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Tumblr Drabbles 2: Electric Boogaloo

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He is used to Emilia showing her age every now and then and approaching things with the enthusiasm characteristic for someone much younger than him, but her enthusiasm for Halloween goes even a bit younger than that. Despite the fact that she isn't too keen on going to parties and doesn't really have the sort of friends who throw Halloween parties in the first place, she wants to dress up every year, and she comes over to carve pumpkins on his kitchen floor and asks him if it's possible to convince people that she's a good ten to fifteen years younger so that she can get candy.

Their first Halloween together, she buys him a plague doctor mask and he laughs in delight and promises to wear it; she brings out an identical one and they match. Every year after that, she picks their costumes and they're always identical, and always, they incorporate a mask.

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He’s given up on getting rid of her by now; Watt knows how she gets when she sets her mind on something, and it’s getting harder for him to remain determined, to match her will with his own, though there’s no way in hell he’s going to admit the reason behind that. Pirie would never let it go and he would never hear the end of it.

Even now, she’s bordering on unbearable and that’s without him saying a word. “You like me,” she murmurs, cuddling closer to him. “You totally like me, I knew you did but this just proves it. So what was it that made you change your mind? What made you fall for me? What caused your change of heart? Maybe because I’m so cute? That’s gotta be it.”

“Shut the fuck up before I change my mind,” he mutters, and contemplates giving her an extra hard jab to get the point across, but he doesn’t.

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Emilia insists that this is a necessary part of motherhood, and somehow, she convinces the whole family to go along with it. Shinkei is five years old now, and she insists that her daughter have the sort of childhood experiences that she did. Never mind the fact that Thanksgiving is an American holiday and never mind the fact that nobody in the family has celebrated it but her. She enlists their help with preparing the food- though they end up with their fair share of store bought, premade foods as well- and fills the table with all of her guests favorite things. This ends up quite the unusual combination, but she beams from her seat.

Shinkei is elated, praising her parents for the meal, and Shingen decides to play modest, telling her that she has only her mother to thank for that. He rests his hand on the table and Emilia lays her on top of his, smiling warmly at her husband. Celty sits awkwardly, unable to actually participate in the dinner, but Shinra is happy that he was able to talk her into doing this with them. It's nice to spend time together as a family, though there is one thing on his mind.

"Dad, I've been meaning to ask...why, exactly, is Egor here?" Judging by the look Emilia gives his father, he realizes that that might be an answer he doesn't want to hear.

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It's not unusual for Zhang to enter the room and find the other members of the team reduced to chaos. Today is no exception, and they're arguing vehemently about something or other, split off into two groups as they hurl arguments back and forth. The noise is too much and he can't make out what exactly it is they're talking about.

His eye twitches and he clenches a fist at his side. "Can you all shut up for a second?!" he asks, his voice getting louder with each word. The voices cut off one by one until the few stragglers realize what's going on and fall into silence themselves.

Sighing, he says, "Do I even want to know what you guys are arguing about?"

"He's gonna be so mad."

"He's gonna think this is so stupid!"

"What?!" he snaps.

"Candy corn. You've had it, right?" someone asks.

Zhang raises a brow. "Yeah. What about it?"

"It's disgusting, right?" someone across the room asks.

"That's right, if he takes sides on this, he's gonna be on ours! No doubt about it!"

" guys are fighting about candy corn," he says, exhaling. The team waits, staring at him in anticipation, wondering if he'll scold them all for how trivial it is, or if he'll admit that he's siding with those who hate it.

"Like I said! It's disgusting, right?"

"Are you fucking kidding me? What kind of idiot wouldn't love candy corn?!" he exclaims, and to everyone's surprise, joins the debate with a great passion.

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Ladd steps back inside and says, "Yup, it's definitely colder today." He closes the door behind him and turns to face Lua, who is sitting on a chair, where she had waited for him to check the weather. That was something he had insisted on doing, and something that he does rather frequently.

She thinks that he worries too much for his own good, and certainly more than a generally carefree man like him should, but she doesn't scold him often. After all, he's only doing it out of love and concern for her, and he worries about the temperature because he worries about her health, and he isn't going to let an illness take what they both have decided is his.

"You're going to need a sweater today, alright?" Without waiting for a response from her, he starts off for their bedroom, so quickly that, by the time she's risen and caught up to him, he's already digging through the closet. "Where did all these sweaters come from? You've got so many!"

"You bought them all for me," she replies. "You didn't want me to get cold."

