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Immune to Quirks

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People are born unequal.

It all began in the town of Qing Qing, China with the news of the birth of a mysterious "Luminescent Baby". Shortly there-after similar phenomena popped up all over the world. The trigger for these newfound powers was determined, but as time progressed what was once extraordinary became ordinary and "dreams" became reality.
Of the planet's population, around 80% have developed unique abilties, or "individualities"- called "quirks". Humanity has entered a new age- a society of superhumans. And in this world whirling in chaos a certain profession that people used to aspire to only in daydreams, has stepped into the light of day!
The great phenomenon was attended by an accompanying increase in crime levels and while nations dawdled in making any sort of radical change to the law, men and women of courage took inspiration from comics and donned the mantle of heroism! They began policing this brave new world, and defending innocents from evil!
Suddenly through the swell of public opinion, heroism gained rights as an official occupation and due to their various acts of meritorious service, they obtained income from the state and renown from the people!

But in this new reality that has become our daily life, not everybody could find their place. Someone who has no quirk, is often bullied for it. They are being looked down on and some people enjoy torturing them. And even though it sounds strange, these bullies were often much worse than villains.


A long haired little girl, no older than 4 called out. "Hey (Name)-chan!"
The other child turned around, quitting from playing in the sand. "Yes, Yuriko-chan?"
"Kazuma-kun finally got his quirk! Come on, I wanna see it!"
(Name) stood up, swiping down the remaining sand on her clothes. With a sigh, she followed her friend's way inside the kindergarten's building. She stepped into the classroom, where the other children circled around a black haired boy, also known as Kazuma Hiiroichi. He was using his hand and fingers to draw in the air. On his face, there was a huge smile.
"Wow, your quirk is really pretty, Kazuma-kun!"
"Could you draw something for me? Pretty please?"
"For me too!!"
The teachers and children were praising his newfound ability, making him feel like someone really special.
"If I think about it, now (name)-chan is the only one left, who hasn't got her quirk yet." One of the teachers pointed it out, looking at the said girl.
(Name) awerted her gaze to somewhere else. She knew it already. Better than anyone else. Everybody assured her, that she was just a latebloomer, but she couldn't believe them. Her mother would always tell her, that the best always comes last and her father would pat her head, saying "It's ok, (name)-chan. Your mother and I love you just the way you are.". It wasn't like she didn't know that. She just didn't want people to judge her for not having a quirk.

After getting out of kindergarten to elementary school, her life became pretty much normal. Her classmates didn't bully her for not having a quirk, or rather didn't dare to bully her. Her mom was a respected hero and her father was filthy rich. They tried to be friends with her instead. Although she saw through their lies, she welcomed them with open arms. This was for the best, even if it's a lie.

"Is there something wrong, darling?" The hero mother asked her daughter who was picking her food.
"Yes, dear?"
"Do you think, when I grow up, I will be someone special like you and daddy?"
Her mother stopped in her tracks, automatically trying to say the words her child deserved, but after taking a quick look on her daughters face and the woman's thoughts disappeared. There was a long silence.

"The answer is no, right? Well it's not I ever wanted to be like that."

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(Name) knew when someone was lying to her.


She just could feel it, like a 6th sense. It was crystal clear, that her supposed-to-be-friend was lying into her face. She acted the same, but her eyes told another story. They were filled with pure mortification.
(Name) would've got up from her seat and walked away the second she noticed her telling the opposite of truth. But she didn't, because she felt pity for her friend.

The (h/c) haired girl sighed heavily and slowly asked. "What did you do, exactly?"

The other female silenced herself. She knew that her friend was going to ask this question. And when she was talking slowly, in a low voice, that meant trouble. Yuriko awkwardly started playing with her hair. "I... uhh... kinda fo-followed him... to his... uhh... house."
(Name) was legitimately about to stand up and leave her, but she contained herself. "So... you followed him home and...?"

Yuriko gulped, eyes flickering everywhere, except on (Name). "I've found out he has a... daughter and a wife."

(E/c) orbs widened out slowly, almost bulging out of her head. Her best friend, who has been with her since day one, stalked her mother's boyfriend to his home, because she was suspicious about him, cheating on her mom. And to be honest, (Name) really liked her best friend's mother. She was nice, caring, always careful with (Name) when they were talking about quirks in the family, because she didn't want to upset her. It felt like she was her second mother.
"Did you tell your mother?" Was the question she asked from her friend.

The other girl shook her head, running her fingers through her hair in frustration. "But I really want to. I just feel the need to tell her. He is clearly married, he's cheating on his wife with my mother. It's hella obvious, that he doesn't want anything from mom, just to be his side... hoe."

(Name) blinked a few a times, hearing those words out of her mouth. "Side hoe? Yuriko, you should stop watching those videos on youtube."
"It doesn't matter, (Name)! I just feel so betrayed by this man! My mother really loves him. Like she is legit lovesick. I don't want mom to have a broken heart! Especially by this... manwhore!" She was fuming, her nails clawing the desk, making very visible scratches on it. Her quirk was basically build in her body. She could run like a cheetah, like Speedy Gonzales. But man, her nails were made out of metal. She had two quirks. One of them were her claws and the other one was the super speed. Basically a beast in a teenage girl's body.

(Name) sighed, then gently put her hand on her friend's, giving her a reassuring squeeze. "Ok, so what if we 'confront' this man about this?"
The blonde female immediately shook her head, with a strict "No".

"But if you won't tell your mother, then she will still be in this position, completely controlled by this man. Or we can just walk up to him and start talking to him, like a normal person and ask him about his real family. Let's see his reaction!" This idea wasn't that bad. It was dangerous, but wasn't a bad suggestion at all.

"Fine. But you're going to talk!"

The (h/c) haired girl tilted her in a confused way. "What?"

"You're the one who will do the talking, and I will be standing there beside you to keep emotional support."

"But she is your mother!"

"Your idea, your responsibility."

She rolled her (e/c) eyes. "Fine." Her friend could be such a coward sometimes.



Later that day, after school the two of them took different ways to get home. Usually, a limousine would come to pick (Name) up, but she started walking home by herself since sixth grade. Her parents were worried about her getting caught by stalkers or villains, but after successfully walking home with no scratches a few times, they let her do what she wanted. She didn't have a quirk, but she was skilled in aikido and karate. Actually, she was kind of forced to learn these martial arts, because her parents wanted her to know how to protect herself without a quirk.

So while she was walking home, she always had a feeling someone is watching her.But it was only when she was alone. She felt somehow paranoiic, but didn't want to panic. There was one time though, when she saw something that might have been her stalker.

A dark, black hole.

It was disappearing when she noticed it, so she couldn't see anything else. Inside the black hole, it looked a bit like the galaxy with purple and dark pink swirls and lines. It was creepy, but somewhat fascinating. Like some other creature far away from Earth was watching her. She was quite the space nerd to be frank.


Though the thought of something stalking her sent shivers down her spine. She wasn't really scared or anything, but certainly she did not like when someone or something was following her everywhere.
Walking a bit faster than before, she quickly got home. The headbutler greeted her like usual, her personal maid hurriedly coming for her schoolbag to take it to her room, while her mistress goes to the kitchen to eat dinner. (Name) peaked over the chef's shoulder, or rather she just tried to, because their chef was a very tall man. "What's gonna be for dinner?"

The male chuckled under his dark mustache at her eager behaviour. "Are you patient enough to wait for the surprise dish or not, little girlie?"

