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Winds of Change

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Jane woke refreshed and full of energy ready for the busy day ahead. The festival would officially begin that day even though a festival type atmosphere had gripped the area for the past few weeks as everyone arrived early in preparation for the fair and tournament. It would also be the last day to sign-up for the King’s Tournament, the deadline being noon. The opening ceremonies were scheduled to begin around three that afternoon. The first of the warrior events would begin at eight the following morning. The day would be Jane’s last physically easy one for at least two weeks possibly more if they weren’t able to fit all of the competitions into the already expanded tournament. There had been record breaking numbers of warriors signing up for the King’s Tournament and the whole festival grew from one week to two weeks in an attempt to fit all the competitors into the planned events. The large numbers would make for a more competitive field for the spectators to enjoy, but also a more grueling one for the warriors, especially for those who were not already ranked in the upper brackets of the competition.

The Laird leaned up on an elbow on her side to take in the lovely woman by her side as the sun peaked through the drapes beaming across Maura giving her an angelic glow. The sleeping woman simply took the Alpha’s breath away. Jane moved down the bed and began placing light kisses up her wife’s sexy legs to her silky thighs that instinctively opened for her causing the dark haired woman to smile proudly. Starting lightly her tongue began to lap at tender folds that were quickly plumping up beneath her ministrations and dampening with her Angel’s own delicious nectar. It wasn’t long before the sleeping woman’s breathing changed and she woke with a passion filled cry as her body rolled through climax. The pleasure only continued to grow from that first peak as Jane’s long fingers filled Maura as her lips, teeth, and tongue continued their pleasant duties. The honeyed ginger’s hands moved to grip dark locks tightly as she reached climax number two swiftly followed by number three before the tall woman eased back letting her love ride the pleasure out with gentle caresses.

After licking her fingers clean and wiping her mouth Jane kissed her way up her mate’s sexy body to hover over Maura with a cocky smile. “Good morning, love.” She was unable to keep the huge pleased yet loving smile off of her lovely face as she looked down at her sated lover.

“Good morning indeed.” Maura panted out as she worked to catch her breath. “I don’t know what brought that on, but it was an amazing way to wake up, dear.”

“You just looked so sexy in the morning light peeking through the window I couldn’t help myself. I had to worship my glowing Angel.” Jane leaned down kissing the corner of her breathless mate’s mouth.

“Hmm. I love being worshiped by you my love. I am always available for you to worship.” The fair haired beauty grinned.

“That is very good information to know.” Jane kissed her wife once more before bouncing out of bed. “I feel kind of pumped today and maybe a little nervous as well, but not as much as I used to. I think I might be getting used to everyone staring all the time at least a little bit. Although I am very much dreading how grueling the next few weeks are going to be. I’m also looking forward to further proving myself to everyone in Hecation. If I can come out on top in so many events and against such a vast number of opponents it will make fewer beings question my abilities as a warrior, leader, and Alpha. I want to put a stop to as many non-tournament challenges as I can and this is a great way to do so. Also, warriors from other provinces will be fighting in this tournament. Apparently this is one of the most popular tournaments in all of Undrehiel. Those from outside Hecation who are able to receive passage into the hidden province won’t be able to speak about us once they leave Hecation, but they will once we claim our Thrones at the Palace of the Lycans. Any positive tales of my prowess as a warrior and Alpha they can then share can only help strengthen my reputation and hopefully continue to lessen the amount those who will wish to challenge me and mine once we come out fully into this new world.”

“All good points, sweetheart.” Maura smirked at her excited wife. “I also believe you simply like to kick a little ass in a tournament setting where life and death aren’t generally on the line. You are a very competitive being my dear and it seems tournaments such as the one that starts today brings that out in you.” She sat up scooting to the edge of the bed enjoying the way her mate watched her with constantly hungry eyes. “I must admit I do enjoy watching you be all badass out on the field. It really gets me worked up.” The ginger stood moving around her mate swaying her hips seductively as she ran her hand across her wife’s firm sexy backside as she passed. “Why don’t you come join me in the shower and I can payback that lovely morning wake-up call before we have to go be all Royal for the public? I have a distinct need to taste you while I look up along your sexy wet body as you come apart for me.” Maura continued on across the room disappearing into the master bath with a smile on her face as her enhanced sense of smell picked up the lovely aroma of fresh arousal from her excited mate.

With a growl Jane followed her sexy wife truly loving the fact that her mate had such a thing for shower sex. It had become one of her favorites as well.