He turns. "That right?" A grin breaks out of his face and he laughs. "Nothing to worry about there, then!"

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[I want to tell you a story!] he tells her. [Perfect for the season!]

"What do you mean by that?" asks Dorothy with a smile, knowing very well what her fiancé means.

[It's a terrifying story! Absolutely chilling, if I do say so myself!] He leaves her a moment to laugh at his joke. [Feel free to move in close if you get too scared, because I'm afraid I can't assure you that this story is entirely fiction!]

[It began one night, many years ago...]

Unfortunately, he doesn't get much further than that, as she decides to take him up on his offer of moving in closer before he's even gotten to the scary part, and he starts to freeze before he can truly begin.

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"I don't get what those weird sticks do," says Hinata, for about the fifth time. "What are they for?"

Oboro continues to ignore him, concentrating on the task at hand, and Takumi sighs. "It makes it easier for her," he says. "It's like weaving, but the sticks are smaller than her know?" He tries to sound sure of himself, but it's clear that the prince is hardly less clueless than Hinata.

"They're called needles, not sticks," she says, finally speaking up. "And it's called knitting. I'm trying to make scarves, if you two would stop distracting me."

"Huh? But what for?"

"Because I don't want you knuckleheads freezing to death!" she nearly snaps, but then grins. "Besides, this way we can all match!"

"You better not make mine too girly!" Hinata protests.

"Actually, can I make some requests?" Takumi asks.

"Will both of you just shut up and let me work?!"

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The good memories don't come as often, but when they do, he tries to shove them aside. He really tries, and remembering the times is often just as painful. Maybe more. And Rudi is afraid that a happy memory might make him smile for even a second, and he doesn't deserve that, knowing what comes after.

But they come to him, as much as he wishes they didn't, and he's struck once with the memory of Theresia coming to him, insisting she had a great idea, and he had found himself roped into helping her make a costume, and then helping her make one for himself, so that they could dress up together.

It's small, as far as memories go, something he'd mostly forgotten, and he doesn't know why he remembers it now, but he does. He remembers digging through cabinets for supplies, pricking his finger trying to use a needle, helping her get her hands unstuck when she accidentally glued them together, and the absolute disasters their costumes had been upon completion. But they'd been happy about them, and they'd been proud of all their hard work.

He pushes the memory out of his mind, before he even comes close to smiling over it.

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“Where did all this come from?” asks Seiji, when he steps inside. The counters of Mika's apartment are covered in cakes and pastries and pies, more than he can count without taking a fair amount of time to do so.

“Where else, silly?” she asks, emerging in an apron, covered in flour and bits of batter. “I made it all!”

“Why'd you bake so much? Are you doing a bake sale or something?”

“Of course not! It's all for you, Seiji!” she declares.

“There's no way I could eat all of this before it went bad. This is sweet and all, but...”

“Oh, I know, I know, it's too much! But I couldn't help it, I just got carried away. When I remembered that it was almost the second anniversary of the day I first saw you, I knew I had to do something super special for it, and, well...before I knew it, I had all of this!”

Seiji doesn't react to her remark about the anniversary, or show any sign of despair over forgetting. After all, she celebrates every single “landmark” in their relationship, and it's impossible for him to keep up with them all. This one just happens to be her favorite.

“Well, come on,” he says, moving to package up the sweets. “If we can't eat these by ourselves, then we need to start handing them out to our friends.”


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"My child isn't right," she hears her mother say about her. "There's something not right, you know? She doesn't care about anything, she doesn't feel anything!"

Lua knows this isn't something she is meant to hear and she flees before she can get caught, wondering.

She is still wondering while she stands in front of a mirror, staring at her reflection, but she sees nothing in her face and she cocks her head. Nothing at all.

She forces a smile, stretching her face until it hurts and shaking her shoulders as if she's laughing; she scowls and clenches her fists; she forces her lip to tremble and brings her fists up to rub at her eyes. No, no, no, she thinks. This is what isn't right.

When she really does cry, her face doesn't change but she feels the warm tears streaking down her cheeks so she knows.

And she grows with that thought in mind, but then Ladd tells her, "You're perfect, you know? Everything about you!"

She smiles.

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"That huuuuuurt!" she wails, this time so loud he actually cringes. And, of course, he only punches her again to try to shut her up, which proves to be less than effective. "Why, why, why? You're so mean, you're not fair! Boo!"

"Maybe if you'd just shut up when I tell you to!" Watt snaps. "So, yeah, shut up!"

