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Winds of Change

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Title: Winds of Change (1/?)
Chapter 1
Pairing: Jane/Maura
Rating: T… for now
Disclaimer: I don't own Jane or Maura or their counterparts from the TV show or books…I only wish. I am going to be adding a few of my own characters however.



Chapter One

"She's the one from your visions?" A tall statuesque redhead scanned the many photos spread across the table. "Attractive and strong. She looks like a leader."

A large dark haired man with slight graying at his temples stood at his lovely wife's shoulder both gazing at the various photos of a tall slender brunette with long wavy hair and brown soulful eyes. "She's the one the great spirits have chosen. This woman is destined to become the alpha of all alphas and bring all Lycan kind together and strengthen the whole supernatural world."

"And the pretty blond with her in so many of these photos is her mate?"

"Yes, but for some reason they are both trying to hide their attraction for one another. Both women are strong and intelligent. Jane and her mate, Maura, will become the black wolf and the white wolf of legend. One will become a great leader, warrior, and guardian, the other a great healer and scholar. They will be the dark and light that balance one another. Together they will reign, uniting all Lycan tribes. They will also be highly influential and powerful in guiding and protecting all of the supernatural world in the future."

The man picked up a photo of the two women sitting together on a park bench smiling as they leaned together watching a small dog at their feet. "It will not be an easy road ahead for either of them."

"We will help them Marcus. It is a great honor the spirits have tasked us with. We have been selected to assist in the turning and preparing of their chosen. Our world has been waiting thousands of years for this time to come. We will do our best to prepare and support Jane and Maura."

"They will need it, Evie. Their world as they know it is about to shatter apart and be remade around them."


Jane awoke spooning up behind a warm soft body, inhaling the sweet smell that she would always recognize as Maura. She loved the sweet private moments when she could let herself indulge in her strong feelings for her best friend. She came to close to losing her the previous day. Seeing Hoyt with his hands on Maura was a nightmare, come to life. Her grip tightened around her friend as memories of the previous day flooded her mind. The detective would never regret ending Hoyt. Jane only wished she would have done so sooner before he managed to get his hands on Maura.

Stirrings from the fair haired woman in her arms had Jane loosening her hold. "Mmm. I feel so safe when I'm in your arms." Maura murmured sleepily. "Thank you for asking me to stay after the party last night. I didn't want to be alone."

"I will always do everything in my power to keep you safe Maura." Jane laid her chin on the blonde's shoulder and took a scary step. "I have always felt safe in your arms as well. It's like coming home." The taller woman placed a gentle kiss on the smooth as silk skin on the neck of the one who unknowingly owned her heart, body, and soul.

Maura tightened her hold on the arms wrapped around her, and pressed further into Jane's strong body. Her own body breaking out in goose bumps as delighted tingles ran up and down her spine at Jane's words and actions. The doctor had hoped and even found herself praying that Jane could return the love she felt for the dark haired detective. The blonde lifted one scarred hand to her lips, kissing the rough palm, something only she would ever be allowed to do. "I've been thinking…"

"Always dangerous."

"Jane seriously. I've been thinking about this since we were receiving treatment for our injuries. We both have at least two weeks of vacation time due us. I believe now would be a perfect time to take our allotted time. My grandfather left me a cabin on the edge of a private lake in Virginia. We could go there and get away from everything for a while. We could even bring Bass and Jo Friday with us." The smaller woman’s voice hopeful as she prayed her companion would agree.

"That does sound nice. No nagging Ma, no homicides, and no press bugging us for interviews about what happened for a couple of weeks. Only peace, quiet, and us. I'm up for it. I think we deserve and need sometime away." Jane’s voice carrying an eagerness that matched that of the woman in her arms.

"I think we both need some time to realize that the nightmare that was Hoyt is over." Maura turned in Jane's arms. "We also could use the time to explore the more that we both know is between us."

The women became lost in one another's eyes, each searching for any sign that their feelings were returned. Both smiling wide when they found the answer they were looking and hoping for.

"I think that sounds like a fantastic idea." Jane breathed.

Jane and Maura leaned toward one another unable to hold themselves apart any longer finally sharing a soft chaste kiss that nonetheless rocked them both to the core.


I hope you enjoy. Until next time.