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Why were you best friends with such a terrible human being? Jisoo, your partner in crime since 5th grade, decided that camping would be an excellent idea to celebrate her birthday. That meant pitching tents and sleeping on the hard ground. That meant dirt caked under your fingernails and bathing in a shallow stream. That meant catching fish with your bare hands and either under-cooking or burning it over a sad excuse for a bonfire. That meant no air conditioning to keep you cool during the hot day and no heating to keep you warm during the frigid night.

But worst of all, camping meant bugs .

And there you were, already swatting away mosquitoes ten minutes into this so-called “adventure” side-eyeing Jisoo, formerly known as your best friend... now known as your worst enemy.

She’d invited your core group of friends; 8 of you in total. There was Jisoo’s boyfriend, Seokjin, who she’d been dating for a few months now; the two of them ready to take their relationship to the next level. The plan was that they’d share a tent and get all lovey dovey in what you considered to be the least romantic place on the face of the earth. But whatever, more power to ‘em. Besides Seokjin, you all had become really close friends with a few of the other members of Bangtan; namely Yoongi, Jimin and Namjoon. And of course she invited Hwasa and Moonbyul, who you’d never thought to be the type of girls to enjoy camping, but you’d been proven wrong when they spent almost $300 on the latest and greatest in camping gear.

“Okay, so our site is a just couple of miles up the trail,” Namjoon said, adjusting the gear that was strapped to his back and tucking a map underneath his arm. “We’ll have to walk, but it shouldn’t be too bad.”

Jisoo eyed you from where she stood next to Jin, probably wondering if you were going to start complaining about having to hike up the mountain. But no, you kept your trap shut. Didn’t want to give her the satisfaction of yelling at you later for coming on the trip when you clearly didn’t want to be there.

It only took about 40 minutes to arrive at the camping site, a vast clearing nestled in between giant oak trees and the small stream you read about online sitting along the edge of a thick forest. If you were being honest, it was the most breathtakingly beautiful thing you’d ever seen. And you’d been to many a place in your short lifetime: Paris, New York, Egypt, Rome. None of it compared to the natural beauty that was right in your backyard.

“Okay, everyone gather round,” Jisoo said, her soft voice barely audible in comparison to the rushing sounds of the stream. “As you probably know, Seokjin and I will be sharing a tent. Have the rest of you talking about sleeping arrangements?”

“Well apparently,” you sourly interjected, “Namjoon and I didn’t get a say in the matter.”

“Y/N,” Hwasa spoke. “Don’t be such a drama queen. We took a vote.”

“That wasn’t a vote!” you pouted, crossing your arms. “You all just basically ganged up on us!”

“We’re sorry, Y/N,” Jimin softly spoke. “But our Namjoonie snores so bad, Yoongi and I wouldn’t be able to get any sleep.”

“And we’d be in the same boat, Y/N,  you know this. You toss and turn all night and you talk in your sleep sometimes and...” said Moonbyul, reaching out to place her hand on your arm. “It just makes sense that the two of you share a tent.”

“Fine,” you said with a huff, “but if Snores-a-Lots over here keeps me up you will all experience the wrath of Y/N.” Peering over your shoulder you locked eyes with Namjoon. He looked apologetic, fiddling with the hem of his shirt, and you sighed knowing you had probably hurt his feelings. Well, shit.

Everyone scattered, diffusing the tension that had arisen from your temper tantrum, and began to set up camp. Namjoon took the lead on assembling the tent you’d be sharing with him while you helped Hwasa and Jimin organize supplies. Fire starters, first aid kits, pots and pans, chopsticks and bowls and your heart grew three sizes (yes, just like the grinch) when you spotted an entire backpack of ramen. Thank god for Yoongi. It wasn’t long before you were all eating dinner, knocking back bottle after bottle of soju, huddled around the small fire with your closest friends. The eight of you talked for what seemed like an eternity, getting drunker as the minutes ticked by and until your insides were starting to burn, eyes getting heavy with sleep and the next thing you knew Namjoon was lifting you over his shoulder.

“That’s enough Soju for you,” he said, literally sweeping you off your feet.

