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Sooner or Later You're Gonna be Mine

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WingDings smirked and shook his head, hearing Papyrus run the“vacuum” across the floor for the fourth time, making sure he got every last bit of Muffet and her pet’s dust.  


Despite the fact that Sans was outwardly scowling at his older brother, he couldn’t help but appreciate and admire the human thought process whenever he saw their inventions in action.  While their ability to perform magic and conjure up attacks using their SOULS was nearly non-existent and completely pathetic and laughable, they made up for it with all their technology.  Seriously almost all their inventions made life SO much more easier.


For example, if Wingdings hadn’t told Sans to pick up that vacuum a week ago, Papyrus and he both would have spent the entire night picking up that stupid slut’s dust by hand.  Humans...well Sans could say a lot of things about humans, but they sure as shit knew how to create and invent.  If only monsters were that determined and ambitious.


“I thought you’d like that strange machine, Papyrus.”  Wingdings had to raise his voice over the vacuum to make himself heard, but Papyrus gave no indication whether or not he had  heard his eldest brother.


Wingdings shrugged, shot Sans a small amused smile and went back to picking at the burnt pot of spaghetti that Papyrus shamefully handed him before the youngest skeleton had meekly ordered him and Sans into the kitchen while he cleaned the area up.  Now Sans and Wingdings were sitting at the kitchen table waiting for him to finish.


After a few moments of silently picking through the food, Wingdings must have felt his brother’s never-ending glare because he rolled the red and purple lights in his sockets and sighed deeply.  


“Alright already.  I’m sorry about your chair Sans, but if it makes you feel any better I would have thrown it away afterwards even if it hadn’t been destroyed.  I think some of my cum got on it.” Wingdings said casually before he pulled out a halfway decent noodle from the pot and placed it in his mouth, slurping the entire thing up and swallowing it.


Wingding’s face soured and he quickly pushed the pot away from him.


Sans grimaced at his brother’s words.  After years of being there for him when he was too drunk to make it up the stairs the thought of his chair being covered in his brother’s black juices was…heartbreaking.


Sans sighed, looking down and saw that a little bit of Muffet’s dust had hit the sleeve of his shirt when Papyrus took a swing at her pretty little head.  He absently brushed the small amount away.


That poor chair deserved a better end.  He was tempted to say that silly little fact to his brother, but decided not to, opting just to reach up and rubbed his hand over his forehead, feeling exhausted, but knowing his night wasn’t over just yet.


“Can’t ya just keep a few things to yerself Wings, fer God’s sakes!  Ya could have just told me the bitch’s pet destroyed it and I would have accepted it.  No questions asked...fuck almighty.”

Sans heard Wingdings’ disappointed tsk but it didn’t really have its usual warning bite to it, so the smaller skeleton didn’t look up.


“Relax, brother.  I’ll buy you a new one.”


Sans shook his head sadly, resting his chin in his hand.  First it was Grillby’s and now it was his chair.  But the night could have been so much worst.


He had made her smile…


Sans felt his SOUL thump so heavily with such a strong feeling of prideful bliss that his minor annoyances quickly vanished.  He couldn’t help but smile at his brother, not even realizing he was doing it and not noticing the puzzled look that came over Wingdings’ face at San’s sudden shift in mood.


“Nah...don’t worry yerself about it, bro.  I’ll live and besides, I  bought that chair in Binky’s shop years ago.  There’s no way I can replace that.”


Wingdings nodded, frowning at the mention of the purple bunny’s name that used to own the small store in SNOWDIN before she up and left for HOTLAND one day without any of the Gasters brothers’ permission.  


She never came back, leaving her small store to her younger sister, Popper, who ran the area’s hotel.  After Wingdings and Sans investigated Popper and decided that the younger rabbit really didn’t have any idea why Binky left, they allowed Popper to run the store with their blessings.  


But things changed about Binky’s store.  Popper had taken out all the furniture the store once sold to use for her hotel.  Now the store just sold different types of food.  


“Well perhaps the humans stores can-”


Sans waved the suggestion away with his hand, cutting his brother off.  “It’s alright bro, besides, I got a favor ta ask ya.  When I bring them workers ya hired to help Papyrus wit’ the park to the human city tomorrow do ya mind if I drag Tops along too?”


