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Unquiet Dolphin

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Max worked at a video gaming company along with a few of his friends, being of slightly above average height with a thick black beard and sharp Mexican features, his dark chocolate orbs had a distant look and lips were pressed together, he wasn’t listening to his friends as they ate lunch, his mind instead focused on a man that was driving him up the wall crazy, heart thumping in his chest he blinked back to reality as Ze bumped his shoulder and offered an apologetic look to his friend “Sorry, I got to get back to work, I’ll see you tonight.” He waved half heartedly to the rest of the group before walking away.

It had started at work one day with Adam brushing against him innocently enough in the hallway, Max tried to shrug it off and ignore the effect it had on him, he liked the older man but they worked together (though that certainly didn’t stop others in the office). He would bite his lip when Adam leant over his shoulder to look at something on the computer screen always seeming to be too near, Adam’s fingers seeming to brush against his shoulder in a manner that sent shivers through him; Or the warm feeling that had a smile on his lips when the other laughed in his ear. He would occasionally catch the other looking at him, sly glances with a smile that seemed to hold a hint of something more.

Not wanting to say anything though it was driving him wild and now he was walking back to his office where he found Adam inside sitting on his seat.
He looked over the man that only came to his shoulder, hair close cropped and sinful pale lips, eyes that were always dancing with suppressed laughter, skin a natural beige lighter than Max’s own. Taking a deep breath he stood in the centre of the room with his arms crossed against his chest, giving the other a frown. “What cha doin’?” He asked, pushing his inner turmoil aside, he wanted to ask him out but hesitated each time.

“Oh nothing, just thought I’d see if you needed any help with anything, ya know the usual.” A cheeky grin on the others face, his voice sounding like his balls had never dropped, stuck permanently in the higher registers, his reply innocent except for something in his eyes that had Max swallowing hard.
He kept his voice level as he spoke “Riiight, well I have work to do, so leave please.” He managed while cursing silently at himself.
Adam let out one of his small dolphin laughs. “Ok Maxy, let me know if you need anything.” The shorter man rose from his chair and as he stepped past Max in the small office, the back of his hand seemed to by chance brush against the others crotch. Max bit his lip to hide a groan, everything coming into focus and he knew he needed to do something, he snaked a hand out to grab the others arm, before pushing Adam against the wall.

His hands grabbing the other man’s and pinning them above his head, the smirk on Adams lips had Max licking his own lips breath heavy to his own ears, he leant forwards as the other made no move to get away, seeming to enjoy it as Max pressed his chest against the smaller man’s, he whispered into his ear. “Is this really what you want Adam? Hmmmm?”

Adam gasped at the warm breath on his ear, a shiver of excitement running through him as his eyes slide closed. “Yesss, it’s exactly what I want.” The words dripping from his lips in a honeyed tone, as he pressed his hips against the younger man’s.

A quiet groan left Max’s lips and he bite softly into the others ear lobe, chuckling against the skin at Adam’s moan, his own hips pressed forwards to pin the other fully against the wall, he could fell how hard they both were, his voice was husky as he took both the others mans hands in one of his larger ones, his other sliding light fingers down the slender body to rest against Adam’s hip. “Are you sure this is what you want Nanners?”

Breath catching in his throat, the older man could only nod with a small whimper, his eyes darkened with lust as they peaked at him. Chuckling softly, Max whispered “My house tonight then.” Before stepping back suddenly, he watched the other lean against the wall trying to compose him self for a moment, a shudder running through him and Max wonder for a moment if he had gone too far; before Adam fled his office with red cheeks.

After shutting his door, he walked to his desk and tried to think of anything else but the throbbing erection that was making his pants tight, tried not to think of what he would do if Adam had the balls to actually show up tonight.

Needless to say it was a long afternoon.


Adam walked rather quickly back to his room, trying to regain some semblance of self control. He shut the door before falling into his seat, eyes wide as he swallowed hard, he had had a crush on the younger man ever since the other started working in the office.

