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When Lines Are Blurred

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Stanford College, California


“Chad,” Jared whined. “You used up the last of the milk again. And decided not to leave a fucking note!”

“Dude, I was about 30 minutes of fucking that bartender chick. The only milk on my mind was-,”

“Chad! Shut it!” Jared shook his head. “I’m so finding another dorm partner.”

“Yeah, you wish.” Chad stretched out on his bed. “Our dorm room is the best. And I’m the best.” He tossed a dirty sock at the picture of Jared and Jensen Jared always had on his desk.

“Watch it!” Jared growled. He caught the wobbling photo. “Unlike you, I’m in a committed relationship with someone I love. A lot.” He smiled at the photo of him and Jensen in the park.

“Your gay love is sickeningly adorable,” Chad drawled. “When was the last time you saw him?”

“Thanksgiving,” Jared said automatically. “But I’m flying back tomorrow and we’ll have three weeks to ourselves, and Christmas.”

“Aw, you big sap.”

“It’ll be awesome. All our friends are coming home. It’ll be the six of us. Chad, I miss him so much. I miss Jensen.”

Chad smiled at him, fondly instead of the usual smirk. “I expect an invite to the wedding.”

Jared blushed. “We’re not going to get married.”

“Jare bear,” Chad said seriously, “You two have been together for, what, a year? It’s halfway through your freshman year of college and if he hasn’t gotten tired of your ass by now, he never will. Pun intended.”

“We’ve only been together 6 months. Shut it.” Jared bit his lip. “Do you really think we could get married some day?”

Chad nodded. “I’ve seen the two of you together. Remember the weekend he flew out here for your birthday?” Jared nodded. “That boy barely looked at anything else. I think he might have glanced at me once in the two days he spent with us. He’s never, ever, ever, ever going to look at someone with the same amount of love that he looks at you with.” 

Jared ran his finger over the corkboard hung by his bed. He’d pinned every photo Jensen gave him to the board and he hadn’t taken the leather bracelet off since the day he got it. Chad made fun of him for listening to the CD’s Jensen made over and over again, but it guaranteed hearing Jensen’s voice.

Other than the multiple times they called each other every day. Chad mocked him every time a text or a call came in from Jensen and Jared pounced on the phone. More than once Jared knocked over furniture—and Chad—to answer the calls. “Pathetic,” Chad told him every time. “Fucking pathetic.”

Jared rearranged his suitcase. “Is it weird that I feel nervous?”

Chad bounced on his bed. “Nah. He’s the love of your life. And you guys are still in the honeymoon phase, there’s still butterflies.”

“Will—will the honeymoon phase end?” Jared asked sadly.

Chad grinned brightly. “Yeah, but that’s the good part. Because after the honeymoon phase—that comes the real relationship. The honest, true love.” He winked. “But the butterflies really never go away.”

“When did you become my gay guru?”

“When you turned into a fucking pussy,” Chad replied just as easily. “Someone’s gotta be the brains of this operation.”

“And you think that guy’s you?”


“You’re delusional,” Jared told him. “And fuck, I am not even close to finishing packing.”

“Want some help?” Chad offered.

“Really? That’d be great!”

Chad sighed. “I thought you’d be too nice to accept that.”

“So, you offered purely because you thought I’d say no.”

Chad shrugged. “I’m not the most virtuous man on the planet.”

“No arguing here.”

“Dude, seriously, you’ve totally tricked everyone into thinking you’re nice.”

Jared snorted. “Look, I can barely think about anything other than the fact that I’m going to see Jensen tomorrow.”

“You sap.”

It wasn’t Chad’s voice that teased him. The voice was as familiar to Jared as his own was; Jared listened to it every night when he played his favorite CD over and over again. Jared jumped around and almost fainted at the sight of his boyfriend standing in the doorway. “Jensen!”

Jensen smiled, big and beautiful just like Jared remembered. “Hey, Jare.”

Jared crossed the room in two steps and wrapped his arms tight against Jensen. “Oh my god, you’re really here.”

Jensen laughed and hugged Jared back. “Yeah, baby, I’m really here.”

Chad cleared his throat and Jared stepped back. “Uh, you remember Chad.”

Jensen smiled at Chad. “Yeah, I’ve feel like I’ve gotten to know you pretty well through the shouting during our phone calls.”

Chad actually looked embarrassed. “Sorry. But if you saw the dopey smile Jared on his face when he talked to you—it’s pathetic.”

Jared blushed and Jensen combed his fingers through Jared’s hair. “Dopey smile, huh?”

Jared nuzzled Jensen’s cheek. “I can’t help it. I’m sort of in love with you.”

“Only sort of?”

Jared smiled against Jensen’s cheek. “Maybe a lot.”