“But… n-no…” you hiccupped, “m-my soju. I didn’t… f-finish it.” You flailed your legs, pleading with him to let you stay or at least put you down so you could drunkenly make your way back to your friends… and back to your soju. “N-namjoooooon!” you yelled, thrashing on top of his shoulder and accidentally kneeing him right in the gut.

“Ya!” he screeched, raising a hand to slap you hard on the bottom.

Oh , you thought. Did he just… spank me?

You stopped fidgeting, let him carry you to the tent without another peep because to be perfectly honest, you were in total shock. Namjoon had just brought his hand down hard onto your ass, the action slightly sobering as he wrapped his arms tighter around your legs to prevent any further outbursts or injuries. You could feel the heat bubbling up in your core, desperately hoping he’d do it again, and again, and again. But he didn’t, just hoisted you off his shoulder, your feet hitting the ground as he pointed towards the tent.

“In you go,” he said, voice unwavering and it kind of scared you. But like, the good kind of scared.

You looked at him for a moment, met his gaze and wondered what he was thinking as you saw a glint of something strange in his eyes; something you couldn’t quite place. You’d always liked Namjoon. Liked how smart he was and how passionate he was about music. Liked how much he took care of his members and how he always took one for the team if it meant the betterment of Bangtan. Liked those pretty little dimples that made an appearance every time he smiled wide or laughed at some stupid dad-joke Jin had told. Wow, you liked Namjoon.

“Y/N, get in the tent,” he said, his voice a bit louder and more demanding that it had been before. You whimpered and extended a hand to him, reached for that god-forsaken gray sweatshirt he wore 24/7, and tugged on its’ sleeve.

“Aren’t you gonna join me?” you asked in your girliest of voices. “We have to share this tent you know?”

“I’m gonna help clean up, but I’ll be back. Please Y/N, get in the tent. It’s time for you to sleep. I know you’re tired.”

You knew he was right; every fiber of your being wanting nothing more than the sleep, and so you followed his orders. Crawled into the small space and huddled under the blankets until the sandman took you under.

You were freezing, teeth chattering and body trembling as chills ran up and down your arms and legs. Something behind you was snoring loudly and you suddenly remembered where you were, in the small confines of a sucky-ass tent with Snores McSnorester. You rolled over, your face now terribly close to Namjoon’s, his warm breath fanning across your face as he exhaled. And then he was breathing in again, the air travelling oh-so-loudly through his nose and it took everything you had in you to hold back a giggle. His snoring distracted you for a brief moment from the fact that you were freezing, but then you were feeling around for the blankets, hoping to pull them over your body and snuggle close to the heat radiating from Namjoon. But then you realized why that fucker was so hot. The blankets you had been sharing, all three of them, were wrapped tightly around his burning body. He looked like a burrito, a really warm burrito, but nonetheless a burrito and now you were angry because how rude!

You took a fistful of blanket and yanked hard, hoping to get some of it free. No luck. You tried again, pulling and tugging until your arms felt like they were going to fall off. So you sat straight up in the tent, body turning to face Namjoon as you punched him hard on the arm.

“Namjoon!” you shouted, bringing your fist down onto his shoulder once more when he didn’t so much as stir the first time. “Namjoon, wake up!”

“What?!” he grunted, not even bothering to open his eyes.

“Namjoon, I’m freezing cold. You have all the blankets!”

Slowly, he sat up, scratching at his head and carding a hand through his messy hair.

Wow, he looks so cute right now.

He glanced at his surroundings and you were pretty sure he’d forgotten where he was, but then he looked at you shivering with not a stitch of blanket to cover up with and he suddenly came to life.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry Y/N!” he apologized, frantically.

“It’s okay, just hurry,” you said, tucking your cold hands into the long sleeves of your sweatshirt.

“Okay, just.. let me… untangle myself,” he said laughing, and you found yourself giggling along with him. After unravelling himself from the blankets, you helped spread them out so you could easily slide under them and lay onto your stomach, head cradled in your arms.

“Hey, Joon?” you asked. He was still adjusting the blankets when he answered.


