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Winter Song

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They started out slow with Yuuri taking the lead for the first dance. Touching Victor’s waist, he eased him past his surprise into the gentle rhythm of the music, a jazz classic stripped down to just a few instruments. Unobtrusive piano chords, a walking bass line, and the drummer using a brush technique on the snare.

The air smelled of fresh flowers and blown-out birthday candles. The acoustics of the room, with its high ceilings and hardwood floors, were perfect for listening to music. And dancing to it.

Dancing always filled Yuuri with the kind of confidence he so often felt he lacked. The movements came to him as naturally as breathing, and if the way Victor was smiling at him was any indication, he liked everything he was seeing. Yuuri could relate. Victor looked beyond beautiful in the outfit he’d picked out for him. The little twinkle lights all around the room glittered in his blue eyes, inspiring Yuuri’s pulse to skip ahead of itself in spite of the laidback tempo of the music.

He loved it when Victor looked at him like that. . .

Like there was no one else in the world worth noticing.

When the second song came on, one melody flowing seamlessly into the next, Victor glanced at the Bluetooth speaker on the kitchen counter and lit up when he recognized what was playing. “Oh . . . I love this song.”

“I know you do,” Yuuri said. “I picked it on purpose.”

“How long have you been planning this?”

“Since Barcelona. That’s when I got the idea anyway, but I’ve been thinking about it for a long time before that. It wasn’t easy to top the birthday surprise you gave me in November.”

“Hmm, I think you might have won . . . but I hope you know this means war. Now I have to outdo you next year. I’m very petty, you see.”

Yuuri laughed and twirled Victor around, letting him take the lead when they came back together. “Good luck with that.”

He had indeed put a good deal of planning into this night. During those two weeks in Japan without Victor, Yuuri had battled his loneliness by putting together the playlist they were now dancing to. The first few songs were simple and engaging—the type of music designed to ease people out onto the dance floor. But then the tempo began to pick up, and the real fun started.

Yuuri loved swing dancing. He was good at it, too. Victor wasn’t half-bad himself. While he knew enough of the basics to keep up, he wasn’t as well-versed in the style as Yuuri, but he caught on quickly. They matched each other, movement for movement, with Yuuri demonstrating steps and Victor imitating them immediately after, often adding a flare of his own.

The more they challenged each other with complicated dance steps, the more they found themselves laughing louder than the music. It was so much fun, playing off each other like that. Every spin, dip, and smile felt like a celebration. And it was. They had just gotten engaged, after all.

The playlist Yuuri created was a mixture of many different genres. After the swing numbers got their heart-rates up, they slowed things down again with a very sexy little rumba. However, it wasn’t long before Yuuri’s pulse began to speed back up for a different reason. Namely, the feel of Victor’s leg pressing between his own. They moved in time with each other, their lips just a breath apart as they smiled and flirted with their eyes.

After that, things got a bit silly. A tango came on, and they’d both had one too many glasses of champagne to take it seriously. They cracked up while they glided across the room, cheek to cheek, and stopped in the most ridiculous, overly-dramatic poses they could manage. Makkachin watched from the couch, his head tilted inquisitively to one side.

“Are you sure no one can see through your windows?” Yuuri asked when he noticed the dog staring at them.

Victor had to remove the blue rose from between his teeth before he could answer. “Promise. There’s only so much of you that I’m willing to share with the rest of the world.”

“Likewise,” Yuuri said, fingers tightening possessively around Victor’s tie, the silk sliding out from beneath the button-down vest.

Now assured of their privacy, Yuuri didn’t bother holding himself back even a little. A samba number had come on, and their silliness soon quieted into playful flirtation instead.

“Mmm,” Victor said, eyeing his fiancé up and down as Yuuri rotated his hips. “You can do that move on my lap later on if you’d like. I volunteer as tribute.”

“You mean, like this?” Turning around with the tie still held in his hand, Yuuri molded his backside against Victor’s front and proceeded to do the same slow, circular movement as before, though this time in full contact with Victor’s body.

Letting out a quiet gasp, Victor put his hands on his fiancé’s waist. “Yuuri. . .” he murmured, his voice going raspy.

The moment made Yuuri feel strangely powerful. Though he’d been drinking, it wasn’t the alcohol fueling his confidence tonight. Victor made him feel like he could do anything. His love for Yuuri brought about a feeling of freedom from his self-consciousness. He was comfortable in the awareness that Victor knew him inside and out. Not only had he seen Yuuri at his best, but Victor had loved him through his worst.

Who needed false confidence from alcohol when he had that?

Yuuri shivered at the feel of warm breath on his neck and turned his head to the side so that they could exchange a brief but very enjoyable kiss. When they parted, Yuuri’s eyes flickered upward to meet Victor’s. Then he smiled again, turned his body back around so that they were facing each other, and took Victor’s hands into his own.