“I love you a lot, too,” Jensen replied softly. “And I hear that you’re not done packing.”

“Well, I can see I’m only going to be cockblocking if I’m here any longer. So, I’m gonna go get drunk, and you two-,” Chad gestured between Jensen and Jared, “-no sex on my bed.”

“I could probably catch an STD just from sitting on it, I’m not having sex on it,” Jared told him.

“Fucker, I’m not that dirty.” Chad slammed the door behind him.

Jensen wound his arms around Jared’s waist. “Awesome,” Jensen purred. “Now. I haven’t seen my boyfriend in weeks, so I have a lot of pent up sexual frustration. And I really-,” Jensen stepped forward and pressed his hips against Jared’s, “-need someone to help me out with that.”

Jared moaned. “Jen, god, I wanna fuck you.”

“With pleasure,” Jensen whispered against Jared’s ear. He nibbled on the lobe and walked Jared backwards until he landed on his back on the bed. “Gotta make sure we get it all out here, because I’m not sure how many opportunities we’ll have at home.”

“Ungh,” Jared grunted. “Jen-,”

“Can you imagine? Being so close to each other for three weeks and not able to do anything? I think I might go insane.” Jensen kissed Jared hungrily and Jared moaned. He dug his nails into Jensen’s hips so hard that it would bruise the next day.

“Jen, you fucking tease!” Jared growled. He flipped them so Jensen was on his back. “I’m gonna fuck you, Jen, and we’ll see who the bigger tease is.” Jensen shuddered underneath him and Jared felt a swoop of satisfaction mix with intense lust. “I’ll bring you right to edge and force you back.”

Jensen tugged Jared’s shirt off from the awkward position he was lying on. He moaned and ran his fingers all over Jared’s torso. “God, I missed your muscles. I could come just from thinking about them.” Jensen licked a stripe up Jared’s chest. “I have come just thinking about them. My hand on my dick, just imagining you pressing me against the wall and fucking me so hard. God, I’ll have two fingers up my ass practically begging for you.”

Jared growled. “You jerk off to me manhandling you, Ackles?” Jared’s mouth sealed around Jensen’s nipple and sucked and bit it to hardness. Jensen writhed and babbled incoherent pleas. Jared pulled off his nipple and whispered, “You think about me shoving you against the wall, fucking you so hard you’ll feel me into the next week?”

Jensen keened and grabbed at Jared’s hair. “Do something, please!”

“What do you want, Jen?”

“Anything—everything—god, Jay, fuck me!”

Jared pulled his pants off and then rid Jensen of his clothing. “I’m not taking this slow. Been waiting too long.”

“Yes, god, hard and fast Jay,” Jensen panted.

Jared leaned over Jensen and grabbed the lube and a condom off his nightstand. “Thank god I hadn’t packed these yet.”

“You were bringing lube back home, Jare? Wanted to fuck me as soon as you got off the plane?”

Jared marveled at the fact Jensen could make breathy little pants sound sexier than porn. Jared slammed his mouth against Jensen’s. “You keep talking and I’m going to come before I’m even inside you.”

Jensen smirked. “We’ve got all night.”




Jared panted, satisfied and exhausted. “That was awesome,” He slurred.

Jensen giggled and rolled on top of Jared. “Did you know sex turns you adorable?”

Jared slapped feebly at him and Jensen snuggled into Jared. He pushed under Jared’s arm and waited for it to curl around him. Jensen sighed when the familiar hand stroked up and down his arm.

“I love you,” Jensen murmured.

“I love you too.” Jared pressed his forehead against Jensen. “Did you know sex turns you sweet?”

“Shut up,” Jensen yawned. “Do you think we could hold off on round two for a few hours?”

Jared nodded. “Let’s get some sleep.”

“Then I can suck you,” Jensen murmured sleepily. “Getting hard just thinking about it.”

“Go to sleep, Jen.”


Jensen woke up to light kisses pressed across his face. “Wake up, sleepy,” Jared whispered.

He rolled over and buried his face in Jared’s chest. “No, thanks.”

“We’ve gotta get home today,” Jared reminded him.

“Fuck home. Let’s stay here. California’s awesome.”

“You’ve been here twice, and both times we’ve barely left the bedroom.”

“Yeah,” Jensen repeated. “Awesome.”

Jared giggled and Jensen felt the familiar bubbly sensation that filled his stomach whenever Jared laughed.

“You do have a ticket home, right?” Jared asked.

“No, Jared, I flew up here without any plan at all.” Jared looked alarmed and Jensen rolled his eyes. “Come on. I live with women. My mom didn’t even let me pack until I had tickets booked—both ways.” He kissed Jared’s forehead. “Don’t worry your pretty little head.”