The middle school student pouted childishly, leaving the worker alone. She went up the stairs straight to her room. Seeing her schoolbag beside her desk, she walked to the furniture and sat down on her stool. She took out her things of her bag. The girl looked through her stuff boredly, when she saw an unknown piece of paper. "What is this?" She opened the folded note, only to see her best friend's sloppy handwriting. She rolled her eyes, as she read through the letter. "That's your fantastic plan? Really, Yuriko?"
She was about to call the said girl, when she heard the call of dinnertime. She rushed down immediately, practiacally slamming down onto the chair at the dining table. She dug into her food like a hungry animal. Nobody quistenioned her behavior, not even her mother, who looked at her scoldingly.


After thanking for the delicious dinner, she went back to her room.
Mrs. (Last Name) sighed quietly. Her daughter must have a hard time at school, if she left so hurriedly to her room. A year before (Name) told her she wanted to go to Tokyo to high school, because the only good, NOT hero academy was there. There weren't any great ones nearby, she admitted that. But she still disn't want her quirkless daughter to go that far away.
(Name) immediately called Yuriko, after she closed her door. She hopped down onto her bed, leaning against her huge animal plushies. Her friend finally picked it up.

"Did you read it? How is it?" The questions came.

(Name) frowned. "Well if you want us to get arrested by breaking into someone's house, then it's flawless."

"Write a better one then! If mine was so bad."

The (h/c) haired girl rolled her eyes, obviously not liking her friend's suggestion, but she thought about it anyway.
"How about confronting him on the street, in front of lots of people. You know in case if he's going to try to do anything."

"That's actually not a bad idea. But he doesn't go home until 7 p.m. There will be hardly anybody outside that late."

"We just have to pick the right words with him then. We don't want to anger him. What did you say, what his quirk again?"

"Temporary body paralyzis. If he touches someone, he can paralyze them for a short amount of time. It immediately stops if he's not concentrating on the person hard enough though."

(Y/n) sweatdropped. "... and how do you know all these? Stalker much?"

There was a long, long silence after that. The person on the other side of the call cringed, her face getting all white and green. "My mom... she told me about it. She said... ugh... he likes to..." A shiver ran down her spine. "Occasionally paralyze her body during... uhm... doing adult things..."

(Y/n)'s face started to heat up also. The two of them were 14 years old, blushing virgins, who had just only a little knowledge about sexual things. She gulped, pushing down the upcoming vomit, then drank a bit of water quickly. "That is so gross..."

"Tell me about it! It was not you who heard her mother bragging about her sexual experienceses with a guy to her 14 years old daughter..." Yuriko complained, also trying to fight off the sudden sickness.

"Ok. Let's just push this aside and think about what kind of things we need to look put for."

"I agree."

The plan was in progress.
They discussed what should they do, if one of them gets paralyzed or something. The two of them talked about the questions they're going to ask him and the speech they are going to say after the answers from the man.
It was stupid, to be honest. They were too young and naive about things like this, but people always learn from their mistakes.

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(Name) wasn't about to collapse just here, even if she was out of breath.


Two days after the birth of their marvelous plan, the two girls had finally came to the point where they're going to use it. Unfortunately though, they had to go through school first.
Yuriko was running beside her friend, keeping the other girl's slower tempo. It was P.E. today, and their teacher just had to tell them to run around the whole school building. They had to do 10 laps, and after that, they can do whatever they wanted, using sports equipment. Most of the students were done with the task, so they were either playing volleyball or basketball.

And of course, (Name) was one of the last ones complete the laps. Yuriko was the first to do so, she was an athlete after all. But she felt pity for her friend so she kept running with her.

"Are you okay?" The girl's question was unnecessary, it was clear as glass. (Name) was exhausted and tired. Her shirt was drenched with sweat, her hair was sticking to her forehead. She knew martial arts, fair enough, but when it came to running, she was done for. Her stamina was just not made for this exercise. So she hated running with passion. And the P.E. teacher was just the sadistic cherry on top of the disgusting, hateful ice cream.

"Do I...hahh hahh..look..haahahahh..okay" She was panting like crazy, and she ended her last lap, the (h/c) haired girl collapsed down onto the ground. Yuriko knelt down to her, holding an opened waterbottle. She took a gulp of the drink, then poured the rest of it on (Name)'s head. The girl shot up immediately, feeling the liquid dripping down her shirt and pants. "What the heck, Yuriko?!"

"Relax. You need your strenght for today's mission! I'm just freshing you up!" The female student cheered. (Name) crossed her arms, glaring at the other with an annoyed expression.

"I'm drenched with water and sweat all over my body. How is that refreshing?"

"Technically, sweat is water too."

"Technically, you're supposed to be smarter this."

Yuriko rolled her eyes. "Aww, come on! Be thankful just at least a little bit. I gave you fresh water."

"That I was supposed to be drinking right now."



Yuriko and (Name), after P.E., went back to the classroom. The two girls sat down to their desks, waiting for the next lesson to start, when a bunch of guys appeared at the entrance. They were holding one of the students by his shirt, then they pushed him onto the desks, causing the guy to bump his head into the hardwood.

"Aren't you a bit too pathetic, Kiyoshi?" One of the bullies said, stepping on the guy's hand. The male grunted in pain, while the others were laughing at him.
Yuriko nudged her friend's shoulder.

"Shouldn't we get out of here?" The question was put into consideration in (Name)'s mind. She, to be honest, really wanted to get out of the classroom, away from these jerks, at least to save the victimized guy from even more humiliation.

"Yeah, we should." She answered smoothly, but didn't do anything to move herself out of her seat. "But we both know, that if we don't stop this, nobody is going to."
Yuriko let out a sigh, pulling her hair back into a ponytail. "What do you plan on doing?" She whispered.

"Can you outrun them?"

The girl snorted. "You know really well that i can."

"Could you run to the teacher's office to report these guys?"

"Yeah, but what about you?"


"I'll be the distraction."

Before Yuriko could say anything, (Name) stood up quickly, causing her chair to create some loud noise. The bullies looked at them, well only at the (h/c) haired girl, because the other one sprinted out in the second the noise was heard. "It's just (Last Name)..."

The said female cleared her throat. "Do you guys need some help?" Of course, she wasn't serious. Like heck she would help these jerks to beat up someone.

"The quirkless nobody wants to help us out? Is this a joke?" The leader slowly backed up from the poor guy's face, who was utterly terrified of what will happen next. (Name) looked at the victim quickly, silently telling him that they will get help soon. The girl wouldn't stand a chance against these guys by herself. She was skilled in martial arts, but these people were much taller than her and while she was alone, they were a whole group of bullies.

"I mean, someone has to lie to the teachers about this, right?"

The guys' leader lifted his foot off lying person's hand, then slowly started walking towards the girl. (Name) gulped nervously. "Aren't you cute? Quirkless (Name) wants to join in? How adorable." The (e/c) orbs of the girl held a disgust. "Well then. Hey guys, should we introduce her to our way of playing?!" The leader called out to his gang.

"You better not do anything, Kurisaki-kun." Just in time, a teacher came in the classroom, beside was a worried looking Yuriko. The girl ran to her friend, searching for any kind of injury or bruise. The teacher ordered the bullies to go straight to the principal with another teacher, who was waiting for them at the entrance. "Did anything happened to you, (Last Name)-san?" The question came out from the teacher's mouth.