Their fingers laced together at first, but Yuuri had other plans in mind. Still moving his hips to the music, he guided Victor’s hands around his body, placed them on his ass, and encouraged him to give it a squeeze.

“Oh, you are in a mood tonight, aren’t you?” Victor said, laughing.

Yuuri’s grin spread wider in response.

They danced together for hours, and between songs, fed each other bites of leftover birthday cake and sipped champagne to keep their energy up. Neither one of them wanted this night to end anytime soon. While they hung out in the kitchen, licking icing off their fingers, Victor got ahold of Yuuri’s phone and started making adjustments to his carefully selected playlist.

Things got very silly after that.

Yuuri sat on the kitchen counter, trying not to spill his champagne while cracking up at Victor, who’d had enough of the classic dance songs and had decided they needed to liven things up. Victor sang a Prince song into an imaginary microphone, which was a fork that Yuuri was still holding in his hand, Victor’s fingers curled over his own. Then, seeming to like that he’d made Yuuri laugh, Victor put on an upbeat Backstreet Boys song and perfectly replicated the choreography from the world’s stupidest music video. He knew every single word by heart.

Yuuri almost fell off the kitchen counter from laughing so hard. “You are such a nerd,” he wheezed as he wiped tears from his eyes. “I’m so disillusioned. This is the best day of my life.”

After that, Victor tugged Yuuri down from the counter, and they “pushed it” with the help of a little Salt-N-Pepa. Their dancing was a mess of genres—hip hop mixed with Vogue posing, a moonwalk or two, some impromptu waltzing, and the occasional twerk. It was the kind of dancing that might make a spectator experience some profound secondhand embarrassment. Makkachin had long since fled the room.

Neither Victor nor Yuuri cared. They were having the time of their lives.

Ohhh,” Victor said, bouncing with excitement. “Put on that song from Dirty Dancing. You know the one. Be right back, I gotta get my sunglasses.”

Eventually the hour grew late, and their laughter diminished into romance. They slow-danced together, sometimes making out while they swayed to the music but other times, just holding each other. Yuuri closed his eyes and pressed his face into the warmth of Victor’s neck.

He really did give the best hugs in the whole world. It didn’t get any better than this.

When he started kissing Victor’s neck, the mood began to shift into something else. A sensuous slow song had started to play, and it had the kind of hypnotic, pulsing rhythm that encouraged them to press their bodies together and move as one. Victor’s hands slid into the back pockets of Yuuri’s pants, encouraging him closer, and he let out a hitched gasp as Yuuri’s teeth grazed at the place where his pulse beat.

“Baby,” Victor said, his hands working at Yuuri’s flesh through his pants. “God, you feel so good.”

“Do you want to go into the bedroom?” Yuuri said.

All day, he’d been denying Victor’s advances in the hopes of building up the sexual tension between them. That kind of friction was what made chemistry spark during a dance, but there was only so long that Yuuri could ignore the heat pooling low in his belly. Not when he was pressed up against Victor’s body like this. . .

“You know I do,” Victor said, “but I also don’t want to stop dancing. I don’t want this night to ever end.”

“Hmm . . . I think we can find a compromise.”

Placing both hands flat on Victor’s chest, Yuuri guided him backwards across the living room until Victor’s legs encountered the couch. Gently but firmly, Yuuri pushed him into a sitting position. Victor landed with a surprised huff and blinked up at Yuuri, who towered over him with a pointed look of hunger.

When Yuuri rested one knee on the couch cushion beside Victor’s thigh, Victor’s surprise quickly melted into pure worship. “Oh,” he said. “I like this compromise.”

Yuuri danced for him like that, moving his body over Victor’s, the slow, grinding rhythm of the music filling his mind and doing away with any remaining inhibitions he might have. What was there to feel self-conscious about when his lover was staring up at him with such naked adoration?

As he watched, Victor put his hands on Yuuri’s hips and said, “You are so damn beautiful. . .”

Smiling, Yuuri gave him a quick tease of a kiss, then lowered himself down a bit more onto his lap.

The fabric of their pants rubbed together as Yuuri continued his dance, the push and pull of Victor’s hands on his body urging him ever closer. It was more than apparent now that they were both aroused. Victor’s pants were strained to the point that his zipper was exposed, the bit of fabric that normally covered it now gaping outward. Yuuri looked Victor straight in the eyes as he dragged a fingernail down the length of his zipper, letting it catch between the grooves.

It must have felt good because Victor’s hips lifted off the couch, seeking out more contact. “Fuck. . .” he hissed.