“Bitch. Now, you woke me up. I was having a nice dream, too. So if I have to get up-,” Jensen pushed Jared onto the floor. “You do too.”

“Uf! Jensen!”

Jensen rolled back on the bed, shaking with laughter. “You-your face-oh my god, Jay!”

“I hate you,” Jared grumbled. He pulled on Jensen’s arm and he fell onto the floor as well.

Jensen groaned at the sudden flare of pain. “Fuck.”

Jared’s big eyes filled with concern. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, baby, I’m fine.” Jensen smiled in reassurance. He knew how much Jared liked it when Jensen called him ‘baby’ and tried to work it into every conversation. Jared rolled himself on top of Jensen but made sure not to crush him.

“We really should get moving,” Jared murmured against Jensen’s lips.

“True,” Jensen agreed, “Considering you have tons of packing to do.”

Jared nodded and slumped into Jensen. “Not really motivated to do any work, though.”

Jensen rolled Jared onto his back and slipped his fingers into the waistband of his boxers. “If you finish packing in the next 15 minutes, I’ll blow you.”

Jared jumped onto his feet as soon as Jensen finished talked and haphazardly threw clothes and books into his suitcase. Jared frowned adorably when he realized everything wouldn’t fit.

“Jay, you know we’re only going home for a few weeks, right? You don’t have to pack up your entire room.”

“I know, but I feel like it’s all important and I can’t take anything out and hmph!” Jared’s rant was cut off but Jensen’s kiss.

“I have more room in my bag,” Jensen told him. “I really only brought a couple shirts. The rest is empty.”

Jared cocked his head. “Then why’d your bring it?”

“Because I knew you would insist on packing a ridiculous amount of stuff.” Jensen opened the suitcase to Jared. “And maybe I can teach you about responsible packing some day.”

“It almost sounds like you’re calling me irresponsible.”

“Gee, that’s just downright impossible.” Jensen patted Jared’s shoulder. “Pack, dumbass. A blowjob is on the line.”

Jared mock-saluted Jensen and continued to stuff miscellaneous things into the suitcases. Eventually Jensen sighed, “Jay, I promise, you really don’t need all this. Just stop packing or I’ll start throwing things back out.”

“That’ll be counter productive,” Jared told him but zipped up the bags. “Now you owe me.”

Jensen rolled his eyes and pretended to be exasperated. “I guess I do.” He pushed Jared onto the bed. “I suppose I could follow through.” He was already rolling Jared’s sweatpants down and groaned. “God, fucking commando? Not fair, man.”

Jared wiggled his eyebrows. “This making you hot, Ackles?”

“Shut the fuck up.” Jensen bent down and sucked the head of Jared’s dick. Jared let out a strangled noise of pleasure and Jensen smirked. He took more of Jared into his mouth and Jared grunted.

“Jen, fuck, fuck, fuck, ngh, so good, Jen—Jen your, oh god, your mouth!” Jared rolled his hips and Jensen choked slightly on his boyfriend’s dick. “Sorry!”

Jensen hummed an apology and Jared wailed. “So good, so good, Jen, Jen,” Jared babbled. Jensen doubted he even knew what he was rambling on about.

“Gonna-gonna come,” Jared warned. Jensen sucked harder and licked up and down the vein on the underside. Jared sobbed and come flooded Jensen’s mouth. He swallowed in willingly.

It was pure bliss until Jensen heard, “What the fuck! Oh my god! Give a guy some warning!” Followed by the slam of a door.

“Um, sorry Chad!” Jared called after him.

Jensen fell off Jared’s dick and dissolved into laughter. The last of Jared’s come dripped onto Jensen’s lips. “Oh my god! Chad—Chad saw me sucking your dick!”

“I don’t see how that’s funny,” Jared said, but the corners of his mouth were turning up. “I have to live with him!”

Between laughter Jensen said, “He’ll be away from you for three weeks. I think that’s more than enough recovery time.”

“What a send off,” Jared muttered and tucked his dick back into his jeans. “See you later, Chad, hope you forget you walked in on my boyfriend blowing me.”  

“He’ll be fine,” Jensen assured.

Jared looked at Jensen’s dick. “Um, should I…”

Jensen blushed. “Already took care of it.”


Jensen didn’t meet Jared’s eyes. “You know how hot I think you are when you fall apart.”

“You came from sucking me,” Jared whispered. “That’s unbelievably hot.” His dick twitched in agreement.

Jensen yawned. “Come on, baby, we have a flight to catch.”




Jared linked his hand with Jensen’s after exiting the plane. Jared knew he’d whined and shifted restlessly for most of the plane ride and it was a testament to Jensen’s love for him that he only stroked Jared’s hair and whispered soothing words into his ear. Eventually, Jared’s tirade wore him out and he fell asleep with Jensen petting him.