"But that hurt! Not fair, not fair, so mean!" Pirie continues to protest, not doubt hamming it up because she thinks it's funny, because she thinks he's gotta be seconds away from cracking a smile.

"If you don't shut up in-"

"Ow, ow, ow!"

"Don't say I didn't fucking warn you," he mutters, grabbing her to hold her steady. For a moment, she's stunned into silence and he thinks that might be good enough, but he doesn't want to take his chance. He presses his lips to hers, knowing that, this way, he can keep her quiet for at least a little bit.

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"People say you're manipulating me," Zygmunt says one day, without prompting. She knows he isn't used to her discussing much outside of assignments and the like, and Caldimir looks surprised before he does what he can to conceal that.

"And do you believe them?" he asks at last.

"I don't care either way," she replies. "Whether you are or not is of no concern to me."

"Zygmunt..." He sighs and smiles at her. "That is what makes you a truly admirable ally! But you should know that I would never manipulate you! I see you and value you as an equal, nothing less!"

She thinks it's very possible that he's lying, but she doesn't try to find out. When she said she didn't care, she meant it and she doesn't. She wants to keep serving him, regardless of whether he's lying to her or manipulating her or telling her the truth, simply because she wants to. If that's love, and she isn't sure if it is or isn't, then that doesn't matter; he doesn't have to know about that.

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The blame is all on me, he thinks.

If I had only tried harder. If I had only convinced him. If I had only seen this before it got out of hand.

The blame is all on me, Barbero thinks.

And if I’m not careful, Nero will lose everything he has left. If I’m not careful, he may even die, because I could have done more and I didn’t.

The blame is all on me, he thinks.

He doesn’t think anything else.

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He's watched Angelo stand on the edge. Ever since they were brought back together, he's watched his friend move closer and closer until he stands on the edge, and for the life of him, Corteo doesn't know how to stop him from falling.

And is it his fault that he stands there to begin with? Is there more he could have done? Why didn't he stop this before it escalated to this point? And perhaps nothing would have worked and they would have ended up at this point no matter what; perhaps this is really the best he can do, but he knows that he never tried hard enough, that he could never try hard enough.

He can't pull him back from the edge now. All he can do is follow him.

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"Look, look!" Pirie points up at the sky, but he doesn't look in time and it's already gone.

"What? I don't see anything."

"Because you didn't look quick enough! Boo! Mean!" she protests. "It was a shooting star and you could have made a wish, you know? You know? But you didn't look!"

"I don't care about some stupid shooting star," Watt mutters.

"But why not? Why are you so, so mean? Huh? I pointed and everything!"

"Because I don't need to wish for anything!" he snaps.

At that, her face visibly brightens. "Really? You really, really mean it? That means that right now is already a wish come true, then!"

"What? No, that's not-"

"I knew it, I knew it! And that means my wish came true, yay!"

No matter how he tries, he isn't able to get a word in edgewise to explain what he actually meant.

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Ladd wouldn't strike anyone as sentimental, and yet he has a collection that he keeps to himself, of tiny things that she might have thrown away on her own; something to remember her by, he always says, and she loves that.

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"Never let go of me," Fio murmurs, "that's all I ask." She feels Lacrima's laughter vibrate through her chest.

"Well, that's a pretty tall order," she replies, but pulls her tighter anyway. "You've gotten a little bolder, you know? Is it my bad influence?"

"I don't know. Maybe I'm just happy. I've never..." Fio trails off, wondering if she should just keep quiet, rather than making this sad.

"You're not about to say you've never been happy before, are you? Cos I'm not sure I can keep living up to a lofty standard."

"No, no! I've just never really had somebody before. Not when I was married, not before that...this is a first for me."

"Pretty little thing like you? That's hard to believe," says Lacrima. "I can believe that husband of yours never knew what he had, but nobody before him?"

"I was close, once, but he's dead now," Fio replies softly.

"Honey, isn't everybody? Well, everybody but us."

"Everybody but us," she repeats.

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She’s waited for him for so long, he knows. He’s watched her wait, watched her hold steady to a love that he’s always claimed not to reciprocate, and she’s never once faltered. If he could be honest, he would say that he found it admirable, if not a little infuriating; Watt doubts he could have held onto it for that long with nothing in return. By now, he would have given up and began plotting a way to get back at them for not returning his feelings.

But Pirie keeps on like she has all the time in the world, and, of course, she does, or she at least has as much time as he does. He thinks, for just a moment, that he shouldn't keep her waiting, his own business be damned, but then, he just shakes his head. She's waited this long, after all.


