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It was raining again; St Louis was wet from the freak storms that seemed to be moving through the area as a black four door Chevy Impala rolled into town.  Parking in the first parking lot it found on the edge of town the two men inside it looked at each other.  Now was as good a time as any to make the call, so the youngest of the pair with his shaggy dark brunette hair slightly damp and sticking to his forehead picked up his cell phone.  Dialing the number he'd gotten from the office that morning, he waited for the answer.

 "This is Blake." A woman's voice said groggily on the other end.

"Marshal Blake?" The man nervously licked his lips.

"Yes?" She sighed and the sounds of moving fabric told the tail of how she'd been woken up by their phone call.

"This is Marshal Winchester, Sam Winchester." He licked his lips. "My brother Marshal Dean Winchester and I are sitting at city limits and wanted to give you the heads up before we come into your town." He could hear the stark silence on the other end of the line.

"What brings you to St Louis?" Anita asked.

 "We're chasing down a rogue lycanthrope." Sam nodded at Dean.  "He's killed forty people across four states.  We tracked him to St Louis." Anita swore under her breath.

 "You didn't have to give me a heads up you know." Anita left the question out of her voice.

 "We know.  But we're going to need the biggest amount of help from you and your connections with the local pack.  This werewolf is bad news and we know the other werewolves can help us find him faster then trying to track him the normal route."

"Monster hunters who think outside the box?"

 "Monster hunters who know when to ask for help when their utterly out classed." Sam amended.

 "I think I like you." Anita's smile could be heard over the phone.

 "Glad to hear it.  I'm just glad you're letting us into your town." Sam sighed.  "Not many Marshals are keen on either of us in their home town these days...."

 "Marshal Winchester,..."

 "Sam." Sam interrupted.

 "Then you can call me Anita or Blake." Anita quipped back.  "I've heard the rumors about what happened with the near ending of the planet and all.  Personally I think your rep is less damaged then mine."

 "I don't know about that.  I've heard your rep.  Kick ass agent who knows how to handle herself and has an in with the monsters.  Seems kind of tame by comparison." Anita scoffed at him.

 "I'm a succubus who is fucking the master of the city." Anita finally said.

 "And I'm the demon blood spawn of an upper level demon who wanted me to be the antichrist.  Personally I think mine trumps yours." Sam smirked as Dean grinned.  "I only have one favor to ask, don't shoot Dean.  He's an ass but he means well." Sam watched as Dean furrowed his brow.

 "One in every family isn't there?" Anita laughed.  "Reminds me of Jason." Sam could hear her scowl as she muttered to herself.  "Do you want to meet now or in a little while?" She finally asked, more fabric moving, showing she was getting dressed.

 "How soon do you think you can be to the cafe on the outskirts of town?" Sam looked at where they were parked.

 "What's the name." Anita went deadly silent.

 "The Lunatic Cafe?" Sam moved so he can see the sign.

 "Don't go in.  Don't leave your car.  I'll be there in a minute." Anita started to rush.

 "What's going on?" Dean looked at Sam's confused face.

 "I don't know... apparently we parked in a bad place." Sam frowned.  "Anita, what's..."

 "That's a Lycanthrope owned business." Anita said in a rush.  "The local wolf pack owns and operates it.  And if you go in there talking at all about the case you'll have a restaurant full of Lycans NOT happy with you." She started dressing faster.  "I'll be there in under 20 minutes." She picked up her keys and left a note for someone from the sounds on the phone.

 "Okay, we can wait in the car for you."

 "I'm going to call someone to be there to speak for the pack leadership.  The Ulfric doesn't like talking to non pack members." Anita said as she sounded like she was going down stairs.

 "He's in the furry closet eh?" Sam smiled at his own joke.

 "Only because it'd cost him his job." She sighed.

 "Well, tell him even if we do see or hear about who he is, he's never getting seen or heard about by us." Sam nodded to Dean.

 "You'd falsif-"

 "Nope, I'd just deliberately leave out." Sam looked down.

 "Thank you." Anita sighed as she closed a door.  "I'm almost to my car.  I'll see you when I get there.  Oh if a blonde 20 something guy shows up, he's who I called to talk to you."

 "Okay, bye."

 "Bye." They hung up and as with in 10 seconds of them ending their call a phone went off outside their car.  The guy was less then 15 feet from the car and they could hear him.

 "Yeah, I'm at the cafe.  Why?" The guy stopped and talked into his phone.  "Yeah, I can... look for a car with two guys in it.  Sure thing Anita." Sam and Dean looked at each other.  "Okay, see you soon." He closed his phone and looked around the parking lot.  Dean rolled down his window.

 "Hey, you just get off the phone with Marshal Blake?" Dean asked the blonde guy who was dressed in work out cloths.

 "Yeah." His hair plastered to him from the downpour.

 "Get on in." He unlocked the backdoor and motioned.

 "Thanks." He smiled.  "I'm Jason.  Jason Schuyler." He smiled.

 "Dean Winchester, and this is my brother Sam." Dean nodded.

 "Nice to meet you." Jason grinned.  "Anita should be here shortly." Jason stretched out a bit in the back seat.

 "Yeah.  So..  you're a werewolf?" Dean turned to look at Jason.

 "Yep, several years now." He nodded.

 "Huh, I don't think I've ever met a werewolf as calm as you." Dean shrugged.

 "Been hunting them down a lot right?" Jason eyed Dean.

 "Only when they go on a rampage.  We tend to avoid the ones who are law abiding." Sam added.

 "Getting to be more of us thankfully." Jason popped his neck.  "Anita said you were here hunting a rogue?" Jason frowned.  "And that you're... uh... interested in what I did for the last set of cops who came in looking for a rogue." Jason bit his lip.

 "So that was you?" Sam grinned.

 "Yep.  Went all furry and tracked his scent." Jason nodded.

 "Well we have some things he's been wearing and such in the trunk." Sam nodded to himself.  "Cloths he shredded transforming and such."

 "Ah.  Makes it easier that way.  I can get a scent for him in both forms that way." Jason's legs started bouncing slightly as he sat there.

 "Problems?" Dean asked with a slight frown.

 "Just got back from a six mile run.  I'm hungry for some burgers and a little hyper.  Full moon being so close." He shrugged.

 "Ah." Dean sat there while Sam and Jason talked about Lycan physiology and its ties into the lunar cycle while they waited for Anita.  Not too long after though a jeep pulled into the parking lot and a short busty woman got out and headed towards them.  "Stand back boys, watch me lay on the charm." He grinned, rolling down the window.  "Hey cute baby, you give out fries with that shake?" He smirked.

 "oh gods." Jason laughed hard.

 "What?  That's quality game son." Dean frowned at him.

 "I'm going to go out on a limb here... but I think that's...." Sam closed his eyes.

 "No way... No fucking way that's...." Dean turned around.  "You're not... I mean..."

 "So this is why you asked me not to kill him?" Anita snorted.  "If Jason had put him up to it I'd probably have hit Jason for it.  As it is, I'm wet, and I want coffee, so let's go talk about murdered bodies in a secure room." She turned and stalked off towards the cafe.

 "Hey, things are looking up, she didn't shoot you!" Jason grinned as he got out of the car before leaning in Dean's window.  "You can tell how pissed she is by which weapons she points at you." He scurried after Anita.

 "Let's go see if we can get that foot out of your mouth there." Sam sighed as he got out leaving a stunned Dean in the car.


 Elsewhere in St Louis a bus pulled up and a shaggy raven-haired young man left the open door, his every possession taking up the small space of the nap sack on his back.  His cloths wrinkled from the time he'd spent sleeping in them on his trip to get here.  He looked around at the storm-streaked sky and the grey looking world.  He walked over to the club he'd read about and knocked the door.  Biting his lip he waited for someone to answer and hoping that someone was there this time of day.

 "Yeah?" A guy answered the door, his auburn hair nearly ankle length as he peeked around the door.

 "can i come in?" The young man bit his lip as he looked down.

 "Uh, no male customers...." The guy blushed.

 "oh..." The young man looked around.  "i was wanting to audition." He blushed.

 "Ah.  That's different." He opened the door and ushered the young man in the club.  "I'm Nathaniel, one of the dancers here.  I was trying out a new retinue when you knocked." He smiled as he shook his hand.

 "Harry." He looked down.  "Harry Potter." He gave a weak smile.

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Anita nodded to the waitress and took the boys into a different room before snagging a handful of menus.  She stopped long enough to tell the waitress to come in the room in a few minutes.  That done, she lead the way and they all filed into the separate, smaller room to talk.  Jason scooped up a menu from Anita and sat down to start plotting out his order as the others sat down at the single table to talk.

 "So you're tracking a rogue." Anita started the ball rolling.

 "Yeah, Kevin Lewis was a convicted murder.  He got out on parole last November.  He was out less then a month when a werewolf attacked him.  We know from the local pack that he tried to join that he became increasingly violent.  They turned him into the police when they thought he'd murdered a human again.  He broke out of custody and killed two of the people who turned him in." Sam sighed as he pulled out a file folder.  "He started killing across multiple states as he moved his way closer and closer to here.  We haven't found any link to this town before this.  But we do know that this town is built on a nexus, so it's likely that his lycan senses drew him closer and closer to the town."

 "A nexus?" Anita asked as she flipped through the file, looking up.

 "It's a confluence of mystical and geomagnetic energies resulting in a location that draws anyone and everything with the slightest tie to the metaphysical to be drawn to this point in space." Sam answered.

 "Huh, I'd have called it a hell hole." Anita shrugged and went back to the file.

 "We were put on the case because we were the closest to where his murder spree started." Dean replied.  "We tracked him down here." He pointed to a map that was drawn of the course they'd taken.  "His last murder that we've were able to id was less then 14 hours ago.  Holding to his pattern, he'll murder someone tonight."

 "Shit." Anita looked through the crime scene photos.  "His type?" She looked up when the brothers didn't say anything.  "What?"

 "There's no pattern that we can see." Sam licked his lips.  "But that might be because we're not werewolves as much as it might be that we're not the murderer." Sam sighed.  "It's frustrating." Jason held out his hand and Anita handed over the photos of the victims before and after.  Jason flipped through them and blinked.  He kept going and then he sat the pictures down, only just getting them covered when the waitress came in.

 "You know what you want?" She looked around.

 "This whole list here for me." Jason indicated a section of he menu.  "I'm going to need the food." He nodded at her.

 "A pot of coffee for the room and a cup for me." Anita responded.

 "A couple burgers a piece for us and a cup of coffee sounds great." Dean winked at the now blushing waitress who nodded and left.

"What'd you see?" Sam watched Jason.

 "There's a pattern alright.  But not one you'd know to look for." Jason's breathing picked up.  "I can also tell you that you're probably looking for someone about 24, at least bisexual, male, he'll have hair that's not his natural hair color." He looked at the pictures.  "And he'll have hit on his murderer tonight." Jason swallowed and looked at the baffled room of three others.  "What?"

 "How the hell do you know that?" Dean gaped at him.

 "None of their hair matches." Jason looked like this was obvious.  "Here." He held up on crime scene photo.  "Pubic hair doesn't match head hair.  And in their before shots their eyebrows don't match their head hair.  Indicating that they all dye their hair.  I'd dare say they might even use the same type of dye.  I'd have to smell a few of them to let you know if they do.  He could be hunting them down by that smell." He shrugged and then went on.  "They're all roughly 19 to 32, but more of them appear to be 24 or near it in appearance.  So if the Vic tonight isn't 24 he'll look like it."

 "You keep saying it'll be a man tonight.  How can you tell?" Sam asked.

 "The pattern." Jason blinked at them.  "Sorry it's a lycan thing.  We think with a different numbering system then non-lycans.  Most people think it has something to do with humans, especially American humans think in threes, fives, and tens." He put the pictures in order.  "Lycans think in groups of twos, sevens, and nines." He pointed it out.  "One man, then five women and another man.  That's seven.  Then a man and a woman, two; then seven men and two women that's nine, and following that out his last pattern was four women and one man.  That's a set of five.  Unless you look at the face that four is two sets of two.  Then that one stands a lone.  And that leaves another man on his hunting list tonight." Jason sighed.

 "But that would put it..." Anita blinked.

 "At 20 females and 21 males.  Which means he's planning on killing a woman soon, just not tonight.  He seems to lead off with men." Jason shrugged.  "I'd say he's angrier at men for hitting on him."

 "You said that earlier.  We were looking for a bisexual male who hit on him?" Dean frowned.

 "Yeah.  See the women." He pointed them out.  "They all either have a ring on the wrong hand on the same finger." He pointed to it.  "Or a mark where they had a ring and took it off the same finger." The brothers moved to look at the photos marveling at that they'd never caught that.

 "But what's that..." Sam started.

 "Lesbian women in Europe have a tradition of wearing a ring on that finger.  It's a signal to other lesbians that they like women but are in the closet.  Not many people outside the life style know about it." Jason looked right at them.

 "How..." Dean started to ask before Jason cut him off.

 "I dated a few bisexual women, and one lesbian who didn't know yet that what was wrong with sex with men was she wasn't attracted to men." He shrugged.  "We talked it out and now she's finally happy with a girlfriend and life's looking up for her." Jason smiled.  "But yeah.  The women here in these photos were either bisexual or lesbians."

 "Even so that doesn't mean the guys are..." Dean struggled to find a word.

 "Not sure on all of them.  But I do know that at least seven of the men were gay or bi." Jason flipped through photos.  "These four were out." He pointed to various things in the photo around them.  "Very comfortable with their sexuality and very open. Going so far as to wear pride clothing that you can see in the background." He pointed to it.  "The next two have blue, purple, and pink belt buckles." They all looked at him.  "What?"

 "What does the color of someone's.." Sam started this time.

 "Blue, purple, pink." Jason replied like it meant something.  Sighing in frustration he pinched the bridge of his nose.  "It's the bisexual flag.  Homosexuals have the rainbow flag.  The bisexual flag is a diagonal swatch of blue and pink cut apart by a diagonal swatch of purple." He looked at them.  "Not everyone knows that and it works as a good way to stay in the closet and flash to people in the know that you play for both teams." He sat back and watched that sink in.

 "But what about this last guy." Anita pulled the crime scene photos out on top.

 "Oh he's a pain slut like Nathaniel and he's a switch hitter but he's also very discrete." Jason looked at them like it was as clear as what color each of their eyes was to him.

 "How do you know that?" Dean looked at him utterly lost.

 "His jeans."

 "His jeans tell you all that?" Dean said with a tone that clearly said he didn't believe and didn't get it.

 "Here, I'll point it out." Jason moved the photo till they could see the back pockets of the man's jeans that were laying next to his naked corpse.  "See what's in the back pocket?"

 "Yeah some of the little hankies we found at the scenes of a few of the other guys' murders.  Different colors and such." Dean frowned.  "So?"

 "Each color means something different." Jason responded.  "These here in this order layered like this means that this guy was gay but hiding from everyone who knew him.  He was into pain, it got him off, by it's placement I'd say he was VERY into pain.  But he was a switch hitter.  Meaning he could be the guy inflicting the pain on another guy or he could be the one being hurt by the other guy.  Either floated his boat.  And this one here means that he doesn't kiss and tell so if you're into the scene but not out, he'd never give you up in a court of law."

 "Wow." Sam sat back.  "Then most of the guys had something on them or at the apartment to signify they were either gay or bi." He looked around the room.  "We have a pattern." He sounded happier.

 "Oh that's not the only thing." Jason licked his lips and sighed.  "These four were lycans." He pointed to the last four murders.

 "How do you..."

 "Our last Ulfric was making pacts with as many groups as he could in the surrounding areas.  I'm very good with faces." Jason looked at each of them.  "I'd seen these four at the meetings.  You're looking at three Werebears and a Wereboar." Jason licked his lips.  "I'd suggest testing each of them.  But I'd dare say they were all predator lycan breeds who were submissive and this guy is killing them because of all of the things that they have in common."

 "God." Anita swore as she looked at the pictures again.  "Nathaniel isn't to be alone till this guy is caught." Anita glared at Jason.

 "He's at the club this afternoon and I'll pick him up to take him to your house after." Jason smiled as the waitress came back in with their order.  After she left Sam turned to Jason and Anita.

 "This is the second time you've both mentioned this Nathaniel." He bit his lip.  "Someone you know?"

 "My live in boyfriend." Anita sighed.  "He sometimes goes out to clubs and used to pick up guys, but he's also a shameless flirt.  Like Jason." Anita said with out changing inflection.

 "I am not a shameless flirt.  I still blush, but only at the best parts." He grinned.

 "See what I mean?" Anita sighed.

 "Yeah, it'd be a good idea to keep Nathaniel and Jason out of...." Dean started.

 "This is my natural hair color buddy." Jason said as he pointed at his blonde locks.  "Most of my home town has hair like this."

 "He's right.  His dad told me that not only did a common ancestor have a LOT of kids by multiple women before he died, but the year Jason was conceived, one of the local big shots went around the town cheating on his wife by screwing every woman in town.  Jason's mom included." Jason nodded at that.  "So nearly a half of the current generation getting ready to have kids looks like Jason."

 "Wow." Dean sat back, his mouth full of the burger he'd been gnawing on.

 "Yeah." Jason picked up some of his fries and started eating as Anita and Sam both sipped on their coffee.


 Nathaniel sat down on the stage and looked Harry up and down.  He bit his lip and sat there for a moment before he offered Harry a seat at one of the near by tables.  Once Harry was seated Nathaniel licked his lips.

 "I'm not in charge of hiring people." Nathaniel started.

 "oh." Harry bit his own lip and looked down.

 "And the manager isn't... well he's not awake right now." Nathaniel tactfully talked about the manager.

 "Vampire?" Harry asked as he looked up.

 "Yeah." He nodded.

 "Oh, but I thought Jean-Claude was awake before noon?" Harry bit his lip.

 "Oh he is.  But he's not managing so much anymore.  It's his second in command, Asher, who's mainly managing the club these days.  While the circus is being renovated again." He added again.

 "Oh." Harry sighed.  "But would Jean-Claude grant me an audition?" Harry swallowed.

 "I suppose.  What animal are you?" Nathaniel tilted his head to the side.

 "Animal?" Harry frowned slightly.  "Oh I'm not a lycanthrope." Harry said quietly.

 "Uh... you do know that this is a Lycan and Vamp strip club right?" Nathaniel frowned.

 "Supernatural strip club is what it's billed as." Harry bit his lip.

 "I'll give you that one."

 "I'm magical." Harry blushed.  "I have magic I mean." His blush never vanishing.

 "And you'd be willing to use your magic on stage, but not on the audience?" Nathaniel eyed Harry close.

 "I can use my magic to help take my cloths off, or even hide imperfections if you like.  But I won't use it on the people." He nodded.

 "Okay.  Just being clear.  Cuz using it on people breaks about a dozen laws."

 "yeah." Harry licked his lips.  "Can you call Jean-Claude?" Harry shivered from the cold.

 "Sure." Nathaniel smiled gently and patted Harry on the shoulder as he walked by.  "Wait here and I'll turn the heat up a little too." He walked over to the thermostat and turned it up, before walking out of the room.

 "thanks..." Harry mumbled.


 Jean-Claude was sitting nude on his bed running a comb through his mass of raven black curls when his bedside phone went off.  Picking it up he looked at the caller id and answered the phone.

 "Yes?" His thick French accent very noticeable.

 "Hello." Nathaniel's upbeat tone came through the phone.

 "Ah, mon minet, what troubles you to call me from the club?"

 "There's a guy here who wants to audition." Nathaniel swallowed.

 "Oh?" Jean-Claude smiled, his voice like velvet across Nathaniel's skin.

 "Yeah he... he wants to be a stripper here."

 "Well this close to dawn, I'd say he isn't a vampire." Jean-Claude finished with his hair.

 "He's not a lycan either." Nathaniel added.

 "Then..." Jean-Claude frowned.  "Why would he..."

 "He says he's magical and he'd use it in the act on himself but not anyone else." Nathaniel said quickly.

 "Ah.  Can you bring him by the Circus, for a private exhibition, and I'll see if he meets my expectations."

 "Yes sir."

 "I'll see you when you get here mon minet, and if you take the standard amount of time Asher should be awake as well." Jean-Claude looked over at the naked body of his second in command, literally dead for the day. "Till you arrive."

 "Bye." Silence filled the room as Jean-Claude hung up the phone.

 "A magical stripper..." Jean-Claude laughed to himself as he contemplated the possibilities.


 "The rain's finally stopped." Sam said as he walked in with a sealed container.  "How soon do you think you can start tracking him?" He looked at Jason then.

 "Just as soon as it dries up a little outside.  The water can mess up the scent." Jason nodded as his cell went off.  "Sorry." He picked it up and looked at the display.  "Nathaniel?" He blinked before answering it.  "What's up?"

 "Hey could you come pick me up and run me to the circus?" Nathaniel asked as he sat on Jean-Claude's desk.

 "What do you need to go there for?"

 "Oh a new guy showed up today and he wants to strip.  So he's going to meet Jean-Claude for a private audition." Nathaniel grinned.

 "He's not a werewolf is he?" Jason panicked.

 "Nope, magical human." Nathaniel replied.

 "Okay." Jason smiled and shook his head at Anita.  "I'll be there in a bit.  I'm at the cafe right now."

 "OH!" Nathaniel bit his lip.  "Can you bring me a salad and a shake.  I'm kind of hungry."

 "Sure thing buddy.  See you soon."

 "Thanks." They hung up.

 "Nathaniel has to take the new guy at work to see Jean-Claude about a job." He stretched and snagged one of Dean's fries before darting away.

 "And you're sure he's not our werewolf?" Anita frowned.

 "Yeah, Nathaniel was sure." Jason nodded.  "You want me to come back after I run him to the Circus?"

 "Yeah." Anita nodded to the other two.  "Unless you want to follow us and we'll go out from the Circus."

 "Wouldn't it be better to follow him from where he got into town?" Dean looked at Anita, trying hard not to stair at her cleavage.

 "Let me see the cloths." Jason held out his hand.  Sam opened the package and handed it to Jason.  He stuck his nose into the package and breathed deeply, his eyes closed as he stepped back.  "I'll go sniff around outside." He opened his eyes to reveal his amber wolf eyes.  "I'll keep my head out the window if I find his trail and that way I can tell you where it turns off." He walked away, but stopped a short ways into the cafe and turned around.  "By the way he was here about two hours before you guys got here." He sniffed the air and turned back to the door and headed out.

 "Well shit, now we know he's here." Anita sighed as she put money down on the table and headed out after Jason.

 "At least we have a lead." Dean nodded as they went out after Anita and Jason.


 Jason had an ided where the rogue had came in the cafe, and then left and gotten into a truck that was leaking rather badly.  He followed the trail with his head out of Anita's jeep till it turned from their course to Guilty Pleasures to pick up Nathaniel and his new friend.  He loved how when his eyes wolfed out that color drained away from the world but smells had their own color.  A wafting floating trail of color connecting things together.  So now as he lead Nathaniel and the new guy to the car he had an upbeat take on things.

 "You're happier." Nathaniel watched Jason.

 "He's just happy he smelled where our perp went." Anita commented dryly as Nathaniel and his friend got into the back.

 "Dude, you want to be a stripper?" Jason looked at Harry, taking in the fact that he was wearing a larger then needed pull over hoody that seemed to hide part of his face, and baggy jeans.  "You dress more like a street punk." He commented and Harry visibly withdrew into himself, causing Anita to smack Jason and point at Harry.  "Uh... sorry?" He sat down and buckled his seat belt.  Not sure what had caused the kid to just disengage.

 "Don't mind him.  Jason just... isn't sensitive about things." Nathaniel gave him a dirty look over Harry's head.

 "it's okay...." Harry's low voice was barely heard in the jeep.  "not his fault." He curled in on himself a little more.

 'Anita... what do I do?' Nathaniel thought at Anita.

 'I don't honestly know... why's he getting so freaked out?'

 'Dunno... he got touchy about somethings back at the club.'

 'Try soothing him.' Was Anita's advice.

 "It's okay Harry." Nathaniel held his friend close, and vaguely was aware of not only Harry's blush but the flow of blood moving to make Harry's pants tent out.  Nathaniel smiled to himself and then cuddled Harry closer.  Breathing softly and just holding Harry for the longest time till he finally calmed down.

 "thanks." He muttered under his breath.  And the car became quiet till they parked at the Circus and Harry and Nathaniel walked out to the side door where someone was already waiting for them.

 "I'll call when we're done." Nathaniel waved to Anita.

 "Okay.  Watch out for a rogue werewolf." Anita said to Nathaniel.  "He's trying to kill every sub lycan he can find with your tastes in sex." She eyed Nathaniel who nodded.

 "No going anywhere alone.  Gotcha." Nathaniel nodded before going into the Circus.  Harry turned and looked at Sam and Dead, frowning heavily before going into the Circus.

 "What the hell was that about?" Dean frowned.

 "No clue.  But we'll have to keep an eye on him." Sam shrugged as they moved the car to follow Anita's jeep.

Chapter Text

"Are you sure?" Sam turned to Jason who was sitting there sniffing the air.

 "I'm sure.  That's the truck and his scent goes into the house there." Jason pointed.

 "Okay.  Mount up." Dean opened the trunk to reveal their impressive arsenal.  "Pick your pleasure."

 "I think I'll stick with this." Anita held up her firestar with the improved silver tipped safety rounds she'd gotten from Edward.

 "Nice." Dean picked up his sawed off shotgun.  "Silver nitrate, some buck shot, silver filings, rock salt, and a little blessed gun powder." He grinned.

 "He's a lycan, not a vamp." Anita gawked at Dean.

 "Yeah, and I had it blessed to take down anything not human." He eyed the bullets as he put the first round into the gun.

 "You should see the priest we have to go to when we need the blessing done." Sam grinned.

 "I know the feeling.  It takes a sturdy priest to talk to me about some of my questions." Anita smiled thinking about the priest she'd broken, poor Father Brad, he'd not been prepared for her.  Telling her she couldn't possibly actually have resurrection powers because only God could bring things back and no man nor woman could ever do it.  So she'd animated all the dead flies in the confessional with him.  She'd fallen over laughing as the undead flies chased him.  Mean spirited, maybe, funny as all get out, definitely.

 "Let's take us down a rogue werewolf and make sure he doesn't kill anyone tonight." Dean headed for the door.

 "Agreed." Sam and Anita said together as they went towards the other exits.  Jason stepped back and prepared for anything coming out of the house that got past them.  They approached the house and looked one last time to each other before kicking in the doors.

 "FEDERAL MARSHALS!" Dean yelled.  "You have been found guilty of the crime of murdering your fellow lycanthropes and for hate crimes.  Your punishment is to be carried out by us." Dean, Sam, and Anita went into the house.  Seconds later Jason would hear a scream and the see the three running out.

in the house

 "Keep your hands where we can see them." Anita put the gun to the werewolf's back.

 "Kevin Lewis?" Sam put his gun to the other side.  The man didn't move or say anything.  "ARE YOU KEVIN LEWIS!" He shouted as he poked the silent werewolf in the head with the end of his gun.

 "He's not home right now." The werewolf turned his head and gave a wicked smirk, his blue eyes going wolf grey before turning pitch black.  "Sammy, you really think that will touch me?" He smirked.

 "What the hell?" Anita's breathing picked up.

 "An, the Winchesters brought the Necromancer into the circle.  How cute." The thing in Kevin turned his head. "You can't stop me anymore then they can." Anita blinked as she saw the black cloud enveloping Kevin Lewis' body.  It surrounded him in much the same way a lycan's animal form surrounded them when she used this sense power of hers.

 "What do you want?" Dean pushed his gun into the werewolf's back.

 "To cause you pain." The thing smiled through Kevin's flesh.

 "You're a demon." Anita blinked.

 "And a gold star to the undead's queen." The demon turned and looked at her again.

 "Demonic possession?" She asked the brothers who weren't phased.

 "Yep." Dean nodded.

 "Ah." Anita pulled her gun off of it.  "Silver won't hurt it then." She smiled sweetly.  "But this will." Before anyone could react she swung her cross off of her neck and around the possessed werewolf's neck.  Instantly the cross became a living star glowing from the holy force of Anita's belief in God.  The demon's screams picked up a fevered pitch, windows shattering and the body seemed to be crumpling in on itself when the three of them took off running out of the house.

 Anita grabbed Jason as she ran by him and pulled him down behind her jeep.  The next thing they felt and saw from their hiding places was the house explode, clearing away everything but a burned circle where the possessed werewolf had been.  In the center of the charred ground stuck in the ruined wood was a glowing cross.  It was still alight with the force of Anita's constant prayers and never wavering belief in God.

 "Well hot damn." Dean finally said as the sun like glow finally died down enough to see the smoking cross.  "Lady, you mind telling me what the hell you just did?" He looked from the smoking cross to Anita.

 "It wouldn't have been stopped by bullets.  That at least injured it." Anita shrugged and got up and went to retrieve her cross.

 "How often does she use that thing?" Sam looked at Jason.

 "She prays daily.  She uses it a few dozen times a week on warding off evil and once a month or so on taking down a big bad.  So... a lot?" He shrugged.

 "Not often you see someone with unwavering belief in God." Dean nodded.

 "Anita always says that believing in God is like breathing.  He's there, and he's the greatest power.  And she's glad he likes her." Jason grinned as Anita had to force the cross out of the wood.

 "Still...." Dean looked at her.  "Not every girl who can slay a demon by putting her cross on it."

 "Nope." Jason grinned.


 "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!" The bloody voice screamed as the burning were wolf slumped to his side, the shape of the silver cross burned into his flesh.  The black smoke poured off of him and formed a black form walking away.  "THAT BITCH!" It screamed, there seemed to be a scorch march on the black mist.

 "You did bring the werewolf into her territory." A male voice said as it flipped the long hair out of its face.  "She faces down the agents of darkness at any given time.  And you thought she wouldn't take down one possessed werewolf?" The new person rolled his eyes.

 "We will win." The smoke replied.

 "Some how... I doubt that.  But I'm not in charge." The man's eyes turned black.  "Not like we don't have time." He shrugged his eyes going back to brown.

 "The boss?" The black smoke asked.

 "Rounding up the rest of our new toys." He shrugged.

 "help me...." Kevin coughed up blood.  "help...."

 "Oh shut up." The black smoke roared.  "Can you patch him up while I try to get this mark off of me!" The demonic black smoke walked away.

 "No problem." The other possessed man sat down and put a hand in the bloody mess of Kevin's chest.  "Don't worry, this will hurt a lot." He gave a wicked smirk as his eyes went pitch black again as Kevin let out a scream.


 "Asher!" Nathaniel smiled brightly as they opened the door to Jean-Claude's living room to find Asher sitting alone.

 "Hello Nathaniel, it is a pleasure to see you again." He stood and hugged the shorter wereleopard.  "And Jean-Claude informs me of an audition?" He looked up and stopped moving as he looked at Harry.  "Mon dieu, mom minet, what have you brought to me?" Asher's voice caught in his throat as his French accent got thicker and his eyes dilated.

 "Is something wrong Asher?" Nathaniel bit his lip.

 "Of what parentage is he?" Asher's wide brilliant blue eyes flashed.

 "He said he's a magical person." Nathaniel licked his lips.

 "I'm a wizard." Harry said in a low voice.  "is... is that bad?" Harry bit his lips, his green eyes shining with unshed tears, already sure that he would be rebuffed and turned away.  He pulled his hood back to reveal his curling black hair.

 "Mon dieu." Asher's mouth fell open.

 "Asher...." Nathaniel looked worried, as Asher swallowed hard.

 "Right, what's your name?" Asher looked the boy over.

 "Harry.  Harry Potter." Harry looked at Asher and hoped he wasn't going to get thrown out.

 "Wait here please.  I'll inform Jean-Claude that I very much believe your skills will be required." Asher said quickly.  "The audition will only be to see what skills you possess and which dancers will have to help you out to polish other things." Asher turned on his heels and strode out of the curtained area.

 "That was odd." Nathaniel puzzled aloud as he went to sit with Harry on the white leather couch.


 "JEAN-CLAUDE!" Asher yelled as he entered the room, giving a baneful glare at his master and friend.

 "What has angered you so in the last ten minutes mon ami?" Jean-Claude frowned.

 "Do you know what you have invited into our home?" Asher glared.

 "A young magical boy wishing to dance at Guilty Pleasures.  Why?" Jean-Claude looked at him confused.

 "Only you could invite a wizard and end up with the son of a dhampir!" Asher shouted.

 "How can you be sure...?" Jean-Claude rose from his bed.

 "You forget I was sent to oversee much from the court of Bellamorta.  The Dhampir and all their offspring were mine to watch and to know.  That child does not know what he is, yet. Nor has much beyond his outer appearance taken on the shape of his sires." Asher swore heavily in French while pacing the room.  "And if I were not sure it impossible I would nearly swear that he is the offspring of you and Damian." Asher glared.

 "That... that is not possible." Jean-Claude rose.  "What is the child's name."

 "Harry Potter." Asher spat, his anger at the thought that Jean-Claude might have lain with Damian clouding his mind.

 "Mon dieu." Jean-Claude sank down into the bed and held his face.

 "What?" Asher frowned.

 "She swore the child did not live.  She swore it was still born, lifeless....." Jean-Claude looked up, his cheeks tear streaked with blood red tears.

 "What the hell is going on?" Asher sat down next to Jean-Claude.

 "It was while you were healing." Jean-Claude looked horror struck as he looked into Asher's eyes.  "I was Bella's play thing.  She sent me to an English home to seduce the wife so that she would bring her husband to support Bella's endeavors." He swallowed.  "What Bella didn't know was that they were a clan of witches.  The witch I bedded's name was Amelia Potter." He closed his eyes.  "She became pregnant and swore to her husband it was his.  But she told me it was mine.  And I was away when the child was to be born.  But came later and she told me that my child was still born." He looked up at Asher.

 "What was the child's name?" Asher asked quietly.

 "Benjamin Potter." Jean-Claude looked down.  "But if he lived... and...." Jean-Claude stood up and walked towards the door cleaning his face with the silk of his sleeves.  "I must see him myself." Jean-Claude left the room, Asher hot on his heels.  Just outside the curtains Jean-Claude paused and held his chest as he doubled over.  He felt the pull and pulse of the child beyond the fake walls.  Horror struck he clung to Asher in silence.

 "it will be fine." Asher said calmly and quietly as he cradled the distraught Jean-Claude in his arms, kissing his lover's cheek.  "we will offer him a place here and when the timing is right we will tell him." He whispered into Jean-Claude's ear.  "first we must audition the child, and then you must tell ma cherie about this child and bring Damian to his side to see if I am truly right." He sighed.

 "but the child is of my blood...." Jean-Claude looked up at Asher.  "he is..."

 "your heir." Asher kissed Jean-Claude deeply.  "and we will love him like a son." He held Jean-Claude close to him as he comforted his long lasting lover and friend.

Chapter Text

"A pleasure to meet you Mr. Potter." Jean-Claude said calmly as he stood in front of Harry, his hand outstretched.

 "Just Harry sir." Harry shook his hand.  "I... just Harry please." He looked down.

 "As you wish Harry." Jean-Claude motioned him to sit as he sat next to Asher.

 'Ma petite, I need to speak to you.' Jean-Claude sent to Anita.

 'What's up?'

 'Something most unforeseen has occurred.  Have you met the young man who you and mon lupe brought to the Circus?'

 'Yeah, Harry.  Quiet kid.  What about him?' Her mental voice supplying an unasked question of danger.

 'He is not what he appears to be.  Beyond being gifted with magics I'm sure... he is a child of at least a few Dhampir.' Jean-Claude sighed mentally.

 'Okay so his parents were coffin bait.  So?' Anita asked impatiently.

 'DO NOT INSULT OUR CHILDREN!' Jean-Claude's voice nearly dropped Anita to her knees.

 'Okay, I'm missing something here.' She winced.

 'You just insulted my great great great grandson. Not to mention my son.' Jean-Claude's voice was full to the brim with a multitude of emotions as he sat there making small talk with Harry, Nathaniel and Asher.

 'you're what'

 'As the results of things that Bella had me do in payment for Asher's life... I sired a Dhampir with an English woman.  I was told the child was still born.  But being near this child now... I know I was lied to.  Anita... this child is of my blood.  My flesh and blood.' His voice filled with awe and wonder.

 'Does he know that?' She was calculating the chances of this being a trap.

 'Non, he knows not of his father's blood.  But what might be a shock to you and your servant is of his mother's blood.' Jean-Claude paused.

 'What's this got to do with Damian?'

 'Ma petite.... his mother was Damian's kin.'

 'That's... not... possible....' Anita broke connect with Jean-Claude after learning of Harry's mother's name.  'Damian?'

 'My mistress needs me already?' Damian yawned, his mind showing he was fresh from the shower in his basement apartment at her home.

 'This is going to sound stupid but did you ever sleep with a woman of the last name Evans?' Anita asked bluntly and took in Damian's shocked face.

 'Only Mary and that was long ago.  Back when I was still bound to my old mistress... in her tower of stone and pain.' Damian's face went blank.  'why?'

 'Jean-Claude has a Harry Potter auditioning to be a stripper at Guilty Pleasures.  His father was Jean-Claude's Great Great Grandson.  Harry's mother how ever... was some relation to you.  From what Harry's told Jean-Claude the description matches a female you... how far down the line would...'

 'Marry was only long enough ago to make me the child's maternal grandfather.' Damian cut in.  'I did not know Mary conceived from out time together...' Damian sat down hard on his bed.

 'I'm sorry.' Anita mentally hugged Damian and told him to meet her at the Circus where they'd talk to Jean-Claude and he could meet the boy who was his grandson.  'Jean-Claude.' Anita turned her mind to her other vampire lover and filled him in on the conversation with Damian and that they were on their way to meet the child.  Jean-Claude mentally nodded and turned back to the conversation at hand.

 "I know all these questions about your parents may sound strange... but I am long lived.  And I knew the Potters many generations ago.  Just as a dear friend of mine knew the Evans." Jean-Claude gave a soft smile.

 "Oh." Harry nodded.  "Well I don't know much about mom's side of the family. Just my aunt and her family, and a bit about my grandparents." Harry nodded to himself.  "Dad's family I have a family tree chart." He blushed.

 "What is wrong mon ami?"

 "I was going to say I have it back home.  But... I'm kind of homeless right now." He looked down.  "I felt... drawn here... no clue why.  But once I got here I kind of realized I'd need a job.  And well.. I don't know why but I was really interested in stripping at your club." Harry blushed.

 "You have no home?" Jean-Claude couldn't believe his ears.

 "My mother's sister... my aunt... she... they kicked me out." Harry looked down.

 "What for?" Jean-Claude pried.

 "i'm a freak." Harry said defeatedly.  "they only had to keep me till i turned 17, and I spent that year on the run, and then last year I was in school.  And now I'm out and no place to call my own." Harry bit his lip, filling Jean-Claude's mind about Amelia and how she used to do that when she was embarrassed.

 "Well, we do want our dancers well rested for their shifts.  So, we'll find housing for you.  If you like you can stay in the housing under the circus, or we can find you an apartment above ground." Jean-Claude blinked away the urge to cry.

 "Thank you." Harry looked into Jean-Claude's eyes, feeling some connection he couldn't quite put words to yet.

 "The pleasure is mine." Jean-Claude smiled.  "Now... there are maters we must discuss about your parentage... that may effect your wish to work for me." Jean-Claude stippled his fingers.  "If, after we talk... you still want the job it's yours." He eyed Harry.

 "What's... what's wrong?" Harry bit his lip.

 "Your great great grandfather... his name was Benjamin Potter, correct?" Jean-Claude sat close lipped.

 "Yeah." Harry frowned.

 "Benjamin Potter... was my son." Jean-Claude licked his lips.  "I was... sent to bring Amelia and Maxwell Potter's money to my mistress' needs.  And the lengthy seduction beget Amelia's pregnancy." Jean-Claude looked down.  "She told me later that Benjamin had died at birth." Jean-Claude looked on the verge of tears again when Asher held him close.

 "But... that'd make you..." Harry frowned.  "That'd make you my great great great grandfather...."

 "Yes." Jean-Claude nodded.

 "so I have a vampire ancestor... okay..." Harry's mind was shutting down as he sat there.  "I... I don't know what to do about that..." He looked confused.

 "We have a tradition with in the vampire world." Jean-Claude cleared his throat.  "Our human children are looked after.  They're precious to us.  Their offspring likewise so.  I would have supported Benjamin and his children and so on." Jean-Claude looked at Harry.  "As such, you are my responsibility.  But that doesn't lay on my shoulder's alone."

 "No it does not." Damian walked through the curtains, his blood red hair shining as he walked, and his emerald eyes fixating on Harry's.  "Your mother's mother... Mary Evans, correct?" Damian was a tad on the blunt side, emotions warring inside him against his perpetual calm.

 "Yeah..." Harry frowned.  "You... you look so much like my mum..." Harry's frown vanished as his mouth fell open.  "No.  No way... I... He..." He finally stopped talking and just sat there staring at Damian.

 "Damian comes to us from the Northern lands... some time ago.. he... met a young woman and apparently your mother was the result of their coupling." Jean-Claude cleared his throat.

 "I did not know of your mother." Damian's voice filled with his inner pain.

 "Lily." Harry said between gasps.  "Lily was her name."

 "Lily." The loving sound of it on Damian's lips let Harry know that they were right.  Damian was Lily's father in some way.  Harry's mind struggled hard not to have a picture of that possible connection.

 "I know this is a lot to take in." Jean-Claude licked his lips.  "But this means you do not have to work at Guilty Pleasures if you do not... " But Harry cut him off.

 "I... I want to work there." Harry bit his lip and looked down.  "may i have a job?" His voice showing his fear that they wouldn't let him work there now that he was family.

 "I see no reason for you not to have the job you wish." Jean-Claude shot a questioning look at Damian.

 "You are strong of spirit and convictions." Damian said as he put a hand on Harry's shoulder.  "And if this is the job you want then I see no reason you shouldn't have it." He nodded his consent.  "But I would ask that Jean-Claude and I not... witness your performance..." Damian blushed.

 "are you ashamed of me?" Harry looked down, he was used to family being ashamed of him.  No one really wanted him after all.

 "No." Damian said calmly.  "I only figured it would embarrass you to perform in front of family."

 "Oh." Harry looked up.  "I don't mind." He thought about it for a second.  "You might know what I'm doing wrong and be able to help me." Harry licked his lips.

 "Then let us get this audition on the way." Jean-Claude smiled as he stood.  "Would you prefer music?"

 "Oh, I can handle it." He pulled a stick out of his sock and stood up.  "You guys sit down okay?" Damian and Jean-Claude sat between Nathaniel and Asher.  Turning his back to the group Harry cast a spell to produce a dance beat from the very air around him.  He began to sway with the music.  Still dressed in his hoody and his baggy jeans he began to move to the music.  He danced himself around and made eye contact with the three vampires and the wereleopard before he danced back around and gracefully shrugged out of his hoody revealing the long oversized t-shirt he was wearing under it.  He turned and gave them a sexy smile as he toyed with the hem of his shirt.

 Slowly the shirt edged up enough to show his abs and his treasure trail.  Toying with it till in one swift movement he brought it over his head and revealed a series of well-developed muscles.  Harry always marveled at how running for his life and fighting for that whole year had helped hone his body to what it was now.  He laid his shirt down and started to undulate his body as began swaying his hips.  It looked like a belly-dance pose but, having never taken belly-dancing lessons, Harry was left with a very forced move to lower the jeans.  It was rough and he knew it, but that one movement down and his jeans were slowly lowered down his body in a slow dancing sway as he stepped out of them and kicked them behind the chair.  Left his now his socks and his boxers Harry began to sway again.

 He wasn't sure how far he was expected to take it.  But picking up his wand he decided he'd do something special.  He licked his lips and turned back around and flashed a sexy smile.

 "That's my dancing... needs a lot of work I know." Harry grinned.  "But here's a bit of my magic." Harry waved his wand over his head while he danced, and a mist started to move around him.  He danced into the light fog and it moved around him like a fine cape rather then mist in the air.  He danced behind it and before anyone could stop him, he'd worked himself out of the boxers, transfiguring them into tear way shorts before anyone noticed.  Leaving him naked in front of the crowd but moving so that the fog kept him hidden, hints and teases but not leaving him exposed.  Harry kept on dancing as he used his magic to manipulate the fog, spreading it out so he seemed to vanish for a moment, till he was suddenly on Nathaniel's lap.

 Nathaniel gave a yelp of surprise as Harry leaned in and kissed him before pulling back and giving him a very thorough lap dance.  The mist working like a strange living fabric to cover Harry even though Nathaniel could feel the hard fleshy prong against him.  Harry leaned in and kissed him again before moving off.  He vanished into the mist again and this time ended up on Asher's lap, grinding his bare rear against the vampire's very aroused crotch.  He ground and gyrated himself into Asher till he turned and gave a soul burning kiss to Asher, his hand raking through Asher's golden locks and stroking the ruined side of his face.  Asher tensed but when Harry didn't react badly, only depended the kiss and licked along Asher's ruined cheek he relaxed and enjoyed the attention before Harry pulled back and vanished in the mist.  Harry went to Jean-Claude next.

 Moving against the vampire who was so much his ancestry, Harry nuzzled him but didn't kiss him on the lips like he had the other two.  He looked his emerald eyes into Jean-Claude's sapphire eyes and none of his vampire powers seemed to be able to come out to play.  Leaning in and giving a seductive pout Harry planted a chaste kiss on Jean-Claude's forehead before pulling his nude body into the mist and ending up on Damian's lap.  Now Harry could tell by the instant reaction that Damian didn't like men like the others did.  He kept the lap dance to a minimum and ended with a loose nuzzle to the neck with little contact.  He pulled back into the mist and ended up sitting in a chair across from them, his hoody transfigured into a large terry cloth robe, when the mist cleared.

 "How was that?" Harry grinned.

"Fucking hot?" Anita replied from where she was standing open mouthed.


 "A demon Sammy." Dean started going through the weapons.

 "Yeah." Sam was making up a kit.

 "A fucking demon in a werewolf." Dean's eyes went wide.  "Damn it.  How do we explain that the guy the demon jacked might be innocent here?"

 "Well... that depends on when the demon caught up with him." Sam pulled out their map of where they'd followed him.  "We'd have to call in Bobby... but I'm pretty sure we didn't detect omens till that place in Pittsburgh."

 "But that would mean... the first 20 murders were totally this guy." Dean frowned.

 "And the demon's in a murder's body.  Maybe it needed someone open to violence." Sam shrugged.  "All I know is now it knows that we're working with Anita.  We're going to need to put demon traps up for her." He sighed.

 "Yeah." Dean frowned again.  "That kid."

 "Harry something?" Sam asked.

 "Yeah.  He was looking at us funny.  And they said he was magical." Dean looked at Sammy.

 "Hey not every witch is a demon in the making." Sam reminded him.

 "Yeah I know.. inborn power and all.  The tests proved some just come by it naturally." Dean held up his hands.  "But that kid looked like he knew us.  I'm saying he's maybe a demon.  Best way to find out is a demon trap and holy water." Dean nodded to himself.

 "You know they're not going to like us doing that to the new dancer." Sam warned.

 "Well tough shit.  We have a demon who's big bad enough to get into a werewolf and hold him.  And teleport away when he's CAUGHT by a cross that's that powerful." Dean shook his head.  "Damn that was the most power I've ever seen in anything."

 "Yeah.  That was totally beyond anything I'd ever seen." Sam looked down.  "Short of Cas." Sam licked his lips.

 "Hey, our angel buddy is currently running the angels.  So we can't go running to him for help.... not this time." Dean looked down.

 "Listen... Dean.... I..." Sam bit his lip.

 "I know, I miss him too." Dean looked away.

 "That's not what I was going to say." Sam sighed.  "Listen, I know you... I know you had an attachment to him." He looked away.

 "Oh we are SO not talking about this right now." Dean got up and stormed out of their hotel room.

 "Fine." Sam sighed defeatedly.  He knew Dean had feelings for Cas and that Cas had feelings for Dean.  But he wasn't talking about them because Cas had to go run heaven while God was off somewhere.  And that left Dean kind of bitchy about a lot of things.  Sam just hoped that this demon didn't bring up painful thoughts for Dean.  Picking up his kit he headed out the door after his brother.


 "You fixed it." The black mist of a demon cheered as he slipped back into his werewolf skin.  Taking over the murderous werewolf, Kevin, as if he was a suit he was slipping into.  He pulled the long black hair back into ponytail and looked over at the blonde who was licking the blood off his hand.

 "He screams loud." He laughed.

 "It's almost time." Kevin's body stretched.

 "Yeah.  The ritual is almost complete.  All we need is one last victim." He sucked the blood off of his fingers.  "Then we will have the power gathered to give the boss a body that will hold his radiant essence." He craned his neck.

 "I think I know where I can find the next lamb for the slaughter." Kevin's body chuckled as he slid into the darkness and vanished.

 "Good brother.  Good." He turned to look at the dark behind him.  "Are we pleasing Dagon." The demon possessed man bowed his head.

 "Yes." The darkness seemed to have fangs. "Denied form for so long... and so close..." Dagon smiled in the darkness.  "I was once the first angel who was a lycan as well." He snarled.  "I will have a lycan body befitting me again." He growled.

 "Yes Dagon." The demon bowed.  "What is your will master?"

 "Keep the demon hunters and the necromancer occupied.  Do what you can to keep them away from your brother.  If they stop him then all is lost unless you can find a sacrifice for the ritual."

 "Understood my lord." He bowed and then vanished as well from the darkness.


 "That was amazing." Nathaniel grinned as he walked with Harry into the underground kitchen they'd built for all the people who were living in or staying at the Circus.

 "Thanks." Harry blushed.

 "Hey you were good.  Accept it." Nathaniel started making a plate for Harry.  "Now we just need to think up a stage name for you." He walked over and handed the plate of food to Harry before going back to the fridge for a drink for Harry.

 "I was thinking about James Evans?" Harry smiled as he nibbled on his sandwich.

 "That's actually really good." Nathaniel smiled.  "I go by Brandon." He smiled again.  "And you met Jason.  He goes by Ripley when he's on stage."

 "Ripley?" Harry frowned.

 "You know... Sigourney Weaver's character in the Aliens series." Nathaniel turned and looked at Harry.

 "Nope." Harry shrugged.

 "Didn't watch many videos where you grew up?" Nathaniel raised an eyebrow.

 "Well they might have." Harry blushed. "I just wasn't allowed." He looked down.

 "Why not?" Nathaniel felt drawn to pick at this.

 "My family didn't like me." Harry said quickly. "My parents died when I was young..." He licked his lips.  "And I was raised by my aunt's family... they didn't like me because I was magical... so they decided that everything was a luxury... and I couldn't have it." Harry look had become fixed on a point on the floor.

 "Oh fuck." Nathaniel was around the counter and holding Harry before Harry had a chance to think about what was going on.  "I'm sorry." Nathaniel soothed Harry as he held him.  Nathaniel's lycan body heat near feverish heat to Harry's colder body.  He pulled Nathaniel to him and cuddled in his stronger arms.  Eventually Harry calmed down enough to look into Nathaniel's lilac eyes.


 "not a problem..." Their lips so close as they spoke.  Emerald eyes loosing focus as they looked into lilac pools and they lost each other in those gazes.  Neither was sure who started the kiss but was very sure that the kiss was a very deep connection.  They continued to paw at each other as they made out till someone cleared their voice.

 "I'd say get a room, but since I'm the one with your room key, I think that'd be a little out of line." Jason stood there smiling as he held out Harry's keys.  "Your room isn't far from here.  I can take you or Nathaniel can." He gave a wolfish grin.

 "I... can you show us where it is?" Harry blushed but held onto Nathaniel.  "I don't want to be rude and push you away yet." He said to Jason.  "But.. uh... I think Nathaniel and I need some alone time to talk." Harry blushed again.

 "Right.  Talk." Jason snorted.  "Okay, follow me... and try to keep an eye on the halls instead of each other.  That way you can tell which room is yours." Jason walked out with the pair following him as he led the way.  Once he dropped them off he said his good byes and left them to it.

 "You okay?" Harry asked before Nathaniel could.

 "Yeah,... you?" Nathaniel bit his lip.

 "You're the first boy I've ever kissed." Harry stroked his lips while he thought about it.  "It was good." He smiled.  "Better then good." He grinned as he went to Nathaniel and cuddled.  "I'm happy." He smiled and closed his eyes before opening them and stepping back.


"I.... is this okay with you?" Harry blushed, willing himself not to stammer.

 "Yeah." Nathaniel blinked.  "You act as if it I didn't want it you'd just... live with that?" He stood there staring disbelievingly at Harry.

 "if you didn't want me like that i'd just live with it." Harry said in a low voice.  "i'm used to people not wanting me....." Harry's voice trailed off.

 "I want you." Nathaniel went to Harry and pulled him close.  "I want you." He replied and nuzzled the smaller boy.  Smiling he leaned down and kissed Harry again.  The pair of them locked by the lips as Nathaniel moved them to the bed.  Laying Harry down, Nathaniel began savagely kissing his wanton mouth while his hands roamed across Harry's clothed body.  A midst the kiss Harry stiffened and blushed as he moaned, Nathaniel's nose flared as he smelled the pungent scent of Harry's orgasm while he was still clothed.

 "i'm sorry" Harry muttered.

 "Nothing wrong... just means you last longer in round too." Nathaniel grinned wickedly.

 "R-round t-two?" Harry panted.

 "Most definitely!" Nathaniel grinned, pulling Harry's shirt up so he could suckle on a hard nub of a nipple.


 "You did what?" Anita sat at the underground kitchen's counter with her cup of coffee in her hand.

 "i'm sorry." Nathaniel licked his lips and looked down.  "I know I should have asked..." He whimpered.

 "How far?" Anita tried to control her possessive needs.

 "Well making out got him off the first time... And I used my mouth on him the second time.... and the third he was just touching me...." Nathaniel blushed.

 "You have feelings for him don't you." Anita sighed.

 "yeah." Nathaniel went over and hugged her.  "is it okay?" He looked down.

 "Yes." She smiled warmly and felt the connection between them flare.  "I give you what ever permission you need to date Harry." She sounded more convincing then she felt.

 "Thanks... I mean... I love you.  And I love Micah... and Micah's gotten better at letting me go down on him.  But he won't go down on me or even do me by hand." Nathaniel sighed.  "And I have needs... Asher's okay with some of it... but he can only do so much for what I want."

 "And Harry gives you what you need?"

 "He's meeting needs I didn't know I had." Nathaniel blushed.

 "Hum." Anita picked up her coffee and sipped it.

 "I think I'm his first." Nathaniel said after a long while.

 "Oh?" Anita blinked at that.

 "He just... he feels like I got his virginity last night...." Nathaniel toed the ground.

 "Be careful." Was Anita's warning.



 "Let me test my understanding." Jean-Claude looked between the Winchesters.  "You wish to put magic in my clubs and businesses to capture a demon?"

 "We're relatively sure that it won't effect you or the other vampires." Sam tried to assure him.

 "Hell I can be completely sure." Dean grinned.  "Vampires are undead, they ain't demons, no mater what the church says."

 "I thank you for that." Jean-Claude did a small bow.

 "No thanks needed, it's the truth.  They can call you lot a horde of demons all they like.  I've seen the real thing.  Trust me pal, you ain't that scary."

 "Interesting to know." Jean-Claude smiled.  "I believe I will consent."

 "We'll start with Guilty Pleasures then." Sam read off the list.  "It's the closest after the Circus."

 "Good, good." Jean-Claude nodded.


 "uh... what are you doing?" Harry nodded to the half constructed devil's trap in the entrance of Guilty Pleasures.

 "Just building up some defenses." Sam smiled.

 "Uh, can I get by before you're done?" Harry hedged.

 "Now why would you want to be a bad boy and get in before we're done putting up the protection?" Dean eyed Harry.

 "Just want to get out of your way so I can practice... I'm going on tonight." Harry licked his lips.

 "You wait right there." Dean's tone warned Harry not to move.  The brothers worked quickly and finished the seal.  Dean narrowed his eyes at Harry.  "Now you can cross it."  Harry shrugged and started across it.  Dean watched him closely.

 "What's wrong?" Harry stopped in the middle.

 "You can't do it can you." Dean sneered.  "You can't walk across the lines.  I knew it.  I knew you were a demon." Dean grinned.  "Sammy get the Colt.  We got one more dead demon on our hands here."

 "What the hell are you talking about?" Harry walked out of the circle and poked a finger at Dean's chest as the Marshal stood their in shock.  "I'm a stripper and I'm a wizard.  I am NOT a demon and I'll thank you to not threaten me." Harry's eyes flashed with a passion he'd not had since before the war's end.  "I have spent my life looking after myself and I know damn well how to take down people threatening my life.  You need the gun to kill me.  I need two words.  Think about that." Harry shoved past him and walked into the main area.

 "I'm sorry about my brother." Sam came up to Harry after a while.

 "It's okay.  He reminds me of my friend Ron... all action and not so hot on the planning." Harry gave a small smile as he pushed his shaggy raven black hair out of his eyes.  "I'm used to it." He went back to unpacking his bag.

 "So... you're really going to take your cloths off for money?" Sam sat down, his face showing he couldn't fathom doing that.

 "Yeah.  Why?" Harry asked over his shoulder.

 "It's just... how do you go from what I saw in there with my brother to being a stripper?" Sam tried to laugh it off.

 "A series of bad choices, and a life time of being treated like a freak." Harry said coldly.  "My parents died when I was barely a year old.  By the guy who gave me this." He pointed to the scar on his forehead.  "Though it killed him to give that to me.  Then he came back from the dead 11 years later and spent the better part of the last six years trying to off me.  I decided I needed a change." He shrugged.  "And this place just called out to me."

 "Maybe you were supposed to come here." Sam smiled.

 "Never believed in fate.  And if she does exist she's a cruel bitch." Harry said harshly.

 "Sorry." Sam backed off.  "Didn't mean..."

 "I know." Harry sighed.  "I'm just... over compensating." He looked away.

 "What for?"

 "You're hot and if I was single I'd... well I'd flirt back and then blush and run away." Harry sighed.  "But I'm kind of ... involved." He finally opted for a less complicated word.  Harry and Nathaniel had talked and he knew he'd have to share Nathaniel with no less then three to four other people.  But they'd never talked about Nathaniel sharing Harry.

 "I... you think I'm hot?" Sam blushed.

 "Yeah.  Well.  Life's like that.  I find two hot guys and till he gets here for work I won't know if I'm supposed to flirt back with you or be frustrated at myself for feeling these urges towards you." Harry tried for a cold detached voice.

 "Urges?" Sam grinned.

 "Go away." Harry swished his wand and Sam was pushed back a few paces.  "I need to practice and you need to back off for a bit." Harry blushed as he hurried to try on his costume.

 "Sure...." Sam walked away.

 "Smooth." Dean chuckled.

 "Fuck you." Sam said with out any conviction.  "Hey... what do you say to him being with us on the next hunt... I mean... he's magical... maybe he can make the demon hold still?"

Chapter Text

"You want me to... what?" Harry frowned.

 "They seem to think your magic might be able to separate the demon out of the werewolf or possibly hold them both." Anita crossed her arms.  "I'm not totally convinced.

 "His magic is like nothing we've ever seen." Sam finally said.

 "He's not a demon, and he's not the run of the mill witch we run into...." Dean was saying before Harry scoffed.  "What?"

 "Well unless I had a sex change there isn't a way for me to be a witch." Harry rolled his eyes.  "Male." He pointed to himself when no one else seemed to cotton on to what he was talking about.

 "So?" Dean frowned.  "I've met male witches."

 "Witches are girls.  Wizards are boys." Harry corrected.

 "Uh.. We've met male witches before." Sam assured him.

 "Not from my home country." Harry snorted.  "We'd all make fun of them." He said as he sat back.

 "Okay, gender issues aside, will you come with us?" Anita cut across what ever Dean was about to smart off about.

 "I suppose." Harry sighed as he picked up his wand.  "Let's go so I can get back to work."


 "You know... if you had something of his I could have found him by now." Harry said after the third hour of their hunt having turned up nothing.  They'd ended up in an empty warehouse looking for the demon.  Everyone turned and looked at Harry after he spoke.  "What?"

 "Why didn't you say that sooner?" Dean looked at him.

 "You told me to shut up and stay to the back." Harry frowned.  "Besides I figured you'd have told me if you had anything that belonged to him." He glared at Dean.


 "How would that work?" Sam cut his brother off.

 "I hold it, and tell my wand to point me." Harry shrugged.

 "Would that work with the demon?" Sam asked, his hand up to stop Dean.

 "Dunno.  It's not like I could say point me demons." Harry's wand instantly pulled out of his hand and spun till it pointed in two different directions.

 "So we have two demons." Dean frowned.  "I call Anita." He held up his hand.

 "You wouldn't know what to do with me if you ever had me." Anita rolled her eyes and picked up her gun.  "I promise that the demon won't kill your brother." She looked over at Dean then.  "I can't say the same thing about me." She smiled darkly as she walked out towards where Harry's wand and pointed.

 "Hang on." Harry pulled out a map and drew six little dots on it.  A series of complicated rune sigils with his wand and some more complicated wand movements and he was holding two maps that had dots labeled; Sam, Dean, Harry, Anita, Demon1, and Demon2 on them.  He handed one to Dean and held the other out to Sam.  "This way if they move we'll know." Harry gave a weak smile.

 "You're alright kid." Dean smiled and took off after Anita.

 "High praise form him." Sam walked over and hugged Harry's shoulder.

 "oh." Harry blushed.  "Well, let's take down the demon then..." Harry rushed out the door.

 "Huh." Sam smirked as he followed.


 "Hands up scum bag." Dean cocked the colt at the blonde haired man who had been leaning over the now bloodied body.

 "Dean, Dean, Dean, Dean, Dean." The demon smirked.

 "That's my name sugar lips." Dean moved in closer.

 "You're too late and you're in the wrong location." He smirked as he started to turn but the sound of the hammer on the colt pulling back, stopped him.  "The master won’t leave either of them alive you know."

