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Monster horror

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Dani was looking out the window, and she is on lookout. This human eating monster is huger than she originally thought. Billy sat down at the table. Dani forgot her phone. She went into the kitchen.

"I'm gonna get my phone." Dani said.
"That monster will kill you." Dog said.
"I'll be fine." Dani smiles.

Dani went to the door, and she was on the porch. She ran to the SUV, and got her phone. Also her handgun, and a lot ammo. She looked and ran back into the house. She locked the door, and made back into the kitchen. Dani checked her gun, and no ammo in it.

"Why you have a gun?" Dog said.
"Just in case of emergency." Dani said. "And this is an emergency. We can't capture this monster. All we can do is kill it. I won't harm your kids with this. It's only for that monster outside. Do you trust me?"
"I trust you." Dog said.
"Good." Dani smiled.

Dani put ammo in the gun and shut it. Billy sat down and looked at Dani.

"Alright kids sleep in the family room. It is safe to stay together." Beth said.

Billy and Dani were at the table together as the family are in the family room together.

"So what's your plan?" Billy said.
"Shoot the monster." Dani said. "We can't capture the bastard, and release it."
"Do you know how to use that?" Beth said.
"If I didn't I wouldn't have a gun." Dani said. "I'm perfectly trained."

Dani is well trained on how to use a gun. Beth and Leland came out and sat down.

"This monster is dangerous." Leland said.
"I love to play with danger." Dani smiles.
"We trust you dani." Beth said. "We all are depending on you to kill this thing before it kills someone else."
"Mom there's more." Garry said.
"Of those monsters?" Dani said.
"Yes." Gerry said.

Now they're really looking up to Dani. She has no idea what this creature has in store. But she won't go out without a fight to kill these monsters.