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"So once there was this mouse. The mouse had fallen in a puddle when it was younger and had damaged its eyes. The next day the mouse woke to find that he was in complete darkness.
The mouse was blind.
Over the next months all of the other mice had deserted it.
The blind mouse was all alone.
But why? But why did this happen to this poor little ugly mouse?

One day, the mouse was feeling amazing and happy for the first time in months. The mouse wanted to live out the rest of his years as this blind, ugly mouse.

The mouse was walking down a street one day and slipped. The next thing he knew the ugly mouse was face-first in a dirty, discusting, revolting puddle of what may have been water.

Long story short: the ugly, blind mouse died horribly.

Lesson: nothing is fair. If you think that something's fair, IT ISN'T! This isn't your imagination so wake up and live for another day-maybe."