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The lights of the police station shone as bright as the sun against Tom's cracked glasses. Just last night Tom and his family had been in the farm that had been their home. Tom closed his eyes and remembered yesterday night.
Tom's son Joey was wailing because of the loud, harsh barking that was coming from just outside their door. Joey's mother, Grace, was clutching her baby and crying frantically. The wild, ruthless dogs were pounding against the door and Tom could feel the adrenaline pumping through his veins as he moved furniture to keep the dogs out. All the sudden the barking and snarling stopped and all Tom could hear was the terror of his family. A lonely beam of sunlight peeked through the dirty window and hope lit up on Grace's face, "Do you think they're gone?" she asked with a quiver in her voice. "I'll check. We need to get out of here," Tom replied. He slowly removed the furniture from in front of the door and warily looked out. What had once been his upstairs hallway was now covered in scratches and had been destroyed, but held no signs of wolves or dogs or any animal for that matter. "They're gone," Tom whispered. "Then let's go!" said Grace, "It might be our only chance!" They then left and started to drive Tom's old car to the nearest town. Joey hadn't stopped wailing and Grace was beginning to realize that there was something wrong with him. She slowly unwrapped layer after layer of blankets and screamed. The blanket was soaked with Joey's blood. Tom saw the bloody blanket and started driving as fast as the old car would allow him untill he could see the vague outline of the town. There they were met by a man who rushed them to the hospital. Joey later slipped into death like a warm blanket.
A large tear slid down Tom's face as a man with a somber look and a grey suit stepped into the room. "Tom, is it?" the man said. Tom stared at the man with a blank expression. "I'll take that as a yes," the man replied cheerfully. "Detective Frank Laurence at your service!" Frank said with a smile. "This is serious," Tom replied desperately. "Please help my family." Frank started with formalities and gathered the information on the place where it happened, then started to have Tom describe what happened. "It was very eerie," Tom said, "We couldn't see the animals but they were there. They chased us upstairs into the master bedroom. I moved the furniture in front of the door to keep them out, and about an hour or two later-they were gone, just like that." Frank looked disbelievingly into Tom's eyes but saw confidence where doubt should be. " long were the 'dogs' there," Frank asked. Tom replied, "We started to hear the barking and snarling when it was pitch-black outside, and come to think of it, when the sun started to shine the dogs went away." Frank burst out laughing. "What?" Tom asked, bewildered. Frank replied, "It sounds like a man-wolf or something!" Frank then gathered his papers, still laughing, and headed out of the door. Tom sighed and ran his hands through his dusty hair and thought, "I wonder where Daisy is? Could she still be out there?" Just then his thoughts were interrupted when Grace came through the door. Tears stained her cheeks and there was dried blood on her hands. Tom gathered her into his arms and she whispered, "I think they're going to try and find other people in our neighborhood who were attacked." Like most countrysides, each house was separated by acres and acres of fields and Tom hadn't heard from any of their neighbors in months, but it was becoming very troubling.