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Even Dragons Have Their Ending

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Even Dragons Have Their Ending II

The Course of True Love

Cook calls him at nine am and wakes them both up. The instant awareness that leaps into Adam's eyes tells Kris that Adam is used to waking up ready.

"Hey Kris. What's up?" Cook's voice is rough with sleep and Kris takes a moment to get his thoughts together.

He doesn't want to accuse Cook of anything because, well, Cook's his friend and right hand and Adam is a stranger really, so he has to give Cook the benefit of the doubt. "I need to know about David. Who is he? What is he to you?" Straight out usually works best for Kris.

There's a silence on the other side of the phone that suggests Cook is trying to decide what to say. "Cook?" Kris asks.

Cook sighs. "David is…was my boyfriend." Kris' eyebrows wander up to the top of his forehead because, all these years, and he'd never known that Cook was gay.

"Huh," is all he can come up with which is obviously useless but apparently enough for Cook.

He continues, "We were together for about three months and then about a week ago, he left. No note, no explanation, nothing." Cook sighs, "I don't understand it, I thought we were doing pretty well together."

Adam is listening to the conversation, ear pressed against the phone on the other side. He glances over at Kris, an eyebrow raised in question, who shrugs. "Cook, I've got someone here who really wants to talk to you about him. He's kind of a private detective or something." Adam makes a gesture that Kris can't understand and then he motions to Kris' face and then his. "Face to face."

Cook grumbles, "Shit, it's Sunday, man. Only day of the week I get to sleep in." Kris stays silent. He's used to Dave's whining. "Fine. I'll come over in about an hour. Okay?"

Kris looks over at Adam who appears impatient but nods reluctantly. "Thanks, man. See you in a bit." He turns off his phone and turned to Adam. "Okay, so I'm gonna go out and get some coffee if you want to…" he waves at the bathroom vaguely and Adam grins.

"Thank you." He smiles at Kris. "I don't know if it's possible, but is there anything here that I could borrow to change into?" He lets his eyes wander down Kris' torso and Kris swears he can feel a lick of fire following the gaze. "I mean, I'll put on my old stuff, but I don't have a shirt so…" he trails off with a smirk.

Yeah, like Kris hasn't been totally checking him out as well. He stands up and goes to his closet. Daniel has left gear here before and it should fit Adam way better than any of his stuff. He rummages around and finds a couple of t-shirts, some sweatpants and he doesn't even want to know how those ladies panties got in there. It wasn't him.

He gives Adam the selection. "There are towels in the bathroom and shampoo and shit."

Adam raises an eyebrow and fakes an astonished gasp. "You mean you actually have product?"

Kris resists the urge to stick out his tongue. It would be childish and somehow he thinks any tongue-sticking-out should be followed by kissing and he's so not ready to deal with that yet.

"Asshole," he mutters instead.

"I heard that." Adam tells him, smile still in his voice. Of course he did. He is a freaking dragon. Kris thinks he might need to sit down for a while.

So he leaves instead and wanders down to the corner Starbucks. Normally he'd be making his own coffee but a few minutes away from the heat and intensity that is Adam is not a bad thing.

He orders two large, regular coffees and a couple of Danishes and muffins. He reckons food would be a fair distraction. Eating. That reminds him of Adam's mouth and Adam's tongue and then there's Adam's tail. Yeah. He's not going to think too much about Adam's tail.

When he gets back to his apartment, Adam is scrubbed clean, eyes unlined, mouth freckled and gorgeous. Kris feels his heart stop. There's something so spectacular about him, just him, forget about the fact that he changes into something with scales and teeth.

"Hi." Adam looks at him, smile ready and slightly predatory.

"Hey." Kris replies and offers the coffee. Adam takes it with a smile and thanks.

Kris settles back against a counter. "So, um, can you tell me more about the Drakkin?" Kris reckons he needs to know as much as he can about Adam so that he can decide if getting into this situation is going to involve more than just his head, although he thinks it might be too late for his heart already. His stupid-ass heart is already going all pitty-pat at the sight of dragon-boy.