“Tops?  Why?”  Wingdings chuckled before he reluctantly pulled the spoiled pot of food back to him and grabbed another noodle.  “Ya think the workers will want some nice cream?”


Sans didn’t answer for a second, bracing himself.  He knew Wingdings wouldn’t be too happy with what happened to Frisk’s apartment, but if Wingdings figured out Tops was taken to the human city without him knowing it, he’d be furious.  Best just to tell the truth on THIS issue instead.  


“No.  Papyrus was over at his admirer’s apartment…” Sans paused in mid-sentence, still in complete disbelief that his little lady was Papyrus’ admirer.  


Well at least her title of “admirer” was nothing more than Papyrus misreading her attitude towards him as infatuation.    She didn’t seem (no...she WASN’T) interested in Papyrus.  And at least Papyrus was too focused on dedicating himself fully to Wingdings’ plan to try something with her.


Sans honestly didn’t know what he would do if Frisk was developing something for Papyrus….


He shook that thought away, knowing it was only going to piss him off if he allowed himself to imagine “what-if” scenarios that weren’t even in the realm of reality.  Plus, he was gonna visit her tomorrow and he didn’t want to say or do something stupid solely based on a non-existent relationship his little lady wasn’t even having with his brother and destroy his tiny success he made with her tonight.  


“Ya see, he was using her kitchen to cook and we both know he ain’t a great cook so-”


“And he burnt her place to the ground,” Wingdings finished, his voice becoming louder and rising over the vacuum with his irritation.  Sans winced and silently scooted his chair back.


“Just her kitchen,” Sans quickly corrected.


The vacuum stopped it’s loud humming at the sound of Wingdings’ voice.  Sans waited for Papyrus to come into the kitchen, but the tall skeleton never made his appearance.  Instead, Sans heard his younger brother’s quick and heavy footsteps running up the stairs and a second later a door slammed letting both brothers know that Papyrus was hiding in his room.


Wingdings’ glared up at the ceiling, but didn’t make a move to go upstairs.  Sans gave a small sigh of relief.  Wingdings must not have been too angry.  Probably more annoyed than anything else, cause if he was angry he wouldn’t have spent more time talking to Sans.  If he had been angry he would have rushed upstairs after Papyrus and...Sans shuddered.  Yep.  


Thank God Muffet’s sad attempt at killing him put him in a great mood.


“Fucking idiot,” Wingdings’ hissed before he turned his glare to Sans.  “Did he at least apologize to the human for his stupidity and did you two make it known to the lady that you’d be at her apartment tomorrow morning early making sure you’d fix whatever Papyrus messed up?”


Sans scoffed and despite Wingdings’ anger, the oldest skeleton’s sockets widened in surprise at his brother’s odd and almost uncaring response, but Sans really couldn’t help it.  As if he’d leave his little lady fucked like that.  But all the same, Sans quickly change his attitude when he saw Wingdings’ mild shock wear off and be replaced by more annoyance, so Sans offered his brother a more serious response.  


“Course we let her know that.  That’s why I want to bring Tops wit’ us.   I’m sure the fellow still remembers how to fix run-down apartments.”


Wingdings slightly relaxed, but Sans saw the way his gloved hands twitched.  He was still displeased and Sans couldn’t blame him.


A majority of Wingdings’ plan relied heavily on Sans and Papyrus’ being able to...connect with the humans in their area and one little slip-up as in fucking up a human’s home could cause a major clash in their plans.  Particularly if said human decided to spread a bullshit rumor around like “those monsters barged into my home and destroyed my place and left.”


Which was kind of true, but luckily his lady wasn’t like that.

Sans shot Wingdings a reassuring smile and winked.


“Don’t worry about that little lady, bro, believe it or not I’ve been keepin’ an eye her, ya know, makin’ sure she ain’t tryin’ nothin’ with Papyrus-”


Wingdings grunted in approval.  Sans grinned.  Some night were easier than others to calm Wings down and apparently tonight had been a good night for the eldest skeleton.


