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As Long As It's You

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I don’t remember how it started, I couldn’t fathom how I ended up in the situation. All I knew, all I’d known for the past hour, was the hot skin and strong muscles of Park Jimin.

“But noona~” he whined, I shook my head at him for the third time.

“Jiminnie I said no. Seokjin oppa will kick my ass if I let you eat all of the dessert before dinner. You know how hard he works to feed you boys.” I lectured him, hands on my hips and looking up at him. For being the shortest member, he certainly towered high above me…though with my shorter than average height, this wasn’t much of a feat.

“You’re so tiny and cute, noona.” He said with a flush of his cute cheeks, a grin spreading over his face and making his eyes nearly disappear with my favorite eyesmile.

“Aish, this kid.” I hit him lightly on the shoulder, his hand immediately circled my wrist. He tugged me into his hard frame and slid his free arm around my waist, pinning me against him. His eyes bore holes into me, I could feel the air between the two of us heating up- hotter than any summer sun. My head began to spin, I realize I’d been holding my breath as Jimin releases my wrist in favor of cupping my chin instead. His plush, pillow-like lips find themselves against mine, my body is frozen in shock before I throw my arms around his shoulders and surrender myself to his kiss.


I groan as I’m pinned against the wall, Jimin’s hands are flying around my body- eager to touch every inch of my now exposed skin. His lips, his hands, his tongue- he feels like he's everywhere at once- if his mouth is on my thigh, his hands are on my breasts. I begin to lose track of where my body ended and his began, I became curious as to how talented my beautiful mochi might be.
A silent scream throws my head against the wall, his mouth and fingers working together in a united assault of my core as waves crash over me and send me into the depths of ultimate pleasure. Lewd, wet sounds filled the air as I was claimed so easily by my younger.


“Look at how beautiful you are.” He murmured in my ear, his front was smashed against my back as his hands attacked me, our eyes meeting in the reflection of the floor-length mirror. Red and purple marks blossomed on my neck and shoulder, he sucked another one lightly into my skin while his fingers continued touching, teasing, in the place I needed him most.

“J-Jimin~” I whine, watching his hand against me, his wrist bending and flexing as he pistoned his digits. I couldn't tear my eyes from the sight, every inch of my pale flesh was reflected in the mirror- Jimin's touch working so expertly at my core.

“S-sorry my hands are so small noona…” his voice hitched slightly, I looked up in the mirror and saw a little flash of shame in his eyes. I slide my hand against the back of his neck and pull his hair lightly, arching my back into his touch as a moan escapes my lips.

“Jiminnie, are you watching how completely fucked you’ve got me with only your mouth and hands? You’re so good Jimin…so good~” I wine into his neck, nipping the column of his throat lightly.


I shove Jimin down onto the mattress, my hands splayed out over his thick thighs, his muscles tensing under my touch as I trail light scratches along his golden-tan skin. His hips roll under my touch as I lace my fingers under the elastic band of his little blue shorts, my lips finding the inside of his right thigh for tender kisses and gentle bites. His sweet voice escapes his throat as a long groan.

"Have I ever told you that you're beautiful, Jimin?" I ask, my eyes flicking up to meet his as my tongue dances higher along his skin. He lifts himself to watch me, sitting up to see me settled between his legs and toying with the soft blue fabric.

"All the time noona. Why would you-" his voice is lost as I palm his rigid length, my fingertips trace along the head until a bead of wetness seeps into the fabric, the tiny dark spot growing larger as I toy with his throbbing rod.

"Making sure you know~" I smile up at him, my voice breathy and light as I free him from his soft blue cotton prison and take that weeping tip into my mouth, my tongue greedily lapping at the bitterness.


With my back pressed into the bed, Jimin’s muscled body lingers just inches from mine. I throw my legs around his hips easily, I can’t miss the tiny smirk against his lips, the arch of his brow. I need him. He knows I need him. His blown-out pupils loudly declare that he needs me just as bad. This tease between us had gone on too long- too many months of playful jokes and not-so-harmless touches when we were alone.

I nearly shout as he finally sinks his length into me, one hard, sudden thrust and he’s buried to the hilt and I’m repeating his name a thousand times over like a mantra, a plead for him to just move.

“You good, noona?” he asked with a half-innocent tone, the other half more than a little proud at how he was making me fight to not scream his name loud enough to echo in the dorm.

“God yes! Just…just move Jimin! Fuck! Please!!” I beg him, the words fell from my lips before I could stop them- before I had realized they’d even been said.

He responds with a rough snap of his hips, my voice left me as I thrashed below him in silent screams, he took a hard and fast pace that left me breathless and crumbling from him within minutes. My nails sink into his back, I pray that I don’t leave marks on that beautiful tan skin. I can only consider the thought for a moment before the coil breaks- that heat building in my stomach from the long tease suddenly burst and I cried out his name and swore, sparks bursting behind my eyelids as I transcended my body.

Jimin took no mercy on me, his pace echoed the sounds of slapping flesh through the room. My hands fought to find purchase against the headboard as I was pounded into the bed. I half whimper his name as he withdraws, gripping my hips and rolling my body until I'm face down against the sheets. His hands grip my hips and pull me up, he drives in once more, using the new position to thrust harder until I'm biting the pillow and screaming out his name.

I felt his hard form collapse on top of me, we fell against the bed as gentle, soft whispers of my name fell from his lips, his length jerked within me. He rolled away with heavy panting, I chased after him and snuggled into his chest, leaving little kisses over his tight muscles.

Jimin started laughing, I looked up at him, feeling rather offended.

“No, it’s not you noona. I just thought about how this was way better than dessert before dinner.” He gave me that sweet smile, the one that pulled at my heart and made me die for a taste of those lips again. I crawled up his body, legs straddling him as I kissed him. I kissed him until we were both drunk from our passion and our lips were too sore for more.

“Your lips are sweeter than any dessert, too…my beautiful Jimin.” The bashful smile came across his face, his cheeks flamed with blush. He tightened his arms around me and pulled me down to snuggle against his sweaty chest.

“Let’s stay here for a while, noona. Stay by my side, ok?” he sounded hopeful, his voice light and soft. I looked up to him and gave an approving nod, my heart swelling with everything I’d tried to keep hidden for much too long. His arms tightened again, I feared he may crush me with his muscles- but I didn’t care. As long as it was my beautiful Park Jimin…I didn’t care.