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Always By Your Side

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The young thief made her way slowly across town. She thought about the pretty brunette woman who had nearly caught her. The woman was soooo pretty it nearly knocked the breath out of her, but she had tried to take her back. How could someone so normal be involved with...that place?! And who was the tall blonde she was always with? Why did the thought of them kissing make her feel so...the girl shook her head. It didn’t matter. They weren’t any different than the other people at the school. They were trying to hurt her...destroy her. The girl’s face hardened and she angrily swiped a tear from her cheek. No. She wasn’t going to cry about it...ever again. 


Once the red head was past the ‘tourist zone’ of shops and resorts, the houses quickly deteriorated. The girl dipped her head as she walked up steps made of red dirt, trying not to draw attention from the people who lived in shacks made from whatever material the residents could salvage among the garbage heaps piled twenty feet high that dotted the slums. Most of them were made from sheets of old rusted tin and rotting wood. She tried to breath shallowly to avoid the overwhelming stench of rotting food, disease, and open sewage that assaulted her nose, but it permeated her senses and made her gag. 


The girl stopped at the top and swallowed down the bile rising in her throat. She wasn’t going to give in to the urge to puke and waste the precious few calories she had consumed earlier. Once she had gotten control over her protesting stomach once again, the little thief started down the other side. It wasn’t far now. The red head subconsciously held her hand over her loose shirt, covering the area where her money belt hid beneath the fabric.


At the bottom of the slums, the houses started to gradually improve and the air wasn’t nearly as pungent. She smiled as she entered the neighborhood where her destination rose up at the end of the street...a ramshackle two story house with bars on the doors and windows, and the sun-faded orange paint peeling from its wood. She quickly slipped past two bloody teenage boys involved in a machete fight, a common sight where abject poverty gave the boys more incentive to protect their only asset...their reputation...from any slight, no matter how ridiculous or petty over their very lives. What good was being alive if you had the reputation of a coward? 


As she neared the house, she was stopped by a short, squat man with rotting teeth. He openly leered at her as he patted her down for weapons, making no attempt to hide his ulterior motives as his hands groped her budding breasts and rubbed excessively between her legs before she was spared by another of the men that guarded the gangster who owned the house and the surrounding neighborhood. 


The girl closed her eyes and took a second to shake off the fear that always accompanied her when she had to come here, then she followed the second guard inside. So far she hadn’t been robbed or raped by one of Saulo’s men, but she knew every time she came the odds were increasingly against her. 


She stopped by the door and waited for Saulo’s man to go inform him she was there to see him. She prayed he would see her without an appointment. She focused on the sole of her right shoe so she didn’t have to watch Saulo’s prostitutes hanging on the men in the room. She pushed the front of her shoe against the dirty tiled floor, the glue had failed around the toe and it was more like a flap now. She pictured her shoe as a hungry mouth, chewing her foot up, and smiled. 


“Come on, T, Saulo doesn’t have all day. If you want to see him you need to hustle.” the bodyguard’s voice boomed, startling the girl back to reality. 


The red head followed the bodyguard to a back den where Saulo sat on a well worn couch, a few lines of cocaine cut on the small coffee table in front of him. The small time gangster leaned over and placed a rolled up bill to his nose over one of the lines and snorted it up. He blinked a few times and then rubbed the side of his nostril. Saulo looked up and smiled at her, the gold on his two front teeth shining in the sunlight that poured in from the windows. He motioned for her to come in and she had to force her feet to move.


“Ah, Tallulah Jameson, it has been quite a while. To what do I owe the pleasure of your visit today?” Saulo asked, his heavily accented voice patronizingly sweet. 


The girl schooled her features before she answered him. She hated him using her name. She hated everything about the name...the way it sounded...the way people laughed at it...but mostly, that it reminded her of the people who had abandoned her on this God foresakened island. It would do her no good to make Saulo mad, however, and that was one thing she understood all too well.


“I want to go to Florida with your sea captain friend. I have all the money.” Tallulah replied. 


“How much do you have now?” Saulo inquired as he lazily sucked a bit of cocaine from beneath his fingernails. 


“One hundred thousand, just like you said last time.” Tallulah answered evenly, her strong voice covering the nerves that threatened to have her puke all over the gangster’s floor.


“Let’s see it then, girl.” Saulo ordered, his eyes narrowing at the young budding tween.