" I am completely fine, Mrs. Munakata. But you should tend Kiyoshi-san's injuries." The woman nodded, helping the said boy to stand up, escorting him to the nurse's office.

"Are you really okay, (Name)?" Yuriko's concerned voice snapped the girl out her trance, while walking down the street. They were going to interrogate her friend's mother's current boyfriend about cheating on his wife.

"As I've said it before, I am completely and absolutely fine." The girl reassured the other, slightly getting irritated by the question.

" 'Kay, but if you want to cry on my shoulder, because you were so scare-"

"Do you want me to go with you and talk with your mom's boyfriend instead of you, or not?"

"...I do."

"Then shut up."



The two girls were walking beside each other, their plan was in action by now. First, the both of them went to a cafe to kill some time.
(Name) was playing with the (cup/mug) of her (fav/drink) she ordered, when Yuriko started eating her slice of mille crepe.

"We still have an hour. And it's getting darker and darker outside." One of the girls said, rolling her eyes at her messy eating friend.
The blonde haired girl swallowed. "Yeah, we can use the darkness as our advantage. We can hide, if he starts chasing us."

"Why would he chase us, when he could just simply grab us by our arms a paralyze our bodies?"

"But you forget that I have super legs, so i can run away like no big deal."

"You forget that I do not have a quirk and that puts me in more danger."

"You agreed to come."

"You didn't even ask me."

"...Since when have you become so savage, (Name)?"

"I was born this way."



The two teenage girls were anxious. So very anxious. This whole situation wasn't in the plan, of course it wasn't.
As soon as they met the guy, he immediately asked what were they doing outside in this hour. Shouldn't they be home by now? He recognized Yuriko the moment he saw her, but he didn't know about (Name). One of the girls, (Name), began her speech slowly, addressing the man by his name first. The male was flabbergasted, but he started eyeing the blonde suspiciously, when the other girl mentioned his wife and daughter.
"You see, sir, I think about Ms. Hotori as she were my own mother. Therefore, I do not want her to feel so much pain if she-"

"If she what? Finds all of this out? Listen here, little girl. That woman is my personal plaything and I could use her for my entertainment as much as I would like to. Even she would somehow got to know about my family, she would still be begging on her knees to be with me. And you know what? I would gladly let her." His words were like knives plunging into Yuriko's heart, making deep injuries and letting it bleed out like some animal, that was hunted down. That was all it took for the blonde snap and tackle the adult.

She was roaring at him, cursing him with all her 14 old mind could think of. Her claws came out, ready to slit his neck. Until she just stopped. Her whole body froze, like a statue, then fall down on the man's chest as if she was a ragdoll. The male pushed her off, standing up, clicking his tongue annoyedly. He looked at (Name), then smirked in a disgusting fashion.
"How troublesome are kids these days? Don't worry about her, she just needs to be punished for going against me." He said, moving closer to the shocked girl. She has never felt so useless before, she couldn't do anything. There was no escape. Her best friend was lying in front of her on cold and hard ground. She couldn't just run away!
"Speechless, huh? Wait till I'm done with you. You will be a good sta-" His voice was suddenly cut off. (Name)'s (e/c) orbs couldn't believe what they were witnessing.
His whole body began to burn in deep, black flames, he was screaming bloody murder. (Name) brought her hands up to her mouth, tears blurring her vision. Then she saw it.


The same, black hole.


An arm slowly reaching out of it, touching the half burned body. Just as the whole palm of the hand was on his skin, the man started disintegrating into small pieces. The process wasn't slow, it was as fast as possible. When (Name) blinked away her tears to watch more clearly, the body was nowhere to be seen. Just the little shards of him, scattering on the ground like puzzle pieces.

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(Name) felt like, as if her lungs were unable to work properly.


Her breath hitched as she saw the shards on the ground in front of her. The girl wanted to just run and never look back again. This was a mistake, a bad choice. How could they be so naive?!
She gulped down the upcoming vomit out of nervousness, then looked over at Yuriko. The blonde was laying on her back, her face kinda peaceful, as if she was sleeping. (Name) let out a relieved sigh and walked over to her best friend, starting to shake her. She tried to wake her up by tickling her, pinching her sides and cheeks. The eyes of the female fluttered, slowly sitting up.

"(Name)..? What's wrong?" She yawned. The other girl just helped her up, checking if she had any injuries. "I'm okay, (Name)." Yuriko said, kinda annoyed. "But where is that bastard?!"

(Name) looked at the pile of tiny pieces, then at her friend. "That's... him." She pointed at it. "I don't really understand how it happened, but..." Her voice trailed off. "T-there was a portal-like thing...a-and a hand was reaching out to him f-from the black hole..." Yuriko's eyes widened. "Then he just... fell apart."

Long silence came upon the two girls, they could hear each other's heartbeat quicken. They looked down, and one of the started whispering. "W-what do we do now? We can't just tell the police..."

(Name) sniffed. "I know. We just... have to pretend it didn't happen-"

Yuriko's head snapped up, tears were visible pooling up in her eyes. "We can not do that! My mother will... she will search for him!" She slammed her fist to the ground. "I am not going to lie to her!"

"I'm not asking you to lie to her... but what would you tell her if she asked you what the hell happened to him? Would you explain to her, that you followed the man and found out he has a family already? And then you told me and we both came up with the idea of confronting him about this? Even the part were you pounced on him to claw his throat out?" The (h/c) haired girl went on, trying to get a hold on the situation. Because it wad true. How could they explain this?

Yuriko looked defeated, she was crying by now. She had her arms around her knees, hiding her face in between. "Then what now?" She asked, sniffing loudly.

"We have to go home..."



Only after a month could (Name) forget about the incident. At night she would still dream about it sometimes, the portal-like black hole swallowing her up whole, with the hand disintegrating her into small pieces, while she is burning alive in black flames, screaming in pure agony. Her friend was far more luckier, as weird as it sounds. She couldn't really remember what happened, but her heart was raging in fury, everytime she thought about the now dead man. Her mother though, was a different story.
She was searching for the man, trying to call him to reach him somehow, but with no success. She was brokenhearted, but this was the perfect time for Yuriko to cheer her up and spend more time with her mother, unlike in the past few months.

But as time flew, came the week of exams. (Name) had to study, although she was very smart and her intelligence was far above than her classmates. Her parents were proud of their daughter, very proud.


"So, darling, which school do you want to go? Have you decided yet?" Her mother was curious, although she knew already were her daughter would want to go.

"I'm thinking about studying in Tokyo, or Miyagi Prefecture. These were the only places I could find, which aren't for hero-wanna-bes." (Name) answered dryly, picking up a the noodles with chopsticks. They were having a family dinner at home.

"Very good, sweetheart. But, you know, there are excellent school nearby too. You don't have to go so far." Her mother said, trying to convince her daughter. (Name) stopped her movements and looked down on her lap. She sighed heavily.

"I've already decided, mom. I'm going to study somewhere else." She stated the fact, surprising her father, who was eating quietly at the table, not wanting to get in between to two women. He liked to stay out of their conversations and arguments, due to the fact that he was the only male in the family.

"But why? Is it because of your... hate for people with quirks?"

