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Life and Lies of the ROR frat house

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One thing could be said about Johnny Worthington, and that was that he valued success above everything else. So you can imagine the resentment that bubbled inside him on the final day of the Scare games when the reputable Roar Omega Roar’s came second. Second place was not a concept that had room in Johnny’s life, it was just unfathomable, winning was like breathing to Johnny, it’s just something you do. But the moment that little green abomination, Mike Wazowski stole that winning title, his illusion crumbled, he couldn’t breathe for a solid minute and his heart pounded against his chest so wildly he could hear it beating. This is not possible he thought, the cheering of the crowd lost to him in his turmoil.

When the events of the night had calmed and everyone discovered that the Oozma Kappa’s, well Sullivan had cheated it didn’t help at all. The ROR’s got their victory but it felt hollow and Johnny felt cheated. In fact he was furious and so he did the first thing that came to mind, channel his rage onto Randall.

Location ROR frat house 11.39 pm.

“It doesn’t matter that they cheated! If you didn’t mess up we could have won it Boggs!” Worthington shouted at the purple lizard, or at least he was purple, during the course of the argument his violet scales slowly took on a ruby red sheen to match his withering temper. Sure Randall was new to the ROR’s, he was keen to make friends and was not the bravest monster of the bunch but he was absolutely in no way a pushover. And he wasn’t going to let anyone, not even the esteemed Johnny Worthington walk all over him in such an unjustified manner.

“I mean hearts, really?”

Just take a stand Randy, like Mike did. You can do that much. If you don’t do this now they are never going to respect you. “Be quiet Worthington!” The lizard snapped.

All sound in the living room stopped. Johnny stared in shock at Randall and Chet dropped his coffee mug from where he was spectating on the sofa. Javier peered into the room through the kitchen door, waiting to see how this power struggle would play out in anticipation.

“Look I know I messed up and I’m sorry for that. But it was an accident Johnny and taking out your anger on me isn’t going to solve anything. You accepted me into the ROR’s and I’m grateful for it but I’m not gonna stand by and let you slate me.” Randall breathed slowly and firmly held his ground; he could see Johnny balling his fists and a scowl settle on his indigo face.

Johnny was now fuming. The nerve of this kid, who does he think he is challenging me? Try as he might to deny it though, Johnny knew the lizard was right and that’s what got him even angrier. This was an argument he couldn’t win. Again, he had lost something. This really wasn’t Worthington’s day at all. Letting out a rumbling growl from his throat he stalked up to Randall and shoved a clawed finger in front of his face. “Don’t mess with me Boggs! You’ll regret it.”

Swallowing, Randall raised his chin and glared at Johnny meeting his piercing gaze. “What are you going to do, hit me? You couldn’t land a shot on me even if you tried.”

Johnny let out a howl and swung his fist, aiming for Randall’s head, but he had already disappeared. Thanking all of his lucky stars that he left his ROR sweater inside his room, Randall slid around Johnny’s bulky form and tripped the surprised beast with a quick swish of his tail, said beast landing on his rear with a hard thump.

“Johnny!” The crab-like creature cried. Chet dashed to his best friend’s side and tried to help him up but Worthington snarled at him, pushed himself onto his feet and stormed around the room, waving wildly in the hopes of catching Boggs, but he already knew he was long gone. As Chip and Reggie entered to all the mess around them one thought recurred in Johnny’s head. He may frustrate me to hell and back, but that guy’s got guts. Flinging a lamp at the window, Chip intervened and tried to prevent his frat leader from causing any more damage, Reggie groaned and attempted to help Chip, Worthington’s tantrums were legendary; this one certainly looked like it would take a while to fizzle out.

Javier let out a low whistle, readjusted his ‘kiss the cook’ apron and motioned for Chet to follow him into the kitchen where a spicy aroma was now starting to form. “You know him best Chet.” He started. “When Johnny calms down why don’t you talk with him? Randall’s a good guy and I know that Worthington knows it. We don’t need any more animosity between us. So get him to apologise ok?”

Chet swallowed. Javier was always the voice of reason but this request was downright stupid. Johnny was the most stubborn monster on campus, everyone knew that. He would never admit to being wrong and even the thought of apologising was unheard of. After all a Worthington apologises to no one, if they did that would mean they were wrong, and Worthington’s are always right. Chet grimaced and sighed knowing that this wasn’t going to be easy. “Sure dude, I’ll talk to him”.

“Good” Javier replied and seemingly oblivious to the commotion in the room next to them he hummed a light tune and returned to his cooking, chopping vegetables to add to his prize stew. Chet’s stomach growled in hunger, “Hey I get first dibs right?” he asked. Javier chuckled, “Sure.”