Tallulah sucked in a breath and lifted her shirt just enough to reveal her money belt. She unzipped it and grabbed the carefully stacked cash out, lifting it so the gangster could see.


“Don’t waste my time, Tallulah! That is a wad of pesos. My friends deal only in American dollars. One hundred thousand American dollars will get you to Florida, nothing less.” Saulo barked angrily, the cocaine flowing in his veins making his temper even worse.      


“But I don’t have American dollars! Maybe you could just ask him to do you a favor…” Tallulah’s eyes snapped shut as she realized too late what she had just blurted out.


“Ask for favors?!” Saulo boomed before breaking out into salacious laughter, “You don’t get it do you? So young. Let me tell you how you can earn that money really quickly. Listen up, Tallulah, and listen good. If you want to ever get off this island, you will be able to make enough money to pay the captain in only one way. I have rich men who travel here from all over the world. They will pay top American dollars to be the one who gets your virginity. It is the only thing of value you have, girl.”


The girl’s emerald eyes widened and she shook her head., no, no...NO! 


“I won’t do that. I won’t ever do that, Saulo! I will take more risks and steal more from tourists, but I will never do...that.” Tallulah spat out, shoving the wad of pesos back into her money belt.


“Suit yourself, but mark my words, Tallulah, one day you will come crawling back to me. Let’s just hope you have kept yourself pure and valuable.” Saulo dismissed her with smirk and wave of the hand.


Tallulah turned and ran through the house and out the front door. Saulo turned to his bodyguard and most trusted henchman.


“Want me to go get her? Tie her up? We could inject her with heroine. I’m sure the tourists will pay either way.” Juan asked.


“No. It needs to be her idea. She needs to come to us, to be a willing partner to get the best price. We can only sell her once for top dollar so make sure nobody touches her, and let’s turn up the heat. Call the headmaster at Escuela Caribe and tell them we have seen their little runaway.” Saulo replied, confident that the girl would come running back to him for protection, and a way out of this hell. 


Juan nodded and picked up the phone. He smiled as he rang the operator. Saulo was a brilliant man, and he was proud to work for him.




Adoration showed in Ashlyn’s eyes as she watched her wife’s expression change the closer the gorgeous brunette got to coming completely undone as Ali rode her tongue hard. A kaleidoscope of vivid colors danced across her flesh as the defender’s small breasts bounced with each desperate thrust of her hips, and the blonde reached up to cup one...pinching...rolling...pulling the already hardened nipple between calloused fingers and thumb. Ali gasped at the extra sensation and sucked her lower lip into her mouth, biting down hard to keep from screaming out her pleasure. A few more frantic hip thrusts and the brunette’s powerful thighs quaked as her ambrosia flooded Ashlyn’s mouth, rewarding the blonde’s efforts with the sweet musky essence that was pure Alexandra Blaire Krieger-Harris. Nobody tasted as good as her wife, and Ashlyn greedily consumed the gift that was given to her as the brunette rode out her intense orgasm.


Ali carefully peeked over the back of the pew that hid them from view from the alter below as her body continued to convulse in waves of pleasure before collapsing on the floor next to her keeper. She closed her eyes as Ashlyn gently used a wet wipe from her fanny pack to remove any ambrosia that had been missed by the blonde’s talented tongue. Ali quietly moaned into Ashlyn’s mouth as the blonde kissed her deeply, the brunette tasting herself on the keeper’s tongue. 


The defender smiled shyly and shook her head as she watched the colorful bits of reflected light dance over Ashlyn from the huge stained glass window depicting Mary holding baby Jesus on the wall above them. She tucked a strand of sweaty blonde silk behind Ashlyn’s ear.


“Well, that’s it. We are sooooo going to hell now. How did I let you talk me into a quickie in the balcony, anyway?” Ali quietly mused, not wanting to draw attention from their abandoned tour group below. 


“Well you see, it all started in the back of the bus when I dragged my fingers…” Ashlyn started and was cut off by a playful hand over her mouth. 


“Ashlyn Michelle Harris…” Ali whisper yelled and Ashlyn pinned her with a hard look before the brunette amended, “Fine. Ashlyn Michelle Krieger-Harris, if you finish that sentence I’m not going to be able to look at our tour guide ever again, and we will have to walk back to Punta Cana. So zip it.”


Ashlyn waggled her eyebrows at Ali, and smirked roguishly against the palm of the brunette’s hand. 