"No! Mom, you're misunderstanding me. I don't hate them, I just don't like people who think they're better than those who don't have quirks. They are so arrogant and annoying! I do not want to study at a school, where these people exists!" (Name) reasoned, trying to stay calm. This was a very sensitive topic to her, and her mother knew that. They've had arguments about this before and the did not end well. "They are show-offs, who have too much pride to have any other traits. They sometimes barbaric bullies, they hurt those, who are weaker and can't defend themselves!" Her voice rose up, remembering about the bullying event at her school. "And they call themselves heroes, mom!"

She silenced her mother, alright. This was something (Mother's name) couldn't say anything against. The last 15 minutes passed in silence, (Fathet's name) was still thinking if he should even say something or not. It's like he could defend any of them, because if he did, the one of them would think he is against her. So he thought, it would be better to stay silent.
(Name) was the first to stand up and leave the diningroom. She said a quiet "thank you for the food" and she was off.

Up in her room, (Name) was laying on her bed, staring up at the ceiling. She shouldn't have siad those things so furiously. She loved her mother dearly and she would always treat her parents with respects. But this was different. There were times, when she couldn't control herself and would erupt like a vulcano, full of emotions. She needed to apologize tomorrow.

After taking a shower, washing her face and brushed her teeth, (Name) was ready to go to bed and sleep like a rock. Tomorrow was Saturday, so she could rest through the whole day.
Burying herself into the fluffy pillows and plushies, with her blanket hiding her, she fell into a deep slumber.


It was probaly in the middle of the night, when she felt herself wake up suddenly. Her long lashes fluttered, as she slowly opened her eyes. As soon as the (e/c) orbs adjusted to the dark, they flickered around the room, until they stopped at an oh-so-familiar black hole. She watched as it grew bigger and bigger, spreading quickly, forming into a more defined shape. Her eyes widened as it picked up it's original form. At first it looked a creatire from a nightmare, but after a few blinks it looked more like a... man?
A man was definitely standing in her room, watching her every movement with his glowing white orbs. Suddenly he took a step forward. (Name) felt her worst enemy, fear, crawling up her back, as she eyed the man walking towards her. His features were more defined now. He was wearing a black suit and his hair was definitely a darker color. His skin tone was kept unseen, because of the darkness in the room, but she could still pick out a few things of his face. Sharp jawline and a straight and defined cheekbones. This was handsome, no doubt about that. But what was he doing inside her house, her room?

She shut her eyes closed, pretending to sleep. This wasn't the right time to admire a stranger's face, not to mention, that it was a high chance, that he was the one who has been watching her all this time.
She felt a hand sliding up her blanket covered arm. He was touching her. The girl couldn't help but feel even more in danger. His movements were gentle, almost feathery, as if he was trying to not to wake her up by touching her. His hand reached shoulder, his fingers finally touching her skin. He was surprisingly warm. The fingers were now on her cheek, just barely feeling the pressure of them on herself. The hand stilled on her face, until she felt a warm breath on her forehead. Her blood ran cold.
His lips were warm on her bare skin, and as suddenly as it happened, as quickly they disappeared. (Name) sat up immediately, reaching for the lamp on her drawer next to her bed.
The light was switched on, illuminating the room. She was panting heavily as she looked around the room, searching for the man.
The fact that he could enter her place without making any effort, terrified her. She was doomed that's for sure.

She gulped as her shaking hand switched off the lamp. But as soon as she did that, she couldn't help to turn on the lights again. (Name) felt scared at the moment the light disappeared. The girl decided to leave them on, just in case. Taking a deep breath, she buried her face into her big pillow, closing her eyes. All she needed now, was a huge and deep sleep.

Chapter Text

"So, you're telling me that this weekend, you've witnessed someone just simply appear in your room without any kind of noise and watched you sleep -- even though you were awake--,touched your shoulder and kissed your forehead?"


Yuriko just wasn't having it today. Her friend clearly had some creep after her, but (Name) was just sitting there in front of her in a cafe after school with a chill as hell expression on her features. "Have you seen this guy before?"

(Name) shook her head, sipping her blueberry smoothie. "Not really. I mean, I've always had some kind of weird dark purple hole looking out for me. Remember the incident? That was the same exact blackish purple thingy, which saved me from your mom's ex."

The blonde gaped at her friend. "You mean... that night, that strange thing you were talking about, the hand and the black flames... it was the same?" (Name) nodded, but hold up a finger to bite into her cookie.
"Yeah." She said between bites. "But this time I saw his face."

"But didn't you say it was really dark in your room and couldn't see him clearly?"

"Yes, but I was able to catch a few features. He had really dark hair, two glowing white eyes, his cheekbones were quite sharp and his lips-" she stopped herself for a moment, feeling a blush creeping up on her cheeks. "were soft and warm..."

"Do you have some weird fetish or something? Like you know, being attracted to your stalker-"

"No! I do not!" The (h/c) haired girl protested, almost chocking her smoothie.

Yuriko sighed heavily, then pulled out an envelope. "This mail came to our place a few days ago. That man's family reported him as a missing person and they've found out that he and my mother were in a relationship. This is from his wife." She said those words with such regret, that (Name) couldn't help, but feel the same. It was their fault that he died. If they hadn't planned out to talk to him privately, but just talk to Yuriko's mom and sort it out, this wouldn't have happened. The guilt was eating them from the inside, but it was slowly getting better though. Yuriko and her mother were spending so much more time together and they finally decided to move away to a smaller apartment, which will save them money. Yuriko's mother worked hard to keep up with the taxes and other payments, but now she can relax a bit more, because their new flat was smaller and their landlord was kind enough to give them some time to gather the money to pay for the place.

"And what does it say?"

Yuriko looked down. "They asked for the whereabouts of him. But we said we haven't seen him since he disappeared." Of course, they felt bad about lying to them, but what could they do? Tell them the truth and explain that a hand just simply disintegrated him into tiny little shards?

"I think it's best if don't bring it up anymore."

"Agreed." The blonde took a bite our of her cheesecake. "So, now that where done with that topic, where are you gonna go to high school?"

(Name) froze for a moment. "I'll be going to either Tokyo or Miyagi Prefecture. There is very high quality high school in Miyagi, but Tokyo has one too. And they are both for ordinary, quirkless people like me, so I won't feel out of place."

Yuriko nodded in understanding. She knew her friend didn't want to go anywhere near hero schools. They disgusted her deeply. "I have something in my mind too, but don't be angry please."
(Name) smiled. "You know I would never be able to hold grudges against you."

"Well then. I plan in going to U.A."

(E/c) eyes blinked for a few times. "What."

Yuriko crossed her arms in defense. "I plan on going to U.A."

"O-okay. But can I ask why?"

"After the incident that night, I felt like I was useless. I have two quirks at the same time, but I can't use them for anything, but to show off or to scare someone. Remember how I lashed out on him? I was acting out of anger. I made rash decisions and it only got the best of me. What I'm saying is, I want to protect people with my powers instead of hurting them. And for me to do that, I need to learn to control myself and my quirks."
(Name) was staring at her friend in awe. Of course, she held deep hatred against heroes, those show-offs, but she knew Yuriko like a sister. Her intentions were genuine and she was able to respect that.
"Oh, I almost forgot to give this you." Yuriko pulled out a small, light blue envelope.

"What's up with you and envelopes?"

The blonde just rolled her eyes. "Just take it. Remember that guy that was bullied in the classroom?" (Name) nodded, taking the paper. "He gave me this. He said he would like me to hand it you."