Unable to resist any longer, Yuuri rested his other knee on the couch and straddled Victor fully. He cupped Victor’s face in both hands and kissed him on the mouth. The full extent of their mutual hunger revealed itself then, and they kissed like they were half-starved for it, Yuuri still moving his body to the beat all the while, rubbing himself against his fiancé. Their tongues came out to play while Victor’s hands roamed freely.

The friction built to such a degree that Yuuri broke away from the kiss with a gasp. Already worked up, he had to lift his body off of Victor’s lap and put his weight on his knees instead. Yuuri smiled breathlessly down at him and said, “That felt a little too good.”

“You look a little too good,” Victor said. “Take your clothes off for me? I want to see all of you.”

“I suppose it is still your birthday. . .”

Yuuri’s hands went to his belt, and he made a show of unbuckling it, sliding the thick strip of leather slowly from the loops of his pants, and casting it aside. When Victor tried to help him with his zipper, Yuuri batted his hands away playfully and tugged the bottom of his black dress shirt out of his pants instead. He took his time easing each and every button out of the holes of the shirt, knowing the slow striptease would drive Victor mad.

“How are you so good at this?” Victor put his hands on Yuuri’s thighs and squeezed as he watched him undress. “Do you have a second job I don’t know about?”

Yuuri shook his head, a coy little smile still tugging at his lips. “For your eyes only.”

The moment Yuuri released the final button on his shirt, Victor’s hands slipped inside to feel the warm skin underneath. Hungry for it, he pulled Yuuri closer to him and pressed blazing hot kisses to his bare stomach. The feel of his open mouth and tongue was so startling that it drove the breath from Yuuri’s lungs.

Victor took his time exploring Yuuri’s body with his mouth—licking up the middle divide of his abs before biting at the swell of his pectoral muscle. When he homed in on Yuuri’s nipple, drawing the little nub into the heat of his mouth and rolling it around with his tongue, Yuuri relinquished control to him completely. He closed his eyes and craned his head back, floating along in the pleasure.

Victor wasn’t gentle with him, sucking and biting and kneading Yuuri’s body until he was left with glistening wet red marks everywhere. “You little tease,” he said between nips and kisses. “You see what you do to me?”

Yuuri, meanwhile, was loving every second of his punishment. Wherever Victor’s hands guided him, Yuuri complied without hesitation. Sliding his back down on the couch, Victor moved his lips to Yuuri’s lower stomach, where his muscles were hidden by a soft pillow of padding. Victor hummed deep in his chest as he pressed his face there, taking a moment to enjoy the feel of it before moving lower.

When Yuuri felt Victor mouthing at his erection through his pants, his thighs started to quake beneath him. It was getting harder and harder to hold himself up. “Vitya. . .”

Gentler than before, Victor’s teeth nipped at the head of Yuuri’s cock through the fabric. “Let me suck you off? Been thinking about it all day.”

Yuuri’s head was spinning. It was amazing to hear those words coming out of Victor Nikiforov’s mouth. Almost as amazing as it was to see Yuuri’s ring encircling his finger. Yuuri nodded rather stupidly and didn’t protest this time when Victor went for his zipper.

Once Victor got Yuuri’s pants undone, he made him stand up in front of the couch. Victor sat on the edge of the cushions and took Yuuri in hand, mischievous blue eyes darting upward to weigh his fiancé’s reaction as he started to stroke.

“Someone’s certainly pent up,” Victor observed as he worked Yuuri’s foreskin back and forth, exposing the pink-tipped head of his cock. “Look how ready you are already. . .”

“It’s been two weeks. Of course, I’m pent up.”

“We just had phone sex the other night. . .”

“That doesn’t count. My hand doesn’t feel as. . .” Yuuri gasped, eyes squeezing shut as he steadied himself on Victor’s shoulders. “. . .as good as yours. . .”

“Mmm, and what about my mouth? Does that feel good, too, baby?”

As Victor dipped his head down and licked the slit, Yuuri let out a moan that wasn’t anywhere close to quiet. He couldn’t help it. Victor might have found contentment from their phone sex the other night, but Yuuri needed the real thing to give him that deep feeling of satisfaction. “Please. . .”

Victor teased the underside of Yuuri’s cock with his tongue, licking a wet stripe up to the tip. Dropping a kiss there, he said, “Please what, my love?”

A blush had flared to life on Yuuri’s cheeks, but it wasn’t from embarrassment. It was pure need. He touched Victor’s face, rubbing a thumb across his parted lips. “Please don’t tease me anymore. I’ve missed you so much. . .”

In an instant, Victor’s gaze shifted from playful to protective. His grip on Yuuri’s cock tightened, fingers deliciously hot and firm, and Yuuri sagged with relief. Victor kept his hand there at the base while he put his mouth to the tip, swirling his tongue over the head before taking him in deep. He stroked Yuuri while he sucked him off, his tongue rubbing all along the underside. Then, eyes locked with Yuuri’s, Victor pressed in and took the entire length down into his throat.