After a very enjoyable shower the couple dressed, and joined the rest of the Manor’s household in the main dining hall for breakfast. It was a festive atmosphere as everyone was excited about all the events and revels that would be going on the next few weeks. They also looked forward to watching their King and her warriors compete.

Jane sat back in her chair with a sigh. “The cooks out did themselves again this morning. I still can hardly believe how much I can eat now. If I ate like this before I became a Lycan I would have been the size of a house.”

Grinning Maura nodded in agreement. She had finished eating her breakfast five minutes earlier. “I would too, but our new more powerful selves needs much more fuel to run efficiently. Especially yours, Alpha of all alphas.” The golden streaked redhead leaned over kissing her mate on the cheek causing many in the dining hall to smile happily at the loving couple. “Now are you ready to go? We are supposed to visit the fair with Jeremy, Emily, and Millie before the opening ceremonies this afternoon.”

“I’m ready. We only need to see if Millie and the kids are ready to go.” Jane smirked when she heard said kids excited voices.

“We’re ready Laird Jane!” Emily called as she appeared between the two women’s chairs, her brother not far behind with his wooden sword on his hip like Jane’s sword was on hers.

“We ate early so our breakfast would be far enough in our bellies we could have snacks at the fair. But Millie said not too much or we would make ourselves sick on rides and things.” Jeremy’s smile was huge as excitement danced in his eyes.

“I should have thought of that, maybe the walk over will help me make a little room in my belly for some of those snacks.” Jane really enjoyed seeing the joy and happiness in the two children’s eyes. They had been thriving under the loving care of Millie and The Millers. Millie had approached her and Maura only a few days earlier about officially adopting the duo. Jeremy and Emily had been happy and agreeable to the arrangement and the paperwork had already been filed. After the tournament Jane herself was going to perform the magical adoption ceremony for the little family. Millie had already asked if Jane and Maura would be the children’s godparents or Undrehiel’s equivalent. The couple had readily agreed since they had grown to care so greatly for the boy and girl.

“I’m sure you’ll have plenty of room for snacks dear, but like the children you can’t have too much or you’ll make yourself sick.” Maura’s tone was serious as she spoke, yet her eyes were twinkling with merriment as her love only groaned pouting like the children had.

Jane stood scooping Emily up in her arms causing the girl to squeal. “Let’s get going then. There’s lots to see before the opening ceremonies for the tournament.” She offered her hand to assist Maura to her feet as she shifted Emily to her hip.

The Lady Alpha felt eagerness coursing through herself as well. It was always more fun and entertaining experiencing such things with her Jane than it ever had been before she met her. Having the children along simply added a new pleasant element to the mix. Maura readily accepted the hand up. “Then let us be off my Laird. Millie and I wouldn’t want to have to make you three children wait any longer.” She teased her powerful woman who really could be a big kid at heart sometimes as she was at that moment.

Their close friends nearby as well as some of the other Manor household were all laughing enjoying their Alphas’ antics. It was good to see being royalty wasn’t changing the couple’s down to earth demeanors.

As the powerful couple walked to the village along with a vast number of the Manor’s residents, Marcus who was walking at Jane’s right picked up Jeremy putting him on his shoulders so the boy could see over the crowd to view the colorful sites in the dell below as they topped the rise from the valley the Manor occupied.

The boy whooped at his new unobscured vantage point.

“Would you like to ride up on my shoulders?” Jane asked the small girl she still carried.

“Oh yes. I will be able to see everything just like Jeremy.” Emily’s voice was full of excitement.

Sweeping her hair to the side the tall strong female alpha easily maneuvered the girl into place glad the child was wearing trousers that day so she could more easily enjoy all the activities the fair offered.

The adults laughed as the two children high fived each other from their lofty perches as they cheered excitedly.

Maura smiled at her wonderful mate enjoying the look of happiness in her love’s eyes. Jane really was great with children and she knew in the years to come Jane would make a wonderful parent, but that time was a years away. There was too much to be done in the near future and things would be extremely volatile when they openly took their places in Undrehiel and as well as in the realm of man. Pregnancy and babies would have to wait for a while plus it would serve Jane and Maura better to have time together as wives before they took on also being mothers. They had many lifetimes ahead of them they did not need to rush into becoming parents it just didn’t seem right at the moment.