(Name) folded out the letter and her eyes started to widen slowly as she was nearing to the end of the letter. This was a love confession, beautifully written on a paper, filled with emotions. Damn, this guy really poured his heart out to her. The girl gulped and awerted her gaze from the paper. "I didn't mean to make him like me..."


(Name) groaned in frustration. "He confessed to me..."

"Eh. But look at the bright side. At least he doesn't hate you."

"Yes, but it''s even worse if he loves me. I mean, how in the world?! I haven't done anything to make him like me!"

"You saved him from the bullies."

"No, I did not. I only bought you some time to go to tell the teacher. I was acting as a distraction."

"He probably thought you were a very nice and pretty distraction."

"I don't even know his name!" (Name) argued.

Yuriko shrugged. "You can always just reject him."

"But-" The (h/c)-ette whined. "he has been humiliated enough already. I don't want him to feel bad..."

"Just tell him that you aren't interested in dating yet. It's true and less painful, knowing that the person you like might have rejected you, but they aren't interested in dating in general, so they aren't taken yet." Yuriko was right. The less painful was the better option. This way she wouldn't his feelings that much.
"I also wanted to ask If we could go to my cousin's school today. He is quite repulsive and doesn't really have real friends, so I thought why not? Wanna come?"

(Name) raised an eyebrow, but nodded. It wouldn't hurt to get to know her best friend's cousin. "Sure."

"Nice. I'll call him now, 'kay?" She stood up, getting out her phone to dial his number.


(Name) finished her smoothie, looking out the huge glass window to the street. She was watching people arrive and go, eating and drinking, laughing and crying. Observation was one of her favourite things to do, other than reading. She kept her eyes on one specific person though. He was leaning against the wall, his greyish hair slightly peaking our underneath his black hoodie that was hiding the rest of his locks. He was wearing a pair of red sneakers with black jeans. He was facing towards the shop where her and Yuriko were, but she couldn't see his face properly.


The said female snapped her head to face her friend. "Y-yeah?"

"You were spacing out. Is everything okay?"

"Yes. I am fine." (Name) nodded.

"Okay then. Should we go to meet my cousin now? I think they're done with school by now." Yuriko was looking at the clock in the cafe.

"Let's pay then." They went to the cashier, who smiled at the both of them. They paid for their orders and left the cafe.



The girls finally got to the school where Yuriko's cousin was. The blonde told (Name) to wait for them at the gates of the building, while she goes inside to greet her cousin. It had been 15 minutes and Yuriko was still in there. (Name) sighed heavily, irritated by her friend's absence. All of sudden, her eyes caught a fluffy looking, green haired boy rushing out of the building. His eyes were teary, he was holding a notebook close to his chest. (E/c) orbs narrowed at the pathetic sight of the boy, he was probably being bullied. The male silently walked by her, not even noticing her presence. Well, it was understandable. He was drowning in his own misery in his mind, so it wasn't a surprise not to even aknowledge his surroundings.

Right after the green fluffiness made his way out of the grounds, came Yuriko with a blond boy walking next to her, wearing a scowl on his face. The other blonde however, she was insulting him, cussing him out like a sailor. Oh boy, he must have pissed Yuriko off real bad. (Name) could only assume the individual beside her friend was the infamous cousin she was talking about. By the time they reached the (h/c)-ette, the boy also started arguing, his hands were making small explosions in his palms. Now she could understand what was going on. He was definitely a troublemaker.

"Are you out of your god damn mind?! You could have sent him to hospital!" The blonde female shouted at him.

The boy groaned. "Oh shut up, you freak! I only blew up his fucking backpack!"

"Oh yeah?! And what if you burn his back too?! I don't want Auntie and Uncle Bakugou to be put charges against, because of your hot-headed personality! You are annoying as it is already!"

"Fuck you! At least I'm not some freakish loser with zero friends!"

"You know, that is actually quite funny hearing that coming out of your mouth! Your friends are most likely afraid of you, that's why they are hanging out with you, not because they like you!"

"You fucking bitch! Why did you even come here anyway?! Only to annoy the shit out of me?!"

"I wouldn't have come to see you even if I was forced to! I have a friend who would like to meet you!" She immediately pointed at (Name). She tensed up, feeling the dark red eyes of the male slowly checking her out. The bickering stopped as soon as his eyes landed on her face. She could hear his breath hitch, when she looked at his face with a calm expression.

He was quite handsome for a 14-years-old, truth to be told. (Name) thought she wouldn't see anything else aside from his frown, but his lips were slightly ajar. On his cheeks, she could see a small red blush creeping up to his ears. Yuriko looked confused at first, but a teasing smirk quickly took over her features.

"Oh, I see now." In the moment she said those words, the boy's flushed expression was nowhere to be seen. He growled at his cousin. "Well, Katsuki, this is my best friend, (Name) (Last Name). (Name), this is my cousin from mom's side, Bakugou Katsuki." She was still grinning smugly as she winked at her friend. Of course she would want to play the matchmaker.

"It's nice to meet you Bakugou-san." (Name) brought her hand out to shake on the introduction.The only thing she didn't expect was him to ignore her gesture.

"I don't need to be friends with this little shit's friend. The less connection with her is the better." He was blunt about not liking (Name), although his expression stated otherwise. His ears were still flushed, even if his cheeks were free from the blush. He was looking everywhere, except at her. He was clearly avoiding eye contact with her.

"You are so rude!" Yuriko hit the back of his head.

"How dare you hit me, you fucking bitch!" He and Yuriko almost jumped on each other, both of them were showing off their quirks. The were about to fight against one another, when (Name) hand grabbed both of their wrists. Their quirks immediately disappeared, much to Katsuki's surprise, but he didn't say a thing.

"Just calm the fuck down, alright? What are you, 5? Stop fighting and grow up already!" (Name) scolded the two. She rarely sweared, but when she did, that meant she was really ticked off.

Yuriko pouted. "Fine."

Katsuki glared at the two girls, then rolled his eyes. "Fine, damn it."

(Name) smiled triumphantly. "Good. Now, where should we go?" The blondes huffed, then both of them took places on each side of (Name). Now the height difference was more visible. Katsuki was the tallest, then came Yuriko. They were around the same height, the boy was only a half inch taller then the other blonde. (Name) herself wasn't that short in general, but was still a few inches smaller than her best friend.


"Oh, and Katsuki."


"I'm totally telling on you to Auntie."


Chapter Text

For the first time in his teenage years, he actually managed to blush from a girl.


A pretty girl at that too. She was his annoying cousin's friend though, so she was supposed to be the same, right? But Katsuki came to the conclusion that (Name) was the down-right opposite of his blonde relative. She was calm, not easily angered, she didn't annoy him as much as the other girls and her posture, how she held herself, told him she came from a rich family. All in all, she was nice, but he still didn't know about her quirk a single thing. Maybe she liked to keep it hidden? Or was it too lame that she was ashamed to show it anyone? Perhaps she was quirkless too, like that weak Deku?

But to all these questions he was unable to find an answer as long as he didn't get to know her better. Once he heard that some people only show their quirks to people they trust.

"-tsuki! Bakugou fucking Katsuki!"

The blonde turned to his cousin with an irritated expression. "What?!"

"Finally!" Yuriko slapped the back of his head. "I thought you were so lost in (Name)'s beauty that you'd even forgot your own name!" Katsuki's face reddened immediately at the thought of the said female. Yuriko's eyes glinted mischeviously. "I knew you've got the hots for her!"

