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under stars chilled by winter

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Jane was very innocently watching a movie when Bucky decided it was the perfect time to get her back for the tickle attack she’d given him that morning.  

He must have been hiding behind the couch or something.  That was the only explanation for how quickly he was able to spring on her.  

One second, she was watching John Cusack hold a boombox above his head, and the next, she was dying from a Bucky Barnes tickle ambush.  

“Stop…STOP!” she ground out between laughs and giggles, pushing his hands back away from her.  “You win, I surrender.”  

Bucky shot her a smug look as he straightened up on the couch, draping his arm over the back so she could cuddle up to his side.  

She grinned, a little smug herself as she planned her next attack.