The festival visitors cheered and waved as the Royal couple made their way down the thoroughfares visiting game and food booths. The Laird even went into the fun house and haunted house with the two children that the people soon learned were the Royal couple’s pages. The powerful leader also rode a few of the bigger rides with the children or just the boy when the girl was too small to ride. The Laird and her Lady rode the Ferris wheel together as well as the Tunnel of Amour. As the day progressed the crowd of children around the couple rose much as it had around Jane at the last festival.

The citizens of Hecation who were attending liked how personable and approachable the King and Queen were even with the guards around them. A little after noon the royal party sat in an outdoor section of a restaurant on the outskirts of the town that was packed as were the rest of the town and festivals eateries. The group enjoyed watching the people moving up and down the streets in their colorful clothes and the travelling entertainers singing, dancing, performing magic, and other various entertainments. It had been a grand day and soon they would be heading to where the parade was to begin. For the first time in a very long time the Royal float that started the parade would not just be in commemoration and tribute of the first King and Queen, but also in honor of the current King and Queen who would actually be riding on the float. Jeremy and Emily were excited because they were going to be joining Jane and Maura on the float along with some of the King’s and Queen’s warriors.  

Members of the royal household had delivered the clothing that the King and Queen, as well as their pages and royal guards, would be wearing on the float. Millie and Maddie assisted Jane and Maura in dressing and with hair and make-up. They also assisted Jeremy and Emily into their page tunics. Three of the King’s warriors and three of the Queen’s warriors would be on the float as well. Warren, Maxine, and Ashley from Jane’s warriors and Gil, Nina, and Tony from Maura’s, all wearing their black and silver or green and silver formal uniforms. Those remaining of the King and Queen’s warriors wore their basic dress uniforms representing whichever of the groups they were members of. Jane and Maura wore outfits very similar to the ones they wore the first time that they arrived in Hecation.

“You look stunning as always, my dear.” Jane lifted her lovely wife’s hand kissing it before helping her up onto the float and to the top tier where they would be perched with Emily and Jeremy just a step below them. Their guards would be around the lowest tier of the float and more would be walking along the sides just in case. Millie was on a lower tier also dressed in a royal uniform of colors representing both the King and the Queen, she was mostly on the float to help watch over her children.

The Mayor stopped by their float. “Are you ready you’re Highnesses?”

Jane looked around her, silently asking her people if they were ready receiving nods from them all. “We’re ready when everyone else is.”

“Well let me hop up on my parade float and we will be on our way.” The Mayor climbed up on the colorful platform behind the Royal float and the marching musicians in front of the parade began moving and playing announcing the coming cavalcade.

Jane and Maura smiled and waved as everyone cheered as they passed. It was a very odd experience for them both, it really brought home how popular they were becoming at least in Hecation. “Do you think it will be this bad when we become known to the rest of Undrehiel?” Jane sincerely hoped not.

“I wouldn’t doubt it, dear. Especially when tales of the things that have been happening here leave Hecation and I am sure more will probably happen to bring us into the limelight, especially you sweetheart. King Raven is a major hottie and a badass to boot.” Maura chuckled as her wife groaned aloud as well as over their mind link.

The children and Millie enjoyed throwing necklaces and candy to the crowd that they passed while the guards on the float kept their senses fully open only having to turn away a few zealous fans from attempting to climb up onto the moving platform.

Jane was very glad when they finally reached the arena and she and her party were able to climb down off the float and take their place in the Royal box to watch the rest of the parade as it crossed the field and then the shows of the opening ceremonies. They all had a good time the rest of the evening and into the night before making their way back to King’s Manor for an early night because Jane especially had an early and difficult morning ahead the following day.


Jane was glad that she made it to the middle ranks for most of the unmounted individual competitions, because she wasn’t sure how well she would be hanging in there if she had to start at the bottom in everything. There was more unmounted individual events in the King’s tournament than in the first one she competed in and more competitors to boot. So far she was able to easily defeat all of her opponents, but as the tournament wore on she became more tired during the day of competition as she seemed to be in constant motion moving rapidly from event to event and her opponents gradually grew more skilled.

“You’re doing great Jane. Most everyone today and for the next few days are all unranked or low ranked fighters, stay vigilant and you should be okay. I hate to say it, but the competition is only going to get fiercer the longer the tournament continues. Nobody predicted how popular the King’s tournament was going to be this year, but I have every faith in you baby. Just hang in there and I will give you a great rubdown when we get home like I have every night so far.” Maura purred reassuringly through her mind.

“I will hold you to that promise, babe. I will surely be needing it.”  Was the tall woman’s brief reply before she was once again called onto the field to battle it out with another competitor.