 "Then we'll just have to get there in a hurry." He shot the demon in the head and watched it fall over the dead body, lightning and magic flashing inside the body as the demon's and the human's souls were burned out of the husk, till smoke gently poured out of the mouth, nose, and eyes.

 "No mess, it's dead... and now we have to hurry because this body's completed the ritual." Anita turned and ran with Dean on her heels, her hand already dialing on her cell phone to tell Dolf about murder scene.  She told him that they'd tracked a demon that possessed a lycan like body to a murder scene and got there too late.  But the demon was dead now, as was the lycan and she needed him and the squad to look the scene over and then cart everything away.

 "They hurt Sammy and I'm going to carve me some demon roast." Dean looked at Anita after she hung up.

 "You and me both." She raced him to the car.


 "He's in there." Harry pointed with his wand as he looked at the map.  "Looks like they got their demon, our turn." Harry grinned.

"Yep." Harry stowed the map in his back pocket of his jeans and wand in hand opened the door in front of them.

 "Welcome to the party Mr. Potter." Was the last thing Harry heard before pain erupted across his chest and darkness seemed to drink him in.


 "Harry." A voice seemed to be calling.  "Harry can you hear me?" He was sure the voice was calling to him.  But frankly he didn't much care.  There wasn't pain in this gray fuzzy place he was in.  No pain, no up, no down, no anything but him and his bliss.  "Dean, I don't know how he did it...." Harry lulled his head to the side.  So Sam was the one holding him, that felt vaguely wrong some how but not sure why, Harry drifted away.


 Harry opened his eyes when the beeping came into his consciousness.  Looking around for the source he was irritated to see the heart monitor next to him fluctuating wildly.  'Damn piece of crap.' Harry thought at it before it burst into flames.

 "Shit." Harry looked around to find Sam walking in the room.

 "It was beeping." Harry said blankly.

 "And now it's not." Sam moved out of the way so the Doctor could rush in with a fire extinguisher and put out the flames, which seemed to turn blue and green while Harry sat there looking at them.  The Doctor turned to Harry and huffed.

 "You are a handful." He glared before leaving.

 "What'd I do?" Harry looked confused.

 "How much of the hunt do you remember?" Sam sat down gingerly.

 "I remember walking in the door and then waking up here." Harry thought about it.  "Did I get hit on the head... cuz this reminds me of a time Ron hit me with a bulgier and I...."

 "You were attacked by a demon possessed lycan we didn't know about." Sam sighed as he looked at Harry.  "He was in his lycan man shape and... well you got clawed up." Harry thought about that for a minute and pulled his hospital gown open enough to look at the nearly healed scars down his chest.

 "But... that... I..." He blinked for a bit.  "What kind of lycan am I?" Harry asked worried.

 "Well... that's the thing." Sam sighed.  "The guy who attacked you... was created through magic.  He was both a wereleopard and a werewolf.  He attacked you and Kevin... well he got me.  And while I was busy bleeding to death you raised your hand and splatter both of them." Sam bit his lip.


 "You raised your hand." Sam demonstrated.  "And they blew up.  Like you set off an explosion inside them." He shook his head. "Anyways... we did some DNA checks and yeah, you got the conjoined lycan breed the demons created." Sam bit his lip.

 "Okay." Harry sighed as he sat back and closed his eyes.  "Am I dying?"


 "Am I a danger to myself?"


 "To others?"

 "Not that we...."

 "Do I have flees?"

 "What... no!" Sam laughed.

 "I have a werewolf friend back home... back in England... and... well... you tend to think these things when you wonder what it'd be like to be a lycan." He shrugged.  "Anyways.  If all that's no, then I'm well enough to live like this." Harry sighed and sat up.

 "You're okay... just like that?"

 "Just like that." Harry nodded and started pulling out IV's.  "Granted once I'm alone or with Nathaniel I'll break down."

 "You... you shouldn't do that..." Sam got up and put a hand on Harry to stop him from pulling out the IV.  The instant their hands touched there was a spark of animal heat between them and Harry gasped and panted as he looked into Sam's eyes.  Before either could figure out what was going on Sam had Harry pinned back on the bed savagely kissing him.  Something in Harry reacted and flung Sam down on the bed and got on top of him.

 "ME ALPHA." Harry growled.

 "okay..." Sam whimpered.

 "you MINE." Harry nipped at Sam's neck.

 "yes...." Sam whined and moaned.

 "Good." Harry growled again as he began to make out with Sam.  He looked up when the Doctor, Dean, and Anita walked into the room.  He snarled at them as he felt his wolf like beast flowing through him into Sam and touching something a kin to it inside of him.  The wolves seemed to dance and play with one another and Harry was marveling at the feeling of being inside Sam with out either of them undressing.  He moaned and writhed against Sam till Nathaniel came in the room.

 "oh." Nathaniel dropped the bag he'd been carrying and turned around running away.

 "STAY." Harry shoved Sam down on the bed and tore off after Nathaniel.  He caught up with him and the second he touched the less dominate wereleopard his own leopard rushed out and tackled Nathaniel's sleeping cat.  Harry felt its shock and surprise as they pair rubbed and cuddled.  Nathaniel opened his mouth to moan and Harry captured his mouth, muttering "mine" as he devoured Nathaniel's mouth in his hungry make out session.

 "harry?" Nathaniel finally asked when they pulled apart for air.

 "mine." He looked into Nathaniel's eyes, his emerald eyes shifting to a glowing jade.  "MINE." He repeated.

 "Yours." Nathaniel dipped his head and nuzzled Harry's cheek.  Harry nuzzled and then licked down Nathaniel's neck.  "always yours....."

 "good." Harry's body seemed to mold into Nathaniel's.

 "Harry... about Sam...." Nathaniel licked his lips nervously.

 "He's mine." Harry nodded to himself.

 "like me?" Nathaniel's face closed down.

 "kind of.  you special." He nuzzled Nathaniel.  "You smell of good things.  Magic, sex... happiness... home..." Harry looked Nathaniel in the eyes.  "He just smells right.  Both mine." Harry looked into the lilac eyes in front of him searching for agreement.

 "Both yours." Nathaniel smiled.  He could share.  Hell he could share pretty damn good, but knowing he was special to Harry made a lot of difference.  He smiled and kissed Harry again before they eventually parted and walked back to where Sam was laying on the bed.

 "Good boy." Harry grinned as he walked over to Sam, one hand still holding Nathaniel's hand.  The other found Sam's hand and held it.  "Both mine." He said simply.

 "Both yours." Sam nodded, not sure what was going on at all.

 "Okay I'm lost." Dean looked between the three of them.

 "Their both bonded pairs." Anita looked shocked.  "Sam and Harry and Harry and Nathaniel. Their bonded pairs." She shook her head.

 "What's that mean?" Dean scowled.

 "They fit together on a metaphysical supernatural level and make each other whole."

 "Like soul mates." Anita nodded.  "That's just great." Dean growled slightly.

 "Not mine." Harry tilted his head at Dean.  "No, not mine." Shaking his head he went back to Sam and Nathaniel and smiled.  "Mine."

 "The kid's a brick shy...." Dean frowned.

 "He's operating on pure instinct right now...." Anita pinched the bridge of her nose.  "Let's just be thankful your brother still has his pants on." She sighed.


 "I need to talk to you." Anita had sent everyone else out the hospital room as she sat on Harry's bed to look at him.

 "The doctor told me." Harry was curled up on his end of the bed, his legs up to his chest.  "My dormant vampire heritage from Jean-Claude and Damian is reacting to the magic in the lycanthrope infection." Harry looked up at Anita.  "I'm a werewolf and a wereleopard as well as some kind of living vampire..." He sighed.

 "It gets easier." Anita offered.

 "How would you..." But Harry stopped talking as Anita's power flooded across him.

 "I've got wolf, leopard, lion, five kinds of tiger, Sabertooth tiger, rat, hyena, and pan were in me.  Not to mention being a living vampire, a succubus, and a necromancer.  So yeah... I kind of know what you're going through." She smiled.

 "What's a pan were?" Harry blinked.

 "It's a lycan who can be multiple kinds of lycans and transform into all of them.  I've only met one who could do it." Anita's mind flashed back to Chimera and the destruction he wrought down on everyone around him.

 "Not too bad then." Harry finally sighed.

 "Hell you can make more money if you shift." Anita grinned.

 "Yeah... Nathaniel and I talked about that.  He makes more money on the nights he shifts into his half form." Harry nodded.

 "Nothing says you'll be that powerful.  But, if you are, you can make a lot of money." Anita nodded.

 'Well could be worse." Harry snorted.  "I could be back in England right now."

 'Why would that be worse?" Anita frowned.

 "Oh the little law that makes us all register.  All 'tainted magical beings' have to register with the ministry and then submit to either being rounded up into cages for three days for the full moon, or taking a dangerous and potentially harmful potion and then being locked up at home."

 "What?" Anita felt her rage building.

 "Yeah, one of my teachers... he lost his job when one of the other teachers told everyone he was a werewolf." Anita's mind flashed to Richard.  "Remus wasn't allowed to work anymore.  And he was shunned by most anyone he could get a job with except for my headmaster, and my friends." Harry smiled slightly.  "They... they were okay with him being a werewolf...." He traced a pattern on his hospital gown.

 "Where is he now?"

 "Dead." Harry sighed. "He and his wife died in the war." He looked down.  "They made me the god father of their son, but I suggested that little Teddy would be better off with his Grandma till I get my life more stable." Harry blushed.

 "That was mighty big of you." Anita stroked Harry's shoulder, amazed at the level of lycan power pouring off of him.

 "Yeah, they send me photos of Teddy from time to time and I send letters to him so they can read them to him." Harry smiled.

 "Is he...?" Anita looked for a word.

 "Nope." Harry shook his head. "We found out that the gene that lets a person be a Metamorphmagus prevents infection from any and all lycan viruses." Harry smiled.

 "A metamorph-what?" Anita frowned.

 "Metamorphmagus." Harry said again.  "It's a kind of magic that makes the person who has it able to change any feature of their body at will. Tonks, Teddy's mom, was the first one in her family.  Much to her Aunts' shame." Harry smirked.

 "Didn't like a shape changer in the family?" Anita frowned.

 "Nope.  They were pure blood mania people.  If it wasn't witch to wizard then it wasn't worth anything.  Tonk's dad was muggle born." Anita frowned harder.  "Sorry, muggle's our world for non magic folk.  But yeah his parents were both non-magical, and then he randomly had wizarding magic.  So he and his wife met at school and married.  And that pissed her family off something fierce." Harry smirked.  "Blew her face right off the family tree tapestry." He shifted position on the bed.  "And then Tonks could change her shape at will." Harry shook his head.  "They were scandalized by their sister's KEEPING the child." He rolled his eyes.  "But I like Tonk's mom.  Andromeda.  She told them both where to shove it.  She loved her husband.  She loved her daughter, and thought her family was bonkers." He laughed to himself.

 "Sounds like a good head on her shoulders."

 "Yep." Harry nodded.  "Best person to raise little Teddy if you ask me.  He's learning to love and be loved.  He's learning not to judge people because of their blood or power." He shook his head.  "Yeah, he's in a good situation right now."

 "We'll help get you stable." Anita hugged Harry, reading between the lines that he missed Teddy and it hurt to have to give him up even to give the kid a better home.

 "thanks." Harry blushed.  "Can I ask how you got all those different kinds... I mean it wasn't all attacks like mine was it?" Harry bit his lip.

 "First one was through a magical link.  The second one was through an accident.  The lion and one of the tigers was an attempt to kill me.  As was the pan were.  Then the Sabertooth tiger and the other tigers was an attempt to make me a suitable host for the first vampire." Anita ticked off on her fingers.  "The rat and hyena were deliberate." She smiled softly.  "We're building a stronger supernatural community here.  And every kind of lycan who is bound to us I'm taking on an infection from so that I can send my energy into them to help their group when they need it." She stretched.  "We're looking into the Werebears and Werefoxes next."

 "Wow." Harry blinked.

 "Yep." She tweaked Harry's nose.  "And I think you and I need to have a talk about Nathaniel." She looked into Harry's emerald eyes.

 "oh." Harry blushed and looked down.  "He told me he was your boyfriend... I..." Harry blushed.  "I've never... with anyone... and... just such a connection... and... well... I didn't mean to get in the middle." He said in a rush.

 "Firstly, you didn't get in the middle.  You just happen to have a place in his heart that I can't fill." She said calmly.  "Second, your first time probably was with a very dedicated and caring person so no harm there." She smiled slightly.  "As for him being my boyfriend, he is.   He's also my Leopard to call.  Which means I'm his girlfriend, master, and keeper." She eyed Harry warily.  "So I'm a tad bit protective of him."

 "yes ma'am." Harry swallowed.

 "Now... Because I know what Jean-Claude's line is like.  Being a part of it myself.  I know what it means to make links between lycans and yourself." She gave Harry and understanding look.  "So believe me when I say I know what you're doing with Nathaniel and Sam." She looked into his eyes.

 "What?" Harry blushed feeling like he'd been caught with his hand in a cookie jar.

 "You may not be a vampire... not an real undead one, but for what ever reason you're connecting to Sam as a werewolf to his mate and Nathaniel the same way only with wereleopards.  Now the strange thing is... you're also acting like their your animals to call." Anita frowned.  "You're bonding very deeply... and..."

 "How do you know that?" Harry frowned.

 "I can feel you through Nathaniel." She sighed.  "I am linked to him.  He's a third of my triumvirate.  I... I know his feelings.  He's a part of me.  But through him I can feel you now.  And I can feel Sam.  The three of you are forming something that's NEVER occurred before.  Two different were animals creating a triumvirate.  It shouldn't be able to happen.  But since you're both and more... it appears to be able to happen." She shrugged. "It shouldn't work but it does." She sighed and sat back.

 "is it okay?" Harry felt himself flare with indignation at having to ask but also with the feeling that he was stealing from Anita some how.

 "I think you asked them both today.  Gave them the chance to deny you.  And both of them chose you." Anita gave a smile.  "At least you gave them a chance to say no if they wanted to." She put a hand on his hand and squeezed.

 "yeah..." Harry looked out the window and frowned.  "Can you get me my wand?" Harry asked as he pulled his food tray over to him.

 "Sure..." Anita handed it over.

 "Thanks." He gave a soft smile and tapped some ice cubes he laid out.  Muttering under his breath the ice cubes shivered and transformed themselves into sheets of paper.  Harry then took the plastic cup full of water and transfigured it into a fancy looking ink pen.  Anita sat there bemused and befuddled as to how one person could contain so much power and use it for such simple things.  But she watched as Harry wrote out a few letters quickly and sealed them with a flick of his wand.  "Can you open the window?" Harry asked as he wrote out the addresses on the outside of the letters.

 "Sure..." Anita got up slowly, her joints stiff from sitting for so long in a crouch on the bed.  "What now?" She said as she stood in front of the open window."

 "Owl." Harry pointed his wand at the letters and they glowed slightly.  "Now we..." He stopped and smiled.  "Wait." He grinned as an owl swooped down through the opened window and landed on his small bed side tray.  "Hi.  Can you take these to Ms. Hermione Weasley?" He held up two letters.  "And this one to Mr. Dudley Dursley?" The owl hooted and held out his leg.  "Thank you." Harry smiled and tied the letters to the owl's leg and offered him a bit of a sliver of shaved ham that was on his tray.  The owl beaked the ham and took off in flight.

 "You want to explain why you gave an owl your mail?" Anita sat down in the nearest chair.

 "Oh we use them for the post.  They make great mail carriers. Much faster then anything we ever used in the past." He nodded to himself.

 "okay then." Anita looked shell shocked.


 "Hey, Mione, mail." Ron yawned on his way to bed when he opened the window for the approaching owl."  He ruffled his red tuff of hair and smiled at his wife.

 "Who'd be sending letters this late?" She gave the owl a treat while taking the letters off his leg.  She started for the third but he snipped at her and flew off.  "Hum... two for me and one for another... it's Harry's writing."

Chapter Text

"Hey, Mione, mail." Ron yawned on his way to bed when he opened the window for the approaching owl." He ruffled his red tuff of hair and smiled at his wife.

"Who'd be sending letters this late?" She gave the owl a treat while taking the letters off his leg. She started for the third but he snipped at her and flew off. "Hum... two for me and one for another... it's Harry's writing."

"Finally writing from America. Blimey that bird's barely haggard making the trip."

"They set up a kind of floo point for owls traveling internationally." Hermione said conversationally as she opened the first letter addressed to her.

Dear Hermione and Ron,

HEY! Gods it's been forever since I seen you. I have loads to tell you. I have a job now, and a place to live. I'm also seeing... people.... finally. And I'm making friends. But more about that later. I need you to use the key I left with you and go to Gringots soon and take the second letter. It requests that they get my trunk from my vault. It's the only one in there right now so it's not hard to spot. I also need you to find any pictures and family history you can on Dad's side of the family.

Normally I wouldn't bother you with this... but I've met Dad's Great Great Grandfather.

Hermione stopped reading and frowned. 'Met his dad's... that's not possible...'

Jean-Claude is a master vampire here in St. Louis. And... he's my Great Great Great Grandfather. His son's name was Benjamin Potter. And I know that was the name of Grandpa Harold's Grandpa. I also know that Benjamin's son was Joshua. I just want any information you can dig up on them. I want to teach him about the family he never knew he had. Since... Ben's mom told Jean-Claude his son was stillborn. She didn't want her son raised by a vampire I guess.

And can you quietly dig any information on an older vampire who used to live in Scotland. His name now is Damian and he's... well his my Mom's Dad.

"Bloody hell, Harry's got vampire blood in his family." Ron grinned. "Good thing he didn't find out in school." Ron yawned.

"Why's that?" Hermione blinked up from the letter.

"Oh, I keep forgetting you weren't raise by wizards." Ron stretched. "We hear bedtime stories about good witches who were tempted by vampires and bore them Dhampires." Hermione looked at him inquisitively. "A half vampire? Anyways. The stories always paint the Dhampires in a nasty light. That they were tempted by dark magics and controlled by dark forces. Personally I always thought it was a way of people telling girls not to..." Ron blushed. "you know..." He bit his lip. "Before they were married." He cleared his throat. "But I know for a fact that it's a load of crap." That got Hermione's attention.


"Oh, Dad's sister, Aunt Ruth." Ron smiled. "She married a Dhampir." He shrugged. "Good guy, bit obsessive with his garden, but he's Welsh." He said like that explained everything. "Hell you've met him too." Ron went over to grab their wedding photo from the wall. "Right there," He pointed. "Fourth row back seventh from the end." He looked at the photo. "Oi, down in front." The front three rows ducked down. "See."

"Oh, Janis. Yes, he gave me a lovely Cameo for a wedding gift." She smiled.

"Yeah, Uncle Janis is a good guy. No trace of evil in him. And he's a decent wizard. And they're the ones who had my cousin who's a squib. He's an accountant in London." Ron nodded. "He couldn't make it to the wedding, had to work." He sighed. "I think you'd have liked Matt." He smiled. "He's a couple years older then us. And funny as hell." Ron grinned.

"So you're okay with Harry having vampire blood?" Hermione bit her lip.

"Yeah. I'm fine with it. It's a little odd, but it does explain his hair and the eyes and the skin tone a bit." He shrugged. "But eh. Sounds like he's getting on with the guys so hey, he has family that he likes now. I'm not going to go messing that up."

"Ronald Weasley, that's the most... insightful unselfish not self centered thing you've ever said." She marveled at her husband.

"Well there's two reasons for that." He smiled. "The first is that Harry's my oldest friend next to you and I want him to be happy. It's why I told him to go on this trip so he could find his way again." He rubbed Hermione's neck.

"And the other reason?" She yawned.

"I like sex and I like my tackle where it is. And I know you'd cut off one of them..." He laughed as he ran out of the room.

"I KNOW WHERE YOU SLEEP RONALD WEASLEY!" She half heatedly yelled after him. She shook her head and turned back to the letter.

There's more you need to know of course. Like I was in a little accident... nothing major. I'm alive. And you should see the other guy. Hermione frowned.

Yes Hermione, I am a trouble magnet. We know this and we're moving on. Anyways... it's ... um... well it's changed a few things. I think I'll be living here for the most part. Because... well... I like how my kind are treated here more then over there.

Hermione frowned and covered his mouth. There is no way he... no... not after such a short time... and so many close calls... he... she sighed as she picked up the letter.

A demon was mucking about over here... and well... he... created a new breed of lycanthrope. It was half werewolf and half wereleopard. Lucky me I got to be his first victim when he transformed. And lucky me I get the jackpot of getting infected with the new virus. It's... kind of messed things up a little but I'll adapt. As it is I'm apparently dating two people now.

Hermione's brow furrowed.

One is Nathaniel, I work with him... and... well... he's a wereleopard and an exotic dancer.

Hermione's eyes shot up into her hair. 'Damn it Ron left too soon.' She thought to herself, turning back to the letter.

Yes Hermione, I'm a stripper. Yes Ron, I do take my kit off for women. Yes, both of you, I'm dating two guys. Yes Ron, I am having sex. No, Hermione I'm not being safe, I'm also pregnant.

Hermione's eyes went wide with shock.

Gotcha. Naw, we're.. being safe. I'm... well I was safe my first time. Now... it doesn't really mater. Nothing gets a lycanthrope sick. So... I'm good now. Anyways the other guy.

Sam. He's a Us Federal Marshal. That's kind of like an Auror for muggles. He was in the attack with me and was attacked by the werewolf who was possessed. He's a werewolf now. And... no we've not been together. We just started dating today. The three of us together.... and yes that works. Anyways. I think I might be moving soon if Anita's mood is anything to go by. OH!

Anita is Nathaniel's girlfriend and his mistress. She's okay with me dating him.

"What the hell did you get yourself into?" Hermione shook her head.

Anyways, she's talking like it might be better if I lived in her house with Sam and Nathaniel before we try being so far away from her living with Jean-Claude. He's the Master of the city and he's really nice... and like I said before I want to be nice to him and teach him about Ben and my family... so anything at all Hermione would be great.

Best of wishes and all my love,

Harry J. Potter

"Bloody fucking hell." Hermione pinched the bridge of her nose. At least she knew he was alive and well. She repeated that in her head as a mantra to keep herself from hexing him across the ocean.


"Hey Dudley?" A guy sat up and scratched his bare chest and opened the dorm window. "There's a letter for you ... on the leg of an owl...?" He frowned.

"Thanks Shawn. That's from my cousin." Dudley snatched the letter and opened it.

"He uses owls to deliver his mail?" Shawn frowned under his blonde locks, his hand over the muscular chest and frozen over his treasure trail.

"Yeah, he has access to trained Owls. It's really nothing big." Dudley smiled and looked at the letter.

Dear Dudley,

I know you have no reason to read this, hell I'm half expecting it to be torn up and burned. But I wanted to ask a favor of you. Can you send any pictures you can of Grandma and my mom? I'll attack the phone number for my hospital room which should be good if you call me in the next few days.

Oh, I'm in America if that helps. So, yeah. If you can, call and I'll give the address, that way I know if you're interested in helping me.


"What the bloody hell happened to him now?" Dudley shook his head as he dug into his back pocket to pull out his wallet. He was sitting at the little dorm kitchenette wearing only his jeans. He'd given up on the sweets and started working out to keep himself from having to get the shots for his diabetes. It'd left him with a body that was all muscle but almost as slim as his mother's build. He pulled out his phone card and looked at Shawn. "Can you hand me the phone?"

"Something wrong?" Shawn frowned.

"Yeah, my cousin's in the hospital." Dudley answered as he dialed the number.

"Calling your folks?"

"Oh god no. They still think he's worthless. The kid saves my life over and over again. Then paid to keep us safe during that fucked up year two years ago. And they still hate him." Dudley shook his head. "Besides Dad's not talking to me after what YOU did at last Christmas." Dudley shot an amused glance at his friend.

"Well, in my defense, I thought I gave your father the p.c. photo of us in front of the fire where we were fully clothed and smiling at the camera. And I thought I sent my Dad the photo of the pair of us wearing nothing but Santa hats over our crotches making out like wild men." Shawn blushed.

"Yeah, right up till he unwrapped it and kicked us out of the house for being morally bankrupt." He rolled his eyes and then heard a voice come on the phone.

"St. Louis Mercy Medical, how may I help you?" The nurse's voice came on the line.

"Yes, I'd like to speak to Mr. Harry Potter in room 304 please."

"One moment please." Dudley waited.

"Hello?" Harry asked into the line.

"Hey cousin."

"DUDLEY?" Harry sounded shocked.

"Yep. I thought I'd call and get the address now before I go talk to mom. Dad's... well you know what Vernon can be like." Dudley smiled when Harry snorted. "Besides he's not speaking to 'the filth' like me right now. So mom will be easier to talk to in a few hours when he's off to work."

"Bloody fuck, what'd you do to get lumped in with me?" Harry marveled on the phone.

"Oh my duffus of a boyfriend sent him a racy photo of the pair of us for Christmas by mistake." He rolled his eyes. "Still there?" Dudley asked after a while.

"Some how I think they'll blame that on me too if they ever find out I'm dating two guys." Harry laughed.

"Two... Wow cousin, your making up for lost time." Dudley chuckled. "Your owl caught me before my first class, so I don't have very long to talk." He nodded at Shawn who was tapping his watch.

"Yeah. You know about vampires being made citizens in London right?" Harry bit his lip.

"Yeah, it's been all over the news for the last few years. Big deal with them being made legal and all. Why?" Dudley frowned.

"Well, I'm asking for the photos for a vampire over here who knew Grandma...." Harry bit his lip.

"Wow, old Grandma had a vampire friend?" Dudley crowed.

"Well more like she knew him... very well." Harry winced.

"Are you... I mean... you can't mean..." Dudley blushed.

"He's my Grandpa." Harry supplied.

"Just yours?" Dudley bit his own lip.

"Yeah. He only knew Grandma Mary long enough to have my mom. He didn't know about my mom either." Harry added.

"Ah. Okay. I'll leave that bit out. Mom's been going to therapy about things. She's finally admitted to herself that she misses her sister a lot." Dudley said softly. "She's... she's been so fragile these last few months. Memories coming back from when she was little." He sighed.

"About the day with the branch and how she got the limp she had for a long time." Harry supplied.

"How'd you know..."

"I met the guy who did it to her. He... he died trying to keep me alive." Harry closed his eyes and tried not to cry.

"Well at least he redeemed what ever evils he did in his life by doing the right thing." Dudley gave a weak smile.

"yeah. Anyways, I'll let you go, you got a pen?"


Hermione was a force of nature when she had a project. She'd contacted the hall of records, and everyone who was still alive and who had known the Potters. She'd gotten all sorts of pensive vials stored in a large container, and packed a shrunken pensive into the package too. She knew Harry didn't take his and wasn't sure if it'd be in his trunk. He'd kept Dumbledore's pensive after the final battle.

She'd also ran into Mrs. Tonks and talked to her about her failing health. Hermione told her she was working on a package to Harry and said she'd wait for Mrs. Tonks to write him a letter. So she tucked the sealed letter into the package with the shrunken pensive, shrunken trunk, and shrunken memory vials. She added her own letter into it and thought again about packing a howler in there. But decided against it. She did however shrink and put in the paperwork to get an international fire chat point put in. She'd used her contacts in the ministry to get it flagged for high priority when the paperwork came in. Worrying over everything else she jumped when there was a knock on her back door.

"Come on in." Hermione called as she kept an eye on the ward stone above the door. If she was in danger it would flash and knock out the intruder, even if they were invited in. She watched in shock as a platinum blonde stuck his head around the doorframe.

"Hi..." He said sheepishly.

"Give me one reason why I shouldn't hex your balls to your lips." Hermione stood up.

"I heard you talked to him." Draco stood there utterly broken, his body looking weak as he barely stood there. She signed to herself and offered him a chair.


"You can put that box over by the wall." Harry offered as he moved some of the cloths he'd bought today and some small possessions he'd not been able to not buy when they'd went shopping. Anita had shown him the room before he, Sam, and Nathaniel had went out to do some shopping. Harry had gotten a paid handsomely for performing at the club. They'd billed him as Evan, Asher's idea to shorten the name, the wizard stripper, and it'd been a hit. They'd also announced that he'd been attacked by a werewolf and a wereleopard, and was planning another show after the full moon. To unveil which animal if any he became.

"Okay." Sam smiled as he sat the box down and turned around. They'd been moving there things in for days now. Sam had even went so far as to ride out with Dean to pick up the things he kept in his storage locker out at Bobby's place. Bobby had tossed him a silver pen and he'd jumped back hissing at the pain. Bobby'd taken to Sam being a werewolf easier then they'd thought. Add in the fact that he was now in a gay relationship with two guys... well Bobby had just shook his head and said it was about time Sammy came out of the closet.

"This is kind of cool." Harry nuzzled Sam as Nathaniel came in the room, they opened their arms to him and pulled him into the hug. "Hi." Harry nuzzled Nathaniel's neck.

"I wanted to tell you I had snacks down in the kitchen." Nathaniel smiled sheepishly.

"Oh?" Sam nuzzled the other side of Nathaniel's neck. "God I can't get enough of your smell...." His eyes seemed to dilate.

"He's right, you smell REALLY good." Harry licked Nathaniel's neck.

"you smell pretty good yourselves." Nathaniel moaned.

"How about after we eat we try to see if we can break in those sheets we picked out yesterday?" Harry nibbled on Nathaniel's ear. "You picked out the perfect color Nathaniel." He snuggled his lover.

"Yeah, you managed to find a color we all three love." Sam smiled as he pulled Nathaniel in for a deep soul searching kiss. "Food then sex?" He looked into Nathaniel's lilac eyes before watching their wereleopard lover nod.

"Good." Harry smiled.

"HEY POTTER!" Anita's voice came from the bottom of the stairs. "You have an owl!" She shouted.

"Mail for me? Must be from Mione." He took off down the stairs with both his lovers trailing after him.


Dear Harry,

First off if you think you're getting out of a good scolding then you don't know me at all. I'm going to wait till you get your floo hooked up, the paperwork is in the box, and then I'm going to let you have it. So hook up the floo quickly. Or else Ron is liable to want to yell at you too.

Secondly, I included everything you needed in the box, plus a pensive and memory vials of memories of your mom and dad and their families. I hope your family is doing well. I also hope you're not going to go anywhere near that potion during the full moon. I looked up how the potion reacts to wereleopards. It makes them VIOLENTLY ill. And has even killed a fair few of them. They tried to make one using catnip, but it didn't work as well.

Now, speaking of people who change at the full moon. Two men, both of them lycanthropes. Goodness Harry, only you can find good hearted people who need a good friend to surround yourself with. I'm glad you found them. Oh, do read Mrs. Tonk's letter after this please. It's.. . important.

All my love,

Hermione Weasley

"She sounds nice." Nathaniel read over Harry's shoulder.

"Yeah she is. She's just worried." Harry sighed as he went about the task of unshrinking the letter and the paperwork.

"What's with the doll furniture?" Anita looked at all the tiny things in the little box.

"Oh, it's easier to ship things when their shrunk down. The trunk's almost the same size as you actually. And it has most of my books, cloths, and possessions I didn't want to carry with me when I didn't know where I'd be living. I told Hermione before I left England that if I sent for that trunk, I'd found a place I was staying." He looked at Nathaniel and Sam, smiling as he did. "And I'm happy here." He smiled.

"You shrink your stuff to .... store and ship it?" Anita thought about that.

"Makes it easier to carry it when we can't use levitating charms." Harry unshrunk the trunk and then charmed it to float out of the way.

"It floats..." Nathaniel's eyes shifted slightly as he curled up on his side on the kitchen floor and began batting at the floating truck with joy on his face.

"That won't fall on him will it?" Anita looked at the heavy trunk assessing how much damage it was capable of.

"Naw, I've had people poke them and even sit on the trunk when it moved. It wont fall till either I end the spell or someone does."

"Okay." Anita gave it a wary eye.

"I wonder what Andromeda had to say..." Harry picked up the letter from his godson's Grandmother.

Dearest Harry,

I left Hermione waiting outside the cafe as I came in to write this letter to you. It's important that you come to England most quickly. I know from talking to Hermione that you've become settled and it's most auspicious timing. You see...

Oh how to tell you, dear boy. I suppose the straightforward approach. The time has come sooner then we thought for you to come collect Teddy. I... I don't have long. The mediwizards say that I'm looking at a week, maybe less, maybe more. But they agree that I won't live out the month. So I'm setting my affairs in order, putting the house and the lands in retainer to be maintained till Teddy's of age to have use for them.

I would like to have my portrait send with you and Teddy so he can still get to know me as he remembers me as he grows up. I... I've just finished having it painted. With an updating memory charm put on it. It'll remember right up to the moment I pass on. I ask only this and that Teddy and Nymphadora are both put back on the family tapestry.

I would ask that Teddy attend Hogwarts when he turns 11, but I know nothing of America's schools. Only that they have them. I leave his education up to you my dear boy. I've seen you grown into a fine young man and I trust you with my grandson. I know about your job, so don't worry. I think you're a brave man to do what you want to do with your life. I wish you well.

Hermione mentioned that there was a love life now. I would request to meet them. Please bring the gentlemen who would be sharing my grandson's life with you when you come. So I can meet them and hopefully make a good impression. I already approve of them. Because Hermione couldn't say enough how happy you are. That alone shows that they'll be good for you and probably my grandson too. Thank you my dear boy. I will await you at the estate.

Your sincere and loving friend,

Andromeda Tonks

Harry sat back utterly shocked as he took in the meaning of the letter. He sat there utterly gobsmacked as the others all kind of turned to him and away from where Nathaniel was still laying, batting playfully at the magic levitating the trunk.

"You okay Harry?" Sam moved closer, as Nathaniel got up and moved to the other side of Harry. Harry for his part was still staring off into the distance.

"Harry?" Nathaniel nuzzled him, putting as much of his body in direct contact with Harry's body as he could. He knew with most of the wereleopards that they needed closeness when they were having a massive shock. It helped deaden the blow and strengthen their ability to bound back. He looked up into Harry's blank eyes and worried more.

"How do you feel about kids?" Harry mumbled as he laid the letter down on the table. His mind as blank as his face as he sat there. Harry sat there not seeing the room but thinking about how Andromeda had looked the last time that he'd seen her. Was she that sick back then? When had she taken a turn for the worse? What was he going to do with a child? And where was he going to put him?

"What?" Anita picked up the letter. "Oh god." She sat down hard next to Nathaniel.

"What's going on?" Sam frowned.

"My godson... his last family member is dying. They're giving her less then a couple weeks. So she's setting everything in order now. She's requested that you, me, and Nathaniel come to collect Teddy and bring him back here." Harry licked his lips nervously. "I suppose the question is... how do you feel about kids?" He looked into both sets of eyes that sat on either side of him.

"I want kids." Nathaniel finally said, blushing but then nuzzling Harry.

"And you?" Harry turned to Sam.

"We're voting?" Sam frowned.

"I want to know if you're okay with this." Harry laid a hand on Sam's shoulder.

"I dunno. I wanted a wife and kids for a long time. Then she was killed... and that idea went out the window. And now I'm with you... and I thought kids were out of the picture..." He bit his lip. "I..."

"Well their not out of the picture, just harder to conceive." Harry interrupted before the could stop himself. "Sorry, a Hermione moment."

"We can have kids?" Nathaniel blinked.

"Well it involves a potion. But it allows for conception and then... later birth." Harry blushed. "When I started looking at blokes, I looked it up." He turned to Sam. "You were saying?"

"I want kids." Sam smiled and hugged Harry to him.

"Then it's time we start deciding what we're taking with us and if we're traveling by plane or by Portkey."

"Harry what's a Portkey?"

Chapter Text

"Thanks for letting me use the fire place down here Anita." Harry smiled as he finished doing the spells in the packet that had arrived in the owl post only hours after he'd sent in the request form. As soon as he stopped the logs in the fireplace burst to life, instantly glowing with a soft magical aura. "Okay." Harry double-checked the magics, and before anyone could stop him he muttered. "Hermione Weasley please." The flame glowed and he thrust his head into the flame.

"HARRY!" She shouted as she and Ron moved close to the flames.

"What's up mate?" Ron smiled.

"Did Andromeda tell you what she put in my letter?" Harry questioned his friends but seeing their faces he knew they hadn't. "She's only got a week or so to live. I'm just waiting on the international Portkey to arrive." He sighed.

"Gods." Hermione covered her mouth.

"Yeah. So I'm going to be in country to pick up my... son... apparently." Harry closed his eyes. "My godson." He sighed.

"You had it right the first time." Harry sat back to look at Nathaniel. "He's your son now." Nathaniel put a hand on Harry's shoulder.

"Oh, who's the sexy guy?" Hermione's face appeared in the flames.

"This is Nathaniel of the sexy dances." Harry introduced his lover. "Nathaniel this is Hermione, the smartest person you'll ever meet." Hermione's flaming face blushed. "And Hermione this is Sam of the unexplored fantasies." He grinned.

"Pleasure to meet you both." She smiled.

"Thanks." Sam was blushing but not running from the fire chat.

"So where are you landing?" Hermione turned back to Harry.

"The ministry. Kingsley promises it's a secured room and he's not telling anyone I'm coming back." Harry sighed. "And from him, I trust it."

"It's a good thing for all of us he became Minister. He's the first decent one we've had in a LONG time." Hermione nodded.

"And he doesn't play favorites." Ron said with a nod. "He hires and fires based on actual skill. I think it's the first time that the ministry has been running this well."

"Good." Harry nodded as an owl landed down beside him through the open window and dropped a box beside him before flying away. "Looks like we'll be there in a bit. If you apperate in and then go up to Kingsley's office I think we'll be there shortly."

"Bye mate." Ron waved.

"Bye." Harry smiled as he opened the box and looked at the plastic scone sitting in the black box. "Okay, all you have to do is hold on to it and me and we'll be fine..."


A spinning void of darkness and light later the three of them landed rather unceremoniously in Kingsley's office. Harry swore to himself after the return trip he would so not be doing this kind of travel again. He'd even learn to do international apperation if it would keep him from EVER feeling that damn hook feeling again.

"You do that often?" Sam grunted as he managed to move very undignified to his ass.

"please don't make me do this again...." Nathaniel lurched to the side and vomited under the Minster's desk.

"We'll find a way to get home that doesn't involve it." Harry held Nathaniel's long hair out of his way.

"Yeah." Sam rubbed Nathaniel's back in soft circles, his hand and Harry's stopping together and resting against one another on Nathaniel's back. "yeah." Sam gave a soft smile as he held Harry's hand.

"Harry." Hermione walked in with a moist towelette. "I know how bad you handle the trip." She smiled warmly as she handed the towelette over to Harry who started slowly wiping the sick off of Nathaniel's face.

"Shsh." Harry said gently as he held Nathaniel and cleaned him up. "It's okay." He nuzzled his love and smiled softly at Hermione.

"i think i can stand up now." Nathaniel said in a quiet voice.

"Okay." Harry and Sam flanked him to help him stand. The energy of their growing link flaring in that moment.

"Thanks." Nathaniel smiled as he lulled his head onto Sam's chest and cuddled Harry to him.

"So, let's head out." Harry smiled.

"After you Mr. Potter." Kingsley opened the door.


"That man is walking on the ceiling." Nathaniel's eyes got large.

"He's testing anti-gravity charms." Harry spared the guy a glance and walked them down the hall to the floor network. "We're going to be heading to Diagon Alley first." Harry said over his shoulder to Hermione.

"We're going to an Alley?" Sam frowned.

"Diagon Alley is... not like anything you've ever seen before." Harry grinned. "First we have to floo in..." They both looked at him. "I'm serious. You'll see." He pointed to the floo and they watched as people vanished into flames. "Not hard at all."

"Right..." Nathaniel gave him a skeptical look as he walked up to the floo like with Harry and Sam.

"Hermione you want to go first to show them how it's done, that way one of us is there to make sure they get to Diagon Alley just fine?" Harry looked at his friend.

"You're going last aren't you." Hermione smiled.

"Yeah." Harry smiled. Hermione got up in line and taking a hand full of the powder threw it down and yelled out Diagon Alley as her destination. She was consumed in flame and vanished. "Sam. You take a handful of the powder, say where you're going clearly, and then throw the powder down." He smiled softly.

"Okay." Sam looked at the powder like it might bite him but took a handful in his large paw of a hand. "Diagon Alley." He shouted as he threw the powder into the flame and vanished.

"do i have to?" Nathaniel clutched to Harry.

"Yeah, it's the quickest way." Harry cuddled with Nathaniel. "We can try to go together... but I'm not sure how stable that is." He bit his lip.

"okay... i'll try." Nathaniel walked over and took a handful of the powder, some falling out between his fingers. "Diagon Alley." He said timidly as he threw the powder down. He flinched as he vanished through the flame.

'Best hurry myself.' Harry picked up his own handful of powder before naming off his destination and spinning through the smoke and soot till he landed in front of Sam and Nathaniel being spelled clean by Hermione.

"Did I look like that?" Nathaniel gasped as he looked at the nearly black Harry.

"Probably." Harry flicked his own wand and vanished the soot.

"Is this the alley?" Sam took in the high brick walls and the brick outdoors fireplace they'd come out of.

"Naw, this is the antechamber." Harry walked over to the wall and tapped a series of bricks with his wand before the entire wall seemed to undulate and reform itself into a doorway to a large network of shops and people bustling about.

"Where too first?" Hermione asked.

"food?" Nathaniel was suddenly feeling shy and hid behind Sam.

"Sure." Harry smiled. He took Nathaniel's other arm putting him in the center. "Don't worry, we understand." Harry whispered in Nathaniel's ear. "I was the same way when I first saw it." He smiled as he kissed Nathaniel.

"My stars and garters! IT'S HARRY POTTER KISSING A BLOKE!" Someone yelled out. Photos started being taken. Nathaniel jumped and tried to hide behind Harry and Sam. Harry growled and did something he'd wanted to do since he was 14. Every single camera exploded in a rain of sparks and ash. Everyone jumped back.

"Harry?" Sam put a hand on Harry's shoulder.

"I won't hurt them, but they're hurting Nathaniel." Harry's eyes were glowing slightly as he touched his throat with his wand tip. "Yes, I'm Harry James Potter. Yes I was kissing one of my boyfriends. And yes their both muggles. And the next person to harass either Sam, Nathaniel, or myself will be seeing just how much I can do wandless when I'm angry." Harry eyed everyone. "It's kind of sad. Not here twenty minutes and my boyfriend already see why I left this country." Harry's eyes shamed a lot of people. "I'm not something special. I'm not here to be gawked at. There's a family tragedy happening over here so I'm here to comfort my loved ones and say good bye to a lovely friend who's dying. I'd ask your respect and some space for this trip." Harry ended the charm and went around and held Nathaniel to him. "it's okay." He whispered. "it's okay."

Sam did his part of looking threatening even for a muggle and everyone made way for them as they made it to the nearest restaurant. Harry ordered some food for the three lycans and Hermione.1 As they sat there eating Sam finally spoke up.

"I know you said you were famous for living... but damn." He looked at people who were trying hard not to look at them.

"Well it wasn't always this bad. I vanished after school so they've speculated on what I've been up to." Harry sighed as he munched on his steak.

"You faced them because of me?" Harry turned kind eyes to Nathaniel and kissed him.

"Yes. They were scaring you. And no one's allowed to hurt you." He leaned in close. "Unless their in the bedroom." Harry smirked as he nibbled on Nathaniel's ear lobe, and he watched the visible shudder that went through Nathaniel's body. "You have to ask for it for it to be okay." Harry said between nibbling on the shell of the ear.

"Are you offering?" Nathaniel looked into Harry's eyes.

"Maybe." He smiled. "I think you'd do better if Sam and I marked you." Harry nodded to himself.

"I'm going to check on my book orders, why don't you three make a prudent use of the loo over there." Hermione wiped her lips gracefully and hugged Harry. "I'll see you soon." She smiled knowingly and Harry was again treated to how much smarter Hermione was then everyone else.

"I like this idea." Harry said as he took their hands and raised both men up and walked towards the loo.

"Leaving Mr. Potter?" Their waiter asked nervously.

"Oh no, we're just... going to make Nathaniel more comfortable." Harry pulled Nathaniel to his body, the love he felt for Nathaniel clear in his voice and eyes.

"Okay Sir, your table will be kept in status so nothing gets cold or hot." The waiter used his wand and went about his work, his blush firmly in place as he watched Harry and company go into the loo together.


"What do you want to do?" Harry leaned in close in the rather spacious bathroom. "And where do you want marked?" He gave a grin to Nathaniel.

"I... I want you to pick." He blushed as he looked around the room.

"Well I think I want mine on his back." Sam retch over helping Nathaniel out of his blue t shirt and moved behind him.

"I'll take his chest." Harry moved in front of Nathaniel. Harry's hands caressed the exposed expanse of flesh as he swayed with Nathaniel and Sam. His body hummed with the power they were forming between them. But the still amorphous thing that was this bond between them seemed to want this more then they themselves were aware.

"So good." Nathaniel was thrumming with the power too. Harry and Sam locked eyes and they both moved towards the same shoulder, only separated from their lover's kiss by Nathaniel's flesh. Both bit into his sculpted body and locked eyes as they marked their shared love. Nathaniel moaned wildly and the pair made out with his shoulder on either sides. When they were done they pulled back licking the blood from their teeth and looking at the spent wereleopard in front of them. He mewed when they tried to help him stand.

Harry's nose picked up on the smell of semen as he smiled down at Nathaniel. A flick of his wrist and wand cleaned Nathaniel's pants up but did nothing for his and Sam's smiles. That's when Harry realized that it was brighter in the room then it had been. He looked at his hand and realized that he and his boyfriends were glowing in the half-light of the room. He felt the glow touching his magic and his beasts and shivered as he realized he was close to cumming as well.

"too good..." Sam moaned, his eyes going black as his pupil's dilated more then they should have been able to.

"You okay?" Harry panted, his voice alone seeming to bring the other two closer to their orgasm.

"Feel... so... so good..." Sam moaned, his voice having the same effect as Harry's. Their moans and shivering movements working to bring them off together.

"keep going...." Nathaniel purred, and the others spared each other a look before they joined hands with each other and Nathaniel and started fondling each other. Their bodies were warm and the magic was building in the room. Harry could feel the ionization of the room, like standing on the edge of a thunderstorm. He hoped they wouldn't blow up the shop but the part of his mind that let him understand his actions shut down as his own shirt was pulled over his head and twin mouths latched onto each of his nipples.

"OH GODS YES!" Harry moaned, the magic building in power and making the walls of the room shudder. No one much cared as Harry felt his blood in his lover's mouth. He and Nathaniel only vaguely saw each other as they pulled Sam's flannel button down off of his shoulders and pulled his white under shirt up baring his chest. Harry finished pulling the clothing off of Sam's upper half and he went to his boyfriend's neck while Nathaniel went to his lower belly just above his zipper. They latched on and quickly part took of Sam's blood as well. Sam's glow gave a flare like Harry's had when they had taken his blood.

"so close..." Sam whined.

"something missing." Harry frowned.

"need it." Nathaniel's eyes locked on both of them, the desire there was pure and burning.

"cloths off." Harry barely said and his magic flared in the enclosed space and left their cloths piled on the floor in a heap. Their flesh bared to each other they felt the draw even more then before Harry went to Nathaniel and pinned him against the wall, lifting his left leg to give him better access before sinking his spell slicked cock into Nathaniel's warm embrace. The pair mewing as their cat's came out to play, slowly stroking each other's metaphysical selves.

Sam gave a growl and with out thinking Harry's spell slicked Sam's needy prick as it sank into Harry's hungry hole. They both bottomed out in their respective partner and began doing a centuries old dance with Harry in the middle. It was Harry's turn to howl as his wolf raised it's head and bounded to Sam's wolf. They began rolling through each body as Harry's leopard kept doing the same with Nathaniel's cat. The feeling of it was raising a new force in Harry. Before he could understand what he was doing, his magic brought them all closer, by completing what was needed for his wolf and leopard to fuse as they had in the beast that attacked him.

His wolf-leopard brought Sam's wolf and Nathaniel's leopard into the same space. It brought the beasts together as if they were sympathetic animals and suddenly they were all three feeling their beasts roll around together. The feeling only intensified their love making as their human flesh responded to the unseen animals simple movements of companionship. All three growled and screamed as they found their completions, the walls of the room seeming to blow apart around them leaving them floating in a kind of hazy dream like world before passing out fully.


"Harry?" Came the timid voice and the knock on the door. There was a door? Harry looked around the dark night's sky that seemed to be everywhere. "Harry are you okay?" Harry frowned. He should know that voice. He looked into the star filled night that was both above and below him, he realized that he, Sam, and Nathaniel were still naked and coupled together in a heap of wanton flesh laying on the floor as it seemed to float in this non space. "Harry, I'll open this door if I have to..." The voice seemed to hesitate.

'Who is that?' Harry thought as he lazily cuddled back to the two he was with.

"Fine, I'm opening the door." A curly haired woman opened a door that hadn't been there to a light filled place and the three lycan's eyes struggled to adjust as they looked up at the girl.

'oh it's Hermione.' Harry's mind supplied as he cuddled closer to Nathaniel.

"Harry are you three okay?" He frowned at her and nodded. "Good, you should put something on and either fix what you've done or get out of here." She sighed.

'What have we done?' Harry thought.

"You produced magical lightning and did random acts of magic through out the restaurant... and you didn't say that out loud." Hermione's eyes got wide.

'well you're the one who's bothering to use her lips.' Harry mentally yawned as he stretched. 'but cloths wouldn't be bad after we pull out.' Harry's mind supplied images of hard cocks in tight holes and Hermione blushed. 'you okay?' He thought.

"You're projecting images with the words." Hermione blushed.

'oh.' Harry said from his hazy place in his head. 'well it was fun, it should be shared.' He grinned, and Hermione's eyes got wide.

"You're eyes.. their black..." She bit her lip.

'oh, cool.' Harry mentally yawned again. 'sleep now. cloths after. fixing things later.' Harry said as the door shut in Hermione's face.


'I wonder what kind of mess we made.' Harry yawned.

'dunno but i'm not cleaning it up.' Was Nathaniel's very vocal reply.

'Are either of you moving your mouths?' Sam frowned.

'nope.' Harry yawned again.

'huh... I wonder why I can hear you? Sam stretched, his body ached from where he'd passed out on the bathroom floor curled around a very naked Harry. The second he realized his soft cock was still in Harry he didn't seem to stay soft for long. Blushing as his thoughts turned to sex he felt a smile in his mind.

'Awww... that's sweet.' Harry moved back and slide up and down the hard length inside him, the play on his prostate causing his own cock to harden again.

'Can I join in?' Nathaniel asked, his mind filled with their love and acceptance and he moved in to kiss Harry before sliding his own cock deep inside Harry's hole right beside Sam's cock. Harry moaned and panted, their thoughts joining together again as they all joined into the lovemaking. They were nearing completion again when the door was blown off its hinges and Hermione stood there looking haggard with her hair akimbo and her cloths filthy. Sam and Nathaniel dropped Harry's prone form and dropped him balls deep on both their long cocks making the wizard cry out as he came and they came inside him.

"You will come out. NOW!" Her voice board on deadly so Harry disentangled himself from his lovers' embrace and stood up, naked and covered in his own juices as he faced her down.

"Okay." He said softly. "okay." He preformed a cleaning spell on himself only bothering with his boxers while he padded out into the ruined restaurant to view the damage. He winced as he took in the ruination that he'd visited down upon this place and wondered if he could just pay to have it fixed or not.

"You'll need this." Nathaniel came running out and held up the wand. "If you want to fix this." He gave a subtle flick of his wrist and both Sam and Harry turned to him as they felt something in them flex and watched as the wand in Nathaniel's outstretched hand glowed and magic from it started to repair the space around them.

"That's not supposed to do that." Harry felt himself pulled to Nathaniel and Sam.

"What's happening?" Sam moaned as he pulled closer.

"no clue..." Nathaniel's voice shook with pleasure.

"Harry you said they were muggles right?" Hermione frowned.

"Yeah..." Harry struggled to look at Hermione.

"Then the transference has occurred." Hermione simply said before walking to Nathaniel and helping him move his arm to direct all the magic to what it needed doing. Once they were done she helped him lower his hand and smiled gently at him as she patted his bare arm.

"Transference?" Harry raised an eyebrow.

"You gave us vague details, I looked somethings up. Most of it's hear say and legend now. Most of the real texts were lost with the Aztecs, but wizards used to be able to bound with similar were animals. Leopard to Leopard. That sort of thing. But if the other member of the bound wasn't a wizard or a witch, they could create a magical core inside the other person through transference. They each gave a little of themselves to be copied into the other person. You gave some of your magic to Nathaniel which through what happened in there gave him a magical core all his own. And you... got the carefree nature of being in nothing at all and feeling comfortable." She eyed the fact that Harry was in a publicly exposed place in nothing but his boxers and walking around like he was in a well cut business suit.

"Huh..." Harry shrugged. "I vaguely wondered why it wasn't a big deal with people seeing me like this."

"It could have something to do with the tight abs or the sexy treasure trail leading into those very packed boxers." Sam grinned.

"The thing I wonder though,... with three of you did Sam get some of your magic?" She picked up the wand from Nathaniel's hand, patting his hand while she did so, and then handed it to Sam. Instantly it began a shower of red sparks that went out restoring bits and pieces of the windows and doors. "Yep. He got some magic of his own now." She nodded again. "What trait did you share with Harry I wonder..." She looked at Harry.

"Well, I can't say for certain but have you always been ... that flexible?" Sam blushed a little sanding there in just his jeans.

"Nope. Never." Harry shrugged.

"Well... uh... I can ... could... can.." Sam changed his mind again. "I'm flexible enough to suck myself." He looked at Harry.

"Hum... so I got your flexibility and Nathaniel's easy about nudity, and both of you got some of my magic. What'd you get from each other?" Harry frowned.

"Well these turn me on." Sam stroked the bites on his neck and groin.

"I don't know what I got." Nathaniel frowned.

"Don't worry. We'll figure it out." Harry pulled Nathaniel to him. "OH. That's what you got." He smiled and nuzzled Nathaniel. "You're scent." He buried his nose in Nathaniel's neck. He pulled Sam in and he could smell the difference. Nathaniel's vanilla scent was now paired with a strong granola scent that Sam seemed to give off. It seemed to make Nathaniel even more attractive.

"Maybe you should get dressed so we can head out of here..." Hermione looked around at people who were reaching temptingly towards cameras.


Harry curled up on the swinging cot with Nathaniel between him and Sam. His burst of magic had worn the wereleopard out and they'd called the Knight bus after they'd finished their shopping. Harry played with Nathaniel's long auburn hair as Sam traced gentle circles on his hand. Hermione had given him a small trunk full of things before she'd laid down to read her book she'd brought with her. The Tonks' estate was far enough away to take a few hours by the magical bus to get there.

"You okay?" Harry looked at Nathaniel while he talked to Sam.

"Yeah. I'll adjust." He smiled. "I get you for the rest of my life. I think I'm getting the high end of this deal."

"You don't think very high of yourself?" Harry looked up then.

"Till recently I was a demon blood addict. And ripe to be the antichrist in an apocalypse. So saying I'm damaged goods, isn't that much of a stretch." Sam stroked Harry's hand.

"I don't see you like that. I see you as a strong capable man who I love." Harry leaned up and kissed Sam on the lips as Nathaniel cooed between them.


"HARRY!" Little Teddy took off at a run towards Harry once the little boy spotted him.

"TEDDY!" Harry ran to him and scooped him up. "How you been big boy?" He smiled at him.

"Been better." He pouted and cuddled into Harry's chest.

"Oh?" Harry stroked his back.

"yeah... grandma doesn't feel so good." Teddy said sadly and sagely.

"Ah." Harry smiled and carried Teddy over to where Sam and Nathaniel were standing. "I want you to meet some people." Harry smiled.

"Pretty hair." Teddy held out his hands to Nathaniel.

"Why thank you." Nathaniel picked up Teddy who slid his thumb into his mouth. "My name's Nathaniel." He said gently as his eyes lit up while he looked at Teddy.

"I'm Teddy." He said around his thumb. "Your pretty." He said in that innocent confidence that only children have.

"And you look pretty to." Nathaniel smiled.

"Grandma says I'm as handsome as my grandpa." Teddy said like he'd heard it often.

"I'm sure she's right." Nathaniel nodded as he held the boy.

"You smell nice." Teddy said as he curled in against Nathaniel. Harry watched Nathaniel melt around Teddy's little finger.

"He's going to be trouble when he's older." Hermione shook her head. "He's too good at that now." She smiled.

"Dean says he was like that as a kid." Sam smiled.

"He's probably a dandy with the ladies isn't he?" Hermione said wryly.

"In his own head." Sam walked up and moved some of the hair out of Teddy's face.

"Teddy..." An older woman came out smiling. "Oh there he is. He's been so wound up since I got your note that you'd be coming." She hugged Harry close to her and kissed his forehead. "I'm glad you came." She smiled again. "He's been all a chatter about wanting to show you his spot in the garden." She stroked Harry's cheek.

"Hello." Nathaniel said around the sleeping Teddy.

"Tuckered himself out I see." She smiled as she shook Nathaniel's hand. "Andromeda Tonks." She smiled.

"Nathaniel Graison." Nathaniel smiled at her, doing his best to dazzler her while he held her grandson.

"You have the most amazing eyes." She smiled. "You're animal's a cat?" She kept eye contact.

"Yes. How'd you?" Nathaniel blinked.

"Oh my daughter used to love imitating animals eyes when she was younger. They got stuck as cat eyes for the longest time. You never forget the feeling." She smiled and stroked his hand. "Well Teddy's signed off on you and he's got his father's sense of people. He didn't get the lycan virus, but he did get the heightened senses and he's very tactile." She said softly, she hugged Nathaniel around Teddy. "I'm glad he'll grow up with you in his life." She smiled.

"Thank you." Nathaniel tried not to cry.

"Andromeda, this is Sam, Sam Winchester." Harry introduced them. "My other boyfriend."

"Ah. The werewolf us marshal, you're saddling yourself pretty young with some hard problems. But I think you're very qualified. Harry tells me you're looking forwards to helping raise Teddy." She held his gaze.

"Yes ma'am." Sam's posture got straighter as he felt himself being inspected.

"You're going to have to keep this one from getting too serious on you, Harry." Andromeda smiled and hugged Sam "Ease up, I'm not going to cane you." She smiled. "Besides." She said as she pulled back. "I'm not going to be NEARLY as bad as Molly will be."


"He knows?" Harry asked over tea while he and Andromeda were watching Teddy playing in the yard with Sam and Nathaniel.

"Yeah. I sat him down and showed him the painting." Andromeda sat her delicate tea cup down.

"Is he taking it well?" Hermione stroked Andromeda's hand gently.

"He's... he's taking it hard. But he's happier that I've had the painting done." Andromeda's eyes got tight around them as she looked at Harry carefully.

"I'm going to make plans for it to be adhered with some protection charms on it when we get back to the states." Harry looked up at her dark eyes.

"Thank you." Andromeda smiled softly. "I'm glad he'll still grow up with me around." She trembled and started crying. Harry was at her side in lycan speed and held her close.

"Is there anything I can do?" Harry held her close.

"Make sure that he knows I love him?" Her tear filled eyes beseeched Harry, searching his soul with her gaze.

"Every day." Harry nodded, swearing then and there that Teddy would grow up knowing love as a child. Hugging his dying friend Harry felt a keen sense of loss as he mourned her soon passing.


They stayed on at the estate through till a week after Andromeda's funeral. Harry personally saw to the packing of all the things she'd indicated that Teddy was to take with him while he grew up. Harry signed the final contracts setting up an account to pay for the upkeep of the grounds, while the house itself was sealed by ancient blood wards to allow only either Harry or Teddy inside the house itself. Harry took a magical snap shot of all of Teddy's favorite places and was determined to find out if Anita would let him replicate some of them or if he should start looking for a new place to live.

Of course the sullen little boy who was clinging to Harry on their way to the ministry that afternoon had been tickled pink at the idea that both Uncle Sam and Uncle Nathaniel would be living with Uncle Harry. The boy had already seen them kiss and after a very careful conversation Harry and the late Andromeda has convinced the boy that boys could like boys the way boys liked girls. But as most things at that age, his hero liked something so he was okay with it. It helped that he'd gotten to know both Sam and Nathaniel and was utterly enamored with them. They were stopped in the ministry by a grief stricken Narcissia Malfoy.

"Auntie Sissie." Teddy held his hands out to her and Harry handed him over for a good bye hug.

"Hello my little Teddy Bear." She smiled and wiped the tears from her face. "Hello Harry." She said softly.

"Hello Narcissia." Harry took her hand and held it. "Doing any better?" He'd never really gotten on with Narcissia but after she decided family was important and reconnected with her sister, Harry and Teddy had been in her life for a long while. Enough that the boy felt for her when it came to the loss she was dealt through this.

"I have my good days." She smiled softly. "Thank you for telling me when you were going so I could come say good bye." She blinked back tears.

"I wanted to leave on good terms. Since I'm planning to invite you to the states to visit once we get settled." He smiled and that lit both her and Teddy's faces up.

"You mean Auntie Sissie can come visit!" Teddy said excitedly.

"Of course." Harry turned to her. "You're always welcome to come visit. It's a bit of a harder journey, but you're just as welcome. Andromeda and I had some long talks about her wishes. And she thinks you and Teddy are good for each other. I'm not about to stop that." He held her hand warmly. "What problems I had are gone now." He said softly. "And I think we all need a good healing after all of this."

"Thank you." She rushed and hugged Harry to her and Teddy. "thank you." She held on for a moment and then stepped back, blushing slightly. "Draco's going to be so... angry he missed you." She eyed Hermione who shook her head.