“After Muffet I think that’s a smart idea, Sans.  Keep an eye on that lady and make sure she’s not a spy for Dee.”


Sans’ grin widened.  Spend more time watchin’ over the little lady?  Ya got it bro.  No problem there.  


“She’s a good girl though,” Sans quickly added before Wingdings thought too hard about his accusation.  “Nothing to worry about from her.  I think she’s one of them progressive people as those humans would say.”


Wingdings smiled.   “One of those non-judgemental humans, huh?  So they do exist.”


Sans nodded. “Yeah, most of the humans in our area are kind of like that.  Some are still a little nervous around us, but I think the park idea really is warmin’ them up to us.”


Wingdings smile became a nasty smirk.  “Kindness breeds kindness.  As for that human lady don’t let her out of your sights.  Keep tabs on Dee’s actions and hers from now on.  You never know when it comes to the ladies.”


Sans nodded.  “Ya got it.  Now since dinner ain’t gonna be anytime soon, why don’t I catch up with Tops before he heads home fer the night?  Once he gets home, he and Whisk pretty much go at it all night.”


Wingdings stood up.  “Whisk is the only monster in our area who works past WATERFALL right?”


Sans thought carefully trying to remember if that were truebefore he nodded slowly.  “Yeah.  I think so.  We gave him permission to keep that restaurant job at the MTT Resort when he moved in with Tops.”


“So he works for Mettaton?”


Sans frowned at his brother’s sudden change of tone.  It sounded hard and cold.  


“Um...I guess.  I mean I’m sure the cat doesn’t get face-time with that glittery bastard so-”


“Send him my apologies, but after tonight and due to recent information I received about Mettaton and Agore both making deals with Grillby-”


Sans’ frown deepened.  “What did Grillby do to make ya so pissed, bro-”


“-I would prefer that none of my people exit the territory.  Please relay that message for me Sans,” Wingdings finished, ignoring Sans’ question.  The shorter skeleton felt that familiar sense of frustration build in him.


Swallowing Sans tried again.  “Look, just give me this one, okay?  What’d Grillby do fer you to set his business on fire?  Seriously, just let me know.”


Wingdings exited the room not looking back.


“Like I said:  Entertainment.  Just give Whisk the message.”


Sans sighed and disappeared, hoping to catch up with Tops before the Nice Cream Salesman made it home.



Sans found the blue bunny just as he was making his way towards the mushy lands of WATERFALL.  The light had fully faded from the sky, leaving only the stars and moon and a few dimly lit street lights to illuminate everything, but there was no mistaking Tops or the soft wheeling sound his mobile Nice Cream Stand made.  


If there was on constant thing that never changed throughout the years it was the scene that Sans was quietly watching from underneath a street light.  From when Sans was just a kid to now, Tops was always pushing his Nice Cream cart all throughout the day selling his homemade and unique nice cream to anybody who wanted to buy one.


With a wicked grin, Sans teleported just a few inches away from the blue bunny.  And tapped his shoulder.  The blue bunny spun around quickly, Sans knowing with a baseball bat in his hand because...hey, you couldn’t be too careful even in safe areas like WATERFALL and SNOWDIN.  Effortlessly, the skeleton teleported to the blue bunny’s side, out of Top’s line of vision and tapped Tops’ shoulder again.  The bunny swore and swung his bat.  Sans ducked with a grin, letting out a chuckle giving away his identity.


Sans began laughing when Tops’ bewildered face met his.  And then the bunny’s face turned to anger and amusement as he took his bat and gave Sans a playful poke in his stomach.


“Fuck Sans, ya scared the shit out of me!  Don’t do that ya asshole!” Tops growled, but let out a rough laugh, holding out his hand.  Sans slapped it and the two pulled towards each other in a chuckling half hug.  


“ Where the fuck have you been these last few weeks?!  I thought you were dead or something.   What happened?”


Sans groaned and shrugged, giving Tops his trademark wink.  


“Hard day at the office.  Boss has been riding my ass fer a while now, haven’t had much time to do anything except work.”


Tops’ raised an eyebrow challengingly reminding Sans of when they were just teenagers and vendor competitors bored out of their minds because business was terrible and money was sacred in that time.  They spent their days often joking around or daring each other to do stupid shit.  Sans’ wicked smile became a little softer.