Adam boosts himself up on a kitchen counter, long legs dangling as he sips at his coffee. "What do you want to know?"

Kris shrugs. "Whatever. How many of you are there?"

Adam thinks about it for a moment. "There are about five thousand Drakkin spread throughout the world."

Kris gapes at him. "Five thousand dragons? How the fuck do you keep that a secret?"

Adam laughs. "Not all of the Drakkin are dragons. Some are smaller reptiles, snakes, lizards, even alligators and crocodiles in some parts of the world. We have settled where our natural form blends in the easiest with your planet."

Kris looks at him sceptically. "Dragons don't exist on earth. How the hell do you hide?"

Adam's eyes turn wistful for a moment. "We live in the mountains part of the year. In places where humans seldom come. It is difficult for us in your cities of concrete and steel and smoke."

"And David, your prince, what is he?" Kris is curious about the man his best friend has fallen for and never even hinted about.

Adam smiles, such a proud, secret smile, it makes Kris feel envious. He wants Adam to smile at him like that. "Ah, David is special. He is neither reptile nor mammal, he is avian." He laughs at Kris' puzzled frown. "David is a phoenix. Unique to our kind. He is precious and remarkable and wonderful."

Yeah, Kris really doesn't like Adam talking about anyone like that. Huh. Wonder what his sub-conscious is trying to yell at him?

Cook lets himself in then and looks from Kris to Adam. His eyes narrow. "You're Adam." It's a statement not a question and Adam nods, jumping down from the counter.

"I am. I have come to take David home." His voice is gentle but his eyes are hard.

Cook folds his arms across his chest. "Even if I knew where he was, I wouldn't tell you. He left for a reason. You didn't protect him well enough."

The tight line of Adam's mouth tells Kris that Cook has hit home. Then he realises that Cook knows way more about the situation than he does. "Cook? You know about Adam? What he is?" He can't believe Cook has kept this a secret.

Cook glances over at him. "Yeah, I know what the asshole is. I know what he does and why he's here as well." He glares back at Adam. "I don't know where Archie is."

"Archie?" Adam raises an eyebrow. "That's a very disrespectful way to address the prince of my people."

Cook snorts, "He's my lover. I can call him Betty if I want to."

Kris starts laughing. He is Alice and he's fallen right through the looking glass.

Adam looks over at him, face still and haughty. "Is something funny?"

Kris shakes his head, still laughing. "Nah. I just discovered that my best friend is gay and has been sleeping with a phoenix and that dragons are real." He hears the laugh moving up the scale to hysteria. "Just another day in the life of Kris Allen."

Adam comes over to him, blue eyes bright with concern. "Are you okay?"

And Kris can't stop laughing. And laughing. And laughing. Adam wraps him in warm arms and Kris burrows in and hiccoughs against the hot skin at the base of Adam's throat.

"Oh, baby, I'm sorry. This is all too much too soon for you. I just…" he trails off, rubbing his hands in big, soothing circles on Kris' back. "I'm sorry," he repeats and Kris shakes his head against Adam's neck.

He can feel the heat of Adam seeping into him through his pores and he pushes nearer. "I'm okay." And strangely he is, held in a dragon's arms.

Kris keeps his face burrowed against Adam's neck, listens when he asks David, "What did you mean 'even if you knew where David was'. You don't know?" The rumble against Kris' cheek is comforting but he can feel the tension in Adam's body.

David is slow to reply. "Yes. I mean, no, I don't know where he is."

Adam's voice is sharp. "When you saw him last, was he well?" Kris lifts his head and looks at Cook who is nodding.

"He was fine. We were planning on getting dinner together after my afternoon shift last Sunday and when I got home, Archie was gone." Cook sounds bewildered. "I called him on his mobile but it just went to voice mail. He never called me back."