"Why?" Harry frowned slightly. "Last I heard he was in Romania in the artist colony." He gave a soft smile. "I'm glad they were able to regrow his arm." Draco had attempted to remove the dark mark himself but the curse had rebounded and severed his arm. For a long time they figured he'd never get it back but the Romania Wizards had promised they could and with a push from his mother and Harry's money, which he hadn't known about, he was off and had the surgery. A year later and he had full use of his arm and hand again.

"He's..." She looked at Hermione. "He's been traveling a lot recently." She said carefully and even Harry could tell there was something she wanted to say. "But if you do happen to see him some time... please hear him out?" She said softly as she handed Teddy back and took her leave of them, she paused and held out her hand. The pieces of a small box in her handbag flew up and glowed with magic as they knit themselves into a pocket watch. She handed it to Harry. "Give this to Teddy when he turns 17. It's a Black family tradition to have one of these." She closed Harry's hand around the magically thrumming device.

"Of course." He said with a smile.

"And promise you will hear Draco out when it's time?" She asked with urgent eyes.

"Of course." Harry looked confused as he watched her go. "Hermione?"

"I'm sworn not to talk about it." That earned her a look. "Smaller then a bread box or large enough to threaten my new life?" He said in a very calm tone.

"It's the size of a bread box." She said calmly as she tousled Teddy's hair and hugged Harry close. "He begged Harry." She said softly before pulling back and waving.

"That's... odd." Harry sighed. "So... which will it be, apperation, floo, or portkey?" Harry looked at them all.

"APPERATION!" Teddy said excitedly.

"yay..." Sam made a face. He'd been able to stand the other two, but the one time Harry had apperated with him doing a side along, he'd had to spend a few hours sitting down and with his eyes closed before he could move again. Nathaniel had taken to it better then portkey and preferred it to it.

"To home." Harry walked them to the international apperation point.

"To home!" Teddy said with his innocent joy.

Chapter Text

"No fair." Anita said to Harry as Teddy ran through the house from her to Micah, stopping to marvel at his green eyes.

"I know. He's a handful but..."

"Not that." She cut him off. "He's too cute for words and I think he knows it." She eyed the boy carefully. "I'm not entirely convinced he's unaware at least." She settled before crossing her arms. "And I certainly hope you're not planning on moving him into your bedroom." She said sternly.

"Actually," Harry turned to Nathaniel.

"We were wondering about that room just down the hall from us...?" Nathaniel bit his lip.

"I like it." Anita said simply as Harry's jaw fell open. "It's away from the guns, close to you, but far enough away the kid doesn't have to hear you having sex. And close enough to me that if he can't get any of you to open the door he can come snuggle with Micah and I." She smiled.

"Glad you agree so easily on the second hardest topic." Harry bit his lip.

"And what's the hardest?" Anita raised and eyebrow.

"Tied between two things." Sam carried their small bag with all the shrunken luggage in it, inside the house.

"The first being, Andromeda gave me an enchanted painting of herself. She's... well it remembers everything she knew right up till her death." Harry bit his lip. "She wants it somewhere where Teddy can go talk to her or see her from time to time.

"mrphern." A voice said from the bag.

"Oh sorry, thought you'd be asleep a little while longer." Harry blushed as he pulled out the tiny painting and then enlarged it.

"Sorry, wasn't one for long naps when I was alive." Andromeda smiled sweetly. "I said the kitchen would be a place I could be out of the way and still be a part of his life." She bit her lip.

"So long as you can promise not to startle me before my coffee... I think we can call that a deal." Anita walked closer to the painting. "I've never seen this level of animation in a painting with out death magic." She marveled.

"They mix some of my hairs into the brush and a potion distilled from my hair in the paint. Then the charms copy my mind to the bits of me in it." She said warmly.

"Cool." Anita smiled. "Makes me wish my mom could have..." She stopped herself.

"It's alright dear. I may just be an echo but I still know a delicate situation when I hear one. Don't think on it too much." She said gently. "I'm happy you've let me into your home. And I'll do my best not to make a pest of myself." She said solemnly.

"I think that's the first magical painting I've ever heard of to make that promise." Harry blinked.

"Well I paid extra for my personality. Never a bother, when you can be a royal pain." She grinned.

"I think I'm going to like you."


Harry paced back and forth in his bedroom while he thought about what was going to happen tonight. The full moon hadn't snuck up on them, and they'd gotten some non-lycans to watch after Teddy while Harry and company shifted. Teddy knew what was going to happen and had even asked if he could watch. Harry explained he was afraid that it might make Teddy not like him anymore. Harry wasn't entirely sure the child bought that but at some level he knew Teddy could pick up on his worry.

So they'd worked out a plan. Teddy could sit and watch, while being protected by Jean-Claude, Damien, and Dean. Between the three of them anything that tried for the boy would be hurting. But Teddy would get to see Harry transform as well as Sam and Natty, his nickname for Nathaniel. He could watch, but if he was scared they'd take him inside and Harry would obliviate the memory away. Of course Andromeda had said the boy would probably handle it rather well. Her portrait hadn't gone into too many details but she'd mentioned that he did seem to have an affinity towards were animals.

Harry had a harder time explaining that all the people would be naked before the change so they didn't loose any cloths. Teddy had been tickled with that idea and after talking with Hermione he'd learned the filtering charm. It allowed them to be naked in front of the child with out the child seeing their bits. It created a bit of magical clothing that gave you privacy. Harry just wasn't looking forward to the actual event itself. His body had been hyper active all day. He and Sam had went for a six mile run earlier and they'd beat their old records as they kept up with Nathaniel.

Harry undressed and felt better but decided he'd better throw on a robe. He may be comfortable with his body, but he wasn't sure on nudity in front of his godson just yet. Maybe he could make the filter spell all over the house? He thought as he walked downstairs in just the bathrobe. Nathaniel down to a pair of old shorts and Sam a pair of pajama pants he seldom wore now that they all three slept naked in one bed together. They were busy listening to a talkative Teddy who was over joyed at having this much attention from so many adults. Harry walked up and kissed both of them.

"Where's Anita?" Harry looked around at the pard and a few wolves here for him and Sam.

"She's in the basement." Nathaniel stiffened.

'What's up?' Harry asked with his mind.

'She's letting Haven out of the coffin.' Nathaniel was less then pleased at this.

'Why's Haven in a coffin?' Harry silently sent the question about vampires to Nathaniel.

'Not a vampire. A werelion.' Harry could feel Nathaniel pulling back.

'Why's a werelion in a coffin?' Sam's voice asked in their heads.

'cuz he tried to kill me.' Nathaniel sent with that the memory of how Haven had beaten Noel and Travis nearly to death and that Noel had been dying when they got there. How they'd tried to save him and the lover of death, Morte D'Amour, had tried to get them to kill each other but Jean-Claude had turned it all into a giant orgy celebrating life, love, and lust. It'd healed Noel and Travis and brought everyone back to where they should be. But after the orgy Haven had gotten into Anita's face about being her one and only and not sharing her anymore. In an attempt to hurt her he'd tried to shoot Nathaniel in the face. But Noel had jumped in front and took the bullet. Anita had been shocked but she had acted quickly, she'd used her necromancy and something she'd learned from someone Nathaniel called Obsidian Butterfly, to mummify Haven. It left him with his soul trapped inside the husk and had transferred his life energy and strength into Noel and kept him alive long enough to heal him.

'oh' Harry nodded and wondered why in the hell Haven was still alive at all.

'She loves him. And she couldn't stand to kill him. So she left him in a coffin down there for the last seven months. She's letting him out tonight and giving him back enough energy to shift to see if he's learned his lesson. If not then she's only got one course of action left...' Nathaniel smiled for Teddy and nodded to what he was saying while he went on in his and their heads. 'She'd have to make a bride out of him like she did Nicky.' Nathaniel mentally nodded to where Nicky was in the corner watching everything.

'He's a werelion right?' Sam asked.

'Yeah. He helped kidnap Anita and they were going to kill her if she didn't raise this guy's wife from the grave so he could just have her again forever.' Nathaniel took a pause, his mind vaguely filling in other details that he'd never have told anyone. 'She had to have sex with him to recharge her powers... and well... she used the ardeur to see into his heart and strip everything away but what she wanted there. Now he's what they call a vampire bride. Willing to give his life for his goddess, Anita.' Nathaniel's voice filled with something akin to pity as they listened.

'How many of the people coming in are Anita's?' Harry looked around and blinked as more people came in.

'Well Haven's the werelion who you can hear in the kitchen, and Noel's the one with the glasses over there and Travis is beside him. Their both werelions. Jason's here wolf to call. The two twin vamps are the Wicked Truth. They're bound to her, and do the security for these things. That's Cynric who just arrived. He's a blue tiger. And the red head behind him is Alex, he's the prince of the red tigers. The guy with the black and white hair is Domino, he's both a black and a white tiger. Crispin is her white tiger to call and the guy behind him is Victor, that's the other white tiger she's with. He's the son of the master of Vegas.' Nathaniel looked around the room. 'Then there's Damian down stairs who's her vampire servant, Micah who's her Nim-raj, and me. I'm her wereleopard to call. The only people really missing are Asher, Byron, London, and Richard. They're not coming tonight. And Requiem is in Vegas thinking about living there.' Nathaniel got sad then. 'A little clingy but I liked him. And other then that the only people not here is Mephistopheles. But we all call him Devil. It's easier to say. He's supposed to be here. He's a golden tiger as well as Carlos here wererat to call and Gabe, her werehyena.' Nathaniel looked through the crowd.

'Twenty two guys....' Harry's mental mouth fell open. 'Suddenly I don't feel so bad about two guys.' He cuddled into them.

'You felt bad about us?' Sam asked.

'I was taught you find one lover, get married, and that's it. I have two. Some small part of me was going it was dirty or wrong but too bad because I love you both. And now I don't feel bad about telling that feeling to fuck off. Because at least I'm not trying to juggle 22. I don't know HOW she does it.' Harry shook his head.

'It ain't easy.' Was Nathaniel's add in.

"Nathaniel?" Haven walked up to them, his blue hair looking a little shabby from so many months of being near death. He was dressed in naught by a pair of faded jeans.

"Haven." He said stiffly.

"I'm sorry." He bit his lip. "I shouldn't have tried to kill you." He lowered his head in a submissive gesture.

"No you shouldn't have. But you try again and Anita won't get a chance to keep you alive like that again." Nathaniel licked along Haven's exposed neck. "I'm not the same as I was then. I'll stop you myself this time." His eyes glowed and Haven swallowed, the feel of magic coursing across his skin.

"okay." He said softly before scurrying away.

"He's a sensitive?" Sam frowned.

"Only slightly. Enough to sense psychic stuff. I just charged my skin a little." Nathaniel grinned. Then looking around. "Where is Teddy?"

"Over there." Harry pointed to where Teddy was standing in front of Jason talking at the smiling werewolf. "Uncle Jason's got him." Harry waved and Jason nodded.

"He moves rather fast when he wants to." Nathaniel sighed.

"No kidding." Sam shook his head. "We are going to have our work cut out for us when he's old enough to want to date."


Outside all the naked lycans stood around and waited for moonrise. Harry could feel the rampant energy from all of their flesh growing and growing as he stood by his lovers. They turned together and watched as Teddy sat on "grandpa" Jean-Claude's lap. His curly hair going from blue to purple and then to pink before it went back.

"He's nervous." Harry smiled and walked up and hugged Teddy gently. "It'll be okay." He said softly. "If it scares you I want you to go inside okay?" Teddy nodded and hugged Harry's neck before settling back down on Jean-Claude. "Okay." Harry smiled and walked back to where they were standing. He'd only made it back when the moon came up in the east. Harry caught sight of it and his eyes dilated. He, Sam, and Nathaniel all bowed over and grunted as their bodies reshaped under their skin before they slipped their skin in a silent roar leaving a tan werewolf and a black leopard looking at a large sandy brown wolf with clouded leopard markings all over his fur. Harry's body was shaped more like a wolf but his tail was a cross, cat length and flexibility, but wolf fur covered. His jaw how ever had two sets of teeth. Both feline and canine sets of teeth created a shark like effect. But his emerald eyes were like burning jewels as he turned to look at Teddy who was looking in awe.

"Pretty." He struggled and Jean-Claude brought him over to where Harry was sitting. "Pretty." He patted Harry on the head. Harry gave a lick of Teddy's hand and sniffed him. The boy smelled of pack and magic and both scents seemed to calm a part of Harry that had worried that he might attack the boy. Nathaniel was next to be petted since he seemed happy to purr against Teddy's body. And Sam sat there as Teddy hugged him. His eyes showed he wasn't sure if he was okay with being touched in wolf form just yet, but that he would let Teddy touch him. He licked Teddy's face and nuzzled him before Jean-Claude picked up the smiling boy and told them he'd keep the boy company while they hunted.

Hunted... that sounded like a good idea. Harry took off into the woods with all the other many were animals and started the hunt. This big of a grouping of animals it was a good thing that  Anita lived so far from humans. They all were busy hunting when Haven's tawny lion form charged at Nathaniel, Haven may have consciously known not to mess with Nathaniel but his animal still took offense at being second fiddle to a submissive leopard. Nathaniel's new instincts did wandless magic to save his life, throwing Haven's larger form away. The lion glared at him and transformed into its half man form. Coming at Nathaniel again he was stopped by a black wolf man with sandy blonde clouded leopard spots. It's larger fangs grabbed Haven by the back of the neck and held him there.

'STOP]' Harry's mind screamed into Haven who transformed back into his lion form and mewed quietly while held in Harry's jaw. Harry shook the lion a bit and then let it go and pointed away. The cat nodded and turned, leaving them. Harry turned back and felt power bleeding both into and away from him as Nathaniel transformed into his half man form and They both put a hand on Sam. He transformed into a wolf man and they continued the hunt as such. They wouldn't be caught unaware again. Later when everyone came back to Anita's she was sitting petting Micah and watching over everyone, having given her beasts to as many of her were animals to call as she could. She felt happy and content as she watched them eating their kills for the night. Haven brought her a rabbit after a while. His neck showing the wounds of someone's jaw. She felt it for a bit and realized it was two lines of teeth.

"You pissed Harry off didn't you." She shook her head. "Well since you're not dead I'll assume he forgave you. So I'll let it go for tonight." She accepted his rabbit as the happier lion trotted away back to his own meal. 'Where is Harry?' Anita felt a pull and soon was looking at Harry and his small group as they each took down a deer and were dragging a few extra back with them.

"I don't see Sammy." Dean looked out through all the animals.

"He and his boyfriends had to pick up some extra deer." Anita smiled. "They got in a tousle and Harry... gave Sam the power to turn into a Wolfman." No sooner has she spoke then the three half men walk into her back yard each carrying a deer under each of his arms. "See." Dean turned and looked as Sam and crew brought the best of the deer to Anita and laid it at her feet. She touched them and thanked them before they turned and started eating. Transforming and hunting had taken a lot of energy.

"You said Harry gave him the energy to do that?"

"What ever magic Harry did to the three of them. They share a lot together. Harry transformed to protect Nathaniel and Nathaniel transformed to prove he wasn't weak either. And then they gave some of that to Sam so he could find a Wolfman shape." She commented as she pulled her cell phone out and made a call.

"Who was that to?"

"The DNR guys. I have them package the meet from the bigger animals the pard and the pack bring me. So they don't go to waste. They'll be here in the morning so I'll put this in the walk in cooler." She picked up the animal and walked it over to the cooler she'd had built in the last year for this purpose. "I explained to them a while back when we started this, these were lycan hunting trophies to me and they had better not eat any of the meat. They had separate facility built for the business I do every month with them. And they're pretty good about keeping things quiet. This way the food doesn't go to waste, and they don't risk contamination of lycan disease to the general public." Anita smiled.

"Makes sense." Dean nodded. "So what's next?"

"Well once their done eating and burning up a little energy playing around, they usually go in and lay in a big mound. I leave bathrobes around them so when they wake up in the morning they can wear something." She smiled. "How you coping?"

"I'm doing good. Bobby's a little pissed. But not much either of us can do about that." Dean grinned. "Sam's happy. First time in a long time he's happy. I'm not about to fuck with that." He said as he watched his brother feeding. "And besides, at least this isn't demon blood." He shrugged.

"Your brother used to eat demon blood?" Anita looked shocked.


A dark robed figure was sitting in a cave near a flame. Travel worn and battle weary she lay against her companion who was the one among them who needed the heat. She was all but ready to turn in before she would sleep for the day when she felt a pulse of something in her very blood.

"What is it mistress?" Her companion turned to face her, his sculpted face in stark relief from the firelight.

"Jean-Claude... I must go see him... in person." She stood and strode to the back of the cave. "I will rest and then we make our request to our benefactors." She said as the scent of roses rose around her, her powers flexing over those of hers who still resided in her quarters back in the mighty underground citadel that had been her home for the better part of the last few thousand years. Reaching out to them and chancing discovery to gain objects she'd left in her rush.

"Belle..." Her companion said in a low voice.

"I must... something has happened that has made me rethink a lot." Belle's eyes shone in the cave's darkness. "But the sun is upon me. I must sleep." She waved him away as she climbed into the stone coffin. 'Oh Jean-Claude, how I never knew of your depths...'


Harry woke the next morning his face firmly planted in someone's crotch. He'd been in the middle of yawning when he realized this, that and the fact that he now had another man's balls in his mouth. Harry tried to move off them but as he did he heard a moan and felt the cock that was pointed down his neck and at his chest throb and spray his chest with a morning load of cum.

"OH FUCK!" Jason moaned. "Dunno who's doing that.. but I'll help you out." He sank his mouth down on Harry's cock and was sucking his morning hard on off as quickly as he could. As a finger toyed with Harry's hole he emptied himself into Jason's throat. "Fuck... so good." Harry blushed as Jason licked his cock clean and then started to wriggle around to get a better look. "OH." Jason blushed. "Sorry about that.." Harry looked at Jason funny as he felt drawn to him.

"So hungry..." He whined as he moved closer. "So hungry..." Nathaniel appeared and got between them.

"Come with us." Sam grabbed one arm as Nathaniel grabbed the other. He was used to the ardeur when it hit from Anita. He knew what it felt like. Harry's ardeur felt different but similar enough to Anita's for Nathaniel to understand what it was.

"What is this?" Sam asked as he felt liquid fire in his blood.

"His inheritance from Jean-Claude." Nathaniel got them to their room and locked the door behind them. "Jean-Claude is an incubus, and Anita is a succubus. Harry seems to have gained the ardeur after the change last night." Nathaniel's eyes rolled up in his head.

"HUNGRY." Harry said, his body seemed to radiate heat.

"I know." Nathaniel shook. "You need sex. Release."

"Had release..." Harry panted. "Hungry." Harry jumped on Sam and kissed him, the liquid fire feeling filling him up. His mind clouded over as he seemed helpless not to think of one of his favorite fantasies. He was in high school being man handled by one of the jocks he'd known back then. He was naked as the jock spanked him, warming his ass. Slowly teasing his hole with his fingers before growing impatient and thrusting into Sam's warm ass. Sam's body reacted by growing hard and his eyes dilated as he shook. The world seemed to narrow down to the cock in his ass and taking him hard. He felt the jock cum in his ass and He came hard on the floor before he came back to realty. Harry was nuzzling Sam's chest, he seemed more coherent but still drinking something in, Sam could feel it as what ever it was passed out of his body into Harry's.

"He didn't have to have sex with you." Nathaniel looked shocked.

"Do... most of Jean-Claude's line need sex to feed that?" Sam asked panting.

"Yeah.... what'd he do?"

"I fed." Harry said with a lazy smile before going back to his bed and curling up.

"I was inside a sexual fantasy. I had wild sex. And then I orgasmed in my head. He seemed to feed off the feeling and the thought of it rather then the act."

"I'll be right back." Nathaniel ran out of the room and knocked on Anita's door.

"Yeah?" Micah yawned as he opened the door naked.

"Harry's got the ardeur." Nathaniel said plainly as Micah's jaw fell open.

"Where is he?" Anita said from the bed, already dressing and preparing for the freak out she'd had when she first realized what she was feeding.

"He's laying down in our room. He's already fed off Sam. He... he didn't need to have sex." Nathaniel blinked.

"What?" Anita said and prompted Nathaniel to tell her everything. A lengthy description later she thought about it. "Well The Dragon's powers were to feed off the thought and emotion of fear... that's in Damian's line. And Belle's powers were to create and feed off of lust and sex, which is in Jean-Claude's line. Harry seemed to be able to feed off of people's sexual thoughts with out actually having to have sex." She frowned. "But he was touching Sam?" She looked at Nathaniel who nodded.

"Maybe he needs physical contact to eat or maybe he just didn't know how to get it out the first time?" Micah tilted his head to one side thinking about it.

"Find out how Sam is and we'll talk to Jean-Claude and Damian when they wake up."

"Okay." Nathaniel nodded and headed out. "Sam?" Nathaniel went into their large in suite bathroom that Harry had magiced into being after the fourth time Teddy had walked in on them in the bathroom. Sam was sitting on the toilet blinking up at Nathaniel. "You okay?"

"I'm not entirely sure." He said as he held up a magazine full of naked men. "I can't seem to get horny." He said as he handed it to Nathaniel who almost instantly got hard as he saw the pictures Sam had been looking at. "See I'm usually like that when ever I even think about that picture." He waved at Nathaniel's hardening cock. "But right now I can't even find anything arousing." He frowned. "It's like he... ate my sexual needs. Like their so... fulfilled that I don't have a need for anything sexual right now." He looked up at Nathaniel. "Is that possible?"

"Anita thinks Damian's line and Jean-Claude's line merging in a wizard blood line with the mutant lycan breed... has caused Harry to create a kind of new level to the ardeur... that he can feed off of sexual thought rather then sexual act. If that's the case it would probably leave you feeling non sexual for at least a few hours." Nathaniel cuddled Sam and comforted him. "When I feed Anita's ardeur, I'm usually so worn out that I can't move physically for several hours. I'm getting stronger and able to be a better meal and all. But it still is physically taxing when she feeds." He blushed.

"How often does she feed?"

"Once every six hours. But she can't do the same guy two days in a row. Hence the 22 guys." Nathaniel nodded.

"I ought to have Dean feed Harry." Sam rolled his eyes. "I doubt he'd ever loose his sexual desire." Sam snorted.

"Or maybe a collage dorm or frat house." Nathaniel mused.

"Or a priest school." Sam nodded. "Picture it. They call Harry in, he removes their sexual needs and they become good little catholic priests again. I can see him getting paid for that actually." Sam sat back.

"Well once he's got control over it we'll talk to him about feeding from the church."


Harry woke up cuddled between his naked lovers hours later and smiled. He wasn't sure why but he felt so comfy. His body felt full but his belly suddenly gave a little growl. 'Better get up and get me something to eat.' He stretched as he pulled on his boxers and snuck downstairs. He smiled as he watched Anita making sandwiches for Teddy.

"Lunch already?" Harry yawned.

"UNCLE HARRY!" Teddy ran over and hugged Harry.

"Hey Teddy." Harry smiled. "How are you today?" Harry yawned out his question.

"I'm good sleepy head." Harry looked at Anita as Teddy bounced back to his seat and started munching on the sandwiches.

"He asked why you weren't awake yet and I told him you were being a sleepy head." Anita said plainly with a grin around her coffee cup. Harry caught sight of Andromeda trying not to laugh as well.

"Thanks for that." He yawned again. "Gods I'm nackered. All I did was shift...and end up in my bed some how." He rolled his shoulder.

"Any strange dreams?" Anita asked over her coffee.

"Yeah. Now that you mention it. Something about me eating Sam or a part of him." He pinked up at the sound of that. "And then a dream about Sam being spanked... and then back to the first dream." Harry frowned.

"Was Uncle Sam being bad? Is that why you spanked him?" Teddy turned in his chair.

"I didn't spank him. Someone was. But I'm figuring if he was getting a spanking then he probably earned it." Harry nodded as the little wizard nodded back.

"Grandma only had to spank me once." Teddy nibbled on his sandwich. "I drew on some of the family paintings." He nodded.

"But a little spanking and then getting him to help the house elves to clean them up was enough punishment." Andromeda said fondly to the boy.

"Yep. Grandma Andromeda never really got cross with me." He nodded. "But she always said I was a good boy." He smiled.

"I swear he gets it from Remus." She said as she crossed her arms and smiled. "Nymphadora NEVER behaved. She had to be either getting in trouble or falling into things." She shook her head.

'Harry?' Nathaniel yawned mentally. 'You're not out there eating anyone are you?'


'You have a version of the ardeur now... it requires you to feed from time to time. I'm not sure how often after you ate from .... ' Nathaniel yawned again. 'Sam. But... you will need to feed again eventually.'

'Thanks Nathaniel.' Harry sent a hug and a kiss up to Nathaniel and turned to Anita. "Can we talk?" She simply nodded and they went out of hearing range of Teddy who was talking with the painting. "Nathaniel says I have something called the ardeur." Harry licked his lips. "I vaguely remember that from my dreams this morning. Did I do something to Sam?" Harry bit his lip.

"Let's sit down." Anita motioned for him to sit. "The ardeur is a vampire skill created by Belle Morte. It's a fire inside of you that needs sexual and or lustful energies from others to sustain it and you. It's the burden of all succubi and incubi to carry this power. Belle herself and I carry the full versions of it. Jean-Claude has one version of it. Asher's bite can cause orgasms. Requiem can make you feel like you've had hours of good foreplay. Auggie can make you feel like he's your love of a life time." Anita paused. "And apparently you have blended the powers of Bella Morte with the power Morvoren who was sired of The Dragon. The Dragon's power was to feed on rage and pain, and Morvoren's power was to feed on fear and misery. You seem to have blended your various vampire bloodlines and create a new power. If they ever made you a vampire... I'm pretty sure you'd become your own sourdre de sang."

"What... who... huh?" Harry sat back confused.

"Bella Morte sired the vampire that sired Jean-Claude. So as he is of her blood line so are you. Since you are a blood relative descended from him after he was made a vampire but before he become his own sourdre de sang. Before he became his own fountain of blood." Anita sat back. "If he'd waited till then it's hard telling what kind of powers you'd have ended up with." She shook her head. "And The Dragon is a member of the council. She's not made many vampires in the last five hundred years. But all her vampires have rage abilities. Causing rage, feeding on rage. Except for Morvoren, who when she became her own sourdre de sang became a new race gaining the power to feed from fear and terror. A good many of her children have this power. They're called Nighthags."

"I've read about them. All it takes is a good crushing spell to the heart and they tend to die quickly." Harry nodded.

"Food for thought." Anita nodded. "But you've blended the powers and created a new power. The ability to feed your lust from the sexual thoughts of others. You caused Sam to relive a sexual fantasy in his head and orgasm in his head, feeding off of it and his sexual desires. You also filled him with a kind of contentment that all but removed his sexual needs for a while." Harry looked appalled.

"Nathaniel said I'd need to feed again." Harry licked his lips nervously.

"Yes. Jean-Claude has to feed at least once a day. I feed every four to six hours to keep up my strength and to keep Damian and Nathaniel alive. Though with your energy into the mix I might be able to dial it back a bit." Anita smiled lightly.

"Sam will get his sexual needs back right?" Harry bit his lip again.

"You only did a little feeding. You only fed off of one fantasy. So yeah, he'll be able to... perform later." She blushed slightly.

"Oh." Harry blushed too.

"Now, I do have to warn you." Anita sat up a little straighter. "I've met one living human who had a vampire power similar. His power was to feed off of bad memories. But he had to save his own life one time and fed completely." She looked Harry in the eyes. "He erased the girl who was trying to kill him. Erased every memory in her head and left her alive. I think when you've grown into your power, you could literally eat away a person's ability to ever be a sexual person again. I don't think you'll do it accidentally. Because that level of any power takes intent. But I do worry that you'll be able to do it."

"Why worry?" Harry frowned.

"I have the full ardeur." Anita sighed. "If I wanted to, I could consume all the life energy of a person and kill them with sex. Literally. Or I could do what I did to Nicky and make them my bride. I know the power inside of me. I know it wants out to play. And every time I feed it I have to keep it from doing what it wants." She held Harry's hand. "But think about what your power could do to someone like Bella or Jean-Claude. They need their sex drives to live. Consume their sex drives, and if you do it fully in them you could very well consume their ardeur and leave them with no way to stay alive. It would literally be a death sentence for them."

"Gods." Harry swallowed hard.

'Sam and I think we should take you to a Catholic Seminary and let you eat the sexual desires of the priests.' Harry laughed.


"Sam and Nathaniel want me to go to a Seminary and eat the priests and the priests in training." Harry laughed.

"Well that might be a good thing." Anita tilted her head slightly. "Think about it. Priests in the Catholic faith aren't supposed to be sexual beings. And they are. And it eventually screws a lot of them over." Anita thought for a second. "If I called a friend over, would you be willing to use your power on him?" Anita licked her lips.

"What's this friend's problem?" Harry swallowed hard.

"He's on sabbatical because he was having sexual urges towards young people. He figured if he left for a while he'd be able to handle it again." She bit her lip.

"And if I can take it away from him... maybe he can go back?" Harry frowned.

"He's never molested anyone." Anita looked Harry in the eyes. "But he was afraid he would so he left. Took himself away from all children and is living in a place far away from children. He prays daily that this curse would disappear and let him go back to his calling as a priest." Anita bit her lip again.

"Okay." Harry sighed. "Okay. I'll do it."

"Good." Anita paused as her phone rang. "That's odd, the number's blocked... Hello?" She asked as she answered.


"Jake." Anita sighed. "And will the funny friends who like to wear masks and dance around be joining us soon?" She said with a heavy sigh.

"Not so much. I'm calling to tell you we're, me and a few others, are escorting a deadly Beauty to your lands. She's asked to speak with her favorite child's new child." Jake's strain could be heard in his voice. He'd taken a mirror in the back to save her from one of his former friends and had brought her the tigers to prepare to make Jean-Claude the new Master of Tigers. And now he was... giving her a coded message about... a deadly beauty.... a... beautiful death... Belle.

"Jake why would she want to meet him?" Anita's distrust for Bella showing through.

"She says it's important. She's in hiding and needs to speak to him and Jean-Claude. She said she's willing to part with gifts to both of you if you'll allow her in your city for but two nights. And she expects no ceremonies or special events. She simply wants to meet, talk, and leave. She's wanting to be as far away from the spot light mommy's putting on you lot."

"Tell her we accept but one toe out of line and we'll make sure she never has to worry about mommy."

"I will. We're bringing our own food. And we'll be keeping her on a leash. Using her bigger powers will draw VERY unwanted attention." Jake's nod could be heard over the phone.

"See you tonight?" Anita sighed.

"Yep." Jake clicked the phone off.

"Great. Bella Morte in our city tonight." She sighed.

"She... she's coming.... why?" Harry frowned.

"You." Anita sighed heavily. "She's coming from where ever the hell they have her hidden all the way here in to the open so she might die, just to see you. What ever else you did last night when you changed... it spooked her enough to come this far. We'll just have to see what she does now...." Anita looked at Harry thoughtful. "I'll call my friend and see if we can get him over before hand. Give you a massive power boost so that you can deal with her level of crazy." Anita sighed.

"Okay." Harry closed his eyes. Suddenly not so sure about anything.

Chapter Text

haniel looked panicked as he stared pacing. "Belle. Belle Morte... She's coming here. In the flesh.... great... perfect..." His mind going a mile a minute as Harry and Sam struggled to hold on. On one of the passes Harry touched the semi healed mark he had left in London on Nathaniel's shoulder and the leopard stopped to look at him. Pleasure pulsing through his system Nathaniel smiled warmly at Harry. "Thanks." He cooed.

"That's better." Harry hugged him. "I'm going to go downstairs and meet Anita's friend and see if I can help. You might want to stay up here unless you feel drawn down there. Anita said you might be drawn to be near me if this power reacts funny." Harry sighed.

"Cheer up." Sam hugged his boys. "If this works you won't need to eat for a while and you'll have the power to fight off anything Belle does to you."

"Yeah and if it goes wrong I leave a priest a blank empty husk that is unable to function as a person." Harry was in a very scared place just then.

"Negativity affects your powers." Nathaniel said against Harry's chest.

"Okay." Harry turned and smiled over his shoulder. "I'll try to look on the bright side." He smiled as he walked out of the room.

"Should we have mentioned he's only wearing my pajama bottoms?" Sam stretched before laying down with Nathaniel, the pair of them naked.

"Naw. It's okay." Nathaniel smiled an put his hand on Sam's slightly hard cock. "Getting any better?" He stroked the swollen rod.

"Yeah. I'm starting to get vaguely horny." Sam leaned in and kissed Nathaniel.

"Good." Nathaniel grinned.


"Harry... I'd... like to introduce you to... Father Joshua..." Anita gave him a look and Harry looked down realized he was only wearing Sam's much larger pajama bottoms. A muttered spell later and the pajamas resized.

"Sorry." He blushed. "Pleasure to meet you Father Joshua."

"A pleasure." Father Joshua nodded. "But please, just Joshua. I'm not a priest these days..."He gave a sad look to Anita.

"That's why we called you over here Father." Anita held up her hands. "You'll always be Father Joshua to me." She smiled. "Harry... is the human offspring of Jean-Claude and a human about four or five generations back. He's also the same for Damian but only Damian's grandson." She lead Father Joshua to the couch. "You know that some vampire powers translate to their offspring right?" She bit her lip.

"Yes. I wasn't aware Jean-Claude had children." Father Joshua eyed Harry carefully.

"They only just met." She said calmly. "Harry wasn't showing any powers till.. last night." She said calmly.

"You mean the full moon." Father Joshua never stopped looking at Harry. "Anita, you and I both know that being a werewolf or a were anything will not hinder my problem. It would just make me ruin children's lives worse if that's possible." He sighed.

"I gained a vampire power after I transformed." Harry brought the Father's attention back to him. "A power to remove sexuality and sexual need from people." Father Joshua's eyes lit up at that. "Anita told me about your problem and I was impressed that you are doing so much to remove yourself from ever causing a problem." Harry sat there calm and collected. Something in him was sparked as he talked to this man. It was like he was sensing something inside the fragile damaged shell of a man.

"Oh." Father Joshua sighed. "Do you... do you think it would work?" He bit his lip. For a man of forty he was remarkably well preserved in Harry's opinion.

"I think it's worth a try." Harry looked in the man's eyes.

"What do I have to do?" He bit his lip, feeling utterly beyond his depth.

"Sit back.. And enjoy the ride." Harry stood up, put his hands on either side of the priest's head and leant close. "I'll be as gentle as I can." He leaned in and kissed the priest with everything he had. Father Joshua made to push Harry off of him but stopped. His mind suddenly was full of every fantasy and sexual feeling he'd had since he entered puberty. But he felt something else. A pulling sense. Images floating through but not seeming to stay in his mind for long. Harry on the other side was pulling like each memory, each fantasy was a single photograph lightly glued to a wall. It was pulling and removing the glue. He was taking each picture, since his powers only let him see the sexual ones, and he threw them into a caged fire beside him.

Harry pictured the flame as the ardeur and he was feeding it with every bit of sexual energy the priest he was kissing had to offer. As he pulled he felt the lights in this lit world of photographs shudder. He wasn't sure what was going on till he felt something pushing him out. He felt the priest's arousal and disgust and wasn't sure what to do with disgust. He was being pushed away before he was done when he felt power surge into him and he kept on pulling and burning. Erasing any sign of these feelings. Pulling and pulling and suddenly he realized the lights were dimming. The light was going out in this place. Till he was down to just an ornately carved wooden cylinder that was full of fire but not consuming the wood it had with in. He walked over and put his hand in. He felt the flame and knew it was all of the priest's sexual aspects. He pulled the flame out of the cylinder and held it in his hand.

'This was you. Now it's not.' He thought as he threw the small flame in his hand into the fire that was his ardeur. Watching the fire grow and then felt the power pass between him and Sam and Nathaniel. From Nathaniel he felt it flow into Anita and Damian. From Anita he felt it go into Richard and Jean-Claude. Threw them he felt it go to all the wolves, all the leopards, and all the vampires under Jean-Claude's control. Harry saw all of them standing behind him in to the darkness behind him. Seeing flames of magic and ardeur here and there lighting in front of each of the people who possessed them. Harry could feel them all as he fed them all and woke them all up and powered them. He felt Anita struggling to open it up to their other people and he helped her push it into the rats and hyenas, and the tigers and lions. Harry felt them all then. All of them in this space with him.

'You are powerful.' Harry looked beyond the dark and saw a wall. He walked through the dark, touching people as he went. Seeing where they were right then. What they were doing. He saw just beyond the wall there was the most beautiful woman that he'd ever laid eyes on standing in a blood red cloak. She smiled softly at him and pushed at the wall. 'I see you because you are not into your full powers.' She said softly. 'And you see me because you are from before he left me forever.' She had eyes only for Jean-Claude. 'There was a time I could command armies with a power like this.' She sounded in awe. 'Now all I can think is that you're not ready to face the others.' She pointed behind her to a blacker then black wall.

'What is that?' He asked.

'That is the council. They are consumed and know nothing of love and life. You give both to this poor man.' She turned back to face Harry. 'You woke something in me I didn't know was there. You brought my humanity back.' She cried tears of blood. 'I am keeping them out, and I ask nothing from you.' She said simply.

'Would you like some...' Harry offered her some of the flame.

'No. I have not earned it.' She said simply and smiled. 'I will see you soon enough. You must go back and control your powers.' She pointed to the light where his flame was now the greatest source of light second only to Jean-Claude's flame. 'Thank you.' He ran and stood by his fire. Looking into it he felt it's blue burning flame and felt it rise. 'I take from you all things sexual.' He looked out into the once lit chamber where Father Joshua's flame had been. 'No more desire of sex or of lust. Only the compassion and love that comes with a pure fire.' He retch into his fire and pulled out a golden spark. 'Today I remove all sexuality from you Joshua Pimrose. I make you blank. But I fill that void with a compassion for your fellow man and a caring that comes from a deep desire to help others.' He walked forward and put the golden flame into the cylinder that the other flame had been. This flame flickered and suddenly the blinding white room that had gone dark was lit in a golden wash. Harry pulled back then to find himself holding the sobbing man in his arms while his lovers held him.

"Thank you." Father Joshua sobbed as he held onto Harry.

"You're welcome." Harry held him and looked at Anita, seeing her shock as her eyes glowed like brown fire contained only vaguely inside her eyes. Suddenly sure that his was likewise glowing like emerald flames. He looked down at the man in front of him and realized he could sense the golden flame inside him. If felt right and strong inside him. He smiled and patted the man on the back. Looking back at his boyfriends to see their eyes like living flames as well. He'd shared the power to all of them. He had no doubt that every person he had touched was now having to hide their eyes as they went about their day. 'Maybe I should have warned them....' Harry shrugged as he held the priest.


"Wow." Sam curled up on the couch.

"Yeah." Harry smiled. "Uh, Anita, can I call Jean-Claude?" Harry stood up.


"Is he awake?" Nathaniel mewed from the floor.

"Yeah he's awake." Harry walked to the phone.

"He's awake alright." Anita shook her head. "I doubt there's a vampire in all of the city that's tied to Jean-Claude that's asleep."

"Jean-Claude?" Harry asked as the phone was answered.

"Oui." Jean-Claude sounded charged.

"Was the woman in the back Belle?"

"Harry, you... went into the back?" Jean-Claude sounded shocked.

"I know you saw some of it when I touched you. But yeah... there was someone back there so I went to see who it was. She said she was holding the others back." Harry bit his lip.

"She is." Jean-Claude said carefully.

"So she's hiding me from them?"

"Oui." Harry sighed as he heard that.

"Then she's being honest about being on our side." Harry heard the silence on the other side. "Well not entirely thinking of herself now."

"Oui, that I can agree to." Jean-Claude moved and from the sounds on the phone was holding someone to him.

"Did it make it into Asher?" Harry asked carefully.

"Oui. Mon ami is very shocked to be up this early." Harry sighed happily.

"Is he okay?" Harry asked, not sure where this was coming from.

"He... is okay." Jean-Claude replied confused.

"Can you put him on?"

"Hello?" Asher's honey sweet voice came on the line.

"Asher, before we meet with Belle I need to talk to you alone." Harry said calmly.

"What is wrong mon ami?" Asher asked with a stillness that only master vampires learn.

"I was connected to everyone. I saw something in your flame that needs addressed." Harry said in a low voice. "You know that the other person who was treated as you were went insane after a few centuries." Harry heard Asher go silent. "There's something VERY not healthy in your flame. Your... what ever it is that makes vampires alive. It's damaged." Harry said in a rush. "I'm going to try to fix it."

"Fix it how?" Asher's voice was breathy.

"By removing the source of the problem." Harry closed his eyes.

"which would be?" Asher swallowed.

"The scars and the lingering traces of holy water in you."

"Mon Ami, others have..."

"But they didn't have my powers." Harry's voice shook slightly. "Look at your hand." Harry bridged the connection through him to Nathaniel to Anita to Jean-Claude to Asher. Asher's shocked gasp filled the phone as Harry used a combination of his and Anita's powers to smooth out the skin and heal it.

"Mon dieu!" Asher cried.

"And that's from this far away." Harry leaned against the wall. "It'd take a long while to do the whole thing like this. I plan to remove the threat to you as fast as I can." Harry panted.

"I have no words." Asher wept on the phone.

"You are one of the dearest men I've met while I've been here. You've helped me understand Nathaniel and you've been there to help me understand myself." Harry continued. "You've been a dear to Nathaniel and I know Jean-Claude loves you and I've seen Anita's love for you. And the second I found out about the potential danger, I wanted to help."

"Thank you." Asher wept and handed the phone over to Jean-Claude.

"Mon ami...?" Jean-Claude sounded unsure.

"He's injured. Badly. I'm going to fix it. You saw his hand. That's a side effect of his healing. He'll be restored to what he was before they injured him." Harry's voice held firm. "I will not let you lose him."

"Thank you." Jean-Claude wept as well as Harry said he was welcome and hung up to let them celebrate.

"What was that?" Anita blinked at him.

"Asher's scars go all the way to his life force. He's... it's going to fester till he looses himself to madness. I have the opportunity to fix it... and I had to show him that it would work."

"What did you heal?" Anita looked a little unfocused.

"His hand. From fingers to wrist is whole again." Harry gave a smile as he sat next to her.

"I felt my powers being pulled into it..." Anita frowned slightly.

"I don't have necromancy as a skill... but apparently I can guide your skill to piggy back on what I'm doing."

"Apparently." Anita smiled and hugged him.


'Harry?' Nathaniel called from the bedroom, his panic coming into the mental message and drawing Harry to him. When he arrived Sam was in convulsions. 'he's having a fit... I can't bring him out of it....' Nathaniel was mentally shutting down.

'my power?' Harry asked as he waved his wand trying to do a reading of Sam.

'no, this is coming from something inside him.... '

'SAM!' Harry heard his own voice echo inside of Sam, but when nothing was happening Harry did the only thing he could think to do. He kissed Sam deeply and while he and Sam were touching Nathaniel it drew him inside as well. They were in a dark room that seemed to be shaking.

'Where are we?' Nathaniel clung to Harry.

'We're in him.... he's... being hurt by something...' Harry walked through the first door to find a younger Sam sitting on a bed rocking back and forth.

'dirty.. dirty... dirty....' He chanted as he rocked back and forth.

'What's dirty Sam?' Harry retch a hand out and looked at Sam as he turned around, his eyes black.

'I am.' He tilted his head. His mouth was covered in blood as was his shirt.

'Sam...?' Harry touched the boy and something moved in the background, a tall blackness with yellow eyes.

'What are you doing here?' The voice tilted its head. 'You have no business with my son.'

'I have every right to be with my boyfriends.' Harry grabbed Sam and held him, bringing Nathaniel into the hug quickly.

'Such a foolish little boy...' Harry ignored the voice.

'Nathaniel. I'm going to have to link us tighter to pull him out of this. He needs us. Are you...'

'Yes.' Nathaniel said with out any hint of fear or regret. 'We help him.' His eyes burned and Harry's did too. They looked into the dark fire that was Sam's eyes and they said in one conjoined voice.

'We are three parts of a whole. What is of one is of all.' They chanted as they drew out the dark flame that was inside of Sam and passed it to both of them, sharing the darkness between them. 'We are.' Sam said with them, his eyes going to a burning honey color.

'We are one.' They turned to the dark figure with his haunting yellow eyes. 'And you are no one. You can't hurt us anymore.' He burst into flames and was gone as they held on to each other. 'We are one.' They said one last time before awakening some time later holding each other tightly.

"Who was that?" Harry asked as he cuddled Sam between them.

"Azazel." Sam cried softly. "The demon that killed my father and forced my mom into a contract to bring him back. After I was born he started coming into my crib at night and pouring demon blood into my mouth. He wanted me hooked on it early. To prep me... make me ready..." He sobbed as he let out the pain that he was sharing with them. "He killed my dad later to bring Dean back to life... and then he kidnapped me to a demon boot camp to see if my powers could be brought out. The winner killed me and Dean sold his soul to bring me back. Then we killed Azazel two years ago." Sam kept talking till he was wrecked with sobs.

"Why did he want you to be addicted to demon blood?" Nathaniel nuzzled Sam.

"So I'd be willing to open the pit and let Lilith out." He said softly. "Let her out so she could get Dean's soul into Hell and break him." He said softly. "Break him to break the first seal to end the world...." Sam cuddled into his lovers. "They tricked and used me over and over again feeding me more and more blood till I killed her and broke the final seal last year. I released Lucifer from his holding cell and he was happy because... I'm his vessel." He braced himself for their pulling away, but instead both Harry and Nathaniel pulled Sam closer to them.

"We're never letting you go." Harry said as he held him close, his face nuzzled into Sam's bare chest. "I love you too much for that." He smiled warmly.

"I... I was possessed... and... he tried to end the world through me... and... God brought me back." Sam licked his lips.

"It's okay." Harry said gently. "We're okay. You're okay. We're not leaving you." Sam let go of the pain and fear he'd been holding in since he'd met Harry and Nathaniel. All the fear that one day they'd leave him too. He felt loved and accepted totally, and it began to heal a part of him he had long since thought would always remain raw to the world.


"Belle is due here any minute." Asher came to where Harry was sitting in Jean-Claude's bedroom. "I'm sorry I could not come sooner." He blushed.

"It's alright. Blood helps the body heal." He said gently as he moved Asher's shirt off of him. "I need flesh to work my magic..." He put his hands on Asher's bare chest, one hand on the perfect side and the other on the damaged ruin of his flesh. He leaned up on his tip toes and kissed. He pulled them into a world where there was white alabaster walls and mirrors of every size and shape all over the place. They walked hand in hand to the far end and opened a mirror door revealing a mirror set behind a flame. In the flame was a silver black flame that was slowly eating the other flame of sky blue flames.

'See the reflection Asher?' They looked up and it showed Asher naked, utterly covered in scars. 'The poison to your system is making your self image see that.' Harry walked up and thrust his hand into the flaming trench. 'I give you back your life as you were meant to have it Asher.' He drew the dark flame all together in his hand and walked over to his small tubular fire grate. He thrust the flame into his and ate it. But then he staid facing his and retch in and pulled out a golden flame.

'What is that?' Asher asked as he kept an eye on his self-image mirror which was now showing him as he was.

'This is yours. Not because of any reason Belle ever gave you about you being worthy. Simply because we all love you.' Harry walked up and poured the golden flame into Asher's flame, which brightened to the color of his eyes and brought Asher to his knees. His body rippled around his essence, reforming as both his mind and his self-image transformed to what they were the day before the priests took him and tortured him. He opened his mouth and only wept tears of joy as he held Harry. 'You earned this by the kindness of your heart, the dependability of your soul, and the love that exists all around you because of you.' Harry hugged him and brought them back into the real world where he was now holding a healed and whole Asher who was weeping tears of blood.

"sssh." Harry rocked Asher back and forth and sent a mental signal to Nathaniel and Sam out in the other room that they'd be coming out shortly. Harry leaned in and kissed Asher deeply, this time just a kiss as he smiled into the nearly blind looking blue eyes. "Let's go make an impression." Harry took Asher's arm and pulled him up, only vaguely pulling Asher's shirt around his shoulders, but leaving it open.

"Thank you." Asher hugged Harry again. They walked out and Harry went first, smiling at Belle and then he opened the curtain and ushered Asher into the room. Everyone was stunned into silence. Belle stood and looked at Asher with such hunger that he calmly walked over to Anita and sat with her. "Belle." He bowed his head.

"That I deserve that and worse does not escape my attention these days." Belle sat down looking deeply hurt. "That I feel how wrong I was shows how much power our dear Mr. Potter has in him." She looked at Harry and sighed. "He's awoken a deeply human part of me. A part I suspected to be long dead." She crossed her legs and clasped her hands. "Mother Darkness has taken a third of Europe's vampires with out anyone noticing." She said calmly. "I'm to be killed with in the month for daring to go against the council." She spoke in the same calm manor. "I would normally say I don't plan to die. But I know I'm beat. I'll be murdered by the soldiers of the mother." She sighed and looked around. "So I'm here to give my parting gifts." She opened her purse and handed a tattered loosely bound collection of pages to Jean-Claude who's eyes lit up.

"You're favorite reading. All the research I have on every single vampire power that presented itself up to the day I became Mother's play thing." She nodded as Jean-Claude fingered the edges of the pages. "I know it is the most dear book in my library for you. So it is yours. I never took your book mark out of it." She said softly as she pulled out another book from her handbag and gently handed it to Asher. He instantly looked shocked and confused. "I knew it meant something to you. And convinced the fools who burned down your home to give it to me. I had planned to give it to you... but I was a short sighted fool myself." She said before actually crying that time. Wiping away the tears of blood she looked back at him. "Juliana's diary. A small gift to one whom I have injured maybe above all others." She shook her head. "I also remembered you Anita." She pulled a book out and handed it to Anita.

"A first edition of the Kama Suitra." She gave a quirky smile. "The original contains hand drawn illustrations of a very young vampire in very... compromising positions." She actually blushed. "On today's market that is probably worth... more money then I've seen in the last five hundred years." She shrugged. "But it is yours. A small happier thing to remember of me." She pulled out another book from her handbook. "This is for young Harry." She handed it to him and he looked at the slanting script, and looked up at her. "That's right. It's my personal journal." Everyone looked at her then. "It contains all the secrets about the council and myself and every threat to the council I've ever known about." She looked around. "Our every weakness is spelled out in that book and I give it to Harry. Because I think he is the only soul among us who could possibly save any of them."

"Wow." Harry sat there utterly shocked.

"Oh it gets better." She stood up and walked over to Harry. "I'm going to die. Bloody and horrible. Begging for my death long before they give it to me. And they'll consume me, take in my powers. And use them against you. I'm not above being petty. I still see you all as my toys. They can't have you. Their certainly not allowed to kill you off." She had the grace to look embarrassed.

"What do you want me to do about it?" Harry frowned.

"I want you to remove my powers and take them into yourself. I've seen what your power can do. You'll burn any part of me out of the powers long before you accept them. And that protects you more then anything. With some of my powers you'll be able to stand up against the others. Confuse and overwhelm them. And I can trust you to distribute the powers you can't use to those who can." She said evenly.

"But that'll leave you defenseless..." Harry blurted out.

"No. It'll out right kill me in about four to six hours." She said calmly. "I've refused to feed the ardeur for the last two days. When you remove my powers I plan to have you consume my sexual aspect as well. Rendering me powerless to feed and I'll die by my own power, eating myself before they get a chance to end me." She turned and touched Jean-Claude's cheek. "I'm very proud of you." She moved and touched Asher too. "Both of you. To see you together again... it warmed my heart and fueled much passion in me. I wish you a long and peaceful life together with warm friends and passionate love." She bowed. "If you would Harry." She moved to Harry and swept him up into a kiss.

'Harry.' She stood before him in her bedroom. 'there are secrets and then there are secrets. Powers you will need to incapacitate them. I hold the power to make a single memory hold you prisoner as you go through it again. I give that power fully to you.' She handed him a small silver flame that he put in a small jar that lined the outside of his fire stand. 'I have the power to raise lust, love, and devotion in any one with in a hundreds of miles of me. This I freely give to you' She handed him another silver flame. 'I have the power to call cats. All cats. I give this to you as well.' She handed him a flickering blue flame. 'I have the power to be a Sourdre de sang, this power I give freely to you, but it must go to Jean-Clause once you feed him my sexual force. He will become the father of my sexual children. He will be their fountain that keeps them sustained in the night.' She handed over the silver flame. 'I possess the power of the blood oath of every vampire that is mine beyond Jean-Claude's protected realms. I give this power to you freely for Jean-Claude.' She handed him another silver flame. 'I possess the powers needed to control the ardeur, I give these to you to give to Jean-Claude. He will need them.' She handed him another silver flame which he put in one of the last few sections. 'And I give to you my final gift. She smiled. 'The power to enter dreams and memories of others at will.' She slid out the final silver fire and stood back, her beauty dimmed only slightly.

'You give of everything you have....' He looked shocked.

'Everything but the flames of my undoing.' She smiled. 'I will die by my power and my ashes will belong to you.' She bowed. 'Now take from my the passion's desire. Consume that which is nearly all I am anymore. And leave me only the hunger for it.' She looked into Harry's eyes. 'Consume me.' Her will made them both pull each other to kiss as they were in life, Harry's hands reaching into her very being till he pulled back holding a flame so large he could barely hold it with both hands.

'It's too much...' He looked confused.

'Share it's power. Defend your lands...' She stumbled. Her inner light all but gone. Only a small flicker of any flame left inside her. 'I would see you out live the horrors I visited upon so many for you will do great things with my power.' She smiled warmly before she vanished and the kiss broke. Belle took a step back. "It is done." She collapsed in a heap to the floor.

"What should we do?" Asher looked shocked and confused.

"Jean-Claude... come here... NOW!" Harry panted, his eyes glowing like emerald suns. He grabbed his great great great grandfather by the neck and kissed him pulling him into his power. Suddenly it was just the two of them, as they stood in a dark room lit by Jean-Claude's flame in a black bird cage and Harry's flame with its tiny wrought iron holder for it and the tiny flames around it.

'She gave everything she was to me... Everything.' Harry held the flame of her power in his hands. I give this equally to all our people.' He threw the flame into his own and his shot to the ceiling of this no-where place. Almost instantly every one he'd fed earlier was once again there and being fed. All of them connected to each other spread around Harry and Jean-Claude. 'She gave me things to give you.' Harry moved and picked up a small silver flame. 'The power to control all of the ardeur's many flavors and powers is yours.' Harry put the flame into Jean-Claude, fusing it into his being. 'The power that is her blood oath to everyone of her line, making you their fountain... is yours.' He gave the flame over to Jean-Claude and watched hundreds of thousands of vampires appear and feed on the power. 'Your word is law to all of Belle's line now. For they are your line.' Harry watched shock appear on Jean-Claude's face.

'She gave all she is...' Jean-Claude wept in this mental space and held Harry as he cried. 'She gave us all she is...' He sobbed as Harry held him. Once he had calmed down he noticed the other flames.

'I'm to keep them till I find the people their meant for. Most are meant for me. Make me a surprise weapon against the others. But they'll be kept at bay till Belle dies. Once that happens they'll be able to sense me for the most part. Unless you block them.' Harry looked at his progenitor.

'I swear by blood and fire that I will not allow the council to know of your existence.' They fell out of the world as they broke the kiss. Harry watched Jean-Claude glow with the power that once made Belle glow like that. "All those blood oathed to me, I demand your attention." Jean-Claude projected himself into the minds of every blood oathed connection down Belle's old line. "Belle has fallen. I, being the next fountain who was ever of her line, seek you out. I grant to you life that was Belle's to grant to you." He glowed and Harry could feel all those other vampires shudder. "I offer you protection." His eyes turned to blue suns. "The council has become corrupted. They seek to bring ruination to our kind because they destroyed Mother Darkness' body. Now her soul and mind possesses them. Belle broke free and came to me. Giving me all that she was so that they would never have you. Belle loved you, as I now love you." He said calmly.

"So I beg of you. Gather your possessions and those whom you love and what ever you need to survive or think would be useful here, and come to the Americas where I can lend to you my protection as best I can. Once the council's threat is over I have no issue with you spreading out but do what is best for you, your animals to call, and all that are tied to you. Leave any area the council can take and bind now any vampire made from the other council members if they are precious to you. For they will soon be a weapon against you in these coming wars." Jean-Claude sent power out through the link, not to hurt or to torment, but to empower everyone he was connected to. "I grant safe passage into my lands and the lands of my allies." He flashed images of which lands had given him the right to say this on their behalf. "We will ask only that you help in your own protection." He stepped back from the new connection.

"Very nicely done." Belle smiled as she sat on the floor, looking hollow.

"You are so very much the Lady Belle." Jean-Claude bowed and both he and Asher held her as she slowly died in their arms. Her hard sobs finally fading just before her body burst into flames. Harry quickly used his wand to summon her ashes into a jar.

"She told me to keep these safe." He shrugged. "I promised."

"Understandable." Jean-Claude bowed as he and Asher stood.

"Do you think we will withstand the council's wrath on this?" Asher looked around.

"We have three triumvirates of power that are interconnected." Harry spoke up. "Jean-Claude, Richard, and Anita. Anita, Nathaniel, and Damian. And then Me, Sam, and Nathaniel." Harry smiled.

"We formed a triumvirate?" Nathaniel frowned.

"Accidentally... between Belle's powers and what we did to save Sam we are full of undiscovered countries now."

Chapter Text

"I've created a monster." Jason shook his head as Harry came out of the dressing room with yet another outfit.

"Well what can I say Jason. I gained some of Nathaniel's enjoyment for shopping, and the last time I shifted I tore up some of my best cloths." Harry sighed as he looked in the mirrors. "No one was expected the little bit of demon blood that was in Sam to bond with my lycan form like that." Harry sighed. He'd absorbed some of Sam's demonic nature and with the forming of the triumvirate he'd given his wolf man form more strength. It had also seemed to make him slightly bigger then he'd been before.

"So you really got Nathaniel and Sam their own wands?" Jason shook his head.

"Yeah. Nathaniel's is a white oak wand with unicorn hair as a core. Nice for charms. Sam's is a dark willow with a dragon's heartstring. Very big on the attack power." Harry smiled.

"And little Teddy's loving that toy broom that Hermione sent him?" Jason grinned, he remembered the first time he'd come over and been hit in the shins by a slightly floating Teddy.

"Oh yeah. It's so cute!" Harry smiled. "I need to get my Firebolt out and see if I can still fly.

"It still boggles my mind that you fly around on a broom." Jason shook his head.

"Well, I haven't since I got over here. I remember Remus telling me that werewolf children aren't that keen on the flying part. But I love flying... I miss it." Harry turned around in the jacket he'd picked up. "Okay I think these two bags for me. And that bag for Nathaniel and that one for Sam." He pointed and levitated them up.

"Sam enjoys wearing thongs?" Jason looked over the edge of one of the bags.

"He broke my stage thong trying to get it on to do a little sexy dance for us." Harry grinned. "So I got him one in his size and replaced my work cloths." Harry smiled as he paid for the clothing. "I'm glad I remembered to ask Hermione to send me some of my gold converted to American money."

"Now I'm picturing Sam in nothing but a thong." Jason teased.

"Jason you've seen him naked for the last two full moons." Harry rolled his eyes. "Trust me, if you really want in on the action, I can see what I can do." Harry was followed by his levitating bags.

"Like some... quality time with Sam?" Jason perked up.

"Well that or I could make your fantasy as real as it can be while feeding on your sex." Harry grinned.

"You know that's a little strange right?"

"Yeah." Harry smiled as he sat down in the food court. "But eating priests has helped keep what ever hungers I have done."

"A priest a day..."

"Keeps the ardeur away." Harry smiled. "Besides I still have to figure out who the other gifts are meant for. It's like this big time locked thing. When I see the person or when the time is right the memory will tell me."

"That's cool and scary at the same time." Jason commented as he ordered his burger.

"Yeah. I think the calling cat's power was supposed to be mine, but I also get the feeling it's supposed to be shared with someone." He shrugged. "I don't know." Harry sighed.

"Maybe you'll understand it later." Jason offered.

"Maybe." Harry chewed his own burger once it arrived. "Gods I hope so. And Haven's getting in Nathaniel's face again." Harry sighed.

"That guy..." Jason shook his head. "He's in love with Anita, it's his first time being in real love. And he's got no coping skills to deal." Jason picked up a fry. "He needs to either get a shrink or he's going to end up in another coffin."

"Maybe there's a way..." Harry pointed with his burger. "Maybe I could help him."

"Yeah. After you left the nice hickie on his neck... I really doubt he'll let you near enough to use your powers." Jason grinned.

"I noticed the red shirts stay away from me too." Harry jumped topics.

"Harry the red shirts are people who agreed to have sex. Not have their head fucked. Maybe you just need a green shirt for all the people who are willing to feed your power." He shrugged.

"Right. Wanted, male between the ages of 19 and 29 for abnormal vampiric sex practices. Clothing optional... must be into kissing. Wear a green shirt so everyone knows you want me in your skull." Harry snorted.

"Okay, maybe not that blunt. But it could be worse."

"Yeah. Anita has a dozen red shirted guys wishing she'd be more like Belle." Harry sighed.

"Well she was worse before you." Jason gave him a look. Harry has heard the horror stories and he believed them. But the Belle he'd helped to kill herself hadn't been a monster. She'd died to help them. Harry just couldn't see an evil person doing that so he'd had difficulty reconciling the two images.

"Anyways, I think it's almost...." Harry blinked. "Draco." Harry looked up and over.

"Almost Draco? What's that mean?" Jason looked at his friend taking in his shocked expression. "What is it?"

"Draco Malfoy's standing over there." Harry pointed. Jason looked where he was point and frowned.

"Harry there's no one there."

"Yeah there is. In the middle of the crowd, the tall platinum blonde guy." Harry was standing now.

"Harry, there's no platinum blonde... there's no crowd... what are you talking about?"