His teasing of the other though was a way to control how he felt and cover up his feelings, he could always say he was only joking and because of his nature most would believe him. Resting his arms on his desk he let his head flop onto them, he could still see those liquid chocolate eyes that he wanted to drown in, he couldn’t resist taking it a step further today and suppose he got what he deserved.

Rubbing a hand over his head without raising it he bit his lips, could he really show up tonight, he wanted to but; A shudder ran through him at the thought, his past was not something easily forgotten, normally the hurt was hidden behind a wild laugh and fake show of bravado. It wasn’t til his best friend knocked on the door that he realised the day was done and they headed home, Adam still nervous and unsure what he would do tonight.

“You okay Bud, you seem out of it today?” The Italian asked, frowning as he flicked his friend a look. Adam nodded and spoke without his normal humour. “Yeah I kinda have a date tonight.” Snorting as he concentrated on driving the other said “With Max? Well Finally about time, what’s the problem Adam?” He saw his friends eyes roll and shot him a look “Really? At least I’m not in denial about mine.” Shaking his head some of Adam’s humour returned.
Chilled stammered out as they drove up to their house. “Come on, mine is totally different and you know it.” He scowled as they got out and walked inside.
“Oh Whatever.” He giggled and finally made up his mind.

With worried eyes he watched his friend walk into his bedroom as he walked to the kitchen to get a snack, chewing the broccoli as he wondered how this was going to turn out.

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He was sitting on his couch after dinner, in a loose fitting t-shirt and baggy sweat pants, his phone in one hand the other stroking his beard as he checked social media, though his mind was more focused on what had happened at the office. Jerking his head up at a knock on his door he moved to open it almost surprised that Adam was standing there, motioning him inside he shut the door.

Chuckling he pulled Adam against him, his back to Max, hands splayed on the other’s chest “hmm didn’t think you would show, though the way you have been teasing I hoped you would.” He breathed into the others ear. Grinning as Adam leant into him.
“I have been trying to get your attention long enough; I had to do something Maxy.” His voice almost unheard a shiver running through the man.

“Adam you had me worked up all day.” His voice soft and husky as his hands sliding down to play with the others trousers, chuckling when Adam threw him a lust filled look over one shoulder and wiggled his ass. Fingers lifted to turn Adam’s face to him, his tongue demanding entrance as they kissed, taking a shuddering breath as they pulled away he was dragging Adam towards his bedroom.

Max sat and draw Adam onto his lap, fingers lifting the others shirt and tossing it away before exploring the soft flesh in front of him, his own eyes he knew blown with lust. A ripple of pleasure went through him as Adam shifted in his lap, his face flushed at the noises Adam was making he tipped his head back when Adam started to trail lips and teeth down his neck and across his collar bones. Moaning as the others hand reached between them to palm him, gasping his hands dug into the others ass.

He felt small hands push him to lie on the bed, before they were dragging his sweat pants off, a gasp leaving him as he was taken into the others fiery hot mouth, he was hard from the day’s frustrations his body arched and he was in bliss, fingers curled into the bed as mumbled words left his lips. He was soon squirting his seed into Adam’s mouth and the other swallowed it down with hesitation. Panting for breath he opened his eyes to see the smaller man jerking off, the sticky liquid landing on his chest had his cock twitching again. Sitting up he pulled the panting man down onto his chest, resting with the other in his arms as they let their breathing slowly return to normal.

It wasn’t long however before Adam moved to straddle him again, moaning into his ear as he rocked his hips against max’s. “please please please maxy, fuck me already.” He his hands tightening on the others back at the breathy words, he flipped them over, a hand fumbling beside the bed for lube, he had been horny all day because of this fucker and as much as he wanted to take him, he wasn’t going to tear him open.

His lips found one of Adam nipples and he flicked it with his tongue, teeth grazing it as he felt the other relax under him. He took his time preparing the other, free arm holding him above the other as he kissed him heatedly, “relax baby, i don’t want to hurt you, trust me Adam.” His eyes intent he waited til Adam looked at him and moaned softly. “I do, please maxy.” Adam hips starting to move against his fingers and sending a shot of pleasure straight to his groin, the trust in his sparkling eyes had Max harder than he could ever remember.