Yuuri’s knees almost buckled. The shock of heat and pressure felt so good—such a profound relief—that he wanted to cry. Victor’s nose was pressed against Yuuri’s skin, the puff of his breath tickling his pubic hair. Yuuri caressed his fiancé’s face and stared down at him, lips parted, breathless.

When Yuuri’s cock finally emerged from Victor’s mouth, it was hot and slick and impossibly more aroused than before. A smile shone in Victor’s eyes as he tugged Yuuri’s pants the rest of the way down, where they pooled around his ankles. Yuuri felt wet fingers move between his cheeks and started shaking as soon as he realized what Victor meant to do.

God, he wanted it. . .

But without lube, there was only so far Victor could push. With the help of a bit of saliva, he rubbed at Yuuri’s entrance and got the nub of his middle finger worked inside. While he fingered him, Victor gave Yuuri’s ass a sharp slap with his other hand, drawing out a cry of surprise.

Yuuri’s mouth had fallen open. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d been in danger of coming so fast. Pushing on Victor’s shoulders, he said, “Need to slow down. . .”

Chuckling softly, Victor pressed a kiss just below the dip of Yuuri’s navel. “I’m not even touching your cock anymore.”

That didn’t matter. The flesh of Yuuri’s ass was pulsing from where Victor had just slapped it, no doubt leaving a hand-shaped red mark there on the cheek, and Victor’s finger was moving inside of Yuuri. The lack of lubricant made the shallow push and pull of it burn in the best way possible.

“You know this gets me off,” Yuuri said, panting.

Victor was breathing hard as well. His eyes were half-lidded as he stared up at Yuuri, his finger still working in and out of him. “Just watching you is getting me off. I think it’s time to go into the bedroom, love. I need to be inside you.”

Yuuri needed that, too. So much so that he pulled his fiancé off the couch by his necktie.

He left his pants and boxer briefs in the living room and led the way to their bed wearing only his unbuttoned black dress shirt. Victor fondled Yuuri’s ass along the way, seeming to like the way the bottoms of his cheeks peeked out from beneath the tail of the shirt.

When they entered the bedroom, Makkachin lifted his head up from where it rested on the mattress. He took one look at them, jumped to the floor, and fled past their legs into the living room with his collar jingling every step of the way.

“I didn’t think we were being that loud,” Victor said as he watched him go.

“It’s probably for the best,” Yuuri said. “No need to scar the puppy with what’s about to happen.”

“Oh?” With a sly grin, Victor’s hand went to the knot of his tie to tug it loose. “Is something about to happen?”

Yuuri reached out to stop Victor before he could remove his tie. Unlike Yuuri, Victor was still fully dressed and looking gorgeous in the vintage outfit Yuuri had picked out for his birthday. Gray slacks with a matching vest, a white dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up, and a tie made of silk. Not a single button was undone. His silver hair was disheveled from Yuuri’s fingers, but that only added to the overall appeal.

“Leave it on,” Yuuri ordered quietly, his hand sliding down Victor’s chest to his stomach . . . and lower. “It’s sexy.”

Victor’s eyes glittered at him in the dimly lit room. The lights were off, but the city sparkled all around them through the tall windows. “Yuuri . . . do you happen to have a thing for me dressed in a suit?”

“You just now figured that out?” Yuuri’s hand went to Victor’s belt so that he could unbuckle it. “You can lose the belt, but everything else stays on.”

“All right,” Victor said, amused. “But you, on the other hand . . . I want you like this.”

Drawing a bit closer, he pushed Yuuri’s shirt off his shoulders and eased the light fabric down his arms until it fluttered to the floor, leaving him fully naked in front of Victor. Yuuri shivered as his fiancé’s fingertips came to trace lines down his bare arms.

“It’s sexy,” Victor added, rubbing the very tip of his nose against Yuuri’s as he echoed his words.

They kissed several times in slow succession, still barely touching each other except for the tips of their fingers and the nudge of Yuuri’s erection against Victor’s clothed thigh. Drawing back from the kiss, Victor’s eyes moved up and down his face. “Get on the bed, baby. I can’t wait any longer.”

Yuuri felt a pang of nervous excitement as he pulled the covers to the foot of the bed where they wouldn’t get in the way. He climbed in, laid down with his head on the pillow, and turned to watch as Victor rummaged around in the drawer of his nightstand. When Yuuri saw the variety of sex toys and different colored lubricants inside, his eyes got very wide.

“What happened to that box of toys I sent you for Christmas?” Victor asked. “Did you bring it with you on the plane? I don’t think I saw you unpack it.”