Adam pulls away from Kris and he immediately feels the loss. He can't understand himself, this need after only a few hours acquaintance and he bites back a protest.

"Do you have David's, Archie's number?" Adam's voice is urgent and obviously conveys the urgency to Cook who fumbles out his phone and rattles off a number to Adam. He has some sort of device in his hand, a strange cross between a mobile and a GPS device and Adam is punching in the numbers. The display lights up and Adam's face turns feral. For the first time he looks like a beast, a hunter and Kris feels himself shiver

Adam turns to him. "I must go. If this is the last known location of the Prince, then I must carry on my search from there." He focuses on Kris. "I will come back to you." It's both a threat and a promise and even Cook looks startled.

"Okay." Kris mumbles, face hot and he wants to just sink into the floor because it's so fucking obvious how much he wants Adam. Suddenly Adam is back in his space, pressed up against him, arms wrapped tight and Kris lifts his head to ask and…

Adam kisses him. Once more it sweeps Kris into a wildfire and he breathes heat and flame and want and when Adam lets him go they're both panting.

"I will come back for you." Adam repeats firmly and Kris believes him. He's gone then, from one moment to the next and Kris is left reeling.

David looks at him, eyes hooded and considering. "Didn't know you played for the home team," he says dryly.

Kris stares back at him. "Didn't know you did either," he responds, just as dry.

His friend grins. "I think it's a case of, I found the right person, and it just happened to be a guy."

Kris feels his lips tip up in a reluctant smile. "Yeah, I know exactly what you mean." They share another grin and Kris asks, "Wanna watch the game?"

Cook nods. "Sure. I'm awake anyway. Not like I've got anything better to do." They sit down on the sofa and Kris puts the television on, hoping to distract themselves from the worry for the dragon and his prince.

Stepping into the Fire

Kris throws himself back into work the following day. The irony of his pub's name after the past day or so doesn't escape him but he tries to focus on work and keeping busy.

A week goes by, he and Cook don't talk about Adam or Archie or dragons and Kris starts to think he might actually have imagined it all. Because, seriously, dragons aren't real and maybe he'd just had one too many drinks that night, even though he knows he doesn't drink on the job.

Friday nights are always busy at The Bear and Unicorn and Kris is not in the mood for his usual set with Allison. He's restless and his skin feels like it wants to be somewhere else, somewhere that's not on his body. But her pathetic eyes and that wobbly lip convince him to take up his position behind the piano and they're soon jamming out to "Alone" and "Crazy" and Kris thinks that maybe he's not been as good at hiding his shit as he thinks he is.

"You okay, dude?" Alli asks him between songs, tipping her head back and swallowing a shot of Jack. Kris nods, still not used to her being old enough to drink.

"It's been a hell of a week," he tells her with a grimace and she nods, walks back to the mic.

"Okay, ya'll, last song for tonight, the boss is cranky and I'm tired of picking up his slack," she slants a wicked look at him as the crowd boos, "We're gonna close with a little Annie Lennox!" and she segues into "Sweet Dreams are Made of This," husky voice altering the bliss of the lyrics into something nasty and raunchy and she whips the crowd into a howling mess.

Kris just shakes his head and hopes that one day, some smart record executive listens to her demo and makes her a superstar, because if ever anyone was born to be one, it's Allison.

Near the end of the anthem, Kris looks over at the bar and his fingers stumble over the keys. Adam and Cook are talking earnestly, heads together and Kris remembers instantly everything that Adam makes him feel, simply by existing.

The discordant notes capture Adam's attention and he lifts his head up and turns to the stage, eyes like lasers finding Kris and it's as though there is no air in the world. Kris feels his chest close and lungs suck in the last remnants of oxygen and then Adam smiles, nods and looks away and Kris can breathe again.

Alli finishes with a flourish, but her eyes are knowing as she leans down and whispers, "He's gorgeous. I didn't know you bent that way."

Kris blushes and confides, "I think actually, it might be just him."

