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Where I Belong

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“Yes, love?”


“Can we talk?”


Newt looked up from where he was bent over the small desk in his workspace, quill poised, writing about the effects that different types of food had on the wounds of the Erumpant he’d been treating for a few weeks now. “Of course, what’s wrong?” he asked, noticing that Percival didn’t look happy in the least.


“You have a Nundu in that habitat out there.”


“Yes, her name is Sheba.”


“Newt. There’s a damn Nundu. In your suitcase.”


At the baffled, confused look Newt gave him, Percival threw up his hands with a groan. “A Nundu, Newt! As in, ‘can instantly kill dozens of people by breathing on them! That kind of Nundu! What are you thinking? You could be killed!”


“Picquery was going to have her executed!” Newt protested, straightening up and giving Percival a stubborn look. “Just because she can kill me doesn’t mean she would. She’s hurt, Percival. She needs help.”


Percival took in a deep breath, and the fight seemed to drain from him- and then, he started laughing. Newt frowned. “What’s so funny?” he asked, and Percival shook his head.


“I’m chewing you out for taking in a hurt creature in need that could kill dozens of wizards simply by accident,” Percival said. “I’m just beginning to see the irony in it. And I think I owe Picquery an apology for her overreaction.”


Newt suddenly understood- just a year ago, he was that dangerous, unpredictable creature in need. He put down his quill and stepped in close to Percival, and then he gripped him by the waist and pulled him in for a kiss.


“I’ll be careful. I always am,” he assured him, and Percival sighed.


“I know you are, but I’ll always worry. I can’t help it.”


“Just like I worry when you run off to chase down some insane wizard,” Newt pointed out, and Percival chuckled.


“Okay, point taken,” he said, and there was a pause before he spoke again. “…Still, that’s a Nundu. So…don’t take any unnecessary risks, alright?”


“I won’t,” Newt said, and he meant it. The last thing he wanted to do was cause distress in his bond-mate, and he knew what it was like to know that Percival was in danger and that he couldn’t do anything about it. “I love you.”


“I love you too, “ Percival replied, and he kissed Newt once more. “Now. Tell me everything about this Nundu so I can help you heal it.”


“I was thinking of writing a book, you know,” Newt pointed out with a glance at his notes. “About all of these fantastic beasts, everything I know about them.”


“Fantastic beasts and where to find them, right?” Percival asked with a smirk. “I suppose it would be more interesting than ‘Idiotic dark wizards and how to arrest them’.”


“I would read it.”


“You’re biased.”


“Happily so,” Newt said with a grin. “So, about the Nundu- technically her breath doesn’t instantly kill. It causes a variety of fatal diseases, and reacts differently to different humans and species. It’s really quite fascinating.”


“…you’re really not helping your case here.”