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I know your love has come home to me

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This was bad. Keith could barely keep himself in his seat as he was slammed and spun around inside the wormhole. They should have know it woudn't be so easy to get away. Judging from the others curses and screams over his mic he knew they were fairing no better than he was. Everything was spinning out of control, like a kaleidoscope when you tilt it to see all the different colors. Yes, Keith definitely felt like a kaleidoscope right now. Being turned over and over so he could be bent and shattered in a array of ways.

Tapping into what he could of his scrambled video feed he was able to see Hunk and Pidge being thrown just out of the wormhole beside him. Their yells were cut off as soon as they exited, leaving only static in their wake. He could only hope that they were ok as another violent shake reverberated through Red. All that was left now was the castle, Shiro, Lance and himself. Turning his attention to the former two Keith watched as everything turned to slow motion.

He watched as Shiro and himself were thrown out of the wormhole on the same side as Hunk and Pidge. At least they might be emerge together. But he couldn't help but watch in slight panic as Lance was spit out on the completely other side of the wormhole. He would be alone in who knows what part of space.

Keith last thoughts as he hurtled towards a watery, green planet were of the castle, his other paladins and most of all Lance.

"Please be ok." Was the last thing he thought before everything went black.

He could sort of feel something warm and slick dripping down his arm before splattering on the ground. Furrowing his eyebrows while groaning Lance peeked opened his eyes. From what he could make out he was still strapped into his seat but something was wrong. He couldn't feel Blue at all and taking a slow look around he realized that the only light source in the whole ship was coming from a small crystal Allura had given them to use as flashlight of sorts.

If he was still strapped into his seat then how did he get hurt? Looking to the left of him he gasped in horror at what he saw. The whole left side of the cockpit had been crushed. Pieces of sharp melted jutted out inches away from his arm and wires sparked as they hung down.

The crash must have been much worse than he thought then. Minding his left arm and the pain that blossomed in it he slowly began to unbuckle himself with his right hand. As soon as he managed to unbuckle himself he went crashing into the console system in front. Feet slipping in the slick pool of blood as he scrambled to gain purchase of something. It took everything in him not to scream out in pain as his left arm gushed more blood from a unseen wound.

Cradling it to his chest he tottered his way to where he knew he kept the med kit. Snatching it off the hook where it sat he hobbled his way to the soft light the crystal was giving off. By this time his eyes had adjusted and he could almost make out the mess his arm was along with the rest of the cockpit. Supplies had tumbled out of there places, rolling around the floor and making his journey even harder.

Step by step he made his way to the crystal. Its soft light like a ray of hope as he trudged along. If he could just get to it he could sit down and see just how bad his arm was. From the white hot pain and amount of blood leaking out of it he was sure it was serious by this point. He was struggling to remember just how much blood a human could lose.

" Is it 30 or 40 percent?" He thought grimly as he trudged on.

Finally after what seemed like eternity he made it to the light and lowered himself to the ground. Now came the hard part. Lance wasn't a usually squeamish person but it was a whole different ball game when it was your own blood and wound. Breathing out he risked a peek at his arm and almost wished he hadn't.

There was a long, deep, bloody, pulpy gash that started just below his elbow and ended at the start of the back of his hand. Blood was still oozing out of the wound, running down his arm and painting the floor. Little bits of skin still clung to the wound, stretched tight across the wide gash. His arm was definitely going to need stitches at this point.

Gingerly popping open the kit he was so ever grateful that Hunk had the hindsight to pack each of theirs with items to help in emergency situations like this. He still remembers scoffing at Hunk when he insisted that they each have a complete and full stocked med kit. At the time he thought it was silly and none of them would ever get hurt enough to use it. When he saw Hunk again he would have to praise the guy for his insistence of the issue.

Taking a closer look he realized luckily the skin that remained wouldn't be in the way of the stitches. He didn't know what he would do if he had to start hacking away at any jagged flesh, probably vomit at this rate. He managed to let out a small chuckle as he thought of Hunk being there. There was no way the big guy could handle something like this and Lance hoped he would never have to.

Turning back to the wound Lance knew his first step of action would be to clean it. Who knows what kind if junk was stuck in under all the blood and shredded skin. Sucking up the courage Lance unscrewed the rubbing alcohol and poured some unto his wound. Biting back the whimper that bubbled in his throat he began to softly clean the wound.

