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Forget Me Not

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“RICK! THEY'RE RIGHT BEHIND US!” Morty's voice came out in a tremor as he hid behind a locker, his body shielded by the thin metal as shots rang out around them, buzzing past their ears, almost skimming the flesh. Rick brought a hand down, pulling Morty by the arm as he ran, his eyes wide as he observed the world around him, taking in all the sights.


“To the uh-uhm...the uh...” his words came out jumbled as he ran, his mind searching for the right name for the vehicle.

“SHIP?!” Morty cut him off as he quickly ran to the side of the junk-heap saucer. Rick quickly pushed in a few keys, a beep playing out.




“SSSSSSSHIT-!” Rick bumped his head against the dome as Morty shook his arm fast, looking between the bug-like creatures ascending them.


“G-g-grandpa Rick!”


“Sheesh, would you relax, I got this.”




A flurry of beeps, a green light, Rick scooped him up in his arms as he leaped inside the vehicle, (still quite spry for a man of 80) cranking the ignition and exiting the building in the most destructive manner possible. Sure, he could have left through the skylight, but nothing sent a message better than blasting a wall out.


“Hahah, yeeeeeeeeeeeahhhh!” Rick's voice came out cocky as ever as he drummed his fists on the glass roof lightly. “Come ar-URRP-OUND Here, motherfuckers!” Fishing his flask out of his jacket, he'd go to give a hearty drink only to find it was gone.


“Hey Morty...Why don't you hand grandpa back his booze?” he patted himself down. Surely he had given it to Morty...right?


“I don't have it, Rick...” Morty held his arm, rolled onto his side as he sighed some.


This was the sixth time today he had asked him about the alcohol. And the sixth time he had replied to him the same. Curling his legs in, he hugged his knees as he looked down, hearing Rick give swears under his breath. Wiping the drool off of his mouth, he gave a sigh.


“Gonna be a URRRP LOOOOOOOOONG trip home.” he'd recline back, scratching under his chin as Morty sat up.




“Sheesh. Drop the loving spouse act. What's on your mind?” Rick had a habit of cutting through Morty's acts of sincerity like a hot knife through butter.


“I'm worried about you.” Morty prepared himself for the verbal onslaught as he sighed.


“What else is new?” Rick's half-closed glance to the air ahead of him was unchanged by the confession of concern. Morty's face twisted in anger, his eyes narrowed.


“Hey Rick, where's your flask?” His voice was half a chuckle, half serious. Rick brought a hand down to his chest as he patted it again.


“Hey Morty where's my -” His voice trailed off as he locked eyes with Morty.


Something about the way they faded...Morty's heart broke as he knelt close, unbuckling and climbing into Rick's lap.

“Rick...Something's wrong...” he said with a soft sigh.


“How long...have you noticed this?” He continued steering them as he steadied his breathing.


“A while...” Morty buried his face into Rick's teal long-sleeve, inhaling deep. Sandalwood, coriander, and hints of foreign smoke dotted his scent, Morty giving a soft shiver as he exhaled; out of not lust but fear.


He was going to lose him. The pit of his stomach dropped and swilled as he felt his mind overrun with too many thoughts. He had just gotten to know Rick intimately, his grandfather insisting they wait until the age of consent despite Morty pushing for more than a kiss. More than a hug. More than the occasional asspat.


Tears streamed his face as he held him tightly, kissing along his neck.


“I...I love you Rick...”


Through the silence of space they floated, not saying a word. Not communicating through words...but they both felt it. The deepest ache of loss, an impending doom between them both.


“I...I don't want to forget you, Morty...” A tear fell from Rick's left eye, his voice unmoving.


Morty lost it. His body began to shake, his mind began to race, his eyes flooded Rick's shirt as he sobbed hard, feeling the older male hold him close, his body raked with hard sobs. Snot rolled from his nose and he pulled away, feeling Rick push his face in harder.


“It's okay. I'm gonna wash this later...i-if I remember, heh...” Rick realized how wrong those words were to say as Morty wailed louder, his body hot and shaking.