"Jason he's right there.. he..." Harry gasped as a man dressed in Hindu clothing that looked centuries out of date walked up, bowed Draco backwards and drank from his neck as he pulled him down to the ground. "Damn it." Harry grabbed his wand and rushed through the crowd to where Draco was laying, bleeding out. "Draco... damn it... what's going on... why...?" He stopped asking as Draco gave a sad smile.

"And I came all this way... just to see... you..." Draco's eyes were going unfocused. "I even scraped... together..." He held up his hand. The blood soaked hand clutched a small box. "... couldn't... let him have it... for you... thanks... to thank I mean... for my arm..." Draco's breathing was getting more labored.

"Draco stay with me... please." Harry sobbed as he held his once enemy. No one should ever die alone.

"It's okay Harry... someone will find me..." He gave a weak smile. "Maybe mother will... put me in the family crypt...." Draco was growing cold.

"Step away from the boy." A thick eastern accent caught Harry's attention.

"No. He's mine." Harry glared at the man.

"He won’t be if you don't step away now." The man pulled Draco from him effortlessly. No, not a man, the vampire. The vampire who killed Draco. Harry raised his wand and Jason was there holding him down.

"Jason what the hell, you're helping him!?" Harry screamed.

"GO!" The other man's eyes flashed black and Harry passed out, the world consumed in darkness.


"And you said he... just started seeing things and acting like they were there?" Harry started to come around. He knew that voice. He would know it anywhere.

"sam?" He rasped.

"Harry." Sam helped him to sit up. "You okay?"

"Draco... he's... he's dead..." Harry sounded sad.

"Harry, listen to me carefully." Sam looked him in the eyes. "There wasn't anyone killed. You walked to an empty part of the mall and had a rather public vision." He held Harry as the boy tried to focus on those words.

"What?" Harry finally asked.

"One of my demonic powers was to see the future. See when people were about to die when they were tied to me some way. Or when someone I was linked to was going to do the killing. I think you saw that Draco is going to die. And who did it. But... I need your help to find him in time." Harry nodded and opened his hand for his wand. Sam handed it over and with some flicks and swishes he caused a rather realistic sketch of Draco and his attacking vampire to appear on paper that Sam was holding for him.

"sleep now...." And once more the darkness crept up and swallowed him whole.


'Your magic makes things so interesting.' Harry opened his eyes to a meditation sunrise with Belle Morte standing there basking in the sun, her hair down in a flowing line of black curls, her peach silk dress blowing in the breeze and her golden silk wrap draped lightly around her arms. 'My power to enter people's dreams... Samuel's power to see the future... and your magic. It created the power for waking dreams of events that haven happened yet. Not only that but you sent your dreamself into that future.' She turned to him, her eyes light and happy. 'You were there holding his hand in the moment of his death.'

'he died?' Harry looked down and saw she'd dressed him in a silk costume that fit his muscular frame very flatteringly.

'You were there my dear child.' She stroked her hand down his cheek. 'I had not expected any piece of me to exist. But you've some how made this...' She waved her hand around her. 'This place and put this piece of me into it.' She looked at him sideways. 'You kept a piece of me for yourself.' She gave him a gentle smile. 'The piece that knows how to use the powers.' She patted his cheek. 'But you gave me a sunrise and beautiful things to wear.' She smiled again.

'I thought you did this?' Harry frowned slight.

'Oh no. I'm good. But I'm dead. You and your magic did this.' She nodded as she smiled into the warm morning breeze. 'Oh, so nice.' She smiled. 'You may not know this place consciously. But this place once existed.' She smiled warmly. 'It was our summer palace.' She stretched. 'When I was little.' She grinned.

'How old were you?' Harry asked amazed.

'Always lie about your age.' She smiled. 'I taught Jean-Claude that.' She turned to him. 'I am older then France. I remember when it was nothing but wild untamed country side.' She stretched. 'I tell people I'm only two thousand years old.' She smiled warmly. 'But the mother took me to her when the earth was flat and there was nothing south of Egypt's disparate nations.' She smiled. 'I think that's why I lost my humanity along the way.' She shrugged. 'At any rate. I think you need to know who that man was.' She turned and walked into the carved temple like building. 'He was my sibling.' She smiled warmly.

'He's your brother?' Harry was shocked.

'In a manner of speaking.' She winked at Harry as they moved deeper into the temple and she waved her hand, altering the dream to make it light in the room. 'The Tibetan monks tell warning messages of a beast. It hunts the souls of those who leave their bodies. To eat the soul and take the flesh for its own.' She turned to Harry under a carving that matched the man. Languages and words carved all around his image. 'Beware the stranger who comes at night.' She paused and looked him in the eyes. 'For the night walker is no friend of man, but his soul's demise.' She smiled and turned back to the carving. 'The Traveler. The night walker. The stranger.' She turned back to look at Harry through the curtain of her hair. 'He has not used his own body to make vampires in three thousand years Harry.' She put her hand on the carving's chest. 'Mommy has her power to jump bodies back. But she needs vampires to do it. He only has enough children to hide his body. He's had to take his own body again to move it from place to place making more of his children hoping for a spirit army to combat her. A council member has taken your poor Draco.' She turned serious at him.

'Then he's a vampire.' Harry paled.

'This I do not know. The Traveler's bite was subjective. It seemed to war with in itself on weather or not it would change his victim. It's what made his line so thin. They do not all turn.' She sighed. 'I hope your Draco is not gone forever.' She turned and touched Harry's cheek. 'You've brought others here?' She looked confused as Harry turned and spotted Sam and Nathaniel standing there.

'Harry?' Nathaniel looked around, biting his lip as he spotted Belle.

'I'm okay. Belle... this echo of her... was explaining my new power.' Harry walked up and hugged his nearly naked leopard. 'This place... is some kind of magical information library that she didn't mean to leave me.. but it's here none the less.' He turned to the carving. 'That's who attacked Draco.' He pointed. 'The Traveler has come.'


"Harry..." Anita's voice was on the phone as Harry answered the bedside phone.

"Anita... what's up?" Harry yawned.

"We found a vampire victim...." Her voice trailed off.

"It's him isn't it?" Harry sighed.

"We think so. Can you come down to the morgue....?"

"Yeah...." Harry closed his eyes and tried not to cry as he held onto the phone. "I'll... I'll be there in a minute." Harry hung up and numbly got dressed. He'd taken the time over the last month to go to every location that Anita thought he should know in case he had to go somewhere in a hurry. He'd made strong enough memories to picture each place as he apperated. Once dressed he looked at his sleeping lovers and wrote a floating note in the air before apperating out.

A loud pop later and Harry was walking into the morgue and looking around for Anita and the corpse of his friend. His friend. The thought stopped him in his tracks. Had he been friends with Draco? He knew he felt something for him. Something that made him not be able to bare the idea of Draco going through life with out his arm. Something that made Harry want to help him and shelter him from all that could happen. He'd traveled all this way with a package for Harry. And now he'd never get to give it. He'd never get to say the things that Narcissia had made Harry promise to listen to. Oh gods... His mind realized with a shock. He'd have to tell Narcissia and Hermione that Draco died. Died trying to find him in this country. He fell to his knees sobbing at the thought till he looked up and noticed the blood stained package that Draco had been holding when Harry held his hand.

Weakly getting to his feet he opened the package and looked at a black velvet box under the once silver wrapping paper. Harry bit his lip and opened the box to find a white gold ring with two emeralds around a moonstone. Harry started to breathe heavier as he looked at the ring. What had Draco been going to say that involved a ring? What had Harry missed? He started panicking and was about to loose himself when the doors swung open and his war time training pointed his wand at who ever was standing there. They had their hands up. Who put their hands up like that in a fight? Besides who carried a gun to a wand fight? A gun. Anita used a gun. Harry's sluggish mind caught up and realized he'd drawn his wand on Anita.

"Sorry." He mumbled.

"It's okay." Anita put her gun away. "You seem a little... out of sorts." She walked over to him.

"Where's the body?" Harry looked around the empty morgue.

"In the new vampire room." Anita led him over to the steel reinforced door with crosses all over it. "They find that new vampires are less likely to try to charge the door when it's got crosses all over the inside and outside." She commented. Harry looked into the room and saw Draco's pale body laying there in the cloths Harry had seen him in. His hand still curled around the now gone package and the other curled how it had been when Harry had held his hand. "We also keep a master vamp in with them to calm them down." Harry looked up and noticed Jean-Claude sitting in the room with Draco.

"He..." Harry started.

"He knows that the boy means a lot to you." Anita held Harry from behind. "So he wanted to be the one to help him come to terms if he does turn."

"Belle said the Traveler's bite was subjective." Harry said in a low voice.

"What did you say?" Anita's eyes went wide.

"The man I saw. The man, the vampire, who did this to Draco. Belle said it was the Traveler." Harry looked into her shocked eyes.

"When did... how..."

"New power... it opened up something she didn't mean to give me. A kind of echo of her to instruct me on my vampire powers that she gifted me." He sighed. "She told me who the Traveler is. And that he needed his own body back to make new vampires of his line. Because he was loosing his fight against their mother. But that unlike other vampires his bite is subjective. It seems to randomly work and not work on people. That's what made his line so thin, but the ones who did turn had spirit powers like him. He's going from place to place to try to make an army to fight their mother." Harry looked at Draco's body.

"He's breaking their own laws... not... god..." She sighed and sat down, mentally retelling everything to Jean-Claude who was up for the day, sitting in the sealed room reading as he awaited nightfall. "He's not respecting any master's territory. We have to tell the other masters...." She hit her head on the steel door.

"So we sit and we wait and hope that what?" Harry looked at her, his eyes lost.

"We hope that your friend comes back." She said softly. "We hope he comes back."


Harry was chasing someone through Hogwarts. Light. There was a blinding brilliant light at the far end of the hall. The main door was open and the morning sun light was rushing in. Harry felt himself speed up. He had to get there before the other person. They were in danger. They didn't know it. They could NOT be allowed in the sunlight. Harry shifted into his hybrid Wolfman form over took them standing between them and the light. His emerald eyes glowing in the half light as he looked down at a scared Draco Malfoy.

'I'm sorry... I didn't mean to be a bad boy...' He started crying. Harry shifted back, what clothing he had been wearing left behind in the hall. 'I'm so... Harry?"

'really?' Harry looked him up and down. 'You don't seem that hairy.' He shrugged. 'But then I've never seen you with nothing on.'

'You're naked. Why are you naked?'

'I shifted. Shifting isn't clothing friendly.'

'But... I... you... you're a lycan?' Draco's mouth fell open.

'Yep. Two months running.' Harry nodded.

'Well bloody fucking hell. I go away to fix my own stupidity and the whole world changes. You're a lycan and I'm dead.' Draco stopped moving. 'i'm dead.' He said quietly. 'is this heaven?' He asked quietly.

'I don't know. I think we're half way to somewhere.' He looked around. 'When I was here last time Dumbledore got an eyeful of my body at platform 9¾. Why is it dead people keep getting to see me naked?' Harry frowned. 'anyways. I know why I'm here this time.' He smiled.

'Oh?' Draco looked at him.

'Yep. If you step into that light you die and don't get to give me the ring.' He nodded.

'But... I... you looked in the box.' Draco looked down.

'Yep.' Harry nodded.

'so.... I suppose I should start out... I'm.... I....' Draco bit his lip.

'How about I start. Hi. I'm Harry James Potter. I'm almost 19 years old. I'm not a virgin. I'm as gay as the day is long. I'm dating two guys. I find this undead blonde boy hot as hell. And I'm into long term relationships with people who must have a body but not necessarily a pulse.' Harry put out his hand. 'And you are?'

'An undead gay bloke looking for love in all the wrong places?' Draco grinned.

'Should have gone to a leather bar. They're gentler on first timers I hear.' Draco goggled at Harry. 'Of course my first time was with a stripper.' Harry shrugged.

'so.... you're seeing two guys?' Draco bit his lip.

'A wereleopard stripper and a werewolf us marshal.' Harry nodded. 'Nathaniel and Sam.' He smiled.

'So a bloke has to be kind of special to get on your radar....?' Draco toed the ground where he was sitting.

'I like strong willed people.' Harry smiled. 'And you know what.'

'What?' Draco looked into Harry's eyes.

'You're the strongest willed person I know of.' He kissed Draco. 'All you have to do is turn around and go through that door.' He pointed to the door that should have taken them to the Great Hall.

'What's in there?' Draco bit his lip.

'Well first it'll be a hell of a lot of pain. Then it'll be a lot of rude gestures. And in the end they make you slay a dragon.' He smiled at Draco. Getting a snort and a roll of the eyes Harry turned serious. 'You were attacked by a vampire. Normally if he wasn't him, you'd have turned and woke up at sunset. But... well...' Harry gestured where they were. 'You're you and he's him.' Harry sighed. 'His bite doesn't always turn. You're stubborn, you think you're dead so you're dying. But I... I couldn't let go of you.' Harry looked down to where he was holding Draco's hand.

'I...' Draco gasped.

'You go through that door and you wake up and you're a vampire and we can give this a shot.' Harry continued. 'You go into the light and your body just dies and you go on where you would end up.' Harry stood up and let go of Draco's hand. He looked down into the darkness. 'I don't know what's down there. But I know it won't let you stay here forever.' He turned back to Draco and offered his hand. 'Will you come back to me?'

Draco took his hand.


'damn it.' Draco winced. 'I thought he was lying about the pain.' Draco looked around and watched the dark haired man reading a book beside the gurney where he was laying. 'If I'm this big bad vampire why are they letting people in to see me and not staking me where I lay?' Draco yawned and realized he hadn't been breathing. 'Well undead it is.' He sighed as he sat up with another wince.

"Do not try too much mon enfant." The other man's hand was on his chest before Draco could fully sit up.

"First off. I've not been an enfant in nearly eighteen years. Second, I'll thank you not to touch my person. Third, find Harry. I have to kick him in the shin." Draco glared.

"Why would you wish to harm mon chat?" The other man tilted his head.

"Your cat? Your cat. You refer to the strongest bloody fucking wizard on the fucking planet as your cat. I suggest you get the fuck out of my road RIGHT this minute." Draco shoved the man's hand back.

"My apologies." The man bowed. "I am Jean-Claude. Master vampire of this city." He looked at Draco.

"Oh." Draco sat there and tried to think of how to back peddle.

"And you would be?"

"Draco Alister Malfoy, recently dead." He stood and winced. "And why the hell am I hurting so bad?" He frowned.

"That would be the changes happening to your magical core." Jean-Claude led Draco over to the chair.

"Great. All I need now is for a mad man to come through the door and tattoo my NEW arm." He sighed.

"What?" Jean-Claude looked puzzled.

"Long story. This sort of thing usually happens when Harry's involved." Draco sighed, pulling his feet up to his chest in the chair. "I come looking for him to tell him I love him and I end up dead and then a vampire." Draco sighed again. "He stopped me from passing on." Draco frowned. "He actually stopped me from dying fully. That wanker!" Draco shot up and was at the door full of rage before he felt the sudden push of the glowing crosses. "Ow." He frowned as he landed hard on the metal floor. "Okay this is getting me no where. Accio Wand." He held out his hand and his wand flew to the window in the door and ran into the glass. "Oh I am NOT putting up with this. ACCIO WAND!" He yelled, throwing all his will into it. The wand tipped to it's end and came through the glass, shattering it, and then flying into his out stretched hand. "That's better." He gripped his wand. "Now if you'll excuse me." He walked up to the wall again and when it started to glow he flicked his wand and the door opened. "I am a wizard, I believe in the Gods. I am not a Christian and if their God wants me to stay in this room he can back off right now." Draco said as he walked past the crosses.

"That was... interesting..." Jean-Claude hurried past. "You may wish to calm down before you see Harry."

"Nope. I was dead. I was passing on. And he stops me? Stops ME from going to where ever I was supposed to. Oh hell no is he getting it easy." Draco stormed towards the door, not even noticing that all he was really wearing now was a toe tag.

"Draco... good lord you're naked." Draco paused in what he was about to say as he looked at Harry.

"I'm ... what?" Draco looked down. "Well bloody hell." He stamped his foot. "Being dead and cold is the most unflattering thing a man can do for his penis size and his ego." Draco sat down on a gurney and crossed his legs as he flicked his wand and transfigured a napkin on a near by table into a pair of boxers he slid on.

"You're alive!" Harry sat there and cuddled.

"I'm fucking dead Potter!" Draco radiated anger.

"No, well.. you are... but you're alive to me." Harry smiled. "Besides you're just cranky because you’re hungry." Harry smiled.

"What?" Draco scowled.

"You always get cranky when you're hungry. Worse then Ron ever was." He goaded Draco.

"I AM NOT WORSE THEN RON BLOODY WEASLEY!" Draco said indignantly as he glared at Harry.

"Ah, good, you are in there." He smiled.

"Wha-" Draco paused.

"Well our books all say the vampire is just a reanimation of the human's base desires. And the rest of the world things it's you, just with out a soul. And personally I think you have a soul. Cuz I've never seen anyone with out a soul curse as fluently or gracefully as you." Harry smiled.

"You can tell if I have a soul by how much I swear?" Draco looked disbelievingly.

"After your arm." Harry touched the healed scar. "You never cursed. You never raised your voice. You were lost. Your spirit broken. But you've got your passion and your fire. I can feel you in there." Harry smiled. "Now... as for what I said in the dark hallway." Harry sighed. "It's a little more complicated then I lead you to believe."

"When the fuck is it not." Draco crossed his arms again.

"I'm dating both of them... and I have a kid." Harry bit his lip.

"So not only do I have to take a number I have to deal with a kid!" Draco threw his arms up. "I... I don't know what you want me to do Harry. I came here thinking I could marry you and we'd live a long happy wizarding life together. Now I'm a vampire and I'd be third in line for your bed?" He shook his head and stormed off.

"Draco!" Harry chased after him.

"I'm not good with sharing Harry. Never have been. In ANY sense of the word." He sighed. "I'm hungry. I'm hurting. I'm pissed off... I..." His body dropped down.

"I'm just not sure what I'm... why is my body laying on the ground?" Draco's voice came out of Jean-Claude's lips.

"Dr-Draco?" Harry looked at him. "How....?"

"I got angry... and I just tried to push it away to focus and next thing I know I'm over here..." Draco's frown appeared on Jean-Claude's face.

"Can you get out of him?" Harry bit his lip.

"Hold on..." Draco tried and started to say something when he Jean-Claude forced him out. "Much better." Jean-Claude's voice was back.

"Sorry about that." Draco dusted himself off. "I've never... done that before."

"It's the vampire who bit you I'm afraid." Jean-Claude sighed. "The Traveler's power is to leave his body and spiritual travel the world with out a vessel. He only needs a body to rest and to interact with the physical realms. His power allows him to possess any vampire not strong enough to thrust him out."

"So now I can astral project. Okay. Note to self keep my cool." Draco was the picture of calm and cool till Harry started laughing. "Problems... Potter?"

"You... keep your cool." Harry snorted. "I think the next ice age will happen first!" He fell down on his ass laughing.


"I AM THE PICTURE OF COOL!" Draco's voice came out of a vampire who had walked in from the other side of the hall. "Oh bloody hell. Am I going to do this every time I have a spat?" He looked at Jean-Claude.

"I think you will eventually learn to control it. If you'd been made by one of his children instead of him directly, you probably would have taken years to learn your powers. But you are formed form his direct wish to have you be a powerful army now." Jean-Claude walked up.

"Okay. How do I get out?" Draco sighed as he looked down at the badly dressed vampire. "Because I so do not fancy being inside Mr. Macoy anymore then I have to." He shuddered.

"Willie's a friend of mine." Anita frowned.

"My apologies. I'm more partial to my own flesh as opposed to being in someone else's."

"The Traveler was always most secret about his power..." Jean-Claude apologized. "If Willie can not will you out... then you may be in his form till you can learn to control your own powers." He bowed.

Harry tilted his head as he heard voices whisper in the back of his mind. He knew how to fix this. He acted on that instinct and picked up Draco's dead body. He stroked a fallen lock out away from the face and while everyone looked at him he began to make out with the dead body. He kept focusing. It wasn't a dead body, this is Draco. Draco. Draco. He chanted in his head till he felt the body under him sputter.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!" Draco scurried back form Harry.

"Shock." He said as he looked into Draco's eyes. "You needed a shock to break your concentration. Pain in the body you're in, or something that shocks you so bad you can't think around it..." Harry panted.

"So you snog my unattended body!" Draco was wrapping his arms around himself.

"We must get you to some willing food before morning little one." Jean-Claude helped Draco to his feet. "Your first feeding must be quickly..." They walked out to the car that Willie had brought for them.

"What'd I miss?" Willie looked confused.

"My life getting a new complication." Harry sighed.

Chapter Text

Draco sat in the underground and listened to Jean-Claude tell him the truths of his condition. He'd been introduced to Jason who'd been his first meal. He'd been slightly embarrassed having to bite a guy on the neck to feed but after he rolled Jason and seemed to bring him to his orgasm just from the experience, Draco had a bit of a cocky smile back on his face. Now as he sat there listening about what vampires were really like, Draco realized just how much the history books and texts on vampires left out in the wizarding world. Slightly angry and confused he was getting better at staying in his own body thought. He thought of it as a river constantly flowing but every little bit there was a pole in the water. Each pole was a person he could go into. The pole's length determined their power and if he could hold the body for long. All he had to do was keep himself in a mental bear hug on his pole and he was okay.

"So... out of curiosity... where do we... go when it's day?" Draco frowned.

"We go to our coffins." Jean-Claude shrugged. "We have a spare while yours is being commissioned." Jean-Claude looked at him.

"No I get that part of it. And thank you." Draco gave a soft smile. "But I mean... our souls. Where do they go?"

"This is the great mystery. To my knowledge no vampire knows where we go. Except for maybe the Traveler's line. Since they are aware as spirits. So the first morning's death will undoubtedly be different for you then it is for others." Jean-Claude looked at the time. "I've asked Harry and ma petite to go home for today."

"Why?" Draco blinked, he'd wanted to talk to Harry before he died.

"Ma petite grants the gift of a day walker to vampires she's connected to during the day. And being of the line that those powers came from. We believe our Harry may be the same. We keep him away from vampires during the day for this reason."

"Okay." Draco nodded. "Wait. You're saying all I have to do is form a connection with Harry and I don't go bye-bye during the day?"

"This is the prevailing theory." Jean-Claude stippled his fingers. "I do not wish you out in the open during your first day. So I've had the coffin brought to my personal chambers for you. Jason will be on hand if something happens and you don't lay to rest during the day or if something else happens."

"Okay." Draco sighed as he got up and followed Jean-Claude, his thoughts full of different ideas. He vaguely kept track of where he was. His father had beaten that sort of thing into him. Always know where he was even if he was lost in his own head. He would know the way to and from Jean-Claude's bedroom by evening as if he'd walked it a dozen times. Draco blushed when he spotted the most perfect being he'd ever seen laying on the sheets, his gold hair like a shining halo in the over head lights. Draco gasped and stared at the god on the bed and licked his lips. "Are you a male Veela?" Draco's eyes drank down every inch of exposed flesh.

"No." The golden haired beauty walked up and put his fingers to Draco's lips. "I'm Asher. A vampire."

"Oh." Draco felt his face vaguely pink up.

"So full of blood to waste it on a blush?" Asher arched an eyebrow.

"Don't play with the boy Asher." Jean-Claude rolled his eyes.

"And why not?" Asher asked while looking into Draco's moonstone eyes.

"Because he has a claim Harry and Harry on him." Jean-Claude was undressing.

"Ah. Well Harry's wishes I respect." Asher smiled and hugged Draco.

"Why?" Draco asked, his mind coming out of its daze.

"He restored me." Asher gestured to half his body. "I was... ruined... on half my body for the better part of the last two hundred years. And then Harry simply removed the damage." He shrugged. "So I do not try to take what is Harry's." He smiled warmly.

"I'm not his yet." Draco looked away. He'd as good as said he'd like to be taken.

"It's okay." Asher stroked Draco's pouting lip. "Maybe Harry will let me share...." Asher kissed Draco, his fangs grazing Draco's lips and he parted his lip and started to deepen the kiss. After a while they pulled apart and Draco panted. "I'll see you this evening." Asher walked Draco over to his coffin.

"Evening... right... coffin go into... right..." Draco looked like he'd taken a stunning charm right to the forehead. He lay down inside it and pulled the lid down. He'd slept in coffins before. His father wanted him to understand death. How sleeping in a coffin would teach a terrified nine-year-old about understanding death was beyond Draco. All it did was remove what little claustrophobia that he'd had. Draco sighed as he felt the sun come and silently screamed as all the poles sank into the water. He fought to swim but was pulled with the current till blacked out.


'Where am I?' Draco looked around at the ghostly looking island in the middle of the dark sea. His head was aching and he looked up at the sun that seemed to be putting out both light and darkness.

'It's an eclipse.' Draco turned to see the man who had bitten him. 'You're the first out of seven in this country to gain this power so soon.' He smiled as he walked towards Draco.

'Where am I?' Draco wiped his hair out of his eyes.

'You are in Kalura, city of the damned souls.' The Traveler smiled as he showed Draco the ancient Indian temple. 'Or that's what the Tibetans called this place when I found it. They believed this was where vampire souls go when they die.' He shrugged. 'I found it a rock in this sea of souls.' He dirrected Draco's look at the water. 'All vampire souls pass through this land.' Draco gasped as Jean-Claude's sleeping form floated past him.

'But how...' Draco swallowed hard.

'We are different.' The Traveler smiled. 'My children are gifted with a forceful soul that brings them to this shore.' He lead Draco up the sandy shores of the white beach to the lush jungle on the mountain like peek.

'But the other vampires... they... they don't know?' Draco looked confused.

'No. They do not know of this place. Nor have I ever told them about where I go when I am not in my body. Only one vampire ever came close to finding this place who was not of my line.' The Traveler looked scared for a moment before he schooled his features. 'The Mother attempted to gain access here. But she failed.' He gave a passionless smile. 'She was lost on the sea awake... but unable to come to this land.'

'Then she can't attack you here.' Draco understood. 'Harry and Jean-Claude told me Belle said you were hiding. But I couldn't figure out where on Earth you'd hide that she couldn't find you...'

'Own a few blood banks. Have your body shipped with the blood. Fed intravenously by your children.' He smiled. 'It's hard to track a body that way.' He shrugged. 'As for me... I just hide here till I know its time to venture out again.'

'So you left this place to... what make me?' Draco frowned.

'My human servant told me that he'd found a human with great magical potential and that you might stand a greater chance of turning.' He gave that shrug Draco had seen Jean-Claude do so many times.

'I don't plan to fight in this war if I can help it.' Draco crossed his arms. 'I just got out of one war. I don't want in another one.'

'Ah, you're speaking of that fool Riddle.' The Traveler sat back on a stone bench.

'How do you...'

'We know full well of his activities. He's used charms to bewitch our children to his following. And death is all he brings to them.' His disdain for Voldemort clear on his face. 'That you and young Mr. Potter helped bring a speedy end to him is most welcome.' He stood up. 'I know you do not want this, but you are a part of this now.' They walked into a stone hall with carved fire pits in front of seats. A black flame burned at the head of the hall. 'That is my flame.' He passed other places. 'This will be my war council, this one.' He stopped by a smaller black flame. 'This is my human servant's place.' He smiled. 'And this one is yours.' He walked to a black flame that kept flashing other colors.

'So just because I'm of your line I'm a member of your war council?' Draco sounded angry.

'No. I picked you because you're strong. Dedicated. Loyal to those you choose. You're everything I could ever wish for in a son. And will be the one I choose to lead things if and when I am gone.' He looked at Draco. 'I'm not stupid enough to think I'll out live the Mother for long. Even if I pulled back from the mortal realm enough to hide my body forever.... I know she will eventually either die and I will have been a coward, or she'll kill me. Or I could stay here so long I can never return.' He shook his head. 'No I must act.' He walked behind him to a large coal filled fire pit. 'Every child of my line who has died as dumped all their powers into this flame. A grouping for me to bestow powers on those I think can handle it.' He turned back. 'I can see what skills are in your soul and I'm going to give you a few extra.'


"Mon Ami, have you been up long?" Jean-Claude blinked as he spotted Draco sitting in his coffin rocking back and forth.

"yeah... just a bit." Draco was clearly shaken.

"Do you need anything?" Jean-Claude looked concerned.

"Yeah. I need to be blood oathed to you... now." Draco looked up, his eyes showing his fear.

"What has gotten into you... how do you know of the blood oath... and..."

"The Traveler and I had a nice long talk in a place that doesn't exist. He... he made a few requests." Draco held himself like he was hallow.

"Are you okay?" Jean-Claude moved closer.

"No. I'm not." Draco looked at him, his moon stone eyes glowing. "I've not fed yet. I'm vaguely aware that I need a shower. And I've been sitting here for four hours waiting for you to wake up to blood oath me." Draco looked down.

"Why do you need the blood oath."

"Because with out it... your council won't have the power it needs. With it... you'll gain power, and..." He closed his eyes.

"And?" Jean-Claude moved in closer.

"And I stand a shot at not dying again." Draco said in a low voice.

"okay." He put his hand on Draco's shoulder.


"And I'm bound to you now?" Draco frowned.

"Almost." Jean-Claude finished the ritual and was relieved that nothing had happened till Draco started glowing.

"Into my master's house am I brought. Into his home welcomed. Given sustenance and logging. Into his house have I been welcomed and treated with great respect." Draco looked up from where he'd knelt. "But a poor guest I am not." His eyes and mouth emitted silver light as he held onto Jean-Claude's hand and felt the connection establish. "To my master and his house goes now the first of my gifts." The Traveler's voice vanished as Draco collapsed.

"What gift..." Jean-Claude suddenly paused. He could feel the rush of power the likes he'd not felt in a long time.

'You've taken a master vampire of my line into your house Jean-Claude, that is but my first gift. My second is with in him to give to Harry.' The Traveler's voice flitted across Jean-Claude's mind before being lost in the wind.

"Mon dieu!"


"Draco..." Harry rushed in. "Are you okay?" He bit his lip.

"Long chat with the Traveler. Blood Oathed to Jean-Claude. And then a nice nap where I was blissfully alone in my own head. I'm doing pretty good. Gods their tea sucks over here but I'll say this, they do coffee right." He held up his cup.

"But... vampires can't hold down..."

"Solids. Says nothing of liquids. Apparently we're build for a liquid diet. The coffee keeps me from being jittery and makes me feel like I'm trying one of those weight loss full bars. My belly's full of liquid but it's not being used." He shrugged.

"Okay.... you are okay right?" Harry eyed him carefully.

"Well I do have a load of extra things in me now. One of which is for you." Draco yawned. "I'm supposed to tell you to kiss me and come to the island." Draco rose and eyebrow. "Personally I think the Traveler's a great poofer who just fancies us snogging and then a quick shag with you on the beach."

"What island?" Harry frowned. "I'm not following."

"Oh, the island in the sea of souls. It's a lovely place if you like pre 34 b.c. architecture. Personally I find anything before 1483 pretentious. But then after 1776, everything seems a bit ostentatious to me." Draco shrugged.


"You know. Too big, too over the top. Gosh. In a very bad way." He shrugged. "I think that's why Hogwarts felt so depressing for me. It's from nearly the year 900 and it looks like it's saying I'm big I'm bad, watch out or I'll bite you on your arse." Draco frowned. "No that's me after I loose at Quidditch."

"You're mental. You know that right?"

"Hey, I got force fed powers and magics to be able to pull you in through your kissing power to where the Traveler is hiding so you and your echo of Belle can give me something that Belle gave you for safe keeping. How he knows... I don't know. I'm guessing Belle's soul told him once she died." He shrugged.

"Okay ... slow down and try that again. Maybe from the beginning this time...?"

"Okay. Nineteen years ago these four magical people met each other, fell in love and produced a god in swaddling clothing, and a lump of a boy with dark hair...."


A kiss later and Harry was standing in the sand stone room with Draco and the Traveler.

'Well this is nice.' Harry looked around.

'Can we hurry.' Draco looked sick.

'We will.' The Traveler walked up to Harry and faced him and looked him up and down. 'Belle Morte gave you her power to be a Sourdre de sang.' He looked Harry in the eyes. 'I need you to be able to slip that. Because half is meant for someone else. But half must go to Draco. If he can create his own bloodline... '

'then he will throw up.' Draco frowned. 'You thrust over 1,000 years of powers I could have develop into me in one night. I want to lay down and just be an undead hottie for a while.' He snorted. 'But no. I've got to be a cog in your undead war. You undead bastard.' Draco slide down and laid down on the floor.

'This isn't good for him.' Harry knelt down and touched Draco's forehead.

'He will need time to adjust. But with the Mother after us we do not have time.' The Traveler turned to Harry. 'Your triumvirate gave you powers from the other triumvirate that Nathaniel is connected to. You have the power inside you to copy any power used against you. But it's a latent power. It must be awakened. And it must be expanded.' He retch into the large fire pit across the room from where he'd been standing and came back carrying a small white flame. 'The power to copy and give to others the powers you possess.' He dropped the white flame into Harry's metal fire cage and watched it join with Harry's flame.

'shit....' Harry fell to his own knees.

'head rush.. .then the need to vomit...' Draco nodded and fell over from where he'd been trying to sit up.

'So now I can copy and split powers. Big whoop. Why do you want Draco to be his own fountain head?'

'My gift to you and Jean-Claude.' He smiled. 'Draco is not fully into his powers. He doesn't understand them. To be a master a day and now a Sourdre de sang... he would be a source of great power and a new strain of vampirism.' The Traveler smiled. 'Those risen from his bite would have a greater chance of turning. And would gain powers I can't dream of. Because of his magical core.' He smiled. 'And because of all that being raw power untapped yet, it would bolster Jean-Claude up higher and give him a new weapon to use in this war.' He turned around at the three flames in their stone fire pits. 'I can not give this to Draco. You must.'

'don't...' Draco whimpered.

'hang on Draco... I can fix this...' Harry retch into the flame that makes a vampire a Sourdre de sang and split it, carrying a small silver flame over to the flame that is Draco's. 'You do this often?' Harry looked at the chaos of Draco's flame.

'It is my gift.'

'Your gift sucks.' Harry put his hand with the flame into Draco's flame but held it there. 'You don't just drop non-compatible flames in and leave it to sort itself you jack ass. You blend it so it's better.' As he held his hand in till all the little flames blended into Draco's seamlessly. 'See!' He all but shouted.

'Hey that feels better...' Draco was sitting up again.

'Now he's a master vampire, fully. He'll probably get an animal to call soon. And he's a Sourdre de sang to boot. So we'll know in a few days if his bite mutates your line.' Harry frowned.

'I would have him bite tonight, but your choice.' The Traveler shrugged.

'Belle said I could awaken vampire's long dead human side.'

'I'm blocking. I prefer my vampire nature over my human.' The Traveler waved a hand and suddenly Harry was pulling back form the kiss to Draco.




"This isn't possible..." Jean-Claude frowned as he examined Draco. "The Traveler has broken laws that were not to be broken."

"Vampire laws?" Draco asked hopefully.

"Non." Jean-Claude shook his head. "Laws of nature. Vampires must live for at least four to five hundred years to become a master. It's supposed to take nearly 1,000 years to become a Sourdre de sang. The fact that you have done both in a day... is beyond unusual. And it may make all those who are of your line do similar power growths.'

'Okay... that's nice.' Draco bit his lip, unable to blush due to his lack of blood.

'The power boost to myself and mine, it is... large." Jean-Claude looked at Harry. "And you are to give the power of a Sourdre de sang to another vampire?" He looked him up and down.

"Belle left the feeling that I'd meet the vampire I was supposed to turn into a master and a Sourdre de sang. And that I'd find him in this town under your roof." Harry shrugged.

"We can not rush that meeting. Time and location may play a factor." Jean-Claude started plotting. "I would however like you and young Mr. Malfoy to go to some of my businesses and look at the various vampires. Maybe by chance you will find the one you seek."

"Oh gods!" Draco fell back laughing.

"What is the mater now?"

"I just realized... I'm going to be 19 forever." He was laughing harder. "Oh gods. Constantly horny and needing to shag. And stuck in a body that never ages and is always going to be this gorgeous and is going to require blood to get a hard on." He shook his head.

"Is he alright?" Harry bit his lip.

"I think it is just... a side effect of the powers coming on so soon." Jean-Claude pulled back.

"How will we know his animal to call, if he gets one?" Harry watched Draco literally rolling with laughter.

"I suggest taking him to the zoo. Maybe he'll draw an animal to you or himself."

"Well that's something at least. Now... as for feeding him... is it safe for me to do it?" Harry bit his lip harder.

"He'll be drunk from the power for a bit, but he could need the power to spark his powers up to where they need to be." Jean-Claude waved a hand.

"Okay." Harry tilted his neck in front of Draco.

"Oh, I get to penetrate you with my sharp fang!" Draco cracked up as he bared his fangs and sank them into Harry's throat. Instantly the pair weren't there anymore mentally.

'Where are we?' Draco looked around confused.

'Don't you know?' Harry stood in front of him nude.

'No but it can't be bad, you're naked again.' Draco drank in the sight.

'We're doing the dance.' Harry put his hand out and then flat like there was a wall between him and Draco. Draco mimicked him, realizing he too was naked.

'What dance...?' Draco asked.

'Less talk, more dance.' Harry put both hands up as did Draco. They danced the dance of the near touch circling each other.

'What's the point of this...?'

'To see whom will eat whom.' Harry tilted his head as they danced, their dance getting more involved as they circled back and forth. Draco tried to stop but he couldn't. He was trapped doing more and more dance steps. Following Harry's lead, and then he realized he could control the steps himself. He changed the steps and soon he realized he was controlling things. He was in charge now. Their dance stopped and they looked into each other's eyes and smiled. 'We eat each other.' He smiled and the world righted itself again.

"What was that?" Draco asked as he pulled back.

"you rolled me..." Harry flopped bonelessly onto the floor. "and it's good." He gave a smile.

"But you are not power drunk." Jean-Claude said mater-o-factly.

"No... I'm not. I'm also not in my giggling fit anymore." Draco frowned. "I.. feel better."

"What did you see?" Jean-Claude leaned forwards.

"We were dancing. Harry was leading... and it felt wrong so I took control and then I lead and we stopped dancing and he said we eat each other... and... What was that!?"

"The Traveler's bite to feed." Jean-Claude looked concerned. "He used it when he wasn't sure about the power of his feeder. He would dance with them till either he won out or they did. If they did he'd be power drunk, if he won... they'd be the drunken rolled ones." Jean-Claude pointed at Harry who was mewing on his back.

"Great." Draco sighed.

"Jean-Claude?" Willie poked his head in.

"Yes Willie?"

"The coffin's here." He opened the doors and carried in the polished white oak coffin with small dragons carved all over it.

"It's beautiful..." Draco gasped.

"I thought you might like it." Jean-Claude opened the lid that had the Malfoy family crest on the top of it. "I went for creams and jades." He motioned for the cream hues of the inner satin and then the jade pillow.

"They go together..." Draco smiled brightly. "Thank you." He hugged Jean-Claude.

"I suspect you will want to choose your own resting place soon. And want to put your own charms and things on the box." Jean-Claude smiled.

"Yeah... hum... " Draco thought for a moment. "I know exactly where I'll put it!" He smiled.


"Blake." Anita picked up the cell phone.



Chapter Text

"Edward why are you calling me?" Anita's heart rate went up.

"Oh, that's easy. I'm calling you for a heads up. The explosion in about a minute is mine. Didn't want you worrying."

"Edward... what are you blowing up in my town?" Anita sighed.

"Oh it's just a little job. Killing a dangerous vampire. No one connected to you. Just a new vamp who's too dangerous to live." Anita sighed and then blinked.

"How new?"

"He arose last night."

"What's the name...?" Anita could feel this was going to be bad.

"Draco Malfoy." Edward said easily enough but winced as the string of obscenities flooded through the phone from Anita's mouth. "You kiss your boyfriends with that mouth?"

"Edward... where are you?" Anita's voice was strained.

"I'm just outside of town."

"Edward, get to the circus. Get there NOW. Beg Jean-Claude not to kill you and then beg him to hide you."

"Why would I..."

"Edward, I'd say run, but he'll find you and he'll tear you apart."

"Who will fi-"

"Draco's boyfriend, a new hybrid lycan who's also a magical dynamo and highly possessive. This kid's faced down TWO members of the council alone over Draco. You just painted a shiny target on your back." She sighed and hung up.


Draco finished casting the last of his protection charms and anti-theft charms on his coffin. He chuckled to himself. He owned a gorgeous piece of wood that he wouldn't be able to show people unless he trusted them. It's like hitting puberty all over again. He looked at the time and sighed. Nearly dawn. He stripped down to his boxers and slid into the coffin.

'Maybe the Traveler wont shove powers into me this time.' Draco laid down and closed his eyes, feeling the pole in the river vanishing. He vaguely realized there was an explosion. 'oh crap.'


"Harry." Anita panted as she yelled in the screen.

"Yeah?" Harry stopped laughing as he motioned Nathaniel to stop.

"Draco's town house... it just blew up." Anita gasped as Harry just appeared in front of her.

"Sorry about that." Nathaniel picked up the phone. "He just..."

"He's here." Anita said blankly as she watched Harry growl. The boxers he'd been wearing ripped from his body as he transformed into his Wolfman shape. The black wolfman with the yellow clouded leopard spots retch out his clawed hands and the ruined wreckage of the house split in two as it was torn away. He seemed larger then his normal seven-foot stature and as Anita looked on his eyes were pitch black. He telekinetically threw the house away from the spot till he found the coffin turned over on its lid. He opened it and saw a moment of pure red rage as he saw Draco's nearly naked body spill out into the morning sun.

Harry turned to Anita. 'WHO!?' Before she could block him out the conversation with Edward spilled out into her mind and into Harry's. He growled and vanished. Leaving here standing there in the sun with the now empty coffin with a look of shock on her face.


"I do not understand... Anita sent you here... to ask for protection... why?" Jean-Claude frowned.

"She said something about how Draco was Harry's boy toy and I shouldn't have blown him up and..." Edward stopped as Jean-Claude's eyes got wide. "What?"

"Oh dear... I do not know if we have the facilitates to keep you safe..."

"This Harry can't be that bad."

"He is tied to an angelic host who is part demon himself. As well as our dear Nathaniel." Jean-Claude let that go for a moment. "Through Nathaniel to Anita, and through Anita to me. He draws power from three triumvirates... He is normally very much in control of his powers. But add in the proximity of the full moon his hybrid lycan breed, the loss of a lover... he will be..."

"Pure rage." Harry growled as the other half of the office seemed to collapse into a single point and he walked out of it. "Rage dirrected at one point." Harry pulled Edward to him and walked back out through the hole in reality he'd made mending it once he was gone.

"Mon dieu." Jean-Claude slumped in his chair.


"LOOK AT WHAT YOU DID!" Magic was pouring off of Harry as he threw Edward into some of the wreckage. "YOU TOOK HIM AWAY!" Harry stalked towards Edward, magical electricity crackling around him.

"Back the fuck off!" Edward pointed his gun at Harry, who simply waved a hand and the gun melted into so much metal causing Edward to drop it. "I said..."

"You don't get it... I lived through hell and he was there. I made it through the war. And he was there. I made it through being turned into this..." Harry motioned himself "AND HE WAS THERE." He stalked closer. "I went to the fucking other side to pull his soul back here to keep him alive even if it was as a vampire... and he was there. He came back. YOU TOOK HIM AWAY!" Harry slammed his claw down next to Edward's head, only missing it with his claw by a fraction of an inch. "So you see, my problem now is. How do you die." He leaned in closer. "Cuz you aren't moving from this spot with out being dead. And maybe I'll bring you back just to keep torturing you over and over again." Harry was burning with a black fire now.

"Get off of ..." Harry snapped his jaws close to Edward's face.

"You feel pain now." Edward screamed as his body bucked up towards Harry, ever nerve ending feeling every single torture Harry could think of in that second. Having lived through some choice death eater attacks, Harry was versed in pain. "And now you don't." Harry watched Edward sag.

"Harry you have to..."

"NO!" Harry threw up his arm and created a wall of solid air to stop Anita. "I don't have to do anything but make him bleed and beg and slowly die an inch at a time." He turned back. "Pain now." He watched as Edward bucked and screamed.

"Good gods Potter." Harry stopped. "I mean... I thought I was the evil git who got off on pain and terror. Not you. Well that's if you believe the first years. What's it they're calling you now? St. Scar-Head?" Harry turned around to the sound of the voice coming from the dark shadows of the ruined house.

"You're dead..."

"Got that did you?" Draco clapped. "Bright that one. Now, what's one plus one?" He watched Harry standing there in shock, his spell ending on Edward. "Not sure on that one. Let's try this one. How many Gryffindors does it take to screw in a light bulb? Give up? All of them. One to barrel into danger and all the rest to save him from himself and get eternal glory for it."

"You're not dead?" Harry shifted back.

"Actually I'm very dead. The vampire to the throat thing kind of took care of that." Draco stood in the edge of the shade.

"But.. the bomb.. I picked up the coffin and it dumped you into the sun. I... I know you're dead..."

"Yes. I'm dead. We established this." Draco rolled his eyes. "But apparently sunlight doesn't hurt me." He stepped out into the sunlight and glistened like he was covered in a second skin of diamonds.

"Who... what... how?" Harry frowned.

"Who's my father?"

"Lucius Malfoy...."

"And what is he?" Getting no answer. "A self serving snake in the grass who values family, money, beauty, and himself above all other things. Now... what would my father do if he thought for a second there was a weakness that MIGHT occur?"

"He'd prevent it..."

"Well stomp it out of existence is more like it." Draco walked up to Harry. "He created a potion and a ritual, that I vaguely remember. When I was like six. It was incase Voldemort ever turned us into vampires. Father wanted us protected from all things vampires are harmed by." Draco sat down in the sunlight. "Sunlight causes my body to grow this glamorous skin. It's made from diamond dust. So my skin is shielded from sun. Fire repels from me." He put his hand into the flames still going on part of the rubble and it simply blew out as he put his hand near it. "I'm assuming holy water would hit a variation of the water repelling charm. You saw how I was with crosses, they stunned me but didn't really phase me that much. Father wanted us to be beautiful and deadly. So..." He waved his hands. "You can let the nice deadly assassin up off the ground where you've clearly beaten him bloody. Bad deadly assassin, no cookie for you." He scolded Edward who was looking at him shocked.

"You're not dead?" Harry looked shell-shocked.

"I refuse to talk to you till you come out of this." Draco waved dismissively. "You on the other hand I'm ten kinds of curious about." He crouched down beside Edward.

"Silver?" Edward asked.

"Not even an itch."

"Wooden stakes?" Draco picked up a pointed board and it smashed against his chest. "Charms to disintegrate the wood when it comes with in proximity of my flesh."

"Decapitation?" Edward winced.

"Well it'd have to be fast and metal probably. Something exotic. But I'm guessing no. I vaguely remember a charm being cast to prevent any and all dismemberment. But there's also a anti-life stop thing. So even if you do manage to cut my head off, I'm still alive. And my head will seek out my body to reattach." He shrugged.

"damn." Edward cursed slowly.

"Yeah. A real bitch. Now who hired you?"

"Don't have a name.. just a contact number..." Edward coughed.

"Well damn." Draco sat back. "And we were making such progress." He shrugged. "Though I'm betting you're going to tell him he so owes you for putting you in my path." Draco gave a smirk. "Personally I think it's rather stupid of them to do this." Draco's eyes clouded over.

"It's worse because you were hired by the council." The Traveler's voice came out of Draco's body. "You were hired to kill my new general and my gift to Jean-Claude but not given any details about who and what he was outside of vampire. They either figured he'd be an easy target or wanted you dead. Either way, I don't give them what they want. Ever." Draco took over again.

"Nor do I." He wordlessly summoned his wand and did a healing spell on Edward. "You need to lay still for a bit. I have an angry were... thing... to stop from killing you once the shock wears off. And moving around making hurt animal noises draws attention to yourself." Draco stood up and walked over to Harry.

"You're not dead." Harry looked amazed.

"Firm grasp on reality. Now, let's get you out of this hot sun and have a proper lie down." Draco eyed him as he pulled him into the shade. "Now... I want you to sit still and count to four." Harry nodded a little too rapidly and then seemed to have to focus on each number. "Right... you're going home now." Draco took Harry's hand and apperated them to Harry's room where Nathaniel was just coming out of the shower. "I have a very confused were-thing." Draco walked Harry's naked body over to the shower.

"He's not dead." Harry pointed.

"He keeps saying that. But I have fangs... so I'm pretty sure I am."

"Anita said your house blew up?" Nathaniel frowned.

"I left the oven and the iron on and boom." Draco looked amused with himself. "Sorry. Muggle joke. Anyways. An assassin named Edward tried to kill me, but I'm a little... hard to kill these days." He shrugged.

"Edward tried to kill you?" Nathaniel dropped his towel and rushed to Draco. "But... you're not dead... so.. Edward failed?" Nathaniel seemed to boggle at that.

"Does everyone have an assassin on speed dial?" Draco looked shocked.

"What's going on up here?" Sam waked in wearing only his pajama bottoms.

"I nearly died by explosives because of Edward and now everyone's treating me like the bloody 'boy who lived'."

"Edward?" Sam looked at Nathaniel.

"You probably know him as Ted..."

"Forrester." Sam's eyes flashed. "That fucker is in town." Sam walked over to the dresser and pulled out his cell phone.

"Yeah Sammy?"

"Forrester's in town."


"Yeah. He's in town, he just pissed off Harry by trying to BLOW UP Draco."

"Ballsy move. How many pieces did Harry leave him in?"

"Apparently one, since Draco's not dead."

"Forrester missed? Wow, tell Draco I want him to pick out lotto numbers..."


"What? If the kid can survive Forrester, he can pick lotto numbers."

"Draco, Dean wants you to pick lotto numbers.

"12, 22, 16, 15, 19, 17 , 02." Draco rattled off. "What?" He looked confused as Sam relayed the message.

"You said that off the top of your head."

"Age I lost my virginity, age I was to have children by, age I joined the dark side, age I realized I liked boys, age I am now, age I was when Harry saved my life, number of times Harry's had to personally save my life." Draco explained.

"I'll chalk that up to your vampire brain. So Dean where are you?'

"Murdering Ghost in upstate Connecticut."

"Why didn't you call me in?" Sam frowned.

"You're... adjusting. Besides it's near your period and I'm not explaining that mess to the boys in the suits." Dean smiled into the phone. "Besides Cas sent some back up." He sounded unsure.

"Who?" Sam frowned.

"Our little brother." Dean said calmly.

"So Micheal's there."

"Yep. Riding him a dead Winchester boy suit."

"Don't get your balls attached to your lips again." Sam closed his eyes.

"Hey, that wasn't my fault. I shouldn't have made corpse jokes in his presence, and he shouldn't have been born with out a sense of humor...."


"Dean's currently finding out what it is like to feel one's own pecker fucking into one's own ass. He'll have to call you back." Micheal hung up on them.

"Oh great." Sam closed his eyes. "Can this day get ANY stranger?"


"Yes?" Jean-Claude answered the phone.

"Ah, my dear Jean-Claude." A thickly accented voice sounded on the phone.

"Obsidian Butterfly." Jean-Claude sat up.

"Yes... I do so hate to bother you this early in the day." Her voice sounded anything but. "I'm having a little bit of trouble clearing customs." Her smile could be heard over the phone.

"Customs where?" His voice dead panned.

"Oh, Jean-Claude, where do you think." She was enjoying this too much.

"Why are you in my city?" His panic suddenly hidden behind his emotionless mask.

"Oh that would be because of a multiple reasons. The forefront of which is your young Harry." She made a clicking sound. "You have some very nice connections at the air fields. They refused to let me leave my plane till they had clearance from you." She smirked.

"I told them that you have been declared persona non grata by most Masters of the City." Jean-Claude frowned. "You should have contacted me for rights."

"And I shouldn't have to sit in a plane and talk to you via the phone." Her agitation could be heard. "I'm a Goddess Jean-Claude. I ruled a nation with my iron will. And you make a fuss over me entering a city?" Her power could be felt over the phone.

"Obsidian Butterfly...." He signed. "I'll clear you to come in to the Circus but I do not want your party going anywhere with out clearing it with me first."

"Oh my dear Jean-Claude, you're more then generous." She smiled again.

"I mean it Obsidian Butterfly." Jean-Claude raised his voice slightly.

"Oh I know you do. And I know that you have the power to probably back up any threat that you could come up with." She smiled. "But I know you want to hear me out. Since you have had two council members visit your land in the last few months, and they've caused some major ripples in your lands."

"You're having me watched."

"I'm watching everyone outside my land. I'm curious." She smiled.

"How many have you brought with you?"

"A few vampires, a human servant, and a few of my animals to call." She smiled.

"I'll call the airport and have a car waiting on you." He sighed again.

"Thank you." She hung up and Jean-Claude cursed as he picked up the phone and dialed the airport. 'What did I do to the Gods to deserve this?' He looked up as he waited for the phone to pick up.


"DAMN IT!" Anita kicked the jeep door and then walked back over to Edward where he was sitting.

"What's wrong now?" Edward frowned.

"Oh, nothing much. Obsidian Butterfly is at the airport." She sat down beside Edward.


"Yeah." They sat there in silence.

"So... am I about to get the 'get out of my town' speech?"



"Nope. No speeches here." Anita shrugged. "I'm a bit out of it right now." She sighed and walked over to where Draco's coffin was. She picked it up and carried to her jeep before sitting it on top of the jeep.

"You know it's creepy when you do that?"

"Oh shut up." Anita rolled her eyes. "At least I'm not bench pressing small cars." She rolled down the jeep windows and strapped the coffin down. "Yeah.. that won't draw attention." She sighed as she looked up at it.

"What won't draw attention?" Edward frowned.

"The large coffin on my jeep."

"What coffin?" Edward looked at her and then the jeep.

"You're telling me you don't notice the white coffin on my car." Anita looked at Edward closely.

"I'm telling you I don't see any coffin, white or otherwise on your jeep." He looked at her. "I vaguely remember you lifting a coffin..." He blinked. "But... I don't remember.. where it went..." He looked confused.

"Don't worry about it. I'm guessing Draco did something to the damn thing." She looked at it and shrugged. Maybe her magic prevented his from making things vanish from her. It was a nice idea, even if it wasn't a practical one.

"So... where to?" Edward shrugged.

"Well, I'd take you home with me... but Harry's libel to pitch a fit about you being with in so many feet of his son after nearly killing, or trying to kill his boyfriend."

"That kid's got a son?" Edward raised an eyebrow.

"The kid's adapted, his god son actually."



"The kid kill them?"

"Harry hasn't been a lycan that long." Anita rolled her eyes.

"Well that answers a lot about the kid's character that he's only gotten homicidal since his transformation into... you called that a hybrid form?"

"Yeah... demons used magic to mix a werewolf with a clouded leopard." Edward's eyes got big.

"You always get the best playmates." He sighed.

"Yeah..." She smiled.

"So the kid got attacked by the demons' creation?"

"Yep. And his magic made it work and now we have a new lycan breed." She shrugged.

"Makes me want to try to hunt him-"

"Don't." She stopped and looked at him.

"I'm not saying I'd-"

"He's Jean-Claude's heir and Damian's as well. So don't go down that road."

"You're telling me that their lines produced that kid?" Edward was greatly taking better stock of Harry.

"And all you saw was his rage powers. Which I'd say either come from Damian's line or from Sam." Edward frowned.

"Sam who?"

"Sam Winchester, his other... and why do you look freaked out."

"You have the Winchesters here... and you didn't tell me when I was on the phone."

"Why does it mater?"

"Phoenix, New Jersey, and Washington state." Edward pointed to various scars.


"We run into one another on hunts. They're not the most... forgiving of people."

"Well Sam's dating Harry. As is Nathaniel and Draco. They're a bit of a tight knit group so, don't expect cookies." She opened the jeep door before going around to her side.

"Sam's gay? I knew he was a bit off... wait... the rage power could have come from SAM?"


"Anita..." Nathaniel was sitting on the front porch and shook his head at Edward. "I so would NOT go in there if I were you." Edward frowned. "Draco's downstairs with Sam. Harry's a bit out of it. We think he needs to feed. They're drawing straws to see who he feeds off of."

"The kid's got to feed... feed how?" Edward frowned.

"He's got some of Belle's powers. His version of the ardeur is thought based rather then physical sex based." Anita filled him in.

"Well maybe I should let him feed on me. After all it's my fault he's like this." Edward grinned. The other two looked down and he instantly knew he shouldn't have said that.

"Maybe you're right. Forrester." Sam crossed his arms.

"Sammy!" Edward grinned.

"Drop it." He said coldly. "The only reason I don't put my fist through your heart right now." His eyes flashed black. "Is because Dean's not here and he'd kick my ass for killing you with out him." Edward blinked and Sam was in his face. "But fuck would I like to mess you up." He dropped Edward.

"Werewolf huh." Edward straightened his cloths. "You have a strange life Winchester. Gay, werewolf, demonic powers. If I didn't think I'd end up twelve kinds of dead, I'd try my skills against you."

"Yeah, not such a great idea." Sam picked up the coffin. "Draco's going to bunk in our room. He's... a little put out that his HOUSE got blow up on him."

"Could have been a bucket of water." Edward grinned. Sam held the large coffin one handed as he picked up Edward with the other, oddly enough letting Edward see the coffin for the first time since Anita had set it down.

"Lay off him." Sam looked him in the eyes and at him down. "He's having a bad time of it."

"Oh he doesn't have to lay off of me." Draco was out on the porch. "But I bite back." He looked at Edward cold and calculating. "Maybe Harry should feed on you. Him or me." Draco's fangs slid into view.

"Try it and get a taste of some nasty things in my blood." Edward smirked.

"Oh I can smell the magic on you." Draco waved a hand. "I'm not dumb enough to feed on your blood." He shook his head. "But you're right... maybe you would make a good snack for Harry." He turned on his heel and staked into the house.

"And was he so..." Edward shook his hand." Before he became a vampire."

"Yes." Came Draco's answer from inside the house.

"Ah. Good to know." Edward adjusted his sunglasses and followed Anita into the house. Then he followed Sam and Draco up stairs to where Harry was sitting there.

"Harry, we brought you food." Draco got Harry's attention.

"He's the guy who tried to kill you." Harry frowned.

"Yes, love. Now he's food. Just don't kill him." Draco helped Harry up.

"What's this feeding require?" Edward frowned.

"Just a little peck on the lips." Sam smirked. Harry came up before Edward could say no, and locked lips with him. Instantly he was plunged into a sexual fantasy about Donna and her southwestern scarf collection. He was near orgasm when he realized that it was shifting. Harry was standing in the corner watching him. He wanted to tell the kid not to watch but suddenly he was back in high school sleeping with his first girlfriend for the first time. A blanket down in the desert and he was trying to be romantic through the whole thing, this Edward didn't know he'd be leaving for the army in two days. No, this Edward was an innocent. And as he came hard he came out of the kiss and blinked nearly blank eyes at the room.

"That.... wow..." He felt mentally lost for a bit.

"And the only down side is it'll take you about six hours to be able to have a sexual thought." Harry shrugged. "Thanks for feeding me." He patted Edward on the back.

"That all you charge for that ride? Wow.... in New Mexico you could charge for the ride..." He fell down on the bed.

"Is he okay?" Nathaniel looked puzzled at Edward.

"I rolled him a little harder..." Harry admitted. "I used one of Belle's memory powers and wrapped him up in the memory of his first time while I was eating. He experienced two powerful orgasms at the same time."

"So double your money's worth." Sam smirked. "You saw inside his head..."

"Don't ask Sam." Harry eyed him. "I don't tell what's in your head or Nathaniel's when you guys feed me. I don't tell." He nodded to himself. "I have to violate your deepest privacy to feed, and I don't spread that around. And I'm having fun trying to find a way to not retain the memories myself."

"Have you tried a pensive?" Draco looked over from where he was sitting on his oddly clean coffin.

"Didn't think of that yet." Harry frowned. "But I'd have to put it in memory vials and then I'd have to label them." He sighed.

"Or you could just obliviate the bottled memory."

"That works?" Harry frowned.

"Dissolves into a powder." Draco nodded. "Then neither you nor the jar have the memory anymore." He smiled. "Now the question is. Do you have a pensive."

"Do I have a pensive." Harry grinned.

Chapter Text

"Itzpapalotl." Jean-Claude welcomed her.

"Jean-Claude." She smiled. "A pleasure to be welcomed into your territory." She bowed and bared her neck.

"You offer your neck to me?" Jean-Claude blinked.

"You surpass me as a fountain. I am a mere Goddess bereft of a people to worshiper her." She smiled as Jean-Claude did the ancient dance of coming close to her neck but not actually touching it.

"To open yourself up to another like this. A true sign of trust." He pulled back.

"Trust is like a fern in the desert. It must be watered and cared for." Itzpapalotl smiled her pale tan making her look exotic as she sat there in a business suit.

"You've toned it down a lot." Anita observed.

"One can not travel in the mortal realms with out dressing the part." She smiled sardonically.

"True. I don't do travel cloths well." Anita shrugged.

"Uh, can I ask why we're here?" Harry sat next to Draco, their other two lovers sitting behind them.

"You are here because I am going to give gifts." Itzpapalotl smiled. "Gifts to help strengthen our friendship." She clapped and a muscular man stepped forwards holding an obsidian box. "I hear you drink in powers." Itzpapalotl smiled at Harry. "I offer to you the power to take into yourself any animal to call that any master vampire you touch has." She nodded her head and the box was handed to Harry.

"You captured the power's flame?" Harry looked shocked.

"Yes." She smiled brightly. "It is hard... but a spell or two and the box holds it as if it were in the fire pit still."

"You know our kind of magic?" Draco frowned.

"We had your kind of wizard in my time... but they used to worship us with blood and fire and... alas.. I miss the old days." She shrugged, her black hair waving as she moved. "But yes, I know some of your magics. And for those I do not understand I have my human servant." She stroked his darkly tanned hand.