She laughs low and pats his cheek. "Go get him, sugar," her accent thicker than syrup and he's up and moving before he's even aware of it. Her giggle follows him as he pushes his way through the crowd to the bar.

It's like Adam has some sort of Kris-radar. Before he can say a word or touch him, Adam's arm is around him and tucking him in tight against him. Kris wonders if he should protest, but he's warm for the first time in days, so he stays where he is, turns his body into Adam's and fits himself against him.

"Hey," he mumbles into Adam's neck and he feels the press of lips on his forehead.

"Hey yourself," comes the soft reply and then Kris relaxes into Adam, tension he didn't know he was carrying seeping out of him.

"Did you find him?" Kris asks and looks up hopefully.

Adam shakes his head with a sigh. "I haven't seen the Prince yet but I'm close. I know where they're holding him." He looks over at David, whose mouth is tight and eyes are worried. "I'm back because I think I'm going to need some help."

Kris raises his eyebrows. "From us?" He doesn't mean to sound surprised, but he's not sure what sort of help he or Cook could offer.

Adam nods. "I need an extra set of eyes and some help in setting up a distraction. I can't think of anyone more distracting than you." His mouth quirks up in a sly grin and Kris can feel his traitorous skin flushing.

"What do you want from me?" he asks, committing instantly and David is nodding too.

Adam's smile is delighted then and he says, "I need you both to come with me. Can you spare a couple of days?"

Kris nods. "Sure, I can get my brother to run the bar for me and Cassidy or Brad are always keen to earn extra money keeping bar." He looks at Cook. "You okay with that?"

David agrees, "I just want to find Archie. I'm worried now. I need him to be okay."

Adam leans forward and says softly, "His father, our king, got a ransom note three days ago. It would appear that our Prince has been kidnapped and held by enemies of the king."

"So why doesn't he just pay it?" Kris asks curiously and Adam grimaces.

"Because it would make things much easier for King Simon if David never came home again. Then he wouldn't have to worry about the Drakkin deposing him and crowning the Prince as our ruler." He sighs, "Politics are not only found in your society, my friends, they are with us too and have placed a true innocent in grave danger."

"When do we leave?" Kris asks and is rewarded with a beaming smile from Adam.

"First thing in the morning," he tells them and rubs his eyes.

"You're tired," Kris notes and says, "Go upstairs to my place and get some sleep. I'll shut up here and arrange for Daniel to come and open up tomorrow and then I can join you." He manages to say this all without blushing, much, and Cook is grinning at him from behind the bar.

Adam's mouth is tight and his eyes are shadowed with weariness. "A few hours rest will not be amiss," he admits and nods, "Thank you, I will happily accept." Without thought he bends down and kisses Kris, briefly but it's as though Kris' entire body has been plugged into an electrical outlet. He gasps into Adam's mouth and wants to cling, but he forces himself to step back and watches as Adam heads up the stairs.

"You're as gone as I am," Cook tells him with a grin and Kris sort of agrees with him, only he's only known Adam for about a minute so surely what he feels is lust? And then there's the dragon thing and why's he's not more freaked out about that, well, that's a mystery all on its own.

"Maybe," Kris admits and pulls out his phone, eager to set the wheels in motion so that he can be with Adam. That's all he can think of right now. Be with Adam.

Daniel agrees with pleasure, classes are through for this semester and Cassidy and Brad tell David that they'll take turns behind the bar. With nothing left to plan, Kris wonders how soon he can chase everyone out of there so that he can head upstairs.

"Go," David tells him, "I'll close up tonight. You're worse than useless right now. Your body is here but your brain has checked out. Get out of here and I'll meet you here tomorrow morning." Kris flashes a grateful smile and leaves before Cook changes his mind.

This time, he enters his apartment knowing that Adam will be there, but it's still a shock to see the length of him sprawled out on his bed, wearing a t-shirt and boxers. He's on his stomach and Kris quickly pulls off his own clothes, leaves just his boxers on, and crawls in next to him.

