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Sooner or Later You're Gonna be Mine

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“I told you two to rough up one of Dee’s thugs not put him in a coma.”


Sans shrugged and watched as Wings bent down and grabbed the unconscious and horribly beaten human’s chin and lifted his face for a better look.  After they dealt with everything as in making sure that all the other humans were dead and the building truly was void of any living humans, both inside and outside, Sans began gathering Wings’ specialty guns out of the hands out the dead men while Papyrus began to stack the boxes the “Never-Dies” brought in, all in one nice pile.  And when that was done, the skeletons had worked over the unconscious Mac.


Wings told them to “rough one up” and they did.  Papyrus bashed the human’s knee in with his large club bone while Sans dug one of his bone knives deep into a non-fatal area in the man’s side, making sure to cover the wound with a clean bandage to stop the bleeding once he took the knife back out.


And finally, just to complete the look, Sans made small slices along the older man’s face, cutting just deep enough so they wouldn’t heal over so quickly.  Once both skeletons were satisfied, Papyrus threw Mac over his shoulder and Sans teleported everything, the guns, the crates of goods, himself and his brother back to their home in Fell City.  Specifically their shed in Fell City.   


And once they were there, Papyrus shoved the bleeding human on their small red couch that was way too small for the average monster, but apparently just the right size for a grown male human.  




After a few more seconds of turning the human’s face left and right, earning an occasional painful groan from the man, Wings nodded his head in agreement.  Sans sighed in relief.  


Great!  He ain’t mad so I can leave and git back to Tops and the little lady without gittin’ yelled at.


“Are those all my guns?”  Wings gestured towards the small pile of weapons on top of the crates.  Sans nodded.  


“Yep.  Seven guns in total, which means that Dee’s still got eighteen of them.”


Standing up, Wings wiped the human’s blood on his pant leg nonchalantly and walked over to the crates.  He lifted up a lid on one of them, grimacing in confusion at the products inside for a half second before he grunted in repulsion.


“Cocaine?”  he asked as he lifted up one of the heavy bags of white powder.  Sans nodded, slightly disappointed that it wasn’t something more...interesting while Papyrus made a gagging disgusted sound much like Wings had done.  


“Okay.  We got the human as evidence and we have Dee’s things,” Sans watched as a small and proud smile perked up the corner of Wing’s lips as he looked at him and Papyrus.  “Nice job brothers.  You came through for me.”


Papyrus let out a soft laugh and puffed up his chest while Sans felt a ripple of pleasure go through his SOUL.  Wings didn’t always give praises to Sans (Papyrus got an endless supply when Wings was in a good mood), but when he did Sans really couldn’t help the warm feelings that would light his SOUL up.  


“Now, I got to make the phone call to Dee, so in the meantime-” he turned to Papyrus who was still glowing with pleasure.  “Can you please take the human to our guest room and patch him up?  If he starts to wake up let me know immediately.”


Papyrus nodded, standing as straight as a man in the human military.  “YES BROTHER.”  


And with that, Papyrus lifted the human in his arms and walked out of the shed.  Sans smirked and looked up at his brother.  


“Say, since ya don’t need me no more, what say I head back to the human city and make sure that them idiots workin’ at the park ain’t slackin’ off-”


The warm feelings Sans had in his SOUL quickly left him as Wings’ gave him his wide pumpkin grin that was only reserved for only the most unfortunate of people that thought they were smart enough to cross Wings. Sans first grew very accustomed to that smile years ago when they broke away from Asgore’s gang and the skeleton family were trying to rid their area of anybody that may have had ties or information or sympathized with the Dreemurrs .


In fact, if Sans were not mistaken, and he knew he wasn’t, he saw that exact smile not long ago when they were both watching Muffet’s head get bashed it.  Unease crept in as Wings sat down on the small couch where the human was just laying and crossed his legs.  


“I really like that female human.” Wings said as he tapped his finger to his chin as he hummed thoughtfully.  “What was her name again?”


Sans didn’t answer.  Couldn’t answer.


“Her name is Frisk isn’t it?”


Sans felt his non-existent throat get dry.  That’s right.  That’s what he was forgetting to remember.  This mission had made him temporarily forget about that phone call between his lady and Wings and now that Wings had brought it up again, the question that had been plaguing his mind ever since his lady picked up the phone now resurfaced at the center of his mind:


How did you get her number?


But despite everything he was feeling inside, Sans managed a small carefree chuckle and shrugged his shoulders.


“She’s all alright, I suppose.”