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Shingen steps inside, looking around but not seeing his wife anywhere. He knows that she got off work before him, but he surveys the room and Emilia is nowhere to be found. Usually, she spends most of her time in the living room and is there to greet him when he comes home, but today, that doesn't seem to be the case.

Pumpkin?” he calls out. “I'm home from work!”

He is so caught up looking around the room for her that he doesn't think to look beside him, and when he closes the door behind him, he doesn't notice that she is standing next to it, having used the door itself to hide from him when he came in. It isn't until she throws her arms around him from behind, hugging him tight, that he realizes.


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She insists on shouldering the blame for the failure of his plan, but Caldimir can't allow her to turn herself into a scapegoat, as easy as it might be for him. He wouldn't normally have any qualms about throwing someone under the bus, even if it would just be for the sake of his own ego, as it would be in this situation, but with Zygmunt...

It isn't as easy to do, and he finds himself reassuring her, and telling her that there are many people and factors to blame for this, and that she is, by no means, responsible for his failure, and it is quite the effort, but he does say that it is his failure. She is a reserved woman, but it's times like this that he catches himself wanting to make her smile.


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She stands at the edge of the roof, staring down at the ground below her. Ladd stands behind her, holding so tightly to her arm that she's sure it's going to bruise, and she looks forward to the dark ring that will soon encircle her arm. She looks forward to touching it and wincing at the pain.

He doesn't want her to fall, even though he's told her a few times now that they aren't high enough up. “The odds of a fall like this killing ya are pretty low,” he says. “You'd have to land just the right way. Otherwise, you're just hurt real bad and everyone's gonna keep a close watch on you to make sure you don't try jumpin' off any more buildings.”

I won't jump,” she replies. “I'll only fall if you push me.”

Stepping back and pulling her with him, he hugs her tightly from behind. “Atta girl.”


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“To hell with it,” he says when he's fifteen, the first time he puts on a mask.

“To hell with it,” he says when he's sixteen, and he's on his own for the second time in his life.

“To hell with it,” he says when he's eighteen, and he's charging into battle.

“To hell with it,” he says when he's twenty-four and he finds out that Sally is married.

“To hell with it,” he says when he's twenty-five, and she tells him that she never wants to see him again and that she doesn't want him around her- their- child.

“To hell with it,” he says when he's twenty-seven, and decides to go visit them anyway.

“To hell with it,” he says when he's thirty-six, and he decides he doesn't give a damn who this Dr. Manhattan character is.

“To hell with it,” he says when he's forty-two, and he decides he's going to approach Laurie, promises to Sally be damned.

“To hell with it,” he says when he's forty-six, and he's holding the side of his face and refusing to mourn his lover and his unborn child.

“To hell with it,” he says when he's forty-nine, and he's cleaning up his suit as best as he can after having Laurie throw her drink at him.

“To hell with it,” he says when he's fifty-three, and he's in no mood to deal with these protesters peacefully.

“To hell with it,” he says when he's fifty-five, and he meets up with Sally for what he doesn't know is going to be the last time.

“To hell with it,” he says when he is sixty-one, and he decides to check out this island that is not on any map he possesses.

It'll be the last time Eddie is ever at enough ease to say something like that.


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Takumi kisses her hand one day when she comes in, and somehow, this makes him more flustered than their usual kisses.


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Just keep yelling at me,” she chirps. “It'll make you feel better.”

What the fuck? You're not supposed to ask me to yell at you, Clown,” replies Watt with a scowl. “You're not supposed to fucking like it either. The hell is wrong with you?”

“Oh, oh, well I don't like it at all, actually! You're so mean to me!” Pirie pouts, but only for a moment, and then her smile returns. “But I know you do it when you're upset, and I know it makes you feel better to yell, so, you know? I can't really complain about it!”

You're really annoying today,” he says, “so just fuck off and leave me alone!”

See, there it is!”

He groans, knowing that there's no way he can win on this one.


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His wife is a terrible person.

Shingen knows this, and he has known it since he truly began to get to know her. If he were to say something like this, few would believe him and many would tell him that he was being cruel, but, in reality, he's just being honest. Emilia is a terrible person, and he doesn't think it's particularly cruel of him to say something like that when it's part of the reason he loves her so much.

After all, she shares his morality and his curiosity and his willingness to do what needs to done to complete whatever she's studying or working on. She isn't afraid to go beyond what is considered right , and no matter how sweet she may be, he knows that she is a terrible person. Every day, he is grateful that they are able to be terrible together.