The long tournament continued on with Jane working her way steadily through the competition proving herself over and over again in the many events be they on horseback, on foot, and even in the leadership of a squad of five trials, otherwise known as Melees. Her people were also doing well and her and Maura’s warriors were all still in the competition too as the final days approached. When the final competitions began Jane found herself facing many of her own warriors for first place, but over and over again the fatigued King and Laird battled to the end claiming victory over all challengers. Her popularity as well as Maura’s had grown even more as each day of the tournament was televised, so to speak, over the mirror network of Hecation. Maura had performed more acts of healing that saved the lives of warriors thought to surely die from their injuries solidifying her ‘Angel of Mercy’ title and her place as the life giving light to her deadly King’s dark.

They were finally down to the last day of the warrior competitions and the final event. Jane had once again stood firm and won all competitions so far, but many were worried or excited depending on who you were, about the last match. The event was old fashioned jousting on horseback and Jane’s opponent was huge and on an equally huge and strong horse in order to hold the large male. Her challenger seemed to be a rare crossbreed creature of the pairing of a Minotaur and a Lycan and carried more human features than a true Minotaur and wasn’t as big as one either, yet he also would never be able to pass as a human. The warrior had never been defeated in the joust and many wondered if this would be the King’s first defeat of her short, yet undefeated tournament career or if it would be the first joust defeat for the warrior known only as Lycaur.

Jane sat gathering herself spooling her strength from her inner well that had been severely tapped during the long grueling tournament. She felt her body loosening as her tired and sore form was filled with the strength from her inner well of power. Her meditation was cut short as Marcus placed a lance in her gauntlet covered hand. Jane prayed she could unseat Lycaur on the first pass and didn’t go flying herself, but doubted it was going to be that easy or painless.

“Stay focused Jane. I know you can do this. You will remain undefeated this day, don’t focus on his overall size. Remember you only have to hit him in that sweet-spot and pop him out of his seat, and remember no matter what that I love you and am extremely proud of you. Now go kick some Lycaur ass and cement your badass reputation across all of Hecation that is watching.” Maura sent waves of love, confidence, and reassurance to her wife over their private mental link.

Jane smiled as she closed the visor of her helm. “Thanks babe. I love you too, my Angel.” With that she kicked her own powerful horse into a gallop as the flag was dropped charging towards her large opponent focusing on that sweet spot as she had many times before in practice as well as during the tournament to get her to the final joust. The thunder of her horse’s hooves on the hard packed earth filled her ears along with that of the roar of the crowd. As she neared her challenger the pounding sound of his horse’s hooves grew louder joining the cacophony of sounds that became a sort of white noise in Jane’s ears as she and her opponent closed in on one another before she thrust her lance forward seeing it shatter upon the armor of her target sending him slamming back in his saddle. Almost at the same moment the dark haired female warrior felt the earth-shaking impact of a lance slamming into her own armor as the lance also shattered spraying wood shards around her as she was slammed rearwards in her own saddle, but Jane held tight with her legs to her horse as she sped past the opposing warrior.

The crowd was on their feet going wild as both warriors turned their horses to head back to their starting posts throwing down the remains of their broken lances to their pages or assistants and nodding to one another as they passed each other.

“Are you okay, Jane? It looked like he hit you pretty hard.” Maura’s worried mental voice filled her mind.

“It hurt like a bitch! I think Lycaur hits almost as hard as that stupid creature from the fucking demon realm. I literally feel like I was just hit by a speeding Mac truck! I only hope I made him feel the same way.” Jane wished she could rub the sting out of where she had been hit, but she had to sit tall in her saddle and act like she was unaffected by the powerful slam she took.

“I’m sorry it hurts so bad sweetheart. If it makes you feel any better it looked like you slammed Lycaur back in his saddle even more than he did you. Just stay focused on hitting that sweet spot and staying in your own saddle and if it comes down to a draw and you have to sword fight on horseback or on the ground I know you can take him. There is no one better than you with a sword in their hands.” Once again Maura sent waves of love, confidence, and reassurance to her wife and mate.

Jane sighed in contentment as she was once again reminded just how lucky she was to have Maura in her life as her wife and mate. The dark haired woman settled her mount and rolled her shoulders trying to work some of the soreness out as she was given a new lance and prepared to charge down the lists towards her opponent once more.

