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Shake It Off

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The past year had been rough. The group really took a hit when Tony and Steve broke up. Half sided with Tony and the other half sided with Steve some didn’t even take sides but now they were all coming back together as a friend group. Although that didn’t mean they all (excluding Tony and Steve) didn’t remain friends, Clint and Natasha remained together and Wanda and Vision continued just with a difference of opinion on the matter.

The reason the two broke up was because Bucky Barnes, Steve’s childhood friend. Steve would drop anything and I mean anything if Bucky called or texted. Tony finally gave Steve an ultimatum, him or Bucky. Steve chose Bucky. It helped that Tony had cheated on Steve prior with Pepper and Steve had taken him back. Steve had been willing to forgive but he refused to give up Bucky.

Not two months after Bucky and Steve became a couple. Steve had always been in love with Bucky and Bucky had always been in love with him but the two morons didn’t realize it. When Steve finally got the courage to tell his best friend in freshman year of college, Bucky started dating a girl named Dot then enlisted in the army and that’s when Steve met Tony. Steve wanted to join him but the army wasn’t accepting 5’4, 95 pound men with two pages of health issues. So Steve wrote Bucky letters, called him when he could and tried as hard as he could to remain in contact when Bucky was overseas.

Presently this is the healing of friendships, the end of civil war as Clint called it. They all decided to meet at Thor’s house. Thor was neutral ground. The entire group had all arrived except Steve and frankly everyone was nervous for the entrance. Steve and Bucky were currently driving to Thor’s house had been stuck in traffic. Bucky sat in the passenger seat, hair pulled back and red long sleeves pulled down over his metal arm. Steve drove tensely, as he worried about the reaction from the others and Bucky could see his tiny tense frame.

“I can’t believe I had to become your boyfriend to be able to meet your other friends” Bucky teased to help relieve Steve’s stress

“Are you kidding? You never wanted to meet them” Steve snorted back with a smile

“You’re right. I wanted you all to myself” Bucky grinned back causing the blond to smile with a blush dusting his cheeks as he parked in front of Thor’s house. Steve looked at the building nervously and Bucky grabbed his chin “Hey, it’ll be fine. If not we can ditch and still make the ten o’clock showing of Star Trek: Beyond”

Steve smiled at that and leaned over kissing the brunette “I love you”

“I know” Bucky smiled and Steve pulled back to look at him properly

“Did you just Han Solo me?” Steve snorted and Bucky just smirked.


Tony stood next to Rhodey, nursing a scotch when they walked in. Not only Steve but Bucky as well.

“Tony what?” Rhodey questioned at the sudden appalled look at Tony’s face

“Oh my god” Tony scoffed “I feel like I’m in a teen drama”

“What?” Rhodey was about to turn around when he stopped him

“Don’t make it obvious” Tony said and the man just gave him an long suffering look “My ex-man just brought his new boyfriend”

“What?” Rhodey did turn around this time to turn and look at Steve who was introducing Bucky to Thor. Bucky’s eyes caught Tony’s momentarily and his arm snaked around Steve’s slim waist before returning to the introductions with a happy blushing Steve.

Nat snorted watching the interaction and nudged Clint who also saw “Tonight is going to be fun”

“I’ll see if Jane has any popcorn” Clint replied as he took a sip from his glass

“Bucky would totally kick Stark’s ass though” Natasha mused and Clint hummed in agreement before the pair moved to greet Steve and Bucky.

“I get why Steve drools over you” Natasha teased and Steve blushed slightly causing Bucky to grin

“Nah. I’m really the lucky one” Bucky replied with a smile down at Steve and Clint pointed a finger at Steve

“Keep him” Clint stated

“I plan to” Steve replied with another blush, looking up at his boyfriend. He couldn’t stop getting flustered but Bucky did that to him.


Tony was the next to approach the group after Steve had excused himself to the restroom “Well you must be Bucky”

Bucky turned his gaze to the older man and nodded, shaking Tony’s offered hand with a tight smile. “You must be Tony”

“It’s about to go down” Clint whispered to Natasha

“Well this isn’t awkward of anything” Tony stated crudely “So were you two fucking before or after we broke up?”

“You’re one to talk about cheating” Bucky snapped back, instantly going on the defense for Steve.

“Oh Stevie told all my secrets did he?” Tony quirked his eyebrow

“Listen I’m not doing this. This isn’t what Steve would want” Bucky said and started to turn away from Tony

“Okay well I hope you enjoy my sloppy seconds, Barnes. He does better on his knees” Tony mocked and Bucky stopped

“Okay I tried” Bucky muttered before turning around and slugging Tony right in the face. Tony stumbled back and  touched his jaw before going to launch himself at Bucky but was stopped by Thor. Clint grabbed Bucky, preventing him from advancing towards Tony and Steve chose this moment to come out of the bathroom

“What the heck is going on?” Steve asked taking in the scene before him.

“Your boyfriend just attacked me” Tony snapped

“I wouldn’t have if you’d learn some damn manners” Bucky snapped back at Tony

“Language” Steve reminded

“What can’t bear to know how Steve screamed my name in bed?“ Tony responded and Bucky struggled against Clint only stopping when Steve raised his hands

“Enough” Steve stopped the two and reached up to put a small hand on Bucky’s shoulder so he would calm down “Come on Bucky we’re leaving”

Bucky relaxed under Steve’s touch but didn’t stop glaring daggers at Tony and Clint cautiously released him. Steve led Bucky out sending an apologetic look at his friends before leaving with his boyfriend. Bucky was fuming as they got in the car. The car ride back to their house was a silent one. Once they got home and inside Bucky turned to Steve.