Carefully, he lies down, slots his body up against Adam's, and he fits, like a key and Adam rolls over onto his side, arm snaking out to haul Kris close. "'Bout time," he mutters and he covers Kris mouth with his and he's over him and pushing him down onto the mattress until all Kris feels is skin and sweat and heat.

"Fuck!" he opens his mouth to tell Adam to slow down, he's not done this before, but Adam is a force of nature, wild and desperate and his hands are everywhere. Kris feels the press of fingertips on his neck, the dig of nails against his hips, the sweep of palms over his waist and then, God, the twist and pull and rub and clasp of those long, slender fingers around his cock.

He hears the desperate whine escape him and then Adam is shimmying down to his stomach, pressing soft kisses over his chest, over his belly and then hot, hot, hot mouth and lips and tongue and … he flinches… teeth on his cock and he can't stop the scream.

He comes back into his skin to see Adam looking down at him, a bottle of lube in his hand, eyes pleased and smoky and aroused. "Well, that was a very nice way to begin proceedings," Adam tells him, "I hope you're not too tired, because I have big plans for you tonight, love." Adam sits back on his haunches and drizzles lube onto his cock and slicks himself up. Kris can't help following the movement with fascinated eyes.

Kris' hands flap weakly but he still can't speak, his body is pulsing and burning and then suddenly Adam lifts his legs and wraps them around his waist. "Hold on baby, this is going to hurt a little, but I promise you, the pleasure is so worth the pain." And Adam is there, cock pressing in, pushing and Kris can't help squirming uncomfortably. Adam is not a small man.

Adam's fingers dig into Kris' hips and his face is taut, eyes like blue fire as he tells Kris, "Take my hand." Kris reaches out blindly, wraps his fingers around Adam's and clenches, feels the tattoos pulse against his palm digs his nails in as Adam pushes forward. Kris feels his body resist and then suddenly open and Adam's in him, sliding smooth all the way like butter and the noise he makes is not human.

Kris looks up and his eyes meet Adam's and he's falling into forever as Adam's hips start moving in a slow, agonizing dance that wrings sobs from him. Adam shunts forward, hand still holding Kris' and Kris fits his legs more firmly around Adam's waist as he starts lifting his hips to meet the thrusts.

Adam's cock is a burning thing, its fire and iron and Kris thinks that he might be split apart if Adam pushes once more, but each time his body takes it, accepts it, absorbs it until he can't think anymore and he turns into a creature of flame and insanity.

He's hard again, leaking and throbbing and Adam's other hand wraps around him and he whispers, "Come for me." His voice is low, ragged, frantic and it shatters Kris. He's suddenly coming and begging and groaning and Adam drops forward, head tucked into Kris' neck as he comes too, in a mess of sweat and tears and come and he moans long and low and it rips from his throat like a song.

Kris doesn't think he'll ever be able to move again.

Adam has other ideas. The night moves on as Kris is bent and shaped and plundered and Adam is relentless. By the time the dawn is breaking, Kris is a nerveless pile of muscle, spent and curled close against Adam's side.

"I think we should actually use the bed for sleep for a few hours," Kris suggests in a voice turned hoarse with begging and screaming.

Adam hums into his neck and his breath scorches across Kris' throat. "Couple hours," he agrees and they're both gone almost before he finishes his words.

James Bond was never Like This

Kris is woken by the sound of his front door opening and he lunges for the bedroom door before Cook walks in on them. Adam is up and out of the bed before he can say anything, crouched down into a fighting stance.

"It's okay, don't panic, it's just Cook," Kris tells him and watches the muscles relaxing back into his skin. They fascinate him. He's spent most of the past few hours examining those muscles in minute detail and it still amazes him to see them move like liquid beneath smooth, freckled skin.

The tattoos are living, moving wildly and Kris just automatically reaches out and takes Adam's hand. It feels as though the tattoos are rubbing up against his palm like a cat.