He felt legs wrap about his waist and fingers dig into his shoulder blades as he slowly entered the panting moaning mess of a man under him. Their moans mixing in the air he picked up the pace, the tightness of the other clenching about him he knew it would be over soon, reaching between them he started to jerk Adam off in time to his hips, hitting the other prostate he felt hot seed spill over his hand, his name yelled into the room.

His own control shattering as he yelled the others name and rode out his orgasm, both shaking afterwards he rolled to the side, drawing Adam into his arms. He waited til both calmed before scooping Adam up and taking him into the bathroom, cleaning them up.

Afterwards still naked they fell onto the bed, exhausted he spooned himself behind Adam, finding the slighter man fit perfectly to his body, sighing he drew the covers over them, Adam’s hands curled about the arm around him and he was quickly asleep as well.


Ze was in his room recording with the crew, he felt his face flush at some of the noises coming from down the hall. Smarty who was also playing started to laugh, knowing their other friends had no idea. Chilled asked with a brow raised “What’s the matter Ze, am I too hot for you?” grinning, his character striking a pose in a diaper baby suit.

He was about to reply when the noises became louder, he tried to turn his in game sounds up muttering. “No Max has a date over.” Then everyone heard the dates name screamed before the house became silent. Ze looked to the call and could see the others also shocked. “yeh so ummm... another game?” his cheeks bright red at what he had heard, smarty giggling still.

GaLm had his mouth open speechless “did he just, was that Adam?” a feeling curled itself into Ze’s gut as he saw Chilled rubbing a hand over his face, he nodded, pretending to fumble his mouse off the desk he took a breath and tried to get a grip on himself. Sitting back in camera frame. He reset the game and continued to play. Avoiding the knowing looks Smarty was sending him, after wards he avoided his other house mate by going to sleep, dreaming of his crush but thinking he was crushing on another.


Adam woke to warm arms about him, he froze and tried not to tremble, the room unfamiliar he heard a muttered groan behind him and frowned. Looking to the arm he was still clutching then over his shoulder, he tried to relaxed It was max only max he thought, but his breathing caught in his throat, turning in the others arm, he lifted a small hand to brush over the others cheek his fingers trembling, a small tear running over his cheek.

Sighing before moving quietly he slipped away from the warmth, he wanted to stay but a part of him wanted to run and all his self confidence of the night before vanished. Grabbing his clothes sliding into them he made sure he was quiet as he left the house, heart hammering a deafening roar of noise, he fled home. He hated that he felt so bottled up inside, he wanted to love again, but at the same time his past was not something he could forget. Safely back in his room he curled under the covers til he was woken later. “Hey Bud, time for work.” Called to him from beyond his door.


Max woke to find Adam gone, sighing he pulled on sweat pants and a shirt before leaving his room, walking to the lounge he noted someone had started the coffee machine, humming softly he made himself a cup. Glancing up as both of the other men peeked into the kitchen “Morning boys.”

Ze moved to sit as Smarty slipped past Max to make them coffee’s, Ze was avoiding Max’s eyes and Smarty was smiling too much for his liking, Raising a brow he asked “What?”
“You know we don’t mind, but next time, can you keep the noise down please.” Ze mumbled as he was passed a coffee, his cheeks flushed.
“Yeah we were kinda recording and well...” Smarty had a shit eating grin, and Max dreaded the next words. “.. everyone heard you two screaming.” He then started to laugh.
Rolling his eyes he smiled wryly. “Uhh sorry about that.” running an embarrassed hand through his hair Max moved back to his room.


Wiggling his brows at Ze he headed back to his own room, shutting the door before tossing a shoe at the lump on his bed. “Wake up lazy ass, we have work to do.”
Groaning came from under the covers before a sleepy face peered at him. “That better be coffee.”