"Not to sound like an egocentric pain, but do I get a present?" Draco looked like he was fighting not to blush.

"Ah, my dear Mr. Malfoy." She smiled brightly. "For you I bring a gift as well." She clapped her hands again and another box was brought forwards. "The box of telling. A gift of the first gods of my kind." She opened the box and a silver liquid filled it near the brim.

"And what's this when it's at home?" Draco raised an eyebrow.

"The box of telling." Itzpapalotl smiled again. "Touch the liquid and it becomes the shape of what ever animal you are to call when you are a master." She touched it and a silver jaguar crawled out and walked across her hand before slinking back in. "The liquid replenishes itself. " She explained. "But the first time you do it, it produces a living animated silver beast to practice your power on." She motioned and the box was passed to Draco. He swallowed and put his fingers into the liquid. It felt warm and alive and suddenly a silver serpent slithered out from the box and up his hand to rest on his palm. It looked at him with emerald eyes.

"Slytherin colors." Harry remarked as he stroked the serpent's head. It nuzzled into his hand, but seemed to only have eyes for Draco.

"She's beautiful." Draco breathed softly.

"So you are what I've felt here." A voice drew their attention towards one of the drapes that acted like a door.

"Melanie, mon serpent, please come in." Jean-Claude said with what could have been a sigh.

"Thank you my host." She said calmly as she walked into the room, her eyes on Draco. "Are you here to enslave me as well?" Her head tilted sideways.

"Why would I enslave you?" Draco looked from her to Jean-Claude. "I don't even know-" Draco stopped and looked at her. "You're a lamia." He looked her up and down.

"So new to your powers and you can already tell that." She made a hissing noise. "That does not bode well for me." She transformed into her half snake half woman form and lunged at him. Harry grabbed her by the arms and stepped between them. Her eyes went wide. "YOU!" She jumped back. She hissed a few times and when he didn't react she frowned, shifting back. "You do not speak it now. You... you've lost it." She walked around Harry eyeing him. "You poor child." She jumped him and kissed him, her forked tongue wrapping around his for a second and then pulled back. "My gift if you can keep him from enslaving me." She left quickly.

"{That was.... well odd. Odd is what that was}." Harry looked around at everyone.

"{Harry... if you can stop talking Parsaltongue at them they might understand you}." Draco frowned. "{I understood you}..." His mouth fell open. "{I CAN UNDERSTAND YOU}!" He grinned and stood up.

"{that's not all you understood}." Harry hissed back at Draco who followed Harry's gaze down to his tented crotch.

"{oh}." He sat back down quickly. "Sorry." He said as he blushed.

"It is fine." Itzpapalotl smiled. "Such is the beauty of men." She stroked her human servant's inner thigh. "Speaking of, my gift to Anita should be brought in. "She smiled brightly. "All though, it may be more of a gift to both you and Harry." She looked over to Harry who was sitting again. "Since you are both collectors of men." She clapped her hands and the jaguar head was removed from one of her attendants. "Anita you will remember Seth." She smiled.

"Why'd you bring him here." Anita said quickly.

"My gift to you in the coming war is the power of the jaguar." She nodded and Seth moved between Anita and Harry. "He prefers males. But he has a feeling for Anita." She quirked a lip up into a smile. "He can give you the gift that is his beast and become your beast to call. Thought I do not understand Harry's ability to collect males. Does he not shift like you?" Itzpapalotl tilted her head.

"Oh I shift." Harry changed his hand into a black paw with yellow markings. "I'm a hybrid."

"The Tarat." Itzpapalotl looked both shocked and pleased. "I had not realized their breed returned." She looked at Jean-Claude. "You do collect such lovely beings to you." She smiled. "What mix are you?" She sat on the edge of her seat.

"Werewolf and wereleopard." Harry confessed.

"Ah. Lovely animals. Did you do this to yourself or was the spell cast upon you?" She looked at him carefully.

"It was cast on another, he shifted, infected me, and then my magic stabilized it." Harry watched her.

"Then I'd be willing to give you something that will finish the transmutation." Her human servant looking concerned at her.

"But I am finished, third full moon coming up." Harry looked around.

"The Tarat is a blending of beasts. It is meant to hold the number of perfection and be a perfect blend of all those in it's mix." She looked at Harry carefully. "You hold but two of the seven animals you are to hold. I will give you the power to complete yourself. For a price." She looked around. "I would ask that you made a clan for yourself and that one of my would be cat's be gifted after you're whole."

"Let me get this right." Harry sat up and looked at her. "You want me use the magic you'll teach me... to add five more animals to my mix. And what you want in return for this is for me to make a clan, which I'm assuming is like a pard or a pack for the Tarat breed?" She nodded. "And you want me to infect one of the people who is in line to become a werejaguar for you?"

"Correct." Itzpapalotl nodded.

"Why?" Harry blinked his confusion.

"The Tarat is a legend even to my people. The council, for fear of their power wiped out the whole breed. Only Padma, master of beasts, could control them. And while he was yet young the council as it stood knew the danger of these chimeras of sorcery. So they wiped them out before he could command them into his army."

"I'm really not liking this council in Europe so much." Draco crossed his arms. "Turn me into a vampire, put a death sentence on Harry's kind of lycan. They're not overtly friendly you know. Maybe we should send them a gift basket of kittens." He looked around the room as everyone seemed to be thinking he was insane. "You know... to sweeten them up. Before the bomb under the kittens takes out the whole building with them inside it." He smiled sweetly.

"Honey, that'd kill the kittens." Harry patted his leg.

"I know, that's why the kittens will be dead before hand." Draco rolled his eyes.

"They won’t be lulled by dead kittens Draco, they'll be confused as hell."

"Oh you're right. No one needs to be confused that much before they die." Draco sat down.

"Is he okay?" Itzpapalotl looked concerned at Draco.

"Yeah, he's just nervous and cranky. He nearly got blown up the other day. And add to that all the stress of being dragged into a new war after just barely getting out of our last one. He tends to babble out insane plans when he's nervous." Harry licked his lips.

"I do not!" Draco looked at Harry.

"I say we attack him wearing nothing but lettuce leaves covered in melted butter and armed with a drum stick. He'll never see it coming." Harry looked at him evenly.

"I was drunk." Was Draco's succulent opinion.

"Really? I thought you were rather sober." Harry shrugged and left it alone. "So.. is there any reason to really finish being a Tarat?" Harry bit his lip.

"Well with out the ritual being complete your were animals will eventually rebel and try to tear you apart. That is if you don't deplete your magic first." Itzpapalotl looked at him carefully. "Right now, the ritual isn't holding them together. You are. Every minute of every day you're using up large amounts of your magic to contain the beasts as one being. It isn't enough and it'll eventually over tax you, burn out your magic, and then rip you to shreds." She said evenly.

"Right, finishing this ritual soon then." Harry nodded. "But... you want me to make one of my clan out of one of your soon to be or would be werejaguar as soon as I'm finished?"


"I don't understand that. But if the person is willing, I'll do it." Harry sighed.

"Good." Itzpapalotl held out her hand and her human servant reluctantly handed her a journal he kept in a pouch at his side. "Treat this with great care. It's the last of its kind." Itzpapalotl held out the book to Harry. "It's a full compendium of every Aztec wizard's ritual and spell. We knew of the Tarat and knew they were powerful beasts. We will grant to you the powers we once held most sacred for you word that upon completion of your beast, you will form a clan and you will take one of ours into that clan." Her eye became like night skies full of dying stars.

"Yes." Harry felt the magic as he touched the book, it was a wandless unbreakable vow. Harry looked up at her in shock. "You knew what we were doing?"

"Yes." She smiled pleasantly. "A wizard from Spain did such a ritual with one of my priests to find my priestesses. He raped and tortured them. He is my play thing now." She smiled showing a little fang. "Diego will know the error of his ways. At the hands of those he left for dead." Her eyes held anger and rage. "He had certain gifts of his own that are ours now." She smiled brightly. "Would you be willing to bargain for more ancient magics?"

"Not sure if I have much to bargain with...." Harry bit his lip.

"I'd be willing to part with his magical powers for your assurance that you will place a magical core into each of the Tarat." She grinned. "Picturing. Wizarding Tarats. Each of them a full fledged wizard and a sifter as well." She smiled.

"Why would you want that?" Harry frowned.

"Because." She smiled brightly. "As the mother had her children who were both vampire and lycan. I think this council is going to need the Tarot to be beast and wizard, and able to fight as both." She looked at Jean-Claude. "And because I'm petitioning to be on the council." She dropped the other shoe.

"Itzpapalotl..." Jean-Claude looked shocked.

"Oh there is nothing for you to say Jean-Claude. I know it will take a vote and much debate. And in the end it will require me being blood oathed to you like all the masters are." She smiled. "So far there is nothing in that order that bothers me." She shrugged. "But it is interesting to me. You have your line which was of Belle's line. And you have Draco of the Traveler's line. But I can sense the fountain about him. So I know he is his own line now. A powerful line...." She smiled at Draco. "And you have Max with his weretigers and Auggie with his werelions and Samuel with his mermaids. A powerful set of masters. But only two real Sourdre de sang." She shook her head. "You will need more lines. More power. And I can show Harry how to make them, which I will do for the price of being made a fountain of my own." She smiled at Harry.

"That... how... I..." Harry blinked.

"Jean-Claude." She turned to him. "Many speculate about my origin. The God that made me was Acolnahuacatl and before his passing into the underworld that he now controls, he told me the secret of his creation. Acolnahuacatl was sired into vampirehood and able to take his Godhood by Teteoinnan, mother of the Gods, who was sired by Toci, grandmother of the gods. Toci was in turn sired by one you would know as Mr. Oliver." Anita and Jean-Claude both looked up at that.

"The Earthmover was the Sourdre de sang of your entire line?" Jean-Claude looked thunderstruck.

"Mr. Oliver was one of the Mother's first children. He didn't inherit the lycan side, but only her vampiric side. Of course we called him Ehecatl. God of earth and wind." She smiled brightly. "He did inherit some of the Day Father's powers. But to me was given power over the night demons of our realm and to make the Tzitzimime, the star demons." She stroked her human servant's leg. "Of course the Tzitzimime were what we called those I gave the power to drain live essence from anything they touched. Because their eyes were full of stars." She smiled. "As mine are full of the night sky when I use my greater powers. But." She looked at Harry. "With out you, I fear I will only be master and never Sourdre de sang."

"So this new deal... you give me Diego's magical core if I make my clan wizards as well and let Jean-Claude's council use them as an army." She nodded. "And you'll show me how to make Max, Auggie, and Samuel all Sourdre de sang if I make you one too?"

"Correct." She nodded.

"I think I can agree to do the first one." Harry bit his lip. "But I'm not sure I should let the second part of that happen." Harry looked at her.

"A smart young man." She smiled. "Take your time. I do not need an answer today." She shrugged. "But I do wish to give you all one last... little warning." She smiled. "The offspring of Huehuecoyotl, god of shapeshifters, and Huehueteotl, god of flames, is coming to your city." She looked gravely serious at them all.

"Is this... another vampire god?" Anita braced herself for having to face another 'Red-Woman's husband.'

"No." Itzpapalotl shook her head. "No this is the flame of the first one. The lycan's heart string. The fire of change. This is the Lycan's flame." She looked around the room at everyone looking confused. "The flame of water. The burning liquid... do you not know of these things?"

"You're talking about the flameless fire." Harry frowned.

"The wizards would call it such." Itzpapalotl looked pleased.

"But that's just a myth. We even created a spell based off of it." Harry picked up his wand and cast the spell Hermione had learned in the first year at Hogwarts, conjuring blue flames that sat atop the table in front of him but neither burned, consumed, nor spread. "They give heat with out burning. We use them all the time... but the myth... is just that a myth." Harry looked at her.

"If that is all it is, then touch the flameless fire and see what happens." Itzpapalotl smirked. Harry picked it up and the second it touched his hand it shifted into his Tarat wolfman hand.

"That's not possible..." Harry frowned.

"The magic of the flameless fire is that it made lycans. It gave the Nahual, the shapeshifting witches, the power to become the first lycans and from them were born all of the modern breeds."

"But the mother... she's a lycan as well as a vampire." Jean-Claude frowned.

"I call it their off spring only because they brought that flame to our land." Itzpapalotl looked darkly at Jean-Claude. "The mother knows not the source of lycans. Only that they exist. The source flame made them, and it is also needed to make the Tarat whole." She looked at Harry then. "It will be brought to the Museum here in this town with in the week. I suggest you obtain it before the creature that made the Tarat you slue come looking for it. They must have known it would be here soon. Or else why risk making an incomplete Tarat now?"

"She has a point." Draco looked around the room. "The flame would make that thing stronger... and they had to know it'd be here or why else do this here and now." He frowned. "And for what it's worth I think we need her." They all looked at him then. "I'm not disputing that I think you're insane." Itzpapalotl looked at him. "But I think it's the kind of insanity that we need. You're powerful, strong, and bring a hell of a lot to the table."

"So she would get your vote?" Jean-Claude looked at him.

"Yes. She gets my vote." Draco looked him in the eye.

"And you ma petite?"

"I think she'd be an important addition to the council." Anita looked Itzpapalotl in the eyes.

"Then you have three votes among the six who are on the council as of now." Itzpapalotl smiled and nodded. "You must still get Max, Auggie, and Samuel's votes."

"Not a problem once I show young Harry how to make them fountains of their own lines."


"So I just... let you in my head... and you show me how to use the power... and I show you my thoughts on the clan?" Harry was sitting facing Itzpapalotl in the front room of Jean-Claude's home in the underground of the Circus.

"Yes." She smiled as she put her hands on his and opened his mind like it was a nut to be shelled. She spilled into him and Harry felt the feeling he'd gotten when Snape had invaded his mind over and over again. His instinct was to try to block but instead he felt himself being inspected and his memories of home and family and of seeing what the pack and pard were like. He's feelings all of it being seen through Itzpapalotl's eyes. But like he had with Snape, he turned it on Itzpapalotl and was in her head. He saw how to spread his power, to cast it out like a net and capture all in the net and making them masters or more by his powers. He also saw that she longed for him to make her chosen one a Tarat so she could bargain with Anita to dissolve her bond with her human servant so she could make a triumvirate with her human servant and the young Tarat. He pulled back. "You are skilled." She smiled.

"Thanks." Harry fell over. "That... hurt..." He looked ill.

"No one has ever forced me out like that." Itzpapalotl knelt down by Harry. "How did you do that?"

"I was a Horcrux." Harry looked up at her.

"Ah. The soul fragment's protective spells. They linger on your body, mind, and soul for seven generations after the fragment is removed." She stroked his scar. "We created such magics and they were stolen by the Spanish and used by your Voldemort." She gave him a knowing look.

"Yeah. It gave me the power to ... push people out of my head and I've been learning more to keep it strong." Harry licked his dry lips.

"Then you are wise. Use your enemies weapons against him." She smiled brightly. "I am glad I gave you more tools." She smiled. "Oh... there is another thing I must tell you. Having touched your heart and mind. There is a way to know for whom that power was meant." Itzpapalotl looked into Harry's eyes. "All I need do is enter your power to feed and I can show you how to... find the one it belongs to." She smiled brightly.

"What do you want for it..."

"A kiss...." She smiled. Harry nodded and one soul burning kiss later they were in a hall of carved stone that had once been an Aztec temple. At the heart of it was a massive fire pit that was Itzpapalotl's power. It was bordering on being enough to start her own line., but Harry knew with out a push it would never grow. But as he stood there she moved to his bright fire in its gilded cage.

'To know whom these powers were meant for you must call her to you.' Itzpapalotl took Harry's hand and put it out to his flame. 'Call her to you.'

'Belle Morte.' He whispered, and roses scented the air as she walked into the room.

'Itzpapalotl.' She frowned. 'You should not be here.' She looked at her confused.

'Ask her.' Itzpapalotl ordered Harry.

'Who is meant to be master, who is meant to be fountain?' Harry only had eyes for Belle.

'Why your ancestors of course.' Belle walked to him. 'Jean-Claude is master of wolves and Sourdre de sang of his own line.' She walked up. 'But you are now of wolf and cat. And cats must go to your other ancestor.' She stroked the edge of his flame's cage. 'Damian must be made a master of cats and Sourdre de sang as well.' She looked him in the eyes. 'That way your ancestors can call you equally and control you if you ever get out of hand. I once voted to have the Tarat vanquished and all those with knowledge of their kind tortured so that their immortal souls could never tell their secrets again. Now I think you will be a powerful ally and a powerful protector of Jean-Claude's council. But he will need a way to ensure, at least to the others, that you can not rise up against them. Max will call the tiger in you once it's in you. Auggie the lion, Jean-Claude the wolf, Anita the leopard, and Damian all else. So that no one member of the council can have full control over you or your clan.'

'Thank you.' Harry bowed and pulled out of the kiss. "Thank you." He breathed into Itzpapalotl's face.

"You're most welcome. I would ask to be made the fountain after you make Damian." She smiled brightly. "So I can see that you are doing it correctly." She got up off of Harry.



"Damian, thank you for coming." Harry sat down on a chair near his grandfather while Jean-Claude, Anita, Asher, Draco, and Itzpapalotl sat at various other parts of the room. "Belle left a gift in my care for you." Harry watched Damian flinch. "She knew of your link through me. And she wanted to ensure that the council that Jean-Claude was making would have me and my Tarat clan as an army to help them, so she left me the powers to make you a master vampire and a Sourdre de sang." Harry watched Damian's face.

"And you've brought me here... to give me these powers?" Damian's careful exterior radiating calmness.

"Yes." Harry smiled. "I'm going to make you a master with an animal to call." Damian bit back the need to cry. "This power will be yours wholly and completely. No one, not even me, will ever be able to take it from you." Damian hugged Harry then.

"What do I have to do?" Damian smiled.

"Hold still." He stood up and walked into the middle of the room. He saw the flame in his mind, spreading it till it formed a net of flames. He moved physically but magically and mentally he threw the net over Damian and felt the power sink into Damian, expanding and remaking his inner fire and it's holder till he let go. Once he let go he could feel the power radiating off of Damian by himself. He raised his emerald eyes at Harry and they were like burning flames as were his own.

"I feel you... and Anita... I feel the cats..." He looked amazed. Anita shivered as they locked eyes.

"They're all sitting up look at you..." She sounded confused.

"And I them.... it's like you're surrounded by cats..." He looked happy and confused.

"One more skill to give to you grand father." Harry drew his attention back to him.

"Yes please." Damian smiled.

"Okay... here we go..." Harry threw out the net again, this time with the power to be a Sourdre de sang and he felt it sink into Damian. He felt Damian's traits mixing with the power and he could see in his head what would be passed on to Damian's children. They would gain in beauty, a power from Anita, they would gain his inner calm, his warrior's spirit and strength, his sire's day walking and sun immunity, as well as Anita's skill to eat rage. They'd be able to fight their way out of any fight by fist or by feeding. Harry felt that was right and continued filling Damian's power till he felt the flame holder become a fire pit full of flame and life. The instant it happened everyone in the room felt the shift. It hit Damian first, then Anita, and across town it woke Nathaniel up, but from Anita it went into Jean-Claude and Richard. From Nathaniel though the new power went into Harry and Sam. They all felt the new power pouring in and were made stronger for it. Harry turned, his eyes like emerald suns and looked at Itzpapalotl

"Now you." He spread the net over just her and pushed and pushed, filling her fire pit with more fire and more life. She felt so close... but so far... Harry pushed till he could see her line in his head. They would gain her necromancy powers, the power to heal what ever they fed on, to feed by fang and like a God, and they would also gain elemental powers as she was now. A child of the earth mover she herself would gain powers over earth and air. But her children would gain power over either earth or air. And as Harry shared this with her, he felt the power spike and her eyes became blazing darkness as she took the power into herself.

As she turned into her own head of her own line, Harry felt and saw that power filter into every vampire she'd made. Making them stronger and more whole. It traveled from her into her werejaguars and all the way to Seth who was in the other room waiting to try to infect Anita and possibly Harry. Harry felt it all and smiled. He sat down hard and marveled as he felt Itzpapalotl's power spilling into Jean-Claude through their blood oath and into the rest of them like Damian's had. She made them stronger. He laid back and knew without a doubt that Max, Auggie, and Samuel would all vote to induct her if they could have this power. But none of them would know that through their council blood oath to Jean-Claude they would all make him and his multiple triumvirates stronger. Harry lay back and mewed as he soaked up the power that was pouring into him.


Later, after promising to open her territory up to Jean-Claude's council, Itzpapalotl packed and thanked Harry and her and her group left to go home and enjoy the benefits of her new powers. All the while Damian was pleased with his own powers and he was asking Anita if they could have Draco and Harry use their magic to create an underground area for he and his line, under her house.

She was slightly against it. But then she was so happy to see Damian so sure of himself that she was starting to think it might not be such a bad idea. If she had the boys do some spells that made it hard for the vampires to just wander into her house. She wasn't so worried about Damian's coming vampires. But she did worry about more vampires having their way with her house. Damian of course, waited a few days, and with Anita's permission and that of Jean-Claude, Damian went to the Church of Eternal Life and asked who among them was willing to be turned. When a few who were willing were selected, Damian took them aside and explained fully what was going to happen to them. He explained everything and in great detail. And they picked one Clarence Roberts.

He was taken to a comfortable place, and asked to open his shirt. Once relaxed Damian gave him the first bite. The next day Clarence was a little more easy going while Damian rolled him and gave him the second bite. On the third night Clarence was hyper and happy, if a little pale. Upon the third bite, Clarence's heart stopped and he lay still. Anita locked them in while Clarence's now dead body and Damian rested together in the room. She would wait for nightfall and watch what was going to happen. That night Anita opened the door to find Clarence sitting there shocked as he looked in the mirror. He'd been a lad of 22, his hair sandy blonde and his body lithe and only slightly filled out. But what stood before her now in naught but his boxers looking shocked was a man of 22, his hair a brilliant dark blonde, his blue eyes were clear and so was his skin and complexion. He stood at his full six foot height and as he turned she realized he was more built then he had been.

"Look at my muscle tone!" He said in awe as Damian smiled up at his first child. "I look like I spent my whole life working out!" He was smiling and he moved too fast to be seen as he moved to Damian and scooped him up into a hug. "Thank you." He held Damian and the feeling of calm contentment flooded the room. Damian's powers were amplified when he touched his child. But now he felt Clarence's spark, and knew his life fed Clarence's, and would till Clarence became his own fountain, if he ever did. Later that night Damian took him out coffin shopping and paid for a very regal looking tastefully polished black coffin with a soft blue lining. Clarence was over joyed that he was not only being treated but he was being accepted by someone he felt he wanted to impress.

"I'm proud to be the first in your line." Clarence later said as they went to Dance Macabre to seek out his first willing donor. "I wasn't anything to really look at before." Clarence looked down, not enough blood in him to blush. "I was ashamed to even undress at the gym. But now... I... I feel better." He looked up and at Damian. "Like I'm full of a confidence and a fullness that I didn't... know I could feel."

"You are a strong young man. You're adapting well. And I'm proud to have you in my line." Damian smiled warmly. "Now you remember the rules I explained?" Clarence nodded. "Good. I believe I've found you a willing donor." Damian smiled as he walked over to a young man who looked to be just 21 and was dancing by himself in the club. "May I have a word with you?" Damian called him over to the side.

"Yeah?" The guy looked at Damian through the fringe of black hair in his face.

"Would you be willing to donate some blood to a new vampire?" Damian smiled warmly.

"You?" The guy looked seriously curious now.

"Well I must show him how it is done. But no, it is him." Damian turned and pointed to Clarence and turned back.

"Sure.... how new is he?"

"Turned just this night." Damian smiled. "I will be there to ensure it goes very smoothly with no harm to you."

"Thanks... fuck that's hot." The guy adjusted himself in his tight jeans as he followed Damian back.

"Clarence, this is..."


"Ty. He's willing to be your blood donor for tonight." Damian smiled.

"Hell, you want maybe for longer then that...." Ty bit his lip and looked down.

"Let us get through tonight first." Damian interrupted. He knew already of Clarence's choice of men and he had accepted him and told him that it was more then okay for vampires to be gay. He might have just found Clarence a boyfriend as well as a willing nightly donor and was relatively happy about it. Once back at Clarence's apartment, they had Ty undress down to his boxers. Because, Damian had explained, once Clarence fed, he'd be able to be aroused and they might be able to have a first time together. The promise of being fed upon and rolled and now sex as well. Ty was more then willing as he sat there between the two vampires.

"Now, start by gently rolling the mind like this." Damian showed Clarence how to roll Ty and watched as the young man lulled into a peaceful relaxed state. "Now is the time you penetrate him." Damian fed lightly and released Ty from his control. "How was that?" Ty gave him a lazy smile.

"That was good."

"Now it is your turn Clarence." Damian dirrected him. Clarence gently rolled Ty's mind, feeling the power and rush for the first time but feeling the need to restrain it that his Master had explained to him. He sank his fangs and heard Ty moan as he drank form him. Looking at his 21 year old muscled hard body, Clarence felt the blood flow into his body and into his cock, hardening it in his pants. Once he was done he pulled back and looked at Ty who smiled up at him, his own cock poking out of his fly.

"I'll be out here, if anything you need help with occurs, let me know." Damian bowed and left them to their own devices. Once the door was closed they smiled at each other shyly and started making out hot and heavy. As they were going on Clarence accidentally nicked Ty's lip with his fang.

"You know... I ... How do I go down on you with the fangs?" Clarence blushed.

"Slowly and carefully?" Ty pulled down his boxers exposing his hard slab of man meat. "And lots of lips over your fangs. I think." He licked his lips.

"Okay." Clarence smiled as he sank down between Ty's legs and suckled on the offered organ. Keeping his fangs from touching Ty's dick, he sucked the first cock he'd had in his mouth in a long time. Worshiping the pillar of love Clarence worked Ty closer and closer to his own climax as Clarence began working to open his own clothing. He drank down Ty's love juices as he kept on going. His body built for liquid diets now accepted the liquid life of a different flavor. Once Ty was done with his orgasm Clarence stood up and removed the rest of his cloths. "I hope you're ready for the best night of your life..."

Chapter Text

"Obsidian Butterfly's gifts have been working out." Harry lay on Draco's bed in Harry's old room in the Circus as he read through the spell book Itzpapalotl gave him.

"You have such a time saying her name." Draco teased as he and Sam played a game of chess. Nathaniel had work tonight while it was Harry's night off.

"Sam, where'd you find this codex anyways?" Harry held up a book that explained Aztec terms.

"Oh my last case. We were in New Mexico and Dean spotted that at a road side Wicca shop." Sam moved his bishop to block Draco.

"Harry, either distract him more or stop distracting me." Draco shot him an angry look. Harry mumbled something about cranky vampires and was rewarded with book hitting him in the head.

"Hold up..." Harry sat up. His face focused on what he was reading. "And through this ritual the vampire is made mortal for a few short hours... retaining all vampiric powers but regaining all lost mortal senses and walk among the sun's rays." Harry looked up. "The Aztec wizards had spells to make vampires human again... only for a bit... but still."

"Let's not tell Jean-Claude yet." Draco looked pensive. "I know he would love being human again, even for a single day. But... I want to test it on me." Draco bit his lip. "I don't want to risk a rebound on Jean-Claude."

"You have a point. It requires a werejaguar and a werepanther. I know Seth would help but... where are we going to find a werepanther?"

"I think I know a guy." Sam blinked. "He kind of owes Dean and I... I'll see what I can do." Sam pulled out his cell phone.


"The werepanther? You mean the guy who ran that auto body shop in Grayling?"

"Yeah. Are you anywhere near there?" Sam asked over the phone.

"We are one county over in Kalkaska, if we follow the river we'll enter Crawford county and be in Grayling inside a few hours." Micheal's voice sounded through their brother Adam's teenaged body. "Also this body requires its testicles drained, again." Micheal turned and glared at Dean. "Why you couldn't say yes and have trapped me in this undead's body is beyond me." He turned back to the speaker phone in his body’s hand. "We could have used you on this case." His voice hard for Sam.

"Well sorry, was busy sorting things out with a vampire goddess." Sam said with a huff.

"Heathen gods are of little mater to me." Micheal retorted.

"Right. Well. No all of us have that luxury. Dean, did the demon give you much fits?"

"It was taking over another wereleopard. They're trying to do what they did in St. Louise. It's like they know something's coming there and they want it BAD."

"Yeah, their trying to make a Tarat. It's a magically created lycan made out of seven lycan breeds. One part wolf or dog like lycan and six cats. They need the flame of the first lycan, the magic that made the first lycans to complete the ritual. It's coming here in less then a week."

"So the vamp had good intel?"

"Yeah. She helped us out a lot. We've got a stronger power base here."

"So you are staying then." Dean sighed.

"I can get you a decent apartment Dean."

"I'll think about it." Dean hung up on his brother.

"A centralized location in which to find you or your brother would be most beneficial to me." Micheal scowled.

"I've been meaning to ask, just how the hell do you keep finding me?" Dean turned and looked at his little brother's body.

"I put a locator spell on the car." He blushed.

"I'd have seen something any normal place on the car. Where is it, like inside the springs of the seats?" Dean kidded.

"Any sigil on the car you would have just removed. No I used this body's seed to create a blood and seed ritual to bond with the essence of the car. So that so long as this car belongs to one of the two of you, I can always find it." Micheal looked away.

"Micheal, you jizzed in my car?" Dean frowned.

"In the gas tank, exhaust pipe, radiator, and on the door handles." Micheal studiously watched the road.

"That... that... shit that's ten kinds of messed up." Dean shook his head. "Remind me to wash my hands at the next restaurant."

"I thought you didn't trust mom and pop restaurants in Michigan?" Micheal tilted his head.

"The last three turned out to be run by some kind of critter that liked to serve humans up. Give me fast food places any day." Dean grumbled.

"Then go down this street, take a left and drive that way for four miles." Micheal shrugged.

"Some days you..." Dean muttered.

"Piss you the fuck off, I know." Micheal smiled. "And some days you simply confound me. But we make it work. Because Cas is in charge now." Micheal sat back. "Now should I just start jerking off here or get in the back seat?" He looked at Dean.

"I'll pull over and you can get in the back seat." Dean shook his head and started to pull over but Micheal was already in the back seat laying down.

"This body can be so inconvenient. A millennia old soul and a teenage body." He opened his jeans and slid them and his boxers down to his knees. "It's rampantly horny and always needing its testicles drained." He wrapped his hand around the firm solid member and began slowly stroking himself. "What do you fantasize about while you masturbate Dean?" Micheal asked as he kept on stroking his host's cock.

"That's none of your damn business." Dean hunkered down.

"Tell you what, you tell me and I'll make it happen." Micheal gave a quirk of his lip. "You want Lucy and Marianne while the Professor watches? You dream of Anna?"

"I'm not telling you." Dean swallowed hard.

"Hum. I suppose I could always pull it out of you." All of this said in an even tone while he continued to stroke his cock. "Let's see...." The world spun around and suddenly they were sitting in the bleachers at the Circus while Dean and Cas made out, both naked and fully hard.

"Stop this." Dean warned.

"Nope." Micheal leaned back still stroking his cock. "I want to watch." The Dean on the stage slid down and sucked Cas' cock into his throat, milking the love muscle with his overly willing throat. He brought his hands up, one fondling Cas' ass while the other stroked his swollen hairy nuts. Working his way up and down the pole in front of him he didn't seem to notice as another figure walked up naked behind him. "You fantasize about me?" Micheal smirked wickedly as he watched his duplicate shove his hard cock into Dean's ass, fucking him hard. Micheal worked to time himself with his duplicate and when he and the other Cas emptied themselves into the other Dean, Micheal emptied himself all over his body and suddenly they were back in the car.

"You have SO got to stop doing shit like that!" Dean yelled.

"Actually that was very helpful. I now know you have a fetish for angels." Micheal shrugged. "Turn right, we're at the Hardees."


Harry spend the next week going to work, hanging out with his boyfriends and working on date nights for everyone. Sam said he had to go with Dean when Dean got back with Toby, the werepanther, and that would leave Harry, Draco, Seth and Toby to work the ritual, see if it worked, and then tell Jean-Claude. Draco of course was taking every opportunity to learn his new powers. Nathaniel was pleased that he'd won the toss and was getting the first date night with Harry.

"So... where're we going?" Nathaniel sat on the chair in the kitchen under Andromeda's painting.

"Oh I have a little surprise for you." Harry leaned in and kissed

"Oh?" Nathaniel smiled into the kiss.

"Oh yes." Harry grinned. He blindfolded Nathaniel and walked him outside.

"Do I need to dress up?" Nathaniel licked his lips.

"You're perfectly fine in what you have on." Harry cuddled Nathaniel as he helped him on the back of the broom. "Just hang on to me for a minute." Harry lifted off and was hovering a few feet up when he told Nathaniel to take off his blindfold.

"WE'RE ON YOUR BROOM!" Nathaniel grinned.

"Yes. I thought it was high time you got to go for that flying lesson you wanted." Harry flew slow and lazy over to a small clearing in the woods outside Anita's house. He touched down gently and transfigured a white lily into a large package and handed it over to Nathaniel.

"For me!?" Nathaniel blushed as he opened it and inside was a white oak broom with scroll work all along the handle that was the same color as Nathaniel's eyes. The bristles were the same color as his hair and he looked up at Harry.

"I know how much you've been wanting a new broom for the kitchen. So I figured this could do both. It's charmed to be a usable broom while indoors and then be a flying broom outdoors." Harry smiled. "And I wanted it to go with some of your kitchen things, so I picked colors that matched both you and your appliances and other cleaning supplies."

"You'd have had to look at everything in the room..." Nathaniel blinked.

"It's for you." Harry hugged him. "So it was well worth it." Harry smiled. "So let's get you up in the air."

"Really?" Nathaniel grinned.

"Now lay it on the ground." Harry did it too. "Put your hand over it like this." Nathaniel mimicked him as he lay his hand palm down over the broom. "Then order it to come up." Nathaniel looked at Harry. "UP!" The broom flew up to his hand.

"Okay." Nathaniel held out his hand and focused. "Up." He said quietly and the broom staggered but then flew up to his hand. "I DID IT!" Nathaniel grinned.

"Yes you did." Harry leaned over and snogged his boyfriend deeply before smiling and pulling back. “Now you saw how we sat astride the broom." Harry got back on the broom, and Nathaniel did the same on his own broom. "Bunch your legs and push off good and hard." Harry pushed off and seconds later Nathaniel was beside him on his own broom.

"This is so COOL!" Nathaniel grinned.

"Let's keep it low to the ground this time. But as you get better at it. I'll show you some fun little tricks." Harry flew beside Nathaniel as he gave him his first flying lesson, noting that the wereleopard was a natural. "Let's land?" Harry asked after a couple more hours.

"SURE!" Nathaniel smiled and was utterly happy. They touched down and he launched himself at Harry and hugged him. "That was so AMAZING!" He cuddled into Harry.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it Nathaniel." He cuddled back.


"Hey!" Draco ran up and hugged Nathaniel.

"Hey?" Nathaniel frowned.

"Listen, I made a small change to the date night schedule... I wanted to know if you were okay with it?" Draco bit his lip.

"But it's your night...." Nathaniel walked over and stopped. "You wrote your name with me and Sam's with Harry?" Nathaniel turned around.

"Sam's going out on work the night he's supposed to get. So I figured, I'd let him have tonight with Harry and I'd take you out somewhere special." Draco smiled.

"What'd you have in mind?" Nathaniel licked his lip.

"Well... I have it on good authority that you have a section of the new mall you've been wanting to go to." Draco smiled. "And I figured, the mall has that movie theater. And if you didn't want to eat in the food court I could... maybe take you out to eat?" Draco blushed a little, showing that he'd fed today.

"I thought you didn't like me?" Nathaniel frowned.

"Well to tell the truth I don't know you. Not that well. I'm a hostile person and I'm territorial. And till recently I believed Harry was mine alone. Well I've seen how he is with you and Sam. And how I don't get to be in on some things because I'm not as open... and... I've decided that I need to change." Draco looked down. "I think we can be friends." He looked up into Nathaniel's eyes. "I want to try. And I think a night of a casual date and hanging out would be good for us as friends."

"Okay." Nathaniel smiled. "Okay."

"THANK YOU!" Draco rushed and hugged him. "I'll go get my coat." He ran out of the room.

"You're going on a date with Draco?" Harry blinked as he came in the door.

"Yep." Nathaniel kissed Harry on the nose. "Micah has Teddy tonight. Anita's out on work. And you and Sam have the night to each other." Nathaniel smiled. "So go have wild sex and give him a good send off." Nathaniel smiled.



"Hey, Sam, you got any plans for tonight?" Harry asked as he stood in their doorway, looking at Sam who was wearing nothing but his socks on the bed while reading.

"Dunno. Where you and Draco going?" Sam looked up.

"No where. He's taking Nathaniel to a movie. He gave us his date night." Harry smiled.

"Oh?" Sam put the book down on his chest pages first.

"Yep. Nathaniel said I should come up here and ravish you into the bed." Harry smirked, Sam's cock already letting him know that he was into the idea of sex tonight with Harry.

"Oh? And do I get to top?" Sam smirked, wiggling his toes at Harry.

"Hum... I dunno. You've been a good boy?" Harry closed the door with a kick of his sneaker.

"Oh I don't know. I've been a little naughty." Sam smirked.

"Oh, how have you been naughty?" Harry moved towards the bed.

"I jerked off this morning in the shower..."

"That is pretty naughty." Harry was on the edge of the bed, Sam's socked feet stroking his crotch through his jeans.

"I even fingered my hole..." Sam moved the book to the bedside table and began to stroke his hands down his taunt chest.

"Oh, did you like having your fingers in your hole?" Harry stroked a hand down Sam's firm leg.

"I love having things in me ass... fuck..." One hand traveled down to stroke his abs while the other hand traveled to his mouth while he sucked on his fingers.

"Gods that gets me hot..." Harry breathed as he watched Sam slide two spit slick fingers into his hole, finger fucking himself while the other hand grasped his throbbing needy cock and started to jerk off. Harry fell to his knees on the bed and knocking Sam's hands off of his own cock suckled his boyfriend's dick into his throat. He smiled up at Sam as he sucked on his tool, lavishing it with his tongue. Sam's warm hands finding Harry's hair and threading their way through it as he sucked his lover off. Harry did a wordless lubricating charm and worked two fingers in Sam's ass while he blew him. Pretty soon the first load of their date night was in Harry's mouth and he was smiling as he stripped off, preparing to breed Sam's ass and be bred himself.


"Who knew a muggle film could be so good..." Draco smiled.

"You say that like you didn't expect it to be good?" Nathaniel blinked.

"Well, after a life time of hearing my father go on and on about how muggles were incapable of doing anything right, I have some backwards opinions that I'm trying to break myself of. That was my first movie." Draco smiled contently.

"You chose Shrek as your first movie... and you went with me?" Nathaniel just stopped and looked at him.

"You're good company Nathaniel" Draco walked over and hugged him. "It was a fun movie and I enjoyed myself just being with you." He smiled warmly. "I'm glad we did this."

"Me too." Nathaniel smiled and hugged back. "Now you said something about mall shopping?" Nathaniel grinned.

"Of course!" Draco beamed. "No trip is complete with out shopping!" He took Nathaniel's arm and walked him towards their destination.  As they walked they went past a sex shop and Draco watched Nathaniel's silent lament before walking on. "Let's go in here." Draco smiled and walked with Nathaniel into the surprisingly well lit shop. "Would you believe that I've never been in a store like this." Draco started looking around. "I'd have assumed it would be more shady with dark corners full of people having raunchy sex..." Nathaniel laughed. "Well, maybe not raunchy... just sex would do." Draco quirked an eyebrow and smiled.

"Please, for the love... of everything ... don't use that word again." Nathaniel was busting up laughing.

"What... raunchy?" Draco drew out the word and another laugh from Nathaniel. "Okay." Draco stroked the laughing wereleopard's back. "That was kind of funny." He smiled and wandered over to the dildo selection. "Hum... so much selection..." He looked around and spotted Nathaniel looking at the more hard core items that lay in another isle while standing next to Draco. "Nathaniel, you want to look at something, just direct me at it." He smiled and squeezed his hand. "We're here for you as much as my learning experience." He smiled.

"Okay." Nathaniel nodded as he held Draco's hand and meekly led them to the leather goods.

"Hum, Blaise Zambini had one of these." Draco picked up a leather hood. "Loved to wear it and have me use a leather whip on him." Draco shook his head. "Fun times." He smiled.

"You.... enjoyed it?" Draco swallowed.

"It was different. And sometimes different is just what a guy needs. Harry's... kinky as hell." Nathaniel snorted. "But he's not gotten into bondage or a little pain." Draco shrugged. "But I didn't expect him to. Now... Sam on the other hand..."

"He's big... and likes to be a little rough." Nathaniel said in a low voice.

"Yep." Draco nodded. "I sort of pictured that. Likes pitching more then he does receiving too I'm betting."


"He just seems like a conformed top who bottoms once in a while." Draco shrugged.

"what about me?" Nathaniel hid behind some of his hair.

"You." Draco moved behind him and cuddled. "You are an amazing man who seems to fit in anywhere." He smiled. "But I can see how much you want things and haven't gotten to the point where you feel you can ask for them. Like coming here or to this isle." Draco nuzzled Nathaniel contently. "I think you're wishing Harry or Sam would take a walk on the wild side and cater to your desires once in a while."

"Their great..."

"But their not noticing what you haven't told them." Draco smiled softly. "You might not have noticed but their hard headed people."

"He's right you know." Jason walked up and smiled. "Didn't expect to find you two here." Jason grinned.

"We're helping Nathaniel open up on a date and me get more social, since I lived such a sheltered life." Draco smiled at Jason.

"Right, richer then God and sheltered?" Jason countered.

"I may be richer then God as you put it but Harry's fortune out weighs mine by a few billion." Draco noticed a curly haired man who had looked up from the pocket pussies and the flesh lights when they'd said God. He sent out a kind of magical sensing spell and could feel the man buzzing. Filing it away for later he turned back to Jason and Nathaniel. "Nathaniel, I want you to pick out a few things." Draco put his fingers to Nathaniel's lips to stop his protest. "I want you to have some new toys, and I'll broach the subject of a little kink to the other two for you." Nathaniel stood rooted to the spot in shock.

"But... but..."

"No buts except yours as you go find what you want. Minimum of at least four." Draco said as Nathaniel walked away.

"Having fun or planning it?" Jason smirked.

"A little of both. A, he likes the orders and knows he can say no at any time. B, I'm a bossy person, so I like that he doesn't say no often, but that he can say it and mean it. C, I like him." Draco smiled. "And not in the, oh gods, is he going to ask me to the Yule ball kind of way." He gave a sad smile. "No, no guy's going to ask me to a Yule ball." He looked so sad just then.

"You're helping him because they don't notice your needs either do they?" Jason asked lightly.

"You'd have to matter to be noticed. And Nathaniel matters." Draco said firmly.

"And you don't?" Jason countered.

"I like to think I do. But..." Draco sighed. "I gave up my first date with Harry so Sam could have a date before he leaves town on work." He looked at the warning label on a cock ring as he spoke. "The only one who really noticed and asked about it was Nathaniel. Harry and Sam just accepted and moved on." He shrugged. "Kind of makes a guy feel lonely and left out." He shrugged.

"But you're helping Nathaniel get noticed more?" Jason frowned.

"I burned a lot of bridges in the last 10 years alone." Draco smiled weakly. "Nathaniel is a good person who I like a lot. I can see he's holding back and I want him to be happy." Nathaniel was standing where he could hear Draco while he spoke. "Because out of all of us I think he deserves it the most. And I think I can help bring his happiness out." Draco shrugged.

"Just don't set yourself up for a fall pinning all your happiness on someone else being happy." Jason warned.

"Oh I'm aware of my potential to fail. Been failing where Harry's concerned for a decade. And I probably will for many more. But now there's Nathaniel." Draco looked of into the distance. "The guy who came with me to see a movie and go shopping. My first real friend and..." Draco wiped away the tear of blood that dripped down his cheek. "I cherish what time I get with him." Draco said softly.

"I'm done." Nathaniel smiled, he stood there holding a small basket with a few items.

"What'd you get?" Draco asked, turning with a smile.

"A new hood, the old one got a bad smell recently." Nathaniel wrinkled his nose. "And a harness for Sam and one for Harry. I don't think they'll wear them, but I can.... I can hope." Draco stroked his face and encouraged Nathaniel.

"Lovely choices."

"I also got a large vibrator for you." Nathaniel smiled.

"Oh?" Draco looked a little shocked.

"You need sex too and you've been a little left out." Nathaniel hugged Draco.

"just a little." Draco bit his lip.

"And you matter too you know." Nathaniel cuddled Draco. "He just doesn't show it very often. Or very well." Nathaniel smiled. "But when ever he talks about you, you can tell." Nathaniel walked with them towards the cash register.

"Wait... Harry talks about me? What's he say?"


"Hey, Harry, Sam... could I have a word?" Draco popped his head in later, spotting the two of them curled up on the bed.

"Sure." Harry frowned slightly. "What's up?"

"Nathaniel's down stairs." He shut the door and warded a silencing charm around them. "And I promised him I'd have this talk with you." He said slowly. "He's not getting all his needs met." Draco sighed as he sat down on one of the swiveling chairs in their room. "Nathaniel... likes things a little... different from how they normally are." He spared a look at the pair on the bed and sighed. "I'm going to have to be blunt aren't I." He sighed. "Nathaniel wants to be tied up and taken hard. Toys, spankings, rough sex. That sort of thing." Harry blushed and Sam bit his lip. "He's not complaining about the tender. Because you both meet his needs rather well there. You both go down on him and you let him go down on you. And you all do anal." Draco looked away.

"This isn't just about Nathaniel is it?" Harry frowned.

"My problems can wait." Draco came back quickly. "I'm not exactly happy myself but... I can live with that." Draco gave a weak smile. "All I have is time to wait now. So... I'm in no rush." He shrugged. "Anyways. Nathaniel bought me something today so I'm good for a little while." He gave another weak smile. "But also bought you a few things." He held out the leather harnesses for them. "He'd like a little role playing from time to time. And don't be afraid to be rough." Draco stood up.


"It's not important Harry." Draco stopped, his shoulders tight as he faced the door. "i'm not that important." And he strode out the door.

"Am I that horrible that I didn't notice either of them not having their needs met?" Harry sighed.

"Well on Nathaniel I think we're both too caught up in enjoying time with him to really notice what he doesn't talk about." Sam said softly. "But... Draco... I... oh." He frowned. "Have either of us... I mean... I haven't..." Sam blushed. "You know." He licked his lips.

"I... " Harry closed his mouth. "I don't think I've been with him at all... hell tonight was his night and he..." Harry's mouth fell open. "He gave up his night with me for you...." He sighed and held Sam. "he just said he didn't matter. gods..." Harry started to stand up.

"Pants first, then go tell Nathaniel that we're both okay with some rough play." Sam smiled. "And that I think we'll look damn sex in the leather." Harry nodded. "Then go find Draco. And make him know he's special."

"Okay." Harry got up and walked downstairs to find Nathaniel sitting on the couch by the door, he was watching Teddy who was slightly napping. "Nathaniel?" Harry slipped beside him. "yes." He smiled as he kissed his cheek. "You picked out some really hot outfits for Sam and I, and we can't wait to wear them for you." He hugged the blushing wereleopard. "And feel free to tell us when you want it rougher." He smiled.

"Thank you." Nathaniel wiped a tear away.

"Do you know where Draco went?" Harry looked around.

"He went out." Nathaniel bit his lip.

"What's wrong?" Harry frowned.

"He feels left out." Nathaniel said in a low voice. "He doesn't know I heard him...." Nathaniel explained to Harry who silently cursed himself for not noticing how bad Draco must feel.

"Thanks Nathaniel" Harry kissed him and walked out the door.

"Looking for someone?" Draco said with a thick voice from where he sat on the far side of the porch.

"Yeah you." Harry walked over to him, and even in the half-light of the porch he could see the tear tracks of blood down Draco's face. "I'm sorry."

"gods." Draco sobbed. "I..." He hugged himself. "i'll just go." Draco got up and started to walk away. "i'll stay at the circus till my house is rebuilt." Draco wiped tears away from his eyes.

"Is this because we didn't notice none of us were having sex with you?" Harry blinked.

"a little." Draco sighed. "I'm just in the way." He shrugged. "I was in the way in England, I'm in the way here. But then I'll always be on the outside looking in now." He started crying again. "but at least Nathaniel gets to be happy." He closed his eyes. "Gods that sounded bitter." He sighed. "I want Nathaniel happy." He said through his tears. "He matters. Don't forget that." Draco turned and started walking off.

"I apologize and you leave?" Harry frowned.

"Apologize?" Draco turned. "Harry, I honestly don't think you even understand what's going on." He sighed. "It's not just that you have two other boyfriends, a job, and a son, it's that I sleep, well... that's debatable... with you in the same room, me in my coffin mind you, but still..." He sighed. "And you forgot about me. I was just there to look after your son. Sit on the sidelines. Hoping someone would notice." He sighed. "I'm madly in love with you Harry. I crossed an ocean to find you. I died trying to find you. And now.... it feels like I'm dying again." He held himself. "I get to baby sit Teddy. Which I don't mind. But never a word of thanks. And you know how I am with children." Draco looked at Harry. "I get to lay down and listen to you three cuddle and love each other. While I lay in a box by myself. And think about how I'm alone." He turned around. "I can't be apart of your grouping of three." Draco sighed to himself. "You've sealed yourselves together in a triumvirate." Draco looked up at Harry. "It'll be the three of you forever." He gave a sad smile. "And I'll forever be the fourth wheel who is just in the way. So... I'm going to go..." He started walking away.

"Why'd you give up your date night?" Harry asked.

"Because." Draco stopped.

"Because why?"

"Because maybe I thought it'd get your attention." Draco turned, his face full of pain. "Draco BLOODY Malfoy, GAVE UP something he wants with his whole heart. If we were still in school you'd have followed me, threw me against a wall by now and demanded I tell you what's wrong." Draco looked like he could crumble at any second. "But I stopped mattering. I don't know when. Sometime after I died. Probably around the time I nearly got blown up." He shrugged. "That was the most I'd seen you feel about me. And since... nothing." He sighed.

"You liked it when I was that demanding?" Harry frowned.

"Demanding? I found it exciting that you noticed me. I found it hot that you took that much interest in me. I liked it." Draco sighed. "I liked that you cared. I liked that you noticed if I wasn't doing so good. And all that was missing then was a kiss and maybe some sex." He looked away. "And now I'm just gone." He shrugged. "I don't exist to you anymore. I don't know why. I just don't." He sighed heavily. "i just don't matter anymore." Draco started to walk off.


"Harry. I'm not going to beg you to notice me." He turned around. "I don't have it in me to debase myself to the point where I'm pleading for attention. And I don't..."

"Will you shut up." Harry grabbed Draco and started snogging him. After a long while Harry pulled back and held Draco. "Come back inside... please?" Harry begged since he knew Draco never could.


Chapter Text

"Hey, Sammy." Dean spoke into the phone.

"Yeah?" Sam yawned.

"We're just outside of town."

"Ah, okay, we'll be up to greet you. I know Harry's got everything for the spell when you get here." Sam started shuffling around getting things ready.

"Good. Oh, Micheal is still with me. He wants to meet Harry." Micheal grabbed the phone.

"Actually I want to see what mess you've created spreading your filth to other people." Dean pulled the phone back.

"Why don't you go sit on a telephone pole." Sam retorted back.

"Because I think it'd ruin my girlish figure." Dean grinned.

"See you when you get here." Sam sighed and hung up.

"You're going to be a pain aren't you." Dean sated looking at Micheal.

"I am not a pain. I simply wish to see the trouble your brother has wrought upon us all." Micheal focused on the road.

"Right.. My mistake." Dean shook his head and drove off towards Anita's house.


"So... he's an angel." Harry blinked.

"An Archangel." Draco added.

"The Archangel Micheal." Anita paled.

"And he really doesn't like me." Sam paced. "Being Lucifer's vessel and all."

"And you're bringing an Archangel into my house... why?" Anita looked at him. "You know what they do to vampires." She looked at Damian and Draco.

"Well him maybe." Draco shrugged. "I'm a polytheist. I don't answer to the same god they do." Draco looked at her as she boggled at him. "What, crosses don't work on me. You think an Angel will?"

"Angel. Maybe, maybe not. An Archangel, let's error on the side of caution?" Anita frowned.

"Okay." Draco sighed as the horn honked. Draco, closest to the door opened it and stuck his head out. "There's only Dean and the shifter in the car... where's... OH!" Draco jumped as he turned around. "Bell. Neck. Look into it." Draco recovered.

"You're a spawn of the lesser demon." Micheal tilted his head.

"And you're the unwanted interloper of an oppressively dominate over compensating God." Everyone but Draco winced as he spoke.

"Die now." Micheal raised a sword of flames and stabbed it into Draco's heart.

"See what I mean. Utterly impotent." Draco shrugged.

"Draco you have a flaming sword in your chest." Harry swallowed.

"First off. Fire doesn't hurt me. Second." Draco waved his hand and it dispelled. "I'm a wizard. Do better, or quit while you're behind." Micheal glared and stabbed another sword into him. "Now that was just rude." Draco waved the sword into nothingness. "You're ruining my cloths." He tisked and walked around Micheal who was growing more pissed off. He created another flame weapon, this one a dagger and aimed for Draco's neck. "And you have no honor." Draco sighed. "I can see I'm going to have to teach you a lesson." Draco waved away the weapon to Micheal's surprise. "Confringo" Draco said simply as Micheal flew back, a constant set of fiery explosions happened on his chest, till he was knocked through the door. He appeared behind Draco, glaring, his cloths burned from his chest, leaving Adam's chest bare and showing the scar that was now healing in the center of the burned out clothing.

"That hurt." He growled, charging at Draco.

"Impedimenta" Draco intoned, watching as the normally calm spell reacted to his new powers and rocketed the angry angel through a wall. "The sad thing is I think I'm going to have to do a spell to fix all this when we're done." He shrugged.

"DIE FOUL BEAST!" Micheal used two blades to try to cut off Draco's head. The flames barely touched his flesh before vanishing.

"Incarcerous Angelus" Draco said as ropes of holy oil flames wrapped around Adam's body dropping him to the floor. "Huh, I didn't know if that would work or not." Draco knelt down close to Micheal. "You're in someone else's house. You picked a fight with me. I won. STAY DOWN." Draco stood up. "Reparo" Draco waved his hand and the house repaired itself. "Now, if you don't behave. I will be forced to remove you from that host." Draco glared at Micheal. "Finite Incantatem" The flames vanished.

"You filthy worthless slime-"

"Ah, don't finish that or I will finish this." Draco gave a wicked smile.

"y piece of crap." Micheal finished.

"You just HAD to do it." Harry sighed.

"Fine." Draco shrugged. "Defodio Angelus, Deprimo Angelus, Diffindo Angelus" Draco said in quick succession. Micheal fell to his knees screaming as he was ripped out of Adam.

"where am I?" Adam panted.

"Adam... I... dude, here." Sam wrapped him in a sheet.

"he's gone..." Adam looked confused.

"He pissed ME off." Draco crossed his arms. "He...." Draco's voice vanished and Micheal's filled it's place.

"You filthy bastard I'll..."

"Go away now." Draco's will pushed Micheal right out. "Honestly, nothing like a pushy guest who doesn't know when to go." Draco sighed.

"He's still here..." Anita looked around.

"He's trying to find a host. Till I remove the spells, he can't go back into Adam." Draco looked around and used his power to shift bodies to see the white mist form that was Micheal drifting through the room looking for a body. "You need to go away now." Draco moved over to him and grabbed him psychically. "You. LEAVE." Draco tried a banishing charm and watched the Angel be thrown out the wall.

"he'll be back... he's always back..." Adam shuddered.

"Yeah. He'll be back. And he'll be pissed. So we're going to have a little fun." Draco took Adam's arm. "Do you so swear that no mater what he wants or tries to do, he will be unable to cause harm to me, my loved ones, or anyone cared for by anyone in this room?" Draco held Adam close as the magic started forming around their arms.

"I swear...." Adam moaned.

"And I swear I won't do lasting harm to your body while he's in it." Draco winced as the spell locked. "Finite Incantatem" Adam's look vanished from his eyes and Micheal flooded back in.

"YOU WILL KNOW PAIN I WILL...." He gagged and sputtered. "What have you done...?" He glared down to their bound arms.

"Removed your ability to harm me or mine." Draco smiled as the spell sank into them and vanished. "And I swore to Adam I wouldn't do lasting harm to his body while you were in it." Draco got up and walked over to Harry and hugged him. "See and you were worried I'd loose my temper and bring down holy wrath on us."

"you do not know the extent of your actions nor the punishment I will rain down upon you." Micheal rolled his eyes up as he glared at Draco and started glowing. "You may have surprised me before witch with your magics and their vampire backed power, but you will not..." He shut up as Draco put his fingers to his lips.

"Shh." Draco looked into his eyes and rolled him. "Rest now."

"Yes master." Micheal smiled as he laid down and went to sleep.

"Draco... you just... rolled... an angel...." Sam gaped at him.

"Yep." He shrugged.

"Balls the size of a Dragon's." Harry shook his head.

"Hey, it worked." Draco stretched. "Now, we have a werepanther to take upstairs for our little ritual. As for him, he'll wake up, feeling nice and rested, and probably be pissed off again. I suggest you call for help." Draco grabbed the werepanther's arm and dirrected him up to the room where they'd prepared the ritual, Seth was already standing there naked.

"Do I have to be naked?" Malcom, the werepanther swallowed.

"You're going to shift, so if you want clothing to wear home... yeah." Harry nodded as Malcom undressed, exposing his dark chocolate brown flesh to the candle light of the black tallow candles. "Draco you stand in the middle, I'm going to walk the circle." He pointed to the Aztec symbol for the panther. "You're there Malcom."

"Okay." Malcom stood where he'd been pointed.

"And now the spell." Harry simultaneously magiced out the flames on the candles while replacing the flames with the blue flame that he'd conjured and had caused him to shift. The light from all those candles hit the other wereanimals and caused them to shudder. Harry started walking clockwise while muttering in Aztec and Olmac languages. The spell began to form a blue mist on the floor. It writhed and seethed with the flow of Harry's voice. Harry's voice retch the end of the spell and the mist filled the room, the wereanimals now in their half-man forms. "FEED DRACO!" Harry shouted. Draco grabbed them and quickly fed one after another. Drinking back and forth till he stood in the center and shook.

"Harry... something's... happening..." Draco panted. He felt his body trying to tear itself apart as he watched the werepanther freak out and attack Harry. Seth turned and attacked as well. The last thing that Draco saw was the wereanimals clawing Harry's body.


"ow." Draco frowned.

"I second that." Harry winced.

"Where are we?" Draco looked around the confusing room.

"You're under the circus, mon ami." Asher was sitting with them. "What do you remember?"

"I discovered why the spell called for the first lycan flame and why I shouldn't have used the low rent replica spell." Harry winced. "And now I have healing scars on my chest and neck." Harry felt his wounds.

"And..... I was blowing up." Draco swooned as he sat up.

"You okay?" Harry moved too quickly and winced.

"Yeah, the blood just rushed to my forehead.... the blood... rushed... Harry my heart is beating." He looked shocked.

"That did cause us some confusion. Especially when your body tested negative for vampirism." Asher looked between them.

"We were trying a ritual. To see if we could make a vampire human for a day... we... we didn't cure him did we?" Harry looked at Draco.

"Non." Asher waved the idea away. "We were able to find traces of his vampire blood in him. He is... "

"I'm transitioning." Draco sighed. "I've been asleep for about.. six or seven hours." Asher nodded. "Which means that half way through the twelve hour period the body begins to reject the humanity."

"No so much reject." An elderly woman walked in, her snow-white hair peppered with black here and there. "Your vampire nature is resurfacing. It's effectively eating all the excess blood you have created. You shouldn't need to feed for a few days." She looked over her notes.

"Would you be Dr. Lillian?" Harry winced.

"That's me Mr Potter." Lillian put her hands on Harry and helped him lay back down. "You're not in nearly as good a shape as Mr. Malfoy is." She sighed.

"The magic is rebelling. It needs the flame..." Harry panted.

"So you understand what's wrong?" She looked at him.

"I'm tearing myself apart." He tensed as a tremor ran through his whole body.

"I don't know what to do about it..." Dr. Lillian said plainly.

"Anita... has to get ... the flame... it's .. . only way." He panted and bucked again.

"ANITA GET IN HERE!" Draco yelled as he held his own head. Feeling more like he had a hang over then any real injuries.

"Yeah?" Anita stuck her head in.

"Remember what we talked about. How I might have a job for Edward?" She nodded. "There's 4 mil in an account, info's in my coffin, it's his if he can get the thing I told you I need." Her eyes got wide. "No death, just need the artifact, and I need it today if possible." He watched Harry buck again.

"Okay." She left quickly already dialing on her phone. "Hey Edward, where are you?"


In the four hours it took for Edward to get to St. Louise and then get all the information from Anita and Draco, Draco had taught Dr. Lillian some magical healing techniques and a bit about wizard physiology. And he'd learned a lot about shifter physiology so he could help treat Harry. Between the pair they'd made him more comfortable.

"You are paying me for this?" Edward frowned as he pulled the cover off of an ancient iron lantern.

"Yep." Draco smiled and put the lantern on Harry's chest. Instantly the wick burst into a blue water like flame. "Good." He smiled.

"It reacted to his magic?" Edward frowned.

"Yep." Draco smiled. "You're worth every penny." He tapped the lantern with his wand and it unfolded exposing Harry to the flame's bare light. His body twitched. "Now, everyone stand back." He drew an Aztec symbol on Harry's chest. He pulled back and Harry bucked, but the spot the flame was over acted as if it were anchored to the table. And in one seamless line his entire body shifted into his half man form, but now it had panther and jaguar added into it. Harry opened his cat eyes and looked at them.