“She’s flirty.”


Sans felt a twinge of jealousy at the statement.  Yeah she was being flirty alright.  Letting out cute little giggles and using a very pretty speaking voice that she had yet to use on HIM and yet after talking to Wings for only a minute, she busted that adorable and seductive personality out...and…


Sans was angry.  Okay, angry wasn’t the right word.  He was pretty goddamn pissed off to the point where he almost took the phone from her hands a second time and slammed it on the hook, consequences be damned, but all that jealousy had died when she had glared at him the moment she had found out about the protection fee.  


The one ACE that Sans still held over her that kept her from walking away from him was gone.  And it was the final piece that would finally convince her to stay with him.  


He had it all planned out too.   During their date he would take a moment to admire her before he would lean in close, and grip her tiny little doll-hand in his telling her a protection fee would no longer be necessary.  That would convince her he was the right guy for her and that no other guy could top him.


And suddenly all that anger turned to fear.


And despite what happened between them in her kitchen moments before that phone call, Sans knew that as soon as she hung up, she’d reject him.  Laugh at him.  Call off the date, tell him to get out of her apartment and stay gone.  Tell him to get out of her life.  To fuck off.   


And for one brief panic-inducing second that nearly made him delirious and irrational, Sans actually considered the option his lady a new home to live in.  Make a new and cozy little home for her in some place that didn’t have a lot of people and keep her there and make sure she couldn’t leave.  He’d visit her everyday and give her gifts and anything she needed or wanted and overtime she would learn to rely on him and when like Sans always figured, dependence was a kind of love in itself and and and-


And just before his plans could turn into more than just thoughts Tops’ advice came rushing back into his mind and with the blue bunny’s words ringing in his ears, he forced himself to calm down enough to listen to the rest of Frisk’s phone conversation with Wings.  


He was so relieved he had decided to waited too.  Despite her oddly disconcerting, hopeless and bleak statement about her human city that made her usually spunky voice seem so lifeless, when she turned back around to face him she no longer looked enraged.  She looked more calm.  More soft.  A little warmer, he dared say.


And with his relief came his horror.


Almost made a BIG fuckin’ mistake there, Sans had thought after she said she wanted him to come over tomorrow evening.  But... but truth be told that little idea of keeping her in one place where only he could see and be with her was…


...Of course things were going really good between them now if he did say so himself…

He wouldn’t need to do something that dramastic…


Unless she (TRIES) to leave him



...Maybe if she (DARE) fell in love with someone else-


But he doubted she would do that.  He was CERTAIN that wouldn’t happen.  

“I figure she’s just a friendly human is all,”  Sans said cautiously and his anxiety spiked quite a bit as Wings’ smile grew into a knowing smirk.


“Papyrus seems fond of her,” the eldest skeleton said.  Sans let out a nervous chuckle.


Let’s not talk about her.  Let’s talk about anything else.   Sans thought and tried to keep his face as neutral as possible.  The absolute worst thing about having an observant older brother was the fact the fucker was really really great at being...well fucking observant.  A twitch in a smile, a quick shift of the eyes or even an out of place cough never once left Wings’ line of vision undetected.  Even when they were younger the bastard could read through anybody.


It was one of the few reasons why the Gaster brothers never found themselves in real hot water when they were younger.  Knowing who was lying and who was telling the truth saved their asses more than once.  Unfortunately this skill wasn’t just reserved for Wings’ enemies.  


“Yeah, but you know how Papyrus is:  Thinks everybody wants a piece of him,” Sans said, trying to keep his voice casual, almost bored even.  “So um...what exactly are you gonna tell Dee when you call him-”


“Do you like her?”


And as soon as Sans felt the first beads of sweat run down his skull and his body stiffen almost at once, he knew he gave himself away.  And even as his brother’s smirk turned a bit sharper, silently letting the shorter skeleton know he answered his question without even saying a word.


Why the fuck would he ask that , Sans thought feeling more sweat run down the sides of his skull as he shoved his hands into his pockets so Wings wouldn’t see how badly they were shaking.   Why would he ask that?  I ain’t even showed interest in her when I spoke about her to him.  He shouldn’t be asking me that...unless…something Frisk told him sparked his interest…


And despite his horror of not knowing exactly how his brother figured it out, he couldn’t help the small bit of warmth that grew in his chest about the idea of his lady saying something about HIM that might have drawn Wings to suspect there was something between them.  Maybe during his fear-crazed moment when he was considering taking her away, she mentioned something pleasing and complimentary about him.