Handing his half empty cup over he pulled up the project they were working on, both men knew what their friends thought was going on, and both of them were playing on it for all they could.

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The next week was busy at work, and they barely saw each other but when they did Adam continued his teasing like always and they made plans for another ‘date’ on the weekend.

Max had decided that they need a real date, so they had ended up at the movies, Adam giggling at stupid inconsistencies in it, while Max would roll his eyes and try to shush him. Adam was still laughing as they walked out, He stopped though as the other slipped his hand into Adam’s with a grin. Trying to keep the hesitate look from his face as this felt like things were going too fast, despite the fact they had ‘Ahem’ done the deed already.

Letting Max lead the way to his car, Adam was lost in thought only looking up when the hand left his and that silken voice asked “Are you okay?” Nodding he flashed Max his biggest grin, again bottling everything inside. “Yeah of course.”

The drive back to Max’s house was silent though they were soon playing games with the others then later in the Mexicans room on more pleasurable activities.


After a couple of weeks small things were starting to bug him, just little things that would make Adam clam up. They normally spent most of their time at his house so he decided to head over to Adam and Anthony’s.

He pulled up out front and was soon knocking on the door. A grin on his lips when Chilled answered “Hey Anthony, is Adam in?” He asked as he stepped inside.
“Hey Max.” Chilled had a small frown on his lips as he looked over his shoulder calling out. “Adam, you have a visitor!”

Adam peeked his head out of his room, frowning before he smiled and the Mexican felt a flush on his face “Max, I wasn’t expecting you.” he jerked his head to the other, asking him to come into his room. Max followed the smaller man, before finding himself in a bedroom that was a disorganised mess, a typical Adam mess. He heard the door lock and threw Adam a brilliant smile as he put his bag down.

“Sorry I didn’t mean to intrude...” He started to say. Adam was biting his lip and seemed more nervous than normal. “It’s ok... it’s just..” he waved a hand towards the rest of the house and Max thought he understood. Closing the gap between them he wrapped Adam in his arms, whispering into his ear. “Don’t worry my roomies have been giving me hell about our noise, I’m sure Anthony was in at least one of the calls and has already heard.” He chuckled softly, nibbling at his ear, he felt Adam relax in his arms and hands start to tug at his shirt. “Really?” a dolphin laugh that drove Max wild left his lips. Soon they were naked and on Adam’s bed, their moans and cries of pleasure sure to disturb the house.

Neither heard Chilled leave with a disgusted look as the silence was broken, didn’t they know how to be quiet?

Afterwards, curled about Adam’s back, his hand tracing patterns on his skin, Max wondered why Adam had been so restrained, why he had had to coax him in their lovemaking tonight. Frown still on his face as he slipped into sleep.

He was awoken by the body before him going stiff in his arms. A almost terrified whimper bringing him fully awake, his voice gentle. “Adam what’s wrong?”

Adam had woken in his own room, he could feel the arm about him, he felt suffocated and trapped as he shook all over, and trying to contain a whimper that invariably left his lips. It wasn’t til he heard the deep voice that he let out a sob, realising finally who had him and turned, his face pressed into the others chest as tears streaked his cheeks.

Max was concerned and swallowed the fear he felt, holding the man close as he tried to comfort him, biting his lip as he felt the wetness on his chest and sobs shaking the other. He ran his hand over Adam’s back, soothingly. “hey, what is it talk to me.” His words near dead quiet as the other raised a red face, his eyes avoiding him though.

Adam's voice was coming out in hiccups. “sorry.. sorry.. nightmare..” max nodded but inside he grew very worried, something was wrong here, the normally silly and childish man in his arms, that was confident in himself was at the moment a trembling mess. Taking a breath, his hand forced Adam's chin up and he spoke softly “your okay Adam, you’re ok” his other hand stroking soft circles on Adam’s back.

Adam was trying to swallow his fear normally he would leave of a early morning before the other woke, avoiding any question on why, saying he needed to get ready for work or something similar, but waking in another’s arms made it feel too real to him, made him think of past abuse and how vulnerable he really was.

