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“Ji-Jimin! Jimin, please,” You pant into the palm of your hand, dragging it across your cheek with a whine, fingers smudging whatever lipstick was still intact from the press of Jimin’s lips not long before. You tangle your fingers in your hair, sharply tugging at the root when a lazy swipe of the tongue against your clit makes you jolt.

“Hmm? What is it, baby?” He hums thoughtfully, thick fingers stroking that perfect spot that had your back arching, toes curling and tears prickling the corners of your eyes. “Tell me what you want.”

He’d been working at you for over a half an hour already, taking his time and bringing you so close to release that you could taste it on the tip of your tongue, but easing off when he’d feel you clench desperately around his fingers, threatening you with a ‘Don’t even think about it.’ whispered against the soft skin of your inner thigh. You felt as though you were losing your mind, wailing and shaking with burning need to just cum already.

It was all fun and games up until the point where he shamelessly devoured you, thick lips attaching themselves to your center where a skillful tongue tasted your desire for him.

“I need you,” You sigh and the sound is so beautiful to Jimin that it makes his head spin. How could he possibly say no to such an honest answer? That and he knew he had dragged this out for far longer than he needed too because even he was spent.

“Are you sure, baby? I can finish you off like this if you want me too?” He softly questions after coming up from between your legs, finally taking a good look at your disheveled state; hair splayed out on the pillow, flushed from head to toe, lips swollen and bitten raw. You were beautiful and the sight had his heart jumping in his chest.

Although you and Jimin had been together for a couple of months already, the two of you had never gone any further than oral, so his need for confirmation was expected. He had to be sure since not only would it be the first time you both have sex together, but also because he’d be taking your virginity.

“Jimin,” You cup his neck and draw him in, ghosting your lips along his jawline to bring a shiver up his spine “Baby, please. I need you. I want you. I’ve thought about this for weeks and I’m ready. I want you to make love to me,” You confess between each kiss you pepper against the flesh of his jaw, cheeks and then on his lips.

Jimin ignored the whine in his chest, nodding softly before catching your lips in a tender kiss. You were so beautifully bare and spread out on his sheets, begging so sweetly against his tongue in a way that had him fumbling with the button of his jeans, but he got it. Oh god, did he get it. He did his best to kick away the restraining material (boxers included) while licking into your mouth, shaking them off from around his ankles to join your own clothes in a messy pile. He didn’t have to bother with his shirt for you had ripped that off the moment he pushed you down onto the mattress.
You licked at your lips to taste the lingering flavour of mint as Jimin pulled away to dig through his bedside table. The nerves started to kick in when the foil was thrown over his shoulder and the condom was rolled down his length – Jimin huffing through his nose at the feel of his hand against his aching, neglected cock. He rubbed his thumb into the side of your knee when he grasped at it, and you shyly let your legs fall apart for him. Jimin scooted forward until he was comfortably nestled between your thighs, glancing up to meet your gaze where your pupils shook nervously, yet you still smiled lovingly up a him.

“If you want me to stop, just say so, okay?”

His hear thumped when you nodded, and wasting no more time, he pushed forward until the head of his cock breached your entrance, inching in ever so slowly while glancing back and forth between the sight of your expression and the sight of his cock disappearing into your heat. When he was seated half way you sharply gasped and Jimin paused immediately, a concerned set of eyes locking with your own.

“I-it’s okay, just… just give me a minute.” You lifted one hand from where it gripped the sheet in a fist to smooth over his bicep reassuringly. Jimin ever so carefully leaned forward, hands pressed into the bed on either side of your head and swooped down to press a kiss to the corner of your mouth. Then another, and another, until you were dropping your hand to his hip and tapping him gently with a whispered ‘Okay, I’m ready.’ which he silently answered by sliding in further.

A collective moan broke the silence in the room the moment he was buried to the hilt. The pain was uncomfortable, but bearable and it grew dull when Jimin pulled out almost completely before gently thrusting back in. He started at a languid pace, allowing you both the opportunity to grow familiar with the feeling of one another, leaning back on his haunches and running his palms along the curve of your waist until he was grasping at your hips firmly.

“Faster,” You beg through a broken moan and he obliges, thrusting his hips, grinding and jerking until he finds the rhythm that had you both groaning shamelessly.

Beads of sweat began to form along his hair line, the droplets landing on the slick skin of your stomach as he shakes his hair out of his eyes. Your desperate search for anything to grab hold of ends when you rake your fingers through the damp black locks, grasping the soft strands tightly right when he meets the eager buck of your hips, shoving himself deeper than what you thought was possible. He hisses at the way you pull at the roots, mewling and breath hitching each time he drags you into him by your hips, fingers buried deep in the soft flesh that would leave a collection of bruises. They would match beautifully with the ones he littered along the base of your throat, along your collarbones and the valley of your breasts.

“Fuck, baby, you feel incredible,” He growls through a clenched jaw, brows furrowed in concentration and eyes fluttering with a fast approaching orgasm.

All you can manage is a weak mewl in response, imbedding your nails into the golden plane of his back as he rocks himself so perfectly into your heat that it causes your muscles to tense up and jaw drop in a silent cry. Jimin notes the reaction and works harder at the spot that he knows will having you seeing stars.

“F-Fuck! Jim-Jimin, Oh god I-“

And it does. Oh god, does it ever. With the help of Jimin’s determined thumb circling your sensitive clit you come completely undone, shouting an incoherent cry of his name mingled with whatever curse word that fell from your lips.

You clench and pulsate around his cock as you ride out your high breathlessly. Jimin is quick to follow suit with a few more jerks of the hip, spilling inside of the condom with a sharp intake of breath, licking at his lips as he just stares with glossy eyes where the two of you are still connected, trying to even out his breathing.

The slide out is quick and painless, Jimin clambering back onto the bed on wobbly legs after trashing the condom and rooting around for a towel. He gently wipes you down while you drag the pads of your fingers down the length of his neck and over the curve of his shoulder, pulling a soft hum from his chest which you just smile in response.

After cleaning himself off and tossing the towel god only knows where, Jimin flops down beside you with a groan, wrapping his arms around your waist and dragging you into his sweat slicked embrace. You don’t mind the feeling - welcome it in fact. It’s cozy in his arms, your heart beat matching the beat of his own as you lie your head against his chest.

“Wow. My gift was just going to be making you orgasm multiple times, but-“ Jimin finally says with a soft chuckle.

“But this was better?”

“This was way better.”

Jimin pulls you in closer, almost to the point where you’re practically lying on top of him, running his fingers through your hair as far as he can before he reaches the tangles. With a satisfied sigh, he presses a kiss to your forehead and mutters into your hairline.

“Congratulations on graduating today, baby. I’m so proud of you. “