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The first time he makes her laugh, he has to do a double take.

Ladd has never heard his girlfriend- fiancée, now, he has to remind himself- laugh before. She is a quiet woman, and even her smiles always come across as half-hearted, even when he knows that they aren't. Her laugh is so soft and unexpected, that for a moment, he really thinks he's imagined it.

But they lock eyes, and he can tell that he hasn't. It was real, as unbelievable as it seems. All he had done was make a remark about stabbing someone, but that was what it had taken to make her laugh, and if he didn't know before, he certainly knows now; this woman is his soulmate.

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Frate can only see what it is he needs to see; Ronaldo has made sure of that. Even from the beginning, it was obvious to him that the boy would be easy to shape, but as he plays off of that and brings those traits out further in him, he becomes so much easier to use, for whatever he is needed for. And, all the while, he only sees what he needs to see.

He sees someone who respects him, who acknowledges him, who values him more than anyone else. And that is so important to him that he is unable to see beyond that, and unable to see the way Ronaldo has taken everything Frate needs to see and used it against them. He can only see what they have as beautiful; he can't see beyond the surface.


He can't see that they're rotten to the core.

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He's been staring at her for too damn long, but if she's noticed, she either isn't bothered by it or hasn't figured out what he's thinking. Caldimir would bet on the latter because of course she's noticed, and of course she would be bothered by it, if she were fully aware of his thoughts. At least a little bit.

He doesn't even know what brought them on, other than the fact that it's been a long time for him, and that there's always been a nagging voice in the back of his mind, reminding him that Zygmunt, for all her power and for all her usefulness, is also a beautiful woman. But Zygmunt is just Zygmunt, he always tells himself, until he can't anymore.

And so he is left staring for too long, imagining what she hides from him beneath that business suit f hers, and she is none the wiser, probably believing that his mind is on important things, that he is plotting in his head and thinking up new uses for her.

Thank god she's not a telepath , he thinks. Otherwise, I'd absolutely die .


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“Did you buy me...lingerie?”

“That’s what I said, several times now. I mean, it sure as hell isn’t for me! In that size?” Sally snorts, but Eddie really doesn’t see what’s so funny about all of this.

“I’m not wearin’ it.”

“I buy you a thoughtful gift, and this is how you repay me?”

“There is no way in hell.”

“It’s a give and take situation. Come on, don’t you want to see what I’ll do for you in return?“

He takes considerably less convincing than he should.

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The sound of wailing fills the room, twice as overpowering because Shinkei is not the only one crying. Emilia’s cries turn out to be just as ear piercing as the baby’s but Shingen just watches them calmly for a moment before asking, “And what seems to be the problem, pumpkin?”

“I made my baby cry!” she says, looking to him as if begging for help.

“Well, holding her like that isn’t going to do any good! If you pick them up whenever they cry, they get spoiled.”

“I can’t just ignore her!”

“My father ignored me plenty and I did the same to Shinra, and look how we turned out!”

At that, Emilia begins wailing even louder, and Shinkei matches her pitch.

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“I have no idea what you two are going on about, seriously,” Kyoka mutters. It’s far from the first time, and it will most definitely not be the last time, she finds herself saying something in this vein. Whether it be, “I can’t believe you two,” or, “you guys are so weird,” there’s always something coming out of her mouth to suggest that she actually can’t stand either of them.

In some ways, she supposes she can’t, and she’s still not sure how she ended up like this. Sure, there was always... something between her and Kaminari, as much as she always hated to admit it, but things weren’t supposed to evolve in this direction. That is to say, he wasn’t supposed to come to her, already dating Mineta , of all people.

But he did, and he is, and the three of them are all some kind of an item now, though they’re still figuring out how all of that works. Truth be told, Kyoka doesn’t know if they’ll ever figure it out, or if she’ll ever understand any of it. In fact, sometimes she thinks it would be easier if she gave up on trying altogether.

How she got roped into dealing with two idiots for the price of one, she still doesn’t know, but she hasn’t left yet, and can’t actually imagine doing so, so she supposes that must count for something.

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It was just a joke. That’s all it was, and it’s not like he expected either of them to take it seriously. After all, the only one he’d really be interested in seeing in a wet shirt is Tsuyu anyway...right?!

It was just a stupid joke, because Minoru is full of stupid, often tasteless jokes, but now both Izuku and Tsuyu are in completely soaked t-shirts and he swears he must have died and gone to heaven, getting to see something like that . On Tsuyu, at least, and he is absolutely not staring at Izuku’s semi-exposed body at all , he doesn’t care how unusually nice his muscles are, it’s not like that!