But Max had stayed and he wasn’t sure how to tell him what was going on in his head. The memories that flooded his mind in the early morning light, nodding he buried his face in the others chest til he calmed before suggesting Breakfast.

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Max could see something was on Adam’s mind as the other made breakfast, and he decided not to push the issue instead deciding to play a few games together, after lunch Ze turned up to join them. Then a food fight started at dinner time and had them all laughing, max blushed as Adam licked spaghetti sauce from his cheek, groaning he pulled the other into his arms.

When the other men whistled he laughed and pressed a kiss to Adam lips, chuckling as they started to clean up, Steven and Anthony were on the couch watching TV and talking quietly, Max had just finished putting dishes away as he glanced to the pair, he nudged Adam as the shorter man was putting a cup away, about to say something on how cute the two looked, but Adam dropped the cup and it shattered on the floor, jumping back in fright he let out a startled shout “What the fuck Adam.”

Closing his eyes as he took a breath, he opened them to see Adam wide eyed in fear, his hands trembling. The next thing he knew Adam was running, for the door.

Chilled heard the cup hit the floor and he looked over quickly as Max yelled. “Crap.” He muttered, moving as Adam did, the Italian jumped the back of the couch and snaking a arm around the terrified man before he could reach the door, looking down he could see the terror in the others eyes and curled his arms tighter about him. Ignoring the hands trying to push him away he finally wrestled Adam against the wall, pinning him as he started to speak softly. “Adam its me, its Anthony, Adam its ok.” Repeating it over and over til he felt him still and stop fighting, sighing he rested his chin on the others head as tears start to soak his shirt.

He had forgotten the others were still there til he heard someone move behind him, looking over at the two with his normally kind eyes hard, he spoke softly but firmly. “Ze take Max home.” He felt Adam shift as he realised as well, tightening his arms, Chilled started to whisper reassuring words to him again, ignoring the other two as they finally left.

Max got over his shock first and was walking towards them when he heard Chilled’s command, Ze looked as confused as he felt He was about to protest but Ze shook his head, a sadness on his face that looked like betrayal. Max grabbed his things then guided his other friend to the door, the sight of Anthony comforting Adam too much and he wanted to be anywhere but here.


Max was sitting on the end of Stevens bed, the other leaning against the head board, eyes red as they spoke. They looked up as Smarty peeked around the door, his voice concerned. “Hey, is your skype working Ze?”
Blinking Ze nodded, it was he had just been ignoring it for the last hour as Chilled had been trying to call and he wasn’t sure he wanted to hear it. “Yeah, why?”
Smarty stepped into the room and looked at the two of them, his tone worried but firm. “You need to hear this.” Turning he walked to Ze computer and accepted the latest call. Quickly adjusting the volume so the two of them could hear what the tired face that popped onto the screen was going to say. He walked out closing the door afterwards.

Chilled looked deflated, sitting back in his chair, his hair a mess. His eyes though seemed to bore into his camera, though both men were out of shot being on the bed still. “Guys, you need to listen... I know, or think I know, what you are thinking but... it’s not that way.” Rubbing a hand over his eyes he flicked a look behind him then back. “Please believe me when I say Adam and I are only friends.”

Max was the first to move, sitting on Ze’s chair an anger in his eyes and his voice tight. “Then what Anthony? We have both spent the last few hours trying to figure out what the hell is going on?” He looked over to Ze who was still on the bed, but at least listening.

Taking a deep breath he blew it out, hands resting in his lap as he started to speak. His dark eyes troubled. “alright listen, Adam’s last relationship was toxic it left him messed up, really messed up.” His words drawn out as he chose them carefully “He would get yelled at, like tonight when you yelled at the broken cup... yours was in surprise, but before, his last one it would of been followed with a, a beating... among other things.” He had to look away from the camera at the last part.

