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  • #WinterMurderland (HanniCreative_WinterMurderland) by Llewcie


    14 Dec 2016


    Write/draw/create anything at all around the theme of Winter and the Holidays, and post it from December 15th-18th with the hashtag #WinterMurderland to participate!

    It can be anything at all (fanfic, fanart, gifset, edits, crafts… the only limit is your imagination!), as long as it fits the theme of the challenge and has something to do with Hannibal. Hannigram, Rarepairs, Spacedogs, Tristhad, Madancy– any pairing you like, or no pairing at all.

    If you’re participating in the Hannibal Advent, Hannigram Holiday Exchange or any other event around this time and you still want to participate in #WinterMurderland, you can tag our event or add it to our collection as well as others, as long as it’s during our event’s date!

    Icon made from the beautiful banner by @hannibalssketchbook, which you can see on our Tumblr here.

    (Closed, Unmoderated)