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The moon gave off an eerie tone as it shone bright in the sky. A small figure sat at the edge of a quiet river. It gurgled along silently, barely masking the quiet sobs coming from the figure. An owl hooted in the distance, unafraid of the small human population going about their nightly business. What did I do? The young boy thought. He was 16 and summer had been brutal to him. At the end of school his dad had lost his job. The father moved to his mother's old farm and took the boy with him. The boy, Alex, felt like he was alone. His father, John, was not the nicest man and frankly, thought Alex was a burden. Ever since Alex's mom died three years ago John had been cruel. The grief drove both father and son to say things they should not have said, but John meant it. Alex looked up at the sky, studying the stars. They glittered coldly back giving Alex no comfort. "Alex!" A harsh voice called loudly. Alex wiped his face with his shirt sleeve and replied "Coming!" As he walked up the stairs to the old door of the farmhouse Alex noticed that a large box of beer cans was on the porch. As Alex walked closer he realized that the cans were empty, all of them. Nervously, Alex opened the door and stepped in the house. "Took you long enough," John mumbled. He raised a clumsy hand and smacked Alex on the back of his head. Alex yelped in response earning him a cold glare. "You're too soft, to dainty," John sneered. Alex looked up at John and stared at him, willing John to come to his senses and hug him even though Alex knew that would never happen. John raised another hand but before he could bring it down on Alex's head Alex ducked away and ran outside. Alex felt hot tears run down his face as he streaked up the dirt road towards who knows where. He could hear John calling but ignored him. It couldn't be that hard to find another life, right?

Alex trudged along the road. He had slept in some bushes for a few hours, which surprisingly enough weren't to uncomfortable. Alex was hungry and thirsty but refused to go back to the hell hole in which he was raised. Maybe he could find a nice family to adopt him or continue to live on his own. In two years Alex would be an official adult and could leave on his own accord but he couldn't take two more years with his father. Hours later Alex came across what looked like an old silo. "Hello?" He called. Alex's voice echoed up and throughout the building which appeared to be vacant. "This should be far enough away for now" Alex thought aloud. Alex gathered a small pile of straw in a nook, covered by shadows and fell instantly asleep.