Realisation dawned on Max’s face but he remained still, Ze had finally moved, his face unreadable as he shifted til he was in frame. Both men shocked at what they were hearing as Chilled spilled the whole story out; How when he met Adam the man would jump at sudden movements, how he slowly built a trust between them til he was the only one who could calm the others panic attacks; by the end Ze was ashamed for thinking Chilled could ever cheat on him, not that they were more than best friends; And Max wondered that Adam had ever let him get that close, it explained some of Adam’s stranger behaviour. All three had silent tears on their faces.

“What do I do?” Max asked softly, voice ragged as he brushed hands over his face, he knew how he felt about the older man and was ready to admit he loved him, but wasn’t sure the other would even want him now.
Giving a small smile Ze placed a hand on his shoulder squeezing softly. “Go to bed, I am sure Adam will let you know when he wants to talk.” The Viking looked to Chilled who nodded. “That is all you can do Max.”

Lost in thought the Mexican walked shakily from the room, sitting in his own chair he put on his headphones and listened to music, tears threatening his eyes again as the conversation circled his head and he knew sleep would be a long time coming.

Ze slipped into his seat after Max left, hands in his lap and too many emotions on his face. “I’m sorry, I thought that there was something else going on, I mean between you and Adam.” He never looked to the screen and missed seeing the others tight smile. “Ze go to sleep, I will call you tomorrow ok?” After saying good bye Ze slipped into his bed and tried not to feel guilty after what he had heard and how he had been jealous thinking that Chilled and Adam had a thing.


None of them slept well that night and Adam woke to find himself in Chilled bed, he was grateful the other had calmed him the night before and didn’t know what he would do without his friend, he felt ashamed though that the abuse of his past seemed to be ruining his relationship with Max, so he made himself and his friend breakfast, finding Chilled asleep on the couch and the time almost noon.


He missed work that week, Chilled covering for him saying he was sick, he spent his time at home trying to confront his own past and see if he could move, he knew he wanted to and had tried to when his desire to be with Max had won over his need to protect himself, but after the reminder the other night of just how haunting his past was, he wondered now if his lover deserved a man as broken as he was.

He spent hours reading about other victim on the internet, seeing how they moved on and finding his own way through the dark. He knew from his house mate that Max would wait for him to make a move first, but he wasn’t sure if he could. Rubbing hands over his tired face he leant back in his seat, shoulders and neck stiff from sitting cramped. Finally he crawled into bed, never heard his friend come in and shut down his computer and turn off the light, he knew only exhausted oblivion.


Max was sure his lower lip was red raw from the amount of times he caught it between his teeth, he threw himself into his works, only stopping when someone drew him away or threatened to cut the power if he didn’t eat or sleep. He was tired beyond belief and worried about what his boyfriend was going through, only knowing what Chilled told him, which was that he was okay.

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Ze had finally come to accept why he was so jealous of what he had seen, of the way his best friend had held the older man, he let that reason settle finally in his heart and knew he needed to do something about it. It was after work on a Friday night, he had been heading home when he changed direction, turning his car around his fingers tightened on the wheel, a hammering sound starting in his ears that he realised was his pulse beating a loud tattoo.

Pulling up in front of Anthony’s house he parked and sat in his car, unsure if he could go through with what he wanted to do. It wasn’t til Chilled appeared on the door step a worried frown on his face before he moved towards his car that Ze climbed from his car.

The other stopped before him, his concerned voice asking. “Ze whats wrong? Are you ok?”
“I need to say something and I... it’s not something I ever thought... I would say.” He saw Chilled look down at his stumbling words and reached out to grip his arm so the other couldn’t move away. “I like you Chilled.”
Raising a brow the other’s mouth fell open “Wait what?” It was clearly not what he had been expecting.

Lifting his free hand he stepped closer to the taller and rested his fingers on his cheek, slender digits trembling just like his words “I like you, more than best friends.”
Blinking rapidly Chilled began to laugh, pressing his cheek into the soft hand he then took it into his own and pulled the other inside. “Get in here you Idiot, the neighbours don’t need more to gossip about.” Once inside he pushed Ze towards the couch before he sat on the other end.