“You know brother, I have no qualms about you pursuing a relationship with this young lady,” Wings said, shrugging his shoulders as he looked at his gloved hands.  “As long as you stay focused on what needs to be done, which you have been doing, I don’t see why you would be so secretive about your budding romances.”


Sans silently studied his brother before he answered.  His brother’s knowing smirk had turned into a non-judgemental stare and while he was speaking Sans could not detect even a hint of anger nor did he get any feelings that Wings was merely placing a verbal trap for him to step in. And for the most part, Wings’ words did match his attitude with almost all the jobs they have pulled over the years.


As long as you don’t mess up our plans or do something stupid to get yourself hurt or killed, do what you want.    


Of course Wings wouldn’t consider pursuing a human as something that could mess up their plans.  However the way Sans’ stupidly treated his lady over the last few days would definitely fall into the category of FUCKING UP THE PLANS.  So naturally Sans decided to leave that part out if Wings felt the need to push for more details.  


Taking a deep breath and hating the fact that he was feeling a blush come over his cheekbones, Sans nodded his head at Wings’ statement.  


“Yeah, bro.  I like her,” he declared, feeling his face get even redder as the words left his mouth but he felt happy at the same time.  Proud.


The idea of scoffing and denying his lady would have felt like a betrayal.


Yeah, she’s my lady.  She’s MINE.  


The overconfident statement brought a small amount of confidence to Sans.  Unfortunately it was also short-lived as Sans watched as Wings’ smile remained on his face, but his eyes narrowed slightly and when he spoke next a cold tone replaced his more brotherly one.


“Does she like you ?”


If there were any sort of confidence or easy feelings that remained after Sans witnessing that cold stare, it disappeared entirely as Sans heard the harsh snapping sounds as Wings cracked his knuckles.  




“Where did you first meet her?”


On a dark rainy night.  


“I met her when she was singing at one of the clubs I was observing-”


Wings frowned and Sans saw a spark of purple bloom violently in his brother’s normally empty socket.  “So she just happened to live in the very area you choose for us?”  


Sans could have slapped himself.   Fuck…Why the fuck didn’t I say I met her during Papyrus’ speech to the tenants?   But at the same time, Sans cursed his brother for being able to put pieces of puzzles together so fast.  He and Papyrus both were so skilled at that shit.  Fuck them both.


“Sans…” Wings growled and the shorter skeleton could do nothing but watch as the eldest skeleton reached into his jacket and pulled out a piece of paper.  Only it wasn’t just a some unimportant piece of paper.  Sans felt his SOUL turn icy cold.


Frisk’s bill.  That’s how he knew Frisk’s number.  I fuckin’ left it in my bedroom out in the open for everybody to see.


Wings waved the paper in front of Sans’ face.  Sans fought every urge to snatch the paper away from him.  


That’s mine, you prick!  It belongs to Frisk so it’s MINE!  GIVE IT BACK!   Sans screamed in his mind and maybe there was something in his face that portrayed his feelings because Wings’ sockets widened in confusion.


“You paid her bills.  Why?”


Now more alert, Sans answered with a quick and hopefully passable answer.


“Just tryin’ to impress her, bro. And it worked too.  She and I are going to be going out this weekend...hell she even invited me to visit her tomorrow evening,” Sans explained.


Mix lies with truths and things before more believable, everybody knew that.  And for one second it seemed to work.  Wings’ sockets widened even more as he turned the paper around to look at the information again.


“So you never treated her or a single human in our area disrespectfully?”  Wings asked after a second of analyzing the paper.  There’s was a clear threat in his voice.    


It’s all in the past now Wings, doesn’t matter.  She forgave me for it, Sans thought smugly.   And I couldn’t have been disrespectful to any other human in our area ‘cause Frisk was the only human in our area that I ever spoke to.  


“Yeah, I treated all the humans in our area with respect.”


Wings’ face became unreadable and he didn’t say anything for a few seconds.  Sans’ smugness grew as Wings’ expression became thoughtfully.  He wasn’t angry, his eyes weren’t narrowed and the purple light in his socket started to fade.


“So you and Papyrus have not given any humans in our area a reason to be afraid of us?”


Smirking Sans nods his head.  It was cruel and selfish thinking but the skeleton couldn’t help but feel an even greater attraction to his lady for the type of person she was.  Somebody who would rather bare the world on her shoulders before she dragged others into misery.  Hell none of the other humans knew she dipped into her own savings to make up the differences when Nick collected on the fee.   Which made that bullshit protection fee the perfect bait to hang over her head.  Sans knew she wouldn’t tell, at least not without trying every other resource offered to her.  Including his offer.  Including HIM.