“I dropped the box off in the mail before I got on my flight,” Yuuri said. “No way was I going to get caught with that stuff at the airport security checkpoint.”

Laughing, Victor said, “A shame. I have plans involving you and several of those toys.” He tossed a bottle of lubricant onto the bed, followed by a long length of black silk that fluttered down onto Yuuri’s bare thigh. “But I think we have enough here to make do.”

Shivering at the feel of cool silk on his skin, Yuuri turned his attention to the plug Victor selected from the drawer. It wasn’t that long, but it was noticeably thick at the base. Thick enough to make Yuuri press his lips together and swallow hard.

“Don’t be nervous,” Victor said gently when he noticed Yuuri staring. “You know I would never make you do anything you don’t like.”

“I trust you,” Yuuri said without hesitation.

Victor stilled and met Yuuri’s eyes. With a soft smile, he said, “You really do, don’t you?”

Yuuri was reminded of the first night they’d made love, when Victor had told him flat-out that he wasn’t going to touch him if he didn’t have Yuuri’s trust. The truth was that even though Yuuri had already been in love with him, he hadn’t given Victor his full trust at that point. But he had it now. Victor could have led him through a tunnel of flames, and Yuuri would have trusted him to get him out without a single burn.

Victor tossed the plug onto the bed, seemingly distracted by other things as he crawled on top of his future husband, smiling down at him with pure love in his eyes. As they came together in a kiss, Yuuri parted his thighs so that Victor could settle down on top of him. The strained fabric of Victor’s clothing felt delightfully indecent against Yuuri’s naked skin. He opened his mouth up to the kisses and moaned softly when Victor licked into him. Sliding the unbuckled belt free from Victor’s pants, Yuuri tossed it aside.

It was a gorgeous moment—rolling around on the bed, tasting and touching each other all over, letting the sexual tension build back up again. Victor managed to get ahold of the bottle of lubricant without breaking away from the kiss. He squeezed some out and warmed it up with his fingers before bringing them to Yuuri’s entrance.

At the moment of penetration, Yuuri broke away from the kiss with a cry and stayed that way, frozen and breathing hard as Victor peppered his face with soothing little kisses.

He worked two fingers in and out of Yuuri’s ass, setting a demanding pace from the start. Victor pushed his fingers deep, past the second knuckle, as far as they could go, which inspired Yuuri’s nails to rake down Victor’s back. Were he not still wearing clothes, Yuuri might have marked Victor’s skin.

It was almost too much to be stretched that wide and deep with barely any preparation, but Victor knew Yuuri’s body well. He’d brought him to the place where the pleasure only hinted at the idea of pain without ever going there. It didn’t hurt at all, and Yuuri’s open lips soon morphed into a dazed smile. He loved it.

“More,” he whispered and dragged Victor back to his mouth for a bruising kiss.

They made out like that for several minutes, constantly changing positions. First Victor on top, working three slicked-up fingers in and out now. Then Yuuri on top, clawing at Victor’s shirt and vest, suddenly impatient to feel the gorgeous heat of his skin against his own. Several buttons had already popped off and scattered.

In the living room, the music was still playing over the speakers—a sultry melody that made Yuuri want to fuck. “Enough foreplay,” he gasped between kisses.

He guided Victor into a sitting position and got on his knees in front of him. Yuuri made quick work of his fiancé’s zipper before tugging his length free from his pants. Licking his lips, he couldn’t resist bending down to taste the wetness already gathering at the tip of Victor’s cock. He laved his tongue over it greedily before taking the full length into his mouth, bobbing his head up and down to get everything nice and wet.

When his own need became too great to ignore anymore, Yuuri sat up, wiped his chin off, and turned around on the bed so that Victor was behind him. Then, reaching back to grasp Victor’s cock, Yuuri lined himself up.

“That’s it, baby,” Victor said, putting both hands on Yuuri’s hips to guide him. “Sit back on it. . .”

Oh, my God,” Yuuri moaned.

Even before he was fully seated with Victor inside him, Yuuri was already losing it. He pushed himself past his normal limits and took in Victor’s cock in a single stroke, back arching as he bottomed out, pierced deep and stretched wide.

As Yuuri let out a helpless whine, Victor soothed him with a warm hand on his lower belly. “Shhh,” he said, his breath hot and wet in Yuuri’s ear. “Settle down, honey.”

Yuuri didn’t want to settle down.

Eyes hazy with arousal, he rested his palms flat on Victor’s thighs and started moving his hips in little circles in time with the music. It felt so incredibly good that Yuuri might have laughed were it not so difficult to get enough oxygen at that moment. Finding a good rhythm, he picked up speed and determination. Yuuri ground himself backwards onto Victor’s cock like he was giving him another lap dance, only this time, with full penetration. The glittering lights of the city were on display in front of them, bathing them both in a pale glow.