“Who do you think will be at the airport to greet us?” Jared asked Jensen.

“Knowing our families, everyone that can. Our sisters for sure, but they won’t have come without our mothers. Maybe Josh and Jeff will be there.”

“Nah,” Jared said. “Josh and Jeff are too wrapped up in their own little world. From what Megan has told me, the two of them regress to teenagers when they’re around each other.”

“Well they can’t be more immature than you,” Jensen pointed out. Jared swatted his head.

“I’m very mature.”

“When you want to be.”

They reached baggage claim and examined the many conveyer belts to find their flight number. “God, there’s fucking hundreds of them.”

“Oh, you drama queen. There are only 28.”

Jensen turned around and saw Mack and Megan wearing matching smirks. “And we’ve already found it,” Megan added to Mack’s statement.

“Mackie!” Jensen exclaimed.

Mackenzie went into Jensen’s hug eagerly. “I miss you, Jensen.”

Jensen squeezed her back. “You too, little sister. How’s high school?”

“Awesome! There’s this boy-,”

“No boys,” Jared and Jensen said in unison. “For either of you,” Jared said, watching Megan.

Megan stuck her tongue out. “You’re no fun.”

“I’ll fly back from California to beat them up,” Jared said. “Show off my manly strength.”

Jensen giggled and pushed Jared’s arm around him. “You dork.”

“Jenny!” Jensen looked up to see Josh’s big smirk. Jeff watched them with interest behind Josh.

“Oh, god, they did come,” Jensen groaned. “Why?”

“Our moms are cooking, so being the amazing big brothers that we are, we graciously offered to pick you two losers up.”

Jensen and Jared exchanged a look. “Gee, thanks,” Jensen drawled sarcastically.

“You’re welcome!” Josh chirped brightly, ignoring the sarcasm.

The four siblings guided Jensen and Jared to the belt that had their suitcases. “You can find them, we’ll go grab the car,” Josh suggested, tugging on Jeff’s sleeve.

“I think they have their own gay romance going on,” Jared muttered.

“It would be true, except they’re both in serious relationships with girls.”

Jared shrugged. “So were you.”

Jensen threw back his head and laughed. “They have the ultimate bromance. But no one,” Jensen pecked Jared’s cheek. “Can be more in love than us.”

Mack watched them with longing. “You two are so lucky.”

“Disgustingly in love,” Mack grumbled. “I want a Jared.”

“I want a Jensen,” Megan piped up. “Or any guy, really.”

Jared’s arm tightened around Jensen’s shoulders. “He’s mine.”

Jensen slumped into Jared’s warm embrace. “Totally yours.”

“Kay, now it’s getting sickening.” Megan wedged her way in between Jared and Jensen.

“Thanks, Megs.” Jared kissed Jensen’s temple. “We should look for our bags.”

“Sounds good.” Jensen watched the hundred bags rotate around the belt. “So, we’re looking for two very generic black bags,” Jensen announced. “Which means it’s gonna be a bitch to find them.”

“Would it be so hard to label your bags?” Mack grumbled.

“They have tags!” Jared protested.

Black tags.”

“Shut up, Jensen.”

“Make me.”

Jared pressed his lips against Jensen’s. “No problem,” Jared murmured when he pulled away.

“We should look for ours bags,” Jensen mumbled with a bright red face.

“You’re fucking adorable.”

“I hate you.”

Jared laughed at Jensen’s adamancy. “You wish, Ackles.”

It took 15 minute before Jared and Jensen recognized their bags and pulled them off the carousel. “Homeward bound?”   

“Who says that?” Jensen asked. “I’m dating a weirdo.”

“I’m your weirdo.”

Jeff and Josh had the car right up in front of the door. “Finally!” Josh exclaimed as they climbed into the car. “Why did it take so long to find your bags?”

“Would have been quicker if you two assholes had helped us,” Jensen pointed out.

Jeff and Josh shrugged simultaneously. “We were pulling up the car.”

“You both had to do it? It didn’t take one person?” Jensen pushed.

“Like you and Jared do anything apart.”

“We’re dating,” Jared said. “Did you two sprout happy-go-lucky gay love?”

“Fuck off,” Josh muttered.

“Don’t be mean to my boyfriend,” Jensen scolded.

“He’s a big boy, he can take it.”

“Trust me,” Jensen retorted. “I know exactly how big Jared is.”

“Oh my god! You homo freaks! Shut up!” Jeff exclaimed.

“I can feel the love radiating off them,” Jared teased.

Jensen curled up against Jared’s side. “’M tired.”

Jared kissed his head. “Go to sleep. I’ll wake you when we’re home.”

