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Ain't 2 Proud 2 Beg

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It had started out innocently enough.  Darcy had sent a nice little pic to her current flavor.  Mike. From accounts payable. 

He wasn't the cutest guy in the world. 

That's all.  There was no 'but' to make this any less sad.  And that was saying something.  Usually Darcy could find something good about anyone.  Except for Mike.  But to be honest, she was hard up.  And maybe Mike could scratch an itch.  Even if he couldn't do much of anything else. 

Darcy laid back on her couch, legs pulled up, shirt tugged down at the 'v' in the front, exposing the top of her breast and some cleavage.  Bottom lip between her teeth as she tried to hide a grin. 

She seriously put too much work into this.  She could have sent Mike the eggplant emoji and he'd have been on his way. 

She sent the pic and laid her phone down to wait for his response, passing time by scrolling through Netflix. 

Her phone chimed about ten minutes later.  Which was weird because it was nine minutes longer than he usually took to respond. 

Her eyes nearly bugged out of her head when she looked at the phone.  Rippling abs.  Like...eight of them. A hand holding up a blue t-shirt.  Holy fucking...That's not Mike...

Her eyes widened when she looked up at the sender.  Sonic. 

SONIC?  Sonic is...fuck...Pietro? Why is Pietro sending me pre-nudes?

Her stomach rolled when she realized what had happened.  She scrolled up a little ways, her mouth dropping open in horror. 

"Oh holy shit, I sent Pietro a fuck-me pic..." 

And he sent one back. 

She'd thought about it.  Damn, she'd be lying if she said she hadn't.  And she was certainly thinking about it now.   He HAD sent one back...but...maybe he was just joking? 

Her phone chimed again. 

"you like?" 

She inhaled deeply, holding her breath until she sent her response. "Idk...might need a closer busy?"

She shouldn't have been surprised at his reaction. 

The knock on the door not thirty seconds later made her jump.  But it also turned her knees to jello as she got up and walked to the door.  She pulled it open to see Pietro there.  Leaning against the doorframe.  A picture of nonchalance like they weren't about to have crazy superhero sex.  

"You want me to strip out here, or..." he smirked down at her, his blue eyes twinkling. 

She took a shaky step back.  “No, sorry…sorry…I just…” 

No sooner had she shut the door than he had her pressed up against it.  His arms felt strong, his hand cradling the back of her head.  “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do this…” he murmured, leaning down to press his lips to hers in a kiss so scorching, it legit fogged up her glasses. 

“What? Really?” she mumbled against his lips.  He pulled back, his eyebrows raised in surprise. 

“You didn’t know?  I thought I was being…obvious?” 

She shook her head.  “Not to me…”  Her gaze went from his lips to his eyes and back down again. 

“Hold on…” he whispered. 


“Around my neck, hold on…tuck your head…” 

Pietro scooped her up, zipping them back to the bedroom.  She bounced on the mattress, his arms still around her as he leaned down to kiss her again.  He tugged off her glasses, placing them on the side table. 

Her hands itched to explore under his t-shirt, but the most daring thing she could muster was to play with the hem.  He pushed up off the mattress, bracing his knee between hers as he pulled the shirt up and over his head.  “You said you wanted a closer look?” 

She inhaled, the scent of his skin was less Axe body spray than she remembered.  She sat up, running her hands up his abs and chest, marveling at how warm his skin was.  Almost feverish.  But she figured a higher body temp might be the result of some of his enhancements.  She ran them up to his shoulders, pulling him down on top of her as she laid back.

It all went a lot faster after that.  Clothes practically flew from their bodies, ending with her panties, yanked off so hard the seams popped. 

He pushed her feet up, bending her knees and propping her feet on the edge of the bed.  He leaned over to press his face between her legs.  To flick his tongue over her…dipping into her core before moving up to her clit. 

“Pietro…” she whispered, reaching down to run her fingers through his hair. 

He hummed, swirling his tongue around her clit.  Teasing her as he wiggled it faster and faster until it was practically vibrating. 

She was loud.  Embarrassingly loud.  But he was groaning too and his hand was working between his legs and she could watch all the hotness from the mirror on the back of her door.  His hand gripping his cock as he slowly worked himself up.

She was bucking up against his face in time with his strokes.  So he had to know she was watching him.  It didn’t stop him, though. 

He was holding her there.  Just there.  Right at the brink of something amazing.  She could feel it in the build-up.  She’d be lucky to hold herself together once he finally let her come. 

The sounds he was making while he was busy tonguing her clit…they became louder.  More desperate. 

“God…Pietro…don’t…not yet…” 

As hot as it would be for him to come into his hand with his face buried in her pussy, she wanted that dick.  That gorgeous dick that he was squeezing hard to stave off an orgasm. 

He whimpered, straight up whimpered against her, his tongue speeding up and sending her right over the edge.  She came hard, clenching down on nothing because it was just his tongue.  Just that wonderful tongue of his, flicking and vibrating and making her dizzy. 

He crawled up on the bed, his dick hanging heavy between his thighs.  He slid his hands under her ass, lifting her up as he pressed into her.  Sliding right in with no resistance. 

He straightened her legs, bracing them on either side of his face as he thrust shallowly into her.  He licked his fingers, grinning devilishly as he reached down between her legs again. 

Darcy yelped when they touched her almost-too-sensitive clit.  “Come for me…” his voice rumbled.  “Come on my cock, Princeza.” 

She couldn’t do anything but oblige him.  His fingers could vibrate too, and they had her shaking through a second orgasm soon after.  She squeezed him this time.  His rigid girth hitting in just the right spot. 

He removed his hand from her clit to hold onto her hips again as he thrust in and out, going faster and faster until he cried out, pumping into her so hard it shook the bed, but looking so gorgeous as he fell apart that she almost hoped for some kind of damage to the wall.  Something she could point to and say, “Yep.  When Pietro Maximoff fucked me, he made the bed do this.” 

He pulled out of her, letting her legs down slowly.  She let her knees fall open as he crawled up her body, kissing her stomach, breasts, throat…all the way to her lips. 

She asked him to stay.  He nodded, a small smile gracing his lips.  They cleaned up, wrapping up in a blanket from her bed as they tumbled in a giant heap of limbs onto the couch. 

They were about three episodes into Brooklyn-Nine-Nine when Darcy’s phone buzzed on the coffee table. 

She leaned down to pick it up, almost dropping it in her zeal to UNSEE what was on the screen. 

“Is that a—“  Pietro squinted at the screen. 

“Yeah…” she sighed heavily and let her head fall back.  “It’s a dick.”  Mike’s dick.  His dick was definitely not as nice or awesome as the dick she’d just had.  The dick that had ruined her for all other dicks.    

“If you say so…” he shrugged.  “Boyfriend?” he gestured to the screen. 

She shook her head rapidly.  “No.  No.  Hell no.  Just…some dude I fool around with sometimes…I…uh…” 

“Oh…” he nodded, his eyes widening when he made some kind of connection.  Fuck. The wrong connection.  The wheels were turning. God…he was mad at her, wasn’t he? “So…” he sat up on the sofa, still holding her phone.  He grinned widely, setting her at ease almost immediately.   “What do we text him back?”