The explosion maker growled at her, then scoffed. "Like I'd ever like your pathetic little friend."

Yuriko smirked. "You're just in denial!"

Of course, Yuriko had this tendency to irritate and tease others around her and if you have known her long enough to realize she does not know the boundaries of personal space, you're fucked. Because you can never escape her endless nosiness. "Fuck you."

The blonde girl rolled her eyes with a smirk. "Come on, Katsuki. I haven't seen you blush since kindergarden, when you were kissed on the cheek by a little girl."

He growled under his breath, trying to ignore his cousin's idiotic antics. All of a sudden, he heard Yuriko gasp.

"Katsuki, down!"

"Wha-" His eyes widened when he felt sufficated. Some green slime or liquid was wrapping around him and he could faintly hear his cousin's frantic plea for the slime to let him go. He could see her blurred figure trying to attack what was keeping him captured, but the thing used him as a humanshield.



(Name), as much as she liked watching the news on tv, she hated when it was about heroes. The screen showed and alley with worried faced people standing around, watching a grown man with long, messy hair and scruffy outfit hugging a teenage boy with terrifyingly similar hair to Katsuki's. Wait, Bakugou Katsuki?!

(Name) stood up and rushed to the television. Looking at it from a closer angle, that boy was Katsuki and not far from him and the man molesting him was a passed out Yuriko. The next thing she saw was a familiar green haired boy running towards them, trying to break the blonde free from the man's hold. And then, came a huge explosion.

She watched with a horrified expression as the man gets punched and the remains of his body fly around in the air. Blood was coating the street, his insides were all over the place. (Name) felt sickness building up in her stomach as All Might laughs and the people around them cheer for his victory. She thought they were insane. How could they be so happy when someone just got brutally murdered?! What was wrong with them?! Were they insane?!

The anxious and sick feeling just kept rising when she witnessed the police collect the gore remains of the man and put them into trashbags. She immediately had enough and turned off the tv. What was this madness?!

She rushed into the bathroom and couldn't take it anymore, she emptied her stomach into the toilet. Her body was shaking in fear, her eyes swelled with tears and she couldn't help but let out a loud sob. A maid suddenly came into the bathroom, only to see her milady in such state. She helped (Name) up from kneeling in front of the toilet, then let her wash her face with water at the faucet.

"What happened to you, my dear?" The kind maid asked. 

The girl just shook her head, she didn't want to talk about it. Instead, she asked for a cup of green tea. The maid nodded in understanding and left. (Name) tried to calm herself down by deep inhales and exhales, while slowly walking to her room. She slumped down onto her comfy bed, blankly staring at the ceiling. "What the heck was that...?" She mumbled into her soft pillow.

The maid came back shortly with a cup of green tea in her hands, then put it down on the girl's bedside table. (Name) thanked her for bringing the drink and after taking a small sip to taste it, she told her it was delicious. The maid left the room.



The next morning had been one of the worst in (Name)'s life. Her mother bursted into her bedroom with a giant smile and shook her awake. The girl practically fell out of her bed's comforting warmth, hitting her back. "Mom!"

"Oh! Sorry sweetie!" Her mother apologized, then her cheery smile came to life again. "I needed you to be awake though. I have some exciting news!"

(Name) raised an eyebrow as she pulled herself up from the floor. "Which is?"

"We're having some special guests this afternoon! One of my coworkers and his son actually. Do you remember that boy you used to play with, when you were around 6?"

The girl sat on her bed with her face blank. What childhood friend? The only friend she remembered was Yuriko. "Nope. Nothing."

Her mother sighed sadly. "That's unfortunate, but what can you do?" She then sat down next to her daughter on the bed. "He and his father are coming here today to have dinner with us and to talk about... important things."

(Name) curiously tilted her head. "Important things?"

Mrs. (Last name) nerviously laughed and quickly stood up. "H-haha! It's not really something you would be interested about, my dear. But let's talk about yesterday; one of the maids told you were feeling pretty sick. What happened?" She changed the topic so fast that made (Name) even more suspicious. What was this about?

Upon hearing the yesterday's events, the girl gulped slightly. Pictures of the man bursting apart were still haunting at the back of her mind and the nausous feeling crawled its way on her back like electricity. "I-i just wasn't feeling well..." she tried to keep her voice steady. "Maybe I ate something bad..."

Her mom nodded in understanding. "Alright sweetie. Remember, today, be on your best behavior!" She anounced, then left the room. (Name) sighed heavily and started looking fot her phone.

As as soon as she found the device, she noticed quite a few messages that were sent by her best friend.


Yesterday, 20:09

me & bakatsuki were attacked by a creepy green goo guy while walking home but then all might came and texas-smashed him into bits

Yesterday, 20:11

it was so awesome

Yesterday, 20:11

tho we were being scolded by heroes pretty heavily afterwards

Yesterday, 20:14

oh and i met this cute and tiny little green marshmallow called izuku 2

Yesterday, 20:16


Yesterday, 20:19

GURL, u there?

Yesterday, 20:21

dude wtf where r u?!?!?

Yesterday, 20:29

After texting her back that she was ok and well, she re-read her texts again. Then she noticed something.

"Creepy green goo guy?"

That wasn't the man she saw on tv. She has only seen a hobo with green, greasy hair, trying to 'molest' Bakugou Katsuki, who was murdered by All Might in the most brutal way she had ever witnessed. How could Yuriko say it was 'awesome'?! A hero had just killed someone and nobody was taking it seriously.

"I'll talk to her about this on Monday. I have to know wether I am a delusional or completely crazy..."

While putting on some comfy clothes, she decided on what to wear for dinner also. A nice teal dress with a few jewels on the front will do, she thought. After changing, she dragged herself down the stairs straight to the dining room, where the maids have already served her breakfast. Her father was also eating with her at the table, although he did not say a thing a to her, except for a casual "good morning".

"Father" she broke the silence.




"Yes, dear?" the father rose an eyebrow.

"Who is coming today?"

"Your mother's collegue and his son...? I thought you already knew that."

"Be more specific. Which one of mom's collegues?" (Name)'s eyes narrowed.

"If I remember correctly, then they should be Endeavor-san and his son Todoroki Shouto."

"Endeavor-san?" Why would her mother invite such a high calibre hero to their house? She had a bad feeling about this.

"Yes, the No.2 Pro Hero. He and your mother are, well, you could say they are on good terms." her father shrugged. "After all, she is his polar opposite in power, Aquatica." (L/n) (Mom's name) was a famous pro hero for her water based quirk. And she especially claimed popularity, when she put out Endeavor's flames like they were nothing.

"Have you ever met him, Father?" she asked her elder curiously.

"Once, when I asked for (Mom's name)'s hand in marriage. I specifically went to her workplace and proposed to her on my knees. But before that, I remember your mother telling me, how he wanted to date her, but she rejected him on the same day. Let's just say, his mighty flame beard couldn't stand such humiliation." chuckled your father under his breath. "I had such a smug grin on my face that day. But later we found out that he married another woman not long after me and your mother got engaged."

"Who knew you were such a pain to him!" his daughter exclaimed, slightly giggling. "You must have gotten on his hate list."

"Maybe, but I do not really care, if I were to be honest with you. A minimal loss shouldn't have hurt his pride so much." her father smirked lightly, ruffling the younger's (h/c) locks. "It will be interesting to see him again. I am mostly curious about his son though."

"How so?"