“A Sans finally learning about a hard day’s of work feel likes-”


“Oh shut the fuck up, dick.  You know I’m capable of working hard when I finally wake up.”


Tops chuckled again and opened the small door to his Nice Cream Cart.


“Yeah sure, I got something fer ya.  Something I know you’d like buddy, cause I’m such a good friend and all jazz.”


Sans scoffed.  “If it ain’t a mustard flavored popsicle ya can close that door, cause I ain’t….”


Sans trailed off staring at what Tops was holding up. Two unopened unharmed bottles of mustard.  From Grillby’s bar.   Tops wiggled them in front of Sans’ face almost teasingly.  


“Wings offered a couple of us a few extra gold pieces if we started to clean up that mess Grillby left behind.  While I was cleaning-”


Sans reached over and snatched up the mustard, red drool dripping down his mouth, completely forgetting everything except wanting to get that yellow liquid down his throat as quickly as possible.


“While ya were cleanin’ ya hit the fuckin’ jackpot.  Yer the man, Tops.  I knew there was a reason I never killed ya!  Man and today started off so shitty!” Sans declared before he offered Tops another more genuine smile.  


“Ya still got my back.  Thanks bud.”


Tops shrugged and leaned heavily against his cart, giving Sans a tired smile.  “Anytime, but it’s late and this usually is dinner time for the Gaster family so what’s up?”


It took Sans a minute to break his gaze away from the bottles of mustard before he turned back to the blue bunny and when he did Sans couldn’t help but feel guilty.  It really had been awhile since he and Tops have hung out which was unusual.  Tops always made time to hang out despite his job and that clingy depressed lover of his and Sans hadn’t given him the time of day for almost a month.


I’ll make it up to him.  Hehehe...maybe me and the little lady can double date with him and Whisk later on with things became more relaxed.  


“First off, this is a business conversation so-”


Tops nodded.  “Understood.  My lips are sealed.”


“Me and my bros have been doin’ some business with the humans-”


Tops gave a low whistle of admiration.  “Holy shit Sans.  That’s a big fuckin’ step.  I heard them humans mobsters are real cut throats-”

Sans laughed.  “Funny thing you mention cuttin’ throats cause there was this one human named Nick who-”


Tops quickly waved his hands, halting Sans’ words.  


“Don’t want to hear it, Sans!  You know that so don’t be an ass.  Just let me know what I can do in the legal sense to help you and your brothers.”


The skeleton’s smile grew sharper.  The bunny had never really changed over the years.  Despite the bat he always kept by his side, good ol’ Tops wasn’t really a violent or confrontational monster.  


Was mugged a number of times by those mutts when Asgore ran all the areas, but when Wingdings took control of WATERFALL AND SNOWDIN, he offered Tops a job as a sort of “thank you” gesture for the helping the skeleton family repair their home numerous times.


The  job promised good money, but none of the Gasters were really very surprised when the bunny turned it down.  It was a job that needed somebody who could be a touch bit...aggressive and violent and Tops wasn’t interested.  


Tops was even in the crowd of monsters that day when Wingdings beat the good living hell out of Undyne.  Her injuries were so severe and so bloody that Tops had turned away from the fight and vomited on his own cart.  And Sans spent the next three month making fun of him.  


“His Nice Creams are so good they’ll make a motherfucker throw up!” Sans, at the age of twenty sang, following Tops around on the twenty-two year old’s routes.


“Shut the fuck up, asshole!”


Yep, those were the good old days alright.  


“Okay okay.  Sorry ‘bout that.  Look, so Papyrus was visitin’ this human he made friends with and was cookin’-”


Tops started to laugh.  “And he burnt that poor creature’s home to the ground?  Okay I see where this is goin’.  Ya want me to fix the place up so the human won’t go cryin’ to their friends and cause ya trouble?”


“That about hits the nail on the head.”


Tops laughed again.  “Man how many times is your little brother gonna destroy a place before he realizes he can’t cook?!  I mean how many times did I repair your kitchen walls?”


