve already gone back in time, so what’s the worst thing that could happen?”  

Bucky returned the kiss and kept his thoughts to himself.  Which were something along the lines of,Wasn’t that what you said before you threw the switch that brought us here?