“Do you mind if we… lay closer? I’m really cold and… you’re warm… and… I just thought…”

“Sure, Y/N. Here, come close.” And then his hand was on your waist, pulling you so close that you felt the slight bulge of what you assumed was his cock jut against your hip.

“Thank you,” you said, his eyes finally meeting your own. You gazed at him for what felt like an eternity, until you felt your eyes slowly shut… sleep threatening to kidnap you once again.

“Hey, Joon?”


“I’m really sorry.”

“For what?”

“For calling you Snores-a-Lot.”

Namjoon coughed out a loud laugh. “It’s okay, really. No big deal.”

“Okay,” your voice was getting softer by the minute as you relaxed next to Namjoon, his body like a furnace warming you to the core.

“Hey, Y/N?”


“I’m sorry, too.”

Your eyes darted open. “For what?!”

“For earlier… for… slapping you… i mean… spanking you. I hope I didn’t cross a line… I’m really sorry.” He wasn’t looking at you anymore, his attention on a piece of loose string that had come from the blanket.

“Don’t be.”

“What?” His eyes were back on you, dark and questioning.

“Don’t be sorry, Joon... I actually… kinda liked it.”

There was a moment of silence, when you wondered if you should speak again, but Namjoon beat you to it.

“Really?” he asked, grinning, and damn those dimples.

“Yeah.” You returned the smile, a bit more seductively than the boy’s, and spoke again. “In fact… you can do it again if you want.”

And there it was, the glint of something different you had seen earlier and you were finally able to put your finger on what it was: lust.

Before you could utter another word, he was swinging the blankets off of you, exposing your short-clad legs to the cold night air once again, but this time, you didn’t care, as his hand flew down and smacked your left ass cheek.

“Like that, baby?” You whimpered in response and oh shit, he was calling you baby. You didn’t think you had ever been this turned on in your entire life. Was this really happening?

“How bout this?” he asked, bringing his hand down even harder on your right cheek.

“Harder,” you moaned and he complied, for the better part of five minutes. Just spanked you harder and harder, alternating between cheeks, until you could feel the pain causing warm pleasure to pool in your panties.

Namjoon’s fingers found the waistband of your shorts and pulled them over your ass to reveal reddening flesh. He grabbed at your bare cheeks, gently squeezing and rubbing circles over the painful areas and then bent down to plant open-mouthed kisses along the sensitive skin, his tongue darting out to soothe the places he knew stung the most. In one swift movement, he pulled your shorts completely off and his hands smoothed up the curves of your legs, trailing softly over your ass as you raised your hips off the ground seductively.

“Joonie,” you sang. “Joonie, touch me. Please.”

He growled and bent down one last time to kiss your ass and then he was pulling your hips up even higher so he could have full access to your wet core, positioning himself directly behind you. His middle finger dragged across your folds, his icy touch meeting your warm center and he groaned from behind you, voice sinful and trembling.

“Oh my god, you’re so wet, Y/N. Holy shit… why are you so wet?” he questioned, coating his digit in your slick juice.

“Cause I want you, Joonie. So bad… Please…” the last word spilled out harshly as his finger abruptly grazed your clit. You felt him move away from you, felt his hand leave the one place you wanted it the most and you whined in protest, wanted him on you so bad and...

“Fuck, you taste so good.”

Oh my god was his finger, the same one that was just gliding across your pussy, now in his mouth?

“Joonie, please!”

And before you could even finish your sentence, his pillowy lips were on you, licking stripes up your folds with purpose, the tip of his tongue briefly brushing over your sensitive clit and prodding gently at your dripping entrance. You spread your legs granting him access and his hands found purchase on your ass once more, thumbs opening your pussy up wide before he plunged his scorching tongue inside you, assaulting your cunt with his mouth.

“Fuck, Joonie, yesss…” you moaned, as he thrust in and out of your hole with his tongue, laving up your juices and pulling away only to dip down further to suck on your swollen bud, his face buried in the warmth of your pussy. You felt your knees giving way, knew you were close and ready for release.

“Joonie… I-I’m g-goonna cu-uum,” you stuttered, and in an instant his mouth was off of you, hand coming down to meet your ass once more before he feel onto his back beside you.