"Kris?" David calls and Adam kisses him quickly before heading to the shower. Kris pulls on his boxers, wrinkling his nose in distaste at the state of his body. He would prefer to be a little cleaner before he faces other people, but Adam is the guest so he heads out of the bedroom.

Cook's face is a picture of surprise and amusement. "Well, at least one of us got very lucky last night." Kris flips him the bird as he heads for the kitchen. "Dude, you stink."

Kris ignores him and puts on the coffee maker and the scent soon fills the apartment. He leans back against a counter and asks David, "You okay?"

His friend nods. "Yeah, freaking out a little because, shit, Archie's been kidnapped, but feeling okay now because your Adam seems to have his shit together." Kris wants to tell Cook that Adam isn't his Adam but that's not the truth anymore, not after last night, this morning, earlier.

Adam appears at the kitchen doorway, in his boxers and t-shirt, hair damp and skin clean. "All yours," he tells Kris who walks past him to the bathroom. Adam stops him with a hand on his shoulder. Kris feels the heat all the way to his bones and leans up to receive the kiss. It's natural, easy, like they've been doing this forever and Kris really thinks he should be freaking out more about the whole situation.

But he's calm and mellow and his body is owned by the man he's kissing.

"Morning, baby," Adam whispers into his mouth and Kris sighs. He hears Cook make animal noises behind him, Cook tends to snort like a pig when he's laughing, but he ignores him. "Morning," he replies and lets himself sink into Adam's mouth.

He heads for the bathroom in a daze and only wakes up properly under the hot water biting into his skin. His entire life now revolves around the stranger in his kitchen. It should terrify him but he's filled with an energy, an anticipation that he's not felt before.

He finishes up quickly and pulls on clean jeans and t-shirt and heads back to the kitchen where Adam and David are chatting quietly.

"Hey," he says and Adam reaches out and tugs him down onto his lap without skipping a beat in his conversation. David waggles his eyebrows at him and Kris feels his face heat up. This could get embarrassing quickly.

"We're going to have to go in at night. Get a lay of the land first and then hole up for the day, extract the Prince the second night." Adam has a map out on the kitchen table of an area just outside of New Orleans. It looks like its all swamp and wide open. Perfect for someone to set up camp and not have anyone sneaking up on them. Kris is reluctantly impressed at the careful planning of the kidnapping.

"I know this place, Jean Lafitte Preserve," Cook tells them, pointing at the swampland, "It's near where my uncle stays on Lake Cataouatche. We should be able to get to his place pretty easy and then take a dugout from there." David grins, his eyes bright, teeth wolfish. "I feel very sorry for the fucker who took Archie from me."

Adam looks at him, eyes hard. "You need to curb that enthusiasm my friend, we need stealth, not a gung ho mentality." He touches Kris' shoulder. "You okay?"

Kris nods. "Yeah, just starting to worry about the prince. I mean, are you sure he's safe?"

Adam's mouth pulls down as he admits, "I know he's alive, that's all, not his condition. It is of concern to me."

Kris rubs his hand over the tight muscles at the base of Adam's spine. "We'll get him out okay." He's trying to be reassuring but he can't help worrying. He looks over at David whose face is dark with anger. "Cook?"

Cook shakes his head. "We need to get going. Now." He pulls out his mobile and places a call. "Cody? It's Dave, how are you? Good. I need a favour. A couple of friends and I are on the way to you now. It's a recon and rescue mission. You in?"

And apparently he is. Which scares Kris more than a little.

Cook turns a little manic after that and Adam leaves Kris to calm him down as he makes a few calls of his own. Kris hears mention of weapons and fire and others but he's too busy trying to keep David in his skin to pay too much attention.

"I can't believe I didn't think about something being wrong." Cook is berating himself. "I mean, things were good, no, they were great and I just automatically assumed that he'd left me."