Too many times to count, Sans thought and was just about to say so when Tops spoke again.


“So I’m gonna be meeting a human, huh?  That might be kind of interesting.  Are they gonna be welcoming to a monster or did you manage to scare them shitless?  Are they male or female?  Their city looks kind of grim so are they a serious human or are they the bright light against the gray of their world?  A bright SOUL burning in the black night?”


Sans stiffened a bit as Tops’ questions started to get a bit more...personal and way too overdramatic.  And the shorter skeleton didn’t care for the sly smile that was slowly creeping on the bunny’s face.    How could he have forgotten that Tops was a...flirter.  Always had been even when he and Sans were little and when they got older the blue bunny’s skills had only improved.


It was no wonder to anybody, including Sans who had always been more than a bit envious when he watched his friend woo and seduce monsters both male and female, why Tops’ Nice Cream business had always been successful.


Thankfully ever since Tops hooked up with Whisk, the odd, shy and shaky cat, the blue bunny hadn’t shown any interest in anybody else.  But still…


“Just be professional ‘bout the job.  One of the things Wings wants us to do is make a good impression with the humans in our new territory, so don’t pull anything on her.  Think of Whisk fer God’s sakes!”


Sans didn’t notice the smile vanishing from Tops’ face as the skeleton turned his attention once more to the mustard bottles that were not gonna last the night.  He knew he should save them.  Drink them slowly savoring their unique flavor, but if they were gonna be gone no matter what way his chose, why not get black out drunk in the process?


“Got to git goin’, but I’ll be at yer place to pick ya up tomorrow mornin’!  Oh and Wings told me to tell ya to let Whisk know that he sends his apologies, but Whisk ain’t allowed to go to HOTLAND no more.  Conflict of interests, but if the cat wants he can git a job helpin’ Papyrus and the rest of them monsters fix that park.”


Sans began to concentrate his magic for the very last time tonight.  


“Don’t worry about Whisk.  I’ve been meaning to tell you this for a few days, but I haven’t seen you or your brothers, but Whisk is-”


Sans felt  bad about leaving his best friend in mid-sentence, but he’d talk to Tops first thing tomorrow about what the bunny wanted to say.  Right now he was gonna get fucked up.



With an drained sigh, Frisk dropped ungracefully onto her now clean and puffed up couch, feather duster in hand and surveyed her living room with an exhausted but weary eye.


Everything was clean and dusted and the whole apartment smelled like bleach.  Using the stuff had made her gag more than once, but all in all she had surprised herself.  The place looked nice and organized.


There were no empty bottles of soda, receipts, brown grocery bags or empty chip bags littering  the floor anymore.  The clothes in her room were either put up in her closet or placed in the dirty laundry and her bed was finally made up.  And God it took forever to scrub and clean her bathroom, and when she was done her hands were stinging, but she managed!


Hell she even redid the parts of her kitchen that she could still clean.


And why did I do all this , Frisk thought as she raised the feather duster to her face staring at it blankly.  I cleaned this whole place from top to bottom just in case Papyrus didn’t stay in the kitchen.  


Frisk smirked and closed her eyes, dropping the duster on the ground next to her.   The clean freak will probably find a spot I missed and make me re-clean it.  Hmm...maybe Sans will tell him to lay off me-


With a groan, Frisk rubbed her face trying to get Sans out of her mind before she stared at her living room clock.  It was seven-thirty in morning.  She had been cleaning for over ten hours and she only had one thought coursing through her mind as she continued to stare at the clock.


It took me this long to clean this pigsty?  I’m disgusting.  And I feel disgusting too.  Ugh...I need a shower.  


She made no move to get up through, her aching and exhausted body way too sore and beaten to move.  She sighed.


“Okay I’m gonna count to five and when I get to five I’ll get up and take a shower,” she said to herself out loud.  God, she even sounded exhausted and beaten to her own ears.


“One, two three…”Frisk paused, taking a deep breath.  “Three and a half, four and five.  Let’s go!”


Frisk didn’t get up.  Instead her eyes wandered to the coffee table where she had delicately placed the blue Echo plant for all to see.