...Such a selfless woman…


Sans felt even more safe.  Let Wings try to find one human who had a legitimate reason to be afraid of them.  The bastard wouldn’t find a single SOUL.


“Course not Wings.  I stuck with your plan.  Me and Papyrus are being friendly to the humans like you said to be.”


More silence.  And now Sans was certain he was off the hook.  It was the very first time he actually pulled one over on Wings and the feeling was so incredible...after years of being called out on every mistake he ever made he was finally going to get away-


“So if I were to ask Frisk would she agree with you?”


Sans felt the blush instantly leave his face.  His sweating increased as his mouth went completely dry now.  He couldn’t find any words to say as his mind went instantly blank, once again giving himself away to Wings unintentionally.


He didn’t know what his lady would say.  Would she sugar-coat what happen?  Give Wings a nice account of their meeting?  She might start to do that, but...


Wings would know if she were lying.  


And there was a high probability that Wings might get angry with her and his simple questions might become an...interrogation.  And when Wings smiled at Sans this time,  Sans saw the familiar rage that was boiling behind his brother’s face.  He always did get vexed whenever Sans lied to him, which up to this moment hadn’t happened in years.


What could he do?  What could he-  Sighing in defeat, Sans knew what he had to do.  But it fucking sucked.  Big time.


“I...I’ll tell ya what happened, but keep this fact in mind, Frisk could ‘ave told me to git lost after they two of ya were done talkin’, but she didn’t.  She’s givin’ me a chance, alright?”


Wings nodded and Sans felt his tense and fear-ridden body loosen a bit as his brother’s face lightened up.  


“Yeah, I figured that much at least.  Her opinion of monsters is the exact response I want the humans to have so I’m sure your attempts at impressing her worked,” and to emphasize that point, Wings waved the paper in his hand again.  Sans mentally frowned.


That didn’t impress her , Sans thought, now feeling admiration for his lady who couldn’t easily be bought, a trait up until today was a growing frustration and annoyance for him.  


“But I would still like to know what happened, and don’t worry I won’t get angry, I just want to make sure everything that might be messy is cleared up between the two of you so we can move unto our next step,” Wings began and as he continued, his tight voice got a lot more serious.  “Remember we can’t have the average human citizens fighting us when we clear out their city.  Humans are stronger than us and our plan won’t work if everybody is against us and an unpleasant incident, no matter how small, might be our undoing.”


Wings’ soft and cooing voice caused more of Sans’ body to relax.  He nodded even though he wanted to say that Wings had nothing to worry about.  His lady was fine and held no grudges or any desire to make monsters look bad, but he knew that wasn’t going to be good enough for the eldest skeleton.  

“Okay.  I’ll tell ya everything if ya promise you’ll be calm and listen to me and keep an open mind.”


It was just a childish request:   You promise you won’t get angry?


Wings must have thought so too because gave out a laugh of disbelief.  “Yes Sans, I promise I won’t get mad.”


Taking a deep deep deep breath Sans began.


“So I first talked to her that night I had the meeting with Dee….”


Papyrus walked to the shed quickly.  While the human hadn’t exactly woken up, he was starting to make a lot more sounds and Papyrus knew it wouldn’t be long until his eyes opened.   And while the Great Papyrus knew a great many and interesting skills, he still hadn’t...mastered the skills of talking to the more primitive and simple species that was the human race.


Okay perhaps that wasn’t exactly true.  The nice little human woman was easy to talk to (very very easy to talk to) but then again maybe she herself was part monster even though she didn’t have any noticable and physical traits many monsters have, including a monster SOUL.  But how else could the Great Papyrus, who was always ready to jump into action, instantly relax whenever he was near her?  It didn’t make any sense.  Unless…


Unless humans had their own type of magic!  She must be intertwining her magic whenever she smiled or talked or laughed with him and he was just...he was just wasn’t feeling it.  


In fact the more humans Papyrus met the more the skeleton began to suspect they all had some sort of magic they were using against him.


Take the humans who had come to watch the rebuilding of the park.  At first they were causing a lot of disruptions since most of the other monsters had stopped working to talk to them.  And when Papyrus went to break up the conversations, they began asking him questions in nice and quiet, respectable voices to the point they actually made him forget about managing the park!  That could only be the work of some kind of unexplained magic that only humans possessed!