"I heard from your mother that his son has both his father's and mother's quirk." he sighed heavily. "So this is why he married that woman. Quirk Marriage."

"What is a Quirk Marriage?"

"When two people marry and have children, just because of their quirk bloodline to create offsprings that will have more power and be stronger. Most of the time it is wanted by both parties, but with Endeavor, if I remember correctly, his wife didn't know about the whole thing."

"And Mother still asks me why I hate heroes." (Name) spat with hate in her voice. One more stuck-up hero on her hate list. "Thank you, Father." she sent a quick smile to the elder, who did the same and went back to work on his laptop.

She went back upstairs, these new informations whirling around in her head. It's not like she was mental enough already, they will have someone else in this house that is even more insane than herself. She certainly couldn't wait for their arrival.


(Name) spent the whole time in her bed, trying to connect the dots in her head, but nothing really worked. She could connect her stalker to the black void thingy that likes to follow her around, disintegrating people and burning them alive in pitch black flames. But what she couldn't exactly figure out, was the greasy green haired homeless man, that was hugging Katsuki like a creeper and then All Might punching him apart, literally. And add that to the messages that were sent by Yuriko to her, explaining it primitively from her perspective.
It just didn't make sense. Nothing made sense. Why was she being watched by the black thing and why did she happen to witness the same thing as Yuriko, but alternatively?! That was it, she was certainly going crazy. Ever since that incident, nothing was the same. And something told her in the back of her mind that it will never be ever again.

"(Name)!" she heard her mother's voice calling her from downstairs. "Our guests are here!"

Great, thought the girl making her way out of her room, now I have to face the villain in a hero's body.


When (Name) came down, she immediately noticed the differences between the father and the son. The only similarity was their hair, but not entirely, just the color. Well, for the boy's split hair of course. His locks were two toned, his left side was red, just like his father's, but the other was pure white. Even their eyes were different. While Endeavor's were darker and just one color, his son had heterochromia. His left eyes was bright, turqoise colored, while the other one was dark brown. She also noticed a nasty burn on his face's left side, surrounding his eye. She wondered where he got that scar.

Slowly making her way to the guests, she held her head high and her back straight. Her face was neutral, but her eyes didn't burn with anything else other than despise. She wasn't like this to her mother's collegues most of the time, because she knew that some heroes were kindhearted and they did want to help people and didn't do it just because of fame and riches.
But this man, he reeked of his highly held ego and his greed for power. Just the way he looked at his son told her that he didn't see him other than a tool, someone, who would carry on his legacy of power and be the perfect weapon for him. The cautious and fearful side of her was practically screaming at her to never mess with this man, but she knew better. She wasn't someone who would run into battle without getting to know the opponent first.

"Enji, this is my daughter, (Name)." her mother smiled at him as she introduced her to him. She looked down at her daughter, as if to sign her that she should do something respectful. But could she even show fake respect to this monster without trying to insult him in the process? Nope.

"Pleasure, No.2-san." (Name) said, holding out her hand for him to take with an almost unseeable smirk on her face. But the boy standing beside his father noticed the tone she used and the expression she wore. He couldn't help but curl his lips up a bit.


Todoroki Enji's eyes narrowed at the young girl in front of him. He heard the girl was quirkless from his mother and he was expecting to see someone more... submissive.
But this female standing with that ever growing smirk on her lips was nowhere near familiar with submission. That insulting name she used to call him, was something that irked him to the core. And the fact that the girl's eyes held the same look his son shows him was enough proof for him that she did not like him one bit. It was perhaps time to show the little girl, who is standing higher on the scale of dominance.
He grabbed her outstretched hand, shaking it firmly, while he focused the heat into his hand to at least warn her about the consequences of getting on his nerves. But (Name) didn't even flinch at the contact. She just held his hand with the same firmness he did and when they let go, her hand seemed perfectly fine, like nothing has ever happened.
Was (Mom's name) lying about her daughter being quirkless?


Shouto noticed what her father was doing, but he stood still, waiting for the girl's reaction. She was ok, like his father didn't even burn her hand while shaking it. Now he was confused.
How could she stand the flames of his shitty old man?










Chapter Text

The dinner was awkward, to say the least.


At first, after the 'Bon Apetit!' nobody said  single word. (Name)'s father was more than fine with the quietness, but her mother looked like she wanted to die right then and there. Her mom was a talker, she had this urge to speak whenever she could, so it was very hard for her to keep silent.
Todoroki Enji, that monster, also looked okay with the silence, but (Name) noticed that at times, he looked like he was about to say something.
His son was the same as (Name). He was eating quietly, enjoying the food, not really caring about the adults.

After the introductions between her and Shouto, they seemed to be fine with each other's presence. Although both were curious about one another. (Name) was tempted to ask what was it like to live with that monster, and Shouto was itching to know as to why she could handle his sorry excuse of a father's quirk. But there wasn't any immediate hate or sudden liking among those two, just pure respect and curiosity.

"So, where are you going to continue studying, Shouto-kun?" (Name)'s mother asked, finally breaking the silence.

"He is going to go to UA Academy through recommendation." his father answered instead of him.

"Really? He is aiming to become like you then, Enji?" (Mother's name) smiled. Shouto's grip tightened on his spoon.

"Of course." the flame hero smirked. "And your daughter?" And the awkward silence came back again.

"Like I'd want to be a stuck-up hero..." (Name) mumbled, slowly picking up another spoonful of risotto. Her mother looked at her sharply and the half white half red haired boy stopped eating.

"(Name)!" she hissed at her daughter.

"And what is your opinion on heroes then, (Name)-san?" Endeavor asked.

"You wouldn't like to hear my thoughts, No.2-san." stated the girl with a slight smirk. "But just clarify the fog in your head, I'll tell you anyway." She put down her utensils, then she set back straight. "First of all, you are not a hero to me."

"(Name)!" Her mother looked horrified at her daughter's response. "Don't you-"

"What? Am I not allowed answer his question?" she sassed her mother, to which Shouto raised an eyebrow.


Todoroki Shouto took a glance at his shitty old man's face and all he saw was anger. He couldn't decide wether this girl was incredibly brave or just stupid. To disrespect his father in a such way, if anything he wanted to say the exact same thing to him.

"(Name), dear" her father smiled at his daughter calmly. "Didn't you want to show Shouto-kun the upstairs?" Show him what?

"Ah, yes!" (Name) stood up suddenly and looked over to him. "C'mon, Todoroki-kun." The boy just obeyed by standing up from his seat too, and following her.
From the corner of his eye, he could see his father's glare. His expression made the corners of his lips twitch upwards.

Before they would make their way upstairs, (Name) ran to a door and slightly opened it, just enough to shout something inside.


"Thank you for the delicious dinner, Natsume-san!" (Name) shouted inside the kitchen to which she heard her reply.

"Your very welcome, little girlie!" the chef laughed.

Satisfied with the answer, she made her way back to Shouto and motioned for him to head up the stairs. When they reached the top, she lead him into her room.

"You can sit down anywhere you'd like." she told him with a shrug. Shouto chose the (f/c) sofa, while (Name) lay herself down onto her comfortable bed.
At first, they were silent, none of the saying a word, but unexpectedly it was the boy, who broke the quiet.

"Do you hate my father or you just like to piss off people in general?" he asked her with a rare smirk.

