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sometimes all it takes is just a symbol

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They had the entire evening off and, miracle of miracles, everyone had decided that for once they could just spend it at the dorm, hanging out. Seokjin was making dinner with Jimin in the kitchen, though Jimin was mostly there to take pictures of Seokjin's shoulders, and maybe his mouth, which, no one would blame him.

Jungkook recently was into magic, like, sleight of hand, and he was showing off to Hoseok at the table. Jungkook who could barely figure out what y equaled when it came to math turned out to be a natural at counting cards. It was a beautiful thing. Taehyung felt a swell of familial pride at what a huge fucking nerd Jungkook was. He'd had a hand in that. He'd helped that blossom.

Namjoon was there at the table physically, but probably mentally somewhere else. He had his headphones on and two books open at once. Taehyung would learn his secrets someday, but he hoped he wouldn't have to resort to like. Eating Namjoon's heart to do it. That would be rough for both of them.

Taehyung thought he was in the perfect position to see it all, standing out of the way in the open entrance to the kitchen, but also able to look over the dinner table. He was too hyped to sit down and definitely too hyped to help, but from here he could let his eyes and mind wander, and maybe bounce a little as he did. He also viewed it as his god-given duty to provide ambience, but Jimin kept poking him for switching tracks on his trot songs too quickly. (Jiminie also kept laughing when he did it, so like. Taehyung felt like he was successfully providing plenty of positive ambience.)

Of course, there was Yoongi, too. He was finally healed up, sitting bandage free as the second audience to Jungkook's card tricks until Jungkook complained that he kept looking up how the tricks were done online and had to stop. Now Taehyung thought he was probably just looking at photos of Min Holly that his parents dutifully texted him almost every day. (Taehyung couldn't throw stones, though, with his own collection of parent-curated Soonshim photos.)

Taehyung lingered there, looking at Yoongi. Yoongi had been the most disappointed of them that he couldn't perform, but it was an unfortunate truth at this point that they were adept at making up the difference when a member was out. Better, ultimately, that Yoongi had stayed home and taken care of himself.

Better, but Taehyung had missed him.

There were big ways Yoongi's presence was important, of course--Taehyung really liked that they all made their own color in the group, so obviously it wasn't the same when one of them wasn't there. But it was the littler ways that Taehyung had noticed, and noticed himself noticing, in the last week, like how Yoongi complaining about his internal time-to-go-onstage nerves kicked in even though it was years, at this point, since their first show, or how unselfconsciously compliant Yoongi was to skinship, though he didn't often initiate. Yoongi just--let everyone hug him, if they needed to, or bump shoulders, or lean up on him and take a nap, or whatever.

Everyone, including Taehyung, who knew he needed hugs and shoulder bumps and that kind of thing more than a lot of people. He needed that touchiness, which was why he was so lucky to be with Bangtan. There was always someone to hold hands with, or hug, or tickle, or whatever.

As if he knew where Taehyung's thoughts were going before even Taehyung did, Yoongi looked up from his phone. He looked right at Taehyung, and his voice was saying one thing ("Finally found a song you like enough to play all the way through?" So of course Taehyung's thumb went right to the skip button), but his eyes. His eyes were saying maybe now.

When they were working, hugging Yoongi was just. Nice. And Taehyung had missed that comfort. He was a professional now, even if there was always more to learn, but. He knew himself and he knew he missed Yoongi specifically.

But when they were off, when they had time at all to themselves, Taehyung wanted other stuff, too. Skinship and sex stuff, too. He wanted to get his hands on Yoongi in that sweater of his that made him look like the softest thing in the universe, and just. Hold him. And stuff.

The thing is, once he got his hands on Yoongi, he'd want to get his mouth on Yoongi, too. It was such a rare occasion that they were both sitting still, in the same place, with enough privacy that Yoongi would even look at him with those eyes that said maybe now. (Yoongi, to no one's surprise and least of all Taehyung's, was really private about this kind of thing, even though Taehyung was sure that everyone knew. Not everyone-everyone, not capital E Everyone, not like. The fans. Not Bang PD-nim, but like. You know. The rest of BTS. The managers. Everyone, but with a little e.)

With his hands and his mouth on Yoongi, he wanted to leave marks. That's just how it worked out in his hindbrain, Taehyung figured: he wanted to look over Yoongi's physical presence afterwards and see that he'd been there, like peeing his name in the snow except way less opportunity for a frozen dick.

Of course, maybe-now eyes weren't the same as a full-fledged yes, with Yoongi's mouth curled around the sound in familiar, deep-voiced Daegu ways, that rough low noise that had startled Taehyung the first time he'd heard it in person, seen it coming from this small soft hyung. Yoongi's cheeks had been rounder, then (and Taehyung shorter), when they'd met, but he was still soft, and especially soft on Taehyung, which, let's be clear: Taehyung appreciated.

Taehyung knew he had certain charms just from being the way he always was, but it wasn't like that always won him acclaim or anything. He'd been working hard, away from BTS and on his own schedules, to make sure that he'd stay on the charming side of loud and sociable (gregarious, he thought, pretended he was Namjoon his head, pushing his chin out just a little, tilting his head to the side), but of course around his members, his team, his family, he could be himself. Which was the same as always but more likely to make dick jokes.

Speaking of dick jokes, Taehyung just thought of a great one. "Okay but like--if you're having a whale of a time, does that mean you're--"

"Taehyung," Yoongi said, and then emphasized it by pressing his cold hand on Taehyung's shoulder, the span of his fingers a solid, cool presence through cotton on and onto skin. Taehyung hadn't even realized Yoongi was behind him, he'd gotten so distracted by his thoughts. This was a nice surprise. The smile on his face was probably larger than strictly speaking was called for when technically he'd just been interrupted, but hey, he was with family.

Plus, Yoongi's maybe-now eyes were really insistent. "Hyung," Taehyung said, drawing it out a bit, pulling it soft and low like--like how he wanted to pull Yoongi, kind of, a little. Reminiscent of it, anyway.

Yoongi got shy about the weirdest things, looking away from Taehyung and, even more disappointing, dropping his hand off Taehyung's shoulder. "I'm going to--I'm doing everyone a favor right now," Yoongi said, and oh, he was actually grabbing onto Taehyung's hand! This was great, actually, Taehyung was On Board with this, "and take this kid away for a time out from dick jokes and trot songs."

"A time out for some actual dick, eh?" Hoseok offered, holding up the jack of hearts as if emphasizing his point. Taehyung beamed.

"Not on my side of the bed, please, and dinner's ready in an hour," Jin called out, but Taehyung felt like he barely heard him over the feeling of Yoongi's hand tugging him away, the floorboards beneath his feet as they navigated around their crowded hallway. With Yoongi in front of him, leading the way, all Taehyung could see was the expanse of skin revealed by that soft sweater. All he could think about were the marks he was going to leave, just underneath that line, like a high-tide mark of love. Lust.

They were at the door, already, the distance not that long but Taehyung too distracted to notice. Yoongi looked back over his shoulder at Taehyung, bangs brushing down over his eyes, opening the door with a click of the locking mechanism at work that rang out in Taehyung's awareness. "Do I want to know what you're thinking about?" Yoongi asked, lips curved like he was just barely able to keep from full-on grinning. This was definitely a yes face, and Taehyung would be getting more Yes out of him yet, if past experience had anything on the present.

"Only good things," Taehyung promised, squeezing Yoongi's hand and crowded in closer, through the door. "You'll find out. It'll be fun!"

Yoongi laughed, and was definitely laughing at him, and it was a laugh with a whole world of yes behind it.