It isn’t like that, but either way he’s sweating and he can hardly breathe, and damn is he so lucky, he doesn’t care if they’re both laughing at him now. Wait, they’re laughing at him?!

“Wh-what’s so funny?!”

“It’s just, we both knew you weren’t expecting us to do this,” says Izuku with a smile that’s almost innocent but not quite.

“Yeah, and it’s nice seeing you this flustered,” Tsuyu adds. “Maybe this might make it easier for you to admit.”

“Admit what? I don’t have anything to admit!”

“So what about what’s going on with the three of us?”

No matter how he stammers and protests, Minoru knows it’s already too late for him. He’s been found out, and there’s no point in denying it anymore.

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Minoru has never actually held hands with anyone before.

Okay, that’s not necessarily true, but now is not the time to start counting things that happened in kindergarten, when it was just as friends and when he was roughly the same size as everyone else, back before he stopped growing so damn prematurely. The point is, he’s never held hands with anyone in his teenage years, in a romantic context.

He’s also never been on a real date before, and, as far as he knows, neither has Izuku. And the two of them are both equally panicked about moving forward, and the two of them are both near tears as the grab each others hand for the first time. Minoru has to reach up to do it, and he’s nervous, but once Izuku’s hand- not much bigger than his, but a little rough- closes around his, he calms down, at least a little bit.

Alright, that’s one step out of the way. All that’s left is to make sure that they can get through the remaining steps without either of them full on crying.

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Her hands are warmer than he would have expected, but he supposes that makes sense. It’s not like she’s a ghost or anything; Toru is very much there , right in front of him, easy for him to reach out and touch. He’s still getting used to that part, but Rikido likes to hold her hands between his, much smaller than his, and so warm.

She is the one who leans forward for a kiss first, though it takes him a moment to realize that she’s doing that. After a few “ ahem ”s, he finally gets the hint, leaning down to find her face, to find her lips with his, and he kisses her softly. That’s another part that he’s still getting used to.

When he pulls back, he murmurs, without really thinking, “You’re sweeter than cake,” and she giggles.

“I don’t know about that,” she says. “I can’t really tell for myself. I think I’ll stick to your cakes for now!”

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“Well...I’m pregnant,” says Ochako, confirming what they pretty much already knew. They’ve had their suspicions for some time, but only after going to the doctor is she able to officially come out and say it.

“That’s wonderful!” Tenya says, the first to comment, as enthusiastic as ever. “Did everything look normal?”

“Yup,” she says, “as far as the doctor can tell, everything is great!”

“I’m so glad.” Now, Izuku speaks up with a warm smile, looking close to tears. “We’re really having a baby?”

“Isn’t that what she just said, Deku?” asks Katsuki with a smirk, his tone not quite as harsh as it could have been. Even he is moved by this revelation, even if he is doing his best to keep his enthusiasm from bubbling over.

“W-well, yeah, but...I’m just so happy!” Now, the tears finally start to fall, and it’s Tenya who puts his arm around Izuku, patting him and looking rather misty-eyed himself. When Katsuki rolls his eyes, Ochako shoves him closer to the other two, and he’s pulled into Tenya’s arms as well. From behind him, Ochako wraps her arms as much around the three of them as she can manage.

“So, when do we find out more?” asks Katsuki.

“It’ll be a while before we know the sex, or anything like that,” she says.

“Yes, these things take time!” agrees Tenya

“It’ll probably fly by, though,” Izuku says.

None of them ask about who the father is, because, as far as they are all concerned, that detail is insignificant.

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“Every day I see you, and I can’t help but think about how lucky I am!”

As soon as the words are out of Hinagiku’s mouth, Minoru is nearly overcome with shock. After all, that sounds more like something he should be saying to her, not the other way around. She’s so out of his league that it isn’t funny, and there’s still a part of him that expects her to reveal that she’s playing a joke on him.

But every time he says something of tha nature to her, she tells him not to be an idiot, and he has no choice but to believe that she really does love him as much as she says he does. And, in that case, he’s even more lucky to have her than he could possibly express.

“Yeah, yeah,” he says, trying to play it cool. “You’ve said that a couple times already, haven’t you?”

“Well, that’s cos it’s true,” she replies.

“I don’t know about that. I think I might be the lucky one.”

“Yeah, yeah,” she mimics, “you’ve said that a couple times already, haven’t you?”

“Well, that’s cos it’s true!”