"I'm not sorry to say this, but your father makes my stomach sick. Just by one look at him I can tell that, pardon my words, asshole thinks of himself as a god." she answered with her arms crossed, stealing a glance at the said hero's son. "What is it like to live with... that?" Her face twisted into a grossed out frown.

"Like living with a villain." he answered quickly without hesitation. (Name) bursted out laughing which made Todoroki raise his eyebrow. "Did I say something...?"

"It's just-" she tried to get herself together. "Your expression! You said it with such a straight face, I couldn't help myself. Sorry, if that's insulting or-"

"No, no, it's fine, really." Shouto said quickly, locking eyes with her. He averted them immediately with a light, almost unnoticable blush on his cheeks.

"So, do you not like him either?" she asked the obvious. "I mean, if it's a sensitive topic, you don't need to answer."

"No, I don't mind." he said with his head leaning against the sofa's armrest, he himself laying down on the furniture. "Yeah, I hate him actually."

"I admire how blunt you're about this, you know."

"How so? When you first met my shitty old man, you called him 'No.2', you told him you think he isn't a hero." A smirk crawled its way up his lips. "I wish I was the one who said those words, to be honest."

"You sure despise your old man, huh?"

"Speaking of elders, what was up with your mother? Why was she so against you voicing your opinion?"

"She is a hero too, you know." she replied halfheartedly, but he could hear something else in her tone. "So she tries to get me into it too from time to time. Even though she knows I am..." she then took a deep breath. "Quirkless." She then looked at Shouto. "But my father is not pushy at all! He always told me to do whatever makes me happy. Although he never really stands up to anyone, when me and my mom argue. But I know that's because he doesn't want us to think he is siding with anyone." her smile brightened up. "And what about your mother, Todoroki-san?" The male in the room tensed up and the his eyes hardened. (Name)'s expression dulled. "You don't have to talk about her, if the topic makes you uncomfortable."

Shouto shook his head. "It's not that-"

"It's fine, Todoroki-san." the girl looked at him gently. "We just met. It's obvious that we have to be closer as friends to share things like that to each other."

"Then why do you trust me with telling me that you're quirkless?" The red and white haired boy raised an eyebrow. "I thought people would like to keep something like that a secret."

"That's just it, you know. It isn't a secret." she shrugged it off. "It's not like I don't care, but you get used it after a while. I don't get bullied because of it and I have my friends to be there for me." she sat up on her bed. "I don't need a quirk anyway. I don't want to be a hero, as weird as it sounds."


This made Shouto quite curious. He had a feeling that she was not a hero fan, but now that she declared it, made the boy intrigued. Every kid he had met before at his age, longed to be heroes. Like that was the only career option. Sure, (Last name) was quirkless and that was probably the reason why she didn't want to be a hero.

"I don't want to be a stuck-up bastard who says she fights against crime and wants to help people, but only does it for the fame and money."

Personal experience too, probably. Some heroes may have made a bad impression to her. Like his shitty old man, for example.

"Honestly, sometimes I wonder about why villains fight against them. The answer is always different, because not everybody has the same motive."

The only question remaining was how could she withstand his father's heated up hand.

"But then again, if you change your perspective, it turns out that the real villains are the heroes themselves."


"So what was the reason you've invited me here, (Mother's name)?" Todoroki Enji crossed his heavily toned arms. The said woman couldn't help, but let out a deep sigh.

"I am quite curious about that too" her husband agreed.

"I need to protect my daughter and for that I will need your help, Enji." The mother stated. "Villains are not just randomly appearing and being evil, they have a pattern. They are trying to accomplish something. Something very dangerous and I am certain, that it's connected to All Might."

"Then why aren't you asking for his help?" Endeavour grunted.

"You know why, Enji." The woman narrowed her eyes. "He is the only person who could protect my daughter effortlessly, but..." her voice trailed down. "But that way they could use her against him as well."

"What are you implying?" Todoroki asked suspiciously.

"As you know, Enji, my daughter was labelled as quirkless since kindergarten. Her quirk was not showing after the age it should and for some reason, the doctors couldn't find anything that could be the problem with her. But regardless, they gave her the quirkless label." She explained. "She grew up without having a quirk and on the top of that she despises heroes. She avoids them like plague and every time I try to persuade her or just simply talk about her going to a hero school, her temper flares and goes on defensive. She loathes heroes and this is the reason why I am asking you to help me."

"Me? Another hero?" The man looked unamused.

"Yes, you. I need you to help me get my daughter into U.A."

"Excuse me?" Todoroki Enji blinked once, his voice raising.

"Enji, U.A is the only place, where my daughter can be safe. She will be surrounded my heroes, the school's security is almost unbreakable and she will be protected 24/7." (Mother's name) looked deadly serious.

"Why would the villains want your daughter? What can a quirkless child mean to them?" Endeavour said, trying to fill in the gaps. "Or perhaps, your daughter isn't so quirkless after all..."

A long silence followed that sentence. Neither of them said anything, until (Father's name) took in a heavy breath. "(Name) is a young girl, who has no idea what kind of importance she holds" he started. "When she was born, she was a quiet baby, never really crying about anything. But when she became 1 year old, there was an accident." His wife froze suddenly and looked at her husband with wide eyes, as if telling him to stop. "Her quirk is complicated. It's almost unnoticable, because it wouldn't activate unless her body comes in contact with another quirk or the user of it." He leaned back on the sofa, then took a sip from his tea. "(Mother's name) was playing with her in the living room. She was using her water quirk to entertain our daughter and when (Name) touched the liquid, my wife lost control over her quirk. The water became normal and fell on the ground."

"At first, I was shocked." His wife continued. "But the I tried again, again and again. The moment the quirk comes in contact with her physically, it becomes nonexistent. It's like she is immune to them."


The bar was almost empty, only two figures were inside. One behind the counter and one sitting on a bar stool. The latter was a young, silvery haired guy, in his hand he held a glass of drink with 3 fingers. In front of him, the bartender was a strange looking person. His physique wasn't very human, considering th3 fact that his body was a huge warp gate with two whitish yellow, eye-like stains.

"Was she there?" The question came from the younger.

"No" Kurogiri answered, while drying a freshly washed glass with a rug.

"Good. We can't let her get hurt..." Tomura Shigaraki trailed off, one of his fingers started scratching his own neck as a force of habit. "Sensei wouldn't be too happy."



"Thank you for coming here, Enji" (Name)'s mother smiled at the flaming hero.

Her daughter and her friend's son from they could see, got along nicely. They were chatting petty animatedly when they were called downstairs, which was a good sign. Now she could count on him too in terms of protecting her daughter. Her husband was still wary of this ordeal, but he seemed content with the new friendship (Name) formed with Shouto.

"It was truly a great time" Todoroki Enji nodded. "But I must say, I still do await a longer discussion with you, (Name)-san."

The said girl's eyes narrowed at him challengingly. "Dream on."

"(Name)!" (Mother's name) frowned at her, but the girl didn't say anything to that.

Todoroki Shouto then placed a hand on the (h/c) haired student's shoulder reassuringly. "I hope we will be able to meet again, (Name)"

As if a switch had went off in her, the said girl smiled at her freshly made friend. "I hope so too."

And with that, the two males left the (Last Name) Residence with quite a lot of things to think about.



Kurogiri didn't think about his past often, but when he was left alone by himself sometimes his thoughts wander to dangerous places. And now that he had to protect and watch over his adopted sister's daughter, the memories he wanted to forget so badly started to come back slowly.