"Better... not whole." He passed out again.

"What the hell is going on?" Edward looked between them.

"Harry's a new, or rather really old breed of lycan. And he just added two more breeds into it. The flame is what was needed to add them into himself with out killing himself. Now he has four of the seven lycan breeds in him." Draco smiled as he stroked Harry's cheek. "He's got three more breeds to go before he's finished." He looked back at Edward. "I think you've paid back any debt you ever had with me." He looked serious.

"You're not mad about the bomb?"

"Well, I was for a while. But it helped me know that father's rituals worked. And gave me the confidence last night to face down an Arch Angel." Draco smirked.

"An... arch... angel..." Edward looked over at Draco and then back at Anita.

"Yep. Micheal and he had a fight in my front room." Anita crossed her arms.

"You have some of the best playmates Anita." Edward smiled.

"Thanks for that." Anita smirked back.

"We aim to amuse..." Harry coughed as he smiled up at Draco.


Harry sat and read over his letter before sending it to Hermione.

Dear Hermione,

I thought I'd better write and tell you what I learned. My lycan breed isn't new, it's really old. It's called a Tarat. The vampire council had them all wiped out. You remember that spell that made the blue flames in first year. Well the spell is based off of the magic that the vampires call the first flame of lycans. It reveals lycan's animal form. Even that harmless fire you conjured. I tried it and it made my hand shift.

Well the demons who made the Tarat who infected me, they were in town to try and capture the first flame. And well... long story short, I have the flame, and two new animals. Now I'm part wolf, leopard, panther, and jaguar. I'm going to do a ritual soon to finish my Tarat form with a lion and a tiger and then I'll just be looking for one more cat form. I'm liking the idea of big cats. But yeah... there's something else...

Draco showed up. Hermione you SHOULD HAVE TOLD ME. But I'm not mad. We've worked things out. He's sleeping my room because his house was blown up. Well it was blown up because he was inside sleeping. But what... well that's to say. Draco's a vampire now. He got bit by one of the vampire council who was here in the states. Before you freak out, we've not even told his mother. She's... she'll freak. But I have him writing a letter to his mother to tell her.

Harry looked over at Draco who was glaring a piece of paper.

That might take a bit so you'll probably get yours first. Uh, can you send me any research you can find on Tarat lycans? I'm pretty sure that Belle gave me everything she had and that Obsidian Butterfly gave me everything she had. Oh, that's another thing. We met with the master of New Mexico. She thinks she's a goddess. I helped her gain power, and she made it so I can make master vampires and even make fountain head vampires as well. So I'm having fun. Oh Damian's now the head of his own line.

And before you go worrying about Draco again, he's fine. He faced down an archangel and he couldn't even touch him. Micheal that is. Micheal couldn't touch Draco. It was funny as hell to watch thinking back. Angry angel INSULTING Draco because he's a vampire and you know how Draco is when he gets insulted. Fight till the other person's bloody. He fights dirty... but then that's what kept him alive this long. I love him. I don't think I've told him that yet.

Hell I'm not even sure where he fits into my life yet. But he's staying here with me and Nathaniel and Sam in our room till his house is rebuilt. Lovely coffin he's got. Jean-Claude got it for him. Uh, lets see... I think the only other thing I haven't told you that's new is that I got Nathaniel a broom, he's a natural as flying. I love his face while he's up in the air, it reminds me so much of me.

Harry smiled as he thought about Nathaniel's flying trip.

Teddy's well. He's taken to Draco rather well. He's happy he's here. And he loves Uncle Nattie. How cute is that? That's what he calls Nathaniel. Gods it about melted my heart when he started                                                                                                                                               calling him that. Sam's warmed up to Teddy a lot since London. He'd be in with Teddy tonight reading him a bedtime story if he wasn't out on the road with Dean at the moment. It's Nathaniel to the rescue. They started that book of Beetle the Bard last night. I'm so glad you remaindered to send me a copy. I think Teddy likes Nathaniel's reading because he tries to do the voices of the characters while reading. But I know he misses Sam. Maybe I'll suggest we all sit in with him and read together.

I'm going to be a wreck in a few more years when it's time for him to go back to Hogwarts. I'll probably clear my schedule over here and see who all wants to go with me so we can spend a week over there visiting everyone. I'm kind of glad I have the time to plan. Because I mean, three were animals and a master vampire traveling is a HELL of a lot harder to organize. But we're also thinking about a small visit soon, just a few of us, to go get some of Draco's things. Apparently his dad left things that he was to inherit if he became a vampire. Leave it to Lucius to plan that far a head.

Anyways, we're all doing good. Draco's having a glaring match with the paper just now. Oh, you remember that research you sent on vampire offspring, did you happen to see any information on vampire turned wizards? I think Draco is looking for information about his condition. Though, you know how he is. Don't say anything till he boils over and then blows up. Then he's quiet again. Sometimes I wonder how I never noticed that at school. But, I'll see you as soon as I can Hermione. Give Ron all my love and tell him that if we can arrange it, once I get enough of the boys flying here, we'll have a pick up game of Quidditch and have you lot over this way.


Harry James Potter.

Harry smiled, folding his letter and sealing it into an envelope. He turned and sighed inwardly as Draco muttered under his breath.

"Do you need any help?" Harry put a hand on Draco's shoulder.

"Yes, write this for me?" Draco looked up and sighed petulantly. "How do you tell your mother that not only are you gay. But you're a vampire now."

"Hey mom, I'm a sparkly poof?" Harry grinned before Draco gave him a shove.

"Not funny."

"Dear Mom, if I wasn't sure I was gay before, I'm sure now... because not only do I enjoy gagging on Harry's long hard cock, but I sparkle when I step into the sun." Harry dodged this time.

"You can stop now." Draco fought not to giggle.

"One more." Harry giggled. "Mommy, I'm a sparklepire. And... I like things in my bum. Am I a good person?" He snorted.

"No, you're a horrid person who needs flogged." Draco laughed.

"Well could be worse. So long as you're flogging me in the right way and in the right place, we can make a party of it." Harry grinned.

"Hey you, don't you forget that right after the full moon you, me, and Nathaniel have a date in that bed to see if we can open you up to being kinky as hell. And when Sam gets back I have a similar date with him." Draco smiled. "Threeways...." He shook his head.


"I just always assumed it'd be me topping you. Or you topping me. But the fact that we can plot out threeways like it's nothing and maybe think about a fourway one time or another...." Draco looked down.

"Anything over five is an orgy. Just keep that in mind." Harry patted him on his head. "Now seriously. Just open your heart and tell your mom what's going on. I'm sure she'll only gush on you and threaten my life."

"My mother is not that scary." Draco rolled his eyes.

"We're talking about a woman who carries a poison ring on her hand incase she needs to poison your tea, and she's spent the last 20 some odd years cultivating the most savage poison garden, consisting of the most deadly plants in the world, in all of Great Britain. "

"Like I said, not that scary." Draco rolled his eyes again. "I mean, my father used to breed giant spiders. Till you've WATCHED things the size of elephants breed and then spew out giant sacks of eggs... you SO have not seen scary."

"I was nearly eaten by a group of giant spiders."

"I rest my case." Draco turned back to his blank paper. "I saw that." He said over his shoulder by way of comment to Harry's sticking out of his tongue.

Dearest Mother,

I would say I'm well but that would most likely be an out and about lie. I wasn't in this country a whole day when I was captured by a master vampire and bitten. His bite, apparently, either instantly kills you or turns you. So, I need you to seed father's notes on his vampire protection charms. I've already found out that fire doesn't hurt me. As neither being blown up nor attacked by an archangel, has left me dead. Nor does sunlight. It makes me grow a diamond skin over my flesh. Which is odd and tickles slightly.

I finally met up with Harry, and... well after a long talk and a lot of crying, I'm better now. I can deal with being a vampire. At least I'm a master vampire and head of my own line. And I can deal with Harry going furry three nights out of the year. And I adore Teddy. He was in the kitchen today with Nathaniel and I. We were making sugar cookies and he snuck a couple. He reminds me so much of me at that age. Harry's going to have his hands full when Teddy hits puberty. Able to look as hot as he wants and already able to wrap hardened wereanimals to his whim, let alone centuries old vampires? Yeah, that kid is going to melt every woman and man around him when he realizes he can do it on a whim.

Of course with Micah, Harry, and Nathaniel as his moral compass, I think he'll grow up understanding that he must never use this power for evil. But I can tell he's going to be a heart breaker. Andromeda's painting agrees with me. He knows how cute he is and tries to use it to get out of trouble. Not that it stops Harry from disciplining him when he's been naughty. But Teddy's only done one thing since I've been here. He picked all of Anita's flowers. Harry sat him down and told him why he shouldn't have done it and then taught him to focus his magic and reattach each flower. He pouted a little but all in all it was a lot more calm then my up bringing.

Of course if I'd ever dared touch your flowers, I'd probably have died from the hidden thorns. Long before father got the riding crop and started tanning my lily-white arse. But at any rate, Harry's talking about coming back long enough for me to get some of my things I left in my room. I'm hoping that we can make it sooner rather then later. Because since the house blew up I'm a little scant on clothing and my books. The wizarding team I hired said it'll take another couple weeks to restore everything to its original condition.

Oh, right, you probably don't know about that yet. Apparently one of Anita's friends is a hired hit man. He... got paid to try to kill me. And found out afterwards that A, I don't die easy. B, that trying to blow me up royally pissed Harry off who throttled him for me. And C, I make a much better friend when I'm not pissed off at you. We've made peace with it for his word of honor that he would never try to kill me again. I almost unbreakable vowed him, but I figure he may have to put me in danger at some point, so best to keep options open.

I may be having a run of better luck recently but that doesn't dampen my ability to plan for the worst. Harry's got four of the seven beasts he needs to finish his transformation inside him now. Having added jaguar and panther to the mix recently. We're sure on adding Tiger and Lion to him, but we're not sure what else to add for the seventh. We're sure it should be a large cat. But not sure which one.

"Wha-" Draco turned around when Harry had tapped him on the shoulder. He turned right into a naked Harry with a hard cock pointed at his lips.

got to go mother... harry needs... tending ... love you.... Draco He scribbled with out looking, the paper already spelled to seal itself once he wrote his name. He wasn't looking as he sank down Harry's hard cock and devoured the stiff member.

"Gods... so... so good." Harry moaned.

'And you ain't seen nothing yet.' Draco thought with a smirk.


Dean and Sam hunkered down behind a car, bullet's flying over their head.

"Demon?" Dean asked.

"Nope. Doesn't feel like it." Sam frowned. "He feels kind of like a crot." He looked over the edge of the car. "He's not in there anymore. But it doesn't feel like anyone is." The bullets just missed Sam.

"Right... so what do we do?" Dean frowned.

"We try to get around him. You stay here and I'll go behind him."

"Why you?" Dean frowned.

"I'm the one that bullets won't kill right off." Sam gave him a soft smile and started out. He managed to get around behind the guy who turned and shot him in the shoulder. "FUCK!" He panted. His eyes instantly going wolf amber.


"You... really... shouldn't.. . have done that...." Sam panted as his cloths split off him and revealed a large naked wolfman growling at the man. He continued to empty his gun into the werewolf's body but Sam was too strong and healing too quickly for the simple lead bullets to hurt him that much. He grabbed the guy and held him down. Growling all the while. It wasn't till one of the FBI agents shot him that he looked up and growled at him. Dean tried to stop them but Sam finally turned back, revealing his naked flesh to them. "What?" He asked.

"Agent Winchester, you're here by under arest for assault." The FBI agent was holding his gun on Sam.

"Assault... I took this guy down. He's the one who's been shooting us." Sam looked disbelieving at the man.

"But you're the one that turned into a dangerous wild animal." The FBI agent wasn't moving.

"shit." Sam stood up and was arrested.

Chapter Text

"THEY WHAT?" Harry yelled into the phone.

"Clam down. I said they arrested Sam." Dean rubbed his ear.

"Do they wish me to melt off their faces, their flesh, or just their skin." Harry's body began to quiver.

"All they saw was a werewolf attack a denseness man." Dean grumbled. "Never mind the guy he attacked was shooting them dead and then SHOT Sam and provoked him." Dean sighed. "Is Anita home?"

"Try her cell." Harry sighed. "I'd say I'd be there in a sec, but I'd make a bad situation worse." He closed his eyes.

"At least you know you can't help."

"Dean." Harry breathed in deeply. "That just means I have one to maybe two things keeping me from blowing down the entire continent that he's being held in to get at him.

"You wouldn't-"

"Dean look to your left." Harry's power flared and a plaque on the wall next to Dean melted down the wall.

"Point taken."

"Get him out of jail. Or I will." Harry hung up.

"Great." Dean sighed as he dialed. "Yeah, Bobby..."


"Who was that on the phone?" Draco asked as he helped Teddy up to his chair at the table.

"Dean." Harry paced. "Sam's in jail for being a werewolf and saving lives." He growled.

"Harry." Draco rose and put a hand on Harry's shoulder. "It'll be day light in another four hours. Let me do something."

"What?" Harry looked lost.

"Hand me the phone and help Teddy get his plate." Draco held put his hand.

"Okay?" Draco took the phone dialed a number he must know by heart.

"Wolfram and Hart1? Yes, this is Draco Malfoy, I have a small problem....."


"Mr. Samuel Winchester?" A well dressed lawyer stepped into the jail cell where Sam was sitting with his hands cupped over his crotch.


"Do you want to be called Samuel?" The lawyer stood there and waited as a police officer came towards them.


"Well Sam, I'm Mr. Lawn. I'm your lawyer." Mr. Lawn stood there.

"But I didn't hire..."

"Oh I'm sorry, your friend Mr. Malfoy contacted us about your situations and I was contacted to come make my presence known." Mr. Lawn smiled.

"Draco hired you?"

"Yeah, he did." Dean came walking in the room with a grin. "He apparently has a massive law firm on retainer for things like this. I'm really starting to like that kid."

"I'll like him a lot better if he brought me cloths." Sam was standing there, his bare body exposed to the cops, as well as his lawyer and brother.

"34 waist 38 length?" Mr. Lawn pulled out a pair of jeans and a matching pair of boxers.

"How...?" Sam frowned.

"Draco explained that post transformation you'd have been nude when arrested. And I will be filing a motion against your office for keeping my client naked and humiliating him unnecessarily."

"He's a fucking werewolf, who cares if he's wearing cloths?" The officer made a face.

"Thank you my good sir. You've just insulted my client because of his disease while acting in an official capacity in front of a sworn Federal Marshal, two in fact, and a lawyer. I want to thank you for making my job all that much easier." Mr. Lawn smiled as he passed the cloths to Sam.

"What the hell are you talking about?" The officer crossed his arms glaring at Mr. Lawn.

"As a sworn officer of the United States of America you are sworn to uphold the laws of this country. And Cole Vs Nebraska recently went to the Supreme Court. Making it law that if an officer shows an unfair bias towards a lycanthrope sufferer it can be labeled bigotry, hatred, and makes your events a hate crime. By the time I'm done officer, you'll not have a job, you'll send the rest of your life paying my client's bills, and you'll wish you'd learned to keep a civil tongue in your mouth." The officer glared stronger. "Now if you wouldn't mind doing your job, while you still possess it, please unlock the cell so my client whom is free on bail may be released pending his day in court."

"Open it your damn self." The officer spit at Mr. Lawn.

"Thank you again officer." Mr. Lawn smiled. "Now, if you'd be so kind, would you mind clarifying?" Mr. Lawn leaned in close. "Are you refusing to do your swore duty?"

"Help a fucking werewolf and his pansy lawyer and asshole brother? No fucking way." The officer glowered.

"Ah. Thank you for clarifying. I wouldn't want to have you charged with something you didn't do." The Lawyer picked up the keys and unlocked Sam's cell and then started writing something down. He told Sam to wait with Dean by the cell with the nice officer and walked back out. Not ten minutes later a very angry looking Chief of police stormed in with Mr. Lawn at his side.

"JUST WHAT THE HELL HAVE YOU DONE BACK HERE JACOBS!" He shouted. "Discrimination, refusing to do your job, bigotry. You're being charged with about a dozen crimes that force me to take your gun, your badge, and put you on unpaid leave while we have an investigation into this." He held out his hand.

"But Chief..."

"No buts, but yours going out that door after handing over your gun and your badge."

"You fucki-"

"Keep your mouth shut Jacobs." The Chief glared. "You're only digging your effing hole deeper."

"But it ain't right!"

"Leave it." The Chief maneuvered Officer Jacobs out the room.

"I think I'm in love." Dean grinned.

"Treat me to dinner and I'll let you get a home run." Mr. Lawn led them out.


"So you're out of jail?" Harry breathed easier.

"Yeah Draco's lawyer got me out. I have to stay at Bobby's so they know where I am. Since it was the closest place to up here."

"Should I come?" Harry bit his lip.

"Maybe. Give it a day to see how bad this shit storm is. If it's going to get worse, I don't know. But if it's going to blow over, then I'll be home soon enough." Sam tried to smile into the phone.

'Sam, I know you're worried but we love you.' Harry sent a mental hug through their link and so did Nathaniel.

"Thanks." Sam did smile then.

"Give us a call tomorrow, I'll apperate everyone there." Harry said honestly.

"I'm sure it'll be good." Sam sighed. "Can you put Teddy on?" Sam yawned.

"Sure. Teddy." Harry smiled as he handed the phone over.

"Uncle Sam?" Teddy looked afraid.

"It's me Teddy Bear." Sam's voice held his smile.

"Uncle Harry said you might be gone longer?" Teddy clutched the phone to his head.

"Yeah, I might be gone a little longer. I'll find out tomorrow how long I have to be here."

"Okay." Teddy looked a little depressed.

"How far did Nattie and you get?" Sam smiled softly.

"We got to the cauldron that jumped around." Teddy smiled a little.

"Well you tell him I said that the story about the fountain that grants wishes is mine to read." Sam grinned. "I'll see you soon Teddy Bear."

"You too Uncle Sam. You want me to put Uncle Harry back on?"

"Yes please." It never hurt to start teaching a child manors.

"Uncle Harry." Teddy held out the phone.

"Thank you Teddy." Harry smiled and hugged the boy as he trotted out to find his Uncle Nattie. "That went well."

"It easier with him... how are you doing?" Sam bit his lip.

"I'll survive." Harry smiled. "What else can I do? Boy who lived here."

"I'll see you soon."


"Hey Nathaniel I'm going to go out for a bit of a jog." Harry sighed.

"Still not dealing with Sam being in trouble?" Nathaniel hugged Harry after closing Teddy's bedroom door.

"Yeah... it just makes me... so mad." Harry closed his eyes and breathed through his nose. "I mean, where do they get off-"

"Probably don't." Nathaniel shrugged. "But anyways. Away from Teddy's door?"

"Okay." Harry smiled and ducked his head while they walked the short distance to the front room.

"Where you going for your jog?" Nathaniel sat down on the couch.

"I'm thinking about the woods out back for a start, and maybe eventually ending up near the Lupanar."

"You're really in for a bit of a work out today aren't you." Nathaniel looked at Harry.

"Sorry, I get antsy and I channel the energy into either fighting or I start working out. It's the best of the way I have for burning off the energy." Harry blushed as he sat on the back of the couch.

"Better then hitting things I suppose." Nathaniel watched him with a knowing look.

"I would never..."

"Not saying you would. Just saying it's a healthy way to release some stress." Nathaniel shrugged. "But be careful. Please?" Nathaniel held Harry's hand and smiled. "I'll be here waiting for you and watching a movie." Nathaniel smiled.

"Zane's finally not here." Harry looked around.

"Yep. No Zane." Nathaniel smirked.

"Means a free telly." Harry grinned.

"Yep." Nathaniel smiled and walked over to the dvd library that Anita had let him purchase slowly over the last year or two. "I'll see you in a bit?"

"Sure." Harry smiled as he shrugged off his shirt and slipped into his running shoes. Between all the nervous workout energy and the lycanthrope additions to his Tarat breed, Harry's body had been getting better and better. He was rather glad that his next series of shows at Guilty Pleasure was the same night as the first night of the full moon. Harry smirked as the trees seemed to bend and bow around him so that he seemed to run through a green leafy water like forest.

He felt alive again. Sitting and waiting for Sam to get out of jail and get his life back on track and not being able to do anything was driving him insane. But being out here. Running again. Running so that there was nothing but his feet and the dry earth below them. He felt at home as his senses bled away down to just his base animal instincts. Dodge left branch, fun smell to the right, huh, stray cats going in heat. He kept running his mind recording all it experienced, but his conscious boiling down to just raw animal instinct. He pulled up short of a clearing and panted, his body thrumming with power.

"I think it's this way..." A voice said and Harry leaned forwards, his nose in the air. Cat. Big cat. Big cat.... puma... two of them. He tilted his head. Werepumas and they're looking for something.

"You moron, it's over there." Harry saw a clawed hand point. "The flame of the first is that way. Sealed behind wizarding magics. The fools. Like adding magic would hide it from us." He gave a horse laugh.

"Well it's not like... why is that hedge glowing." Harry had time to think crap before he charged out of the hedge and transformed into his Tarat form.

"DIE HALF BLOOD!" One of the werepumas transformed and attacked him. He felt the claws sink into his flesh. His green eyes swam with blackness with a single green flame in each eye as he tore the demons out of the werepumas. He could see the black smoke and felt it scream as it was consumed by emerald frames. He turned his fury on the two werepumas and felt the knowledge burning inside them like stolen flames. He drank in the knowledge that the demons didn't know where their masters were. They were still gathering lycan types, and trying hard to complete the Tarat ritual. They had done what Harry couldn't, put enough of the big cats into his path and into him that now he only lacked the Tiger and the Lion and he knew where to get them. He looked at the pitiful werepumas and apperated them back to their homes. No need for them to suffer.


"You done feeling sorry for yourself you idgit?" Bobby walked into the room where Sam was sighing and looking forlorn at his laptop.

"I'm going to either be killed or fired. And personally I'm not sure which one is worse." Sam didn't even look away from his computer.

"And you're going to sit here and wallow in it?" Bobby shook his head. "What about your boy?" Sam turned and looked at him. "Your brother has a big mouth."

"He's Harry's godson. I'm just Uncle Sam." Sam recovered quickly.

"That's not what I heard on that phone." Bobby pointed. "That boy is as much yours as anyone's. Who fucking cares if you're a werewolf? Who fucking cares if you're gay? That little boy is the most important thing in your life. Maybe you should think about how this effects him." Bobby glared at him.

"His name is Teddy." Sam turned the laptop around and showed Bobby the picture of Teddy, Nathaniel, Harry, and himself on the couch back at Anita's house.

"Good looking kid. Glad he doesn't look like your family. Ain't none of you lookers." Bobby smirked.

"You're just jealous." Dean walked in.

"Of?" Bobby glared at him, letting Dean know he was on thin ice.

"Of our roguish good looks?" Dean walked past him.

"You idgit." Bobby shook his head.

"What do I do now?" Sam asked from where he was half laying on the desk.

"You get into the panic room." Bobby shot him a look.

"Bobby I'm not that..."

"You're a fucking werewolf. Tomorrow's the full moon. YOU go into the panic room."


"Panic. Room." Bobby pointed.

"Okay. Okay." Sam raised his hands in surrender and packed up.

"You know Sammy I've never even seen you shift before the other day." Dean frowned.

"Well, Harry's helping me." Sam blushed. "He's really helped take my anger. I'm not raging as much now." He gave a soft smile.

"You're not getting out of sleeping in the panic room." Bobby crossed his arms.

"Fine." Sam grinned before heading down.

"You're being kind of hard on him aren't you?" Dean looked at Bobby.

"He's a werewolf."

"And it wasn't his fault." Dean countered.

"I know that." Bobby sighed. "But.."

"You said it yourself Bobby. We ride him hard. But we both saw him man up. He managed to get clean, twice. He butched up and got the blood he needed to take on Lucifer. He stopped Lucifer and threw him into the pit again. He saved lives he fights hard. And he gets infected with a virus he can't stop or control. That's turned him into a monster that he can barely keep inside. And we're still riding him hard like it's his fault." Dean stood up. "Bobby, sooner or later we have to face a few hard truths. He's not a little kid and he's dealing rather well if you ask me." Dean said before walking out.

"Neither of you are kids anymore." Bobby sighed. "And somedays I have trouble remembering that.


"You were pretty hard on him." Micheal leaned against porch railing.

"I'm harder on myself." Dean sighed as he sat down.

"That you are." Micheal stretched. "But one of these days you'll come out of the closet and spread your legs in public."

"Excuse me?" Dean looked up.

"Oh, we both know the reason you're so hard on Sam lately is he's out and proud and you're still so far in the closet." Micheal looked at Dean from his perch on the railing.

"I'm not..."

"Dean. You masturbate to the thought of my host's naked body. You've seen Cas' host naked and long for it. You spent that night with that lovely man named The Chief..." Micheal arched an eyebrow.

"That doesn't..."

"Dean you don't have to say it." Micheal cut him off. "Hell you don't even have to think it." He waved a hand. "But that doesn't mean you're not attracted to men. Nothing wrong with tha-" Micheal stopped what he was saying and turned around to look at someone walking up the path to Bobby's house.

"Who's there?" Dean stood up.

"It's just me!" A familiar voice called out and Dean moved to see better.


"Chuck? What the hell are you doing here?" He blinked.

"If you'd ever bother to pick up your cell phone I probably wouldn't have had to come all the way out here." Chuck walked up to the porch.

"Why is the prophet here?" Micheal squinted as he circled Chuck.

"Because I need you to take me to Anita." He turned to Dean. "She doesn't know what's coming and she's going to need some help."

"What's coming?" Dean looked worried.


"Harry, what's up?" Anita looked up from her desk at work and spotted Harry only just wearing a pair of shorts looking delicious and distracting all in one go.

"Need you." Harry panted as he walked into her office and sealed her door with his magic. "Need what's in you." His eyes burned with emerald fire as he waved his hand and the blue flame of the first flame bloomed into being in the office. "I need to be complete." He put his hands on her and pulled her in to kiss.

Instantly they were standing in a large dry cave. A wall of ice like water sealing the cave off from something. Behind Anita were all her animals. Here tigers of many colors, her lion, her rat, her hyena, her leopard, her wolf, her jaguar, even her Sabertooth tiger was present. But as she watched a new beast walked forwards, it's hands like bent back clawed hands, it's body covered in feathers and scales and fur. A chimera. It was the only thing that it could be.

'I am the one with no name.' It said to her. 'A beast born of sorcery. And my brood scattered through out the world. I am the panwere. And I am only visible now due to the light.' It waved its serpent headed tail at the blue ice like water. 'This magic is old. It calls to us. Calls us here. For one as old as I is on the other side.' He moved up and watched as Harry walked through the sheet of water, and it became clear. On the other side a wolf, leopard, jaguar, panther, and a puma paced back and forth, but a darker figure hunkered between them. 'The Tarot must be whole!' The Chimera growled.

'How do I make it whole?' Anita felt powerless here.

'We must give of ourselves.' The Chimera dirrected Anita's lion to touch the water. She flashed blue for a second and suddenly there was a male lion of a similar breed on the other side of the water.

'Cub. Child. Not mate.' The lion thought as she watched her magically created offspring be greeted by the others.

'Now it is our turn.' The Sabertooth Tiger stalked forwards, barely a dream of its former self. 'All as one.' All the tigers went forwards and touched the water as one. Each flashed blue before a duplicate was formed on the other side. All male to their female. 'Our child this one is. Like ours it will be protected.' The Sabertooth Tiger sat down and glared at all others, daring them to defy its declaration.

'The Tarat is now whole.' Came a growl from the other side of the water. 'I NEED THE RITUAL. MAKE ME WHOLE!' He howled.

'Flesh of the man. Flesh of the animal.' Harry's eyes were blue suddenly. 'Flesh of the foundling. Flesh of the child. Flesh of the ward. Flesh of the man. All is the same flesh. All is joined.' Harry walked to the water. 'By this magic am I whole.' He melted into the water.

'YES!' The Tarat glowed before the vision broke. Anita felt the explosion and went unconscious. The magic that was done in her office had blown her door right off its hinges. Sitting on her desk in the smoke filled room was the completed Tarat, consumed by its beast in its first transformation. Bert looked in, shocked to find Anita laying unconscious on the floor, the beast atop her desk, and her office a burned out ruin. His mind went blank after he estimated how much it would cost to replace and repair, just before he passed out.

"{Foolish man.}" The Tarat spoke in its growling Parsaltongue. It stood and watched over Anita as the magic it had wrought through its creation flooded through its link. First to Sam and then Nathaniel. From Nathaniel back into Anita and into Damian. From Anita it traveled across to Jean-Claude and Richard.

'What is occurring?' Jean-Claude asked, but his voice was like the wind as the Tarat's power expanded.

"{'I AM WHOLE'}" The Tarat spoke in every tongue and power it had at once. Letting all connected to it know that it was whole and fulfilled. Suddenly an instinct flooded its system before it could react. Instantly they all knew what it wanted before it could process it consciously. The Tarat was alone in this world. No mate like it. No children. No clan. IT NEEDED CLAN. So it would make clan. And as the Tarat took off at a sprint out of Anita's ruined office Jean-Claude muttered in French about how bad this was going to be.



"Micah." Nathaniel panted on the phone.

"What's wrong Nathaniel?" Micah's voice sounded calm and cool.

"Find... Harry... trying to make a ... clan..." Nathaniel was feeling utterly done in.

"Harry's what?"

"He went to Anita... he.. he finished the ritual tonight. He's a full blood Tarat. And now he's trying to find a clan. If he does..."

"Then he'll attack people all over the city. How do I find him?"

"Biggest smell of cats in one place. He's tiger, lion, puma, jaguar, leopard, panther and wolf. Any of those animals should be able to find him. I would ask Damian or Jean-Claude but both are drunk off the power the Tarat is bleeding into all our links." He panted.

"I'll call some werewolves to find Harry." Micah sounded like he was moving.

"I'll call Jason and have him find Anita. She was at ground zero... and probably isn't in the best of shapes." Nathaniel winced.

"Okay." Micah didn't argue. He knew they needed alphas to take Harry down. He pulled out the contact information for Draco. "Hurry Nathaniel."

"okay." Nathaniel hung up and dialed Jason's number, barely getting his thoughts out to Jason before passing out again.


"Anita..." Jason ran into her office where they were loading her on a gurney.

"Dunno why she's not dead. Looks like a bomb went off in there." One of the EMT's was saying.

"Dude, this is Anita Blake. Ain't nothing killing Anita Blake." The other EMT smiled.

"Oh god... Anita." Jason came in and held her hand. Her eyes fluttered open and she gave a weak smile. "Micah's going after Harry to help bring him in." He held her hand tight. "Nathaniel's the only one who's in any state to make sure everyone's where they need to be." Anita's face showed worry. "He's handling it. Jean-Claude and Damian are curled up in a corner. The Ulfric is a big wolf. Sam's in a panic room in wolf form. Harry's out in Tarat mode. Micah's got all the alpha's he can get helping him trying to pull Harry in."

"good...." Anita panted.


"Chuck is this what you were talking about?" Dean yelled over Sam's howls as he battered at the reinforced door keeping him in.

"Uh... not exactly... this is part of it.. but.. it shouldn't have happened tonight." Chuck looked confused.

"Well what ever is going on, if we live through this I'll get you to Anita." Dean braced the door.

"Harry apparently did some big mojo." Bobby came down with iron beams and started bracing the door with them. "Nathaniel just called a bit ago. Harry finished becoming a Tarat... and is now looking to start a clan?" Bobby looked at Dean as shock flooded his face. "I take it you understand what's up?"

"Harry and Sam are magically linked. Harry upped his magic and unleashed a magical breed of lycan. Now the back lash of its driven Sammy off the deep end." Dean shook his head. "Anything you can do?" Dean looked at Micheal.

"I will try." Micheal vanished and suddenly the sound stopped. Dean jumped and opened the window into the tiny room to view a naked and unconscious Sam laying at Micheal's feet.

"What the hell did you do?" Dean bellowed.

"I simply put him to sleep." Micheal was suddenly standing outside the bars. "He'll wake up in the morning. But we should start towards Anita now. She was in the room with Harry when he transformed. She's injured." He started towards the stairs. "I'll see you in the car." He vanished again.

"I'll nail his wings to the floor someday." Dean cursed under his breath. Chuck followed him out and once they were on their way to the car.

"Dean." Chuck said slowly.

"Yeah Chuck?"

"There's nothing wrong with being into guys." He shrugged.

"Listen, don't start with me. What ever you saw..."

"What I saw was you and Micheal in the car there... naked rolling around making wild passionate love to one another." Chuck walked past a stunned Dean.

"I would never..."

"Dean, you're going to. And you're going to like it. And probably have a really bad day the next day guilt tripping over it. The point is. Just go with the flow, love it, and in the morning. Don't freak out." Chuck went around the car and got into.

"I..." Dean shook his head and sat down in the car. "This night is just all kinds of fucked up." Dean sighed.


"Harry!" Micah threw all his power behind that statement as he could as the others caught sight of him. He was holding a young man in his arms and looking at them like they were the ones doing something strange. His Tarat form was roughly seven foot tall, covered in fur, but the markings showed the variety in breeds of lycans that had went into making him. He bared his fangs at them and darted away with his prize.

"We can't let him harm the boy." Haven caught up with Micah.

"Maybe if we all focused at once?" The werewolf alpha looked around. "We tried calling individual beasts our own ways." He saw the skeptical looks he was getting. "But this thing is held together by magic so, maybe we need to use our power together. But kind of tune it together."

"The new guy has a point." Haven nodded. "One of his first was Leopard, so Micah should probably be in charge." Everyone looked at Haven like he'd grown a second head. But most of them knew about his time in the coffin. They knew well enough now what happened to those who attacked Anita's lovers. Not one among them was willing to tempt her wrath.

"Okay. We've got his sent. Let's work our way around in front of him and behind him. We'll all call at once. Focusing as a united force instead of separate animals."

"Sounds good to me..." Was the resounding agreement from the others. So as they all ran after Harry they pushed their beasts together and as one massive force and called to him. He turned and looked curious at them.

"{'have to help... he was shot... dying...'}" The Tarat was confused. They wanted him to let the boy die? That made no sense. He leaned forwards and they tried calling him again. He looked at them and scraped a claw along the bullet wound. He held the boy while he stopped shaking and seemed to come around. His body healing and pushing the bullet out. "{'only when death is the other option'}" Harry shook his head at them.

"You're in there Harry?" Micah watched the injured man heal and pass out. The Tarat nodded and howled at the almost full moon. Till the Tarat faded and all that stood there was a naked Harry holding the sleeping man to him. "Harry?"

"I understand the Tarat's logic... sort of. It doesn't want to force itself on others. But it needs to spread. To make a clan. The drive is overwhelming. Micah... he was shot and then dumped where you found me. Left for dead by the people who shot him. Now he's a Tarat."

"Harry there's a chance that he only caught one of your-"

"Nope." Harry looked down at the man. "The Tarat felt the transfer. It can only give its strain of lycanthrope to someone. I carry the others, as will he. But he'll only be a Tarat. Till we learn to control the change and bring out certain aspects." Harry yawned. "I kind of need to pass out now Micah.... can you take him to Lillian?" Harry's world went black then.


"You realize I'm going to have to smack you Potter?" Draco shook his head.

"What'd I do now?" Harry yawned.

"You made another Tarat. Who's awake by the way." He poked Harry. "Awake and wanting to know why he keeps doing magic." That opened Harry's eyes.

"He's not..."

"Oh yeah he is. He's got a magical core that's growing rapidly. He's about as strong as a third year right now. But by tomorrow he'd be as strong as you or I when we graduated." He sighed.

"Shit... I just wanted..."

"To keep him alive. Yeah he's actually glad you did." Draco gave a wry smile. "He said he wants to talk to you later about what he's supposed to do now."

"Does, I don't have a clue, sound right?" Harry bit his lip.

"Some how I'm going to go with no." Draco shook his head. "But you rest. Me, I have to get up and go lay down in my coffin. It's nearly dawn." Draco brushed a stray lock of hair out of Harry's face. "Besides, you'll need to go check on Anita." Harry's face went blank. "You got your tiger and lion from her." His eyes started registering memories.

"But... there... an explosion...."

"Of your magic. Yep. It blew up her office. With you and her inside it." Draco patted Harry on the shoulder. "Go see that she's okay. And beg her not to kick your ass. Meanwhile, dawn." He got up and laid down in his coffin, stretching a bit and then lowering the lid. In seconds the sun shone in the room and Harry smiled as some part of him felt Draco vanish with the day.

'At least I know he's sleeping every day.' Harry said ruefully as he thought back to when they'd been in the war together and Draco had forgone sleeping till he collapsed in mid sentence and just lay there till he woke up. Harry had always found watching Draco sleep relaxing. He sighed as he realized he wasn't likely to ever see it again. Getting up was an experience in pain as his muscles protested the movement. But he went downstairs to the smell of fresh coffee and bacon. He smiled as was about to move into the kitchen when the front door flew open and a tall platinum blonde woman strode in, rage and fear wafting off of her like a French perfume.

"WHERE IS MY SON!" Narcissia Malfoy demanded.


Chapter Text

"You have two seconds to point me to my son." Narcissia pointed her wand at Harry.

"He's upstairs, to the left, dead for the day?" Harry spoke quickly.

"... day... vampire... real...." Narcissia collapsed right there.

"Nathaniel?" Harry called into the kitchen, with the unconscious witch lying across him.

"Picking up girls now?" Nathaniel grinned.

"No more Jason time for you." Harry helped lift Narcissa up. "She's Draco's mom."

"That explains somethings." Nathaniel lifted her up and laid her own out the couch. "She's pretty." Nathaniel stroked her hair, Harry slumped back and landed on the floor again.

"She reacted badly to Draco's letter." Harry got up from the floor then. "Must have thought we were lying to her about him being a vampire." Harry dusted himself off and headed towards the kitchen. "Please tell me there's more food!"

"Yes." Nathaniel grinned. "But remember to eat light. You have shows going tonight."

"Right." Harry stretched. "I'll run and do some weight lifting and maybe some stretches before I go to work tonight." Harry smiled.

"You should invite Draco to the show." Nathaniel smiled.

"Maybe. I'd like him and Sam to be there. But Sam's a little ways away from being able to come here." Harry shrugged as he padded into the kitchen and picked up a slice of bacon.

"Maybe Sam can start to come home tonight."

"Maybe I'll just apperate Sam home." Harry frowned.


"Where's the guy I attacked?" Harry looked around.  His mind finally registering what was missing.

"Oh, Jake Seveath." Nathaniel smiled. "He's out back." He pointed. Harry nodded and padded outside in just his pajama bottoms to find a nearly as nude man working out in the back yard. He was wearing a pair of boxer briefs that were barely covering him.

"You know. Last night these covered me and then some." Jake looked over his shoulder. "I couldn't fit into most of my cloths. Just too big on me." He smirked as he looked down. "Then I get shot and you show up, and now I'm only vaguely able to fit in my boxers. Would you believe these things are actually tight in places." He turned and showed his ass to Harry. "I have an ass now. An actual ass. And the other side's bigger too." He blushed slightly. "I... I thought I'd never be even half this size." He bit his lip and looked down. "I'm going to have to go cloths shopping soon."

"Don't worry. We'll take care of it. I look after my clan." He put his hand on the man's bare shoulder and Jake reacted instantly. He mewed and panted, his boxers tenting out with the massive organ that had, when soft, threatened to fall out of the boxers, were now threatening to tear them apart.

"Oh gods... that's... so... good..." Jake panted.

"I feel your pleasure." Harry panted, as he did nothing more then hold Jake's arm.

"More... so ... close..." Jake whimpered. Harry pushed the power into Jake who moaned as his boxers split open, his massive hard on hung out in the open air moments before he unloaded his new larger balls all over the grass. Panting and moaning he kept on cumming till he fell out of Harry's grasp. "What... was... that...?" Jake panted.

"No clue. But... wow." Harry grinned, his mind flashing to his own tented pajama bottoms.

"wow...." Jake's eyes glazed over as he smiled from where he'd laid on his side in the grass, his cock still lying out in the open, slowly oozing cum as the wind gently grazed his swollen member.

"I wonder if I can do that again?" Harry grazed his fingers down Jake's bare arm and his bloated cock belched out more cum. "Okay stopping now." Harry pulled his hand back and grinned.

"no more please." Jake panted. "At least not for a little while..." He grinned. "That was good, but I need to rest." He looked down at his ruined boxers. "Damn, I'm going to have to borrow something to ware around the house." He beamed at Harry.

"Well, now that I've made you a Tarat and got you to blow your load, my name is Harry." Harry stuck out his hand.

"Thanks." Jake shook his hand.

"Now about cloths..." Harry waved his wand and the boxers repaired themselves and resized to fit him better. "Can't have you running around naked scaring everyone with that weapon you have between your legs."

"You kidding? I was planning on running down the street naked!" Jake grinned. "My dick is HUGE!" He smiled.

"That it is." Harry grinned back.

"THANK YOU!" Jake grabbed him and held him close, only realizing the problem that when he moaned, his eyes rolled up, and he creamed his newly magically augmented boxers. He fell back and twitched as he orgasmed for a long while before panting and grinning. "Okay.. no physical contact till we have cloths on."



"Hey Harry." Sam smiled into the phone. "They called and told me I could go home tonight. But that's going to be a little hard because Dean's already on the road. So I..."

"If I apperate up I could apperate back with you... we could even bring Teddy up to meet Bobby. He's been wanting to meet him ever since you told him about Bobby."

"Hum..." Sam looked over at Bobby who was making coffee.

"He'll be up in a few hours. And I'm sure Nathaniel would love to go up and meet Bobby too."

"You know, that sounds like a good idea." Sam grinned. "Oh how you doing since last night?"

"Well I'm doing pretty good. I made a Tarat last night. He's happy about it. He's out side enjoying the sun on his new body." Harry looked out the glass wall.

"What do you say to about... noon. I'll cook lunch and you can bring everyone by. Then this afternoon we can head back and I can make it to you and Nathaniel's show tonight."

"GOOD!" Harry grinned. "We've been trying to get you and Draco there for ages."

"Yeah. But I'm not promising not to get jealous." Sam warned.

"Well you get to have me any time you want." Harry grinned into the phone. "They only get to wish they had your luck."

"Okay." Sam said petulantly.

"If you want I can blow you at Bobby's." Harry gave a wicked smirk that wasn't wasted on Nathaniel who was listening in.

"Yeah that'd go over well." Sam laughed. Mentally picturing Harry blowing him in the panic room.

"Well Nathaniel and Teddy could distract Bobby and I could be wicked with my mouth." He licked his lips.

"Harry.." Sam whined.

"Not drained yourself recently have you?" Harry grinned.

"no." Sam whimpered.

"Don't worry, we'll take care of that." He smirked before making more solid plans with Sam for the afternoon.


"They're going to what to my house?" Bobby crossed his arms.

"Harry calls it apperating. It's teleportation magic." Sam cleared everything off of the carpet he'd sent a picture of mentally to Harry.

"But he's never been here..." Bobby looked suspicious.

"I sent him a mental snap shot of the room so he could apperate in." Sam stood back.

"That kid throws around massive amounts of magic like there's nothing to it." Bobby observed.

"Yeah. Where he's from this is low level magic." Sam grinned.

"And that worries me a lot." Bobby sighed.

"Meet him and then judge?" Sam looked concerned.

"Okay." Bobby said as the loud crack and pop accompanied Harry, Nathaniel and Teddy apperating in.

"UNCLE SAM!" Teddy took off running and glomped onto Sam.

"Hey there Teddy Bear." Sam hugged the little tyke.

"I don't think I'll ever get used to that." Nathaniel shuddered.

"Well you're not the only one. But still better then portkeys, isn't it?"

"HANDS DOWN." Nathaniel said with much conviction.

"Harry Potter, Nathaniel Graison, this is Bobby Singer, the man who all but raised me while I wasn't with my dad." Sam made the introductions.

"A pleasure to meet you sir." Harry held out his hand and Bobby accepted. "Sam's said a lot about you." Bobby raised an eyebrow and glared at Sam.

"What?" Sam blushed.

"Just what has Sam been saying?" Bobby looked at Harry then.

"He's got a deep respect for you. And your work. You've saved his life more then he can count and you're one of the strongest hardest working men he's ever met. He also made a few choice statements about your rec. room. Something about it being armed to the teeth." He shrugged. "He also told me you fought off a demon possession."

"Well..." Bobby blushed. "That wasn't anything special." He smiled.

"From what I've seen that's very special. I don't think I could do that myself." Harry smiled.

"Thank you." Bobby smiled back and then turned to Nathaniel. "I'm glad you could make it too." He held out his hand and Nathaniel shook it. "I was impressed with the way you handled things yesterday."

"Thank you." Nathaniel blushed. "You had a lot of really good questions." Nathaniel smiled.

"I appreciated being kept in the loop." Bobby shot Sam a look.

"Oh now this is no fair, he likes you two better then me!" Sam whined.

"I like you best Uncle Sam." Teddy said from where his was holding on to Sam. From the look on Sam's face it melted his heart.

"And are you going to introduce me to this little guy?" Bobby said softly.

"Bobby, this is my Teddy Bear. Teddy, this is Bobby." Sam held Teddy where he could see Bobby.

"You have a nice smile." Teddy held out his arms and Bobby took him. "You smell like saw dust." Teddy smiles. "like Uncle Sam." He laid his head on Bobby's chest.

"Thanks." Bobby held Teddy carefully. The look on his face showing how much he loved this.

"He's taking to you." Nathaniel smiled.

"He's a sweet boy..." Bobby smiled.

"We all love him." Sam played with Teddy's hair.

"Yeah. Our sweet boy." Harry smiled.


"So, Nathaniel's distracting Bobby..." Harry grinned.

"Are you trying to tell me you want me to take my pants off?" Sam grinned.

"Oh yeah, I'm wanting your pants off." Harry gripped Sam's crotch.

"You want me for my body." Sam smirked.

"Your body. Your mind. But mostly your body. Or more to the point, the solid mass of cock meat in your trousers." Harry gripped the firm flesh and slowly jerked on it.

"You keep doing that and the fun gooey center will leak out." Sam moaned.

"Maybe I want the gooey core to leak out."

"In my pants?"

"Well I was thinking in my throat."

"Wanting a protein shake?" Sam's smile came out.

"Home made?"

"Yep, fresh and thick."

"Hum... maybe we should sip it. Does it come with a straw?"

"Oh yeah. It comes with a nice fleshy bendable straw."

"I like bendy straws." Harry kept stroking.

"Well maybe you should take the straw out and sucking on it?" Sam winked and waggled his eyebrows.

"Maybe I will." Harry worked the zipper down over Sam's swollen knob. He worked the flesh tube out of its boxer confines and marveled at its manly beauty.

"What do you plan to do with that?"

"This..." Harry innocently licked along the fleshy prong's head. Teasing the opening with the tip of his tongue before grinning and swallowing the knobby head.

"GOD!" Sam moaned, as Harry drank him down. He put his hand in Harry's shaggy mane and held on as Harry's throat took him on a wild ride.


"Did you hear something?" Chuck looked around.

"Nope." Dean focused on the road.

"He's too busy not thinking about tasting my meat suit's meat pole." Micheal said flippantly as he looked out the car window.


"You two better not have left a mess for me to clean up." Bobby said as he looked at where Teddy was napping. He was sipping a coffee cup.

"We cleaned up after ourselves." Harry blushed.

"Good. If I'm going to be cleaning jizz off of something it'd better be mine." Bobby turned and looked at them.

"Won't happen again." Sam blushed.

"The hell it won't. You lot are horny young men. You'll keep your hands down each other's pants and you'll do it a lot." Bobby turned back. "But nothing's wrong with that. Just don't leave a mess for others to clean up."

"Okay." They both said at once.

"Now. I hear you're a stripper." Bobby looked at Harry.


"Harry's busy today?" Jake looked at Jason as he helped him collect cloths.

"He had to dash out of town. He'll be back tonight for his show and then he's talking about a spell to give your clan a place to meet." Jason helped pick up cloths.

"So there'll be more of us?" Jake blushed.

"Probably. The texts that Obsidian Butterfly gave Harry lead us to believe that a small Tarat clan ran with about 20 or 30 members to the clan. So with just the two of you, I suspect that Harry'll be making more of you soon enough."

"I can't make more?" Jake blinked.

"If you were a normal lycan... yeah you could. But Tarats... well their different." Jason looked at him. "Harry's the clan head. He has to give permission, literally, for any of you to transmit the magical disease. But he's the only one who can make more for now." He looked at a blue silk thong.

"Well that's a worry gone." Jake smiled. "I was worried I had to be extra careful that I didn't infect others."

"Yeah. You don't have to worry so much about that." Jason smiled back as he added a package of socks to the pile of cloths. "So, what level of nudity are you comfortable with?"


“So you’re a vampire.” Narcissia sat on the couch, having just seen her nearly naked son walk down the stairs in naught but a pair of draw string pajama bottoms.

“Yep.” Draco put his hand out in sunlight and watched the diamond skin flow down his arm into the light. “Father’s little protections are working.” He sat down with her and waited for her to go into hysterics.

“I brought the chest with me.” She opened her traveling cloak and pulled out a small key chain sized trunk. She carefully handed it to her son.

“Thank you mother. I hoped I’d never have to use this.” He sighed.

“what’s it like?” She swallowed hard.

“Well… I get to sleep with Harry. So not so bad there. My sex life went from zero to foursome over the course of the last few weeks. And other then the insane amount of powers I now have and the rules regarding them. And the insane vampire who sired me. I’m doing rather good. Course now I’m involved in a world war of the vampires.” He shrugged. “But I’m getting shagged, so all’s right.”

“All’s right? ALL’S RIGHT!” Narcissia became livid. “You’re a vampire. YOU DIED. HOW IS THAT BLOODY FUCKING ALL’S RIGHT!?” She stood up and started pacing.

"So this is what Harry meant by my rage." Draco blinked.

"This isn't rage. This is frustration. Rage is the scar your father had on his shoulder." Narcissia shot Draco a look.

"Scar on ..."

"His shoulder."

"What'd he do to get a scar?" Draco quirked up an eyebrow.

"He told me he took you to see Voldemort to get you the dark mark." Narcissia stopped for a second. "He barely got that out before I'd nearly severed his arm." She smirked.

"I always thought he got hurt in a duel or something."

"Oh it wasn't a duel. It was me kicking his arse because he gave MY son to THAT thing." Her eyes were wild then. "And then you went and cut your arm off." She sat down beside him and stroked his new arm. "You just come back to me... explain that you're in love with Harry... and leave me to find him and love him... and you died." She looked up at him. "I 'm frustrated because I couldn't save you and I can't fix this." She sighed and held him close. "you're so cold..." She looked up.

"I haven't fed yet." Draco bit his lip.

"Oh... right." Narcissia's expression became very practical. She pulled out a vial and handed it to him.

"What's this?"

"A Black family tradition." She looked at him solemnly.


"The Malfoy's aren't the only ones who plan ahead." She smirked. "The Black's have had vampires in their family tree before. We just didn't talk about them. But the kiss of Black Vampires distilled their strongest powers into that blood. There's a hidden place that only those of our blood know about, and are only told about at adulthood." She pointed at the blood in Draco's hand. "I got you a sample of the blood. And I added the location in your trunk." She patted his hand. "Drink."

"Okay." He unstopped the vial and downed the blood. He felt the magic in it just before he began to shake. The Black's had practices ancient dark magics long ago forbidden in the British Isles and long since forgotten. Forgotten by all but the Black family. Draco convulsed as he felt the magic bonding with him.

"Shh." Narcissia put her hand on his back. "It'll bond in a minute or two and you'll be fine." She cried softly as she watched the magic blend itself in her son.

"I...." Draco trembled as his skin seemed to split and slide away. He stood before his mother, naked covered in a serpent's skin. He had large nodules on his shoulder blades and a blade like row of tines that went down his spine. He opened his jaw and rows of fangs sprang out. He roared and looked down at his clawed hands. His roar continued as the nodules opened up and his wings spread out. He felt the power in him flare and bowed his body. Pinning his hands to his forehead he sucked the change back into him and shed the new form as if it simply melted away. He fell to his side naked, his flesh glowing slightly.

"The magic in the transfiguration spell needed for an animagus transformation... one of our ancestors perfected it. And was then turned into a vampire. He gained the power to become a humanoid version of his animal to call, which was also his animagus form." She stroked his hair. "You gained his bat wings, and your animal to call's animagus form." She smiled. "Powers that are now tied into you and your blood line once you start it." She looked at him seriously.

"More power...." Draco panted. "I feel the Black Family magics working in me." He panted.

"It will unlock powers in you and levels of magic you didn't know you had in your blood." She put a stray lock of hair out of Draco's face.

"so much power..." He whimpered, clinging to his mother's arm.

"No one will ever harm my little boy again."


"I think that went well." Harry stretched once they'd apperated home.

"What went well?" Draco walked out with a cup of tea in his hands.

"Our trip to Bobby's to pick up Sam." Nathaniel pointed to Sam who was holding the sleeping Teddy.

"Well you have one other guest to meet today." Draco sat the tea down.

"Who?" Sam looked confused.

"My mother." Harry's eyes instantly shot open. "Upstairs looking at the coffin."

"Good, it gives me time to get out of this country." Harry turned and tried to disparate.

"Detinēro." Narcissia intoned as she flicked her wand.

"damn it." Harry muttered.

"We need to talk Mr. Potter." Her eyes narrowed down.

"Hi Narcissia." Harry bit his lip.

"Mother." Draco warned. "I'll have to tell you now, no fighting with my lovers." He crossed his arms. "And with an animagus transformation with my vampire strength, you're not going to win this one mother." Draco narrowed his eyes.

'what's an animagus?' Nathaniel sent out to his link between Harry and Sam.

'Like being a lycan, only you pick when you transform, and there's no personality to your beast, it's just you in an animal shape. But... vampires shouldn't be able to learn it... let alone use it the way he's implying.' Harry's confusion was clear.

"I won't take my anger out on him." Narcissa said evenly.

"That's something at least." Draco turned to Harry.

"I suppose." Harry moved closer.

"I don't hold you responsible." She crossed her arms. "I'm not pleased, but you're taking very good care of my son all things considered." She moved to the couch and sat down. "But I do expect you to watch out for my son so that he's safe." She looked at him reproachfully.

"Yes ma'am." Harry nodded.

"Now I hear you're a stripper?"

Chapter Text

"Why is it that the only thing people care about when it comes to me is that I'm a stripper?" Harry asked after Narcissia had headed out to disapperate.

"You have other qualities." Draco assured him.

"Yeah. But all anyone cares about it seems is that I take my cloths off. EVERYONE takes their cloths off. I just get paid to do it..." He said in a low voice.

"It's okay." Nathaniel walked up and hugged Harry. "There are worse things to be paid for. TRUST ME. But their focused on the fact that they think you're wasting your life. That and they can't understand why people would take their cloths off for money. Not being able to see past that puts blinders on them. More and more till they have a very myopic view of the universe." Nathaniel nodded to himself.

"Too much Jason time." Harry shook his head.

"I can have thoughts like that too you know." Nathaniel pouted.

"Yes you can." Harry smiled and hugged him. "You just don't voice them very often." He smiled brightly. "You're just as insightful as Jason." Harry held him.

"Oh, did you ever get to that work out?" Nathaniel looked at Harry.

"Not exactly. Remember when I left Bobby's house for a bit...?"


"I was out back in the junk yard crushing cars." Harry smirked. "It's nice to be able to smash a car with my bare hands instead of just using a spell." Harry stretched, his shirt lifted to show his relatively well-sculpted abs to the room.

"So, going to be on stage tonight?" Draco licked his bottom lip before pulling half of it in to hold it in a lopsided worry line of his lips.

"Yep." Harry grinned. "Nathaniel and I have a show. I have a show. He's got another one. And then I have one with Byron." Harry smiled.

"Byron... the British vampire..." Draco recalled with rancor. They'd gotten in a bit of a tiff when Byron had referred to Harry as Lov. Their relationship had dissolved after that. Resulting in the uneasy dislike of each other. "Lovely." Draco glared.

"You are invited to the show you know." Harry said around a mouth full of toast.

"So I can watch you and that... philandering..."

"He's a gay British vampire." Harry pointed a slice of bacon at Draco. "And just because he's also rather flamboyant and flirts like most men breath, doesn't mean for a second that I'm going to cheat on you with him. You're my gay British vampire. Not him." Harry swallowed. "You're all the vampire I want in my life."

"Thank you." Draco sighed. "I suppose I could go tonight. But who'll be watching Teddy?"

"I've got him." Anita said as she closed the door. "I had a long nap in the hospital. I'll be here on my night off, and I'd love to hang out with him." She smiled.

"So long as Zane stops with the stories." Harry shook his head.

"Stories?" Anita frowned.

"Yeah... he likes to tell Teddy stories about what he did this week." Nathaniel shot Anita a look.

"Shit, why didn't you tell me. I'd have stopped him ages ago." Anita looked shocked.

"Well... so far it's been only slightly inappropriate." Harry sighed. "But Zane seems to not know where the line is." He shook his head.

"I'll have a talk with him tonight." Anita nodded.

"Thanks. For watching Teddy and talking to Zane." Harry gave Anita a hug. "Oh I've been meaning to ask you... do you mind if I use your back yard for something?" Harry bit his lip, the worry plain on his face.

"What are you planning?"

"Making a magical forest for my clan to run through."



"Harry, your going to do what?" Draco looked at him to see if he'd heard him right.

"I'm going to conjure a magical forest for the Tarat to meet in." Harry was writing on a piece of paper laying in the sun out back of Anita's house, his body bathed in light as the only thing covering him was the loose looking shorts he was wearing.

"And how do you expect to keep that hidden?" Draco shook his head.

"I'm going to erect barriers and make it similar to the room of requirement." Harry smiled.

"Harry that was created through over lapping spells that eventually spawned the room." Draco looked shocked.

"Actually it was part that and part planning. The founders wrote very specific laws into effect inside the space that is the room." Harry traced out some symbols. "Now the problem is going to be getting materials." He bit the end of his quill.

"What would you need?" Draco looked astonished that Harry was being even remotely practical now.

"Well Tarat blood, mine, to allow us access. Which allows all those forms of lycan in...." Harry frowned. "But I'd want magical charms to warn me if anyone enters with out permission from me." He nodded. "I'd also need silver, lime stone, a clipping from one of the forbidden forest trees, and a lot of quartz dust." He looked down his notes. "Loads of quartz dust." He looked up at Draco.

"Well I can have most of that delivered in under an hour. But you're going to have to fire chat up McGonagall for a clipping of the forest. Her or Hagrid." He shook his head.

"Actually I have an in with the new Herbology teacher." Harry grinned.

"Sprout retired?" Draco's mouth fell open. "I hadn't heard about that... damn. Being in the colony really cut me off from the news. Who replaced her?" He stroked a hair out of Harry's face, his fingers in the sunlight and instantly shining with his diamond skin.


"Longbottom... teaches... at... gods." Draco closed his eyes and counted to 10.

"Potions he sucked at because of Snape. Herbology he outclasses anything we ever learned." Harry defended his friend. "And if anyone would have a clipping of the trees I need, it'd be him." Harry smiled. "You order your side of it, and I'll go handle Neville." Harry kissed Draco and headed inside.

"One day I'll understand what passes for his mind... I know I will." Draco sighed and went towards the phone to make some calls.


"Neville? You there?" Harry's face was shaped from flames in Neville's private room at Hogwarts. He suddenly caught a glimpse of flesh and saw Neville standing in nothing but a very clingy towel. "Neville, where did you get access to a weight room?" Harry asked very seriously as he drank in the toned and tanned body that had once been covered in baby fat.

"I started working out after that year of hell." Neville crouched down. "And what's up?" Neville frowned. "You're not in trouble are you?"

"Nope. Just need a huge favor." Harry grinned.

"And would this be the kind that's liable to get me sacked?" Neville gave a knowing look.

"I swear that you'll not loose your job or get in any trouble from this favor."

"Okay, and who are you and what have you done with Harry Potter?" Neville smiled.

"There is no way I'm that bad." Harry with indignation in his voice.

"Nope, just cost me a lot of house points." Neville smiled. "Whatcha need?"

"About seven to eight inches of clippings from the Forbidden Forest." Harry said innocently.

"Oh is that all." Neville said sarcastically.

"Pretty please?" Harry smiled.

"Give me time to get dressed and I'll go get you a sample." Neville shook his head.

"Who are you talking too?" Dean Thomas walked out wearing nothing but his own wet hair and he put his hands on his hips when he saw Harry's face in the flame. "You had better not get him in any trouble Harry."

"I solemnly swear that I'm up to no evil." Harry did a mock solute.

"Some how... I don't believe you." Dean shrugged. "At any rate. I'm going to finish the shower, you coming back in honey?" He kissed Neville's cheek.

"Going to run down and get some clippings for Harry." Neville blushed.

"Nothing to be ashamed of Nev." Harry grinned. "I'm dating Draco Malfoy, Nathaniel Graison, and Sam Winchester. Trust me, YOU have nothing to be ashamed of being with Dean."

"Thanks. That's what I keep telling him." Dean swatted Neville on the ass. "I'll see you once I've drained all the hot water." Dean vanished.

"You aren't... like... creeped out or anything are you?" Neville asked Harry's head quickly.

"Neville. I'm a lycan. I'm dating two lycans and a vampire. If neither of you is a blood thirsty monster, I count you as one of the normal couples."

"Oh." Neville nodded. "I'll just go get that clipping." Neville transfigured his robe into what looked like outer robes and headed out. He wasn't gone twenty minutes when he came back in with a wrapped package. "I hope you only need the six of them. The rest are kind of ear marked for other projects."

"Thanks, that'll be more then enough." Harry smiled as he accepted the package as it came through the fire to him. "Thanks Neville." Harry grinned.

"Don't say anything about..." Neville pointed at the shower room.