“Wanna ride me?” he asked grinning, lips glistening with the fluid from your pussy.

“Abso-fucking-lutely,” you said with a smirk as he rid himself of his sweatpants, freeing his long hardening cock from it’s confines.

You took the lengthy member in your hand, gave it a light squeeze before swirling your tongue around the head, Namjoon grunting as his hand flew up to tangle in your hair.

Taking him in your mouth, you hollowed your cheeks; sucked him in and found a steady rhythm of bobbing your head and using your hand to pull at the length of his cock that you couldn’t quite take all the way into your mouth. Except you really wanted to, wanted to take him all the way, wanted to choke on his cock until you were gagging and spitting out all over him. And it was almost as if he could read your mind when his grip on your hair tightened, pushing your head down on to his cock with force as the tip collided with the back of your throat. He held you in place, hips bucking up to cause tears to spill from your eyes. He was cursing now, and god was it so hot. Strings of oh fuck, yeah baby, take my cock, made your insides ignite and you felt yourself leaking down the side of your thigh.

Then his grip on you loosened and you pulled off his cock with a loud pop, letting your spit sensually spill from your mouth onto your fingers as you used your hand to coat his penis. YOu were stroking him now, your tongue occasionally darting out to lap at his redding tip and you could see the muscles in his abdomen clench; a sure sign that he was close to cumming. And so you pulled your mouth away, straddled his lap and lined yourself up with his throbbing penis before slamming down your hips to meet with his own. Almost as if on cue, the two of you moaned in unison, the feeling of him filling you up, stretching you out, sending a wave of searing ecstasy through your bodies.

“Namjoonie,” you whimpered.


“Shirt… off…” you commanded, pulling at the hem of his sweatshirt, and he obeyed sitting up every so slightly to pull it over his head. THe action caused you to grunt in pain as his dick was thrust harsh up inside of you.

And then you followed suit, stripped off your shirt and tossed it somewhere behind you as Namjoon propped himself up on his elbows, taking in the sight of your body.  His hand came up to cup your breast, kneading it with fervor, then taking your nipple between his fingers and twisting gently. You gasped, and felt his cock twitch inside you, your hands finding purchase on his taut shoulders as you slowly lifted yourself off of him. Before you could sink back down, his hands were on your hips and he was bucking up into you. Clearly the pace you were trying to set, slow and steady, wasn’t working for him and if you were being honest it wasn’t working for you either. And so you let him take charge, let him pound his huge cock into your tight pussy as your fingers snaked around to find your clit, rubbing your middle finger violently across the tender button.

“Cum for me baby,” he said, voice deep and rough and scratchy and your back was arching at just the sound. “Come on baby, cum on my dick.”

White hot pleasure coarsed through your veins as your orgasm hit, your fingers still attached to your clit rubbing yourself vigorously through your orgasm as Namjoon continued to thrust himself up into your gspot. And then it was too much, so your hand flew away from your core, but he continued his actions, hips violently driving up into you. And then you felt his thrusts stuttering and his long arms were reaching up to curl around your waist.

“Yeah, cum inside me, Joonie. Come inside me, please. I wanna feel your cum.”

“Oh fuuuucckkk,” he grunted, face contorting so sinfully with the power of his orgasm, your hands curving around the back of his neck to bring him in for a searing kiss as he spilled his seed into you. The world all but stopped in that moment, his cock softening inside of you, cum dripping disgustingly out onto his thighs. His thick lips were dancing across your own, sweaty chest pressed firmly against your breasts and his hands snaked down to rest on the small of your back. When you came up for air, all that was left for him to do was look you in the eyes, the lust that was once residing there no longer evident. No, instead, you were met with a look of affection, Namjoon’s hand reaching up to lovingly card through your hair and bring you down for one final kiss before lifting you off of his lap and onto the blankets below you.

The two of you dressed in silence, occasionally glancing at one another through the fabric of your clothes and then he pulled you close to him, tangled up his limbs with your own as the two of you drifted off to sleep.

One thought lingered in the back of your mind as you finally went under.

“I love camping.”