Ashlyn gently removed Ali’s hand from her mouth and stated cockily, “You can’t deny that you loved every second of it. Remember, you were the thongless one humping my face like your life depended on it, Mrs. Freaky Pants.”


Ali buried her crimson face in her hands, “Oh my god, Kyle was right. You are such a bad influence on me. In baby Jesus’ house no less.”


“A bad influence on you maybe, but definitely damned good at giving you orgasms.” Ashlyn retorted as she made a big show of licking her lips clean.  


“Oh geez, we better leave before that head of yours swells so much you can’t squeeze it out the door.” Ali deadpanned as Ashlyn helped straighten her dress and tuck her small breasts back inside the colorful fabric prison, “Now how are we getting out of here?”


“We gotta crawl for it, Princess. After you.” Ashlyn replied, motioning towards the doorway to the empty stairwell. 


Ali pushed herself up onto all fours and started making her way to the stairwell, the wooden pews hiding them from the people milling about below. Ashlyn followed behind, enjoying the extra sway the brunette was putting into her hips as the brunette crawled in front of her.


Ali smiled and whisper yelled, “And stop staring at my ass!”


“If you don’t want me to look at it, stop wiggling it in front of my face. You know dat ass is my kryptonite woman!” Ashlyn whisper yelled back.  


Ali smiled smugly. She knew indeed, and loved the affect her muscular ass had on her Stud, though she would never admit it...especially not in church. The defender bit her lip in a vain attempt to suppress the devilish smirk her lips wanted to curl into. Oh god, her mother would kill her if she ever found out about this escapade! Kyle would be so proud.  


Once they were in the stairwell, Ashlyn helped Ali to her feet, and kissed her tenderly. The brunette used her thumb to wipe some of her lipstick off of the blonde’s slightly swollen lips.


“I love you so much, Ashlyn.” Ali said quietly as she paused at the top of the stairs.


“Even when I’m convincing you to do naughty things?” Ashlyn challenged with a wink.


“Ugh. Yes, even when you convince me to jump into your hand basket.” Ali confirmed with a sassy flip of her long sable hair.


“My hand basket?” Ashlyn asked, clearly at a loss to the reference.


“Yep. The one we are going to hell in.” Ali replied, playfully patting Ashlyn’s face.


“Oh that one. Well, there is nobody I’d rather go to hell with than you, Princess. And I’ll fight all the demons in there to get you a glass of ice water. That’s how much I love you.” Ashlyn responded as she took Ali’s hand and started down the stairs.


“You know, I think you really would, Ash.” Ali mumbled under her breath as she followed the blonde.


At the bottom of the stairs there were two doors. Ashlyn pushed open the door to the outside and pulled Ali behind her. The brunette gasped as she looked up and saw the red-headed menace plucking a wallet from the back pocket of an elderly man waiting to board their tour bus. She wasn’t getting away this time!


“Alex!” Ashlyn called out in surprise when Ali sprinted past her towards the bus. 


Ali pointed ahead of her to the thief and Ashlyn rolled her eyes. Good god, that kid was gonna be the death of her wife. The blonde started running after the two, knowing there was no way in hell she would be able to keep up with Ali. Her only hope was the kid wasn’t a fast runner. 


Tallulah suddenly felt eyes on her and she looked around. Holy shit! It was that beautiful crazy woman from Punta Cana...and boy could she haul ass! The girl took off and looked back, glad that the tour group had mostly gathered around the bus. It gave her a few seconds to make it to the alley and hopefully disappear before crazy could see her. She only had to get on the bus going north out of town before the tourist caught up to her. 


Ali kept her eyes on the little thief, not willing to lose her a second time. Unfortunately, an elderly woman suddenly changed direction and pushed her walker in front of the brunette. Unable to avoid the walker, Ali collided with it and went crashing to the ground. By the time she regained her feet, the defender just barely noticed the red head ducking into an alley across the way.     


Ali popped back up to her feet and handed the woman back her walker before she took off again. She would make sure the cops came and got that little menace this time!


Tallulah smiled as she lifted her leg to climb the steps onto the bus. She had made it! Just then, she felt a tug on the back of her shirt and she was pulled backward. The girl spun around to face her captor.


Tallulah’s eyes narrowed as she looked up at the pretty brunette who had a fist full of her shirt. The red head’s face scrunched up in irritation and she pulled her right foot back as far as it would go before she unleashed a powerful kick to the crazy woman’s shin. Her face fell as the brunette smirked down at her, seemingly unfazed.