Sans’ gift...that random act of kindness and gentleness that filled her with childlike wonder and happiness was...was...was probably the worst thing Sans had done to her so far.


He made me like him.  


Granted her sudden fondness for the shorter skeleton only lasted a few minutes after he left before her old feelings of anger, disgust, distrust and displeasure for him returned, but all the same she couldn’t believe he had managed to make her like him even for that short amount of time.  And she also couldn’t believe her dislike for him wasn’t as strong as it was before.  


The guy who slammed my head against the bathroom wall and who is blackmailing me to practically have sex with him actually made me like him.  By using a flower.  A magical flower, but a flower nonetheless.  


Losing the will to move altogether, Frisk curled up into a ball and continued to stare at her gift.  And what made the whole thing worse was that Sans really did choose the perfect gift for her and she couldn’t bear to throw something away that came straight out of a fairy tale story.


He really messed me up this time.


If Sans had shown up with some kind of expensive piece of jewelry or an endless amount of cash, Frisk would have no problem slamming it back in his face, but a flower?  Nevermind the plant can actually mimic what a person said, but the fact that a guy who likes to show off his wealth actually got a vase full of dirt and a seed, got down on his hands and knees to make something grow with his own hands…


And even though Sans’ roughness and dominating personality was still intact the entire time he presented the gift to her something was different about him.  There was a blush on his cheekbones and he was laughing when she was laughing.  There was no laughing at her this time.  He was legitimately laughing with her.


So unlike him and yet nothing about him at that moment seemed fake.  And when he put out that fire making sure she stayed out of harm’s way the entire almost seemed natural for him to do that.


And Frisk didn’t know what to do.  If he continued to act like that…


He might make me like him again.


And suddenly Frisk saw herself as a stupid seventeen years old again wincing in pain as she nursed a black eye wondering what excuse she would give her mom and dad when she visited them for the day.  


Can’t let that happen again, she thought as she pushed the memory away, feeling her face hardened.   There’s no difference between a nice guy who became mean and a mean guy who had nice moments.


She closed her eyes and felt the first wave of sleepiness wash over her when her phone rang.  She jerked up and stared at it dazedly.  It rang again.  And again and again until Frisk gave a small grunt of annoyance and stood up, walking over to the phone.


“Hello?” she muttered into the phone.


“Um...Frisk?  Is this you?” A voice whispered cautiously on the other end.  


It took a few seconds for Frisk to recognize the shy and sweet voice, but when she did a big smile came over her face.




There was a moment of silence before Jim let out a small nervous laugh.


“I woke yo-you up didn’t I?  I’m so-”


“No don’t worry about it.  I was already awake.  Why are you whispering?”


“My daughter is still asleep and this is the only time I can call you before I head up to Fell City this morning.  I told my boss Grillby about you.”


There was another moment of silence and Frisk eagerly waited for Jim to say something about her possible future boss.


“He seems pleased and surprised by the fact that you are unbothered about performing for monsters and interacting with them.  But he just wanted to know a few things about you, so...and I got to warn you, his questions are strange.”


Frisk frowned, but didn’t interrupt.


“So do you have a stage name?”


Frisk snorted out laughter.  “I’m not famous.”


Jim joined her.  “I’m just the messenger, cut me some slack.”


“Okay okay.  I’m sorry.  Continue.”


“What genre of music do you sing to?”


“Ragtime and Jazz.  Can’t play any instruments though,” Frisk said, feeling a little bit discouraged she never tried to expand her interest in music past vocals when she was kid.  If she did, she might have an easier time getting musical jobs.  Female singers are a dime a dozen, but seeing a lady play an instrument in her city would be a crowd getter.  


Jim must have heard her discouraged voice because he quickly reassured her.


“Oh, he’s just wondering so he knows what to prepare the band for if you get the job.  No worries Frisk.”  


Frisk smiled.


“What is your fashion sense?”


Frisk blinked at the question.   What was my fashion sense?


“My fashion sense?”


Frisk head Jim cough awkwardly.  “Um...I kind of told him that you were dressed in that sweater dress and he thought that was unique and charming.  And non-threatening to his customers.”