“Did you really have sex that much?” Bucky asked and Steve looked at him.

“No. We only slept together once or twice and we never went all the way“ Steve replied rubbing his arm in discomfort, causing Bucky to relax a little and Bucky pulled the smaller man into a hug.

“I wasn’t going to stand there and let him talk about you like that” The brunette grumbled and Steve hugged him back

“Thank you” Steve murmured and pressed a kiss to his metal arm. Something Steve had taken to doing, this had helped Bucky knowing that Steve didn’t find it odd “I’m sorry meeting my friends was a bust”

“Getting to punch Tony in the face was worth it” Bucky remarked causing Steve to chuckle


The next morning, Bucky was off to work at the VA and Steve stayed home finishing up his painting. Steve was two hours into it when he heard the doorbell ring and wiped off his hands the best he could before answering the door only for it to be none other than Tony Stark.

“Before you say anything, I’m here to make peace” Tony stated his hands up in mock surrender “Is Bucky boy here?”

“He’s at work” Steve crossed his arms “Natasha told you to come apologize didn’t she?”

“That’s not the point. The point is I’m here to make amends and yada yada yada” Tony replied “Now can I come in or are we standing on the doorstep for the rest of the morning?”

Steve stepped aside letting Tony into the house and leading him to the kitchen.

“I admit I acted like a dick” Tony admitted “and I’m sorry. To prove how sorry I am I will hold the next friend get together. No fighting. I promise”

Steve watched Tony, looking for sincerity in his words before sighing and nodding “Okay”


Bucky got home from the VA later that night finding Steve cooking dinner and came up behind him, enveloping Steve in his arms. “Hey” Bucky murmured into Steve’s neck and the blond smiled

“Hey. How was your day?” Steve questioned as he leaned back against the veteran.  

“It was good but I wish I’d spent it with you” Bucky murmured jokingly but he did actually mean it.

“Nerd” Steve blushed and Bucky grinned

“Punk” Bucky pressed a soft kiss to the back of Steve’s neck with a hum “How was your day?”

“Tony dropped by” The blond replied and Bucky automatically tensed “He came to apologize for the other night and offered to host the next friend gathering”

“Bullshit” Bucky muttered “He is bullshitting you”

“Language” Steve reprimanded “I don’t want the others to suffer just because Tony and I can’t get along. We are all adults here. That can work things out”

“He is still an asshole” Bucky stated as he tightened his hold on Steve’s slim waist and they stayed like that while the pasta cooked. Bucky held tight and Steve simply leaned back into the soft embrace, enjoying the cool metal on his skin.

Bucky was honorably discharged due to his loss of arm during an explosion; he received a purple heart and other metals to go along. Bucky still recalls in vivid detail when he first saw Steve after the accident, he was dressed in Bucky’s sweater, his eyes and nose were red from crying. The blond had hugged him so tight he couldn’t breathe but Bucky didn’t really feel like he came home until he was in Steve’s brittle arms.  After that Steve didn’t leave his side not once, even when they said visiting hours were up Steve refused to leave and finally the nurses allowed him to stay in the room because Bucky didn’t have anyone except Steve.

“Doll you’re burning the noodles” Bucky murmured and Steve opened his eyes turning off the stove.

“Set the table?” Steve prompted and Bucky nodded, pressing a kiss to Steve’s cheek before setting the table while the blond drained the noodles and put sauce on them. Bucky then noticed something was cooking in the oven.

“What’s in the oven?” Bucky asked as he filled their glasses of water and Steve smiled

“Plum Pie” Steve said proudly

“You know I love you right?” Bucky grinned and Steve hummed in response as they both sat down for dinner. The two chatted through dinner until the oven dinged signally the pie was ready and Steve jumped up to bring it out of the oven.

“Smells good” Bucky chimed from his seat at the table

“Stay where you are. I know your tricks” Steve pointed at him

“What are you implying ya punk?” Bucky acted mock offended

“Oh sure Mr.scoop-out-center-of-apple-pie” Steve snorted as he let the pie cool then returned to his seat and Bucky just broke out into laughter. Once they finished eating Bucky started on dishes while Steve went to check his blood pressure. When he came back into the kitchen, he just watched Bucky wash and dry the dishes.

After coming back from the army, Bucky used domestic things like washing dishes as a way to help him feel grounded and Steve just wanted to do whatever helped Bucky. The first few months of Bucky back were hell, even now he will wake up in the middle of the night or have a violent flashback. With the help of Steve and other veterans, Bucky was doing a hell of a lot better. That’s why Bucky decided to work at the VA, to help people like him get better and maybe because everyone there gets it.

Steve cut two pieces of Plum Pie for the both of them and moved to the couch waiting for Bucky. The brunette followed Steve to the couch and sat by him picking up the plate. Once they had both finished, Steve grinned before slipping into Bucky’s shirt with him “What are you doing babydoll?” Bucky asked amused looking at the petite man

“ ’m cold” Came Steve’s muffled replied causing the brunette to shake his head fondly