Kris isn't sure what he's supposed to say, so he lets David pace and berate himself for a while and then asks, "So, tell me about your Archie. What's he like?"

The light that brightens David's eyes tells Kris that whatever his friend feels for this prince, it's real and powerful. "He's amazing. He's like this little powerhouse of energy and charm. He smiles and all you want to do is protect him from every bad thing in the world. I mean, he's so innocent." David's smile drops a little, "I don't want to think about what he's been going through the past two weeks. He must be so scared."

Kris pats his shoulder awkwardly. It's weird to hear Cook gushing like this about another person, let alone a guy, but if he's happy, then Kris is completely on board with that. "We're gonna find him. We have a dragon on our side."

Adam comes back at that moment, tucking his phone back into his pocket. He brushes a hand down Kris' cheek and the tattoos pulse against his skin. It makes Kris shiver and lean in and he's only brought back to awareness when he hears Cook laughing.

Adam is smiling in delight at him and Kris basks in his approval, ignoring his asinine friend. "Ready?" Adam asks and Kris nods.

"Set." David assures him with another of those scary toothy grins that bode ill for someone.

"Let's go then," Kris says and they head out.

Adam has a black SUV, and they climb inside and Adam sets the GPS system for Lake Cataouatche. He looks over at Kris, "You sure about this?"

Kris smiles at him. "Completely. I want to meet the guy who makes my best friend smile like that."

Adam looks back at David, who is humming to something on his i-Pod. "He seems like a good man."

Kris nods. "The best. He's the one who came through for me when I wanted to buy The Bear and Unicorn. He's family."

Adam stares ahead at the road and asks softly, "But is he worthy of a prince?"

Kris doesn't hesitate in replying, "I think for me, the question is, is your prince worthy of him? His heart is a marshmallow, soft and easily squeezed."

Adam chuckles, "And your heart?"

Kris takes a deep breath and plunges, "Whatever my heart is, it's yours."

Adam's eyes widen briefly and Kris watches in fascination as the tattoos swirl around his arms in spirals. He reaches out and puts a hand on Adam's thigh and is rewarded with the slight tensing of the muscles beneath his palm. The tattoos roll in undulations around Adam's arms, slithering around and down until Kris can feel them pushing eagerly up against his hand on Adam's thigh.

"This is very strange for me," Adam confesses softly, "It appears that my dragon has already claimed you."

"What about your heart?" Kris asks hopefully and Adam sighs.

"My dragon has always seemed to have known what is best for me. It is half of who and what I am, but it thinks like an animal does. It prioritises, food, water, shelter, mate. It would seem that my dragon has selected you." Adam sounds rueful but not upset.

Kris takes courage at this and asks, "Do you usually follow the lead of your dragon?" He can hear himself say the ridiculous words and he knows that he's seen the beast, but it is still not quite real to him.

The sound emerging from Adam's throat is somewhere between a purr and a growl. "The dragon wants you, I want you," he shrugs, "must it be more complicated than that?"

Kris isn't sure he's okay with the fact that Adam is only accepting him because the beast within has, but he's prepared to take what he can get. It's a bit frightening for him at how much he's willing to compromise just to be around Adam.

He doesn't say anything though and Adam slants a look at him. "You okay?"

Kris nods, but he pulls his hand away from Adam's thigh and settles his back against the car door, closing his eyes.

"Kris?" The question in Adam's voice is almost too much to ignore, but Kris thinks that maybe he'd better start protecting himself from being hurt because Adam obviously won't stay once they've rescued his prince.

"I think I'm going to try a get a little sleep," he tells Adam instead, "It was a long night." He doesn't want to think about the past night, the skin and sweat and blood of their …fucking. That's all it was really, two animals fucking, with no emotional investment at all. He's going to keep reminding himself of that.

"Alright then," Adam says, doubt in his voice, "I'll wake you when we get to Lake Cataouatche."

Kris is claimed by sleep almost instantly, despite the whirling thoughts in his brain.