“It’s only 7:00 and my baby brother is falling asleep,” Josh muttered exasperatedly. But he and Jeff both watched the two of them with fond expressions. Jared smiled at the picture before drooping onto Jensen’s head.


Megan shook the two of them awake when they reached Jensen’s house. “Everyone’s here. So prepare to be bombarded with questions. And avoid inuendos around our parents, it’s so weird.”

“Don’t worry, we’ll save them for Josh and Jeff.” Jensen winked at the brothers.

“I hate you two,” Jeff muttered. “And you’re gross. I don’t want to hear about your adventures in the bedroom.”

“Sounds like the title for a bad porn movie,” Jared said. Jeff groaned and pushed inside the house.

Jared and Jensen hadn’t taken two steps into the house before their mothers were hugging them and questioning them about everything. “I’ve missed you!” Sherri sobbed. “My baby boy’s all grown up.”

“Hey!” Jeff protested. “What about me!”

“Yeah, you too,” Sherri said.

“I become a fucking doctor and that means nothing,” Jeff muttered.


“Sorry, mom.”  

“Come on, we have food.” Donna ushered the two boys into the kitchen. “It’s about time you two eat something with real protein.”

“Jared will go anywhere for food,” Jensen teased.

“And Jensen’s ass,” Mack piped up.

“Mack, Megan! Go help your dad wrap presents.”

“But mom-,”

“Christmas is a week away-,”

“Go, girls,” Donna said firmly. They sent their mothers dirty looks and trudged up the stairs.

“It’s all the TV, Donna. They’re getting all these ideas about sex.” Sherri checked something in the oven.

“It’s not TV, mom. It’s the internet! And high school! I mean, as unfortunate as it is, they’re gonna learn about stuff like that.”

“Oh, Jare bear, it doesn’t mean a mother can’t worry.”

Jared and Jensen rolled their eyes. “Crazy overprotective women,” Jensen muttered into Jared’s ear. Jared chuckled and pressed his forehead against Jensen’s.

“It’s good to be home.”




Jensen slung an arm over Jared’s waist and buried his head in the crook of Jared’s neck. “I can’t believe our parents let us sleep together.”

“It’s resignation, not acceptance,” Jared explained. “You’d just climb into my window if they made me go home.”

Jensen shrugged as best he could snuggled up to Jared. “You’re the best blanket I have. You can’t blame me for enjoying sleeping on you.”

“I could deny you access,” Jared teased. “Charge you for all the times you used me as your heating blanket.”

“Yeah right,” Jensen replied. He traced a hand up and down Jared’s side and Jared squirmed.

“You know I’m ticklish,” Jared muttered. 

“Quiet,” Jensen shushed. He crawled on top of Jared. “I want to learn you.”

“Because you haven’t explored me enough already.”

Jensen kissed him. “You snarky little thing.”

“I’m your snarky little thing.”

“Mine,” Jensen purred in agreement.

Jared yawned. “I’d love to continue this right now, but baby I’m exhausted.”

Jensen stroked Jared’s cheek. “Okay.” He smirked. “But only if I can use you as a blanket.”

“Absolutely,” Jared agreed. “I love it when you use me as a blanket.”

“I love you.”

“And I love you,” Jared agreed.

With that, Jensen fell into a peaceful sleep.


Days flew by until Christmas Eve. Jensen spent plenty of time wrapping for presents he and Megan bought for their family. Mack refused to go out shopping, preferring to order things online. Jensen mocked her endlessly for it and decided he was going to adopt Megan as another little sister. Megan already called Jensen her brother-in-law.

On Christmas Eve, Jared insisted on watching as many Christmas movies as possible. He watched Rudolph and Frosty the Snowman and Santa Clause is Coming to Town. They were in the middle of A Charlie Brown Christmas, Jensen’s personal favorite. Mack and Megan went to their room to gossip and the parents had long since gone to bed at their respective houses. Jared’s house was silent except for the occasional creak and the hum of the TV. Donna suggested Jensen stay the night at his own house, but quickly gave up on the idea after Jensen refused to stop touching Jared for the whole night.

Jensen put himself between Jared’s legs and his head lying on his chest, arms wrapped around Jared. Jensen quoted lines alongside the movie and Jared smiled into Jensen’s hair. He massaged Jensen’s shoulders and curled into the warmth of his boyfriend. Jensen purred under Jared’s touch and thought, at that moment, there was nothing in the world he loved more than Jared.

“Merry Christmas, Jensen,” Jared said quietly.

“It’s Christmas Eve,” Jensen murmured.

“No. It’s midnight. Baby, it’s Christmas.”

Jensen’s sleepy grin lit up his face.  “Merry Christmas, Jared.”