Behind him, Victor took some time matching the pace. He kept losing concentration as Yuuri fucked backwards into him, his own cock swinging heavily between his legs. Murmuring something in gruff Russian, Victor seized hold of Yuuri’s arms just above the elbows and guided them together behind his back. It completely changed the angle of their thrusts, forcing Yuuri’s back to arch inwards and his ass to push out.

And just like that, Victor was in control.

Yuuri had just enough time to smile drunkenly before his breath was stolen away again.

Crying out in broken Japanese, his upper body melted down onto the bed while Victor pounded into him from behind. He’d let go of Yuuri’s upper arms but had seized his wrists instead, holding them together behind his back. There was a flutter of coolness against Yuuri’s overheated skin as Victor wound the length of black silk around his wrists.

“Let me know if you don’t like it,” Victor said, the gentleness of his voice in complete contrast with his punishing pace. He released Yuuri’s now tied-up wrists and gripped his hips instead.

“Are you kidding me?” Yuuri gasped and thrust backwards, encouraging Victor to fuck him harder. A sharp crack split the air, and Yuuri’s movements faltered for a moment, his ass stinging from where Victor had just spanked him. The blow wasn’t painful, but it did make Yuuri’s ass and thighs quiver and leave him a gasping mess.

“Do you like that, sweetheart?” Victor asked.

Yuuri was too far gone to respond with anything remotely resembling coherence. “I fucking love you,” he huffed, his red face pressed into the mattress.

Over the next few minutes, Victor was magnificently rough with him but remained attentive to Yuuri’s every reaction. If even a hint of discomfort crept into his gasps and moans, Victor’s movements would shift to sweetness in an instant. He would kiss and nuzzle Yuuri until he received a nod of encouragement to continue. All of this happened without needing to say a single word. Victor just knew what he needed. He even noticed when Yuuri’s thighs started to quake a little too hard, every breath coming harsher than the last.

“All right, baby,” Victor murmured, releasing Yuuri’s wrists from the silk tie and rubbing the circulation back into his hands. “Settle down now.”

This time, Yuuri was ready to listen.

His arms fell uselessly to the mattress, the silk still wrapped loosely around one of his wrists. His entire body hummed with friction and arousal like a live electric wire. He wet his lips, eyes closing as he whispered, “Needed that. . .”

“I know. I needed it, too.” Victor mouthed at the shell of Yuuri’s ear and slipped out of him from behind, taking particular care to move slowly. “Now roll over for me. I want to be sweet with you.”

Yuuri didn’t immediately do as Victor asked. Instead, he sat up on the bed and turned around to face him. “Want you naked first. . .”

They kissed while they removed Victor’s clothing together, Yuuri’s movements unfocused and Victor chuckling softly against his lips. Off came the pants and tie, and the vintage shirt lost several more buttons before it joined everything else on the floor. Once they were fully naked in front of each other, Yuuri’s hunger had returned. Running his palms down Victor’s hard, smooth chest, he thought, Mine.

Victor gathered Yuuri up into his lap then, hugging him close while they kissed. Together, they guided Victor back into position, and he entered Yuuri with a bit more caution this time, keeping the strokes shallow and slow until he made sure he wasn’t sore.

“You’ll have to forgive me for not giving you a turn yet,” Victor said, his lips at the corner of Yuuri’s mouth. “I’m greedy for you tonight.”

Yuuri had no idea why Victor was apologizing. He wanted it like this, too.

Still hugging Yuuri tight to his chest with one hand on the back of his head, Victor lowered him down to the bed and rocked into him slowly, their tongues weaving together all the while. The long, wet slide of his cock made Yuuri’s toes curl with delight. Victor seemed to like this position, too. He let out little sighs and gasps with every thrust, and his nails left crescent moon marks on Yuuri’s skin.

Smiling up at him between kisses, Yuuri thrust his hips upward to meet Victor’s strokes. Soon their bodies were clapping together.

“Love,” Victor said, a touch of warning in his tone. “You’re not going to be able to walk in a straight line if you keep going so hard.”

“I’m okay with that,” Yuuri said and pushed on Victor’s chest to roll him over.

They switched positions so that Victor was now flat on his back with Yuuri up on his knees, straddling him. He rode Victor like that, rocking his hips in circles to the beat of the music, sometimes taking Victor as deep and hard as possible, and other times just letting the fat head of his cock stretch his entrance wide. This left Yuuri with the most pleasant burn—a deep satisfaction he’d been missing for weeks.