They actually made the GREAT PAPYRUS forget about his task with their questions about how the monster city was or thanking him in grateful voices about the kind and GREAT thing he was doing for them!  


Getting off course was something that never once happened in his life and while nothing but a nice chat came out of it, Papyrus knew he needed to discuss this odd magic with Wings.  The normal humans weren’t a danger but if Dee and his men used that human magic-


Making it to the shed, Papyrus reached his hand out and touched the door handle-




And without meeting a beat, Wings’ voice booming into his skull, Papyrus turned back around and headed towards the house again.  


MAYBE I SHOULD WAIT UNTIL THE HUMAN WAS ACTUALLY AWAKE, Papyrus thought to himself as he quickly rushed back to the house.


“What did you say the name of the human invention was again that was able to produce these amazing pictures?”  


“A camera,” Frisk answered.  


Frisk watched, feeling a slight blush on her face as Tops took in every detail of one of Frisk’s many embarrassing photographs that her mother took of her when she was just a child before he flipped the page of her huge photo album to reveal an even more embarrassing picture.  


After Tops finished fixing her kitchen (she didn’t know how he did it or how he fixed up everything in only a matter of minutes during the time she went into her bedroom to put on a new dress and when she asked his incredible work he dismissed her questions with vague answers about magic and speed and when she tried to press him for more answers he said it was an old family secret with a wink), she invited him to relax in the living room.


And as soon as he entered, another soda in hand, his eyes caught Frisk’s family photo that was hanging on the wall.  It was one of those traditional generic photos where little nine-year old Frisk in a pink dress and bow stood in front of the camera while her mom and dad stood behind her.  They each had one hand on her shoulders as all they smiled.  Frisk had been missing two of her front teeth in that picture, which in her opinion, made her look like a big dork, but it was her parents’ favorite photo of them.  


So when they died it became her favorite photo.  


But the way Tops reacted to it, Frisk could have sworn the bunny monster had never seen a photograph before and when Tops asked her if painters made a lot of money by making these incredible portraits, Frisk realized he really didn’t know what a photograph was.  


And when she explained what a camera, the bunny’s eyes widened and he took another good look at that picture.  For five minutes.  And when he was done, he asked if she had anymore photographs.  So she busted the old album out and together they sat on her couch as Tops looked through the photos, listening eagerly to the stories that came with every photo.  


Stories about her parents and friends that Frisk hadn’t thought for years since a majority of them had either been killed or moved away.  She thought it would be hard to look at these photos again, let alone talk about,  which was one of the reasons why the photo album remained under her bed untouched in years, but as she began telling stories, the words flowed out so easily and the urge to cry never came.  She even laughed a few times.  


“You monsters don’t have things like cameras in your city?” Frisk asked as Tops flipped another page.


He shook his head.  “Nah sweetie.  Monster technology ain’t exactly up to speed with human technology.  And I’ll tell ya, this camera thing would sell like my Nice Cream in Fell City.  Man, it makes me wish I had a photo of Whisk-” Tops began but paused as a harsh knock on the door got their attention.


“Must be Sans,” Tops said as he flipped through another page.  Frisk nodded.  It had been almost two hours since he left and Frisk was thinking about taking Tops out to eat since it was almost lunch time.  


Getting up and leaving Tops to look at the photo album, Frisk stood up and walked to the front door, blinking when she saw Sans leaning heavily in the doorway.  He was wearing different clothes and he looked even worse.  


“Sorry about takin’ too long, dollface.  Had to make some calls,” Sans muttered as he walked into the kitchen to survey Tops’ work.  Frisk shrugged.


“No worries.  Tops and I were just looking at some photographs.  You monsters really don’t have cameras?”


Sans shook his head.  “Nope.  If you want your picture you have to hire a painter to-”


“Oh my God!  Frisk, come here!  I need to know what was going on in this photo!”


Frisk walked into the living room and Sans followed.  Judging by the bunny’s wide grin, Frisk knew whatever photo he was currently looking at was embarrassing and she was right.


Sitting down on one side of Tops, Sans sat in the opposite side and they both leaned forward to look at the picture Tops was pointing to.  Frisk’s face went deep red and she snorted back embarrassed laughter.


Yep, she was right.  The photo was taken when Frisk was sixteen years old in a very crowded gym room of her old high school and while the photo focused on her and her parents, the background was filled of blurry images of students and parents walking in every direction.  She was wearing a bright blue and pink summer dress, her hair was pinned up in a classy bun while her beloved red heart charm hung tightly around her neck.  She would have looked nice if it weren’t for the fact that she along with her mother and father was completely drenched in water from head to toe, but despite that little detail a huge “fuck-it” grin was plastered on her face.