Jared crawled over to Jensen and pushed him onto his back on the couch, straddling Jensen’s hips. “Well, I guess I better give you your present then.”

“In the living room? On the couch? At midnight?”

Jared leaned over to kiss his cheek. “Guess you’ll have to be pretty quiet, huh?”

Jensen groaned and pushed his hips against Jared. “Jay, this is so not the time to do this.”

Jared smirked and the next thing Jensen knew, his legs were around Jared’s waist and Jared was carrying him up to his bedroom. “Holy shit,” Jensen squeaked.

Jared grinded his hips against Jensen’s and he grunted. “No-Jay-fuck,” Jensen threw his head back.  

“That can be arranged.” Jared nipped at Jensen’s neck and he whimpered.

“Jay,” Jensen breathed.

Jared kept his hands under Jensen’s thighs until Jensen rested on the bed. Jared crawled on top of him and resumed kissing Jensen until their lips stung. “I want you.”

“Oh, Jay,” Jensen kissed and sucked at his neck. “Our baby sisters are in the house.”

Jared smiled mischievously and held up condom and lube. “I hope you can be quiet.”

Jensen shuddered and started ridding Jared of his clothing. He moaned at the sight of Jared’s miles of tan skin. “You’re so hot, Jared, it’s fucking ridiculous.”

Jared yanked Jensen’s jeans down. “Look who’s talking.”

When they were both naked, Jared aligned their cocks and the brush against each other sent Jensen’s hips bucking into the air.

“I swear to god-,”

“Calm down, babe, I’ll get you there,” Jared promised. He uncapped the lube and pressed a little out. “Dude, has this been in here since you left for college?” He pressed his finger against Jensen’s hole.

Jensen shook his head and tried to grind against Jared’s finger. “Bought it while I was out Christmas shopping. Look at the—ughn—look at the tube.”

Jared took a closer look at it. “Cotton Candy?”

“Thank Megan.”

“My little sister picked out our lube?”

“She dropped it in the shopping cart, I didn’t even notice until we were checking out.”

Jared shook his head. “God, teenage girls these days.”

“Yes, they’re all devious criminals, now fuck me for Christ’s sake!”

Jared raised an eyebrow. “Pushy bottom.” Jared appraised his boyfriend’s body. “On your stomach.” Jensen complied and Jared ran his hands down Jensen’s back. “I’m gonna try something,” Jared told him.

Jensen nodded. “Go ahea—oh my god, Jay!” Jensen stuffed his head into his pillow to muffle the bit of moans of pleasure. 

Jared smirked against Jensen’s ass and poked his tongue around Jensen’s hole again. “Let’s see if this does taste like cotton candy,” Jared purred. He pressed another lube-covered finger inside Jensen and licked inside the hole. Jensen was practically sobbing with pleasure as Jared’s tongue flicked over Jensen’s ass again and again.

“I’m—Jared, please, please, please,” Jensen babbled. He grinded his dick against the bed to find any sort of friction.

Jared flipped Jensen onto his back. “Can I fuck you?”

“I thought we’d already established that was going to happen tonight.”

Jared rolled his eyes with a smile and wiggled two fingers inside Jensen. Jensen groaned and then stuffed his hand in his mouth.

Jared kept opening Jensen up until he was writing on the bed with need. “Now, Jay, now!”

Jared rolled the condom on and carefully pushed inside Jensen. Jensen’s head lolled back onto the pillow. “God, you have no idea how much I missed you,” Jensen panted.

Jared leaned down to kiss him. “I think I might.”

Jensen sighed happily. “Baby, you can move.”

With that, Jared pulled out almost all the way before slamming back in. Jensen shoved his hand back into his mouth and his teeth dug into the skin to try and stifle the moans that Jared always managed to drag out of him. Jared tried to keep his mouth shut so no one could hear the grunting and heavy breathing.

“Feel good, Jay, so good, so good,” Jensen gasped. “Harder, baby, harder, please!” Jared grunted and pushed further into Jensen. “Jen!”

“Oh, god, Jay! Fuck!”

Jensen clenched around Jared and he screamed. “Coming!”

Jensen let go the minute he felt Jared shake with the force of his orgasm. He groaned and dug his nails into Jared’s back while he shuddered through the orgasm.

“You know,” Jensen said to Jared when they were curled up in bed, cleaned off and snuggled up comfortably. “Our family probably heard you scream.”

Jared turned bright red. “Oh fuck.”


Jared woke up with something warm resting against his stomach. Jensen’s hair tickled his chest and his arms were curled tightly around Jared’s waist. “Merry Christmas, baby,” Jared whispered. Jensen smiled slightly in his sleep and snuggled closer to Jared. “You’re so fucking cute when you’re sleeping.”