But it wasn’t until he located that little bundle of nerves inside his own body that Yuuri truly started losing it again. He figured out an angle that rubbed Victor’s cock up against it and just about lost his mind in his desperation for more. Sparks of electric blue exploded behind his closed eyelids.

Victor eventually had to stop him, gripping his hips hard right before they both reached the point of overstimulation. “Yuuri. . .” he panted. “I need to . . . I’m going to come if you don’t. . . you’re just too fucking sexy when you move like that.”

With a wicked little smile, Yuuri wiggled his hips one last time. “Want to take a turn?”

He got up and moved to the side so that Victor could choose the position he wanted. Then Yuuri was laughing as Victor seized his ankles and dragged him back over to the center of the bed again.

“Come here,” Victor ordered as Yuuri slid across the mattress, giggling every inch of the way.

They exchanged a few kisses, though the fact that they couldn’t stop grinning at each other made it difficult to focus. Sitting up on his knees, Yuuri watched as Victor used the lubricant to slick up the sex toy he’d chosen earlier—the one that had made Yuuri’s eyes go wide. “Aren’t you supposed to use a plug at the beginning?” he asked. “I thought they were supposed to help you warm up before sex.”

“Like you need any help warming up,” Victor muttered. “You set the whole damn apartment on fire before we even got into the bedroom. No, this is to keep you satisfied for two whole seconds while you fuck me.”

While Yuuri still felt like a novice with the whole idea of toys, he did like the feeling of fullness inside him during sex and missed it when it was gone. More than once, he’d demanded Victor’s fingers inside him while Yuuri thrust into him. Maybe the plug was worth a try. . .

“Show me what to do,” Yuuri said.

Victor guided him so that he was leaning slightly forward on his knees, then bit gently at Yuuri’s shoulder and upper arm while he worked the plug inside of him. It slid in easily enough, the feel of it quite different than Victor’s cock. Yuuri felt stretched wide but comfortable enough to keep it in for a while. He thought he even might be able to walk around while wearing it, if he wanted to.

Perhaps that was the idea. . .

It brought a mental image to mind of wearing it out in public, hidden beneath his clothes. Only Victor would know it was there. Only he would know how wicked Yuuri really was. . .

“How does that feel?” Victor asked, pressing his thumb against the flared base of the plug, drawing a gasp of pleasure out of his fiancé.

“I like it a lot,” Yuuri said, breaths coming fast. He looked at Victor. “I like you better.”

Victor smiled and gave Yuuri’s ass another slap, hitting the edge of the plug at the same time. “Good answer.”

After he soothed Yuuri’s sore bottom with a few kisses and a gentle rub with the palm of his hand, Victor ran the length of cool black silk over Yuuri’s inflamed skin, inspiring goosebumps to erupt all over his body. Yuuri whimpered with pleasure at the shock of cold, his knees sliding apart on the mattress. “Oh, that feels so good. . .”

Victor gave Yuuri’s ass one final kiss and said, “Now is it my turn?”

“Yes, yes,” Yuuri said, laughing. “How do you want it?”

Victor wanted to be snuggled.

He laid down with his head on the pillow, and Yuuri moved over him, still smiling as his hands came to cradle the back of Victor’s head. Their playfulness softened into something quieter as they kissed.

Yuuri gave Victor a good seeing-to with his tongue before dragging his mouth down the column of his neck. Victor’s natural scent warmed the air, making Yuuri feel intoxicated from the pheromones. He licked and kissed at his fiancé’s skin and rubbed his face against Victor’s neck so that he’d smell like him.

“Yuuri,” Victor whispered, fingers ghosting down Yuuri’s spine. “Please . . . I need it.”

He took his time warming Victor up with the help of the lube, kissing him deep while he thrust his fingers even deeper. Victor moaned into his mouth and began to rock his hips in a silent request for more. He was worked up tonight, and by the time Yuuri lined himself up, a dark rosy flush had come to stain Victor’s cheeks and the center of his chest. His heels dug into the mattress as Yuuri worked his cock into him, deliciously slow.

“Shhh, Vitya,” Yuuri whispered, kissing the corner of his mouth to soothe him when he cried out. “I know what you need.”

He kept Victor bundled up in his arms while he made love to him, fingers tangled in silver hair, Victor’s legs wrapped around him, his beautiful scent in his nose. Yuuri kept his strokes gentle but decisive, giving Victor all the sweetness he seemed to be craving while satisfying their mutual hunger at the same time. When Yuuri reached for the length of black silk, Victor grinned beneath him and held his wrists together above his head so that Yuuri could tie them to the headboard.

The sex was perfect—a mix of hotness, romance, fun, and the deepest intimacy. They locked eyes as they moved together, Victor matching Yuuri stroke for stroke, straining for more kisses even though their lips were beginning to ache and swell.