“You got caught in the rain,” Sans muttered in a strange quiet voice.  Frisk’s eyes widened as she spun her head to look at him.


The skeleton’s eyes were flickering like dying embers.  


“Ho-how’d you know it was raining that night?”


It took a few seconds to answer but when the flickering lights in his sockets became more focused Sans chuckled and pointed to a window in the picture.  Frisk leaned down and took a good look at it.  It was hard to see, but the photo did show it had been raining outside.  


“Oh...well yeah it was raining that night,” Frisk smiled, feeling stupid that for one second she thought that Sans had the ability to read her thoughts.  “That night was supposed to be my very first solo concert performance for my school.  I was gonna sing an old classic:   The Lass from the Low Countree .”


Frisk laughed as she felt her blush increase.  “I practiced with my chorus teacher everyday for month and then I practiced at home until I drove my parents crazy.  I practiced every second I had right up until the day of the performance.  And when the day came I remember humming the tune as I got ready.  I swear it must of took me three hours to get ready.  Putting my hair up just right and finding the perfect dress and when I was done, I honestly thought that night was gonna be the night I became a singing sensation”


Tops smiled while Sans just listened with an expressionless look on his face.  “And you were a hit?” The bunny asked.


Frisk covered her hands with her face.  It happened nearly ten years ago, but it still felt like it happened yesterday.  


“It was my first time performing for a crowd and when I stepped out from the rest of my chorus group and took center stage I noticed how many people were in the audience.  Looking at me.  Staring right at me.  And then chorus teacher began to play her piano.  The same tune I heard for a month and yet I couldn’t find my words.  I knew I was ready to sing, but...but...I couldn’t sing.  I couldn’t get the words to come out.”


Frisk paused as the memory overtook her.  The people in the audience began to mutter when they realized this wasn’t a super long intro to a song.  The lights became too bright and the gym suddenly began too hot.  The faces of the audience began to swarm into one fleshy mess and Frisk couldn’t even find her parents in the crowd as the piano music continued to play.  And she tried to sing, but no words came out.  Nothing came out.  Not even a squeak.


Later the next day, the chorus teacher told her that stage fright happened to every performer at least once in their lives but they  get over it.  And she had been right.  Maybe it was the fact that nothing more humiliating could happen to her or maybe it was because her entire audience that night were people she knew and grew up with but after that incident Frisk had no trouble standing in front of a crowd of strangers and singing.  It didn’t make any sense but neither did irrational and untimely moments of stage fright.  


Frisk looked at Tops, who seemed destroyed by the story while Sans was still listening with that unreadable expression of his.  


“And you want to know the worst part of it?  Nobody was laughing at me.  Everybody was still waiting silently and patiently for me to begin and I couldn’t even give them a single note.   I ran out of the building  into the rain while the music was still playing and I got completely soaked while I hid inside a huge playground tunnel that for the elementary school kids.  Mom and dad came looking for me.  That’s how they got soaked, but I didn’t come out even when they called my name. ”


Frisk paused for a second before she shrugged.  “The end?”


Tops didn’t say anything, but Sans did.  He pointed to the smile on sixteen year old Frisk’s face.


“Ya came back in the building and ya smiled for the camera.  That takes some fuckin’ guts, little lady.”


Frisk smiled.  “Yeah that’s what my dad sai-”


The phone rang.


“God I’m popular today,” Frisk said as she got off the couch to answer it.



As soon as Frisk’s back was turned, Sans pulled the picture out of the album and quietly put it in his pocket, knowing Tops was staring at him.


“I’ll explain later,” Sans muttered and stood up, closing the album.  “Come on.  I got to gather up the workers and take them back to Fell City.  Wings’ orders.”


Still giving him a question look, Tops also stood up.  


“Oh hi Andy,” Frisk said coldly.  Sans grinned weakly.  When Wings focused Sans to call up all Frisk’s bosses to ensure she got her jobs back, Andy along with many of her other bosses’ had been relieved.  She was a popular and talented bar singer and having poor entertainment had been hurting their businesses.  And the fact that most of the bar patrons were male, it didn’t hurt to have nice eye-candy like Frisk on stage.  (Sans had to control his anger when Andy gleefully told him that).


Sans was sure by the end of the night, Frisk would have all her old jobs back.