His eyes merry “Your an adorable Dork you know that?”


It was about the same time that the Zeroyalchaos ship sailed that Adam came to a conclusion, that he couldn’t let his past rule him forever and that he wanted to try and make things work with Max. He knew the other was online as he was staring at his computer screen, letting out a huff of breath he sent a quick text on his phone. ‘You busy? We need to talk’
It was not even a few seconds later that a reply came through ‘No, I’m free, Did you want to call?’
Staring at the message he thought a moment before shaking his head, teeth biting his lower lip he sent back. ‘Can I come over?’
As he waited he walked out into the living room, stopping with a flush as he saw the two men on the couch, his phone dinged and he checked it quickly. He didn’t bother to get their attention, moving instead to the back door he left quickly.

He walked over, enjoying the clear air and let it blow some of the cob webs from his brain, it was really not that far, though he had forgotten the chill of the night air and was shivering by the time he arrived on Max’s doorstep, his hand raised to knock the door was pulled open instead.

Taking a deep breath he looked up into concerned brown orbs and shivered from more than the cold. “Adam your freezing, get in here.” That deep voice said, the door widening so he could step inside, shoving his hands into his pockets he was at a loss for his carefully planned words. “Come into the kitchen and I will make you something to warm you up.” He nodded and followed that reassuring voice, settling on a chair at the table he took a closer look at the other.

He could see that Max looked tired, Making a coffee he sat it on the table before sitting across from him with his own. Brows drawn into a frown as Adam had yet to say anything, he sipped at his drink, a small wave of relief still washing through him that the other was at least willing to come and see him finally.

Pressing his lips together he tried to re collect his thoughts as his hands warmed around the cup, finally he told Max in his own words what had happened to him, each word sending a sliver of pain into the Mexicans heart, he put his hands between his legs so the other wouldn’t see them curl into fists, wanting to hurt the one who had damaged his friend so much. Looking up as Adam had stopped speaking he flicked his tongue over his lips that had gone dry.

“Just one question, why did you take a chance with me? After everything you have been through... why?” his heart was hammering in his chest and his voice soft as he spoke into the silence.
Adam’s eyes were clear as he looked at him “because I had hope that you were different, that maybe I deserved more.” The words went straight to max heart and he wanted nothing more than to take Adam into his arms, instead he said softly “If I ever make you feel like that, or, or hurt you tell me please.” A small tear trailing into his beard he couldn’t seem to stop the trembling in his own body at the heart broken confession he had heard.

Adam moved from his chair, going to stand beside max’s he placed his hands on the younger mans shoulder. “I know, I just needed time to sort my head out, I know it’s still a mess, but I am willing to try if you are?” Max didn’t answer right away, pushing his chair back his arms pulled the other into his lap softly, he let his forehead rest against the others. “okay.”

They spoke together softly with Adam leaning into max chest til both were almost asleep, neither noting the two men who peeked out a door and then disappeared again. Letting out a yawn Max frowned and asked hesitantly. “Adam stay the night, just to sleep, ok?” Receiving a mumbled confirmation he lifted the slighter man in his arms and carried him to bed, taking off only their shoes before cuddling up to him. Both were asleep soon after.



Scowling as a message interrupted the game on his phone he sent back. ‘No yelling, both seem to have gone to bed, now piss off Chilled.’ Going back to his game Smarty saw that GaLm who was under the covers beside him had beaten him at the level. “Hey No fair.”


He woke early the next morning, letting out a soft giggle as Max’s beard tickled his neck, sighing he rolled in the others arms and let fingers trace the others familiar face, he knew he wanted forever with this man and as he started to wake him with butterfly kisses to his face he knew whatever happened he wouldn’t let his past ruin his future any more.

End note::

Cheesy end I know but this one was doing my head in. I got over my head with it, way over.

I may do a GaLm/ Smarty ship later not sure at this stage.

Hope you enjoyed, Have a great and SAFE holiday season, catch ya all in the new year.

Let Peace Reign,

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