Wearing something that isn’t revealing or sexy?  Actually being myself on stage?  The idea made Frisk smile.   I think I might like this Grillby guy.  Heh...maybe he might actually get me to enjoy singing for a crowd again.  


“And invitations.  Grillby knows that his place is gonna sell out the moment he lets the monsters know that a human’s gonna perform in his club so he was wondering that if you did get the job, do you want him to reserve seats for your family or friends?  If so, you should probably let me know, since I’m gonna be seeing him today.”




There was a long moment of silence this time and Frisk gritted her teeth knowing what was gonna come next.


“Nobody?  You don’t want your mom or dad-”


“My mother and father are dead and I don’t have any other relatives,” Frisk answered quickly, hoping he’d drop it.


The silence wasn’t so long this time.


“Oh.  Well what about friends then?  Do you want to bring a few friends with you-”


Frisk smirked at his question.  Her neighbors and friends were too scared to come see her perform in their own city’s bars and she didn’t blame them one bit.  Somebody always got hurt so she highly doubted that her neighbors would ever enter the monster city to watch her.


And plus when it all came down to it, she really didn’t want to tell them about this job offer.  Not only would they be horrified and do everything in their power to stop her from going, but she knew that if she discussed it with one neighbor that would lead to that neighbor talking about it with another neighbor until everybody in the whole apartment complex knew.  And if word got back to Sans about this offer….


Well, there was a good chance he might sabotage it.


“Like I said to you before, my neighbors would not approve if I told them.”


“Alrighty, I’ll let him know, but if you change your mind before your audition tomorrow let me know so I can tell him.”


Frisk nodded before she realized he couldn’t see it.


“No problem.  So tomorrow I’ll meet you at the city’s library?”


“That’s right.  Grillby’s transportation will meet us there and drive us to Fell City.”


Knock Knock.


Frisk almost dropped the phone.  There was a slight pause before the person on the other end of the door knocked again.  


That’s Sans, that’s got to be Sans and Papyrus, Frisk thought staring at the door, once again feeling the exhaustion wash over her.  She was so tired so very tired and she thought those two would come back to fix her kitchen up in the afternoon.  She thought she would have enough time to get a nap in before they came.


“Frisk?  You still there?”


Knock Knock.


  Frisk blinked back into reality, quickly putting the phone up to her ear.


“Yeah sorry, but I got somebody at the door.  Do you mind calling me ba-”


“I’m sorry Frisk, but I have a lot of work to do in Fell City today, but meet me tomorrow, noontime at the library.  And maybe when we’re waiting for Grillby’s ride-”


Knock Knock.


Frisk glared at the door.


“We can talk a bit more...ya know about spending time to-”




“I’M COMING!” Frisk screeched at the door silencing both the knocker and Jim.  Taking a deep breath she calmed herself again before she spoke.


“Sorry.  Yes..I mean yes.  I’d like that.  I’ll see you tomorrow Jim.  Bye-bye.”


Frisk smiled as she heard Jim’s sigh of relief.  He was so cute.


“See ya tomorrow, pixie lady.”


Pixie lady?  Frisk felt a small blush come over her face as she hung up the phone and walked to the door.  Taking another deep breath, Frisk tried to shake off some of her fatigue and opened the door.


Sans was standing in the doorway and he didn’t look too good.  His red lights glowed weakly in his sockets, his smile looked a little strained and he was sweating.  His suit looked freshed, but it seemed like he rushed getting it on.  And he smelled weird.  Not bad, but strange.  If Frisk didn’t know any better she could have sworn he smelled like mustard.


But it was the person standing beside him that caught Frisk’s attention.  And it wasn’t Papyrus.  In fact, Papyrus wasn’t anywhere to be seen.


I cleaned for nothing , she thought tiredly and bitterly before she finally took the time to study the new monster.


He was a tall dark blue-furred bunny, a little taller than Sans with the top part of his left ear missing and a tuft of messy light fur that looked like bangs messily covering a small part of his right eye.  He wore a dark yellow long-sleeved shirt and blood red overalls.  


In his arms he was carrying a tool box, making Frisk wonder through her drained mind how he could fix her scorched walls with a few tools.  