“I won't loose you I refuse to I wont loose you I love you GOD DAMN IT!” his fist pounded in frustration lightly on Rick's chest as he sobbed harder.


Rick fished a small hankerchief from his pocket, handing it to Morty who blew his nose, wiping his now reddening eyes.


“Feel better?”



“Yeah...Heh...Well..” he rolled his eyes.


“Rick...What am I going to do without you...?” Morty was a smart man. He had already put the pieces together from his volunteer work at the local home. Rick was slipping away from him.


“You're gonna go on, and you're gonna go do great things M-Morty.” Rick's face was streaming tears. “And you're going to go on and do so much science Morty. You're gonna go find another Rick who can pick up where I left off, and you're gonna go surpass even ME, Morty!”


“I DON'T WANT ANOTHER RICK!” his voice came out cracked. “I want YOU, I want MY Rick! ” the sobbing started again.


Having nothing to add to the conversation, Rick sat there in silence, piloting the ship through space, Morty in his lap, his hands placed gently on either sides of his hips.


Morty looked up, his eyes glassy as he caught Rick's lips in a passionate kiss, his body shaking. Rick returned the gesture, his hands coming up and cupping the young man's cheek gently as he wiped a tear away with his thumb.


“You is going to be a while before we get back to Earth...” he arched his eyebrow as Morty blushed hard, wiping his tears slightly.


“But...but Rick...” he looked down.


“I...I don't know if it's right...I mean...can you really consent now that we know you' know...”


“M-ORT-y.” a hiccup caused Morty to recoil slightly. “I still have enough marbles left to drive this hunk of junk. I want you...” he pressed several kisses to Morty as he felt the flesh under his lips warm. Giving a soft nip to the sensitive skin, Morty gasped, arching.

“G-grandpa Rick!” his voice caught in his throat as he felt Rick's free hand slip between his pants, gripping his already stiff member. The button unlatched with ease from his other hand as Rick went back to steering the ship with one hand and Morty with the other.


“Oh you're a dirty boy arent'cha Morty?” he pumped it gently as Morty curled in, gripping his shoulders hard.


“Oh god Rick..this...this isn't right!” He bit his bottom lip as Rick squeezed the tip between his index and thumb, the pad of his digit swirling in the precum bead as he watched Morty almost collapse against the wheel. Steadying it with his knee, both hands freely explored the youth on his lap.


“That's it Morty...Yeahhh...” He'd lift his shirt as he knelt forward, catching Morty's nipple between his canines. A cry out caused Morty to gasp at the volume of his own voice. He loved it when Rick was rough with him, his arms and face plastered against the top of the glass dome bubble.


“Say it.” Rick's long tongue came out, lapping at the hard bud as Morty blushed hard.


“Oh I have to?” He felt his body shivering as planets passed them by. He knew anyone looking in could see them.


Rick's hand gave another stroke as Morty cried out more.

“Say it for me...” he gave another growl as Morty felt himself loose himself in the moment. Rick pivoted his hips, sending them flying forward as he pressed on the accelerator.


“Oh GOD! R-r-r-GRANDPA RICK PLEASE MAKE ME FEEL GOOD!” he felt himself cascade over the edge from the increase in G-force as his hips arched, his body braced against his hands, ribbon after ribbon of white hot sticky cum shooting on Rick's shirt and chin. Opening his mouth, a small bead found it's way inside of his maw as he looked up, slowly easing off the pedal. Morty's mind was a buzz as he felt himself slowly coming back down, his body trembling.


“Heh heh...” Rick looked up as Morty pulled away, curling into the other seat.


“What's wrong?”


“This...just feels wrong I taking advantage of you?” Rick glanced over the youth as he sighed some.


“Look. If you don't want us to keep going with the relationship...” Rick brought his hand down, catching some of the essence on his thumb as he licked it off. Morty gave a choke as he looked away.


“G-gross Rick...And...And I dunno...I mean...I really love you and all b-but I have some reservations...C-can I have a few days to think it over?”


Giving a nod, Rick sighed.


“Just...let me know.”


As they landed in the garage, Morty unbuckled, leaning in. Giving a soft kiss, he cupped Rick's face.


“Please...don't forget me...”