Jared wanted to take a picture of him so when he was at Stanford, he could still wake up to Jensen’s peaceful face.

God, Jared wanted to wake up to that face every day for the rest of his life. The thought hit Jared like a freight train. He felt like he couldn’t breath for a minute. “Oh my god, I want to marry Jensen,” Jared breathed. He felt a panic attack coming on, which probably wasn’t the normal reaction to that thought.

Jensen took that moment to wake up. “Jay? Jay, what’s wrong?”

“I’m okay, I am.”

Jensen nuzzled Jared’s neck comfortingly. “You look scared.”

“Existential crisis. But I’m okay now.” Jared grinned to prove it.

“Well, it’s about time we woke up. It’s past 9.”

“What happened to my boyfriend? You hate getting up before noon!”

“It’s Christmas,” Jensen explained. “ The sooner we get up, the sooner we get presents!”

Jared giggled. “Which house are we going to?”

“Mine, I think.”

The Padalecki’s and the Ackles had become strangely close while Jared and Jensen were at college. Even to the point that they were having a joint Christmas. “Do you find it weird how close our families are?” Jared asked.

Jensen shrugged. “I like it.” He winked. “I have more excuses to see you.”

“Do you need excuses to see me? You snuck into my house on school nights, against your parents’ wishes. Jensen, even if our parents hated each other I’d wake up next to you.”

Jensen blushed and hid his face in Jared’s neck. “I wish I could wake up next to you forever,” Jensen said.

“Yeah,” Jared agreed. Jensen’s head went back to resting on Jared’s chest. Jared stroked his fingers through Jensen’s hair and he started purring. “Maybe we could sleep in a little longer. As a Christmas present for ourselves.”

Jensen chuckled. “I think I could get onboard with that.”

Jensen closed his eyes but Jared couldn’t stop staring at him. Jensen’s face was smooth and at ease. “Why are you watching me?” Jensen asked after a while.

“Oh, fuck, I thought you were asleep!”

Jensen laughed. “I was trying. But my boyfriend kept watching me and making me feel self-conscious.”

“You are probably the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen. I can’t take my eyes off you.” Jared kissed his forehead.

“Jay,” Jensen said amusedly. “You sleep shirtless. It’s a miracle I can get any sleep. You know how hot you make me.” Jared blushed and Jensen raised his head. “You don’t know? Christ, Jared, I jump you at every opportunity. I fucking sleep on your abs. Think about the last time we were in the same room and I didn’t have my hands on you.”

“Shut up.”

“No, Jay.” Jensen straddled Jared’s thighs. “These?” Jensen trailed around Jared’s stomach and Jared giggled at the tickly feeling. “God, Jare, your abs drive me up the wall. And these-,” Jensen’s hands slid across Jared’s pecs and played with his nipples, making Jared groan. “So hot. But what really gets me, Jay, are your goddamn arms.” Jensen’s hands rubbed up and down Jared’s biceps. “I’m practically hard when I’m just looking at them, but when I get to put my hands on them, Jay,” Jensen growled. “I have to remember my baby sister is in the room to calm me down.” Jensen kissed Jared. “But now, we’re all alone. So I’d really like to show exactly how hot you make me.”

“You can do that,” Jared breathed. “Feel free.”

Jensen smirked. “I think our families are already at my house. So I’m gonna see how loud I can make you scream.”

Jensen’s hand cupped Jared’s erection through the cotton of his boxers. “Hard already?”

“Your fucking voice, don’t go on about me getting hard.” He pressed his hips into Jensen’s and felt his own bulge. “Hypocrite.”

Jensen smirked. “Like I said, baby, you make me hot.”

“God, I love when you get sexy.”

Jensen started to massage Jared through the cotton and Jared moaned. The friction drove Jared mad and he let out embarrassing little whimpers. It felt insanely good and Jared wanted to cry he was so hard. “Fuck, Jen, I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die!”

“Alright, baby,” Jensen soothed. “I promise, I’ll get you there. I will. Just be patient.”

“Feels good, so good, ugh.”

Jensen peeled the waistband down and Jared’s dick bounced up. It oozed pre-come and the blood made the tip almost purple. “Please, please, please, please, please,” Jared babbled.

Jensen licked a stripe up the vein and Jared cried out. “Fuck!”

 Jensen kissed and licked up and down Jared’s dick. “No teasing, don’t tease,” Jared begged.

Jensen took pity on him and swallowed Jared down. Jared’s hips bucked and Jensen didn’t force him back. Jensen let Jared squirm and buck into his mouth and sucked on the head.

It felt amazing, “Gonna come, now, Jen, gonna—gonna- fuck!”