Her proud horse was just as eager as she was once the flag was dropped and horse and rider rushed across the field as one in pure power and speed as they advanced, Jane once more smashing her lance hard enough into just the right spot on her adversary to shatter her lance and send him completely laying back across his horses hindquarters, nevertheless Lycaur held on keeping his saddle and hold of his own shattered lance. Jane had once again been thrown back into her saddle by the heavy blow, but stayed mostly upright and not laid out like Lycaur had been and she easily kept hold of her splintered lance. They circled back to their own starting places once more for the final joust.

Jane’s shoulder was throbbing, but she was determined to end the match without it going to swords. She wanted to prove she could pop the behemoth out of his saddle as no one before her had ever managed to do. The Laird wanted to send Lycaur flying.

Maura didn’t speak before Jane’s final run, only sending her positive feelings and love as before. Taking the final lance from her page the Laird settled herself readily in her saddle and gripped her reigns keen to charge as soon as the flag was dropped. Jane and her steed stormed as one down the lane once the flag was lowered, the female warriors focus absolute as she raised just so in her saddle and shifted her seat for extra power preparing for her final assault. King Raven’s lance raced out smashing into that perfect spot and with a slight extra flick of her jarred wrist Jane sent the large warrior flying as his own lance hit her armored shoulder, but skittered off unbroken. His stallion rearing unaccustomed to his rider falling from his back. The Laird steered clear as the crowd went wild chanting for King Raven as the Laird raised her arm holding the remains of the shattered lance in her hand high in celebration.

Jane tossed the broken lance down to Jeremy as she felt and then saw Maura rapidly approaching. The King calmed her mount as she leaned down and easily scooped her love up off the ground in one smooth motion much to the delight of the crowd before settling the fair haired woman neatly across her lap as Maura clasped her warrior’s face in her hands and claimed Jane’s mouth in a searing kiss as reward for the champion’s hard won victory. Everyone was cheering wildly at the display and the further proof of the prowess of the powerful King both on the field of battle and off.

“I really like when you reward me like this and we get cheers for it.” Jane teased as the kiss continued.

Maura’s grip on her mate tightened fractionally. “Have I mentioned how turned on it makes me when you are all Alpha warrior and I am really liking the whole armored knight look on you. I am making sure I have pictures of you dressed like this and fighting to hang up in my study.”

The couple pulled apart and waved at the crowd before Jane lifted Maura securely to her body and easily dismounted from her warhorse as Warren held his head. The King moved like her armor weighed nothing at all. The Royal couple moved as one towards Lycaur as he was now standing from his fall after a healer had checked him over.

He bowed with fist over his chest as Jane and Maura neared. Laird Raven put her fist to chest along with a simple nod of her head in acknowledgement and the large being stood towering over Jane’s considerable height by at least a foot and a half. “My King I have not been hit so hard or unseated since I was a very young warrior learning to joust. Facing you has been an honor as well as a humbling experience.” He admitted in a deep gravelly rumbling voice.

“I have to say that your hits were the most powerful I have felt during a joust and it took a lot to keep my seat with the blows you delivered. Thank you for the mighty challenge you offered here today.” Jane extended her hand for a handshake, her hand completely disappearing in his massive four fingered paw. The crowd cheering once more at the display of comradery and sportsmanship.  “I read he is a good being and intelligent. He is not currently serving anyone in a warrior capacity and his companion who travels with him is also an odd mix of beings like him and good with magic. I think they could be good individuals to recruit. What do you think?” Jane sent privately to her mate.

“I feel the same. I will let you extend the offer dear since he carries you in such high esteem as does his companion.” Lady Snow smiled up at the large male. “You gave a fine showing of yourself today. It was an honor to watch such a fine warrior compete alongside my mate on the field of battle.” Maura nodded to the half Lycan.

“Thank you for your kind words, my lady.” He bowed to her with what was most likely a smile on his interesting face.

“If you and your companion are amenable and don’t have any other obligations I would be interested in discussing a few opportunities with the two of you after the tournament and fair are over. If either of you or both of you might be interested please present yourselves at my home once this craziness has all passed.” Jane proposed.

Lycaur looked shocked at the offer. “We would be honored to serve such a worthy King and her lady. You will be seeing us both the day after all of the festivities are over, you’re Majesty.” He was definitely smiling moments later when he took his leave.

“I think they will make a good addition to our troop, especially with some of them leaving to go back to the human realm soon.” Maura commented as they made their way toward the Royal tent so she could assist Jane in removing her armor and give her a good going over with her healer’s eyes.

“I feel much the same.” For her part Jane was looking forward to sitting down or even lying down for a few minutes before the award ceremonies began.


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