“I play pro soccer, kid. I get kicked in the shin harder than that fifty times a practice. Nice try though. You are coming with me this time.” Ali stated unamused.


Tallulah looked up as she heard brakes screeching in the next block up. Her eyes widened in fear. NO! How had they found her?! The school bus emblazoned with ‘Escuela Caribe’ stopped, and the doors opened. She had to get out of here now! 


Ashlyn sucked in a painful breath as she neared Ali. Her wife had a good grip on the kid’s shirt. Just then Ali’s scream pierced the air as Tallulah reached up and grabbed a hold of the defender’s right nipple in a vise like grip, cruelly twisting it until the brunette released her hold on the kid’s shirt. Ali bent over in surprised pain just long enough for the red head to jump onto the bus. The bus’ doors shut, and it pulled away from the curb as Ashlyn finally reached her wife. They watched helplessly as the little thief ducked down into one of the seats, disappearing from view.


“We need to work on your cardio, Stud.” the brunette stated the obvious as she caught her breath. 


“Poor Betty.” Ashlyn cooed as she reached for Ali’s abused breast.


“Don’t touch it!” Ali blurted out, still in pain before she picked her head up and looked at the blonde, “Wait, did you just call my breast, Betty?”


“Yeah. So?” Ashlyn shrugged.


“So you named my breasts?” Ali wanted to clarify.


“Well, yeah. The right one is Betty and the left one is Cindy Lou.” the blonde admitted, her right hand rubbing the back of her neck.


“You are a weirdo, Stud.” the defender shook her head.


Ali finally stood upright as the pain subsided and she looked back at their tour bus pulling away from the curb without them. Ashlyn reached for the brunette’s hand and twined their fingers. 


“Awful nice day for a stroll, don’t you think?” the blonde commented.


“Good thing, huh. I can’t believe I got us stranded here, and still didn’t catch that little…” Ali started before Ashlyn cut off the rest of her sentence with a tender kiss.


“It’s all good, Alex. It’s a beautiful day, I have a beautiful wife, and nothing is better than spending time with matter what we are doing. Come on, I think I saw a taxi stand over by the church.” Ashlyn said, nodding in the direction from where they had just come.  


They fell into step with each other along with a companionable silence as they walked through the square towards the church. Ali smiled thinking about how sweet Ashlyn had been about the whole thing. Suddenly her smile fell. She pulled her hand from Ashlyn’s and folded her arms across her chest.


“Did you say you named my left breast Cindy in Cindy Lou Who the smallest Who in Whoville?!” Ali broke the silence as she caught on to the blonde’s inside joke.


“Um…” Ashlyn tried to rack her brain for something that would save her from her impending stay in the doghouse but came up empty, “Well, yeah...but I didn’t mean anything by it. I always thought Cindy Lou was the cutest Who in all of Whoville.” 


Ali’s shoulders relaxed, she dropped her arms and shook her head as she reached for the blonde’s hand, “Ok, that was pretty smooth, Stud. Let’s go back to the room. Betty isn’t feeling well, but Cindy Lou says she could use some attention.”


“Man, that cute little Who is insatiable!” Ashlyn teased, picking up the pace just a bit.


“Watch it! You keep that up and the Grinch may make an appearance.” Ali sassed.


“Well he can’t, it’s not even close to Christmas. There are Grinch rules, woman. They can’t be broken!” Ashlyn smirked as the couple reached the taxi stand.


Ashlyn pulled the door to the taxi open and held her hand out to help Ali inside. The brunette spared a small smile for her wife as she took the blonde’s hand and sank into the seat. Ashlyn slid in beside her and gave the driver the name of their resort in Punta Cana as she wrapped her inked arm around the beautiful defender. Ali nuzzled into Ashlyn’s side and sighed. 


“So Ms. Krieger-Harris, what do you want to do tomorrow?” Ali inquired as the taxi pulled away from the church.


“I hear there is a sacred waterfall somewhere in the jungle north of here. Maybe we could go defile it.” Ashlyn replied, kissing Ali’s temple.


“Mmm, you really are determined to get us sent to hell.” Ali replied, snuggling in closer and draping an arm across Ashlyn’s tight abs, loving the thought of an adventure in the jungle with her wife, “Count me in.”