Eventually, Victor’s body started to tense beneath him. His breathing had gone haggard. “I’m close. . .”

Yuuri could feel Victor’s cock trapped between their bellies, getting stimulated by the movement. He’d never come like that before . . . with Yuuri inside him like this. “Do you want to. . .?”

Yuuri, please,” Victor begged.

Yuuri quickened his pace, fucking into him hard while his hand slipped between their bodies, fingers closing over Victor’s cock.

Victor left the planet for a good minute afterward. The orgasm hit him hard, and he seized up, practically sobbing as he bore down on Yuuri’s cock. Wetness poured out onto Yuuri’s hand and dripped onto Victor’s belly. Somehow Yuuri remembered to keep moving his hand as Victor clenched around him, milking and squeezing his cock until he was on the brink of an orgasm himself.

Yuuri tried to resist it at first but eventually threw himself to the wind. The man beneath him was just too damn beautiful. Yuuri breathed Victor’s name, gripped him hard, and spilled inside of him.

But that wasn’t even the best part. The plug in his ass had him spread wide, and Yuuri bore down on it as he came, eyes widening at how shockingly good it felt. “Victor. . .” he gasped as his vision went white. “Victor.”

Even after the orgasm faded from a bright flash into a simmer, Yuuri kept moving inside of his fiancé, who was panting and covered with sweat. Yuuri’s cock was softening but still firm enough to stay inside. His pulse hammered in his ears, and he could see Victor’s beating wildly in his neck in contrast to their slow, gentle lovemaking.

Victor pulled his own wrists free from the silk tie and combed Yuuri’s sweaty hair back from his face. They kissed once before Yuuri collapsed down on top of him, completely wrung out. Victor’s fingers came to stroke up and down his back.

Neither one of them seemed to be able to speak, but three words ran through Yuuri’s mind all the same. Over and over again. I love you. I love you. He felt the words pass between them both like a shared thought. Like it wasn’t only their bodies connected, but their minds were one as well. Yuuri turned to press a kiss to Victor’s hair before closing his eyes.

I love you.

They cleaned up together afterwards, taking their time washing each other’s bodies in the shower, fragrant soapsuds running down their legs while they nuzzled and savored every kiss. In the living room, the music was still playing softly.

When the hot water ran out, they finally reached for their towels and dried off. The bathroom was a sauna of steam, and Yuuri wiped the mirror clean while he rinsed his toothbrush in the sink. In his reflection, he saw that his skin was pink from the heat of the shower, with little marks of rosy-red all over, evidence of the many love-bites Victor had given him.

Yuuri smiled shyly as Victor joined him at the sink. He had quite a few marks on his body as well and looked quite pleased about them. His eyes had been fixed on Yuuri without end ever since they’d gotten out of bed, a little smile tugging at his lips.

“Why do you keep staring at me like that?” Yuuri said, not sure whether to hide or laugh. (He chose the latter after Victor pressed a warm kiss to his cheek that made him squirm with delight.)

Victor’s arms encircled Yuuri from behind as he reached for his own toothbrush. “Do you remember what you said to me that night we made love for the first time?” Victor’s mouth was close to Yuuri’s ear while he spoke. Their eyes met in the mirror. “You had gone into the bathroom afterward to clean up, and I found you looking at your reflection. You said you were wondering if you looked different.”

Yuuri let out a soft laugh at the memory, a little embarrassed. “I was just being silly. I didn’t really think anything had changed me.”

“I don’t know. . .” Victor said. “I think you do look a little different now. Your eyes don’t stay fixed on the ground anymore, and you smile and laugh now more than you worry. When you look at me, it’s like you’re no longer afraid of being seen. You just look more like your real self, I guess.” He kissed Yuuri’s cheek again. “Confidence looks good on you, baby.”

Yuuri’s cheeks were already pink from the shower, but they started to warm even more at Victor’s words. The truth was, he felt confident . . . even though he normally wouldn’t. This was Victor’s apartment. Victor’s city. Victor’s life. Yet Yuuri had eased into all of it as naturally as if it was his apartment, city, and life, too. It just felt right.

“Oh,” Yuuri said, his smile widening as Victor gave him yet another long kiss on his cheek. He couldn’t seem to get enough of them.

Their heads rested together, their eyes meeting in the mirror again. “Do I look different at all?” Victor asked.

After a moment of consideration, Yuuri smiled and shook his head. “You just look like my Victor. Exactly the person I want you to be.”

Victor turned to look at Yuuri’s real face rather than at his reflection, prompting Yuuri to do the same. Pure love shone in Victor’s beautiful blue eyes. Rubbing the tips of their noses together, he lifted Yuuri’s hand to his lips, and kissed his engagement ring.

With an emotional smile he could barely contain, Victor said, “Oh.”



The end.