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There is no moment that has made Saya happier than this.

She slides across the kitchen floor and places the plates on the table, careful not to let them slip from her tendrils, and Fuminori brings the fresh meat to the table. Today they will finally eat dinner. Together.

It's such a romantic moment, and she's glad to share it with him.

Fuminori glances her way and smiles, showing his bone-white teeth. "Allow me, Saya," he says, pulling one of the chairs out.

Saya lets out a pleased burble, before pulling her mass up onto the seat. Her thinner tendrils quiver uncontrollably. "Thank you, Fuminori!"

He can clearly see how happy she is, with the way his smile seems to split his face open as he laughs. "Thank you, Saya, for our dinner tonight." He looks down at the still bleeding meat on the serving tray, before taking the hand and placing it on his plate. "It smells so good..."

Chopsticks are clearly made for human hands and fingers, but she grasps her pair with one of her tendrils and tries to click them together like she's seen Fuminori do before. It's a bit difficult, but she manages to take a long piece of one of the intestines and place it on her plate.

Fuminori glances down at the chopsticks beside his plate, but only for a moment before he grabs his food with both hands. He takes a bite into the thumb, blood smearing his lips which he quickly licks away.

Saya stops to watch him, unable to help but quiver in further delight. After months of watching him eat only enough to sate his hunger and make awful faces of disgust with each bite, seeing him eat with such earnest is a wonderful sight. She wants to reach out and lick the blood off his face.

Suddenly, Fuminori stops, looking at her in the corner of his eye. Then he lowers his food, blushing slightly. "I'm sorry. I got a bit...overzealous."

Saya burbles happily, amused. He's so cute like this. "It's okay. I like watching you eat like this."

"Why don't you eat like this?" He asks, genuinely interested. "The way you were eating when I came home?"

It doesn't sound like a question, so she doesn't bother to answer it. She drops the chopsticks onto the table and takes the piece of intestine into one of her mouths, sucking on it so the acid can melt it before swallowing.

"Just like that," Fuminori says, watching her the way she was watching him, truly happy to see her eat. Then he reaches out to take her tendril, bringing it to his lips as he licks the blood off. When every last bit of blood is gone, he pulls away with a smile, her slime glistening on his lips. "You're beautiful, Saya."

She loves being with Fuminori. He's never once been scared by anything she does.

"I love you," her tongues skitter out without thought.

"I love you too," he says back, and she knows he means it.

She wraps her tendril around his hand and wrist, squeezing it. They eat the rest of the meal like that; her tendril clasped around his hand as they bite into the meat, smear blood across themselves and lick each other clean.

Saya hopes every meal from now on can be like this.