"Sure thing." Harry grinned. "Thanks again." Harry lifted the package and pulled back. He smiled at Draco. "I have my end of the deal, you have yours?"

"They'll be portkey'd into the back yard soon." Draco walked with Harry as a couple large crates popped into being. The delivery wizard made room and sacks of the quartz powder popped into existence in the open space he made.

"Thank you." Draco paid extra.

"Your welcome. Thanks for picking Wiz Co. for your supply needs." He bowed and popped out of existence as he disapperated.

"Wiz Co.?" Harry looked at Draco.

"Best at large scale supply delivery." Draco said sagely as he opened up the crates. "Now where do you want this?"


"Okay. The alter is set up. The magic is set up. And now all I have to do is seal the circle." Harry flicked his wand at the bags of quartz dust and they animated and began pouring out the circle and the shapes. "You should probably get back to the house." Harry looked over his shoulder to Draco.

"Okay." Draco took off.

"Okay..." Harry noticed the empty sacks laying themselves out. "Good." Harry flicked his wand again and flames started up in all the candles he'd set up. "Hear me now oh nature gods. I beg of thee this place to enchant. Spread life with in this barrier. Grow a wide forest that seems endless. Fill it with magical beasts and creatures that the Tarat Lycans may hunt and worship you with the hunt you so deserve. Oh gods of nature, hear my prayer and see this magic to its completion." Harry flicked his wand again and started chanting. As he chanted, the flames in the candles burst into pillars of fire that expanded till they touched the quartz powder, each flame becoming a different color.

"{'(WISH GRANTED)'}" Eight voices said as once in every tongue Harry had ever heard, as Harry felt the power encompass the area. It created a box like shell of a room, causing the outside forest to grow till it eventually covered the outside of the box. One part was transformed into a kind of door that only the Tarat would notice. And from that the barrier was set. As the winds filled this now dark void Harry saw the moon over head and felt the cuttings from Neville flood from the alter and start growing, merging and with in a mater of minutes he was sitting in an ancient forest clearing.

Harry trembled as the magic flooded the area. Before he could blink Harry realized he was being watched. He looked up to see a herd of what looked to be a unicorn standing in the edge of the trees. Harry gasped, surely the powers above would not have sent him unicorns for his Tarat to hunt. He watched the beasts watching him and felt himself being judged and measured.

(We are not to hunt. Our blood your down fall be.) Harry felt rather then heard the herd leader speak to him. (We are here to purify the waters and keep this place in trust for you. Teach your Clan about us and keep them from harming us. And we will be your guard.) Harry nodded. (Other beasts roam these woods now. Magical birds are plentiful here, so too are the Owlbear, Changelings, Nalla, and more.) Harry saw flashes of each beast as it spoke to him. (And the Thestrals wait near the house. The life spring calls them stronger then this place.)

"Life spring?" Harry's mind flashed on Anita. "She's a necromancer."

(A life spring. All life exists. Some exists to give new life to the dead. That is all she is. A giver of new live. Short as it is. It is her nature. We can not judge her for doing what she is meant for.) Harry felt the truth of their words. (We will tend to this place, go now to her and explain the Thestrals. For they will need guidance.)

"Thank you." Harry bowed before running out.


"Harry..." Nathaniel said in an all together too calm voice. "Why are their zombie horses outside the house." He turned away from the window.

"Well their not zombies. Their Thestrals. Their born like that." He blinks. "You can see them." Nathaniel nodded. "You've witnessed death." He hugged Nathaniel then.


"Well, that's the thing about Thestrals. They can fly. They can pull things. And unless you've seen a human being die, then they are entirely invisible to you." Harry ticked off on his fingers.

"What are they doing here?" Nathaniel licked his lips.

"My ritual... it summoned them. But their more interested in Anita then in my little forest."

"Why Anita?"

"The unicorns said she was a life spring." Harry shrugged.


"Yeah. Oh they were summoned by the spell too. They... well their tending to the animals in the magical forest out back." Harry shrugged. "Where's Anita?"

"Sleeping." Nathaniel motioned but stopped when he saw her standing in the door way.

"Not so much." Anita rubbed the sleep from her eyes. "They're calling to me..." She motioned to the window.

"Well you're calling them here." Harry nervously licked his lips before adding. "The Thestrals are attracted to death and death magic." Harry tried to explain but was cut short as Anita walked out and stepped in front of one of the herd of Thestrals.

"He leads them." She said as her hand darted out to stroke him.

"Anita I'm not sure that's..." Harry was thrown back as Anita's power flared to life. Touching such a source of death magic with her own death magic was creating a violent reaction. When Harry could finally look up he saw what had started out life as a Thestral was now a much larger beast. While Thestrals were the size of horses, this new beast was roughly the size of a centaur. It was still as skeletal as any Thestral Harry had ever seen, but it seemed to be enveloped in a miasma, and it's once small skeletal leathery wings were now large and numerous. What had been two was now six large aged leather-looking wings. The creature also seemed to be wearing a kind of bone armor shell that had grown over its seemingly rotting flesh. "what is that?" Harry breathed.

"A death elemental." Anita said slightly confused from where she was laying down. "I touched it... and it became a death elemental." She looked a little thrown as she tried to right herself and couldn't seem to stand.

"It's big..." Nathaniel looked it up and down.

"That it is." Harry gaped. "I've never seen one that big."

"The horse or his cock?" Draco frowned from where he was leaning on the doorframe.

"The ... death elemental." Harry looked over to Draco.

"Right...." Draco smirked. "So now we have Thestrals and Death Elementals in the forest. Nothing like a touch of Hogwarts to make one feel at home." He smiled softly.


"Is Uncle Harry working tonight?" Teddy asked as he looked up from his coloring book.

"Yes. And Uncle Nathaniel." Anita smiled as Cynric walked in with her coffee.

"Uncle Nattie likes his job." Teddy went back to coloring.

"Does he know what Nathaniel and Harry do?" Cynric asked as he moved a blue strand of hair out of his eyes.

"They take their cloths off in front of people." Teddy continued to color as he spoke. "But it's something only adults should do." Teddy looked up at the too stunned adults who were watching him.

"Who told you that?" Anita bit the inside of her cheek.

"I heard Nattie talking about it." Teddy said plainly. "So I asked." He shrugged and went back to coloring.

"He reminds me a lot of Draco." Cynric shook his head.

"Well they are cousins." Anita sighed.

"Draco's my first cousin once removed." Teddy smiled brightly.

"Family history was important to his grandma." Anita smiled.

"She showed me the family tapestry." Teddy beamed.

"Tapestry?" Cynric frowned.

"Wizarding families, the old ones, Harry says, have a family tree tapestry that grows as children are born in the family." Anita watched Teddy coloring.

"That would be a good way to get the news out that there was a birth in the family." Cynric smiled softly, putting his head on Anita's shoulder.

"Don't go planning a family just yet." Anita gave him a look.

"I do not plan a head of my station." Cynric shrugged.

"Meaning?" Anita frowned.

"He's worried that he won't get to have kids." Teddy kept on coloring.

"How do you know that?" Anita looked at Teddy.

"He makes the same faces that Draco does." Teddy smiled at his picture.

"Ah." Anita tousled his now bright purple hair. "It's a lovely picture." Anita commented.

"Thank you Auntie Anita." Teddy snuggled into her arms.

"It looks like an owl in flight." Cynric blinked.

"YAY YOU CAN TELL WHAT IT IS!" Teddy jumped onto Cynric next, his hair matching Cynric's as he cuddled.

"I swear if I could bottle his energy...." Anita shook her head.

"It's okay." Cynric smiled as he held the little blue haired boy. "It's okay." He held the boy to him.

'Some how I think it's anything but.' Anita mentally sighed as Nicky walked out wearing nothing but the towel that he was using to dry his hair.

"NICKY!" Anita yelled. "Put something on!" She looked startled.

"Why?" Nicky looked down.

"Kid." She pointed.

"So?" Nicky shrugged. "I'm naked, I've got bits. And he can see them. So?" He frowned.

"You don't show little kids..." Anita started.

"How's he supposed to learn?" Nicky frowned.

"You agree with me don't you?" She turned to Cynric.

"We grew up naked with the streak." Cynric shrugged. "We were taught early on about our bodies and about how to handle them."

"Your group is a streak?" Nicky grinned.

"Says the lion from the pride." Cynric smiled back.

"I'm going to loose this one." Anita pinched the bridge of her nose. "God help me."


"Chuck you okay?" Dean looked over at Chuck who'd jumped.

"Yeah... I'm fine... I ... I just heard something." He shrugged.

"What'd you hear?" Micheal tilted his head.

"Just my imagination. Thought someone was calling my name." Chuck gave a weak smile.


"Ladies and Gentlemen, Guilty pleasures is proud to introduce Evan and Brandon." A sexy male voice said over the pa system. "Give it up for our mage of flesh and the wereleopard of your dreams." The stage flooded with mist. Harry and Nathaniel danced out into the mist wearing club cloths as Lady Sovereign's 'Blah Blah' played on the speakers. There was barely an inch between their bodies as they undulated the line of their body back and forth closer and closer to one another. It was like a punk style of belly dancing but they came apart and as they did they moved to a more free style dancing. Nathaniel looked at the audience as his long t shirt came off over his head. He turned back and ran his hands down Harry's open dress shirt. The shirt poofed into smoke and spread off his body. They'd worked out a charm before hand that would transport Harry's cloths to the dressing room.

Harry started the dance again, this time invading Nathaniel's personal space to the music. Working himself closer and closer till he had Nathaniel against the wall. Nathaniel dodged shyly around but Harry caught his jeans and Nathaniel managed to unzip them and make it look like he was making love to the fabric as it slid down his body. Harry threw the fabric as it turned to mist. He had Nathaniel down to his thong and was pawing all over his body. He started gradually humping Nathaniel and gave a wicked smirk as he pulled his fly down and pulled his jeans open and started down with them, repeating Nathaniel's movements, but turning his own pants to mist in the end. Nathaniel tried to run then but Harry gave chase and the muscled planes of his flesh glistened with sweat and the lights above them. Harry was down to his own thong. The pair of them were dancing with their crotches so close it was as if they were one flesh.

Harry spun Nathaniel around and started grinding him and tore his thong off, instantly turning it to mist. Nathaniel lay naked on the stage were Harry held him before stroking down his flesh. He tore off his own thong and it joined Nathaniel's as mist. He angled himself and it looked to the gasping audience that the two naked men on stage where having sex. Granted that was an effect of the spell Harry had used. In fact he was only humping against Nathaniel but since the audience couldn't see their bits, it looked real enough. His hips moving at a brutal pace Harry looked like he was raping Nathaniel. Nathaniel spun around to the gasp of the audience, and transformed. His rippling muscles flowing into his fuzzy cat from. He pulled away from Harry and swiped at him. The audience was eating up the show, on the edge of their seat as the large black leopard took another swipe with his large claws at his would be attacker's bare flesh.

Harry used the mist like a cloak to shield himself as he danced away from Nathaniel. The mist seemed to move and thicken as he moved, hiding him away. He laughed as he stood behind the cat and pointed his wand at it. Nathaniel seemed to fold in on himself and he turned back into a man. He crouched and tried to run, but no mater which way he went, Harry was there blocking him. The audience could feel Nathaniel's terror. When he was moved back to the center of the stage Harry circled him. He moved behind him and looked like he penetrated him again, this time the audience was looking at Nathaniel's sculpted chest as he was taken. The look on his face a mix between lust and fear as he struggled to get a way. But Harry held him tight. As his hips kept up their pumping. Nathaniel made one last effort and when it failed he growled and this time transformed into his leopard man form. Harry did his part by looking like Nathaniel's body had reshaped around his cock while it was buried in him. Nathaniel broke free and ran off the stage, the vague shape of his equipment, hard and needy, bobbing in the mist could be seen, but no real details could be made out as he ran through the audience. Just as he got to the back, Harry was standing in front of him. He walked him back towards the stage. His own healthy cock bobbing as he walked, the details swallowed by the mist he was as good as wearing. He backed Nathaniel right up to the stage which he leaned on. Harry leaned in to steal a kiss and Nathaniel pounced, spinning and pulling Harry on to the stage. He pinned him face down, his large cock dangling and almost visible as Nathaniel aimed and seemed to penetrate him with his larger organ.

Harry moaned and thrashed as he seemed to be taken roughly by his would be victim. His body tensed and he appeared to cum across the stage as he was fucked on stage. Harry just kept cumming, they could see the white fluid land on the stage between the mist when it opened up to show them. Harry's moan of pleasure was swallowed by Nathaniel's roar of triumph as he emptied himself deep in Harry, from the audience's prospective, and pulled out before walking off stage. Harry lay there limp on the stage before getting up in doggie style and seemed to finger himself. One hand in his ass, the other grasping his still hard dick, in the mist he jerked off one last time before dancing after his partner. The silence lasted seconds before there was applauds and standing ovations, not a dry seat in the house from their pantomime of sex. All of it legal since they never directly showed penetration, orgasm, or any actual sexual organs, no one would ever be able to prove they had had sex.

"Gods doing that gets me so fucking horny." Harry walked back stage sporting a throbbing hard on.

"Well I'm going to curl up in the back for a bit." Nathaniel shifted back into his human form. "Even with the magic, that takes a lot out of me. I might miss your next performance." He pouted.

"Well Asher's been taping them. I think they plan to release a dvd soon." Harry grinned.

"Gods, could you imagine the royalties off of that?" Nathaniel shook his head.

"I'm thinking collage fund for Teddy." Harry grinned.

"I was thinking school supplies." Nathaniel grinned. "You told me about some of the prices of the stuff for first years alone." He shook his head.

"We can afford it." Harry leaned in and kissed Nathaniel.

"Now, now Lov, can't let anyone see you two love birds snogging each other." Byron grinned as he walked up in his robe.

"Byron, you ready for our show in a bit?"

"Yes, London's on stage now. And then it's a Caleb and a werewolf." Byron smiled as his eyes were for Harry's cock only. "Then it's our turn to dance." He looked up.

"A werewolf? Jason not on tonight?" Harry frowned.

"Nope. He's at home with a good book." Byron licked his lips.

"Save it for the dance floor Byron." Nathaniel turned around. "Draco's in the audience, as is Sam, you'll enjoy torturing them just the same." He smirked.

"Oh goodie. Duckies here to be played." Byron gave an evil smirk.

"You have way too much fun with this." Harry warned.

"Hey, I have the patent on gay blonde British vampire. He's horning in on my brand." Byron quipped.

"Gods this is going to be a mess isn't it." Harry sighed.

"Only if he leaves his seat." Byron smirked wickedly as he walked away.

"I fear for us all." Nathaniel yawned, loosing some of the effect.


"Ladies and Gentlemen, put your hands together for their second time on stage tonight. Evan and Jax!" Harry shook his head. Why Byron chose Jax as his stage name had confused him. Why anyone would want to be known as a spring heeled jack he'd never know. But Harry didn't pretend to even understand half of what went through Byron's mind.

The slow country beat of 'I hope you dance anyway' by Lee Ann Womack started up and the pair began to dance. First in ballroom and as the beat picked up more like the sensual dances that Harry had started out doing with Nathaniel. As they danced, Byron's shirt burst into tiny cascade of silvery stars. The stars flew out among the audience and seemed to hang there like the stairs in the sky. As the tune went on they worked themselves around the stage, Harry's shirt joining Byron's as a series of silver sparkles. He made the dance more romantic, sending off the sense that true love could be had in the vampire's arms. Where his dance had conveyed lust and animal attraction with Nathaniel this spoke to a deeper love.

Harry let Byron lead. Their dance taking them down off the stage to be among the audience. Swaying and dancing, their movements mimicking the act of love. They moved closer to one another and their pants burst into star light at the same time. Leaving the pair in naught but their glittering thongs. They were panting hard when a dark cloaked figure strode out of the shadows and grasped Byron's hand. London's dark looks and sense of being took the dance in a new direction. He led Byron, dancing him about the floor, back towards the stage as the music became Police's 'Roxanne'. Byron's cloths bled back into being as a red tux as he was lead by the cloaked London. He danced a dark tango throwing his cloak at Harry, it burst into red sparkles as he stood there. He spun Byron around and came close to kiss Byron when Harry grabbed him and his cloths became a silvery tux.

'It's more then I can stand'

'I hope love never leaves you empty handed...' The music bled back into the first song. Harry danced and helped Byron out of his jacket, throwing it at London as it became silvery star light. They danced a slow dance. As Harry moved into kiss.

'Never settle for the path of least resistance...'

'Feelings I can't fight...' London danced Byron away, taking his shirt off of him, leaving Byron bare chested as they danced. The music swelling as they tangoed. London moved faster and faster. Dipping and dancing with Byron. Byron swooned, as Harry grabbed him and danced him away.

'Loving might be a mistake, but it's worth making.' Harry spun Byron and his once again silver pants burst into silver star light leaving him in his thong as he was danced between the pair. As they danced, London began undressing. Down to just his own pants and what ever he had left he picked up Bryon and pulled him from a close kiss with Harry.

'Promise me, you'll give fate a fighting chance. And promise me... if you get the choice... to sit it out or dance... you'll dance....' London danced Byron away as it turned back to 'Roxanne'. He was dancing Byron into Harry and as they collided with Harry London's pants burst into red stars as they did a three-way tango. Dancing and trying to pull each other from Byron's arms. As both songs worked on till the lights of their stars came in an explosion of colors and deafening silence as the three stood close together panting for breath. The audience jumped to their feet clapping at the show they'd just seen.


"That went well." Byron grinned.

"At least he didn't jump us and hex your nuts off." Harry wiped the sweat from his body with an offered towel.

"I'm glad I'm off for the night." London stretched.

"Speak for yourself there Dark Knight. Harry's got to go back out there." Byron stretched.

"You're pulling four times on the stage?" London frowned.

"Four tonight. And only two tomorrow." Harry nodded. "I'm working extra to pick up shifts. I told Asher and Jean-Claude anytime they needed someone to fill in, I'd take the spot so they didn't have to worry." Harry panted.

"You're insane." London looked at him confused.

"I've heard that a few times." Harry grinned. "Usually more like I'm mental." Harry laughed.

"The Daily Prophet spewing more lies?" Byron frowned.

"You read the Prophet?"

"We both did. Back when we were in England." London stretched again.

"Huh. I didn't know muggles read it." Harry blinked.

"Well we're magical in so much that we're vampires." Byron shrugged. "But yeah, we nicked it from some wizards we were feeding on." He grinned.

"You wicked beast you." Harry grinned back.

"I'm wicked? I think you have me confused with someone roughly six foot two, neat short black hair and a look of wicked cleanliness to him." Byron referred to The Wicked Truth.

"You know, I've been wondering... how identical are they...." Harry blushed slightly.

"You know... I've never seen them in the showers." Byron tilted his head to the side.

"I'm not talking about this." London walked away quickly.

"I'd take that as a 'he's seen them naked'?" Harry looked after London.

"You know I think it does..." Byron took off after London.


"Ladies and Gentlemen, for the final show tonight, we have a rare treat. Evan, one of our newest men for your viewing pleasure, is going to transform for the first time on stage." The roar of crowd appeal was huge. "Evan is a Tarat, an ancient and long thought dead race of Lycans. They have traits from wolves and cats. And are a mystery of the deep jungle." Jungle music began to play as Harry came out dressed in an Aztec ceremonial robe. His flesh was bare in a lot of places as he danced to the woodwind music laced into the jungle sound. As the heavy drums started Harry threw the robe to the back of the stage revealing his ankle length loin cloth, leather strapped chest, and he began his tribal dance to the drum beet.

Harry's hips began to gyrate as he moved along the stage. He grew out his claws and sliced the leather causing the strips to slide down his body and land on the floor as he danced away from them. Blended into the music Shakira's 'Hips don't lie' started up as Harry shimmied his way down amongst the audience. He started fondling his body, stroking his flanks and running his enlarged hands along his flesh as he danced. Once he was in the middle of seats, Harry's claws severed the strands holding the loin cloth on. Revealing his skintight thong made of a glittering gold material.

Harry moved to the music till the beat got more intense and he burst his skin. His body transforming in one solid movement. Looking like his Tarat man-beast form rose out of a deep water that was his human body. Till he stood in amongst the audience wearing naught but his gold thong against his dark furry form. He continued to dance to applauds and tips being slid into his thong's pouch. Harry wasn't new to this game anymore. The customer gets a few seconds to fondle you while stuffing your thong with your tips. Harry's above average manhood always raked him in some good-sized tips.

He bumped and ground his moneymaker as he moved around the room. Till he got to Draco and Sam's table and could see the look of open lust on their faces. They wanted him. And they wanted him right that minute. Smiling to himself he danced around them, knowing he'd made his point. That at least once in a while date night should be held on a day he worked. He danced his way around the room to finish his circuit and please his adoring fans before collecting his cloths and bowing before leaving the stage. He was happy and exhausted. Harry shifted back and yawned as he headed towards the break room to see if Nathaniel was ready to go or if he could ketch a quick nap there himself when a warm firm hand grabbed him and spun him around.

"Gods you don't know how much I wanted to pin you down and take you right there on stage." Draco snogged Harry into the wall, Sam watching out for them.

"Liked the show then?" Harry said, his fingers brushing his kiss bruised lips.

"YES!" Draco said, his eyes pulsating with need. "Get Nathaniel... our bed is calling." Draco moved and stared after Harry's bare ass as he went after Nathaniel. 'Gods I can't wait to get into that tonight.'

Chapter Text

"I just can't believe it." Draco sighed as he played with his silver snake. "He invites us to watch him have mock sex with a few people, get us all hot and bothered, and then he gets to say he's too tired for sex?" Draco huffed.

"You're getting better at willing that snake." Melanie observed as she listened to Draco.

"Thanks." He smiled at her. "It's just good to have someone who doesn't mind listening to me." He stretched. "One immortal being to another nearly immortal, what's it like to out live most of the humans?" Draco looked at her with a sad look in his eye.

"It takes time." She moved to sit next to Draco. "To come to terms with the shock of realizing what feels like days to you has been entire life times. I remember growing up with dear friends. And I still expect to find them running around even though they've been dust for more then a few thousand years." She shrugged. "I may eventually get over it. Or I may not. Only time will tell." She smiled brightly. "I am sure of one thing. You do not wish me a slave." She stretched.

"Not even slightly." Draco toyed with his snake. "I lived as a slave in my own home. Then was given away to Voldemort." Draco closed his eyes, trying not to remember the ceremony that had bound him to Voldemort. "I wouldn't wish that on anyone else." He stroked the snake in his hand.

"And I think that's what makes you so pleasant to be around." She stroked Draco's hair. "It's been a long time since I found someone who was this... open to the snake." She smiled brightly.

"I'd be worried you'd try to turn me into a Lamia, but I know you can't transform a vampire into one of your kind." Draco held her hand.

"And mores the pity. But I see things in you." She grinned.

"Like what?" Draco looked up at her.

"{This.}" Her sibylline voice hissed as she touched Draco's forehead. Instantly his serpent skin spread across his flesh leaving him a snake man sitting on her bed. "{I do not know how you have come to possess the flesh of a lamia to wrap yourself in, young one. But I do know that you possess it.}"

"{One of my ancestors was able to become an animagus, when he became a vampire the power mutated into being able to become a snake man. My mother brought me a vial of the magically charged blood of her side of the family where his powers were stored.}" Draco hissed back.

"{Ah. Sorian Black.}" Melanie nodded.

"{You knew him?}" Draco's slit eyes flashed.

"{Who do you think taught him to become a snake?}" Her smile played across her face. "{I taught him the flesh of a lamia, as I taught our tongue to Salazar Slytherin. But tongues were never enough for Salazar... no he needed servants. So he took what he knew of my people's magic and created the basilisks. Releasing our gods on anyone unpure.}" Draco could taste the dirty feeling she put into the words. "{I hear he died alone, bitter and old, broken save one power. To call snakes.}" She smiled. "{At least he didn't forget.}"

"{The people who write the history books should really talk to you.}" Draco marveled.

"{Some of them did. When my former master allowed it. I was kept as his pet on a tight leash. Only let out when he willed it. But then he never knew about my cave of my children and would be kin had Anita not killed them.}" She sighed and lamented, as much as her Lamia nature allowed, the loss of what could have been. "{When you get to be my age, you long for family.}" She stroked a hand down Draco's exposed snake skin chest. "{So very lonely....}" She looked up at him.

"{Uh... Melanie....}"

"{SSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHH}" Draco cooed as she shushed him in Parsaltongue.



"Draco?" Dean frowned as he spotted Draco, his cloths utterly a mess, his hair sticking up at odd angles. He looked flushed and was panting. "You okay?"

"yeah... yeah... I.... yeah..." He looked around and Dean spotted the huge hickie on Draco's neck.

"Shit, Harry's playful isn't he?"

"Harry? What?" Draco touched it. "Oh... uh... no, not Harry.. Definitely NOT Harry." Draco held his neck. "Uh, you want something?" He tried to recover.

"I was going to tell you we're having a meeting over at Anita's place... and if that's not Harry's handy work, whose is it?" Dean smirked.

"ONE very aggressive person, who needs to learn that vampire flesh is STILL capable of chafing.." He continued to blush as he walked out with Dean.

"How much blood have you been drinking to be able to blush like that?"

"I am not blushing!" Draco demanded, till he passed a mirror and cursed under his breath. "Okay, so I AM blushing." He huffed.


"Leave it alone."


"LEAVE it alone Dean." Draco's eyes flashed. He wasn't trying to roll Dean, but he was nearly ready to make the Marshal forget what he's seen.

"Okay then." Dean shrugged it off.


"You know... you look vaguely familiar." Draco frowned as he looked at Chuck.

"I've got one of those faces." He fained a smile.

"Nope. I don't know muggle faces. But I do remember seeing that face somewhere." Draco sat down and crossed his arms, his silver snake curling around his wrist. "I'll think of it eventually." Draco shrugged.

"Goody." Chuck sighed.

"To Anita's." Dean started the car and took off. Laughing to himself as Draco sat looked at Chuck from time to time trying to place is face.


"Okay, we're all here Dean. Why all the secrecy?" Anita was leaning on the rail of the front porch. She watched as Dean and Draco got out of the front seat. She tensed as Micheal got out of the back seat by suddenly being half way to the porch. The fourth person got out of the car and Anita could feel something strange about him. "Dean who is this?"

"This is Chuck, he's a prophet. He sees the future and writes it down." Dean shrugged.

"He's much more then that." Anita bristled at him. She'd felt this before. This feeling of power that flooded the room. She felt it every time she'd prayed and God and listened to her. She looked at Chuck like he was some oddity.

"Hey Anita." Chuck waved. He took too more steps and her cross burst into gold light.

"Who are you?" Anita said, still wearing the glowing cross that was shockingly cool to her skin.

"Well I think you know that." Chuck walked forward and the night became day as the cross became a comfortable but bright light. "You pray daily, sometimes forty times a day. You have only asked me about something sexual once. I had Marianne tell you that You had all the facts and you knew what you had to do, I just didn't get why you were asking me." He shrugged. "And see things worked out great." He motioned to Nathaniel.

"You can't be..." Micheal frowned.

"I wanted a vacation. I'm good at changing my face..." Chuck shrugged.

"That's where I know you!" Draco hit his forehead, everyone turned to look at him. "Father had a book that contained the faces of every god in their human form. There were six chapters on just your faces." He smiled. "That's why you look familiar." He walked up to Harry.

"You know you're a right bastard for being able to do that." Damian said from inside the house.

"Do what?" Draco looked around.

"You're sparkling." Harry pointed to Draco's skin.

"So? He's a day walker."

"Yeah, but this is holy sun light." Chuck turned to Draco with a frown. "You should be unable to move or at least running for cover. How do you sparkle."

"I'm a polytheist." Draco shrugged.

"That's never stopped a vampire from cowering before." Chuck frowned.

"I just don't believe in you that strongly." Draco shrugged.

"Even with me standing in front of you?"

"Nope. I can see a lot of things. I can do a lot of things. But it doesn't mean I fall down and worship every thing I see." He shrugged. "I'm a Malfoy. We do things our way." Draco smiled.

"Malfoy. Oh that explains it." Chuck nodded.

"How's his last name make that much of a difference?" Dean frowned now.

"The Malfoys and I have a long standing issue with one another." Chuck looked Draco up and down like he was measuring him. "Ever since 1482." Draco's eyebrows shot up.

"You're talking about Lancelot De Malfoy." Draco looked shocked.

"You know his story then?" Chuck smiled.

"He was caught fornicating in a temple, the priest found him and, after a long drawn out ceremony he was excommunicated from the church." Draco grinned. "Of course he was a pure blood wizard who was also a devote Catholic, back in those days it wasn't so difficult to be both." Draco shrugged. "We have a LOT of family rules that were written because of him." He smiled. "A Malfoy shall not work with the church, A Malfoy will not become a member of any religion beyond his magical heritage. A Malfoy shall not ever make consultation with deities of religions not be fitting of a pure blood wizard."

"Now that just hurts my feelings." Chuck grinned.

"The only Malfoy who ever had more rules written after his life was Great Uncle Hector. We have a lot of rules listing which animals and magical beasts we will not have sex with. Randy devil that he is." Draco shook his head. "But we know that because he was worried about his immortal soul and the souls of all his kin's men he supposedly summoned the Catholic God to him through a very strong ritual and made a deal with him."

"The deal as your family puts it, was this. I would give him alone protection from the church. And ensure that the souls of his children and their children and so on would reach Heaven. But he would have to do two things for me. Ensure that non of you ever believed in me again because if you did, it would breach the contract and the magic. The other was he was to set up an account that was away from the regular funds your family holds. This account was to be were he stored several things for me." Chuck looked at Draco.

"Vault number 112...." He looked shocked.

"Vault number 112." Chuck held up a Gringots' key for Draco and Harry to see.

"But that's a myth... no one in the family's ever been able to prove that vault 112 actually ever belonged to us." Draco protested.

"Oh it did." Chuck smiled. "It's also where several of my relics were hidden during the 1940's. The Catholic church was busy selling its soul out the backdoor to the Nazi's." Chuck shook his head. "So I had my agents in the Wizarding world help me move some things into 112. It's got all sorts of holy artifacts that I so did NOT want the Nazi's getting control over."

"I have to ask the question... why is any of that important?" Harry frowned.

"You're going to need to know a few things." Chuck pulled a piece of paper out of his pocket. "Something's coming. You pissed off some very angry and very powerful people by taking away their would be Tarat. And now making ties to the vampires and the Necromancer? They want you dead. In a bad bad way." Chuck sighed. "And while normally I wouldn't show myself, I'd just use one of my agents... I've been on vacation too long. No one knows to take orders from me now." He shook his head. "So I'm here, because you're going to need help. And because Anita needs to know a few things."

"What do I need to know?" Anita swallowed.

"The reason why." Chuck looked into her eyes.


"Any clue what he's saying to her in there?" Harry turned to Draco who seemed to be leaning towards the house.

"I'm not sure. He may have made my family immune to his powers. And taught us how to self immune ourselves later on. But what ever he's doing is making me hear Phoenix song instead of him and Anita talking." Draco scowled.

"You really shouldn't scowl you know... you'll get wrinkles." Harry grinned.

"Harry the only thing that can give me wrinkles now is a piece of wood about 12 inches long." Draco closed his eyes and regretted saying that.

"So you're saying riding Sam will give you wrinkles. Good to know." Harry chuckled.

"You are such a...."

"Such a what?" Harry taunted.

"Such a Gryffindor!" Draco protested.

"Thank you." Harry mock bowed from where he was sitting on the deck. "Oh, did Jake call?" Harry nuzzled Draco.

"Yes, your new Tarat called. He's a little excited. He got a new job. And he wanted to know if he could move in or if you had clan housing set up yet since he'd have to move farther out this way anyway for his new job." Draco smiled softly.

"Clan housing.. Well I have the forest... but I hadn't... I mean... shit." Harry put his head in his hands. "I'm the clan's leader... I'm supposed to be on top of this sort of thing." He sighed.

"Well I do have the magical movers and construction company on retainer. I'm sure I can open my house or maybe have another house built and then have it charmed to open to a door here in this house. Something like a Tarat doggy door." Draco smiled.

"Bending space?" Harry looked up at Draco.

"More like linking. But I won't tell if you don't." He smiled. They both knew that in a muggle home, having a magical doorway that even slightly bent the laws of the physical universe was a big issue. It could land you in Azkaban for life. But since Anita was a Necromancer and there was scores of lycans and vampires at her house at any given time... they figured they could get away with this little bit of magic.

"I'll let you handle the details then." Harry leaned in and kissed Draco.

"thanks." Draco mumbled, his cock hardening again.

"You've fed already?" Harry grinned.

"Yeah." Draco replied shyly as he tried to think up an answer to the question Harry was bound to ask.

"{Wanna go inside and see if we can make an indecent amount of noise?}" Harry hissed in Draco's ear.

"gods..." Draco whimpered, his cock throbbing. "You know what that does to me." He panted.

"{Yes. I know. And I can't wait to see you naked, screwing your brains out on my cock.}" Harry curled his lips as he spoke.

"Harry..." Draco whimpered, his cock drooling in his boxers.

"{I wonder if talking like this can make you cum.}" Harry worried Draco's lip between his teeth. "{Your hard cock just spewing molten hot cum into your pants... your large balls contracting and spasming as you empty yourself over and over again.}"

"Ha-harr-harry.." Draco panted. He was close.

"{It makes me want to manifest some maple syrup and drizzle your naked flesh in it before slowly licking it off with tiny cat like swipes of my tongue.}" Harry grinned as Draco contorted his face trying to keep from cumming. "{And in the end all I have to do is say one word to make you cum. Just one.}" Harry paused and Draco looked up at him. "{Phonebook}" Harry drew the word out as Draco's eyes rolled back and he gave a wordless moan, shooting off in his pants. Harry caught him as he went boneless."{And yeah I smell her. I smell her on every part of you she touched.}" Harry's voice went cold. "{Draco I don't share so well in my love life. I had to share everything growing up... Even at Hogwarts I couldn't have anything that was just mine. Draco, I know I'm making you share me... and I know it's not rational what I'm asking... but... don't make me share...}" He nuzzled Draco's neck.

"{I'm sor-}" Harry put fingers to Draco's lips and silenced him with a gentle stroke of his kissable lips

"{You didn't know my hang up. No harm no foul.}" Harry kissed Draco. "{I won't hold this against you. And I don't mind you and the them having sex.}" Harry glanced at Nathaniel and Sam who were sitting talking with Dean and Micheal. "{I just... no girls... please?}" Harry's voice took a pleading tone.

"{No more girls.}" Draco nodded.

"{Good.}" Harry moved over and licked Draco's ear. "{What say we ask Dean if we can try to stain his seats?}" Harry looked hopeful.


Dean didn't feel it was conducive to their staying alive to have sex in his car, so Draco, Harry, Sam, and Nathaniel decided they'd have a little fun out in the woods. They told Dean that they had their cell phones if and when they were needed. Till then the three lycans and the vampire were going to go out into the woods and have a nice healthy bout of sex. Dean had scoffed at that but Micheal had started to open his mouth so he focused his energy on shutting the annoying and mouthy angel up.

"This feels so strange..." Sam commented as he dropped his shorts and stretched naked in the shadow of a large hemlock tree.

"You get used to being naked outdoors." Nathaniel was doing stretches as well. He'd been watching Teddy most of the day and was more then a little tuckered out.

"Well I've had to go sky clad for some rituals over in England." Harry supplied as he walked up to them, his cock half hard and leading the way. "And I didn't think I'd ever get this comfortable in my own skin. I think it's a lycan thing." Harry turned around to where Draco was looking up at the stars, his milky white arse visible to the other three. "Him, he's always been that comfortable. Gods I remember one time Fred and George spilled this cloth remover down his front. Left him standing in front of the class baring his bollocks to the whole class and he just stood there and talked like he wasn't flashing us all his kit." Harry grinned.

"You know... Draco may get off on your parshaltongue, but your English accent is enough for me." Sam smiled, his cock hardening.

"What is it about the sound of my voice that does it for you two?" Harry shook his head.

"Dunno, I like your eyes." Nathaniel shrugged.

"Does no one like me for my brain?" Harry pouted.

"Potter, you're young, hot, and can talk two languages that turn at least two of us into jelly. Be happy and don't pout or we'll have to give you something to suck on that's a bit bigger then your thumb." Draco called over his shoulder.

"Promises, promises." Harry taunted. And demonstrating the Black family legacy through speed, Draco was suddenly in front of Harry snogging the life out of him while one hand found the back of Harry's head, crushing him to Draco, the other worked on firmly grasping his shoulder. Harry struggled to pull himself away from Draco to breath and only just succeeded when Draco used his considerable strength to push Harry down to his knees. His still hard and now moist cock pointed at Harry's chin till Harry took the hint and ducked down and captured the organ in his mouth.

Nathaniel smirked and moved behind Harry, crouching down onto the forest floor, his own ridged member running parallel to the ground as he moved in and grabbed Harry's buttocks. Grasping firmly he pulled Harry's ass cheeks apart and found the pink puckered rose of his hidden valley. Swooping in for the kill Nathaniel penetrated Harry's pucker with his nimble tongue.

"UMPH!" Harry moaned around Draco's cock. Draco panted and raked his fingers through Harry's raven locks. Sam moved behind Draco and ran a hand down Draco's back and started toying with the cleft between his ass cheeks. Draco smiled at him before Sam worked a finger into his cold nether regions. Sam loosened Draco's hole up a bit and then smacked him on the ass.

"I'll be back for some of that." He grinned before walking over and slamming into Nathaniel's upturned ass in one go. Nathaniel moaned from where he was eating out Harry's ass before settling back. Sam leaned across and pulled Draco into a kiss, his hips pounding into Nathaniel as fast as his lycan body can move. "Good." Sam's voice thick with lust as he buried his twelve inch bone in Nathaniel's tight opening. "Fuck, for someone who gets screwed as often as you are Nathaniel, you stay so damn tight..." Sam commented as he plowed.

"It's because he knows how to use his body and we're just learning what he has to teach." Draco retch down and stroked Nathaniel's cheek. "We love you." He looked Nathaniel in the eyes. "FUCK HARRY!" Draco closed his eyes as he started screwing Harry's throat. The Tarat had shifted his throat around so that he could swallow all that Draco had to offer.

"So good...." Sam moaned, his body begging for release in Nathaniel's upturned ass.

"Need to blow..." Draco whimpered as he slammed into Harry. "Need to..." He yelled as he emptied his still full balls into Harry's willing throat. "Shit..." Draco fell to his knees and began to snowball with Harry.

"Damn that's hot." Sam fully sheathed himself one last time in Nathaniel before blowing his load. Nathaniel gave a pout before Harry turned around and planted his ass firmly on Nathaniel's firm cock, taking it balls deep in his ass.

"Sam, can you sit on my lap?" Harry asked over his shoulder

"Sure...?" Sam raised an eyebrow as he came forward and offered his warm welcoming ass to Harry's throbbing cock. Harry sank himself into his boyfriend and pulled him in close. Harry looked up and smirked at Draco. Draco knelt down and gobbled Sam's still rampant cock into his mouth. "FUCK!" Sam moaned as he was caught between the two pleasures.

"Good idea." Nathaniel smirked as he fucked Harry into Sam. His hips a blur of motion as he made love as the top.

"Draco... can I try something a little... tighter... please?" Sam began begging as the suction got stronger.

"Sure." Draco pulled up and off of Sam's cock before whirling around and fully sheathing Sam into his tight hole.

"FUCK ME!" Sam moaned.

"Was that a comment or an order?" Draco arched an eyebrow.

"BOTH." Growled Harry as he picked up the pace between Nathaniel and Sam.

"Works with me." Draco began matching the over all pace as he bounced up and down on Sam's twelve inch rod, putting Sam's meaty bear like paw around his cock and fucking Sam's hand. He was panting as his dick was weeping from the pleasure the four found together. The four of them pounding away at one another till the forest was alive with the sounds of thick loads of cum being spilled into needy holes and pleasant sounds of contentment.


"Really guys?" Dean crossed his arms as three naked lycans and an equally naked vampire walked up to the house.

"The forest moves." Harry blushed. "And with it our cloths."

"I still want to know why Accio cloths didn't work." Draco frowned.

"Magical forest, too much magic going on right now for our magic to work. Most likely anyways." Harry turned to Draco.

"Who the hell corn holed you?" Dean walked up and felt around Harry's dripping asshole.

"That'd be me." Nathaniel meekly raised a hand.

"Damn." Dean looked at the sizable tool between Nathaniel's legs. "You have to register that as a deadly weapon?" Dean looked Nathaniel in the face.

"Only if I have to mine." Sam was swinging his own over sized cock back and forth.

"Shit." Dean looked at his brother's hard cock. They'd only seen each other in passing in the nude in the last few years. And Sam had been hiding his soft cock in the jail cell. But now out here, fully naked and still hard... Dean could see it all.

"Uh... Dean...?" Harry moaned.

"What?" Dean looked back at Harry.

"You're fingering my hole." Harry blushed as his cock started getting hard from the two fingers on Dean's right hand that were buried in Harry's open hole.

"Oh shit, sorry about that." Dean pulled his fingers out and licked them clean.

"You can always try that straight from the source..." Nathaniel shook his cock at Dean.

"I think I'll pass..." Dean blushed.

"Suit yourself." Nathaniel smiled as he moved back to Harry. "I think I'm going to try some of what you brought to life." Nathaniel dropped to his haunches and swallowed Harry's large dick in one go.

"Holy shit." Dean's jaw fell open.

"Actually no, that's produced by venerated monks." Micheal perched himself on the railing of the front porch. "What you're watching is the art of fellatio. Also more commonly known as a blow-job." He looked intently at where Harry's body seemed to melt into Nathaniel's. "And a damn fine one if you ask me." He smiled.

"Thank you." Nathaniel pulled off to say before going back in and attacking Harry's hard cock.

"Gods..." Harry muttered.

"Well I'm sure we'd all be pleased to know you pray to us when others are on their knees worshipping your mighty organ." Chuck walked out of the house with a grin on his face.

"not... what... I meant...." Harry panted.

"Does it really matter?" Chuck countered.

"Oh fuck no!" Harry gave a lazy smile as he stood their in front of most of his friends getting the world's best blow job. "Fuck." He panted.

"Another fine choice." Chuck smiled again. "But I think you've only got enough to flood his mouth in, 3, 2, 1, now." Chuck pointed as Harry's eyes closed, his head flung back and his mouth contorted in pleasure as he gave a mighty cry, emptying himself again, this time in Nathaniel's willing mouth. "Yep. Perfect timing." He smiled.


A half hour and a change of cloths later Draco was sitting in the front room reading when Dean walked up.

"Yeah?" Draco asked with out looking up from his book.

"Your lawyers got Sam out of jail.. but... he's been... well..." Dean sighed. "He's been fired." Draco put down his book, the magical bookmark of his instantly feeding itself into the closing book.

"What?" Draco looked shocked.

"Yeah, he was fired because the agency believes he acted in an undignified and unprofessional manor that they do not think upholds their standards for an officer."

"In short, he's being fired because he's a bloody werewolf." Draco shouted.

"Actually, if I'm reading this right, he's being fired because he called a lawyer during an investigate into his innocence for being a werewolf." Dean handed over the paper work.

"Of all the..." Draco stopped talking to read. After awhile Dean swore he could see Draco's eyes turn red. "I think I'll go make a call." Draco's lips pressed together to make a neat angry line on his face. "Yes. A call." He walked out of the room.

"I hope he doesn't have anyone killed." Dean closed his eyes as he rubbed the bridge of his nose. "On second thought. I'm hoping he doesn't get me put in jail." Dean sighed.


"Hello, Wolfram and Hart? Yes, this is Draco Malfoy, heir of the Malfoy estate. Yes, we did some business recently. You helped my lunarly challenged friend to get out of jail. He's just been fired for calling you in." Draco's voice came over the office speaker phone as the room of pleased lawyers instantly dropped into panic mode. "Now if we did things my father's way I'd be enacting clauses 476-2156-41a sub clause 4. In which I would be with in my rights to have anyone who touched this case killed. But I'm going to try a different tactic. Fix this. Fix it now. And MAYBE I won't ak everyone on sight when I visit you. Because believe me. WHEN I get the time, I will be making a visit. And a complaint to the senior partners. Seeing as my family helped put them in place, and oaths were sworn to us in blood, bile, and magics so powerful they'd kill any of you in that room in an instant, I think they might just care what I have to say. Especially since we have a clause that would give us total legal control over their offices in about 76% of the realms their in." Draco drew a breath.

"Sir I'm sure we can..." One of the lawyers started.

"Do shut up. I'm a cranky master vampire who's the head of a newly founded line of vampires, and I'm the legal heir to more money then your collective asses make in a decade. I would stress that I'm already cranky. Piss me off and we'll find out if the ak curse can travel through phone lines." Draco paused.

"I'm sorry sir. It won't happen again." He began panicking.

"See that it doesn't." Draco's rage could almost be felt over the phone. "Now I don't care what you have to do. I don't care what you charge me. Fix this or tell me how to. I'm giving you 24 hours. After that I'm going to apperate near your building and bring it down on your heads. Is that clear?"

"Yes sir." Draco hung up on them. "What's apperate mean?" One of the lawyers looked at the others.

"It means he'll use magic to teleport in, then he'll use even more magic to tear us apart and make us wish that someone hadn't fucked up. Get the lawyer that handled this in here NOW." The man sitting at the head of the table slammed his fists in.

"Sir... would Mr. Malfoy be in violation of his contract with us if he was consorting with a deity?" A quiet little lawyer cleared his throat.

"No. Why would you..."

"Because Chuck Shurley was spotted in the same town." He looked up at his boss.

"Well that's interesting... but not nearly as interesting as the fact that Mr. Malfoy hung up 22 seconds ago and NONE of you have moved."


"I think the lawyers are properly motivated now." Draco walked back to where Dean was sitting. "What?"

"I just got a call. I have a case in Northern Iowa." Dean sighed. "I can't take Sam and I need some back up." Dean looked at Draco for a second. "You're animal to call is snakes right?"

"Yeah..." Draco frowned.

"Does that cover basilisks?"


"You wanted to talk to me alone?" Harry sat down, slightly glad he was sitting before God with pants on now.

"Yeah." Chuck closed the doors. "I'm here mainly to arm Anita. But I figure it can't hurt to arm you too." He sat down and looked at Harry. "So a Tarat huh?"

"Yeah." Harry blushed.

"I'm kind of glad that you got it rather then the demons. They'd have used it to a dark end. You, I see bringing a nobility to the Tarats." Chuck crossed his arms as he thought. "Yep. I can see you doing some very good things with it. You and your clan." He smiled again. "Which is great in my book. I'm very glad for it." He smiled again.

"thanks." Harry blushed harder.

"Now we do need to talk about your love life." Chuck fixed his eyes on Harry who swallowed hard.

"Is this where you tell me homosexuality is a bad thing?" Harry looked scared.

"Actually no. I think it's a beautiful thing." Chuck said with a confused blink. "I know the church says I hate gay people. But honestly. Some of my favorite angels are gay. In fact, the Archangel assigned to guard me personally while I'm down here is gay. He's with his boyfriend having crazy angel sex right now." Chuck smiled. "I created sex in every shape form and pleasure response. I made it good so people would like to try to continue on their species. But that's not the end all be all about sex. It's there for enjoyment and pleasure and bringing something beautiful and radiant into the lives of those involved." Chuck smiled.


"Yeah. No, I'm not going to tell you homosexuality is bad. Hell I'm going to commend you for being able to handle a four way where no one's really having an emotional problem. Granted there's something off between Draco and Sam, but they'll work that out soon enough." He patted Harry on the knee. "I know telling you not to worry is kind of pointless." Chuck smirked. "But trust me. It'll be fine." He stroked Harry's knee. "But I suggest you get married."

"excuse me?" Harry's jaw fell open.

"I think a hand fasting marriage between the four of you would be a good thing. A, you'd be entitled to the federal benefits for being Sam's husband. B, you'd be attached to the Malfoy money and the estate protects the spouses pretty good. C, if anything happened to you the other three would have a legal right to care for and decide for both you and Teddy."

"Sam's not a federal marshal anymore."

"Oh that'll be sorted soon enough." Chuck gave a soft laugh. "Honestly, how they think they'll get away with this is beyond even me." He shook his head.

"okay." Harry sat there thunder struck.

"Now, a change of topics." Chuck grinned. "I understand you're a stripper..."

Chapter Text

"Do I even want to know what's going on here?" Draco asked as he stood in the open door way looking at Harry, who was utterly naked, grinding against Chuck's tented crotch.

"Just giving God a lap dance." Harry blushed, his own hard cock still standing out.

"Ah. Right. Didn't know God swung that way." Draco arched an eyebrow.

"Draco, I swing in every direction imaginable." Chuck grinned as he ghosted his hands down Harry's hips. "And unless you want to watch... maybe you should go back to what you were doing?" Chuck ground Harry against him.

"Well I came in here to tell Harry Dean needs me on a case up in Iowa. We'll be back in a day or two." He walked up and kissed Harry, a soul scorching life-ending passion filled kiss. He pulled back with a smile. "I'll see you in a few days." Draco smirked as he walked away.

"Shame I didn't cause that." Chuck grasped Harry's firm cock and grinned.

"I might be okay to stand in a minute or four..." Harry said in a breathless tone.

"Nothing wrong with that." Chuck grinned as he began slowly jerking Harry off. "I think the dick was one of my better creations." Chuck grinned.

"Oh?" Harry panted, his breath catching in his throat.

"You like that do you?" Chuck twisted his wrist as he stroked up and down Harry's needy organ.

"m-much more... and I... I'll cum..." Harry's voice was getting ragged as he bit his lower lip trying hard not to cum all over God.

"Then let me try this." Chuck smiled his other hand darting back to slam two fingers up inside Harry's ass hole milking his prostate while he continued to jerk Harry off.

"HOLY SHIT!" Harry bucked and swore as he emptied himself onto Chuck's hand over and over again, his large balls heaving in their warm sack as they gave up their baby batter.

"Now that's what I'm talking about." Chuck grinned as he licked his lips.


"You sure you're okay with this?" Dean looked at Draco as he tapped his wand to the windows of the car.

"Yeah. This will keep the sunlight from hitting me and people thinking you have a bag of diamonds in the back seat. Plus I'm leaving Harry in Chuck's hands."

"Wait... did you say Chuck?" Dean stopped watching Draco for a minute.

"Yeah. Why?"

"Chuck's like a sexual freak."

"Really? I didn't get that feel." Draco shrugged. "I got more of a sense that he'd be a cool customer, but Harry's sexual dynamo anyways. So they should be good for one another." Draco went back to spelling the windows.

"You're seriously okay with the two of them hooking up?" Dean looked skeptical.

"Provided Harry doesn't give him a heart attack. Yeah." Draco looked up and grinned. "Harry's VERY good at what he does." He looked back at his wand movements.

"I can't.. even begin to picture being this understanding."

"Well I'm already sharing him with three guys. And I'm damn good in bed. What do I have to worry about?" Draco finished up his wand movements. "Let's do this." He grinned at Dean.

"Fine by me." Dean got inside his side of the car.


"So this is Iowa...?" Draco stretched as he looked out the back windows as he woke up.

"Yeah..." Dean shuddered.

"What's wrong?" Draco stretched and yawned.

"You... It's kind of freaky when you stop being in your body." Dean looked up at Draco in the rearview

"You're not the one suddenly torn out of your body to be in that strange place." Draco shuddered.

"At least you don't snore." Dean sighed.

"I did the death gurgle again didn't I." Draco sat up.

"Yes. Yes you did." Dean sighed.

"Sorry, it freaks Harry out too." Draco leaned over the seat and smiled.

"Rightly so." Dean chuckled.

"You hungry?" Draco stretched.

"A little why?" Dean went back to concentrating on the road.

"I'm a tad peckish myself." Draco flashed a little fang.

"Dude that is so not right."

"Aw, come on. Help a hungry vampire out?" Draco pouted.

"Uh, no." Dean rolled his eyes.

"We're legal in Iowa too. Stop so I can pick up a nice young hottie who'll let me open a vein." Draco smiled.

"What ever just don't get blood on my seats." Dean sighed.

"Sweet!" Draco smiled.

"He's just pissy. He didn't get to go back to his motel room and rub one out thinking about my hot naked body." Micheal stretched in the front seat.

"Why are you even hear?" Dean shot him a dirty look.

"Cas thought you could use the help." Micheal smirked.

"Against a Basilisk?" Draco frowned.

"Well it's a wingless blade drake more commonly known as a Blade Basilisk." Draco's mouth fell open at this.

"What?" Dean frowned.

"You didn't know the difference. Did you?" Draco glared at Dean.

"There's a difference?"

"That answers my question." Draco sighed. "A Basilisk can kill you with its eyes. Look it in the eyes and you're dead. Those I can handle. A blade basilisk... it doesn't have to use its eyes. ITS ENTIRE BODY IS A FUCKING WEAPON." Draco shouted before trying to calm himself down. "This thing is going to slice and dice us if it gets with in 20 feet of us." He pushed his seething anger down. "Find me a warm willing body. I need me some blood if I'm going to try this."

"Well you can drink some of mine." Micheal offered.

"You... do realize that I plan to roll you, make you get a sexual high off this and then put my teeth into you and drink your blood right?" Draco attempted to be clear.

"Yep. And my blood will fill you with angelic power on top of what the normal blood would do for your vampire powers. Add in that we're also a direct link into God's radiant power... yeah I think might have enough juice to take this." Micheal said as he suddenly appeared sitting next to Draco. "So what do you need me to do?"

'Take your shirt off." Draco grinned. Micheal nodded and pulled off the t-shirt he was wearing exposing his slightly defined chest. He looked at Draco for direction. "Are we planning on going all the way?" Draco looked him in the eyes.

"Well this vessel does have large testicles that need draining quite frequently."

"Then off with the pants." Draco nodded. Micheal unzipped his jeans and snaked them down his legs, kicking them and his shoes off. Sitting in the back seat in just his boxers and his socks he looked at Draco. "Okay. Let's get the magic flowing." Draco looked Micheal in the eyes, and let his powers flow. He felt the slight struggle of wills and forced it deep inside Micheal. Draco felt Micheal and Adam both roll deep and smiled to himself as he licked Micheal's neck. This was going to be so easy. Draco bared his fangs and sank them into the life-giving vein in Micheal's neck. Sucking at the blood as it spilled forth, Draco's hand gripped the hardening cock in Micheal's boxers. He began to steadily jerk the archangel off while he bled him. Feeling the sexual high he'd rolled into Micheal.

"OH GOD!" Micheal trembled as he felt his connection to God. Felt his power. Felt it flair and spill out his throat into Draco. He felt Draco like he would any other angel. He looked over into Draco's quicksilver eyes and watched them turn to white gold. "I..." His eyes rolled back in his head as Draco freed his cock from his boxers just in time for his most massive orgasm since he took the host gripped him and left him a brainless jelly fish like creature curled up against Draco's arm. Draco stripped off the last of Micheal's clothing and brought the limp angel onto his lap.

"My turn." Draco grinned as he slammed his own freed cock deeply into Micheal's willing, if unresponsive, ass. Ramming in and making himself home, Draco began to bounce the rag doll angel he had on his lap. Smirking at the boneless way he made Micheal dance. Grasping Micheal by his semi hard cock, Draco used it like a handle to lift and lower the sexually over loaded archangel on his cock, jerking Micheal off in the process. Draco spun him around on his dick so he was facing Dean and began to plow Micheal harder.

"Shit." Dean retch down and readjusted his crotch. "I'm going to need to beat off if you two keep up this live action porno much longer.

"Then let me help. Vĭrīlītō." Draco intoned while he fucked Micheal, his hand out stretched towards Dean.

"HOLY SHIT!" Dean jumped as an unseen hand began to masturbate him while he drove.

"Handless wanking charm. Got to love it..." Draco moaned as he plowed Micheal.

"Shit it's like getting a hand job..." Dean moaned as he fought to focus on the road. The pleasure in his pants growing.

"Maybe you'd prefer Vĭrīlīsugĕro." Draco intoned again. With out ending the first charm so now Dean was treated to not only being jerked off but sucked off at the same time.

"Shit shit shit...." Dean moaned. "Damn... if... how... fuck." Dean's mind was starting to shut down from the pleasure.

"Most of us figured those out by third year. Randy thirteen year old boys... we learned some fun spells." Draco grinned as he fucked the slack jawed angel on his cock. "My favorite is Asinexūs." Draco grinned as Dean jumped again. "It's an interesting spell. It draws on old and new terms for the word ass. Since the word commonly used to mean donkey... and I'm meaning it for your rear. The spell conjunction causes it to feel like a donkey dicked man is fucking you in the ass." Draco grinned as Dean fought off the urge to cum. "I love the fact that it seems to be prostate seeking."

"Yeah... kind of... noticed..." Dean yelped as his prostate was brutally pounded.

"So many lovely sexual spells. Most of which I either invented myself or learned of from my father's collection."

"Your... dad... had books on..." Dean was struggle to focus.

"On sex magic. Of course. Every Thursday I was taught the art of seduction and sexual manipulation. I'm a master level negotiator." Draco grinned as he pulled Micheal down on him one last time before emptying himself in his willing cum dump.

"What does...." Dean swerved and parked the car as his eyes rolled back and he came in his pants over and over again. After what seemed like ages he whimpered. The pleasure was still going on and on. Draco grinned.

"Well to answer your questions. Negotiations requires being good in bed because you never know when the kind of magical being you're talking to will require sex in the bargain. And the other one. Just because you came doesn't mean the spells stop." Draco leaned forwards. "Do you want the pleasure to stop?" Dean nodded. "Finite Incantatum." Draco cast as Dean's body went slack. "Now, you just rest here. I have a bloody great snake to go talk with." Draco patted Dean on the head, before opening the car door into the shade of a tall tree and cleaning himself and redoing his pants. "Now... if I was a great big snake that wanted everything dead in my path where would I be...." Looking around and sighing Draco laid his hand out flat and put his wand on his palm. "Point me Blade Basilisk." He intoned, his wand spun around and then pointed to the west. "Right." Draco started jogging that direction, pulling his hoody up and over to hide most of him, and stopping briefly to pull on his gloves.


Several blocks, expletives, and a few spells later, Draco was waiting next to a small looking opening in the side of a house. Draco opened his vampiric senses into the house. He felt the drying blood of dead bodies littered around the house. Beyond that he felt the snake like energy of the Blade Basilisk eating. Draco opened his power to call his beast. He felt the wingless dragon bucking against him.

"{I said COME HERE!}" Draco threw the angelic powers he'd gained from Micheal into the weight of his call.

"{Stupid two leg, what do you want!?}" The Blade Basilisk smashed through the side of the building raining debris down on Draco. Draco brushed it aside and faced the would be dragon, its head the size of his whole body.

"{You will obey me.}" Draco glared at it.

"{Stupid two leg talks like us but doesn't understand.}" The creature moved away to go away from Draco.

"{STOP!}" Draco threw his power at it. It stopped moving.

"{Smells like wizard and vampire. But power tastes of something holy. What did you eat?}" It turned its massive head towards him.

"{Shut up.}" Draco ordered. The creature narrowed its eyes at him. "{I honestly don't care how impressed you are with me right now. Nor if you want to be my friend. Not right now.}" Draco put the hands on his hips, before pulling the hoody over his head and exposing his now glowing chest to the Blade Basilisk. "{If I don't get you into this bag.}" He pulled the bag he'd had strapped to his body. "{Then my friends that are coming will have to kill you. And I'll delight in tearing your brains out for my potions.}" Draco looked it in the eyes. "{You may speak now.}"

"{You're gutsy looking me in the eye.}"

"{It's not like you're a true basilisk and can kill me with your eyes.}"

"{Silly little blood drinker. Every breed of basilisk kills with its eyes. If you were not dead already I'd have killed you now. You have magical protections on you that ward against me. I can taste them on your breath.}"

"{Really? You can kill a vampire too?}" Draco looked interested.

"{Not even the dead are safe from my eyes.}" It seemed to laugh with him.

"{Well what's it going to be. Death or my bag?}" Draco waited.

"{The bag.}" The Blade Basilisk seemed to spit the word out as it ducked its head and the magical field around the bag seemed to shrink the big beast down to fit into the bag. Once it was in Draco sealed the bag with an advanced locking charm.

"At least that's done." He sat down and stretched, pulling his hoody back on so that he wasn't as attention grabbing and laid down in the yard. "I'll have to tell Dean about the dead bodies." Draco closed his eyes.


"Give me one good reason why I shouldn't stake this monster where he lays!" A voice woke Draco up from the nap he didn't realize he'd been taken.

"Because he's not what killed those people." Dean's voice filtered in.

"But witnesses saw him talking to it and commanding it. He made it go into that bag there. Tell me that's not clearly saying he's its master." The voice said clearly that it didn't believe Dean.

"First off. I'm a vampire and protected under the new laws." Draco yawned. "Second. I'm not that things master. Not hardly. I was called in by the Feds because I could speak its language and stood a chance of making it back down. Luckily I managed to do that. I just got a bit nackered after." Draco stretched. "Third, if you like pain, try staking me." Draco grinned then.

"Not helping Draco." Dean sighed.

"Are you threatening me monster?" The police officer glared at Draco.

"Nope. I have protection spells on me. I'm stating a fact." Draco picked up a board and tried to stake himself it disintegrated against his flesh rather then penetrate him. "You try it... and well it might be more energetic." The police officer's jaw dropped open. "Now if show and tell is over, I need to either go back to sleep or get some blood." Draco looked very harmless just then.

"Is he free to go officer?" Dean sighed.

"Y-yeah..." The officer moved away quickly.

"Shock, he should go eat a doughnut." Draco yawned.

"Draco, vampires don't sleep." Dean helped him to his feet.

"They do when they used angelic powers and wizarding magic on top of vampire powers. Odd combination. Not sure it's ever been tried before... but it just... wore me out. I either need more... well humanoid blood, or I need to nap." Draco yawned again. "It's kind of nasty coming down off of it." He winced as he tried to stand on his own and failed.

