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What Are You Waiting For?

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It was near one in the morning as she looked out the window of her father’s truck. She could barely see anything, but she remain focused on the passenger window so her father couldn’t see her still crying. She tried to muffle her sniffles, but she knew he heard them.

He sighs as he moves his hand over to hers and squeezes it a bit “I’m not sorry for what I did, to be honest I’d do it again. Actually I would have skipped the reasonable talking and gone straight to knocking his lights out.”

She couldn’t help but smile at how ridiculous her father could be at times, “I know dad… it still doesn’t make it hurt any less of what he did though.”

“I know princess, but he got what he deserved. I should have hit him with my truck!”

“Really dad!?” She shook her head and chuckled, “I think you did enough damage to Walsh. He’s probably going to be in the hospital for a week.”

“Well, the stupid son of a bitch shouldn’t have cheated on you Emma, knowing full well that her father would teach him a lesson… which I think he won’t forget!” He said, sounding self-assured.

“Thank you dad, I’m glad I called you.” She was glad, if she had called her best friend Elsa, she’d be listening to her tell her that she never liked the guy or that she can do a million times better, etcetera. While the boasting would have been nice, she needed her dad. Also she really did want Walsh to be knocked out cold. All that kept going through her mind was *4 years, I wasted 4 years!* She was tired of the men that the universe was offering her, why was it so challenging to find a decent guy?

As they drove into their quaint little town the sun was starting to rise, she saw a few of the locals scattered around heading off to work. She smiled as she thought to herself that nothing ever changes in Storybrooke. The smile went away as she told herself again *Nothing ever changes.*