In the back of his mind he was thankful that Hunk had made him pay attention in health class when the time came to learn how to do sutures. Taking the tweezers that were nestled in the kit he began to pick out any small pieces of metal that surrounded the wound, whimpering when he had to dig a few stubborn ones out. He was luckily that the shards were all not to small to see and not to big to cut even deeper. He counted 13 shiny pieces by the time he had got them all out. Cleaning it once more Lance began to ready his mind for the pain that was sure to come.

Sure he knew how to stich a wound but this was a whole different ball game. He had never actually had to on anyone not to mention himself. But this was no time to chicken out. If he could do this it was just something else he could brag to Keith about. And so taking a deep breath Lance began to push the needle through.

"FFFFucking shit." he couldn't help but curse as he continue to thread the needle through. This was definitely one of the many things he did that hurt the worst. But he had to get this wound taken care of. He couldn't do anything if he let his arm stay like this while he lost so much blood. He shuddered at the thought of infection setting in because he couldn't go through with the simple action of stitching himself up. Gritting his teeth he continued forward cursing every so often and sniffling up the tears that threatened to fall.

Finally at the end he hurried and tied it off, grateful that little endeavor was over. Cleaning it one last time he began to careful like wrap a roll of gauze around his arm. It was official, Hunk was going to get the biggest hug of his life for packing all the rolls of gauze that everyone thought was excessive. At this rate Lance should have enough to change his bandages often and provide optimal healing.

Arm snuggly wrapped he stumbled to his feet and he made his way over to Blue's control panel. He already feared the worst as Blue had not made any indication that they were ok but he had to see for himself. Tapping on all the buttons did nothing as Lance realized they were down for good. Closing his eyes he tried mentally calling out to Blue but he couldn't even feel them at all. This was way worst than he thought. Maybe if he took a look outside he could see how bad the damage was along with just where the hell they were.

Making his way towards the entrance he sighed in relief that the doors were open. He did not want to imagine himself prying them open with his arm in the state it was. Trudging forward Lance realized the state of his suit. His chest plate was all but gone leaving the black mesh of his under suit exposed. That explained the little white pieces of debris he vaguely remembered seeing around the room. The whole left side covering his arm was of course gone and he was lucky the his leg was ok. The armor on his right arm was cracked in several paces and his right knee plate was split in half. He didn't even know where his helmet was by this point. Probably thrown somewhere in the cockpit and even if he went back to find it real quick he doubted it worked.

After what seemed like miles but in reality only about 20 feet Lance reached the entrance to Blue's mouth. It was also open in this case and Lance had to shield his eyes as bright light poured in.

Taking a steadying breath he stumbled the rest of the way out. However nothing could have stopped Lance from letting out a pitiful laugh at the sight that greeted him. They were surrounded by miles and miles of dense, green, tropical vines and trees. No matter which way he turned all he could see was green. It was so densely packed Lance was sure he wouldn't be able to get far if he tried to find help on foot. Faintly he could hear the sound of the no doubt many animals that inhabited the jungle floor. He definitely wasn't making a trip down there, especially with the shape he was in. Fortunate for them it looked like they had crashed into one of the taller trees that was covered in vines, completely ensnaring Blue. Turning his attention to Blue, the helpless feeling washed over him again.

They were laying helplessly on their side, vines wrapped around almost every surface. The left side of the head and part of the shoulder was caved in leaving mess of twisted metal. Their eyes were completely dull and held no sign of the glowing yellow. There was no way Lance could free Blue and fix them by himself. Even if he knew as much anbout engineering as Hunk or Pidge he didn't have the materials to even begin. He also doubted he would find any help before being devoured by whatever lived in the jungles below. Besides this planet may be uninhabited by any intelligent life or even worse, Galra occupied.

But Lance refused to give up as he made his way inside and straight to the control panel. Letting out a grunt as he leaned down he popped the panel open that housed the mechanics to send distress calls. The inside wasn't looking much better as several pieces were crushed and wires disconnected. But if he could just fix this he might be able to send a distress signal to the rest of the group. He should have the right tools laying around for it and if anything he was pretty good and improvising. He could only hope that the rest of the team got it and were ok themselves.

"It cant get much worse than this, can it Blue?" He sighed into the empty space.