Jared came in Jensen’s mouth and he swallowed it all. Some point in their relationship Jensen had become really, really good at giving head. Jensen pulled down his boxers and slid his hand up and down his dick a few times before he came on his hand and Jared’s stomach.

“Merry Christmas,” Jared panted.

“Merry Christmas.”


“Here they are, descending from their sex marathon!”

“A real marathon.” Jeff snorted.

“Bet they burned a bunch of calories,” Josh said. 

Jensen and Jared rolled their eyes in unison. “Aw, they’re coordinated,” Jeff taunted.

“Fuck off.” Jared squeezed Jensen’s hand. “And we were sleeping, thank you very much.”

“I heard you scream at midnight,” Megan chirped. “And I doubt it was a horror movie.”

“Shut up, Megan!”

“The whole house heard you,” Jeff said.

“Ha, ha, I wasn’t there!” Josh teased. “I was at my own house, safe and sound from the energizer bunnies.”

“I remember the days when I had sex all the time,” Jeff said with fake-nostalgia.  

“We do not have sex all the time!” Jensen protested. Josh snorted.

“Whatever helps you sleep at night, little brother.”

“Trust me, I’m not getting any sleep.” Jensen winked and patted Jared’s ass. “I’m gonna go say hi to momma.”

Jeff and Josh focused their attention of Jared, who turned red. “Um, me too,” Jared squeaked.

“Thanks for leaving me alone with them,” Jared muttered in Jensen’s ear.

“Your face was worth it.”

“Some boyfriend you are.”

Jensen slid his arm around Jared’s waist. “You love me.”

“I do.”

“Merry Christmas!” Donna exclaimed. “I was worried you two were never going to get up.”

“Oh momma, they were up, but they were fu-,”

“Josh Ackles. You watch your mouth!” Donna scolded. Josh scowled at Jensen and Jared like it was their fault.

“Can we open presents now?” Mack begged. “I want stuff!”

“Christmas has become completely commercial,” Jared joked. “It’s all about the presents.”

“You weren’t complaining about your present,” Jensen muttered in his ear.

Jared smirked. “I never said commercial was a bad thing. And besides, that wasn’t material.”

“I get so turned on when I make you scream,” Jensen said as calmly as discussing the weather. If only Jared’s dick could calm down too.

“Presents!” Mack whined again.

“Fine,” Sherri conceded. “Open your presents.”

Mack and Megan squealed with joy and busied themselves in digging under the Christmas tree, pulling out presents and yelling the name of the recipient before throwing them into a miscellaneous pile.

Jensen shook his head with amusement and sat next to Jared on the couch. “Waiting it out?”

“I’m not getting thrown into the hurricane of little sisters and Christmas,” Jared replied. “That’s a battle I’m not going to fight.”

“Even if I want to open the present you got me?” Jensen asked with what Jared called his ‘doe eyes’.

“That’s not fair,” Jared grumbled. But he got up and rifled through the presents until he found a box. “Here.”

Jensen examined the box. It was about as tall as a chair, but only half the width he shook it and couldn’t hear a rattle. “Why don’t you open it to find out what it is?” Jared teased.

Jensen glared at him and peeled the wrapping paper off carefully. He took the lid of the box and saw…

A giant teddy bear.

“Oh my god, I hate you,” Jensen muttered. Jared beamed at him. “Look what it’s holding.”

Jensen pulled the tiny box from the bear’s hands and opened it to see an array of things. His eyes went straight to the guitar pick in the corner. “Jay, this is amazing! I love it.” He looked at Jared. “How’d you know?”

“I saw you looking at it when we went to the mall. You decided you had too many picks already, but I figured I could spoil you.”

Jensen hugged him tightly. There was a little leather notebook beneath that. “For your songs,” Jared explained.

“Why the bear?” Jensen asked. “The box would have been fine.”

“Remember when we went to the movies together? It was way back in July. And we went to the mall for dinner after and we walked past the toy store and the big bear was in the window and you laughed and called it the cheesiest thing, but when we went inside I saw you hold it and check the price tag. So I went back and bought it.”

Jensen looked up at Jared with so much love filling him up he almost melted. “You did?”

“Yeah. I was scared it would be sold if I didn’t go get it the next day. I was saving it for Christmas.”

Jensen hugged Jared tightly and lovingly. “I love it.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too,” Jensen choked. “You’re gonna make me cry.”

Jared giggled and nuzzled Jared’s neck. And as Jensen looked around the big family room, with a tree so big it looked like it could crush Mack, and his dad joking with Gerry about sports, and the two mothers gossiping, and the brothers throwing wrapping paper at their laughing little sisters, Jensen stared into Jared’s warm hazel eyes. Aside from his brain speaking over and over again, “I love Jared,” another thought went through Jensen’s mind.

Thank god I failed history.