"I kind of guessed." Dean shouldered Draco to the car. "You going to be okay?"

"Just as soon as you take off the pokkadotted dress and stop dancing with the house elves." Draco mumbled as he passed out in the back seat.


"Merde." Draco sat up on the bed with his hand on his temple. His head was pounding and it was several minutes before he realized he had an iv full of blood going into his arm. "Did anyone get the number of that bus that ran me over?" Draco grumbled.

"You're awake again. Good." Dean sat down in front of him. "What's a wonskifeint?" Draco frowned.

"It's a Quidditch move. You have to fly kind of fast and then you pull out and do a cork screw kind of move. Why?" Draco looked confused.

"You suggested you could teach me to do it on your cock." Dean grinned as Draco felt the heat flood to his face as he blushed. "I'd say the extra blood was worth it if you can blush." Dean smiled. "So back to normal?"

"As normal as I get these days." Draco sighed and laid back. "I feel like crap, I have a hang over. And I want to smash things." He frowned. "How long was I out?"

"Well we caught up to you about two in the afternoon. And by three I found this place. You woke up about six to tell me that bit about the flying. And now it's ... about nine or ten." Dean shrugged.

"I slept almost eight hours." Draco blinked. "That's... Gods I hope this isn't a daily thing. I don't need two times a day where I'm open to attacks." Draco sighed. "All the protection in the world isn't 100% all the time."

"Says the invincible vampire." Dean snorted.

"Well slightly invulnerable is probably more accurate. I'm not sure but I think that eventually something can kill me." Draco stretched. "Or there would be immortal unstoppable vampires running around."

"Maybe there will be when you start biting people." Dean shrugged.

"Maybe." Draco laid back. "I'm going to have to do that eventually. I'm just not ... looking forwards to it. I mean... My bite is going to either kill them or transform them. And there's a distinct chance that it'll be more along the lines of killing them." Draco sighed.

"I dunno. Your magic might make it less hit or miss and more a hodge podge of powers." Dean shrugged.

"Are you wanting to talk about my vampire line rather then what we did in the car?" Draco raised an eyebrow.

"No..." Dean scoffed, his voice wavering.

"Liar." Draco smiled, his eyes closed. "Maybe a nice uninhibiting charm will loosen your lips."

"Let's not do any more magic." Dean's voice showed his fear.

"Vampire noses and ears. I can spot the lie." Draco sat up. "Wand." It flew to his hand. "Prohibo Nullis." Draco intoned with a flick of his wand Dean fell back against the wall.

"I wish you hadn't done that."

"How do you feel about what happened in the car?" Draco sat up.

"Happy that it happened. Scared what it means. Freaked out that I watched my brother's body get fucked in front of me. Jealous because it wasn't me in Adam's body. Afraid that I'm gay. Freaked out that I'm going to have to label myself one way or the other." Dean sat down. "I'm just not sure what this means to me or about me." He sighed.

"Did you like it?" Draco moved to the edge of the bed.

"Yeah. I'm a bit kinky like that." Dean smirked. "Hell I'd like it if you did a few of those spells again." Dean licked his lips.

"Oh?" Draco grinned.

"Please?" Dean swallowed. "Please I need more." Dean blushed then.

"Hum... what to do for you?" Draco sat and pondered, a not so small part of him relishing in this new found power. "Expetris." Dean's cloths pealed off his body and sucked into Draco's wand. "Hum. Not bad." Draco smirked as he looked over Dean's body. "Volupto." Draco flicks his wand, causing Dean to writhe in pleasure. Draco had learned a long time ago that Crucio wasn't the only curse to excite the nerves of the body. Volupto only over loaded the body with pleasure though. Draco was lost in his memories as Dean slid from the chair to the floor. "Lucidus." Draco hit Dean with a blue ball of light.

"oh shit... so much..." Dean panted as his eyes rolled up into his head for a moment.

"Aw, too soon." Draco pointed his wand at Dean's rapidly swelling organ. "Copia Gradatio." Draco smiled as an orange flame like sphere flew out of Dean's cock and came to where Draco conjured a glass vial. Dean arched when his body wished to climax but all that happened was the little orange sphere of light glowed brighter. "Just in time." Draco smiled. "You cum when I say you cum." Draco flicked his wand and ended the pleasure curse.

"Fuck." Dean panted. "And that was your opening move?" He struggled to gather his breath.

"Oh yes. There is much more where that came form." Draco gave a wicked smile.

"Great..." Dean's breathing struggled to even out.

"Capulto." Draco flicked his wand and smiled as Dean's pubic hair vanished from his body. Leaving his as smooth as the day he was born. "Such lovely flesh. Seems a shame you can't enjoy it fully yourself." Draco got a wicked look in his eye. "Sugĕre Sui" Draco smiled as Dean's body moved with out his meaning to. Moving and moving till suddenly his cock was thrust into his own mouth. Dean's eyes went wide as he realized he was now vigorously screwing his own mouth and getting a good portion of his cock into his mouth. He looked up at Draco.

"Urgmph!" Dean exclaimed around his cock and moaned, discovering the vibrations of his throat felt better then just sucking his own cock.

"That last one is the self sucking curse. Till I say, you'll be screwing your throat. One of my favorite spells." Draco smiled. "Asinexūs." Draco marveled as Dean bucked, the feeling of the large bodiless penis fucking his hole hard and fast. "I love that look in your eyes." He smiled brightly. "First time you've blown anyone's cock, let alone your own?" Dean nodded as he bobbed up and down on his hard cock. "Enjoying it?" Dean nodded hard.

"Holy shit." Micheal's jaw dropped down as he appeared in the room. "How... I... he..." He rounded on Draco.

"A few well placed spells and there you go." He motioned towards Dean.

"Shit... look at him go..." Micheal's eyes fixated where Dean's dick head vanished into his own mouth. "That's just..." Micheal stopped talking as he was consumed by being transfixed by the actions playing out in front of him.

"Would you like to join him?" Draco breached the silence that had descended on the room with the angelic guest.

"yes..." Micheal said in a breathy tone.

"Copia Gradatio" Draco said under his breath, the sexually stunned angel didn't even notice as his body's ability to orgasm was stripped away into a second glass vial in Draco's hand. "Then by all means. Do." Draco grinned. "Nudus" Draco watched Micheal's cloths shred away baring his toned flesh to the room. "Ornarus" A quick bob of Draco's wand caused both Dean and Micheal's hard dripping prongs to be strapped tight in a cock harness, complete with cock ring and ball stretcher.

"Don't mind if I do." Micheal said as he approached Dean.

"Limus" Dean whimpered as his anal passage way slicked itself up. "He's all yours." Micheal vaguely nodded at Draco before sliding in under Dean's crouched form and slamming his own hard cock deep in Dean's once virgin hole. Dean winced and cried out around his cock. From his point of view two large cocks that weren't leaving much room for each other were fuck him, even if one of those dicks was being conjured. His own moaning driving him wild with the sensitive dick head of his now hitting his throat. Draco sat back to watch the show and thought about having a little fun. "Prohibo Nullis Totalus" Draco did a quick wand wave and grinned as he saw the result. The two in front of him reduced to wanton creatures of sexual lust. Draco got up and left them to their sexual heat, in search of someone to bring in and play with.

Draco walked into the main office of the motel they were at and smiled to himself. He'd found the clerk, a lean lad of at least 19 watching porn while shooting furtive glances around the room. He'd just caught sight of Draco and hurried to hit stop on the video he was playing. His face red and his body shaking, Draco noted that the man child's cock was clearly tenting his pants.

"How-ca. I mean can I help you?" The guy winced as he tried to make since of what he'd been trying to say.

"Yes. I think you can." Draco smiled. "Feel like being in a four way?" The boy blushed as Draco leered at him. "I think you'd be able to fit right in." Draco shot glances at the boy's crotch.

"I... uh... yes?" He stammered.

"Pluetus" Draco whispered and was pleased when the clerk moaned. "Problems?"

"My... my nipples. Their sensitive." He blushed.

"Nothing wrong with that. Nothing at all." Draco grinned. "Vitioso" Draco shot another spell at the boy. He watched the boy's crotch swell as he stroked his own ass.

"You know it's the funniest thing... I just... want a hard slab of meat in my ass so bad just now..." The clerk blushed.

"You don't say." Draco bit back a laugh and followed behind the boy, wondering what else he should do. Opening the door was a sight. They'd moved so that Micheal was on his back on the floor, Dean squatting over his cock was bouncing up and down fucking himself on Micheal's cock and sucking his own dick furiously. He'd already managed to deep throat himself, and Dean looked up from his own crotch to spot the new comer.

"He's got his whole cock in his mouth." The clerk's mouth hung open.

"Yes he does. Very good Dean." Draco smiled. "So let's get you naked." Draco smiled. "Exuĕre" The clerk shuddered and smiled as his mind went blank. He pulled his shirt off over his head and threw it to the far wall. He grinned at his audience as he unzipped and worked his jeans down. He was down to just his boxers and shocks, he sat down and pulled off his socks, his grin in place. Next went the boxers, with a little flourish and a quick toss he was standing naked and proud in front of the other three.

"What next?" The kid was panting.

"Ornarus" Draco pointed his wand at the kid's cock. He squeaked when he saw the cock ring and ball stretcher conjured on his flesh.

"That's... like magic..." He looked in awe.

"Just like." Draco smiled, pulled the unnamed clerk in for a kiss. Draco grabbed a handful of firm teenaged male ass and squeezed. "Let's join in." Draco's own cloths vanishing with a thought and a lick of his lips. Draco helped tip Dean back and quickly the clerk's now lubed cock slammed into Dean's extra tight hole. Smirking to himself Draco muttered the lubricating charm one more time and took aim, slamming into the innocent virgin ass of the clerk.

"Don't get me wrong..." Micheal grunted. "But aren't you cheating on your boyfriend?" He tensed as if to orgasm and huffed that he didn't.

"We had a long talk while we were naked in the woods looking for our cloths." Draco pumped away in the ass he was screwing. "He can sleep with who he wants. So long as I get the same privilege."

"There aren't words for the kind of couple that you two are." Micheal shook his head.

"I'm assuming that's a compliment and leaving it alone." Draco closed his eyes and panted as he came closer to emptying himself in the clerk's very warm ass. Draco came hard, his hand waving wild as his magic flooded through him and shattered the two glass vials on the bed.

"HOLY SHIT!" Micheal all but screamed as his bloated and blue balls contracted and started spewing load after load into Dean's willing and wanton ass. Dean moaned and started swallowing as he was cumming down his own throat. And somewhere lost in the flood of cum was one happy gay motel clerk who had his wildest dreams come true.


"What?" The clerk sat up startled. He had a vague sense he'd been sitting there staring off into space again. He looked around the small office and noticed the thank you note on his desk. His memory started to come back in bits and pieces. He remembered how he got his nipples pierced, and why he was wearing a ball stretcher. The Obliviators didn't need to know they'd failed to wipe his mind. He knew enough to stay quiet and hope that the lot of them would make a return trip soon.

Chapter Text

"I'm board." Draco said as he laid across the chair.

"Then do something else." Anita said from where she was reading her mail.

"I have no life. And that's never made me board before." Draco sighed.

"Maybe it's the fact that now you know you're going to have a long life." Draco arched an eyebrow at her. "Unlife then."

"Maybe I need a hobby." Draco sighed.

"When's your house going to be done?" Anita pinched the bridge of her nose.

"A few more weeks." Draco sighed again.

"And you can't just wave your wand and put it back together?" She asked hopefully.

"Not if I don't want to be back living here in an hour after doing it." Draco said sarcastically. "I know I'm being a pain. It's just... I'm bored." He whined again.

"How did you survive to be this age." Anita got up to refill her coffee cup.

"People do find me charming." Draco said with his head hanging over the side of the couch.

"Some how... I'm betting they feared you more then liked you." Anita swore to herself.

"Probably." Draco shrugged. "At the time I thought that's what I wanted."

"And now?" She called from the kitchen.

"Now... I want people who actually can stand me." He looked up at the ceiling. "You're nice to listen to me. But I can tell I'm annoying the hell out of you." He tucked his arms behind his head. "Vampire senses and this sense of... knowing... is a pain in my arse."

"Welcome to the first day of the rest of your unlife." Anita sat back down with her magazine.

"Unlife sucks." Draco pouted.

"You'll get wrinkles." Anita said with out missing a beat.

"Right... because a wrinkly vampire would EVER get the hot chick." Draco thought about it. "Well maybe if she was coffin bait and liked REALLY old guys... and he was REALLY rich." Draco grinned. "She'd have to be 22, a real slut... and tits the size of over ripe melons. An ass like a virgin castrati, and the face of Las Vegas show girl."

"You're gay." Anita looked over her magazine. "Right?"

"I was taught that both sexes are mean to be enjoyed." Draco grinned. "And there's nothing wrong with a big tited woman." He shrugged. "Granted it doesn't hurt that this woman would have to have a throat like a Hoover."

"You're wanting hit now. Right?" Anita gave him a serious look.

"On a woman like this there are two parts of her body that maters. Her throat and her tits. Because that's what she's meant for. Most women have brains of some to great capacitate in the mix. But this ideal woman I'm picturing is dumb as a post and only vaguely knows how to spell the dirty dirty things she'll do for me." He smiled just before the magazine landed in his face.


"What are you doing?" Harry frowned as he spotted Draco's ass sticking out of a trunk.

"I'm stuck." Draco offered as explanation.

"Accio Draco." Harry pointed his wand at Draco and smiled as he shot back out of the trunk clutching a book. "Better?"

"Much." Draco smiled. "I've been talking Anita's leg off all day." He smiled.

"Merlin's sagging balls, Draco is that why she stormed out of the house when I got here?"

"I don't think I was that bad." Harry shot him a look. "No worse then I was in second year." Draco amended.

"Be glad you're fire proof. Or I think she'd have seen how phosphorous and magic react to one another."

"You know she did mention something about a generaid?"


"That's the word." Draco nodded.

"It's a metal egg that explodes." Harry sighed.

"Ah. See that was lost on me." Draco shrugged as he sat down and started reading through the book he'd be after.

"What's the book?"

"Research notes on the diamond skin spell." Draco smiled.

"What'd you need that for?"

"I was board and I needed a new project. I think I found one." Draco grinned.

"What would that be?"

"Something that can make me a little bit of side money, keep me occupied, and get me out of Anita's hair." Draco went back to reading.

"You know... you... aren't even listening to me are you?"

"Sure I am." Draco kept reading.

"I got hit by space alien's with a jelly doughnut and grew two more cocks."

"Just so long as you washed it off." Draco said in a monotone.

"Some how I knew you weren't listen."

"I'm sure you were in the right." Draco nodded as he kept reading.

"I'll just run along and tell the goblins they can nest in your foreskin then?"

"I'm sure you know what's best" Draco didn't even bat an eye.

"Okay then." Harry walked out of the room.

"Hang on... tell the goblins they can nest in my what?" Draco's head shot up.


"You wanted to see me Jean-Claude?" Harry looked around the room as he spotted several of the other dancers there.

"Oui." Jean-Claude stippled his fingers. "A new law is passing that applies to my clubs." He looked around the room at the dancers. "When it is passed, we will be allowed to show the male form in all of its glory." Harry's own eyes shot open then.

"You mean fully naked?" Nathaniel blinked.

"Naked, aroused, and even the male climax." Jean-Claude gauged their reaction.

"Holy shit." Jason swore.

"Are we going to be?" Harry crossed his arms.

"I called you here to read the mood of the dancers." Jean-Claude looked between them. "I'm willing to pay extra for shows that will include full frontal nudity of course." He smiled.

"So we'd be making more then our normal fee... and tips...?" Jason was trying to reason through it as he watched Jean-Claude nod.

"So, my friends, the question is. Are you willing to be fully exposed to the clients?" Jean-Claude looked at each of his employees.

"A show of hands good enough?" Harry asked.

"Oui." Jean-Claude nodded. Harry looked around.

"Okay, show of hands for this." Harry raised his own hand as most of the hands went up.

"If we don't... will be have to... or will we be fired?" Nathaniel looked nervous.

"I will not force you to do it." Jean-Clause looked relieved. "No one will be forced. For those of you uncomfortable or unwilling for what ever reason, then you're shows, and pay will remain the same."

"I just don't want to..." Nathaniel sighed. "I'm okay with it going on for those who want it, but I don't think I want to." Jason and Harry exchanged a knowing look at each other. Both knew they needed to talk to Nathaniel about this later on.

"Looks like the vote has passed." Jean-Claude looked around and smiled. "Then we'll let the choreographers have time to plan out some more elaborate dances for the first night." Jean-Claude grinned.

"We need to do some stretching and trimming." Jason stood up.

"Joy of joys." Harry sighed.


"Jean-Claude?" Draco poked his head into his master's study hours later.

"Yes Draco?" Jean-Claude looked over his shoulder.

"I heard that two of the acts are leaving at the end of the week." Draco bit his bottom lip.

"You heard right." Jean-Claude sighed.

"I might be able to supply an act to replace at least one of them." Draco moved into the room slowly, screwing his confidence to the sticking place.

"Oh?" Jean-Claude raised an eyebrow.

"Here." Draco handed over a piece of paper. With naught by an amused look, Jean-Claude left his eyebrow raised and started reading to himself the very descriptive letter that Draco had written him.

"I assume you've worked out how to do this?" Jean-Claude looked up from the letter.

"I tested the idea today." Draco smiled.

"And it worked?"

"Quite well." Draco grinned.

"Then I would like a demonstration..." Jean-Claude looked surprised.

"I thought you'd say that." Draco held up a dragon hide bag. "Is the arena open tonight?" He smirked.

"Oui." Jean-Claude nodded.



A week passed and Draco kept abnormally quiet about what he filled his days and nights with till Jean-Claude called everyone into his office to discuss the coming week's attractions at the circus. He explained that Draco had a show to perform, and that after having seen it, he was open to the idea of the act being preformed. The others asked for information on what this act would entail, but finding only stanched silence, they found they would have to wait like the rest of the coming audience to discover what Draco had planed.


"You're really not going to tell me?" Harry asked into his cell phone.

"Nope. The show starts in 20 minutes, be in your seat and you'll discover what I'm up to." Draco grinned.

"You're evil. You know that right?"

"Slytherin." Draco said before hanging up, he looked at himself in the mirror and grinned. He could do this and it'd be bloody marvelous.


Harry sat in his seat, impatiently tapping his foot as he waited for Draco to do his act. The lights dimmed to near darkness before Jean-Claude's seductive voice opened up the crowd. It was nearly an audible sigh as Jean-Claude spoke.

"My dear patrons, I'm proud to present, for his first show of, what I hope to be many more, Draco Malfoy." Jean-Claude's dark figure moved, and lights came on inside the ring. Harry frowned as he saw the large floodlights pointed from a short height down on the ground. Bathing everything in a dull white light, Draco stepped out of the shadows into the light. Draco was dressed in traditional school robes for Hogwarts, but as he threw them back in the midst of the dull lighting he was bare chested, he'd been hitting the gym a lot more in the last few weeks, it showed off, even in the bad lighting. He pulled the cloak off to reveal he was in naught but a pair of nearly transparent baggy harem pants.

'What the hell?' Harry thought to himself.

"Thank you ladies and gentlemen." Draco took a bow. "What you see tonight will astound and amaze." He gave a toothy smile and got a nervous laugh from the vampire friendly humans. "I trust we have no vampires in the lower ten rows?" Draco looked around as a few vampires moved and went farther up. "Thank you. I wouldn't want to cause an accident." He smiled a soft smile that he'd only learned since being freed of the dark mark.

With a flick of his wand he removed the cover filter off of one of the floodlights. Instantly the dull lighting became more like daylight. The crowd gasped. They knew from the fangs he was a vampire. And he'd warned the other vampires to avoid the coming light. Jean-Claude couldn't POSSIBLY be paying this man to commit suicide for their entertainment.

"Don't worry my kind audience, I won't be doing bodily harm to myself." Draco bowed, spelling off the filters one by one till suddenly he was standing in the center of the UV lamps. Instantly his body grew its diamond skin over itself and he shone like a living diamond statue. The reaction of the crowd went from a gasp to open shock to eventually standing and clapping. Draco bowed. "But the show has only begun." He showed his sparkling fangs. He sat down with his legs crossed and picked up a flute he'd left near his dragon skin bag in the center of the lights.

He began to skillfully play the flute as he smiled around it and looked up at the people watching. Many were confused and bewildered, but some where starting to sway with the tune Draco was playing. Gasps came as the bag began to move in tune as well. Several began standing to watch as Draco continued to play. They began to gather it was some kind of snake charming act. Some sat back down when they realized that. Wondering to themselves why anyone would go to this level of performance for a simple snake charming act.

As they watched though, the bag twitched and spasmed, till a scantly clad Melanie stood in its opening. Her eyes wide with the enchantment of the sound that held her mind. She danced with Draco's every movement. He danced in time with the tempo and danced Melanie till she was in the middle of dipping herself back when her human form split forth and revealed her Lamia body. She hissed and continued dancing, still dressed in naughty but sexy looking leather armor. Draco continued to play till he eventually danced her back into the bag.

"How'd she get in there?" Draco frowned. Shrugging he stretched and settled back down. The crowd sat down with him and listened to the music as it built up and up again. They weren't surprised this time when some of them stood. Figuring it was again the pretty woman, they didn't really care that the bag seemed to shake more this time. If he wanted to keep dancing with the beauty, then they'd let him.

But as the flap of the bag opened the gasps returned as a monstrous head erupted out of the too tiny bag. The shrinking charms extended only to the opening, allowing the basilisk to slither out, decompressing as it went. Once it was fully out it sat there blindly dancing to Draco's song. With out a word, he gracefully stood, still playing, and began to dance around the lighted area, causing some of the crowd and the giant snake to dance with him. As his tune sped up so did his steps, keeping his dance and movements in time to the music he was producing. The beet sped and sped, everyone trying hard to keep up with the song. Till eventually even the beast seemed to tire of the pace.

Draco looked up into the enchanted eyes of the basilisk and nodded to the beast. It gave a low growl, the signal they'd worked out weeks ago. It began to fall and Draco moved out of its way. The beast lay defeated on its side as Draco danced near its head. His tune becoming more and more insistent as he darted to and fro. His tune implored the fallen beast, which began to raise its seemingly dead head and slithered back into the bag. Draco kicked the bag and snapped his flute in half.

"Damn thing's defective." He spit on the broken halves before pulling a new flute from a pocket in the nearly transparent pants he was wearing. He began playing again and this time the bag opened up to reveal a normal snake rising up and dancing in time with the music. Draco smiled as the snake sank back into the bag. He looked around at the speechless audience who quickly found their hands and began clapping.

Draco bowed and smiled a toothy fanged grin as he sat back, panting hard. The movements had only slightly winded him, which he attributed to his vampire strength and stamina. He basked in the joy of knowing he had a job, something to take him out of the house at night, and hopefully out of Anita's hair for a while. He waved to the crowd and then with a flick of his wand covered the lights. His diamond skin only lasting a little while in the dim light before dissolving back towards his back. He smirked as it gave him an idea. Well he knew what he'd be doing tomorrow.


"What is he doing?" Harry came down to where Nathaniel was looking out the patio doors at Draco's naked shinning body.

"He's sun bathing...." Nathaniel said, blinking at the image. "A vampire... is sun bathing.... when he has diamond skin...."

"I don't understand it either." Harry sighed as he crossed his arms. "But I'm sure he's got a reason. A stupid reason I'll grant you, but a reason." He sighed again.

"I just worry that he's lost his mind." Nathaniel shook his head.

"Naw, Draco's many things. But insane isn't one of them. Not yet anyways. Ask me again in a few thousand years." He shrugged. "Oh well. Is there anything to drink?" He smiled.

"Lemonade in the fridge." Nathaniel grinned.

"Okay." Harry hugged Nathaniel and went to get himself a glass. Ever since completing his transformation into a Tarat, Harry's body had been demanding more and more food and sweet things to drink. Nathaniel had offered to get a second fridge the way Harry was eating.

"He's coming in." Nathaniel pointed.

"Hi Harry." Draco called, his hard uncut cock bouncing even as its diamond skin remained intact. He stopped outside the door, still naked and hard and in the sun. "I came up with an idea that I wanted to try today." He grinned, turning around he backed into the room but stopped with his hard cock still out in the sunlight. A flick of his wand created a kind of barrier to hold him there, exposing his cock and balls to the sun.

"What the hell are you doing?" Harry sat down his now empty glass.

"You'll see." Draco said with a smirk before casting a few more charms. Not the least of which was a hover charm. He then pulled through the barrier, his now flesh and blood hard cock flopping as he moved, but the diamond dick still floating in mid air on the porch. Draco waved his wand and the diamond skin floated in and sat on the counter. He started muttering spell after spell faster then Harry could understand them till Harry gasped. The hollow diamond cock was now growing full with diamond material.

"You're... making a diamond simulacrum?" Harry frowned.

"What's a simulacrum?" Nathaniel blinked.

"It's a replica of a body part. In this case he's replicating his cock out of diamond...." Harry looked from the now solid diamond cock to his lover. "May I ask why?" He settled in for a stupid reason to unfold.

"I'm staying here rent free, using up Anita's space, driving her up the wall. So I'm going to get some quick cash and help out a little."

"And the cock?"

"I know a jeweler in town who likes... exotic cuts." He smirked. "Though in this case it's uncut." He gave a toothy grin at his own joke.

"Draco." Harry pinched the bridge of his nose. "You're doing this so you have some money on hand?"

"That and I wanted to help. Most of my funds are currently tied up in fixing my house that Edward blew up, and securing some magical artifacts I'm going to need for my research. But the bulk of the estate that's in my name is being held up between the lawyers, the managers of the estate, and customs. Apparently their having a tough time believing father put in a clause about vampires getting full inheritance."

"You know there's something wrong with you... right?" Harry squeezed the bridge of his nose.

"What?" Draco looked confused.

"Nothing...." Harry went and refilled his glass.

"He's just not sure you've thought through selling a copy of your cock." Nathaniel shrugged.

"Oh I've thought it through. I just don't find it as... inhibiting as he does." Draco shot the back of Harry's head a look. "You'd think with all of his kinks and sexual habits that he wouldn't find this so disarming. But then he was raised by repressed muggles." Draco shrugged.

"The Dursley's were not repressed." Harry said through tight lips.

"Harry, they told you sex was the naughty dirty thing you did with the dirty bits of your body that they wouldn't tell you the names of." Draco took his turn to sigh. "I was in the library when you were talking about it with Hermione." Draco answered Harry's questioning look, much to Harry's blush.

"okay." Harry stammered out. "Maybe they were a little repressive." He went back to hiding his face in the fridge.

"I don't mean it as a bad thing... well yeah I do." Draco shrugged. "But their muggles. Its not like I expect them to have manors." Nathaniel hit Draco on the back of the head. "What?" Draco frowned.

"Till I mated with Harry I was muggle. So was Sam. And several of the people in this house were muggle before they died." Nathaniel crossed his arms.

"I'm rude and prejudice about magic use and non magical people." Draco pointed to himself. "Most of it was drilled in by my father and is utter crap." Draco conceded. "But some is actually fact."

"How can any part of your prejudice be based on fact?" Nathaniel crossed his arms.

"I'll concede that over time the pure blood families are getting closer and closer to true inbreeding. Which will not help anyone. But they're doing it for a good reason. Magic has levels to it. Children from only magic families can literally access higher levels of magic while there is a limit to what most muggle borns can reach. Now I'm not saying every muggle born is doomed to only get so far. Genetics and random DNA allow for flukes in the theory." Draco manifested cloths as he jumped up and sat on a counter.

"A typical muggle born has issues making a broom fly. They have issues doing class six charms in most cases. While magic born children have been scored as high as a class eighty spell. Granted the highest spell on record is a class ninety-nine, which was cast by Merlin himself. But he was created between two magical beings and a God. So he has excuses. But there's a big leap between a class six and a class eighty." Draco sighed.

"Give me an example of that." Harry came in and frowned.

"Class six charms would be things like this." Draco pointed his wand at a toaster. With out a word he turned it into a small crystal parrot that started talking. "The kind of thing we learned between fifth and sixth year. Not that hard but we both know many students who had horrible troubles with that spell." Harry nodded, he remembered Seamus blowing up the bits of scrap metal every time he tried it for the better part of a month. Dean had done only slightly better. "While this is a class eighty spell." Draco pointed his wand at empty space and caused, in mid air, roots to grow out of emptiness till it formed a small rain forest growing out of that spot in every direction in a sphere. The forest began to literally rain water down on the counter but the rain turned into silver liquid and formed into a plate, then began forming into a delicately cut piece of lasagna. Then it rained down liquid that became silverware and a glass, then the glass filled with a seven colored liquid that seemed to be mixing here and there. The rain transformed into snow and the snow turned into ptarmigan cheese.

"But... you can't conjure food out of thin air." Harry gasped.

"I didn't. I created a summoning spell that punched a hole in reality. Kind of like a continual apperating in, which brought in a fast growing magical plant that produces rain, then while it rained I set a transfiguration spell to change the atoms of the water into raw electrons, protons, and neutrons till they rebounded and formed the food, drink, and flatware." Draco leaned over and cut a piece off of the food, taking it in and sighing. "I do so miss being able to eat food." He shrugged. "But yeah, I mastered this spell when I was twelve."

"But they don't teach anything remotely like this at Hogwarts." Harry frowned.

"They let muggle borns in. They have to make the classes and subjects lower level so they can be grasped and used by the students. So they don't teach over a class seven spell. And most of the books don't contain over a class nine spell in them, and that's the restricted section. Now some bloodlines do create stronger muggle borns. Riddle was insane, but he was able to do a class thirty spell. And the Malfoys have only ever created one muggle born and he was able to produce a class sixty spell before he was... trimmed off of the family tree." Draco said flatly.

"He was killed?" Harry bit his lip.

"My father's brother. And yes, his father decided that as punishment for being born, murdered him. A stupid reason to kill anyone." Draco sighed. "But, Hogwarts no longer teaches these kinds of magics because they can't. Only maybe 1/4th of the school has the power to pull off those spells. They'd have all sorts of unhappy parents, students, and public utterly finding the situation unacceptable. So they just do the easy thing and avoid telling them that that form of magic exists. Which only hurts us in the long run."

"How's that?" Harry pulled a seat in and sat down backwards on the chair, leaning on the back of it to watch Draco.

"Think about it. The people making the laws in London's magical community all went to Hogwarts. They all learned their magic there. They all learned that only the greats, which are rare for some unknown reason to them, can go beyond a class nine so they publicize more books with lower class charms. They commission researchers and writers to write spells and find more class three charms for the every day public. Their creating a restriction on the whole of the magical world, dumbing down the entire magical world till eventually no one outside of the pureblood families which are on their way out now, will know about the other magics. With no one teaching them, eventually those forms of magic will be lost entirely. There's a whole hidden library at home that deals with class sixty spells that could have wiped out Riddle with one word. But Dumbledore never thought to even tell you that. Because he was assuming because your mother was muggle born that you wouldn't be able to do them." Draco saw Harry bristling at mention of his mother.

"I'm not saying that's the case. I'm not even saying your mother's a bad person for having been muggle born. From what I've read of her, she's one of the rare gifted witches that I wish would have lived. The fish you told me about that she made for Slughorn... that was a class forty life linked spell. Her life force reaffirmed the magic in the spell. That's advanced stuff that I'm not even sure I could do. Your mother had a knack for charms in a way no one has since. And your dad came from old magic. A very VERY big power house in the pure blood houses. Your dad's family at their weakest were able to do class seventy spells. So the combination created you. You have talents, skills, and abilities that you get from both parents. Genetically speaking you're an even rarer combination. And that's before the Tarat powers mixed in. The fact is, if you read up and practiced a little I think you could probably even understand some of the magic in the Merlin Codex."

"The Merlin Codex?" Harry blinked.

"Merlin wrote over nine hundred books of magic. The Merlin Codex is just one that the Malfoy family has. Granted we have six of the forty books that survived to today. In fact... Sumara Codexus Merlin." Draco held out his hand and a large red leather book appeared in his hand. "Here it is." He handed it to Harry.

"This was written by Merlin?" Harry looked skeptical.

"Yep." Draco smiled. "I have an original of the Laws of Merlin. I know it's hard to believe but trust me. This is legit. Malfoy's don't buy or steal with out checking out the item thoroughly. We're detail whores." Draco shrugged. "Now.. I want you to try this spell." Draco flipped pages till he pointed out a complex looking magical pattern.

"Draco, I didn't study anything REMOTELY this complicated for my Newts. Hell this is more complex then Hermione's notes. And she did things in such a complex way that everything else was simple in comparison." Harry scanned down the page. "And this spell works?" Harry asked after getting to the end of it.

"Yep. I've seen it done before. I'm not that great at it..." Draco confessed. "Granted I've not tried it since I became a vampire. It's had a marked improvement on my magical talents since I've turned." Draco shrugged.

"Something to look in to...." Harry said off handedly as he reread the spell formula. "But this contradicts several magical laws we were taught." Harry pointed to a section of the spell.

"You mean the laws they wrote to explain their weakness?" Draco countered.

"Okay... you do have a point." Harry sighed. "And you think I can pull this off why?" He looked disbelieving up at Draco.

"Because you're just that good." Draco smiled.

"I'll practice later... something tells me this has the penitential to back fire worse then that time Seamus tried to make rum and blew off both eye brows... not to mention all his head hair." Harry grinned.

"Well I know it can create an indoor lightning storm or an explosion if done incorrectly.... not all the Slytherins are as powerful as they like to play at." Draco said mater-of-factly.

"That both scares and pleases me." Harry said as he read the spell again.

"That is as it should be." Draco grinned as he rocked back and forth on the counter.

"Hey guys!?" Sam called from the other room.

"In here!" Draco yelled for him to follow.

"SO." Sam said in his louder voice. "How's your day?" He huffed as he crossed his arms.

"What's wrong?" Harry looked up from his book, sensing something out of place with Sam.

"Not much. I just got fired." Sam slumped against the wall, already sulking.

"You what?" Draco frowned.

"I got fired." Sam shrugged. "Because I'm a gay werewolf and they don't want my kind of negative pr." Sam closed his eyes, mentally counting to ten.

"What are you planning on doing?" Draco turned to face him.

"We're going to fight this." Anita came down from upstairs. "Dean called me and filled me in. He'll be here tonight."

"Thanks." Sam sighed as Harry and Nathaniel came over and cuddled him out of no where. "Thanks guys." He chuckled, slowly growing accustom to their tactile ways.

Chapter Text

"Sammy, don't worry. We'll figure this out." Dean had assured his brother as he dialed Bobby's number again. They'd been on the phone most of the day. Jean-Claude had been calling his meager contacts, Anita calling in her friends and contacts in the Federal Marshal's Office and other places, Dean calling in any hunter he could think of who had any favors owed to him and or Sam. Harry had even tried to put pressure on the magical community but none of their efforts were having any effect, much to Sam's growing dismay at each announcement of another dead end. After the seventh straight hour of nothing gained, Draco finally got up from the chair where he'd been trying very hard not to be in anyone's way. He stood in the center of the room and waited.

"What?" Anita said in what she knew was an overly aggressive voice but she honestly had lost any ability to be civil to people right now.

"You do realize you have all went about this the wrong way... right?" Draco looked around the room, looking like the adult who'd caught the children trying to burn the house down to get rid of a drawing on the wall.

"Oh, and you think you can do so much better." Anita said sarcastically.

"Oh I know it. But first we must decide on what we want." Draco stood there looking at her.

"Wait... you can get me my job back?" Sam looked confused.

"Yes. That's a simple enough thing. But is that all you want? I can tell you now they'll punish another and another to get even with you over this. I suggest you think larger then just your job." Draco sat down on Anita's desk. Realizing that he had everyone, including the other vampires in the room, watching him now Draco clarified. "I suggest that you have the laws or rules changed. Then see about disciplining your boss. And your job back in there. Maybe even a pay back for being fired." Everyone gaped at him.

"I realize they do stuff differently in the UK... but... you can't punish your boss. He's your boss." Dean said as if he was explaining it to a child.

"You have such a limited view of the dynamics of a work environment." Draco grinned. "Is there anything else you would like to see done?" Draco turned to Sam.

"Draco if you can pull any of that off, I'll give you a lap dance and blow you in public." Sam looked Draco in the eye.

"May I see the phone." Draco held out a hand.

"For all the good it will do you." Anita handed her cell phone.

"I'll be right back." Draco started dialing as he walked out of the room.

"Chances he'll get this done?" Dean looked at Harry.

"Draco puts his mind to it, and he gets it done. You really shouldn't have egged him on." Harry shook his head. "He'll be relentless now."

"What?" Anita looked at Jean-Claude.

"He's called someone and asked for some interesting things." Jean-Claude raised an eyebrow. Draco came back in.

"Struck out did you?" Anita looked smug.

"Of course not. I need you, Nathaniel, Jean-Claude, Sam, Dean, and Harry upstairs." Draco handed the phone over.

"What for?" Harry blinked.

"Because I have to make sure you're dressed correctly. I told them I could handle that at least on my end. While they've given me four hours to work in, I honestly don't think I could with out magic. Don't fight me on my choices." He turned to Anita.

"Why would I let you dress me." She said petulantly.

"Because you want Sam to have his job back." Draco grinned. "Besides you're my secret weapon." He smirked.

"Oh gods... tell me this isn't like that stunt you pulled with Ginny." Harry's shoulders sagged.

"Of course not. I never do the same thing twice. And besides, I don't think Anita could pull off the trench coat and silk knickers look." He grinned. "Though, if I thought I could get her to go out in public like that... I could probably be running the Federal Marshal's Office by nightfall night after next. But as my goal is to simply get his boss in trouble and get his job back, no nudity." Draco left the room leaving the door open for them to follow, assuming they followed.

"Is he serious?" Dean nodded towards Draco's exit.

"Hey, be thankful his idea calls for us all to be wearing cloths." Harry shook his head. "Last major plan he had ended with me wearing nothing but a silk tie around my tackle. And I was in front of the whole school. If he wants something, he gets it. Trust me on that. Be thankful you're wearing pants for this." Harry got up and followed after Draco.

"We're trusting Draco with this then?" Dean looked at Anita.

"We struck out, and he's got a plan that requires costumes. What I've seen of vampires, if they require a wardrobe change, they'll win." She sighed. "He puts me in leather and I'm hitting you with kick to the back of your head." She glared at Jean-Claude.

"And what makes you think that young Mr. Malfoy would ever dress you in leather." Jean-Claude smiled, not bothering to ask why he'd be the one being hit.

"Because he takes after you in a LOT of his tastes. I wear leather, you feel pain. Pure and simple." She got up and walked out.

"I'm not asking." Sam got up and left quickly.

"Actually I'm curious what you did in leather that got her so uptight." Dean nestled down in his chair.

"Another time mon ami." Jean-Claude grinned as he got up and glided out of the room leaving Dean to contemplate that before following.


"Right, Anita, Nathaniel and I have ideas but I need to get a glimpse of your body. We have two options. Either you flash us in the room over there." He pointed. "Or I possess Jean-Claude to see what you look like. Which would be less embarrassing for you?" Draco asked flatly.

"Possess him." She crossed her arms.

"Right." Draco's body went limp as he took over the Frenchman and then was back in his own body, standing up straight he nodded. "I see what you mean. Mostly blues. Lay them out in the next room and take Anita with you. I trust your taste." Draco smiled. "You've got a very good eye for this. I'll be in as soon as I get them started."

"Okay." Nathaniel smiled as he took Anita with him.

"Right, everyone down to their underwear. I'll be back in a minute to see what I'm working with." Dean started to protest and Draco was in front of him in seconds. "I've seen you naked, but I've never given thought to your skin tones and what colors look good on you. I want to win this bet. If you don't think I can, make your own side bet." Draco started walking away then.

"I bet I get on my hands and knees and take it up the ass before you get Sammy back his job."

"Oh, if that's what you want to bet." Draco grinned. "I win and you pay up." He walked away leaving an open mouthed Dean.

"I told you not to egg him on." Harry shook his head.


"Okay, I like this one and this one." Draco pointed them out. "Does she own a white blouse?" Nathaniel nodded and brought out three of them. "Ah, good choices." He patted Nathaniel on the back. "Okay, does she own a skirt that matches any of these." Draco pointed to the blue jackets.

"No." Nathaniel sighed. "She's not big on skirts." He frowned.

"Ah. Well I can fix the not having one. Bring me a large bath towel?" Draco smiled, Nathaniel brought it quickly and Draco bespelled it into matching material to one of the jackets. "We'll go with that set for now." Draco looked between it and Anita. "Can you dress her?"

"I can dress myself you know." Anita huffed.

"Yes, you can. But for this, we're going for something... different then the way you normally dress." Draco smiled.

"You'll be making fittings once she's dressed?" Nathaniel looked interested.

"Yeah." Draco nodded. "Can you cover the make up?"

"Sure." Nathaniel nodded.

"I do not wear make up." Anita tried to put her foot down.

"For Sam's job you will." Draco left the room and halted her protests.


"Okay. Good." Draco walked up and down the line of nearly or in some cases totally naked men in the other room. He stopped at Sam. "Something blue to bring out your eyes, dark, but not black." He nodded, then walked to Dean, looking him up and down. "Definitely a suit for you. But not black." Draco frowned for a minute. "Charcoal grey or even a wolf grey." He nodded to himself before walking up to Jean-Claude's very nude body. Where Dean had been standing with his hands covering his body even though he was in his boxer briefs, Jean-Claude stood utterly naked and relaxed. "Do you own a blood red velvet suit?" Draco looked him in the eyes.

"Oui." Jean-Claude nodded.

"Good. I'll have Jason pick it up." Draco dialed Jason's phone number on Anita's cell phone and gave him a list of what he'd need for Jean-Claude. After being told that Jason would be there with in the hour, Draco nodded and walked up to Harry who was standing there naked with his hands at his sides looking like he was just as comfortable in his skin as if he were wearing cloths. "Do you still have your dress robes from the leaving party?" Harry blinked.

"Yeah... but they'd never fit now." Harry frowned.

"Ah. Accio Harry's newer dress robes." A package flew through the air and landed in his hand. "I'll make adjustments myself as needed." He opened the box and held the fabric next to Harry. "It's still a good color. And it goes with your hair and your eyes. Tough thing to do." He looked into Harry's deeply emerald eyes. "Have I told you how much I love that you're not a Weasley lately?" Draco grinned.

"No, but you say it now and I'll turn my hair fire red and make Ron's look pale next to mine." Harry crossed his arms and grinned.

"Perish the thought." Draco kissed Harry. "Okay. Sam, Dean, if you two own suits that are like what I described, go get them. If not, go get your best fitting suits and don't put them on yet. I just need the suits." Sam nodded and walked out. His firm ass flexing as he walked. "Gods, I could just sink my teeth into an ass like that...." He licked his lips.

"Something tells me he bites back." Dean grinned at his own joke.

"Nothing wrong with love bites." Draco shrugged turning back to the door to get a glimpse of Sam's semi hard cock as it bounced with his walking. He had his hands full of the suits and laid them out on the bed before getting back in line.

"These do?" He indicated the black suits he had brought.

"You used to be undertakers?" Draco frowned. "Best fitting I take it?" He caught Sam's nod. "Okay. Well we'll have to make do. Accio bag of socks." Draco held out his hand as a large plastic bag of socks flew to his hands.

"Socks... really?" Dean snorted.

"You'd be surprised what you can use to make things." Draco grinned. "Accio Dean's boxer briefs." He pointed his wand at Dean and smirked as Dean was suddenly naked and his sole bit of covering was now in his hand. "Like this." Draco held them out to Dean and as he did they went into full silk boxers. "You ought to go commando. It's better for your tackle." He handed the silk boxers to Dean.

"Thanks. I like the support and the cover for my junk." Dean took his boxers and slid them on. He'd never worn silk boxers before but he liked the feel of them.

"Now, let's see." Draco pulled out two pairs of socks and went to stand in front of Sam, he handed one pair to Sam that became black with small blue squares on them that matched his eyes. The other pair became an expensive leather pair of dress shoes that seemed to be so blue they looked black in places. "It's important to match." He nodded again and walked to Dean, turning the first pair of socks for Dean into a timber wolf grey that would go with the suit he'd be wearing soon enough. He created another set of leather shoes, but Deans were a dark pressed grey leather.

"If only I'd known you a hundred years ago." Jean-Claude marveled at Draco's magic. "I could have used your talents."

"Thanks. But a hundred years ago you'd have probably be meeting Abraxas Malfoy, and to be honest, he's even a bigger hard nosed bastard then my father ever dreamed of." Draco smirked. "But, the question is, do you want any socks to go in your boots?" Jean-Claude nodded and he took the two white ankle socks and transformed them into knee length blood red socks. He took the next pair and created nearly skintight red leather boots that went up just as high and handed them both to Jean-Claude. Draco walked over to Harry and handed him a pair of hunter green socks with a field of golden snitches on them. Then a pair of forest green leather shoes that was so dark they bled into black. He laid out Harry's dress robes to see how bad the damage was.

He laid out the tailor made dark emerald green suit that bordered on being black in places if you let the light move across it. He smiled remembering the amount of people he'd had to bribe to get Harry there and to dance once with him before the others could dance with him. His eyes going misty as he thought about how later that night Harry had talked to him about life and so much more and how he'd wished he'd live up to Harry's level. But at the time he'd known in his soul that Harry would never date anyone with a dark mark on them. And that'd been the night he cut his arm off in a fit of rage at himself and his father for taking Harry from him forever. Harry put a hand on Draco's shoulder and turned him to look at him.

"I told you that night that I don't see myself as very special. But I knew you felt I was special." He smiled. "I found out later that you bribed Ginny and the others to keep them away from me so you could have the first dance." He kissed Draco. "I just never understood why till you came back into my life. I'm a bit thick headed at times." He smiled into Draco's neck.

"yeah... we both are." Draco smiled. "Anyways. This is about Sam." Draco cleared his throat and turned around to help the men who had cloths in the room dress. Once dressed he resized and changed the color of all their cloths till they were all dressed impeccably. Some where in the hue change Jason had shown up and helped Jean-Claude dress himself. Once that was done he went back in and charmed Anita's cloths but refused to let anyone else see what she was wearing till it was time. He made one quick call, confirming the time of things and ushered all the men downstairs. He asked Jason to sit with Anita and Nathaniel in the other room.


"Yeah I'll sit... holy shit." Jason's jaw fell open.

"I know." Nathaniel grinned.

"I'll take ten." Jason eyed Anita up and down.

"I miss the leather." Nathaniel mocked pouted.

"I'll spank you both." Anita said in a clipped voice.

"Some how... I think we'd both enjoy that. A lot." Jason shrugged and grinned, before sitting on the other side of Anita. "Just wow." He shook his head.

"Draco's doing." Nathaniel indicated Anita.

"Has to be. None of us could EVER get this look." He eyed her up and down.

"One more word and you won't need a woman ever again." Anita shot him a look that showed she wasn't kidding.


Draco walked out into the lighted area where the press had been called to the magically raised tent in the spacious front yard of Anita's house. He was wearing a suit that looked like it was nearly moon stone in color. He smiled and welcomed the reporters there.

"You're probably wondering why you were all called here. Hearing the Malfoy name probably doesn't mean much in your circles over here as much as it does in the UK. But I know the name Harry Potter carries with it some weight. As does Jean-Claude and Anita Blake." The reporters leaned forwards. "We've gathered you here today so we could speak about an injustice in our nation's Federal Marshal ranks." Draco looked stricken. "A good man was fired in the last few days on discriminatory, and I dare say criminally, grounds." He could see the reporters sensing something coming. With a wave of his hand a Sam walked in. "This is Samuel Winchester, a former Federal Marshal who's spent most of his adult life saving the people of this country with his brother current Federal Marshal Dean Winchester." Dean walked in then. "Samuel was dismissed because of a virus he was given in the course of his duties as a Federal Marshal. He was infected with the Wolven Lycanthrope strain in a recent case and has recently come to terms with his sexual orientation." The reporters started writing madly. "He's an out homosexual male who is currently in a relationship with Harry J. Potter." Harry walked in then.

"He was fired upon his bosses finding out that he is both homosexually active and infected; both of which are highly discriminatory and against the Federal Marshal's Office's policies and regulations. They had no grounds for dismissing Sam." Draco looked on the verge of tears, and so did some of the reporters. Others looked like sharks in the water that smelled blood. "I would also like to introduce Jean-Claude, a close personal friend of Sam's. He'll be saying a few words later on Sam's behalf." That got their attention. Jean-Claude only ever spoke about official functions, he didn't seem to go out of his way to give interviews or speak out about current events. The fact that he had a friend and was backing him in a controversy this sized spoke volumes. "Ms. Anita Blake will be arriving later to speak to you in the capacity of a close friend and fellow Federal Marshal who has worked with Sam on many occasions." Several of the reporters were over joyed, Anita and Jean-Claude both speaking. Adding in the ones who knew about Harry as well, who were literally shaking with joy at being here. "With out further adieu, I'd like to turn this over to Sam's lover, Mr. Harry Potter, Savoir of the Wizarding world as well as the muggle world you live in." Harry mentally cringed, he hated it when people used that title.

"Good evening ladies and gentlemen. I'm Harry James Potter, Wizard, Exotic Dancer at Guilty Pleasures, Lover of this fine man, and yeah I did kind of save the world twice." He smiled and the crowd laughed. "I'm also, as you might have guessed, a lycanthrope myself since I dance at Guilty Pleasures." He looked out into the crowd. "Unlike Sam, who is my animal to call, I'm a rare breed of magically created lycan called a Tarat. The people attempting to create the Tarat race infected Sam and attempted to kill him and me. He's being punished for being himself, saving a life, and getting infected in the line of duty. I was told that the United States was better then my native land because it held to the rules. Do a good job, get praised. Do a wrong, get punished. Not get punished for doing a good job, because you like the wrong gender." Harry said harshly. "I fail to see how this makes America the great nation it truly is." He wiped tears from his eyes as he took a breath. "I only ask that you... see your way fit to telling the Federal Marshal's Office that they need to give Sam back his job." Harry walked over and held Sam as they both took their seats.

Next to speak was Dean, he spoke about the many events of their lives. The people Sam and saved and the chances he'd taken with no praise. Now to be in a situation where he should be proud and be able to hold his head up high, and he'd been jailed illegally, kept naked by the police, cuffed to keep himself exposed and humiliated, then fired as soon as he was released from jail. Dean poured his heart out but the emotional fireworks only played so far with hungry reporters desperate for headlines and getting paid. When Dean sat down, Jean-Claude swept in

Jean-Claude opened his mouth and smiled as he began to speak. "Sam and I have known each other for only this year. But I've grown to care about him and his friends. He is like family to me in an era when all I have is ma petite. He's brought happiness into my life as he has helped bring one of my newest dancers out of his shell. He's spent long hours talking with me and proven himself of keen mind and deep soul." Jean-Claude touched his hand to his chest. "He is the first friend I have taken into my confidence in more then a hundred years." The implications of that sending shock waves through the crowd. Jean-Claude, face of the vampires in America, had taken a lycan as a friend, a lycan Federal Marshal. "I would not dream of over stepping my bounds." Jean-Claude continued. "But my dear friend has done nothing breaking any laws... he is innocent." Jean-Claude was interrupted as two suited men walked in.

"That is not true. He broke the rule on decorum and on agent behaviour policy." The Federal Marshal said loudly.

"May I ask how he did this?" Jean-Claude looked at the man who averted his eyes.

"He appeared in public naked, and legally attacked an officer of the law who was just doing his job." The man said as he looked fixedly away from Jean-Claude.

"It is a commonly know fact that lycanthropes damage their clothing while transforming is it not?" Jean-Claude asked the crowd at large to a resounding yes. "So appearing naked in public was not his intention and would have been rectified if he had not been shot in the back with tranquilizers." Jean-Claude said smoothly.

"He still shouldn't have attacked that officer legally." The other officer said looking anywhere but Jean-Claude or the crowd.

"So it is the Federal Marshal's Office's stand point that when physically attacked and then verbally demeaned by a sworn officer of the law that one should do nothing? Even while he is expressing homophobia, racism, and hatemongering towards another sworn officer of the law that he is unlawfully imprisoned, assaulted, and humiliated by imprisoning naked?" Jean-Claude tilted his head to the side. "I know Federal Agents who would have broken the man's jaw, not raised a legal issue, and not gotten a reprimand, but my friend was fired for showing physical restraint in the face of such bigotry and fired for his efforts." Jean-Claude said in a disbelieving tone.

"He shouldn't have fought it." Said the second officer who suddenly realized that was a mistake as his badge was out and it was being written down and filmed as was his face. He turned towards Jean-Claude and leered. "This is what's wrong with this country. Good men and women put their lives on the line and filth like you gets to stand up there. And say its not against God that you exist let alone that you practice perverse sexual deviance with others of your gender-" The man was quickly silenced as his partner pulled him out of the tent. Having just cottoned on to the fact that his partner was going to get them in worse trouble.

Draco waved his wand discretely giving a signal to Jason and Nathaniel. The iron was hot, time to throw a nuke at it. He smirked as the curtain opened up on the back of the platform and from the darkness walked in Draco's secret weapon. Anita's dark mess of curls was up in a pleated curtain of glory around and behind her head. Her blood red sinful lips standing out on her pale skin, the result of her European father and Hispanic mother. Her white dress shirt clung to her large tits like a second skin, and her well fitting business suit was worn like a suit of armor as she walked up in high heels to the platform and smiled to the reporters. Many of whom stood and began taking her picture as if their lives depended on every ounce of film being used on her. She politely cleared her throat.

"The hour is growing late, and I know you have to get back to your papers and desks so you can make your deadlines." She said politely. "I won't take up much of your time. I want you all to make it home to your families tonight." She smiled warmly, the crowd responding with aw's and thanks. "I met Sam and his brother only at the start of this case a few short months ago. They've lived in my home and grown in my heart. They’re as much a part of my family as any of my lovers or house guests are." She smiled, the fact that she'd been seen on the arms of no less then seven of her 'boy toys' around town hadn't escaped anyone's attention. A fact she never spoke about to any paper. "Sam is a good agent. Serious, professional, and knows his stuff. He's not like a lot of the Marshal's I've met. He didn't get his training from a book. He got his training from his Marine father and a life time of hunting down the things that go bump in the night." She paused, bit her lip and looked out at the crowd, their camera's and mics leaning closer to her. "This dear sweet man has laid his life down and lost his loved ones over the years to protect and serve the American public and in a time when he needs our understanding, his bosses decide that we're too ignorant to think for ourselves and trust this man with our safety. All because he turns furry three nights out of the month and prefers men in his bed." She started crying, the tears sliding down her porcelain skin as she struggled not to sob.

Draco had been right, the effect was almost instant. Reporters stood calling for the Federal Marshal's Office to be called on this bigoted response. The Reporters reacting to Anita's tears as if she was that dear niece that almost everyone had that they all sworn on birth that the first man who made her cry was going to deal with them. They reacted fiercely and were glad when Draco dismissed them so they could go ream Sam's old bosses a new hole.

"I can't believe that worked." Sam sat there blinking.

"What can I say. You guys had them. She was the napalm on the fanned fire." Draco grinned. "Now... if I remember right... there's a Winchester who owes me something." Draco smirked at Dean.

"You didn't get him his job back yet." Dean said feebly.

"Oh give it time." Draco smirked.

"And how much time do you think-" Dean started but stopped as Draco held up his hand with four fingers extended. He started counting down as he pulled one finger after another closed on his palm. As he brought his last finger down Sam's cell rang. Sam answered it and behind his shocked expression was Draco grinning madly.

"There's no way you could know that..." Dean turned back to Draco.

"I knew how long it would take the reporters to make it back to their news vans, but in most cases those camera's were live." Draco smirked. "That was going out live, giving the time for people who know his old bosses to contact them to watch... yeah I was actually expecting it a few minutes ago." Draco smiled.

"I... he doesn't have his job back till..." Dean started.

"They just rehired me... with a pay raise and a formal apology. They want me to come in as soon as possible so they can be seen as putting an end to this mess." Sam sat down hard. "You did it." He looked right at Draco. "They're even talking about changing the laws and rules about my situation..." He looked shocked at Draco.

"Good. They should. Now if your boss doesn't get reprimanded for approving your firing from his bosses, I'll be shocked." He turned back to Dean. "And you didn't think I could get him to punish his boss." He grinned. "Now you might want to get on your hands and knees because this is going to hurt." Draco grinned.

"Damn it." Dean mumbled as he undid his belt buckle and stood up.


"There will be other chances." A tall white man wiped his black curly hair out of his eyes as he undid his tie. His eyes turning pure white as he smiled. "I'll get in close some how." He walked backwards into the enveloping darkness and was swallowed up by the night vanishing totally.


In the following weeks, Draco's house was finished, as were the expanded living quarters for guests and vampires that he'd had built in secure locations. He personally did the reality warping spells to connect the houses to Anita's so that in her front room now stood three extra doors that opened to other buildings around the world. Draco had moved out to his house, mainly to get out of Anita's way. She liked him, but he still could set her to death mode just with a few cutting comments They all agreed it was best he move in to his own home but stay close at hand. But now he had his own house to go about making his naughty diamond replicas of himself that were selling as fast as he could make them.

Harry blushed the first night he took Nathaniel while Jason took him live on stage in clear view of everyone. The trio having a massive three way on stage much to the pleasure of the viewing audience. The open nudity raised their cash levels enough that Jason was able to pay for his collage classes he needed to finish getting his degree, while Nathaniel started a mail course to get his GED and maybe later his collage degree. Teddy was a blessing in all their lives, having walked in on one rehearsal and catching Uncle Jason balls deep in Uncle Harry had brought up a tense second till Teddy had announced that he saw nothing wrong with them wrestling. After they explained that they were having sex as preparation for Harry's job, the boy was still okay with it, but wanted to know why they didn't practice with Uncle Sam.. Teddy was a vastly more observant child then anyone gave him credit for, as his teacher enlightened them as she held up a report about Sam and Harry snogging in the buff in the kitchen one night.

Dean found out first hand that Draco took his betting very serious and kept his mouth shut after a few lost bets landed him on Sam's cock in some inventive positions. He didn't like the fact that he and Sam had been assigned different partners for now. Wishing he'd gotten Sam's partner who was some lady who seemed to be more fun then the guy who they'd teamed him up with. His dark curly hair kept getting in his eyes as they questioned suspects. But Dean was happy to have a home, even if Draco had built it for him and Sam. He'd called Lisa after that and explained the situation and asked if he could have visiting rights with Ben. She agreed and started letting Ben come see Dean, so long as they were careful. She didn't want her son coming back a lycan or a vampire, and no handling guns. Ben adapted well with all the strangeness in Dean's life, raising more belief that he was really a Winchester after all.

Sam and Nathaniel were still juggling date night with the other two in their four-way relationship. They were talking a possible hand-binding rite in the coming fall making them official spouses so they could get in on Sam's benefits through the Federal Marshals. He was just happy that it looked like he was going to be getting the family he'd always wanted. Even if he did have to put up with Maranda, his new partner, who was working on a degree on lycans. Sometimes her hyperness made him long for the days when Dean was there to calm him down. But still, he was happy to be allowed back in at work, even if the other guys in the office had to go through sensitivity training on account of him. A few well placed slaps on bare asses and they realized he wasn't going to jump their bones and take them rough and hard while he had three horny men to satisfy back home.

Mean while the items Chuck had left in the house went unnoticed by all but Dean's partner who seemed to, by everyone else's estimation, spend a lot of time staring at a blank wall for no good reason. Chuck himself had gone missing yet again, departing to places he alone knew of. Advantages of being a god they supposed.

Jean-Claude finally managed to open talks between the other heads of the council and began to form their collation to form a new Vampire's council in America. With Marianne and her coven helping, they formed a new ritual that would put Jean-Claude at the head of the council, the others blood bounded to him and the council. They'd be equal save for Jean-Claude's will being above their wills. There'd been one tense moment when Marianne had walked into Anita's house and glanced first at the empty wall and then at Dean's partner. She then turned and shook her head looking at the wall. The only thing she'd said was that they shouldn't let his partner, Martin Bishop, anywhere near that wall if they could help it. After that Anita could felt the power on that wall and felt her cross glow slightly whenever she got near it. But it wasn't time for her to know what secrets her God had given her.



Mean While …. In a burned out building a tall muscular dark haired man wiped the blood from around his mouth.  The spiky haired teen at his feet bleeding freely from the wound at his side, his white shirt torn to shreds to give a clear sight at the jagged bite wound on his right oblique.  The pale moon light casting the boy’s pale skin in a deathly pallor as the well built man picked him up.  The bite was a 50/50 shot.  Either you lived and turned, or you died.  And since he’d had enough of Sheriff Stilinski’s face and questions lately, Derek Hale carried the young boy out into the woods and laid him out on a large stone near a pond, well off the Hale property.

“And then there were three.” Derek grinned as he backed away into the night.  Across town Scott McCall was leaving the hospital after checking on Lydia Martin who had been given the bite by the previous Alpha, Derek’s Uncle Peter.  He’d left his best friend who seemed to be hopelessly in love with Lydia there to guard her, Stiles Stilinski wasn’t sure why but he felt drawn to the strawberry blonde girl laying in the hospital bed.  He felt the guiltiest over her getting the bite because it’d all been an attempt to get him to help Peter.  He still couldn’t figure out why she wasn’t healing if she lived.  Maybe something had gone wrong.  He knew he couldn’t live if she didn’t.

“You’re in love with her, aren’t you?” Melissa McCall, Scott’s mom and one of the nurses at the hospital looked at him.

“I used to think I was.  But… lately… I just don’t know.”

“Who’s got your heart now?” Melissa grinned.  “It’s not Scott is it?” She joked till Stiles didn’t respond.  “Oh Stiles it’s not…”

“No.  I think I might have a thing for Derek Hale.” Stiles blushed.