“Doll-face what’s the matter?”  Sans’ voice sounded just as exhausted as Frisk felt and before she knew what was happening, his hand was gently under her chin and her face was pulled up so he could inspect it fully.


“You don’t look so good, doll-face.  Are you sick or somethin’?”


Frisk shrugged his touch away, trying to glare at him, but she didn’t know how successfully she was.  But the lack of sleep was starting to make her cranky and getting her say things she normally wouldn’t say out loud.  


“I’m fine, Sans.  Just tired.  I thought your brother was going to be coming with you so I spent the entire night cleaning so he wouldn’t nag me about the way my apartment looks.”


Sans laughed, a knowing smile coming over his face.


“He does make his standards known to anybody he’s around, but ya don’t have to worry about him inspecting yer home or settin’ it on fire again.  He and a few monsters are gonna spend the day starting to repair that park.  So I guess you and me are stuck with each other while my pal Tops here fixes yer kitchen.”


The skeleton paused for a second as he took another look at Frisk, his red lights shining a bit more brightly.  He made a low sound of concern.  Frisk frowned, hating how sincere it sounded even to her tired ears.


“If you ain’t feelin’ up to it right now we can always come back-”


“No no, the sooner you get this done with the better.”


Frisk mentally scolded herself, knowing how bad (and racist) that sounded before she offered a sweet smile at the blue bunny who hadn’t stopped smiling at her the very moment Sans touched her.


“I’m sorry, I’m being rude to you and all you’re trying to do is fix my home.  Here let me start over:  I’m Frisk.”


Frisk offered her hand to Tops, only for the  blue bunny monster to looked at Sans (who was staring intensely at Frisk’s hand) to Frisk (who still had her hand out).  Tops chuckled, his voice warm and friendly.  Reminded Frisk of Jim.  Or her father.  


“You’re alright sweetie.  Will you excuse us for a second?”


Before Frisk could answer, the blue bunny slammed the door in her face, leaving her hand up in the air, unshaken.



“Hey what’s the big idea Tops?  That was fuckin’ rude as shit!”


Instead of answering, Tops simply grabbed Sans’ hand, still chuckling as he tugged the hung-over and fuming skeleton a little bit away from the door so the little lady couldn’t hear their conversation.


“And what the hell was that whole “sweetie” shit? I told ya to remain professional-”


Tops pointed to the little lady’s door with a sly smile on his face, instantly shutting Sans up.


“Professional?  You just didn't want me to hit on your skirt, Sans.”


Sans felt the blush hit his face and knew that any attempts at denial were hopeless.  It was hard to lie to a guy who had known you for years.


“Look, it ain’t none of yer business-”


“If you wanted to keep it a secret from me, you shouldn’t have been all romantically touchy with that babe and judging by the way she responded to your “darling” concern-”


Sans felt his blush deepen.  Sans should have known the blue bastard would have guessed.  But to his credit, Tops does know how to keep a secret so that’s one thing Sans doesn’t have to worry about it.  The only downside was-


“-she ain’t into you.  You screwed it up didn’t you?  Yeah of course you did.  You never were good with the ladies….I mean you remember when you tried making a move on Popper and she openly laughed at you?  Yeah, this lady looks like she wants to do the same thing.”


The only downside was that Tops was going to spend the entire day tormenting him about it.


Fuck. least the guy don’t discriminate when it comes to fuckin’.  He’ll fuck anybody at anytime, Sans thought before he grabbed Tops’ overall strap and pulled him down.


“I’m workin’ on it okay?!  The little lady needs some time is all and I’d appreciate it if ya didn’t mention this to Wings or Papyrus.”


Tops’ lecherous smile faded and Sans was relieved to see a more serious expression come over his face.


“Yeah, I know how Wings is.  This moment never happened.”


Sans grunted and let his best friend go.  “Now let’s get to work so-”


“I’ll help you soften her up when I fix up her kitchen.  I’ll be your wingman.”


Sans’ sockets widened.  “What?  No I swear to God, just let me handle this or I’ll kill Whisk and then I’ll kill you and then I’ll burn your stupid little cart and then I’ll -”


Sans was halfway finished with his empty threat when he realized Tops was knocking on Frisk’s door.